The Delpha Coalition of Planets is renound for its technology, as they are one of the most advanced civilizations known in the universe, far bested by only the Elder races and Transapients, and rivalled by few others. However, the DCP's technology would of course be impossible without their resources and sources of power, so less mass is used to achieve the unbelievable.

Primary power sources Edit

Exotic matter Edit

Exotic matter, is actually a loose term, it basically describes any form of matter with unusual properties, such as negative mass. However, exotic matter is not magic, so it can't break the laws of physics, however, it can distort spacetime and has a wide range of other unusual properties, with phenomena that is non-existent in normal matter. Most forms of exotic matter are in fact fields rather than the sid analogy that is known in popularity, called negative stress-energy tensor fields (resulting in negative mass). These negative fields are what the DCP use to their ways of distorting spacetime and changing the symmetries of forces and particles. Scalar quantum fields, refer to the random quantum fluctuations that exist in ever point in space and time, where two "virtual" particles, one positive and one negative are created. To prevent violation of Conservation laws, the two quickly cancel each other out, however, the DCP has found a way to separate them, and use this "zero-point energy" for their manipulation of quantum systems.

Extraction Edit

Exotic matter is extremely rare and difficult to produce, most civilizations scarcly have it, but the DCP has exotic matter in abundance, of at least one planetary mass spread throughout the DCP. This may seem very small, however, not need much exotic matter is needed for usage. The DCP can extract exotic matter by siphoning it from a black hole. Exotic matter also roams the universe, one such example are Q-balls, which are stable Non-topological solitons, blobs of attracted bosonic particles (force mediators), these were cooked up during the early universe. This exotic matter sinks to the centers of objects with large mass, such as neutron stars or black holes.

Applications Edit

Exotic matter is very important to the DCP's technology, particulary quantum technology, matter-energy conversion and warping spacetime.

  • Tachyonic Shift Drives - The shift drive reconfigures the ship's reference to spacetime, and causes it to operate like a tachyon. As tachyons lose mass they speed up, and of course, the same principle is important to the shift drive. In order to the prevent the ship itself from being smeared out of existence, it requires a large reserve of exotic matter draiped around its hull in the form of a quantum field.
  • Neutronium mining - Neutronium, or neutron-degenerate matter, is essential to the DCP to building large megastructures capable of withstanding tremendous pressure beyond the limits of normal matter. However, mining a neutron star is no easy business. Neutron stars have unstable surfaces, when they change energy states, a small gamma-ray burst is created. The DCP uses exotic matter, forcing the stellar ash to undergo a burst, and using vast superconducting magnets, the matter is uplifted and cystallized into a superdense solid.
  • Q-ball forges - A Q-ball forge, the spinning central disk is a collection of Q-balls. A particle accelerator injects ordinary matter, which contacts the Q matter and is converted into antimatter, which is collected in EM charged containment fields, above and below the accelerator.
    • Matter-conversion - Antimatter is a secondary power source of the Coalition, and is something the DCP has in abundance. Q-balls can be used to condensate huge amounts of antimatter.
    • Star infectors - Q-balls can have an adverse affect on stars, a Q-ball infection can alter the stength of the weak nuclear force. Low-mass stars grow colder much more quickly, while unstable high mass stars will implode altogether.
  • Quantum sublight drives
Diametric drives work by combining "positive" and "negative" mass. The negative mass becomes attracted to the positive mass, while it generates negative gravity, pushing the positive mass away. This could cause the ship to accelerate forever, getting closer and closer to the speed of light, will will eventually achieve time dilation. Disjunction drives work by displacing two fields, shifting to a point where the field slopes, producing reactive forces. Bias and Pitch drives alter the gravitational constant behind a starship, propelling it forward, however, if not done correctly, a singularity can emerge inside the starship. Differential sails require quantum fluctuations to propel the ship forward, not unlike solar and laser sails. The only space drive that can propel a ship into superliminal speed in this category is the warp drive.
Kerr metrics gate is the technical term of a dimensional wormhole that leads to another universe. It is a normal black hole that has been forced to rotate so quickly its singularity becomes a torus, this spinning mass can break into neighbor universes. Artificial wormholes work in a similar manner, the DCP finds a wormholes and forces it open using a framework of exotic matter, and occasionally special ships to pass through to maintain the structure. The Interstellar grid is a krasnikov tube, created by dragging a lump of exotic matter through subspace, this carves a permanent superliminal tunnel which the DCP uses to pump energy throughout the Coalition.
  • Exotic Atoms - are atom-like particles not composed of normal hadrons (protons and neutrons), these include antimatter, monopole atoms, charmonium atoms, pentaquarks, dibaryons and strange matter
    • Pauli matter - Pauli matter works under the principles of the Pauli Exclusion principle, no two fermions (electrons and quaks) can be in the same state, but photons can, but if fermionic matter could, its electrons which reach a low ground state, creating a superdesne and unreactive chunk of material.
    • Monopole matter
    • Strange matter - Is composed of "strange" quarks, which have high density. They convert normal ("up" or "down") quarks, which are the building blocks of atomic nuclei, to more strange quarks. After strange matter has destroyed its target, it must be contained, or it could (in theory) consume the universe.

Stellar husbandry Edit

Stars are an important power source to the coalition. The energy recieved each second from a G-type star (like our sun) is 80 times that of the greatest bomb detonated on Earth, and there are stars that dwarf even this. However, hydrogen and antimatter can also be collected from a star.

Extraction Edit

Nuclear matter and hydrogen from stars is handled by dyson bubbles, huge rings of superconducting magnets that orbit the stars equator, and generate a magnetic field which squeezes the star slightly, causing powerful cornonal mass ejections and channels it towards the Krasnokov Tubes. This is called stellar lifting. But first it must enter a matter-to-energy converter, which using quantum fields crushes it down into pure usable energy which is pumped through the Grid, to be recieved on the other side.

Solar energy is transferred by millions of mirrors and matter-energy converters. The mirrors were of a special kind, and orbit the star, collecting its star light and then reflecting the light as pure solar energy.

Applications Edit

  • The Interstellar Grid - Although the superliminal tunnels are carved out using exotic matter, the essential point of the grid is to transfer the energy of stars quickly across the Coalition.
    • Stellar Engines - Large dyson nets of stars rigged together, the energy is focused together to warp spacetime.
    • Matrioshaka brains - Some of the Grid stars were cloaked by concentric shells of Computronium, clouds of programmable nanotechnology, which use the star's immense solar energy to calculate and compute massive programs that are important to the DCP and "The Civilization". The stars were dimmed almost to the microwave background, because each shell used a different temperature radiated.

Black holes and other astronomical phenomena Edit

Secondary power sources Edit

Neutron-Degenerate matter Edit

Neutron star mining

Explians this using imagery.

First step - stellar extraction Edit

Neutronium is a superdense state of Neutron-degenerate matter. Neutronium's strengh and versatility means it is very useful for building megastcture projects, as well as protecting ships from the stresses of FTL travel or extreme gravity. Neutron-degenerate matter is also incredibly difficult to extract, as it can be found only below the surface of a neutron star. Neutron stars however, have extremely unstable surfaces that can break out as stellar quakes, allowing the matter in a liquid state to "bubble" to the surface. When it does, seismic detectors in orbit alert nearby probes, which quickly collect it. Without the pressure of the star, it will quickly dissolve, so the DCP must be quick to "crystallize it". This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the DCP, in some of the most hostile conditions known, but its workers know that they will die in service of their monumentious society.

Second step - lumberjacking Edit

The neutronium is still fluidic in this stage with electrons freely moving through the neutrons, however, soon it will cool and will decay. It must be set into molds (shapes for construction as it will soon be very hard to cut) to crystallize and reach a stable energy condition, in this state, the nuetrons will stay tightly packed.

Next comes the final cutting process. Neutronium isn't invincible, it can be cut, but the DCP has discovered a way to slice it up like wedge wood, and that is to work via the principles of a saw mill. A large gravity well is created using graviton spheres, and the neutron-degenerate matter is placed over the top. In the center of the gravity well, gravity is at its weakest, so the still setting neutronium doesn't bond so tightly, and is easier to cut up, and now set, ready to be shipped to manufacturing plants for construction on the DCP's great projects.

Antimatter Edit

The DCP have found ways to create antimatter, such as the Q-ball forge and Q-mirrors, however, natural generators of antimatter such as stars and even storms creates antimatter. It is very useful in powering megastructures and starships, a teaspoon is just enough to take a ship to the stars.

Geoengineering Edit

Planets themselves release considerable energy, and the DCP makes full use of the resources of planets. Although elements are cooked in the stars, the planets often activerly mix these elements, churning them into various more materials. The DCP's most efficient and non-disruptive power from planets comes from Geo-electromagnetic power, the electromagnetic power of a planet, and the low energy particles its gravity well and magnetosphere ensnares. This is by far the most efficient because it has the least impact on the climate the DCP's constructs. However, the radioactive decay that is ongoing in planetary cores, as well as pressure from the crust, creates geothermal heat which can power colonies. The atmosphere and oceans are another source of energy. The DCP have siphoning systems everywhere, including collection of the friction heat created by tides rolling across bedrock or beach. Even resources like coal, oil and natural gas are used if available, cheap to use and the DCP can settle environmental problems. However, the DCP can drink a planet dry pretty quickly, robbing it of its oil.

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