PREVIOUS ERA - Empire era

Ah yes, the war that last for over 20 years, which could only end with one being destroyed. So many worlds were lost for good, yet, we never surrended, and with our stubborness we had frown ourselves in the face of death. Never had the Grox met such resistance, while most races surrender to their own cowardice, we fought on to the very end, and this became the Grox's downfall.

- Emperor Wormulus II

Beginning Edit

Wormhole of destiny - 474 ACS Edit

Just shy of the Delpha Sector was a wormhole named CLG-16948-j, and it had only just been discovered. The DCP had only just conquered the Delpha sector, and by working together, the most advanced races began to make innovations in technology, one was the development of the slipstream drive, nicknamed the wormhole key. After sending automated drones through successfully, the DCP realized they could expand across the galaxy...

First Contact - 480 ACS Edit

The wormhole in fact, led to within 1000 light years of Grox space. Scouts exploring coreward noted that strange signals were detected eminating from the coreward direction, believing it to be some astrophysical phenomenon, one such ship, the Traveller went to investigate. However, when the ship arrived it found itself in the territory of one of the most powerful empires in the universe...

The Grox soon detected the echo of the primitive ship, yet realizing it was no threat, the Grox watched the ship close on their world with slight interest, perhaps a new empire to destroy, information must be gathered. The ship hailed the Grox, and communication was opened. The Grox only opened a hailing frequency so they could scan the craft in more detail. The meeting did not go down well, and when the DCP ship left the Grox planted a beacon on their craft so it would be tracked home.

Early war Edit

The Grox soon followed the scout ship home. At first they attacked silently, they weren't even detected. The first world to fall was Anterim, a Jarzo colony. The DCP didn't know who was attacking them, but when scout ships were destroyed in the wormhole, the DCP realized that the Grox were the purpatrator, and so began the DCP's desperate struggle that lasted decades and almost destroyed them outright.

Eradication Edit

The Grox attacks were becoming more and more frequent, and were attacking worlds randomely with no strategy. It wasn't a war, it was a slaughter. The DCP realized they were fighting no ordinary enemy and were losing up to two worlds a day. All ships were rallied to defend the worlds of the coalition, yet the DCP's ships couldn't even touch the invaders. The Grox were simply depopulating the DCP in ever attack they made.

The Exodus Edit

It was estimated that the DCP would not survive another year, and the DCP was forced to retreat in anything FTL capable, from colony ship to civilian transport. There was no organised direction. Yet the Grox were now swarming DCP space, and easily caught up with fleeing ships, however, the DCP Remnant finally stood together, and pushed their way to CLG-16948-j, which led to the first victory...

Battle of CLG-16948-j Edit

If the DCP could escape through CLG-16948-j, then they would have more space to get away. However, a large Grox fleet of 4000 stood in front of the wormhole mouth. The remaining DCP warships valliantly collided with the Grox ships. Every DCP ship now had weapon placements, and nearly everyone fought for survival, the entire fleet over a million strong (of all ships), by sheer numbers the DCP forced their way through. Nearly 19,000 ships had been gunned down in the minuites the battle took, with only a few dozen Grox losses. Yet on the other side of the wormhole was another 2000 Grox ships. In defiance some ships jumped to FTL right at the Grox blockade, smashing it apart, the DCP had made it through! The DCP ships split up and searched for new allies. They found some empires near the core, however, when they attacked Grox space they were no better than the DCP, and ended up joinng the DCP in refuge, not that they got much...

Destruction of the Marinox Edit

The Marinox had been especially cruel. Although, for reasons the DCP would not understand for centuries to come, the Marinox had vanished while attacking the Delpha Sector, leaving behind various technologies and ships floating in space in DCP territory. Those who had stayed took control and absorbed it into what little military the DCP had left.

Turning the tables Edit

The Grox themselves returned to the Delpha Sector, the Grox realized the DCP must be taking control of the lost technologies and weapons the Marinox had left behind. But by now, the DCP had new weapons and defenses, captains and pilots found that if they swarm Grox ships with fighters and then turn in 360° circles, they could out-maneuver Grox ships, and not allow them to fire back at them. The DCP could now fight the Grox.

The Exodus fleet was contacted and it returned, with renewed mlitary strength secured the wormhole CLG-16948-j./ The remaining Grox forces resotred to using planet busters and Staff of death weapons, but the gap was closing. The Grox were now using ground forces, the Conqrix, however, Grimbolsaurians were just as powerful, and the Grox were pushed out.

Assualt on Grox territories Edit

At this point the DCP didn't yet know how large Grox space was. Now the Grox had been pushed out, the DCP planned to finish the job and wipe out the Grox, they had little to lose at this point. However, old disruptors were now 20x stronger, the DCP had turbolasers and stronger quantum torpedoes, and better shielding. The DCP found out that Grox could not survive in T1, T2, or T3 planets. The DCP started using terraforming probes to attack the colonies of Grox space, these were called AtmoGens.

  • Battle of Seron

The battle of Seron was a major victory of the DCP, they gathered a fleet of 45 ships to engage a major Grox industrial shipyards colony. Only two ships returned.

Wrath of the Grox Edit

The Grox returned however, and dealed a crippling blow to the inner DCP worlds, even reaching Mirenton and bombing some of its cities, but unlike the earlier attack the DCP could now resist the attacks.

  • Battle of Clonast Gate

During the Grox's revenge attack, it seemed there was little hope left. ships conrtinued to pour into DCP space, at a much faster rate than before. Plus, the new ships were cylindrical in shape, and carried large tri-anti-proton beams on front. The DCP managed to track the source, there was a artificial wormhole in the Clonast system. The DCP rounded up the last of their remaining forces, heavily armed with the DCP's last advanced weapons. In a final muster, the DCP was able to launch a surprise attack. The cylinder ships were very strong, however, certain parts of their armour had been weakened by recent wormhole mircofractures. Eventually, the DCP was able to get close enough the gate to close it, using gravititon beams (a recent invention). However, in order to get close enough to it, the main ship had to be escorted by the fleet around it, which extended their shields. The wormhole began to close, however, the Grox cylinders surrounded the fleet and fired. However, their main weapon darined theitr shields, and the DCP unleashed thousands of torpedoes, destroying many Grox cylinders. Finally, a Grox warship fleet attacked, but by then, the wormhole had been closed. Apparently, if it had not been, the DCP later learned that the Grox were bringing in Motherships, which would have finished off the DCP within a few crushing blows. However, the fleet had been decimated by the battle, as the Grox warships still finished them off. Even to the modern era, the DCP had preserved the battlescene (what they do at prime battle sites) as a memorium, although, all useful technology had been salvaged long ago...

  • First use of holography

At the battle of Kerobe, the DCP found that fighters could run rings around Grox motherships. A mother ship is armed with Gravity waves, which destroy ships on impact, however their recharge time is slow. So the DCP created holographic ships to trick the Grox motherships to firing their weapons. Then, small fighters destroyed the invasion forces of the Grox in DCP space.

Carving into Grox territory Edit

There was several years of uneasy neutrality, with either side occasiionally attacking each other, but the DCP was building huge fleets of new advanced warships. They had several new allies, running right to the core, including the Welky Grand Council...

And so, the attack begun once more, anf for a decade, the DCP pounded Grox space, carving a safer route of passage, and empires from around the known space came in to aid the DCP, the Rhodixians, the Glidiosaurians, Birpok and many more joined up with the Coalition. The forces marched to the core, creating a mightly L shaped space lane, securing its safety. The DCP used biological weapons as well. And eventually, they reached the Core. The DCP also began to simply terraform Grox worlds

  • Race to the core

Captain Kilnok was the main commander in this attack, and he was chased by over 50 warships into Saggitarius A*, better known as the Galactic Core. There he met Steve, and recieved the Staff of Life and Galactic editor. He returned and destroyed the chasing ships with a click of a button. Not long after the DCP fleet secured the center as a colony of the DCP and Resistance.

  • Grox Hub

The captital of Grox space was one of the largest battles in the war, however, it lated no more than five minuites, inan ironic attack the DCP used the Staff of Life, just as the Grox had used the opposite on them, and is now a lush world. This was a heavy blow to the Grox's pride, and with new found bravery msany races across the galaxy jumped on the Grox.

Grox desperation Edit

Never in a billion years have the Grox been challenged to the edge of defeat in the Milky Way, they still had a huge territory, but had been uprooted from the Core. The Grox attempted to return to power, on several occasions, all of which were failures. Worst of all, the presence of Grox rebellions was threatening the Grox with a collap[se of society, as the Grox rebels hiding in darkness revealed themselves, and led the DCP into fighting the Grox's weaker points. The Galactic Core was now open for anyone wanting safe passage.

  • Galactic unstability

The Grox attemptedto weaken the galaxies political ties by instigating a massive war, Kilnok was able to prevent this goal from being completed.

  • Parallel attack

The Grox also tried to contact the Grox in other parallel universes through a rift, however, in one universe the parallel Grox saw them as no different to anyone else and attacked them yet again, luckily Kilnok was able to seal the rift before a new galactic battleground would take place in the core.

Armstice Edit

Eventually, the Grox settled into an uneasy neutrality with the DCP for the next few centuries. They were still a top power in the Milky Way, menacing, yet the DCP of the future would toss them like toys using their weapons to test on them. Eventually it will be revealed that the Grox are part of a mega-empire spreading across the universe, in some galaxies even more advanced than in the Milky Way, and once again conflict will ingnite between the DCP and Grox on even grounds.

The DCP benefitted greatly from the Grox's demise, taking the core and harnessing its power. Over the next 100 years the DCP will rapidally expand across the Milky Way, and will meet new enemies, allies and discoveries, this was the Golden age of the Coalition...

NEXT ERA - Golden Age era

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