The history of the Delpha Coalition of Planets may not be any longer than 700 years, however, the story of its members, particulary its founders, go much further back in ocean of time...

Delpha Sector - Empires Edit

The Delpha Sector, is the region of space home to the coalition. It is a large sector, but is now soley controlled by the DCP. Hundreds of years before, it was filled with various small empires - some of which did not make it to the modern era, as well as some larger and far older empires, like the Yoburt.

  • Note: Various DCP members are Maxis empires. However, the DCP has lots of other NPC empires made by other creators or by Wormulon. However, to avoid using these without permission, Wormulon has just listed them as "Other empires". If these Maxis empires are important to your fiction, it doesn't matter because perhaps they had split before the time of unification.

Grimbolsaurian Empire Edit

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The Grimbolsaurians, despite being the founders, are still at the same level as all the other members. However, the date of the coalition, 0 ACS, starts with the first Grimbolsaurian starships, 700 years before the modern age. During most of the Archaic era, the Grimbolsaurians were not even spacefaring. Some of the older members new of Mirenton, but rarely bothered to visit the planet.

Prehistory to the Age of Iron -300,000 to -1000 ACS Edit

The Grimbolsaurians evolved about 300,000 years ago, but without an ice age, or an early dark age, were able to advance more quickly until the Age of fire, when the Grimbolsaurians were cut off by other continents. Various ancient civilizations rose and fell. An ancient network of underground caves were discovered, leading to other the continents (the oceans were impenetrable). There is archeaological evidence that these caves were sealed, as if those who went through were tring to escape, but it is unknown who they were running from. Only the Words: The Entity Unseen were found on painted hieroglyphs inside caverns.

Age of elements -1000 to -200 ACS Edit

In the ancient times, there was a great physcic war that raged across the surface of the main continent. A few strong elementals and psionics were fed up with the more primitive minded Grimbolsaurians, and decided they wanted to take control. Wars raged across the many primitive civilizations on the planet. Eventually, there was only one of these elemental conqueres left, but by then, his nation, the Flame nation was the most powerful. The future Emperors of the Grimbolsaurians will have descended from this conquerer, all who had powerful psionic and elemental abilities. For the next 800 years, the Grimbolsaurians would advance from the metal age to the age of technology (Intercontinental period).

Intercontinental period -200 to -50 ACS Edit

Although Mirenton is drier than Earth, it still has large oceans, which had powerful storm systems and turbulence. The flame nation, like others, was cut off from the other continents, who all advanced quite differently. The oceans acted like a mysterious barrier, and there was great mystery about what happened beyond. But by -130 ACS, most had advanced to radio (like the first radio's of Earth), and were in contact. Using newer technologies, the nations were able to cross the oceans and meet each other. For the next 80 years, due to trade, they began to advance together, and by -50 ACS, had technology that would rival Earth's 21st century. Unfortunatly, that was when tensions began to rise, and the new Emperor - Wormulus, decided the world was his to take. Nuclear armed space stations were put into orbit, and a huge war began...

Global War -50 to -20 ACS Edit

50 years before the Grimbolsaurians began to explore space at 0 ACS, the Grimbolsaurians were at war against each other, similar to the World Wars of Earth, only, on Mirenton, the wars were far more destructive, which almost led to Grimbolsaurian extinction. It started when the Flame nation (led by Emperor Wormulus) decided to conquer the rest of Mirenton. The war lasted 30 years, which ended in a nuclear fallout. Civilian casualties were high, and over 3 billion died, with 800 million never found, presumed incinerated by various nuclear, chemical and even biological warefare. Their technology level was similar to 21st century Earth, however, the Grimbolsaurians had no nuclear space treaty. During the end of the war, nuclear silo's orbiting in space fired payloads of nuclear missiles and lasers targetting key miltary installations, by the order of the Flame Nation, the main attacking nation. Surviving nations retaliated, and unluckily for the Grimbolsaurians, nearly every city launched their ICBM's at once, the result was near destruction of every nation on the planet, all except for Emperor Wormulus's. The survivors fell into a post-apocalyptic world, where deserts took over, new borns were mutated and governments fell into chaos, as anarchist gangs took over. Oil and fresh water was fought over, by viscious road gangs (yes, like Mad Max). Much of the Grimbolsaurian history, myphology and religion was lost. However, now with the Flame nation dominant, as a nation warriors, the Grimbolsaurians will be forever dominated by this archtype until far future ages, in their next phases on transevolution.

Recovery -20 to 0 ACS Edit

However, Wormulus's nation survived, and in the next 20 years easily conquered the rest of the world. However, much of Mirenton had been devastated. The Grimbolsaurians needed to advance to space. Before the war, the Grimbolsaurians had space stations, satellites and probes, but nothing else. Most stations had been abandoned, but the Emperor combined them into a large station. Next, Emperor Wormulus started to build interplanetary ships, with no money, because there was little left. But sadly for the world conquer, an anarchist group managed to assasinate him during the first launch. Fortunately for the nation, his son, Emperor Wormulus II, took the role. Grimbolsaurians however, didn't fully recover for the next hundred years, and even by the Golden Age, there were still mutants being born.

Jarzo Grand Council Edit

The Jarzo, had controlled a reasonable portion of space, as a Tier 4 empire, for at least 2000 years. They had always been peaceful, being the friendliest empire of the sector, and are still one of the most well-known empires today.

Yoburt Technocratic Confederacy Edit

The Yoburt, are probaby the most advanced nation in the Delpha Coalition of Planets, being spacefaring for at least 12,500 years. Before the unification of Delpha, the Yoburt were already a Tier 3.7 empire, and Type II.5 on the Kardashev scale. The Yoburt build many of the DCP's most advanced technology, however, the Yoburt have nether neen fond of large warships, as most of their fleet consists of fighters.

The Yoburt themselves, for much of their time before the unification of Delpha, despite all their intelligence., were isolynist and rather uninterested in the space around them. The reason why the Yoburt were not a higher tier is because they spent most of their history solving extremly difficult mathematical equations, by steadily increasing computational capacity. They did this for millenia, however political strife and the following formation of the Coalition promted them to become more active and spread their innvovation to the DCP slowly. However, because the Yoburt were already in possession of advanced technologies, the DCP's Tier 1 advancement can be explained by their 700 year history, as well as taking advantage of the core in later years.

Corgel Kingdom Edit

The Corgel Kingdom was over 5000 years old, and for most of their history were Spode worshippers. Some say they had been converted in their ealy history by the Church of Spode, but this is only a theory. They have always controlled a powerful nation on the south eastern region of the Delpha Sector, feared for their warlike and xenophobic nature. As members today, the Corgel build high-grade weapons technology, and often accompany DCP fleet missions!

Corgel-Dubel wars Edit

For 200 years, these two empires had been at war, although both are now part of the Coalition, still they don't like each other very much. Corgels have a hatred for Bards, and war broke out when they saw a Dubel comedy show, starring the Corgel being a laughing stock.

Reign of the Warzoleski/Wub and Quinels Edit

However, in the last few hundred years years before the DCP, the sector was ruled by three allied empires, notably evil, who suppressed the sector. The Warzoleki Marauders, Wub Federation and Quinels Empire. The Wubs were in control, but many splinter empires, like the Wubble existed. Very evil and fanatical, even the Yoburt and other powerful, future members lived in fear. But thanks to the Grimbolsaurians, and their unification, the other members were able to defeat this alliance who were enslaved, forced to work on the prison colony Theocron. But some did indeed escape. Even today, if the DCP find these members, they are destroyed.

Other empires Edit

There are various other members of the coalition, both inside and outside of the Delpha Sector. Most are nor more than 1000 years old, and some members are even younger than the Grimbolsaurians (but most now are at least tier 3 before being absorbed). However, a couple of members outside the Delpha sector was even older than the Yoburt.

Fahler, the cursed world Edit

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Fahler, is a demon world, which has been blocked off from the rest of the sector. Some believe that millions of years before, there was an advanced civilization that ascended, who always kill tresspassers. Others say that there is a "Truly Alien" lifeform, trying to communicate in the best way it can. The planet is a mystery, its secrets locked in the ancient past...

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