Dark Era conflicts end Edit

Although the Dark era of wars was over, as the universe began to climb out of the post-apocalytic horror of the War of Ages, darkness

Second coming begins... - 707 ACS Edit

Battle for Mirenton
Everyone should have known. The shadow of the Xhodocto was not completely gone. And in dark regions of the universe, new cults rise up. The Congregation was reborn, now called Cult of the Deathmarch. One of its members, the Vorgormon, are already the DCP enemy. Founded by the Mahanayans, this race of skilled warriors is controlled by their demonic leader, Warlord Hez'Kalka. With access to Xhodocto technology, they soon became extremly powerful. In the first battle, the Cult attacked every single major planet of the Onuris Alliance. Despite the heavy losses, their main attack was on Mirenton. Using the Xhodocto superweapon, the Amplus Traba and the guidence of the demon Tricarrion, they broke through Mirenton's many defenses and Hez'Kalka had a duel with Warlord Kilnok, however, the demon worshipper managed to steal the Ilambil Katarn, which was being housed on Mirenton. The DCP believed nothing will come of this, as they believed they had destroyed the sword with the help of the Salsetthe and Q prior to this. However, the sword reconstructed itself on the replica. The DCP was very badly mistaken, meanwhile the Cult prepared for its onslaught on the Ottzello galaxy, using the Construct 0-21 also known as Fear and their ultimate goal for unleashing the Xhodocto once more...

Second Coming/Seeking for the Vorgormon Edit

The Vorgormon, one of the members of the cult had some known colonies in the Milky Way. The DCP decided it would be time to conquer the new Congregation threat. The Cult was one of the most powerful empires known now. Since the existence of their colonies in the galaxy had been known, the DCP decided to weaken the Cult by extinquishing the Vorgormon. In the Miky Way, the DCP readied its weapons and fleets and started to search the galaxy. The DCP only found a few, which they destroyed, but soon the Vorgormon contacted the rest of the Cult. Millions of ships came to their aid, and the DCP had to regroup.

Xhodocto Revelation Edit

Now the Ayrai'Shikua had been free'd from the Ilambil Katarn, nothing could stop the Xhodocto reaching absolution at the 21st Form, realising their true potential as the caretakers of Chaos. Returned to their former glories as a Tier 0 superintelligence; the Xhodocto abandoned their physical avatars and technology as well as their "demons". The Xhodocto were now in conflict against their former enemies, the Verezaph and Taldar, one of the outcomes being the Annihilation to come...

Imperial Civil War continues 707 - 708 ACS Edit

The Grox had recently allied with the Tokzhalan, and started attacking empires outside the zone (inside the zone, they could attack empires, but part of their treaty with the DCP was to keep military activity only inside their zone). These empires attacked fled and united with the Human Republic. Meanwhile, the DCP was ouraged by this new emergence and joined forces with the Human Republic to invade Grox space. In the Ottzello galaxy, the DCP's ally, the Galot, actually became a member of the DCP and became absorbed into their space. Back in the Milky Way, the DCP seriously undersestimated the Grox, and over a million ships was reduced to a few thousand. They had to return home, when an emergency message from a couple of sectors was recieved. The Shadows had allied with the Tokzhalan, and with the Daleks as well as the Grox, destroyed two small sectors of the Coalition. Next they attacked the Delpha sector, but as battles raged across the region, other ancient races came to the DCP's aid - the First Ones. The Vorlon, one of the First Ones told the DCP that soon they would leave the galaxy, and that the DCP must take over and guide the young races. The DCP agreed.

The battle of the Milky Way was getting very severe, minor empires were being eradicated, both galactic and extragalactic empires (as well as a few sci-fi ones) were either being destroyed or were leaving, while other extragalactic empires (SporeWiki) escaped the chaos. The First Ones and the Shadows left the galaxy to fight a war of their own, while they left the DCP to guide the young races of the galaxy. The Imperial Civil war is starting to leave the Milky Way (however, "Truly Alien" life has benefitted). The final act of the Plazith Rim campaign is that the DCP now plan to fully destroy the Grox and the Milky Way, and then quickly take the space that is left. After that, they plan a new future for the galaxy, not an alliance or organization, instead something far more civilized...

By week thirteen, the Tokzhalan retreated from the Milky Way and other galaxies, to prepare for their new plans. However, a huge alliance fleet followed them. There were three major battles: Capture of Tokzhalat, Battle of Timeship and Invasion of the Tokzhalan Galaxies. In the end of the war, the emperor was dread an an armstice was created, the Treaty of Dreykzin.

And so, the devastating war was over. Civilizations began to recover, but the political face of the universe was changed for good...

Two projects to rejuvenation Edit

In the DCP's relentless struggle to bring chaos to order, the DCP has two planned two new projects. One is a giant space settlement, called Station Halcyon, and the other - The Civilisation.

A period of great expansion Edit

As the wars raged on, by now in the Milky Way, the political division had changed, smaller empires had been merged or extincted, while many bigger ones left the scene. However, this might be good for the coalition, as new members, even the Galot from the Ottzello galaxy came to the DCP in desperation. The DCP began to rapidally expand across the weakened Milky Way, to 5 million systems (although many autonomous) and will unravel their two new projects...

Deathblow to the Grox (Plazith Rim) Edit

The DCP rounded up surviving empires in the galaxy, who sent large forces to attack the Grox Remnant. There were any casualties on both sides, but the allied numbers were too many. The DCP fleet was led by the new Expunge class, the DCP's most powerful and advanced vessel. During the end, after a couple of weeks, the DCP finished them off.

The Civilisation and Station Halcyon 708 - 716 ACS Edit

Station Halcyon orbiting Vundrum Alpha

The pair of O'Niell Cylinders.

The Civilisation was founded by the DCP for cooperation between empires in the Milky Way after such a devastating War of Ages, Cognatus raids and the Imperial Civil War. The new order was in fact suggested by the Precursors of the galaxy which was now leaving the galaxy's fate to the DCP. The definition is: "For a powerful overarching civilisation in the Milky Way galaxy which emerges from many empires working together for a common goal. Neither an alliance or organization, each empire is still independant from each other.". Also known as the Milky Way Cooperative, soon civilisations started to join up and began to reach common goals, like recovering the galaxy.

  • Goals were set up.
    • Goal 1 - Recover the galaxy and increase cooperation.
    • Goal 2 - First Contact

Station Halcyon was founded by the DCP as the new headquaters for the Seven Starr Alliance, 716 ACS. Situated at the edge of known space, it is hoped that the pair of stations will open up new areas of the universe, perhaps less devastated by war, and a new more secure database.

  • A young scientist named Xigor was brought to the station.

No surrender, no retreat Edit

New calamity period Edit

Quantumhorde crisis Edit

  • Location: Milky Way, Andromeda and minor galaxies.

The The Nanohorde never quite left the universe, and during the March of the Apocalypse, the nanohorde entered the Xhodocto's realm, and assimilated highly advanced technology, minaturising to the Femtoscopic realm of subatomic particles. At this point the new quantumhorde were governed by the realm of quantum mechanics, they had new abilities, mainly the Uncertaintly principle, no one could ever predict where the Quantumhorde would be next accuratly, only the probability of them being in a position. They could use quantum tunneling to penetrate any barrier, no matter the composition, and due to Quantum entanglement, they could alter each others state at any distance much faster than the speed of light. Perhaps worst of all, thanks to superposition (existing in many states at once), hey could never be destroyed without some uncertainty. And because of their small size, they could re-orientate particle rotations, re-arrange atomic structures, change energy states, create tiny singularities and even arrange themselves into matter.

They returned to the universe from the very portals which had been opened to Inferno Realm. The DCP tried to wall them back using graviton spheres and black hole canonns, but one cannot fight what they cannot see. The Quantumhorde retained FTL capabilities and began attacking centers of civilisation in the Milky Way - outlying DCP colonies, the Milky Way Cooperative, even Humanity, the Cephalodians, Grox, Vartekians and Salsetthe. The Seven Starr Alliance, United Defense Network and the like were flooded with emergency transmissions, but gravely, they ignored them. There was nothing that could be done, fighting it makes it worse, the only hope of course, was with the scientists. There was renewed anti-DCP sentiment and even the DCP went on trial, with Kilnok and his crew standing in front of godraces from around the universe to defend the DCP. Kilnok argued that it was the godraces who were being as selfish not helping the DCP find a solution.

On Station Halcyon, the head physicist Xigor realized that cooling the Quarntumhorde to extremely low temperatures would slow them down. Because of the dangerous mission, one of the crew was randomely picked. This was Katarina. She was assigned to freeze a block of Quantumhorde in deep space where it was detected. However, she was successful in doing so, but when she returned, she found Station Halcyon under attack by Shillites and another race she couldn't identify. She defeated one fighter, but was soon surrounded. Luckily 50 Fordan Bladewings came to her rescue, which escorted her to a safe location, all the while, the Quantumhorde were warming up. However, Ri'Kar'D phased her into the Xigor's lab, now sealed off from attack. The Horde were chilled into a Bose-Einstein condensate, where they lossed individuality and became a super-"blob", so cold, even light passing through was halted to a standstill. After some thoughts, Xigor realized that if enough was frozen, it would collapse into black holes (due to the amount of mass consumed). Now, was the problem of freezing them.

The Taldar had considered what Kilnok had debated, and using metaphorical "fingers" of extra dimensional particles with wavelengths so large they were almost black holes; used enough mass to press the Quantumhorde into steep gravity wells, where they cooled off via the evaaporation cooling, becoming black holes themselves as the mass of quantumhorde equivilient to entire worlds imploded.

Vartekian & MSP Onslaught Edit

  • Location: Milky Way and Large Magellanic Cloud.

The Coalition had alwaus had a strange relationship with the Vartekians, one that was both competitive but also respectful. But even diplomacy was as cold as ice, but this wouldn't last; the Vartekians began their invasions.

Unfortunately, this was linked the the new rise of Eclipsos, who's consciousness had inhabited Warlord Kilnok through unnoticed nanotechnology, and he had escaped after transfering himself into a replicator and regained his leadership of the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets. The MSP was an ally of the Vartekians who had been boosting them with military supplies; and the MSP saw this as an opportunity. The MSP was in for more luck, through an artifact known as Spore Henge the MSP discovered a portal to an alternative history and found the Coalition of Delpha. Knowing the ins and outs of DCP space and not being effected by the Maelstrom, the MSP began to attack.

The Vartekians, MSP, alternative Coalition and the Vartekians made a joint force assault on the DCP's recently formed Milky Way Cooperative. The DCP fiercly defended the Milky Way however, the Vartekians trapped the DCP fleet using a spacetime weapon called the Embulator. The Gargantuan class vessel Caphoberok was sent to fix the trap however it had a showdown with the Vartekian's mightiest vessel Chimeraumbra-666, the Gargantuan was able to destroy the Embulator but the Vartekian ship got away.

Finally, the DCP and Seven Starr Alliance decided to destroy Spore Henge which was leading to the alternative universe, the primary fuel of the MSP's new found might, but in the midst of the battle, it's possible creators, the Xyanxes appeared suddenly and took the artifact for themselves.

Great Cyrannus War/Year One Edit

  • Location: Cyrannus Galaxy.

In the United Republic of Cyrannus's final battle, the DCP played a critical role in the first year.

  • Confederacy of Allied Systems and Grox attempt to plunder the spinward sector

The Spinward Sector colonised by the Coalition was named after the sector's alignment with the spin of the galaxy. Although DCP territory in Cyrannus was small, the DCP did provide a strong defensive location for the UTC's fleet to enter. The CAS's first strike however was a military blunder, sending a large fleet of Munificus Class Frigates which were quickly annihilated by drones packed into every cubic light year of Spinward. The CAS however had recently allied with the Grox Meta-Empire and together they outlined a new strategy.

The Grox had navigational technology capable of rendering sector defenses useless (the graviton spheres and subspace sandbars used to nullify hyperpace and warp travel) and attacked Spinward's hyperspace-based infrastructure. The CAS sent in their much stronger Providence class warships and were able to destroy 25 outposts used by the URC and DCP to repair vessels of war and store weapons.

The Grox and CAS were able to cripple the sector even more by a direct attack on DCP infrastructure, this time an industrial complex (a dyson bubble). During the devastation, the famous 1000 light year run took place, when a DCP Colony Ship carrying URC civilians out of the "frying pan" was chased into the outer chronosphere of a star. Overall the CAS lost two-thirds of it's fleet which the Grox did not cover for, damaging CAS-Grox relations enough to end the partnership.

  • Siege on synthetroop cloning centers; Outnumbered, outgunned

The new strategic position allowed the DCP to take back order in the various wars, including Spinward. However, the CAS's new ally, the Tralor managed to surprise the DCP at ground warfare, which the Tralor were proficient at, taking out several synthetroop cloning centers.

  • The Ring

The Ring was an artifact discovered shortly before the war, which the CAS managed to take. Fortunately, the creators of the Ring were able to defeat the CAS.

Second War of Black Fog (Second Coming) Edit

  • Location: Milky Way.

Second Tigris War - Inog sieges Edit

  • Location: Tigris Galaxy.

DCP in the Kraw galaxy Edit

Initially the DCP allied with the Kraw, Tahar and Asgord, but the DCP soon found the inhabitants of the galaxy... Stupid. The DCP invaded the galaxy's native Grox empire, much to the disgust of the Kraw, who tried to aid the Grox. The DCP destroyed several Kraw systems to "teach them", but still considered them allies.

When the coalition's Intelligence uncovered that Asgord diplomats were attempting relations with the Cult of the Deathmarch, they were seen as a security threat which had to be exterminated. The genocide of the Asgord upset the entire Kraw galaxy, with the inhabitants hating the Delpha Coalition of Planets forever after.

New expansion Edit

Infrastructure for The Civilisation Edit

After the last of the Milky Way's precursors left the galaxy after the Imperial Civil War, the Delpha Coalition of Planets represented the strongest and was tasked with its protection. The galaxy was in a scarred state from several previous conflicts and the DCP decided, despite it's fierce reputation of isolating it's knowledge decided to build mutual architecture for cooperation. Technology is shared for The Civilisation has a whole, and is not given but borrowed. This means members individually cannot use the technology for their own advantage.

Treaty of Galayru - Race to the Commonwealth's and exploration of Xanthrus Edit

Only weeks before the Galactic War of Cyrannus began, it was announced that the Core Federation had completely abandoned their space in the Xanthrus cluster and Commonwealth Realms. But due to recent wars, most civilizations had not considered taking the space for theirs so quickly. The DCP was, and they knew there would be a quick scramble to colonize. But the DCP was at war with the Vartekians, MSP and Grox, soon perhaps the Marinoxinidz as well in other galaxies. This meant reinforcements to Cyrannus were low. Yet mere light years away was the abandoned Commonwealth. The DCP made thir move.

In the Milky Way the Commonwealth of Delpha was absorbed very quickly. But there was a very strategic position ripe for picking in a galaxy not so far away. The DCP didn't need to send many workers, insttead automated network technology was building new colonies almost immediatly, using massive AI Mechs, nanotechnology and quantum replicators. This would be the "safe zone" to aid the Spinward sector and United Republic of Cyrannus by building a large new fleet. Dreadnought refits, Subjugators and Bowships were the prime constructs. But what the new sector lacked was ground forces, the DCP didn't send many troops or colonists during this rough time, but did send a regiment of clone troopers known as the Juggernauts, who will also be cloned in this new sector of the Coalition. It was also a strategic position for the DCP, because it was closest to the Xanthrus Spiral, although the DCP had colonies there, it wasn't many and the construction of a mighty Gargantuan class began, but not for this galaxy, but for the DCP's new expansion, being more advanced than other empires currently in Xanthrus, they would expand there very quickly.

Expeditions - First Contact and other voyages Edit

The DCP conducted xenobiological surveys of the Milky Way, Sana and Forma, and the Xanthrus galaxy, with the aid of The Civilisation and the United Republic of Cyrannus (First Contact, Voyagers of the Avenger). The Cephalodians conducted their own mission to travel to the early age of the universe and discovered the Xhodocto had been fine tuning it from the beginning.

The Singularity Edit

Quite by themselves, emergent superintelligences evolved in the Milky Way Cooperative's computing infrastructure, including the generation mind inside entire Matrioshka brains, this also awoke older AI's which were dormant. It is a mystery why, and some point to it being part of the Milky Way Precursor's plan for a legacy of themselves. Or perhaps it was natural. But biological intelligence still needs to catch up, thus the Technoosphere was created so that anyone in the society could upload themselves to live with the "friendly" AI's and EI's of the Netspace (one example was the merging of alien mind to solve so called undecidable problems).

End of days (Second Coming) Edit

Signs Edit

DCP's last roar of defiance: The sacrifice Edit

Omegapoint Edit

Current times Edit

Destruction of the Grox Edit

Phase 3 of New Grox Wars
In the decades since the Tigris War, the Grox were rebuilding on the outskirts of the universe. During the annihilation, the Grox Meta-Emperor opened a wormhole within his mainframe black hole - a kerr metric region and the Grox Empire survived the wave of destruction that ripped through subspace faster than the speed of light.

On return to the universe, which was now scarred and barren of life except what was saved by several intervening powers, the Grox were able to expand in full might, conquering many smaller Grox societies and collectives that had scattered across the universe. Their first attacks were conducted on the two empires of the Jovar, and wiped out both civilisations, however, survivors fled to The Civilisation. The Grox also conducted war on the Human Republic, Delpha Coalition of Planets, AI Netspace and later the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. There was heavy losses on all sides and the Grox were in fact gaining a foothold in the Milky Way.

However, the Seven Starr Alliance made a portentous discovery rather by accident - the central hub of the Grox, the Emperor himself. They discovered he was a mind uploaded just above the event horizon of a black hole, and was grazing entire stars to feed resources into the Grox war machine. For six billion years he had lurked, computing the strategies that kept the Grox empire top dogs for millenia. The Jovar made a revenge attack, but were swatted aside by the Emperor who collided a neutron star into their fleet.

A joint force of the AI Netspace, DCP, Kicath, Human Republic, Jovar, Divinarium, Indoctrinative Collective, Fordan and Salsetthe conducted a sudden attack and were able to capture the Meta-Emperor, ending the war in the Milky Way. But war was not yet finished. The Andromedan Grox were still at large and had harnessed an infectious weapon from the deep past, with clues for a cure found on two planets, Nocturis and Cathemera. Representives of the greatest DCP warriors joined the AGC in capturing the cure, which called on the battle for Cathemera.

The Grox Meta-Empire was no more, and the Grox once again retreated.

War of Hyperspace Edit

War of Hyperspace

The War of Hyperspace was a short but vicious conflict between several expansionist powers, that occurred in hyperspace. Hyperspace was filled with the same seething vacuum of virtual particles (and additional negative energy) just as in the universe, although because one or more of the extra dimensions were larger, the vacuum wasn't confined and particles carried more energy and generations than they could in "realspace". The effects of gravity were as real as in "realspace" and matter would congregate into "stars" vertical to the universe (nothing more complex could exist because orbits would be unstable). Discovered by the DCP, these were the largest reservoirs of hypermatter known. This scientific curiosity soon became a military application, as detonation in realspace created devastation on interstellar scales.

Unfortunately, an AI known as Exodium was able to manipulate Commander Norrikae, who's rank had been demoted from previous mistakes and wanted to be captain again badly enough to be controlled by Exodium. The AI was ancient, built by one of the precursors with superior technology, and given enough mass,the AI wanted to collapse the universe using hypermatter stars, a project that would take billions of years but would require all resistance to be destroyed. Exodium manipulated several powers; DCP, The Junction and Drakodomantus Tyranny into war or even race to gain control over the hypermatter stars. Several important battles include the DCP's strike on The Junction, and the fight between the Dominatus and DCP over Maginodunried.

Luckily however, the scientists who discovered the stars were able to see sense and fled, making allegiance with the Draconid Imperium and other allies of the DCP, describing the deception, they then went to find another AI in the Netspace to contact and request help, discovering The Pansophy which gave one of the scientists, Geneli the package to be uploaded to Exodium.

Eventually Exodium realised organic minds were not as easy to predict, and decided to declare war on everyone. Recent enemies of the conflict became allies and created a fleet two million strong to defeat Exodium. However, during the final battle, in a flash of laser light, the entire fleet was vanquished - a laser the size of an entire star (Nicoll-Dyson beam). One ship was left, owned by the Drakodominatus Tyranny, luckily with the original scientists aboard. Exodium was drawing the ship in, as if interested in the data package and grabbed it quite physically from the brain of Geneli. It contained the information for Exodium to create it's own pocket universe, rather than engineer the entire one it was present in.

Recent political events Edit

Please note, events here may not have been concluded in writing or occur in the future. They are subject to change.

The war of hyperspace had lasting repercussions, instilling new hatred and mistrust for the Coalition by radicals in the Quadrants, Plazith Rim (and the Katar Sector) and the Kraw galaxy. As for other belligerents; DCP-Junction relations have probably been scarred for ever, and the DCP attack on the Drakodominatus Tyranny world has been attributed to the Slave Revolt.
The DCP also found itself playing out a moderate role in several conflicts, all coinciding at the same time. Forces were at work behind the scenes, meaning that unbeknownst to the DCP, these conflicts were related directly and indirectly, and in fact, the stability of the Gigaquadrant had not been in as much danger since the War of Ages and Nanohorde crisis.
However, not all the events have been bad. The Hyperspace Revolution is streaming ahead, unperturbed by Exodium. Across the Gigaquadrant, the revolution set up new innovations and a new world to explore, while The Civilisation continues to develop symbiosis of alien biologies, cultures and technologies. New first contacts, ancient artifacts revealing connections between the Plazith Rim, Andromeda and Cyrannus and even a project to return lost races were all their latest achievements. Meanwhile, in Cyrannus, Lunarai-Khan, the youngest of Wormulus's sons is dispatched to Station Halcyon, rediscovered adrift with survivors by the Cyrannian Empire. Station Halcyon will return to becoming a shining beacon of alliance and hope in times to come.

The Grox Meta-Emperor called all the great powers across the known universe to a meeting at The Civilisation, it had received a message from a descendant of intelligence that claimed to be from a timelike boundary at the end of the universe. It stated that there was a disease of retro-causal paradoxes eating the history of the universe, created by some unknown externality. The paradoxes were opening up Closed Timelike Curves and temporal wormholes, allowing one cruiser from the Old Congregation to pass to the present, located in the Quadrant Cluster. This was extremely worrisome, for if the Old Congregation with it's resources and aggression met the New Congregation, with it's latest technology, the alliance would become even more unstoppable.

Warlord Kilnok dispatched a fleet with several Onuris allies to take out the cruiser, which they did easily. Reviewing the aftermath, The Apalos decided to leave some of the wormholes open, giving the Gigaqudrant powers a choice to return to the Tigris War and stop the aftermath of the War of Ages from ever happening. Kilnok however, was whisked away to find himself with a team battling Vyro'Ralzora, whom it was revealed to have caused the changes in time. They failed to stop Zargoth from destroying various histories. At this point, the Warlord Tricarrion returned as a dark thoughtform, who became ever more real as he fought, almost killing Kilnok, if not for a clever plan to slow Tricarrion's return from chaos by ignoring him.

But the temporal conflict wasn't over. Kilnok appointed a fleet commander to control a standard DCP fleet, and two of Kilnok's fleets, along with forces from the known universe to attack the The Congregation during the darkest hour of the Tigris War, if only to succeed in saving hundreds of billions of lives. But the Onuris fleet went too far, and decided to go back in time thousands of years to the Xhodocto Awakening. If the Xhodocto could be prevented from being born, then their cycle of rebirth could at least be pushed further into the future, perhaps eventually creating the best of all possible world's from which the message of the future had come from.
Unfortunately, disrupting the Vault's opening on Earth failed, creating an alternative timeline where the Xhodocto awoke on another vault. The Onuris forces fled back to the future, many getting stranded along the way, including some DCP troops on 21st century Earth, that possibly lead to Earth's abandonment in the 26th century.

This leads to the return of the Warlord Tricarrion, as well as the spreading out of DCP forces.

DCP forces were also fighting the Dominatus in the final stages of their war campaign, sending some of it's finest, leading to the destruction of the Dominatus Tyranny. The DCP used it's latest weapon of wormhole firewalls, but the Dominatus fought back fiercely with their own superweapons.

  • Ghosts of the Dromanji

See DCP-Vermulan War, Return of the Warlords, Trials of Kilnok, Rights of Earth.
While only moderate and not directed at the DCP, the conflicts had stretched the DCP's attention, and during the midst of these problems, the mysterious appearance of ghosts began to haunt members of the DCP government and military. The DCP initially believed it was a trick, and foolishly attacked the Vermulans, whom they blamed for the apparitions. But the ghosts were actually the truly alien minds of the Dromanji, a species the DCP thought they had wiped out six decades before, who had stamped their mark within the very consciousness of those who had initiated the order to genocide, by the time the Dromanji had announced their existence and laid down demands for retribution (sending Kilnok on dangerous missions that could change the DCP's morality forever), it was already too late. The Vermulans proved to be extremely dangerous foes, capable of invading DCP space and had been planning such an attack for a long time. But why? Time will tell...

Meanwhile, the allies of the DCP were busy with their own business. Humanity for example, was heavy in debate over the cover-up that Earth had been handed over to the Thals. In Cyrannus, the Neraida unleash their cybernetic forces, the Cognatus begin a crusade in distant galaxies, the New Republic struggles to maintain alliances in a world where it is the enemy. In Andromeda, the NTA hires pirates and mercenaries to embargo trade vessels to/from the AGC.
No-one was ready for what was coming...

Let me play the damn game!

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