The Delpha Coalition of Planets is one of the more advanced hyperpowers in the First Gigaquadrant, achieving a low Tier 1 status.

Nature of the technology Edit

DCP Junction battle 1

A Gargantuan class dreadnought fires a warp vacuole at a Junction construct in hyperspace.

There are certain principles in which the DCP's technology has in common with any kind, for example; the requirement energy to work, and to satisfy the laws of thermodynamics. In some cases, DCP technology may appear miraculous, even apparently defying these principles, although they are not under the skin. DCP technology also harnesses physical laws that are not immediately apparent to civilisations below a hyperspace revolution, such as extra metric coordinates of space, near-instantaneous quantum computing, imaginary mass and metric engineering.

On the Kardashev Scale, the Coalition rates 2.5. It is not quite a fully galactic-sized civilisation, but uses a considerable number of it's stars as stellar engines, which are networks of solar-energy collecting orbiters graze plasma. Collectively, this forms a grid of wormholes and warped space that allows the DCP to store and transport this energy supply. Additionally, the DCP has access to hypermatter like their neighbours, meaning even starships can represent the weekly output of a typical yellow dwarf star.

If a technological artefact from the Delpha Coalition of Planets found its way on Earth in the 21st century,
it is unlikely that the device's nature would be understood, let alone its technical
mechanisms. Not because it is fundamentally incomprehensible, but because of the gulf of knowledge instantiated in it at every level. Humans may try to
probe it for energy signatures or information processing, however, DCP technology
wastes very little energy or dumps it in hyperspace. No source of energy would also be found, especially if it gains energy from quantum
substrate around it. Even if its nature is decoded, it would remain incredibly difficult to reverse engineer, as DCP technology contains no
circuitry as we know it (that is not to say it doesn't contain its own), and charge might be carried by other forms of
current other than electricity like "magnetricity" (or other ones not yet known). The purpose of the technology would be even harder to resolve.

The Coalition has advanced this far in 700 years out of lucky breaks. It's oldest spacefaring members, the Yoburt, had been established in space for 12,000 years before the DCP formed. Their interest was purely formal rather than anything-else, storing away technology rather than building them. About 400 years into the DCP's formation, the DCP managed to turn the tide against the Grox (once again, finding them after building structures that can magnify energy from stars), conquering the core for themselves, and harnessing its rotational energy to study spacetime and perfecting their metric technologies that fuelled a highly expansive period. The DCP co-founded the Seven Starr Alliance, and began intergalactic expeditions, discovering the Tigris War. Intergalactic politics began shortly after.

This being said, the DCP does not represent the highest authority on technology in the known universe. The Grox, Radeon and Draconis have independently developed their own technology which is comparable. The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Kicath have found slightly different tech trees, using more hypermatter or even developing impossible computers. The hyperpowers have only first begun to step into the hyperspace revolution, knee-deep. The Precursors and the AI Netspace have already receded far beyond the shores, and have left dangerous toys which allow some powers like the Dominatus, amongst the DCP's greatest rivals to make great leaps.
Because of this danger, DCP technology self-destructs or turns to dust in the hands of non-authorised people outside the DCP. The Coalition rarely aids even its allies with direct trade of their technology. Even citizens of the DCP, organic or AI are not authorised full use of certain technologies.

In recent years, the DCP government has abandoned some technologies that were deemed a threat not even they could control. Particularly self-replicating technology designed to consume surrounding materials after Nanohorde crisis, which was caused by self-replicating nanites with faster-than-light capabilities. The War of Hyperspace saw the use of hyperspace stars being detonated in realspace, a weapon the DCP was tempted to use by an Elder AI for nefarious purposes.

Applied technologies Edit

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