This age actually consists of two era's.

PREVIOUS ERA - Grox Resistance era

Rising of a superpower - 500 ACS Edit

The 150 year rise to dominance marked the end of the Grox Resistence, the Grox had fallen, and the DCP took up the power vacuum that was left behind; taking control of the Grox's energy harvesting infastructure around the galactic core, as well as gaining the Staff of Life and gravitional manipulation technology from Steve.

Over the next 150 years the DCP recovered, and began to explore their galaxy which opened up benefits and opportunities, but also many wars with other large superpowers in the Milky Way. The DCP's bubble of stability began to take place, and the DCP's presence had become a major power. One of the beneficial meetings was with the Oimonsk Empire and both founded the Seven Star Alliance. Projects began to develop to build a drive capable of intergalactic travel, as there was word of White spice in other galaxies. Admiral Kilnok was sent to explore.

Persecution of the Hogomoth Edit

During the same year of the Grox armstice, another major spacefaring power of five centuries in age; the Hogomoth attempted to ally with the Grox still the galaxy. They wanted to teach the Grox the philosophy of harmony which was the scaffolding of the Hogomoth's peaceful society. The Grox however were inconsolable for their loss, and mercillesley attacked the Hogomoth shortly after the alliance, purely out of spite and conquered fresh colonies. The Delpha Coalition of Planets punished the Hogomoth with a nanotechnological beacon which infected every Hogomoth. And so began their persecution, world after world of the Hogomoth fell from various empires and the Hogomoth retreated to giant city ships which roam the galaxy to this day, always hiding.

Golden Era Edit

Co-founding the Seven Starr Alliance - 660 ACS Edit

The Seven Starr Alliance was founded by the Oimonsk, one of the first other large empires the DCP had allied with. Together, they founded the SSA.

Rambo Nation and the Tigris War - 685 ACS Edit

A Stand on Tircos

The Congragation attack the Rambo colony Tircos, but the DCP save the day.

The DCP has recently allied with the Rambo Nation who are part of the Noble Alliance, who in turn are part of the S.S.A. They are at war with The Congregation, and the DCP will supply ships to aid their forces. The Rambo Nation are a peaceful empire, one that the DCP is happy to be an ally of. Together they will maintain peace in the galaxy.

Entering the Tigris War - The DCP finally enters the War of Ages - 687 ACS Edit

Recently the DCP aided the Rambo Nation by counter-attacking the Congregation invading the Rambo colony Tircos. The DCP is gathering the majority of its ships, including non-military ships for the final battle. It is creating new superweapons such as the black hole generators and has brought the universe's greatest empires, superbeings and technologies to save the universe. They are sending some of the population to another dimension if the battle fails.

Golden Age/Ascension War - 690 ACS Edit

This is a sub era of the Golden Age. It is the age when the DCP expanded and met many more allies, and enemies... This sub era was the age of wars, and had more conflict than the first Golden age.

The Scourge - 690.1 ACS Edit

The final battle of the Tigris War failed, and after Kamik'Shi and the Xhodocto are invading every system like a horde of locusts. However, the DCP and its allies escaped to another reality. Their planets and star systems have been cloaked to mislead the Xhodocto are are invading the new reality.

The DCP in Universe 66501 Edit

After the battle failed, a large portion of the DCP and their allies moved or "ascended" to a new universe. The Tigris War evolved into the Ascension war, however, the DCP has created a new weapon, one capable of manipulating space and time, which could undo Kamik-Shi's evil doings, and "evaporate" whole armies and fleets of the Xhodocto. They have had several major battles, which can be read about on the Ascension war page.

  • Admiral Kilnok was captured by the Xhodocto! However A DCP phycic trooper named Kenders contacted the Civatron, and the allies were reunited. Together they destroyed most of the Xhodocto on the planet.
  • The DCP has wiped out the Sphargazi, leaving only 300 individuals to be enslaved.
The DCP in the home universe Edit

In the home universe, Admiral Kilnok told Admiral Horlin to stay behind, and lead the DCP in the home universe. The DCP originate from the Milky Way galaxy, and although the Xhodocto are invading that galaxy too, the DCP are still a prominent faction. They even still have a few colonies in the Tigris. It is hoped eventually, that Admiral Kilnok and Emperor Wormulus II will return, but time will tell.

  • Admiral Horlin is building a new Gargantuan Class ship (see the DCP fleet), several Dreadnaught classes and many more DCP warships to engage the Xhodocto colonies.
  • Captain Jazzaroth has conqured and colonised a new sector, called the Expansion Wedge in the Milky Way galaxy. It is bountiful with spice and astronomical wonders. He has built the fourth Gargantuan, and a spacetime vessel called Black Light, so the DCP can send a second wave of fleets and troops to Universe 66501, as well as to contact Admiral Kilnok and Emperor Wormulus.

Xhodocto Truce/Cold war - 691 ACS to 701.5 ACS Edit

The DCP and the Xhodocto are finally not at war. The Xhodocto have entered "The Year of the Rising Sun" where they become more peaceful. The Xhodocto have not surrended, but have stopped their war. Conflict may still occur, but now the DCP are moving back to neutral territories. Much of the DCP doesn't want peace, including Admiral Kilnok, however, the loss on both sides was huge. However, the DCP must remain vigilant, the forces of evil are always fanning chaos, and a new threat has occured - the Vartekian Empire and its mystery superweapon.

Trucinex War - 691.4 ACS Edit

The DCP was soon rebuilding what was lost and they needed new alliances. So they had their eyes on the Pinwheel galaxy, known to its inhabitants as the Cyrannus galaxy. The DCP knew a bit about the nativeCapricornians (members of the SSA) and allied with them.

Days after the alliance, the main planets of the Capricornian Sector Alliance were nuked by the fanatical Trucinex Imperium. The DCP, CSA and Rambo swiftly defeated the Trucinex forces, enough to make them think twice about attacking the allies. As the Trucinex war continued with various battles, the powerful and highly aggressive Vartekian Empire allied with the Trucinex and built a superweapon, capable of causing great harm to the Capricorn Sector Alliance and the DCP. The war with the Trucinex ended when a six pronged attack by the DCP, Xhodocto, Rambo Nation, Capricorn Sector Alliance and a Radeon spy invaded the Trucinex homeworld of Nex, who forced the inhabitants to live as a puppet state. The Trucinex actually enjoy their new lifestyle.

The Nanohorde plague - 696 ACS Edit

A major disaster occured in 696 ACS caused by an unstoppable plague of self-replicating nanotechnology which mutated and began to consume everything; endagering ecologies, civilisations and even planets, as they had assimilated FTL technology. They were originally created by the DCP to help terraform planets and create new materials, With no real effective defense against the Nanohorde, the machines spread like a malfunctioning techological cancer throughout the galaxy. The horde actually pushed several spacefaring empires nearly to extinction before the final solutions were met, although they appeared in the future.

Threatening Mirenton Edit

The Nanohorde even got as far as the Chilius system, and threatend Mirenton by blocking out Chilius with a cloud of nanotechnology to harness it's energy, blocking out the star. However, due to the Grimbolsaurians were able to destroy the cloud using black holes to graze and disperse them while opening up a wormhole connected to another star to nourish their homeworld with starlight.

Final solutions Edit

The DCP recieved a solution from an unlikely source, their enemies the Xhodocto who had a final solution of luring the Nanohorde which had been congregating material into a machine planet to another dimension.

Loron Threats and the Second Galactic War - 697/703 ACS Edit

Da Propa Big Loron Empire is one of several empires of a violent and barbaric species, who hate everyone. They have been making threats that they would eat the DCP's citezens and steal their technology. There are several flaws - the DCP's tech is too advanced and secondly, all civilians are also warriors. The DCP responded by sending an attack fleet to Loron space... There has been much fighting on both sides during the DCP/Loron War. The DCP's first wave was holographic, tricking the Loron, while the DCP obliterated several systems. The Loron took revenge, stealing DCP technology and selling them to the black market. The Loron stole Screeble technology and started to create new deadly warships. The DCP however, destroyed the shipyards. Next, the DCP and Loron unleashed horrors, the DCP's Nanoburst weapons and the Loron released their Tyranodes. Next the DCP destroyed much of the Loron's armada, self-destructed their technology being stolen and unleashed missiles streaming out of hyperspace onto the Loron worlds.

Meanwhile, as the DCP and Loron were fighting, the DCP's allies - the Rambo, had fallen to the Imperial Allliance. Led by Bo Ramik, The DCP were Rambo rebellions in the Second Galactic War, jumping at the Imperial fleet when they could in guerilla warfare. The Imperials then decided to invade Caprica, homeworld of the Capricorn, with a super star destroyer, so Bo Ramik and his legion of sky warriors flew through the battle and boarded the main cannon destroying it in the process. However, when the DCP Civil war started, Bo Ramik had to go and save his own people...

Warlords of Delpha Coalition of Planets - 690 ACS Edit

During the most recent times, the DCP has grown very large, expanding further into its galaxy, and beyond to other galaxies and dimensions. Due to this, there have been many benefits, but the DCP has also contacted very hostile races and dangerous foes. So, the Emperor decided to have 5 clones of himself, the warlords, who would watch over the sectors (their growth was greatly sped up, and shared certain knowledge and memories of the Emperor's). While the emperor and the council are still in charge of the DCP as a whole, the warlords deal with alliances, wars, trade etc. in their sectors. 3 work (along with the Emperor) in Milky Way Galaxy, while two deal with extragalactic affairs. These include Eclipsos, Mauloron, Tricarrion, Bo Ramik and Titanozor. Each warlord is a super-soldier, genetically modified clones of the Emperor.

NEXT ERA - Dark era

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