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Fighting Pre-revelation Xhodocto

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Some commonly seen DCP vehicles on the battlefield.

Introduction: The super-soldier Edit

Across the wide universe, warfare has taken many shapes and forms, and in many cases ground warfare has become less and less important. Never-the-less; the Delpha Coalition of Planets has a large military. The Coalition was founded by militant and warrior races, all of which had colourful histories of war. In the early years of the Coalition, different races had different physiological and psychological capabilities and so there would be different divinitions based on those capabilities. But as the DCP advanced this began to change using gen-engineering and cybernetics. Technology has ensured that planetary ground forces are as powerful as the DCP's starships of war: veteran soldiers have increased awareness of the battlefield, using hyperspatial technology it is possible to not be delayed by the speed of light and this gives the user limited FTL and temporal abilities.

Examples of technology: In the Andromeda war a squad of veteran soldiers were able to confuse the sensors of sentries at a distance using FTL jumps to send false information into their past. In another battlefield, the race of barbarians known as the Iteok walked stright into holographic landscape that didn't exist and payed the consequences. In many cases taking out DCP soldiers is very difficult, since their exosketal armour and nanites - if they still function can turn the dead soldier into a walking robot still lethal.

Most soldiers are equipped with "glasma" cannons that can heat protons and neutrons until the quarks pop out by accelerating surrounding nuclei; this sea of quarks and gluons is incredibly hot and dense penetrating any conventional material, but it expands, cooling into protons and neutrons which can cause deadly pulse of radioactive decay in surrounding matter. But a glasma cannon is actually a multi-purpose weapon and tool. At lighter temperatures a glasma weapon produces high-energy light which is converted into mass through collision with a nucleus. Quantum replicators can quickly simulate various types of particle weapons out of the mass created.

Warrior versus soldier Edit

The DCP is criticised by some warrior civilisations for the fact that their soldiers use massively advanced technology to overcome enemies, but this is not always the case, it must be remembered there are many different species in the Coalition, with different ideals of warfare. The Grimbolsaurians are incredibly strong, comparable to Zazane or Vartekians in skill and can even keep up with Krassio soldiers, many Grimbolsaurians prefer to choose a more warrior (or hunter) role in warfare than soldier, although many are soldiers too or become special forces.

DCP infantry and specialised forces Edit

DCP Sniper Rifle

This fantastic weapon was made by Shadowalkers!

When not a warrior, soldiers can fulfill a variety of roles: Artillery, standard marines, snipers and marksmen, ordanence, shock troopers, engineers, and many more all fall into this category.

  • Naval and ocean

The Aqua troopers are special kinds of troopers who have special gear that converts water to air! The suits are created out of a nanofibre that keep the trooper dry underneath. They are armed with harpoons, blaster cannons and other cool tech and weapons. The suits can withstand light blasts, boiling or freezing water, and can work in some other kinds of liquid mediums as well, such as planets with liquid nitrogen (which is very cold, luckily, the nanofibres and nanotechnology adapt inside the suits protect them well).

  • Difficult terrain

There is an overwhelming amount of planetary environments and terrains and an incredible amount of enemies that might lurk in them. There are specialized Desert shock troops, others for frozen environments minus 100°C or less. Some can be outfitted for dense forest or swamp. Others are equipped to withstand acid lakes and corrosive winds, or even radioactive fallouts. More extreme examples include superheated or supercooled temperatures and worlds with incredibly high wind speeds, crushingly thick atmospheres (such as gas giants) and airless worlds.

  • Sky-assualt

There are paratroopers, jetroopers and even polits ready to fight out enemies in the air.

  • Space environments

Most onboard marines can go straight into the vacuum of space and even take on or board capital ships. Or they might be fighting on megastructures.

  • Stellar atmospheres and magnetic suspension

A recent innovation to space troops is the ability to use magnetic suits to fly through stellar atmospheres to reach star-based colonies.

Psychics Edit

The DCP has various Psychic warriors. Many phenomena considered unexplained in our time, the DCP has found, and taken advantage of. Of course, the DCP ha found explanations for these powers, but not all of them. Most of the Psychic troops are only capable of mind melding, telepathy, maybe even PK. But some train in arts of Elemental energy, learning how to master their abilities. All kinds of powers can be unlocked, no two warriors are the same. Occasionally, out of the elemental and PK warriors, a gifted psionic is found. All psionics are required to join the Regiment, something the Krassio see as a waste, considering all the uses of psionics. Dr.Kenders was an accomplished physchic trooper, and was the one who contacted the Civatron in Universe 66501 after the Scourge, that reunited the allies. The abilities the DCP are most interested in:

  • Remove Viewing - Visiting places using only mind.
  • Telepathy - Reading the minds of the enemy.
  • Mind melding - Taking control of other beings or machines.
  • Precognition - A very difficult power to cultivate. Made possible by determining the outcomes of chance to make correct prediction and wavefunction collapse.
  • Super-enhanced strength, stanima etc.
  • The building up of more advanced Elemental powers, and hopefull psionic ones too.
  • The DCP also sends healers in battle.

Synthetroops Edit

Synthetroops are synthetic troops with the knowledge and skill downloaded into their minds. They are cloned quickly, and are given heavy, punishing training. Synthetroops have little compassion for themselves, being almost selfless in battle. Although intelligent, Synthetroops would not live like normal citizens in the Coalition. They are often used when troop count is low in a sector. However, Synthetroops lack certain qualities.

By rank Edit

Cannon fodder Edit

The DCP have been known to use enslaved species and criminals as cannon fodder, although the better fighters are given greater roles and are not wasted.

Field soldiers Edit

Are beyond the rank of standard troops.

Commando's Edit

Commando's are allowed to lead specialized troops into hazardous or dangerous environments.

Warlords and their legions Edit

The Warlords manage wars and alliances in different sectors of the DCP. These are second only to the Emperor, and include Eclipsos, Mauloron, Tricarrion, Bo Ramik and Titanozor. Each Warlord has a legion of his own special warriors. Although Mauloron and Eclipsos have been defeated, and Tricarrion has ascended, doesn't mean these armies no longer exist. The ones who stayed loyal during the Civil war could stay, and some of the loyalists escaped to a distant star cluster.

  • Sky warrior Legion - Sky warriors are often called living aircraft. They are trained to fight in the air. They are inder the control of Bo Ramik.
  • Dark Legion - Under the command of Tricarrion, these warriors specialise in killing vast amounts of the enemy. They often finish whats left!
  • Biowarriors - Biowarriors are armed with organic technology, they are formidible. Fitting that they are near the core (Grox hate organic life).
  • Juggernauts - Heavily armed and armoured, under control of Titanozor. They have supergrimbolsaurian strength and stamina. They were created by Imperious.
  • The Eclipse troops - Trained to fight in the vacuum of space with Eclipsos.

DCP battlecommander (ground)/captain (space) Edit

Many of these are Grimbolsaurian, and are extremely tough, the best even taking out Xhodocto (although Xhodocto usually win). They have had much battle experience and aremed with a variety of good weapons and armour. Battlecommander fight in a similar manner to Predator, from Predator. Captains and commanders can shoot their troops if they get lazy.

'Ultra'-soldiers Edit

These troopers (a mix of genetically modified and recruits) are heavily trained in the art of war. They have state-of-the art scanning technology (like nightvision, although nightvision is in many troopers), and armour that can actually heal them if they are wounded in battle! Ultra troopers were developed to fight other super soldiers, such as the Xhodocto. Ultra troopers, however, are only used when needed in the greatest battles. I describe them like a deadly mix of Marines, Predators and Klingons.

DCP Knights Edit

These "knights" often ride hover-vehicles and are found gaurding important members of the council, like the Emperor. Many of the heroes and best fighters are knights.

Beyond knights the higher rank is 'warlord' or even 'regent', however, any higher ranks start to become more political all the way to the council and the Emperor (whom himself has seen many battlefronts).

Surface weapons and defenses Edit

The DCP's surface weapons are highly versatile and are able to be easily modified to fit many sorts of planetary environments and terrains.

Artillary and armoured vehicles Edit

Cannister tank Edit

Cannister tanks are large tanks that float using superconductors. This means they can travel over almost any surface and can avoid mines. They have powerful explosive projectile weapons, blasters and deflector shields. They can also disrupt the flight of missiles heading their way. They can also carry troops.

Raptor walkers Edit

These are walking vehicles (which are actually robots). They have defenses against EM pulses, and are armed with various lasers, chainguns and rocket launchers.

Surface to space artillery Edit

These are huge tank-like jugganauts that can fire heavy pulse weapons back to enemy ships in orbit. They require Raptors to flank them as protection.

Atmospheric vehicles Edit

DCP Ornithopters Edit

DCP ornithopters

DCP onithopters take on a rebel base.

Agile large ornithopters, as fast as Dragonflies can only work on planets with thick atmospheres for example.

Special weapons and defenses Edit

Phased optical mirrage Edit

A Phased Optical Pocket is a "mirrage", capable of displaying three dimensional images. It can be used to confuse enemy forces or cameoflarge DCP forces.

Utilitymorph Edit

This is a versatile weapon, composed of molecular nanotechnology capable of re-arranging its structure, material and state of matter to adapt to the ever-changing face of the battlefront.

Infantry weapons and equipment Edit

The DCP's troops use a wide variety of various weapons to use on many battlefronts.

Weapons Edit

  • Melee weapons

DCP warrior classses will use a variety of electrified blades and swords, even spears and bayonets. Lances placed on surface vehicles can be used to ram others. Traditional warrior races may employ melee weapons a lot more.

  • Kinetic weapons

Infantry will often use projectile weapons, sometimes just in kinetic attacks or the weapon carries an explosive charge of varying types and often fired by chainguns.

  1. Explosive projectiles.
  2. Rail guns.
  3. Smart bullets - semi-sentient bullets can calculate the optimum gradients best suited for the environment. They can even change direction if required (using reaction engines). They are sometimes tipped with superhard materials so they can plow into heavy armour. They are often magnetically accelerated and can even explode.
  4. Sonic "pain/death rays.
  5. Vortex rings.
  • Directed energy weapons
  1. Multi-purpose glasma cannons.
  2. Electrolasers.
  3. Turbo-"laser" artillary.
  4. Laser guns.
  • Chemical weapons

There are alien lifeforms in the universe that find water quite a toxic weapon. An easy weapon to take on these folk include caseless, pneumatically-accelerated water pistols. Occasionally they are used on other species at supercooled or superheated temperatures, especially the "steam weapons". Water pistols are easy to reload. Finally they can be fun to play with after battle.

  • Nuclear weapons

The DCP uses neutron grenades. Neutron weapons can irradiate and kill organic matter while leaving armour or other inorganic structures intact. These are useful weapons against artillary, bases and cities.

  • Antimatter weapons

Only fired by artillary or havily protected soldiers as they can emit vast amounts of gamma rays.

  • Onuris weapons

Onuris weapons were developed for the War of Ages to combat the Legion of the Deathmarch.

  1. Psionic blasters - Turned Xhodocto into shards of frozen nexidium, which quickly decays into lighter elements.
  2. Flyblades - Despite their ability to pierce Xhodocto skin, they were lighter-than-air and could float away if let go. They have an ethereal glow that surrounds them, which is related to psionic energy, as such, they were invented by the Krassio.
  3. Antimatter artillary weapons - Artillary that fires antimatter projectiles, housing an antimatter generator that ignites upon reaching its target. There is no gamma-ray exposure from inside the vehicle.

Defences and armour Edit

  • Armour

Soldiers in the DCP again like weapons carry a wide range of gear, using the optimum different parts for different requirements. Most commonly however, the armour is powered armour. Using strong materials such as nanofibres (note they are much stronger than the modern stuff) intwerwoven into tough alloys can adapt to a huge range of environments. Powered armour can absorb incoming weapons fire and distribute it around. Nearly all forms of DCP armour has specialized functions. They are semi-sentient, capable of healing wounds and administrating the appropriate drugs to alter the mind. They can also vastly add to a soldiers stanima, speed and strength. Though some, Grimbolsaurians in particular, wear less advanced armour. If they feel the need to die fighting, they see such weapons and softening them up. Others don't agree, as it can make them more powerful and imposing on the battlefront.

In some types of armour, even if the soldier has been killed, the armour becomes a "robotic soldier", taking over command of the body , this can make taking down DCP soldiers difficult.

  • Shields

Some forms of trooper carry personal shields often in several lasers and can be extended to shield surrounding fighters.

  • Cloaks, holography and other defenses

Some types also have personal cloaking devices, or holographic cameoflarge in order to appear as things they are not, such as a chunk of rock. Very rarely, personal ghostphase technology can be carried, this allows captured soldiers to easily escape or infiltrate enemy locations, although sining into a planet is a dangerous possibility. The Grimbolsaurians have a natural "sneak" ability which is rather more psychological than anything else.

  • Psychic powers

If needed, healers or masters of esoteric and occult arts such as elemental energy are applied to shield important people or predict near-future events, or even use remote viewing to see the enemy before it is even in scanner range or use telepathy to tune into enemy minds, although it can be easily tricked.

Other equipment Edit

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