The starships of the DCP are always being updated. The Double Saucer is the only ship that is still used from the earlier eras.

Early Exploration era (pre-DCP Grimbolsaurian interplanetary period) 0 to 200 ACS Edit

  • Task:To explore the Chilius system.
  • Size:110 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:None
  • Tools:Scan/scientific instruments, radio, 1 colony pack
  • Significant events:The early exploration of the Grimbolsaurians home star system.

An interplanetary starship, this was powered by primitive fusion reactors. It also used gravitational slingshots to increase its speed. They gathered much data, colonised Loranza and created a "wildlife sanctury", so that if Mirenton undergoes a global catastrophe, life still persists. The sanctury was not terrafomed, but was instead an enclosed ecosystem, much like the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. [1] It was later terrafomed however.

  • Task:To explore the Chilius system.
  • Size:150 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:None
  • Tools:Scan/scientific instruments, radio, 1 colony pack
  • Significant events:The early exploration of the Grimbolsaurians home star system.

These fill similar roles to the Double Saucer. Yet these are slower than light ships, and use laser sails. They only had interplanetary range.

Early Relativistic/STL starships Edit

Bussard Ramjet (90 ACS) Edit

  • Task: To explore the five nearest stars and colonize their planets, more would be sent to escape the Wub Alliance.
  • Size: 1,760 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense: None, only dihydrogen-slush tanks and plasma windows.
  • Tools: Scan/scientific instruments, radio, 1 colony pack (each)
  • Significant events: First interstellar forays, first contact with the Brawgle Empire, the colonisation of 5 star systems, and finally, escape from the Chilius system durng the Wub occupation.

The Bussard Ramjets were huge starships, bigger than anything that would be built for space travel for perhaps a century or so to come. Of course they had to be, they had a vast magnetic scoop for sweeping up the rarified atoms that lie between the stars. Huge taks of dihydrogen-slush protected the colonists inside as well as a laser to strip incoming atoms of electrons. Their mission would only be one way. However, the ramjets could reach 45% of the speed of light, and about the half the way to their destinations they had to turn the ships around to slow down. The colonies would recieve delayed transmissions from the home system of up to 10 years.

Late Exploration era (DCP) 100 to 200 ACS Edit

  • Task:Starliner designed to travel to nearby star systems, multi-purpose ship.
  • Size:85 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:Mini laser
  • Tools:Scan, Seti, later terraforming tools, 1 colony pack
  • Significant events: Formation of the DCP and defeat of the Wub Alliance. Expedition to Lagross nebula, discovery ofRuined Planets.

This is the first interstellar starship of the Grimbolsaurian race with low warp capabilities reverse engineered from a downed Wub ship. Cadet Kilnok piloted it to other oppressed Delpha sector races and united them in a Coalition which defeated the Wub, Warzoleski and Quinels. Afterwards, it pioneered in interstellar travel, discovering new species and colonising star systems. Terraforming became a possibility.

  • Task:Defend Mirenton and other homeworlds.
  • Size:124 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:Mini laser, proton missiles, railguns
  • Tools:Scan, Seti, abduct
  • Significant events: Early days of the DCP

The Delpha sector still had aggressive empires which would join the DCP without force.

  • Task:A multi purpose ship, for trade, cargo, surveys, support, transport, terraforming and colonisation.
  • Size:300 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:Mini laser, proton torpedoes, deflector shields.
  • Tools: - 3 colony packs, colonisation tools, terraforming tools, large cargo bays, scan
  • Significant events:None

These ships are widely used for normal space missions, they are slow and poorly armed (but make up for it with a huge delector shield), but are the main workhorse for the DCP. They also have large cargo holds, and are often ecorted by other ships. These are the only ships in use that originate rom the earlier eras.

Empire era (200 to 480) to end of the Grox Resistence era (500 ACS) Edit

  • Task:Forging alliances, diplomatic missions, or meeting new species.
  • Size:250 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:Auto turreet, laser
  • Tools:Scan, Seti, abduct, fireworks, happy rays, mind erase, embassy, sporebucks, crop circles, monolith, light shields.
  • Significant events:Alliances with races, restoring the Dubel/Corgel alliance.

These ships make alliances, or hypnotise/scare empires into an alliance.

  • Task:Protect planets from Pirates.
  • Size:150 meters long
  • Weapons/defense:Heavy autoturrets, pulse cannons, Proton torpedoes, Railguns, light shields.
  • Tools:Scan, Seti
  • Significant events:Defending Mirenton from the Grox invasion.

These are mostly police vessels, and they protect the colonies. They are more powerful in groups, and also raid planets.

  • Task:These are used to conquer planets, and bombard them from orbit.
  • Size:Ranges, destroyers are 700 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defense:Antimatter weapondry, nuclear weapons, disruptors, heavy pulse cannons, megabombs, deflector shields.
  • Tools:Scan, seti, heat wave, asteroid caller.
  • Significant events:Major heated battles with the Grox, Borg and Xhodocto.

These are heavy attack cruisers with forward facing fire power. They are very durable, and capable of rendering planets uninhabitable.

  • Task:Plays a defensive/offensive role
  • Size:347 meters in length
  • Weapons:Heavy turbolaser cannon, point and defense heavy disuptor turrets, heavy proton missiles, antimatter missiles, defelector shields.
  • Tools:Scan, abduct, Seti, troop transport
  • Significant events:Small wars, early battles with the Grox.

This ship is now an abandoned class of warships, which while powerful in their own right, were cut to pieces by the more maneuverable Grox ships. They were replaced by Ion battleships and other later warship designs. However, a few are still in service, and some have been put back in commission as an extra force against the Xhodocto.

Early Golden age era (expansion) Edit

  • Task:Perform missions, test new technologies
  • Size:456 meters in length
  • Weapons:Disrupters, proton missiles, antimatter missiles
  • Tools:Spore tools
  • Significant events:Many missions and adventures for the early DCP.

This eventually gave way to the Ion battleship and other modern DCP ships.

Spore 2010-01-19 18-29-42

These ships in the image above have been made by other players, are ingame to member races!

These wet independant ships that belonged to the Member races, before unification of technology and architecture. Since all the ships are random, they are not of my design. Of course, the member races have been enlarged to show them. None of these ships are in great number, and usually serve to defend homeworlds and for use in trading goods. The more powerful ships have been in battle against the Grox and Xhodocto. The other ships on this page are a mixture of Grimbolsaurian and Member race technology, and form the bulk of the fleet.

From left to right, top row:

  • Lance of Justice (Flixxel Empire) by Dragonette4065 - These are graceful starships, and are Bussard Ramjets.
  • Trosan (Cimilope Assembaly) by MachinaMortalis - A large cruiser.
  • Destryamatus (Cloppity Empire) by LazyOne065 - Another powerful warship. One was in action at the Stand of Tircos.
  • VKBF 67-ND (Rammo Imperium) by Uberscrible - The Rammo supply the DCP with heavily armed warships.
  • Toboo Incursion Marker by Yoway - These strange ships are the most powerful of the independant classes.

From left to right, bottom row

  • Fury Fighter (Yoburt Confederation) by Maxis - The Yoburts fleet mostly consist of two pliot crews.
  • Osting (Corgel Kingdom) by Maxis - Fast and manouverable.
  • Esgeon (Jarzo Grand Council) by Maxis - Quite weak.
  • MTX-90 (Dragoozie Republic) by Maxis - note that I put a Turtok by accident, armed with missiles/railguns.
  • Lunar Invader (Chibby Empire) by Maxis - Actually these are peaceful, despite their name.
  • Junk Saucer (Dubel Federation) by Maxis - Slow, but they do their job.
  • Colony Ship (Turtok Empire) by Molebob - Colony ships.

  • Task:Classified
  • Size:Classified
  • Weapons/defense:Classified
  • Tools:Classified
  • Significant events:Top secret

A large chain of colony "ferries" held together by quantum fields created in the early Golden Age to test the precursors of what would become the gravitational technologies of today, such as artificial wormholes.

  • Task:Creates a stable singularity for spacetime and dimensional research.
  • Size:300 meters wide, 300 meters tall
  • Weapons/defenses:None
  • Tools:Classified
  • Significant events:

This ship was the framework for wormhole research of the early golden age.

Recently retired (between 700 and 800 ACS) Edit

  • Task:Leads Titanozor into battle!
  • Size:3,700 meters, 2000 meters tall
  • Weapons/defenses:10 lateral halberds, 4 subatomic disruptor cannons, 8 heavy dual blaster cannons, 60 railgun placements, 15 quad point and defense turbolaser cannons, multi-phasic shielding, ablative armour, ghost pasing and self-repairing hull.
  • Tools:Typical Spore tools
  • Significant Events:First battle in the civil war, civil war battles, double crossing the rogue warlords, invading the Cognatus blockade

This ship is a titan, and is a match for most ships in battle. There are only a few in existence. It has a heavy battery of cannons, to blast gunboats and battlecruisers out of the sky! It is unique, in having 10 lances. These do not detach from the ship, instead, they "punch" other vessels, cracking open their hulls, which then are obliterated by a barrage of gunfire. The lances are composed of Neutronium, and the shock energy is absorbed. These lances are doubly strengthened by being superheated, and energized by the same fields used in deflector shields. The ship also contains a large hangar for ground assaults.

  • Task:Carry the Sky Warriors
  • Size:315 meters long
  • Weapons/defenses:4 blater cannons, 4 anti-matter missile launchers, 2 railguns,, 2 proton missile launchers, deflector shiels, cloak
  • Tools:Scan etc.
  • Significant events:Battle of Caprica, first battle of the DCP civil war.

This is one of the fastest and most agile ships of the DCP. It is not too heavily armed (although it is still powerful). However, the sky warriors can stand on the ship, and can fly off as if they were fighters! They are only in small production at the moment.

  • Task:Planetary control
  • Size:870 meters in length
  • Weapons/defenses:Planetary control technology, 2 heavy blaster cannons, 2 heavy laser cannons, heavy deflector shields
  • Tools:Weather control, siesmic control, eco tools
  • Significant events:1st battle in the civil war

Mauloron believes the power of nature can be greater than the best artificial weapons. The Behemoth isn't heavily armed, instead, it uses Electromagnetic Ionisation to control weather (creating hurricanes, hyercanes and other severe freak weather), uses siesmic weapons that can create devastating planetquakes and volcanic eruptions and finally, can influence the mind of creatures to attack the enemy. The Behemoth is most powerful whithin planetary atmosphers or in low orbit, but in deep space, it needs to be flanked by escort ships.

  • Task: Wormhole bus.
  • Size:
  • Weapons/defense:
  • Tools:Classified
  • Significant events:
  • Creators note:

A marvel of DCP engineering, built in the latter days of the Tigris War, when it became aparrent that the Seven Starr Alliance may need to flee from the Congregation through a natural interuniversal wormhole. Under command of Admiral Horlin and Captain Jazzaroth, they were a conduit between Universe 66501 and the Milky Way, so the home DCP can send more waves of ships and troops, to march into Universe 66501. The hull is composed of material science and engineering far beyond 21st century science.

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