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Milky Way Political Infuence

This map shows some major trade routes and invasions in the Milky Way. Although there are a lot more powerful empires in the galaxy, these ones have the most influence over political matters in the galaxy. The ring around the DCP contains no evil, and is completely stable and all evil has been eliminated.

The Delpha Coalition of Planets has been very influential in the history of the Civilised Universe. Centuries ago, the DCP had won a major war against the Grox Empire in the Milky Way, a feat rarely seen before the establishment of intergalactic society. After gaining much respect they expanded right through the Milky Way galaxy, using the core as a power source and thier technology expanded wildly. Along their expansion they had met new members and allies, one the Oimonsk, and together they founded the Seven Starr Alliance, a vast alliance that began to explore on an intergalactic level. Later, the DCP had yet again expanded to several galaxies, one, the Tigris galaxy, would change the history of the First Gigaquadrant, with the founding of Onuris, the modern political structure was taking shape. The DCP's technology is more advanced than many other civilizations, and they have many alliances and political ties, making them vastly influential.

Foreign policies Edit


The DCP has some strong honour-ties with other civilisations they are in debt to standby with.

The DCP is also notable in that it has rather mixed relations with various races the coalition meets. Because of their advancement, the DCP seldom contacts races below a high Tier 3 level or below Type II on the Kardashev scale, due to the simple fact that they are of low interest or importance. The DCP even more rarely shares their technology, upholding a "prime directive" code. Such civilisations have been in fact known to get "in the way" of the space they require. If the civilisation is lucky, it might be relocated or absorbed, but if they resist, they are attacked pretty quickly. Surrounding DCP territories in the Milky Way for example, there is a sterile sphere of stability where few live or cause chaos. However, the DCP's regards its true enemies with real remorse, and will enslave, extinct or punish. Committing genocide near or within DCP territory, instigating chaos near the border, rebellion, simply being very evil, aggravating the Coalition and harming allies are one of the many ways the DCP will be an enemy.

As for alliances, the DCP is never quick to ally, trust must be built between the two nations. The DCP secretly sprays nanospies that quickly spread throughout any civilization they encounter, which led to one species near destruction due to the fact they were sensitive to the nanoparticles. However, if the DCP finds a strong ally they will be committed to protect them.

As for the border territory, much of the DCP's major expansion zones and colonies have huge amounts of protection. One can expect.

  1. Patrol ships that regularly go beyond DCP space. The border's range changes by day.
  2. The maelstrom - Graviton spheres and automated subspace weapons - These can bring warp or hyperspace travel to a near standstill, the DCP shift drives are unaffected.
  3. The swarm - Droves, torpedo spheres, hyperspace missiles, pitch mines - Will cause a problem for most invaders. Droves are constantly resupplied and are unmanned. They are in vast numbers. Pitch drive mines drag ships close to the speed of light causing a gravitational in-balance enough to cause a black hole.
  4. The fleet - DCP sectors can have very powerful warships and military stationed, that can smash various enemies asunder.
  5. Colony/asteroid defences and posts.
  6. Planetary shields - Non-phasic shielding often powered by the planet itself.
  7. Ground forces, surface to space artillery - DCP citizens would fight bare handed for every inch of ground if need be.

The maelstrom has stopped many attackers in their tracks, it even helped preserve a lot of DCP territory when the DCP vanished during the Annihilation. It is not infallible however. It keeps out spies, pirates and lower to mid tier civilisations quite well, as well civilisations that rely entirely on warp or hyperspace. But it is breachable, especially by societies comparable or even more advanced with a great deal of hyperspatial and spacetime technology. It was breached by the Grox Meta-Empire (helped by dark precursors) during the Girdo Campaign in the Delpha Sector though with little damage, again by the Congregation of the Deathmarch over Mirenton, to the DCP's embarrassment. Most devastatingly, the Horatorio sector was invaded by the Dominatus, and the Paledon and Docron sectors invaded by the Vermulans. The DCP however demonstrated the same ferocity to defend the Horatorio sector as they would before the Maelstrom was created. The Paledon and Docron sectors were minor, but the DCP was also under attack by other forces and was distracted from defence, again however, the DCP was able to retake both sectors using the preparations for siege and the fleet response. Peladon and Docron sectors actually had their maelstrom deactivated to provide the Vermulans with a ruse. Even without a maelstrom, the DCP has shown it can defend its space.

Encountered races Edit

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Here is a list of the notable allies, enemies and other encountered races, including a threat assessment on some of them. Please note this is written in the DCP's point of view which doesn't necessarily reflect Wormulon's. The tiers are based on the Tier instruction manual.

  1. Beyond scope - Very high Tier 1 or 0. Intelligence and power so far beyond us, we and our allies will not stand a chance without assistance.
  2. Extremely high - The few civilisations that are larger than us. We could defeat them with collaborative effort with other powers or via a pyrrhic victory using all our resources. We can repel them, however, likelihood of losing a war is high.
  3. High - Civilisations similar to our level of power and/or influence. Probable victory with good effort, but still to pay a price. Also good chance of stalemate.
  4. Considerable threat - Strong, but smaller than us, high chance of winning longer-term in a long, drawn-out conflict.
  5. Moderate threat - Middle threat, destroyed with little effort, but greater threat to our assets and interests.
  6. Reasonable threat - Threat to normal operations outside our territory.
  7. Low/minor threat - Small empires, quite easily destroyed, even if they pack up together.
  8. Negligible threat - No threat at all.
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