Although the years of the Dark Era was short, future historians will see this period as a time of regression into war even the DCP was overtasked for, starting with the end of the Nanohorde threat; some of the Warlords justifiably disputed with the DCP's actions and began a violent revolution. Worser still, the Xhodocto's power increased and billions died fighting them. Rival factions such as the Cognatus and Vartekian Imperium also made the war costly.

With industry overtasked, the DCP required new sources of energy, so they began to put up their wormhole technology and energy harvesting facilities to good use and constructed The Grid, which grazed stellar energy for nucleosynthesis and collected starlight as energy to be distributed across the entire Coalition. The Maelstrom was developed as well, making warp and hyperdrive travel in DCP space difficult. This saved the DCP from further regression.

PREVIOUS ERA - Golden Age era

DCP Civil War Edit

On the DCP new year, during fleet parade, Eclipsos split from the Emperor. Bo Ramik stayed loyal, and the other warlords stayed silent... The DCP collapses in on itself as it descends into a civil war. Massive battles now rage across the border between Eclipsos, Mauloron and the Emperor. The Emperor, is in fact, now winning, however, Eclipsos has recently allied with Mauloron (forced him with superior strength), and plans to unite Titanozor and Tricarrion. This is the darkest age of the DCP, second only to the War of Ages in terms of devatation. Will the DCP survive itself?

The Civil War - 704.1 ACS Edit

At first, the Warlords were fighting each other, and also had to crush numerous rebellions by the civilians. Mauloron used poison rain, Eclipsos used force, Tricarrion used fear and Titanozor used imprisonment. The Warlords fought each other, and the Emperor was winning. Bo Ramik continued to stay loyal, and together with allies, liberated many planets. It was clear, the warlords would lose unless they banded together. Eclipsos and Mauloron allied, and attacked Bo Ramik. Then, Tricarrion now learned the ways of the Xhodocto, arrived from Xhodocto hell in Universe 66501, and invaded Bo Ramik through the DCP extra-dimensional wormhole in the Tigris galaxy in this universe. The three pronged attack was too much, and Bo Ramik was forced to retreat. However, before he could, he was slain by Tricarrion, although Largartoss of the Krassio might be able to preserve his mind. By now, two-thirds of the DCP had been conquered! Titanozor allied with the warlords. The Warlords turn really nasty and start using superweapons and attacking allies. The Corefederation consider betraying the Emperor. The reason why the Warlords were winning, is because they are clones of the Emperor, and know DCP space, tactics and technology in and out. They decide to invade the Delpha Sector, Titanozor (who the warlords were impatient with) was the first to attack. The Warlords planned on assassinating him. The Warlords pushed all the way to Mirenton, which they conquered with the help of the Core Federation. When the warlords fought their way to Mirenton, theuy faced a planetary shield. However, the CoreFed betrayed the Emperor, and shut down the shield, allowing the Warlords to land. The DCP is now under control of Emperor Eclipsos, and Emperor Wormulus has gone into hiding.

Return of the Emperor 704.11 ACS Edit

However, one week later, the Emperor makes his move, and a new struggle for the DCP begins. His palace ship was hiding underneath an asteroid near Mirenton. Mauloron, Eclipsos and Tricarrion beamed aboard but were killed (but only Tricarrion's mortal form). Eclipsos, however, was really a hologram, and was really in the reactor core of the ship, about to sabotage it. The Emperor and Admiral Kilnok go after him, but Eclipsos knocks over the Emperor (but doesn't get harmed). Meanwhile, Titanozor reveals he was on the Emperor's side all along and counter-attacks Eclipsos and Tricarrion's forces! Kilnok amazingly kills Eclipsos, and the DCP reclaims its lost territories. The seperatists are on the run! The DCP had the difficult task of reclaiming its lost territories from the warlords, however, the civilians revolted against the warlords again. The DCP's economy was in ruins, so the Emperor temporarily disabled money. He called neutrality on the empires who sided with the warlords, and alliances will have to be rebuilt with the Defensive System's Bloc and Core Federation.

Post-Civil War and the battle of Tricarrion and Bo Ramik (Light and Dark) - 705 ACS Edit

The seperatist factions were on the run, and escaped to a distant star cluster somewhere in the Milky Way to form their own empire, same species, but major differences in government, culture, technology and philosophy. As the DCP rebuilt itself to its former self (with some new changes), unknown to the DCP, Tricarrion had ascended into a being of pure evil and hate. He will cause various problems, and has already set the Nanohorde free from their dimensional prison (and this time they had evolved into sapience). He has also caused the appearence of spatial anomalies, to distract the DCP a bit while the DCP fix them. But, Bo Ramik also survived, and will be the force for good. The DCP has joined the Galactic Republic of the Cyrannus galaxy to help srengthen them, and to seed up the process of reclaiming DCP colonies in the Cyrannus galaxy. Tensions are rising with the Cognatus Alliance as the DCP don't like evil, especially if it attacks their allies, the Capricorn and Rambo! Tricarrion also increased Hawking radiation around the Galactic Core in the Milky Way, almost destroying it, however Steve managed to fix it in time.

Further ruin - Concurrent with the War of Ages/March of the Apocalypse - Edit

SSA civil war Edit

Historians often call this era, the Dark era, because the Seven Starr Alliance also collapsed. The Jarquvix Federation and Defensive System's Bloc claimed war on their past allies the Radeon/Masaari Crusade. Most members, however, remained neutral, and this includes the Delpha Coalition of Planets. The DCP is infact, trying to discourage members to be involved, as it would only fracture the SSA and make them weaker against common threats.

Xhodocto monoliths Edit

Many millenia ago, the Xhodocto lost their memory due to fighting another god Verezuon. However, before losing their memory, they set up ancient monoliths throughout the universe. The Xhodocto are searching for their monoliths, and if they find them, they will regain their memories and ancient knowledge. Its not a case of if they do, its when they do, the universe is truly doomed...

Intergalactic War 706.2 ACS Edit

The Cognatus invaded the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Rambo Nation first, and the DCP defended them, so the Cognatus attacked the DCP too. Their first invasion, failed because the DCP unleashed its Time Dilation field on them. Their second major attack in the Milky Way did cause a problem for the outer worlds. However, the DCP has used its advanced technology, weapons and newest ship the DCP Star Destroyer and has taken the fight to their space, to buy time for the allies and find useful infomation on the Cognatus. The DCP invaded, and destroyed some Cognatus worlds, but in return, the Cognatus sent several superweapons and a fleet 1 million strong to attack the DCP. There are reasonably heavy losses on both sides. The Cognatus recently started the Great Crusade of the Milky Way, with new nearly invincible warships, who's weapons disrupt the Strong nuclear force between atoms, and shields that defelect the EM force. They have won almost every battle with these new ships and even destroyed one of the member's homeworld. They have also started converting fallen empires they conquer, making their prsence even more powerful in the Milky Way. The DCP's fleet has become spread out, and is a grave time for the Milky Way indeed...

However, the DCP noticed a fatal flaw in the Crusade ships, for 3 microseconds before they fire their primary weapon, the shields drop, allowing the DCP to beam aboard a tactical antimatter bomb. Krekak, beamed aboard one of them, captured anf killed a Prophet of the Cognatus, a Vate. This seriously demoralised the Cognatus, enough for the DCP to push their invasion right out of the galaxy!

After the War of Ages - 706.7 ACS Edit

Half of the DCP fleet invading Cognatus space split for the final battles in the Ninth circle during the end of the War of Ages, led by Warlord Titanozor. Captain Tonneroff was left to invade Cognatus space. However, there, he made an important discovery. A superweapon, one of the most dangerous ever devised, created with some Xhodocto technology. It was a station the size of a small planet, with concentric rings surrounding a large tower, it could focus demonic energy, and each cannon was as powerful as a Crusade class primary weapon. It was 95% complete, and after overhearing a Cognatus transmission, Tonneroff learned that it would knock out many empires homeworlds, demoralising now fragile empire's, turning the tide of the war (allowing the Cognatus to fill the power vacuum). Tonneroth, split his fleet in two, one would run like hell and warn the allies, the other would go on a suicide mission to slow down its production, soon the fleets were in action...

Tonneroth's fleet barely escaped, only the strongest, fastest ships survived, or the ones the greatest captains. The Cognatus superweapon was activated, and it launched its first attack on the Milky Way, and destroyed several homeworlds. It then travelled directly to DCP space, but then veered off, to distract them. It instead travelled to the Cyrannus galaxy, where it destroyed several Captoicorn planets before heading to Caprica. When it reached Caprica, it decimated the system's defenses. It tortured regions of the planet, but before it was able to destroy Caprica, the DCP managed to slow it down in a Time Dilartion field. Next the Capricorn and DCP hurled it into Capricorn's star which destroyed the station.

Final Battle - 706.9 ACS Edit

By now Cognatus had reduced over half of the URC colonies, wrecked the Sylits, devastated the allies and had hurt the Milky Way. But after the superweapon, they discovered the 12 colonies of the Caprica, and amassed a huge fleet to destroy them and finish the URC once and for all. The Capricorn, Rambo, DCP and allies placed a defense, the DCP mainly put a defense around Aerilon (an important agriworld), Canceron (massive shipyards and industry) and Caprica, as well as further support ships to the others. The DCP used all its remaining forces fighting in the Intergalactic war, in what will be perhaps, the most crucial battle to come...

The Cognatus attacked with millions of warships. They first attacked Oldale and then 500,000 split to attack Canceron, where the DCP, URC, Kazaru and CoreFed had put up a large defense of over 250,000 ships. They managed to hold back the Cognatus for a while, but some ships broke through. The cities and important sites were enveloped by shields, but the Cognatus used Ion cannons. Their glass cannons were still out of reach, so they sent down Cognati troops to detonate nuclear explosives. Battles raged across the planet to save the cities, however, the Cognatus eventually destroyed the orbital defenses and glassed a quarter of Canceron, destroyed nearly all shipyards and caused firestorms across the planet destroying eviroments and cities. The URC in the end, fired a subspace burst, disrupting further Cognatus reinforcements, then nearly all the DCP ships in Cyrannus had caught up, and Caneron was retaken, howerver, there wasn't much left.

The next planet the DCP defended was the agricultural world Aerilon. 50,000 DCP, URC and Fex ships made a stand against over 200,000 Cognsatus ships. The Fex were first targetted, they tried to make peace but ws met with death. The DCP and URC stood their ground, keeping the Cognatus from glassing Aerilon. The Cognatus instead beamed down many troops, and deadly ground battles ermerged. However, the DCP had recently created a hybrid ship with URC technology. The Cognatus ignored the new ships, percieving them as no threat, but they had DCP firepower. The Cognatus were crippled at Aerilon, but they got the last laugh, and fired a bioweapon that rendered large parts of Aerilon uninhabitable.

The next battle was in hyperspace. The Cognatus destroyed one of the DCP's hyperspace stations, the DCP responded by firing payloads of hyperspace missiles, which destroyed many of the Cognatus's ships attacking the 12 colonies. Next the DCP unleashed its entanglement weapon, and threw half of the Cognatus systems in the Milky Way into chaos. This did not stop their never relenting attack on Caprica though. The allies thought hard, but eventually Cognatus were winning, it all look like the end of the URC was near. However, something strange happend, they began to dig, and suddenly a portal opened and the Cognatus vanished. The Mortalitas, Trucinex, Imperial Alliance and other allies of of the Cognatus also retreated.

And so, the Intergalactic war ended, and the URC began its great recovery much like the DCP's recent one. The Cognatus still had losses of their own, the DCP made sure of that, destroying their superweapons and hammering their colonies in the Milky Way, but the Cognatus ultimatly got what they wanted, but what that was, no one knows...

Other historical notes Edit

  • The DCP has dissolved most uses for money, it still exists, but is only a minor factor.
  • The DCP is still exploring, such as the exploration of the Aaken Empires's galaxy, who have traded their Raptanium, in return the DCP is helping them against the evil Geyk, with the help of Geyk rebels.
  • The DCP has very recently allowed the Pepis Empire to become members, and colonise their space for safety since the Taruar have wiped out all but 500 Pepians. It has been brought to the UAN's attention as well. However, the DCP failed in saving the Pepis as they were ambushed. Fortunately the DCP is recreating the Pepis because they have their genome and will transfer the minds of Ms.Pepis and other important survivors. The DCP then conquered the Taruar and in a court room, Judge Heraphadon's verdict was non-guilty/special, but the sentence was total demilitarization and confinement to their galaxy.
  • The DCP has created the Stellar engine, which is the pinnacle of DCP technology, a collection of stars 5 astronimcal units across.
  • The DCP is going to participated in the Salsetthe's Wargames simulation. It will be used to help train new DCP warriors.
  • The DCP grows very suspicious of the Core Federation... Why they are creating commonwealths, organisations and are gaining control wherever they go? Do they have sinister plans? Not to forget their betrayal of the Emperor. President Apollo of the URC is also wary.

March of the Apocalypse and the Descension - 706.5 ACS Edit

The Xhodocto have left their passive stage, discovered their monoliths and several new Xhodocto gods have awakend:Skar'Thalista, Saem'Dkao, Nava'Rhal, Kiaz'Hala, Mhaz'Veryk and Keth'Zhar. The wicked Tricarrion is still in league with the Xhodocto too. Since the truce, the Xhodocto have become even more powerful, but so have the allies... The Xhodocto god Kiaz'Hala, descended upon a great DCP world, closest to Xhodocto space. The planet's population was billions and had major industry. The huge Xhodocto ships filled the skies, armies of Xhodocto stretching into the horizon teleported onto the surface through a rift. The DCP sent many troops and ships however, Kiaz'Hala appeared, a true god, and wiped all life on the planet into a barren wasteland.

Invasion of the Inner Nexus Edit

Soon after, the DCP began to prepare. They had a couple of superweapons recently devoleped and the DCP was always prepared for another war with the demonic Xhodocto. Bo Ramik, the ascended, will lead the DCP into battle, and recently, the Girdo Empire, CoreFed and DCP have grouped in the Corisa Galaxy and will invade the home of the Xhodocto - Tuuros galaxy.

Descension and Taldar sacrifice Edit

The invasion did not last very long, the Xhodocto ripped huge tears in the fabric of the universe, that led straight to Xhodocto hell. The Taldar, sacrifised themselves which weakened the Xhodocto, while the DCP and their allies did their great attack. Because the Taldar had weakened the Xhodocto, the demons had been severely reduced to just above the power of the allies. They made their move, attacked Xhodocto hell with great force, but still suffered heavy losses. Bo Ramik, the ascended, gathered a large army of Elemental and psionic warriors to penetrate the eighth circle. They managed to push back the Xhodocto, but lying before then was a huge wall, which appeared differently to everyone who looked at it. They all tried to break though with own methods, a hydrobender thought he caould boil a wall of ice, a Radeon thought he could use the power of spode. But Bo Ramik realised what the wall truly was after meditation - nothing. You cannot destroy nothing. The wall vanished, it never existed! The allies pressed on...

Kilnok's quest Edit

Not long after, Admiral Kilnok found himself in a great library. Inside was an old human, who revealed to Kilnok that he was of the Kie'Un tribe, and had all the knowledge of every book, kamik Shi had forced him to watch the library for ever. The librarian, told Kilnok that he must go on a quest to find a sword of great power, that would resurrect Master Kroc. So, Kilnok and his fellow captains:Spiritmaster Tadjeleon, Captain Votarah (and his war dog), Captain Ramcard and Captain Morobus commanded an army into finding the sword. But sadly, the army was slaughted, they didn't expect that the Xhodocto would just "appear" (they didn't use teleporters either). The captains escaped, but were not out of the woods, they had to battle demons, Xhodocto-possessed zombies and an ascended Xhodocto. The librarian Kez'hala appeared before Kilnok again, and told him the eighth circle was all about deception and to watch his back as he finds the sword.

The Ninth circle and the DCP's last great struggle Edit

The allies finally had reached the Ninth circle (which would have been impossible if not for the Taldar sacrifice), the deepest region inside Inferno Realm. Over a quadrillion allies turned up, in full force, fleets and weapons. Commanded by Admiral Kilnok, Captain Votarah and Master Veo Path they stood at the gates. But a terrible sound occured, and suddenly Kamik'Shi himeslef appeared in front of the army. In less than a second he wiped out all but one million of the allies in the battle. But, it was imparitive that Admiral Kilnok finds the Ilambil Katarn that will resurect Master Kroc. The DCP gathered itself for one final big push, to fight there way to the sword. All the DCP's heroes turned up, including the Emperor. Although the DCP was outnumbered 100 to 1, they actually managed to push there way through, while Veo Path distracted Kamik'Shi. Admiral Kilnok fought his way right to the building where it was held, but only one could enter. Bo Ramik supplied him with an anti-demonic crystal. Kilnok then found the sword, but an ascended Xhodocto stepped into the path. Fortunately, Kez'Ksha appeared and dispensed with the Xhodie (he was an enlightend being). However, Kilnok discovered that as soon as he gave the sword to Master Kroc, he would become a ghost forced to walk Nether-plane forever. But, to save the universe he did so. Master Kroc had been resurrected, and so did Kamik'Shi's enemy god Verezuon. Kilnok was also rescued from Nether-plane in the end by the Librarian, an ascended being from the Thirteenth tribe. He was allowed to live among the gods in Iluvi Realm. Kilnok said he will return for the final penultimate battle, but unfortunately he would descend to become a mortal once more...

Kilnok did return, shortly before the final battle! Before he descended, he smoothed out the portals leading to Inferno Realm, and DCP reinforcements flooded through! After his descension, he appeared before his delighted troops. He was going to lead the very final battle of the war!

The final battle to end all battles - 706.7 ACS Edit

This story was written by Xhodocto3546 on the link above, I've simply wrote in my own words here.
The allies and their gods and ascended beings arroved at the Deathspire where Kamik Shi was waiting for them. "This is it! We need to get Hierarch Kroc to the Deathspire tip! Charge!" shouted Admiral Kilnok. The troops charged into battle at full speed, but descendents and hordes of countless Xhodocto stepped between them and the Deathspire. The Xhodocto gods in all their demonic glory were amongst them! There was a terrific battle, every time swords clashed, hell was ripped apart and then recreated. Millions of Xhodocto ships and vehicles appeared. The Xhodocto Angazhar aimed for the DCP, he felt personel hatred for them, however, Kilnok stepped in front. He sneered "you", and was about to impale Kilnok, however, his weapon glanced off Bo Ramik's ascended energy. Bo Ramik shouted "Kilnok, back off! He'll kill-" but Angazhar then turned to Bo Ramik had impaled him in the chest, but Bo Ramik was already regenerating, albiet slowly. Kilnok did a mighty leap and jumped on Angazhar's back and after an epic struggle, decapitated him!

Meanwhile, Master Kroc of the Civatron fought his way to the Deathspire. Kamik'Shi had drawn his double blades, and a tremendous battle of the universe began, shaping reality itself. Perhaps the greatest battle ever fought. However, Kroc had the power of the god Verezuon in his hands and eventually managed to defeat the god of death. Kamik Shi fell apart, blue crystals covering his body, his energy and essence absorbed into the Ilambil Katarn. Then, almost instantly, every Xhodocto burned out of existence in front of a surprised allied army. It was over, the Xhodocto were never more...

Post-War of Ages and severe losses 706.7/8 ACS Edit

After the war, the Xhodocto were gone, and the universe's denziens breathed a huge sigh of relief. However, it was a bitter sweet victory, 5 trillion DCP troops were dead (many in the purge of the Ninth circle, and the final battle), over 500 billion civilian lives were desimated and there was few injuries (the Xhodocto usually just kill). 2 Million starships and vehicles had been destroyed, many industries were crippled and many, many DCP planets devastated or even lost for good (this figure encompasses all of the wars). Heroes had fallen. The War of Ages had crippled the DCP and their allies quite severely, and along with the DCP Civil war and other recent conflicts, the DCP's fleet was spread out and the DCP is quite vunerable at this dark era. Much of the universe hadbeen devastated in the Scourge, as many plnets were stripped of life. The War of Ages was perhaps the most devastating war the universe has ever felt. Yet, already, evil and chaos is already stirring once more, taking the power vacuum and advantage. The DCP is currently building a monument, so the universe never forgets the war.

The Dark era, is like a dark age to the DCP, it is at its most vunerable, it has stopped expanding and halted technological development and is even losing territory and power, with factions still splitting. The Emperor and other officials have realised this, as it is threatening the DCP's very existence. New allies have been forged, such as with the mighty Torak's empire. Meanwhile, there are more genetically modified troops being created to fill in the roles of troops, the great rebuilding had begun, with no currency, the DCP is recovering very quickly, the industrial worlds left have been put into maximum, starships, including several new designs are being developed. Meanhile, improving standards of living and the happiness of the citizens has been made very important.

Post-War events 706.8 ACS and beyond Edit

  • Ihrian Skirmish (.8) - The Salsetthe detected a ship with a mixture of Borg, biogenic and conventional weapons created by the Ihrians heading towards Universe 939152 through a special flexure. Meanwhile, the Pepis genome had been stolen, with strange readings of temporal particles. The ship was heading towards Pepis territories, and was armed with 200 disruptor banks, 85 various torpedo launchers, tricobalt devices and 2 Thalaron generators. It had three layers of shielding and a cloaking device that could stay undetected until 10 meters away from the DCP scanning technology. It was a massive starship. The DCP and Pepis fleets grouped together to make a stand. But whithin 30 minutes, it had eradicated two Pepis colonies with its Thaloron weapons. The DCP tried to stop it, with strange matter, but the ship kept evading the DCP's decection. It then wiped out more Pepis colonies, using biogenic pulses, one planet's atmosphere ignited, another was destroyed out right. If the ship re-enters the universe, the Salsetthe will try to take action (to defend themselves, not the Pepis). Meanwhile, the DCP plans to create a subspace sandbar to slow it down and is generating a singularity. The presence of a second ship has also emerged from the galactic core of the main galaxy of Universe 939152. Both ships were destroyed by the Salsetthe in the end, although they had lost 75% of their attack fleet. The last Pepian colonies were poisoned, leaving many sterile, however, the DCP had rescued many who had not been effected. The Ihrians eventually turned out to be renegades, however, assassins had killed all but two Pepians. The DCP uploaded the Pepis to a virtual reality, until the Ihrians gave up, and then set them free to start again.
  • Nanohorde Return (.8) - The DCP already knew the Nanohorde had returned, due to their re-release by Tricarrion. But most of the Nanohorde had attacked Inferno Realm, and barely toutched the universe. As everyone was too busy fighting the Xhodocto, neither noticed until it was too late, the horde had invaded Xhodocto hell and was assimilating Xhodocto technology and demonic energy. The Nanohorde this time was also more intelligent, but still are malfunctioning and are not evil. However, they assimilated something that would make them more deadly than ever! The Nanohorde had adapted to exist in a quantum state after assimilating Xhodocto technology. They could exist in a state of quantum superposition and entanglement, meaning they could never be fully destroyed without some uncertainty, and no one would ever predict where they could strike next!
  • Taberon Incursion (.9) - Taberon was a powerful being who fancies himeslf as a god of evil. He claimed war on the DCP for reasons unknown.
  • Battle for Sol (.12) - The Tokzhalan Empire (who are a splinter faction from the Girdo Empire) decided to show its military might by destroying the Sol System. They fired several star busters at the the sun, 3 were destroyed by the DCP, and the others were destroyed by other empires. The Tokzhakan then attaked New Tokyo, and other important points in the Solar System, however, Jovar, Humanity, DCP, Gablinus-Avis, Rambo and other empres drove them out, and the Sol System was unharmed. The Tolzhakan plan to invade the Milky Way, however, it is unknown what actions the DCP shall take, as it is trying to lick its wounds. The DCP did make a desision, they will only defend the Milky Way, because the DCP is trying to recover from previous wars.
  • The Loron war resumes (346.2) - The Loron made a temporary alliance with the DCP during the March of the Apocalypse to fight the greater enemy. However, not long after, the Loron claimed war on the DCP again. The DCP responded by attacking a planet with important resources, but also discovered that they had learned how to make thermo-nulcear weaponry. But a more important discovery was made, an OtzDie production factory. The DSB only very recently had learned that the OtzDie were in fact nanomachines. The DCP teleported the factory up and finished glassing the planet. In fact, the DCP have learned important infomation on the Loron during their temporary alliance.
  • Trouble in the core (346.2) - It was discovered that Universe 939152 is much older than the DCP's native universe. In fact, the galaxies contain much less matter and star formation, as well as being further apart. The Supermassive black hole in the center of the main galaxy that the DCP and Pepis had colonised was losing mass, and will eventually explode, disrupting subspace and eventually destroying the galaxy (as well as wrecking the Trade station). So the DCP created several wormholes, and connected one end to the Supermassive black hole, and the other ends to several stars to replenish the loss of mass.

The hunt and Secret War for the Light 707.1 ACS Edit

By now, the War of Ages was finally over, and the Xhodocto and their many demons had been defeated. As the DCP was returning, Bo Ramik was one of the last leave, because he could still sense an evil presence. He took some troops with him. Soon, Tricarrion appeared, and after a short battle, Tricarrion had overpowered Bo Ramik, but Bo Ramik was able to escape in time.

But the question was, how had Tricarrion become so powerful? Then Bo Ramik guessed, if ascended beings are worshipped, they gain the power of their worshippers. And it was not long until Bo Ramik realised, that the seperatists who were still in league with Tricarrion, would be the ones who were. They would be the easiest to manipulate. The hunt was on! However, the DCP was trying to recover, and Bo Ramik was not yet powerful enough to take on Tricarrion. The DCP turned to their most powerful ally, the Krassio. Most of the Sons of the Krass were unable to help, however, the Andrudan were, as Tricarrion had the knowledge of the Xhodocto. The DCP and the Andrudan haved joined forces to fight the DCP Seperatists, but now they must be located...

The Seperatists were discovered by accident. The DCP was investigating the disappearence of a scout shipthat had been destroyed by the Mantisorac Swarm, however, the DCP stumbled across an MSP colony instead. The DCP and Andrudan soon brought an invasion force, however, the MSP surprised the DCP and their ally with the MSP's allies,the Vartekians and Imperial Alliance. The DCP had to retreat, and the cuncil has decided that his war would be a secret one, so the demoralised peoples of the coalition don't run to the soveriegnty.

End of the Dark age The great recovery, ends of old wars and preperation for future conflicts - 707.2 ACS Edit

The DCP are starting to explore and develop again. They have recently improved replicators and production on industrial worlds have started again, clones are replacing lost troops, and the DCP has created a new ship to be mass produced, the DCP Flying Fortress, based on the Earth's ancient aircraft, the B17. The DCP has met several new allies, and is sending scouts to explore to regions to colonise. The Nanohorde activities are low, despite worries about their quantum state, most are consuming the leftovers of Inferno Realm. The DCP is in a stalemate with many previous foes, the Cognatus have stopped their crusade of the Milky Way (the DCP disovered how to defeat their ships). Tricarrion has been found, in the Large Magellanic Cloud. However, the rising dangers of the Tolzhekan in the Milky Way are becoming more apparent, but now, the DCP is recovering quite quickly, due to its lack of currency. Each galaxy is creating its own specfific fleets, still connected, created in their own galaxies, this will help fleet movements.

After the War of Ages, obviously, empires are going to take an advantage, even more peaceful ones might resort to agression due to desperation. This indeed did happen. The Tokzhelan invaded the Milky Way in the Imperial Civil War, and did a massive attack on the Borg Collective, which severely reduced their size, although the Borg are starting to adapt. Meanwhile, various near-human species have allied into the Human Coalition (built up of near humans, not true humans) with the Tokzehalan. Meanwhile, they allied with the Daleks. The intentions of the Girdo rebels is to wipe out all normal life, so truly alien life can flourish. In responce, the DCP sprayed a Tokzhelan ship with nanoparticles, to spy on the Tokzehalan. The DCP is preparing to defend their galaxy soon, even though it was apprehensive to start with. They even sent a special kind of Hyperspace missile that creates a spatial anomaly to help destroy Project Emperor, but they didn't join the fleet battle.

  • Milky way campaign temporary hiatus:However, the Tokzehalan have moved their attention temporarily beyond to other galaxies that are in an even worser state after the war. The DCP will not follow, but instead will continue to recover themselves. The Tokzehalan will return to the Milky Way, but by then, the DCP will be ready!
  • The DCP/Loron war comes to a close:As the Ottzello galaxy descends into a new war the - Second Ottzello Galactic War. The Tokzhalan and Daleks had allied with the Kralgon and were causing chaos. In some mad way, all three wars (Imperial Civil War/DCP/Loron War and the Second War of Ottzello) had (for the DCP) combined into one, and the DCP knew it was time to take action, but again, will only defend themselves, as the DCP recovers. The DCP also plans the Great Purging, and will fully attack the Loron soon. The Telzoc were wiped out, the Gykar were struggling, and then the Daleks attacked a DCP colony and exterminated it within 10 minutes. But by now, the DCP believed it had recovered enough to begin The Great Purge. And the DCP meant it, they attacked in a big show of force, and within a few days had severely reduced the Loron's population, and a massive portion of their empire was gone. However, the DCP was unaware of a huge fleet of Daleks heading their way during the Purge.
    • Loron near extinction/DCP retreat from Ottzello:The DCP and Fordanta believed they had extincted the Loron, unaware of the Loron dimension. However, when the fleets returned, they found that the Daleks had wiped out all but one colony (and that Titanozor had saved the last). The DCP in other galaxies will not send reinforcements, and the DCP will only now defend what they have got left in Ottzello, ad try to recover losses (the DCP didn't have a strong presence there anyway). Some time later, the Loron emerged from their own dimension (given to them), their empire had been destroyed, and they were very angry obviously. The DCP defended what little they had left, but attack after attack, the DCP decided to retreat (but not before firing a star buster, destroying yet more Loron) . The Ottzello galaxy had little to offer the DCP, who would rather defend their more important galaxies (and they believed it was doomed). The DCP abandoned the galaxy, however, they will continue to protect their allies. But the Loron wanted to continue, they had suffered a mafor blow, but then, their god Roz'Tah'Flok came to them. He advised that an alliance with the DCP would benefit them in the future. The DCP-Loron war (that lasted 4 DCP years) had finally ended.

But the DCP hadn't finished yet, it left one small fleet. The fleet began closing the wormholes that led to the Loron dimension, but they failed to close the last, as the the Da Propa Big Boss Zr'Ahgloth beamed aboard and attacked Warlord Titanozor. After an epic duel, Titanozor fired at a cable, which struck Da Big Boss who was teleported back, however, it caused a short circuit in the DCP's graviton emitter (which was closing the wormholes). Titanozor's ship met with the rest of the fleet and headed to Galot space. The Second Ottzello war had mostly ended on the DCP side.

  • The Intergalactic War ending:(See above).
  • Treaty with the MSP:The allies and the DCP after the Intergalactic War decided to fully invade the MSP, and completely outgunned them. However, Tricarrion had disappeared, so the DCP let the MSP survive with a treaty if they provide information on the descended Tricarrion. Meanwhile, Tricarrion himself has not fled, but has plans in the Clash of the Gods. The War for the Light continues...
  • Three wars in one - 707.2 to 707.6 - The DCP's next three wars were actually three combined wars, the Second Ottzello Galactic War, Imperial Civil War and the New Grox Wars.
    • Imperial Civil War - The Tokzhalan devastated the Borg and allied with the Daleks. The DCP sprayed nano-particles to spy on the Tokzhalan.
    • Second Ottzello wars/Loron Great purging - The DCP decided it was finally extinct the Loron from the universe, and that is exactly what it did. During the March, the Loron had temporarily allied with the DCP, foolishly allowing the DCP to gain vital intelligence on their space. When the Loron wars resumed, the DCP unleashed its full onslaught, and nearly extincted the Loron, as well as cutting all but one wormhole to their realm. However, the Daleks, who allied with the Tokzhalan, also attacked the DCP nearly destroying them in Ottzello. Due to the chaos in that galaxy, and the rising dangers in Milky Way Galaxy, the DCP returned to its homespace. However, the Galot became members, meaning their space had been absorbed.

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