Empire Era - 140 to 480 ACS Edit

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After the DCP was created, the next 280 years was crucial is building the DCP. Many mistakes were made and the DCP was probably most rufeless in this era. Technology became more advanced, and many colonies where set up. This was the first great expansion period of the DCP, and by the end had conquered most of the Delpha Sector. Most colonies at this time started to be terraformed. Many new empires were discovered, these incude the Dubel, Corgel, Dragoozie, Ayug and Climthope empires. The young captain Kilnok became a Captain of the Star Sailor. Space and time around the stars was modified, to make interstellar travel faster for superliminal travel as the warp drive was developed (athough other non-Grimbolsaurian members had them, the Yoburt had hyperspace).

  • Many stellar/scientific discoveries (200 to 480 ACS) - Captain Kilnok finds planet Spode while Captain Horlin discovers a renegade colony of the Chibby Empire, who left the empire before the DCP was formed. They had no knowledge of the DCP, but they still wanted to remane separate. Weirde alien and spaceborne lifeforms are found, and many other astrophysical discoveries. In 270 ACS, Captain Kilnok becomes the first captain in the history of the DCP to cross two arms in the galaxy. The first black hole was charted in 260 ACS, and the crew of the ship experienced time dilation!
  • The alliance expands (210 to 350 ACS) - The DCP allied with several new species.
  • New wars for Delpha (210 to 400 ACS) - The DCP had several wars with nearby empires, such as the Climthope empire.
  • The first splits (450 ACS) - The Corgel empire lose interest with the Dubel Federation, despite they where former allies and are members of the DCP, but Captain Horlin managed to restore the alliance. Not long after, some Grimbolsaurian separatist traders who disliked the DCP's economic policies split to form their own empire. It was soon destroyed, but survivors escaped and formed the Pirates league.
  • Cloning was mastered and Emperor Wormulus had backup clones, and so does Kilnok. They never needed them yet until the Dark era.
  • The DCP saves and alien empire from eradication.
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