Dennis “Danny” George Voltar is a young and ambitious Balaseara reporter working for the Quadrantia HoloNet. He gained a favorable reputation amongst the citizens of Rambo Nation when he published a report about a scandal within the government of Rambo Nation. Unknown to him he was just used by various powerful and influential government officials.


Born in 15 BQF at the colony of Koerband, Dennis George Voltar, often named Danny by friends was a curious person, often getting in troubles due to his curiosity and lust for stories and news.

Lord Ramcelsior and Danny meet in a closed restaurant

After high school he became a junior reporter of the Quadrantia HoloNet, and published various small news items. Eager for something large and a famously reputation, he decided to visit Lord Rambarth at the 12th of march in 08 AQF. However the Serindia lord scolded him for trying and send him away. His visit was noted by another powerful Serindia Lord, Ramtterson Ramcelsior who invited him to meet with him in secret at Cardolast, a city at Koerband at march 15. During the meeting, Ramtterson convinced Danny to cooperate with him and handed over incriminating information about senator Chuinaylia and Gorubla. Information about a shadowy deal the two made back in the days of the Great Cyrannus War with Morglûkia, the notorious crime lord.

Publishing the article, the citizens of the Nation were in uproar, demonstrations followed and soon Danny was interviewed and was hailed as a hero, showing that even the government could not elude criminality. Later on, at march 19 he received more incriminating information about the Chinawkya senator, this time about her relationship with Imperial senator, Guolivian. Indicating he warned her of the invasion of Rambo Nation. Still the fleet was unprepared and unwarned and the Rambo fell under the Nim-Glaré Concordat soon after.

Afterwards Danny awaited further information from the Serindia Lord, though was already pleased with how things turned out, even the new nominations of the Senate were things he already knew and began writing about.

Personality and Traits[]

Danny in Cardolast, near the Mermaid Statue

Danny is a joyful, energetic and charming person. Kind and gentle he uses his charm to convince people they can trust him, a promise he keeps at all times to keep his credibility. However, his lust for news and famously is a dangerous trait, making him vulnerable for misuse and corruption. Though he made himself well known with two articles, resulting in the resignation of three senators of Rambo Nation, he was unaware he was being used by the Rambo Nobility to gain a stronger vote and influence within the senate. His pride about his recent success blinded him for the fact that he was actually in grave danger, made some serious enemies by publishing those two articles.

He wears a carefully made decorated suite and hat.

  • Viral guide to Koerband
    Sold over 10.000 copies
  • Criminal dealings of the Senate in the GCW!
    Top 1 news, nominated for the Nationally Press Publisher Award for 08 AQF.
  • Chuinaylia sells the Nation for the Concordat?
    Top 1 front paper news



Blue face.pngI owe you a lot!


Orange face.pngBlergh!


An interesting report, him ambition and greed make him a perfect asset to ensure the nobilities hold over the people!

- Ramtterson Ramcelsior

No comment!

- Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria


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