The Democratic State of New Home was a nation located in the immediate vicinity of the rouge planet Thadus 0037, also known as New Home. It was founded on New Home in 231 BNE when a colony ship fleeing the dictatorial government of the Nivenian Empire landed on New Home. It recently declared war on the Nivenian Empire on the basis of ideology, and then lost the war, before being destroyed.


The territory of the Democratic State of New Home consisted of the planet Thadus 0037 and the defendable area of comets of radius 350 Astronomical Units around it (This volume contains almost 4 million comets larger than 10 km in radius.). The border was constantly shifting due to position changes of the comets and sporadic wars with neighboring factions, but the Democratic State of New Home was the most powerful civilization in the interstellar cometary cloud around the Nivenia System for centuries due to its possession of Thadus 0037 and its moon.


The government of the Democratic State of New Home was a direct democracy, where the entire population acts as the legislative branch of the government. The executive branch of the government contains an elected official called the Highest Official, and only has the power of enforcement. However, there is no constitution, so anything that gets passed by a majority will be incorporated into the law.

There are local governments, but these were usually limited to the individual rotating habitats and lighted areas of the planet.


While the capital of the Democratic State of New Home is on Thadus 0037, the planetary surface housed only 51 Billion, with low and medium orbit containing 204 Billion, and 17 Billion on Thadus 0037 2, a moon of Thadus 0037. Another 702 Billion lived in the assorted comets controlled.

Those living on-planet typically live inside lighted areas built to resemble "natural" Nivenia Prime as much as possible. These are typically stacked at least two high, and resemble plates. Those living off-planet live in O'Neill cylinders with "natural" Nivenia Prime in mind as well, though with slightly different weather conditions from being on a rotating habitat.


The Democratic State of New Home had less advanced technology than the Nivenian Empire in most regards. For example, the Democratic State of New Home does not have muon fusion, instead using the older tokamak deuterium-deuterium fusion reactors, and their fusion rockets are wide-beam deuterium-tritium designs instead of the narrow-beam protium-protium designs used by the Nivenian Empire. They certainly do not have QCD shields.


However, they are much more advanced in the fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering. The Nivenian Empire has had basically the same biotechnology since 400 BNE, but the Democratic State of New Home has been advancing ever since they were founded, and is two and a half centuries ahead of the Nivenian Empire. While the Nivenian Empire has not sequenced their own genome, the Democratic State of New Home has working genetic modification of actual Nivenians. In fact, almost all citizens of the Democratic State of New Home are genetically modified in some way. The Nivenian Empire's definition of Nivenian does not include genetically modified Nivenians, and the Democratic State of New Home's population knows this, and they call themselves Superior Nivenians to highlight the difference.


The Democratic State of New Home has about the same technology level with regards to computing as the Nivenian Empire, but they have mastered the science of automation, and as such work much less than they would otherwise. Unlike the Nivenian Empire, where population would just increase until things were exactly the same as before, the Democratic State of New Home has fixed population levels in many places. As such, the Democratic State of New Home has an average income many times the average income in the Nivenian Empire.


The Democratic State of New Home had a socialist economy where there is a fixed income level for everyone. It is post-scarcity in the sense that most only have to work ten-hour weeks, but there is, and there will always be scarcity in something. For example, in the Democratic State of New Home, births are limited to zero-growth levels, meaning that giving the right to bear another child can be considered very valuable to some. Likewise, government positions, even if they pay the same, are socially desirable and therefore are valuable. To maintain this system, the government requires that everyone have a government-approved occupation, although individuals are free to choose between open occupations.


The military of the Democratic State of New Home takes three forms:

  1. The ground forces, for peacekeeping and occupation
  2. The short-range navy, which runs on inefficient-but-effective wide-beam deuterium-tritium fusion rockets for transportation, is useful for at closer ranges than 2,000 astronomical units, and highly effective at closer than 300 astronomical units.
  3. Long-range artillery, used for taking shots at the Nivenia System.

The short-range navy is most in use, and is how the Democratic State of New Home maintains its borders and sphere of influence. However, even if it is very powerful in comparison to smaller nations in the interstellar cometary cloud, it only has about 150,000 ships in it. They use thermonuclear bombs and lasers as weapons (Wide-beam rockets are not good weapons, unfortunately.).

Recently, though, the Democratic State of New Home has begun to fire defunct habitats and comets toward Nivenia Prime, as it is "a symbol of Nivenian Imperial power," followed by firing on the shipyards of B3 a few months later. The Nivenian Empire responded by sending a small division of their navy to investigate.

Foreign Affairs[]

The Democratic State of New Home is considered a superpower of thousands of astronomical units, and most of the habitats within this region pay them tribute in some form or another, be it taxes, equipment, resources, or even habitats. While the Democratic State of New Home is post-scarcity itself, this larger region is mostly not, with significant portions of its wealth flowing to the Democratic State of New Home, and no voting rights. While there are dissidents, the Democratic State of New Home military attempts to bring them to the correct point of view.

With the Nivenian Empire[]

The Democratic State of New Home absolutely despises the Nivenian Empire on the basis of ideology: They are Egalitarian, while the Nivenian Empire is primarily Authoritarian. Citizens of the Democratic State of New Home view Nivenia Prime as the problem, and the Democratic State of New Home is currently at war with the Nivenian Empire, though the Nivenian Empire only knows that the Democratic State of New Home exists, and they only know it as the Thadus 0037 (rouge) Faction.

Open Hostilities

You have angered us far too many times. Prepare to die!


This Thadus 0037 Faction CANNOT be allowed to survive. The atrocity of killing hundreds of trillions of civilians on B3 cannot be allowed to go unpunished.

- Nivenian Empire Chief Executive Coordinator

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