The society of the Delpha Coalition of Planets is one of the most controlled in the Milky Way, ruled by an iron grip and has a highly notorious to outsiders for their totalitarian regime. The DCP was founded on the ashes of war and the paranoia of anarchy, thus in the philosophy of its government, it must never stride from order.



Oppressive utopia Edit

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Under-achievers are gunned down on the spot. Notice how there are citizens walking above oblivious to the carnage below. They either dare not watch or do not care for the "traitors".

The DCP is a police state, and one of the best ways to spy on any possible deviation if this order, survellience is everywhere and inescapable, yet, also mostly unnoticeable. The air on each world, as well as almost any surface is filled with information and nanotechnology at the molecular level. Even clothes and household items are semi-sentient, recording biometric data and health of every citizen. Every person in the Coalition carries ID, but built into their biochemical structure.

Yet, each citizen save the rebels and the persecuted are lulled into believing they live heroic, utopian lives where they are free to do what ever they want, however, its easy to see under this thin surface. Every "free" opportunity real or virtual that is given to DCP citizens has been chosen not by them, but the judgements of their superiors. Subtle brainwash in the media and philosophy is implanted in every mind. Most citizens are born into the philosophy of political order, so never question what has been engrained.

But there are those who question but stay quiet, and those who resist. Those who question must be extremely careful, even slight activities such as re-arranging desk space or showing much emotion or preferences to non-DCP packaged things is monitored efficiently. If the authorities think they have found one of those who question, they might be submitted to intense pressures, be removed from society or get sent for "education". For those who resist, they are forcefully put down, turned into slaves or cannon fodder or even disappear forever. It is perhaps, better to resist than simply question, those who do live very paranoid lives indeed, while those who resist or attempt escape find it very difficult. The surrounding citizens also put pressure as a system.

Policies on religion and essence Edit

The DCP is a largely atheist civilization. Gods are simply seen as advanced civilizations or vast technological intelligences, the defeat of various entities that have referred to themselves as divine bolsters the DCP's scepticism. The DCP does have some minor religions that must stay on world and must not interfere with the government. The DCP has finally accepted more peaceful Spode religions, the Corgel Kingdom were allowed to stay theological, because the DCP realises the power of religion they could use.

The DCP does have scientific research groups and military investigations of essence, but believe quantum theory and hyperspatial mechanics will explain it. Those empowered with essence capabilities are often conscripted to military service. There are few essence-capable bloodlines in Grimbolsaurian culture, possibly due to the nature of Wormulus's family history.

Post-scarcity economics Edit

The Delpha Coalition of Planets long ago achieved a post-scarcity economy, thanks to faster-than-light media, quantum replicators and near-infinite resources from stars and asteroid fields. As such, the DCP lacks a concept of wealth-based class and each citizen should have access to the same rights and resources, although that is not to say there is no hierarchy. The fact the coalition once had different economic policies has ensured that many such past ranks in society are effectively frozen, this has been a great problem for the DCP.

There is socialist quality of cooperation between everyone working in their careers, and everyone must teach everyone. Children of the Coalition of reered by the community, not just the parents, so that they taught under judgements of the state.

Ruling bureaucracy Edit

The Emperor and the Undying-Council Edit

Emperors Palace

The mobile Palace for the Emperor and Council.

Outsiders often confuse Emperor Wormulus II as the supreme leader of the entire Coalition*, but this assumption is incorrect. The Emperor is the leader of the Grimbolsaurians; and for the DCP, the founder and spiritual leader, and representative to foreign powers. All other members of the DCP have their leader, which together forms the Undying-Council. Given Wormulus's stature, he still often has the final word.
The reason for the council is because the Coalition has a diverse set of member species which cannot all share the same philosophy easily. That is not to say this move is a liberal one, for each member of the council is effectively rendered immortal by use of technology and essence (in the Emperor's case). New additions to the council are rare. It has been noted outside the DCP that the existence of an immortal council suggests a stagnation of ideas. But the DCP's history has forever been colourful, and it's active role in the galaxy and beyond contributes to progression everything but politics.

Some members of the Undying-Council are notoriously ugly and down-right terrifying, where the odd enhancement has gone wrong (particularly in the early period of history). While the Emperor can still be a voice of rationality, respect and even kindness, some of these other are viperous, and have sanctioned many an atrocity.

*This is founded on the misconception that the Grimbolsaurians are the "ruling caste" because they first founded the Coalition and that they make up one third of the population being more expansive than other members. This is untrue, every citizen in the DCP no matter what species is a citizen. The Grimbolsaurian empire alone is an absolute monarchy, but the other member races have their own representatives of the council.

Warlord (sector) Edit

The Warlord-title is a relatively new change in DCP society, made to strengthen the bond between military and political ranks and also provide better control of DCP sectors as it expanded beyond the Milky Way in the early SSA era. The title of Warlord is the highest a military rank can aim for, but such a possibility has only become possible after the DCP Civil War. The first Warlords were literal clones of the Emperor, his "sons", but since half were killed or disappeared in the revolution, and given that even blood ties were not enough, the Emperor accepts Warlords from other bloodlines, the first of which being the Emperor's favoured soldier, Warlord Kilnok.

Adjutant (subsector) Edit

An Adjutant has ministry over less important roles in subsectors than Warlords, but enjoy being in the company and grace of a Warlord.

Sheriff (cluster) Edit

A Sheriff is responsible for securing police and cargo movements within DCP clusters. They have control over a good number of planets, star systems, and collections of them. Planets in the DCP tend to not have large colonies, with more of the DCP population in space than on the ground, there is no need for planetary governance below the notice of a Sheriff.



Culture and customs Edit

The DCP strives to be a monoculture, so that it's various members 'sing' to the same philosophy and beliefs. However the DCP has learned that this is not quite possible, and so the state does allow certain culture, architecture, lifestyle choices and customs to survive on homeworlds and old colonies. For the rest of the coalition, DCP colony planning strives for the same image and work ethic.

Entertainment and media are provided by advanced virtual reality technologies, and "feelie" machines which program and share inner experience beyond the limits of say, visual acuity or colour perception. This surprisingly liberating technology however can easily be used for surveillance.
Sport of various kinds is popular in the Coalition, the Grimbolsaurians have a preference to hunting and arena-fighting. While the Neeblitz enjoy sending stuntmen to "pondskip" across the atmosphere of stars.
Because the DCP is post-scarcity, most people do not hold much physical attachment to objects or places, as they can be easily recycled once their use has been fulfilled. This is not always the case, as the Grimbolsaurian soldiers in particular may collect items found on the battlefield from defeated foes.

Good health in the DCP is a near-guarantee, barring death by war or industrial accidents (which too are exceedingly rare). In war, a soldier is likely to survive injury unless their body is completely destroyed. However, the DCP manages it's population by methods of war, or storage forms of uploading or hibernation) if a region is close to it. Crime rate, is also incredibly low (if one does not view the state as criminal) and can be prevented before it can be committed by the sheer amount of surveillance.

Philosophy: What 'Order' means Edit

See discussion

The DCP, like many multi-species civilisations has had to face a big problem: the barriers of language and culture, and psychology and biology that separate the perceptual and conceptive realities of different species. The coalition was initially formed by a small number of species who shrugged off their conquerors and decided never again would their worlds fall under a power that was not of their own making. This society valued military strength and faith in leadership to combat outside and inside threats. As the DCP expanded however, it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain these common goals or ideology. However hard it was, communication between truly alien life is eventually possible, because of the existence of universality; that brains and minds no matter how alien inhabited the same universe, and for the "sentiences" that could understand it, could also understand each other. This is much like the way any universal computer can simulate the computable actions of any other (run the same programs so to speak). The DCP discovered certain aspects were in common while some others were not: large terrestrial lifeforms had relatable intuitions of the force of gravity in common, but species living in oceans or dense atmospheres relied on mathematics closer to fluid dynamics than geometry, making the former more tractable for them to learn. There were some traits the DCP found that were in every sentient species they encountered: the cravings for safety and certainty; yearnings to live forever or reproduce; and to fear the unknown.

At first, the DCP opted for something a bit like the Dominatus did, to pacify and subvert alien minds completely into drones. But what the leaders and scientists found with experiments was that mindless machines - while very efficient, would lack the creative edge a society needs to innovate. So the DCP instead decided to construct a new objective mentality, a meta-philosophy they called Order, that was powerful enough to reach out towards the universal traits in order to harmonise alien cultures. Order is a form a form of regulated freedom, it is part pacification, part faith, and part nonduality.

A once a member has been assimilated or conquered (and its leaders made immortal), pacification is achieved not by eliminating free will or culture completely, but by addiction to a device simply known as a "Feelie". The Feelie machines give an individual access to both virtual reality and the thought process of Order which the DCP has constructed. It shares universal moods and feelings, and is an incredibly addictive experience (like certainty and safety). Ironically, although the technology could be seen as liberating (such as the use of VR), it programs the illusion of freedom. In reality the universal moods and memes are controlled and monitored, and everyone feels in their place as a subsystem in the network, fixed and immutable. In the recent decades, the use of stellification engines and hypermatter reactors has given this system incredible computing power.

Faith and nonduality come next (see the subject of Kōan-practice in real life). Where criticism and doubt of society or the self emerge, whether spontaneously or from cultural clashes with Order, each citizen is taught techniques to reject such criticisms, even when they appear logical or paradoxical. It requires a disconnection, a way of having an intuition or faith that the duality is a fictional illusion caused by the categorisation of psyche or language (subject and object). To perceive and believe, Order is true.

This is all actually quite subtle, and has been perfected for centuries. Rebellious individuals and groups have emerged all the time, but the DCP's surveillance and policing is far too strong for their movements to spread far, few escape at best (aside from the Revolution of the Warlords). It could be said that there is fear at the back of every citizen's mind that knows rebellion would be punished harshly.

Life in a city Edit

The DCP is an established spacefaring power, and has become somewhat divorced from planetary life. Most citizens live in great space habitats geared towards mining asteroids or to orbit stars for their radiant energy, to create large wormhole networks or to power quantum replication. The asteroids themselves are still mined of course, and contain a much greater abundance of elements rare of planets. Thus, planets are much scarce of these resources and industry on them has become much small-scale. There is a tendency to colonise carbon planets however, for they contain a rich abundance of native carbon minerals like diamond.

Whether a colony is situated on a planet or in space, a city in the DCP is like no other. It can morph it's shape and change day by day to optimise itself. Buildings become vehicles and can scatter and reform. A worker way wake up in a completely different place, and they will be given any relevant work in that area. Thus workers in the DCP must be flexible, although citizens in the DCP can take more specialised roles should they wish to rise the ranks in science, medicine, media, engineering, military and so on outside the colony.

Transport Edit

On colonies Edit

The use of transport beams, or "teleporters" is only permitted on colonies for political leaders and military roles. The DCP deems such technology as simply too hard to control, and so it is all but banned. Transportation on the surface is easy for most DCP colonies are small and compact. The so-called smart blocks, devices which freely fly and can assemble and disassemble into vehicles for transport. They can be called upon as "taxis". There are also vertical train elevators, space elevators and buses. Personal vehicles exist as well, although the use of smart blocks has eliminated too much need. The need to visit locations in the DCP is easy however, anyone could access a virtual version, although for nostalgia of older times, the action to visit real places is common too.

Interstellar Edit

Wormholes and superliminal warp tunnels specialized to exist in the maelstrom ferry materials and energy throughout the DCP. This is called the the Grid, and is built from a wormhole network powered by stellar engines. Most ships use tachyonic shift drives however. The less energy such a ship has the faster it goes, as the ship is turned into a tachyon under the principles of imaginary mass.

Architecture Edit

DCP Architecture

The top image is a DCP city, the vehicle is composed of smart blocks which can assemble and disassemble into vehicles and buildings. The bottom left image is a view of Mirenton and the right an image of DCP arcologies and tensegrity spheres.

Citizens live in a huge variety of ways, on planets, the most common are giant arcologies. The DCP's population is widespread throughout the DCP's territories to encourage evolution, adaptation and the long term survival of the DCP's member races should the DCP be under attack.

Composed of several giant arcologies on each world, huge cities are unneeded (as the arcologies replace them), as such superstructures can usually hold millions, and are highly advanced ways of living. In the skies above, are the great floating Tensegrity spheres, giant, floating areostats, often rigged together. At first glance they look impossible, but in fact by slightly heating the giant spheres on the inside they levitate. Most buildings and city functions occur in the arcologies, but some things, like space ports are often a distance away. Most colonies are protected from attack by shield, and various weapon defences.

Cities are functional, not overly-stylized. Again, due to replicators and nano-assemblers, the DCP does not hold too much attachment to buildings. As with transport, buildings are constantly morphing, concepts like "city routes" are obsolete. Certain Post-sapient groups are genetically and cybernetically enhanced, due to different lifestyles to that of a baseline sapient, the cities are again planned out differently. Most are style-less, or at the most, a little art deco.

More Ancient cities, such as from the early Empire era (one's that survived during the Grox Resistance) are kept due to their historical value. The DCP authorities, due to it's ever-morphing ways does not it's citizens to forget what the DCP represents. These older cities, while far more fragile, in-efficient and primitive are protected by an arcology sealing them in.

Environmental control Edit

The environment, weather and climate is under full control. Storms can easily be prevented from happening by microwave lasers fired from orbit. Like domes of carbon ice catch excess carbon in the air. Most rainclouds and weather phenomena are artificial. Even the biosphere is an interconnected system that is monited, basically, the DCP controls the weather where its needed, and chooses when it should rain or not.

The lithosphere is controlled to a certain extend as well through applied geoengineering, the motions of tectonic plates are configured into desirable shapes.

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