Early space exploration and colonisation, Pre-DCP 0 to 140 ACS Edit

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Early years of space flight - First 100 years Edit

After the recovery of a long war on Planet Mirenton in the Chilius system, the Grimbolsaurians began to explore their star system. First was a series of probes and sample returns, followed by space stations and then manned flights. After 20 or so years, Caphoborek had colonies on it, and Grimbolsaurians had set foot on Loranzer and a few asteroids. 90 years later, they began their first interstellar flights and colonised five systems. By then, Loranzer had started a terraforming program, melting its ice caps with mircowaves reflected from space. Spaceships were powered by fusion or solar energy and could only achieve time dilation.

First Contact - 110 ACS Edit
Battle of Loranza

After a blunt force collision with two Bussard Ramjets (in a desperate attempt to save Loranza) a Warzoleski ship crash lands on the planet. A warp drive and primitive deflector shield is salvaged and the DCP create the Starliner 1 to liberate the Delpha Sector.

A well known pioneer of this era was Wormulus II. The first contact with another race was the Brawgle Empire, however, they were not interested in the Grimbolsaurians. The next did not go down easily, as they met a particularly nasty alliance between the Quinels, Wubs and Warzoleski empires. The alliance demanded tribute to their religion - Spode. The Grimbolsaurians could not pay the demands so the Warzoleski's fleet siezed their chance and quickly destroyed the fledgling Grimbolsaurian empire.

First war - 120 ACS Edit

The fleet then invaded the Chilius system and chased the Grimbosaurians back to their homeworld Mirenton. It was a time of fear with frequent raids from the Warzoleski Empire. The Grimbolsaurians sent several generarational time dilation ships to cross the universe and flee. However, they managed to make an alliance and a plead for help to the Jarzo Grand Council (Also enemies of the Warzoleski Empire) who suprised the Warzoleski fleet on one of their trade routes cutting the empires resources by a factor of a half. The Grimbolsaurians remnant fleet then grouped up with the Jarzo fleet and attacked several major colonies of the Warzoleski Empire. The Warzoleski's allies-the Quinels Empire and the Wub Empire came to their aid plunging the sector into a huge war. Soon other empires being bullied - the Yoburt Confederation, Chibby Empire and the Brawgle Empire soon allied with Grimbolsaurians and Jarzo Grand Council.

  • Date:120 ACS to 140 ACS
  • Location: Delpha Sector
  • Result: Several colonies on all sides lost, 1 trade route severed, retreat of the Warzoleskis, Wubs and Quinels Empires
  • Belligerents: Grimbolsaurains, Brawgle, Jarzo Council, Yoburt Confederation vs Warzoleskis, Wubs and Quinels
  • Victor: Grimbolsaurians and the Jarzo Grand Council
Formation of the DCP - 140 ACS Edit

After the both sides recovered the Delpha Coalition of Planets was established on planet Puppidium, in order to protect the members from future conflicts, and to make sure another war doesn't brake out between them. The Grimbolsaurians were less trusting of alien races after this war, and in 149 ACS had found the Selznik Republic, a small empire who were followers of the The False God That Will Come, a philosophy whom the DCP had never encountered. The Selzniks are a peaceful species, who adhere to the shaman archetype. The battle was not a war, but a slaughter, as the Selzniks had little defense. It was realised in the end that all they intended was peace, and so, the war ended. The Selzniks didn't fully recover for a century even as members.

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