They came out of hyperspace in their terrible ships, all guns blazing. The battle lasted just two minutes, and our entire fleet of 550 vessels around our colony turned to dust, and our world was immediately glassed. Then, our next colony was destroyed just as quickly, when a multi-mile dreadnought dephased and fired a strange weapon into the local star, which then went Supernova, and within a day, the entire system was in chaos. The next day, the Emperor's palace ship landed on our capital, and crushed it. We knew then, that our empire was finished...

- Dromanji survivor.

The Delpha Coalition of Planets has had many ships in service in its 700+ year history, although it's central member races have been spacefaring for centuries or millenia beforehand. The DCP's fleet dominated the Milky Way in the last few centuries, and to this day makes most enemies think twice and competitors shrink away in fear. But the fleet is not devoted to war, there is a variety of multi-purpose civilian spacecraft, exploratory science vessels and colonisation ships.

General information Edit

Fleet designations Edit

There are 10,000 different fleets in operation. Some important fleets that have existed include ships involved with the United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation, the Emperor's personal fleet and the the Milky Way Flying Fortresses which observe the Milky Way and take action first. Some of the strongest military fleets were under the operation of the Warlords, and even have personal ships chosen by the Warlords.

Industrial scale Edit

The DCP at it's height controlled over 2.5 million systems, those since lossed are being rapidally reclaimed. The DCP also has innumerable AI colonies bringing in vast amounts of resources. Huge workforces on industrial worlds and megastructures mean that the DCP can make 10 ships a day on an industrial world, this may sound like an awful lot, but the DCP is post-scarcity, economic cost does not hold them back. Technologies such as quantum replicators and nanite assembellers, powersources such as stellar lifting and antimatter, as well as resources all ensure mass production.

Some ships do take longer than others; such as top of the line command vessels that are armoured with neutron-degenerate matter hulls. NDM cannot be mined from planets it must be extracted from neutron stars by exciting the surface using exotic matter to cause seismic eruptions. Microscopic black holes are inserted as a lattice into the explosive neutron gas to contain the volatile and unstable substance. Thin layers, along with monopolium reinforces hull armour. This process is so delicate it takes even the DCP time to manufacture.

Technology Edit

DCP starships incorporate many technologies unique enough for distinction with even civilisations of similar advancement, for example, they are often semi-sentient. They are as follows:

  • Propulsion

In the last few decades, Coalition spacecraft have operated under the principles of the Tachyonic Shift Drive in addition to hyperdrives. Unlike warp or hyperspatial hyperdrives, the technology neither alters space around it or jumps into an extra dimension overlaid realspace, instead it works by turning the ship's mass into an imaginary property, where it is not confined by the speed of light. As the ships lose energy they gain speed, which is potentially infinite, however, because of this fact, it must carry extra mass on-board and is limited by it. The advantages are that DCP ships cannot be warp straifed, or be slowed by subspace weapons or phenomena. However, DCP territories prevent warp and hyperspace travel using such FTL-hindering technologies, yet leaving DCP ships unaffected, increasing DCP defense.

Because tachyons move faster than the speed of light, DCP ships cannot be seen unless they pass by. They appear immersed in a blue cone of Cherenkov light. On a closer inspection, each ship appears as a double image moving in opposing directions; one moving towards is blue shifted the observer, and one moving away is red shifted (both after passing by).
  • Weapons

All battleships regardless of size generally carry terraton-yield firepower; in the form of tubolasers, "super"-turbolasers, subatomic disruptors, antimatter bombs, vortex torpedoes (minature black holes), ultrarelativistic kill vehicles and hyperspace missiles that pass through barriers in realspace. Superweapons can easily exceed terraton ranges.

  • Defenses

The strongest DCP ships have thin layers of reinforced neutron-degenerate matter hulls, although most have monopolium armour along with alloys that are suited to the stresses of spacetravel. The shields are almost always non-phasic, with incredible abilities at absorbing incoming mass and energy. If the hull is breached, nanites embedded within can seal the damage. If the ship is destroyed, the nanites can take over the wreckage and continue the fight.

By far the most impressive shielding system that primary warships have is Ghost Phasing. Like the tachyon drive, ghost phasing uses an imaginary property, but not involving mass, rather, imaginary time. The DCP discovered that spacetime has additional coordinate systems lying on a degree of longitude in proportion to the rest of the universe. Imaginary time gives the ship an extra degree of freedom to concentrate its mass on, the further it departs into imaginary time, the more non-physical it becomes and less interaction it has with the usual space-like and time-like intervals matter exists in, an invasion fleet in ghost phase relative to a fortress world for example is in an imaginary realm that no longer exists relative to it, the ships literally become ghosts, undetected and unharmed by most barriers.

  • Power sources

Antimatter, micro-black holes and hypermatter are regularly used.

Architectural design structure Edit

In the early times of the DCP, the ships had an enormous variety of styles and engineering requirement for alien crew, but in the last few centuries have managed to incorporate a consensus style between member species. The ships are sleek, yet blocky and normally coloured shades of dark green and dark blue, and occasionally violet. On some ships, notably the Subjugator, Dreadnought and Gargantuan, there are parts that appear physically detatched connected only by fields.

Starship classification Edit

Fleet functions

This is the DCP's great battlefleet!

Command ships Edit

  • Task: Specialist tasks, such as dealing with threats to the DCP.
  • Size: 1.5 miles in length.
  • Weapons: Classified tier 1 weapons, subspace compression waves, and in one story; cosmic string fragments.
  • Defenses: Classified, heavy neutronium hull.
  • Tools: Classified.
  • Significant events: New Grox Wars/Phase 3

The Obsidian-class is a state of the art superdreanought. It is rather small in size, in contrast to what one might expect of a command ship, but it's purpose is not to instill fear. Named Obsidian, for it's dark, sleek appearence and shard edges.

  • Task:Obliteration, the Emperor's personel ship.
  • Size: 144 miles in length.
  • Weapons/Defenses:
    • Superweapons (Destroy entire planets or even systems):
      • Classified tier 1 weapons, void bombs, star killers, subspace compression weapons.
    • Planetary assault (Weapons of Mass Destruction):
    • Ship to ship weapons (Attack and defence):
      • Huge antimatter warheads, drone missile batteries, nanoswarms, heavy quad-turbolaser cannons, subatomic disruptor beams.
    • Defences
      • Non-phasic shield layers, nano-assembeler hull repair, neutronium and enhanced armour, ghost phasing, possibly more.
  • Tools:Various
  • Creators note:I saw this in a dream. Only two have ever been destroyed.
  • Significant events: Expansion Wedge (Wiping away Grox colonies like reeds in angry wind), Return of the Emperor (DCP Civil War), Final battle of the War of Ages, Truly Alien/Invasion of Tokzhalan galaxies, Vartekian War/"The Civilization" expansion, colonization of Xanthra Major.

The Gargantuan classes were built to dwarf nearly any other DCP ship both in size and firepower (except for non-war megastructures). However, these ships are tremendously larger. They have the capacity to carry entire fleets. These days, there is a whole fleet of Gargantuan's (to start with there was four), although the DCP spread propagander that there was even more. Every civilization lesser than or on-par with the DCP should be wary in it's presence, or they are fools and would be thrown into oblivion before they even realised. Whole planets have been laid waste to gather the materials to build these immense ships. They are one of the largest ships in the DCP (but not the biggest), and they are also one of the largest and most powerful ships in the First Gigaquadrant. Gargantuan ships are used in times of need, or to use extreme force on the DCP's greatest enemies. They are sometimes used in huge colonization efforts as well.

The Gargantuan is not invunerable, in fact two have been destroyed, one by the Emperor's even more powerful City ship, one in a fight between two Tokzhalan Time Ships (which were using technology not even the DCP possess, yet the Gargantuan still weakened them to the point of near-destruction). However, it is said that only Tier 1 civilisations as large or larger than the DCP can combat the Gargantuan, as it can easily destroy anything a lower tier can throw at it.

The Gargantuan has great technologies, but of course they require massive power sources. Gargantuans regulary refuel from stars, and are powered by both the decay of micro-singularities (to generate exotic matter) and hypermatter.

Dreadnoughts and Warlords Edit

  • Task:Space battles, hunts
  • Size:1,300 meters long
  • Weapons/defenses: Ultrarelativistic torpedoes (any length between a hair to nearly the size of the ship), foo-fighter-like orbs, long-range SUSY-displacement weapons, point and defense blaster cannons.
  • Tools:Typical, bussard ramjet hydrogen collector, cold-fusion reactors, quantum replicators.
  • Significant Events:Revelation

A single Bowship can way waste to an entire fleet of many empires. It is oddly simple, its main weapon simply uses kinetic lances, or arrows. The lances and roows are built into the hull of the ship, and is has no cannon or emitter. There is a material that coats the ship, which is easy to replicate, and can be moulded into the lances. To replenish its reserves, it sucks in the hydrogen that lyes between the stars, and fuses them into heavier elements via cold fusion. What is produced is the material for the arrows. The arrows can be fired at ultrarelativitic speeds, so the sheer energy of the impact can pierce almost any shield and obliterate hulls. It also has Foo-Fighter like weapons, which use gyroscoptics and mercury to levitate and release EM burts to shut down light attack craft or unshielded-cities.

  • Task:Eradicate, exterminate, cause oblivion.
  • Size:3,869 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defense:
    • Superweapons (optional): Star killer (Q-ball soliton) (1, or 2 charges), nanite berserker clouds, strangelet bombs.
    • Planetary assault: Frontal assualt superlasers (4, "planet crackers"), antimatter warheads, improved fusion bombs.
    • Space tactical: Hyperspace missiles (optional payload), quantum resonance charges, turbolasers, singularity slingers.
    • Defenses: Multi-layered non-phasic shielding, ghost phasing, cloaking device and self-reparing hull.
  • Tools: Typical tools
  • Significant events:Numerous conflicts in the War of Ages, the Scourge, DCP/Loron War, DCP Civil War, Second Galactic War and Intergalactic War's.

One third of the DCP fleet's firepower comes from Dreadnoughts, the iconic class seen on most battlefronts. It's engine makes up half of the ship's structure making it the fastest class of ship in the fleet, with microscopic black holes that power up inside to give the ship additional energy.

  • Task:An attack ship.
  • Size:6,516 meters in length.
  • Weapons and defenses:
    • Missiles: Railguns (replicated ammo), drones (slowly replicated ammo), ion missiles, transphasic class torpedoes
    • Directed energy weapons: Subatomic distruptor beam cannons (10), turbolaser cannons (15), superlasers (3, capable of puncturing a planets crust).
    • Advanced/superweapons: Hyperspace missiles, W/Z Q ball disruptor (capable of star killing), Berserker nanoswarm, light spatial compression wave.
    • Defences: Monopolium-neutron degenerate matter lattice, regenerative ablative armour, non-phasic shield generators (passive, destructive, regenerative), cloaking field, ghost phase.
  • Tools: Many.
  • Significant Events: Near Termination of Fahler (First Contact), Voyages of the Avenger, God's Gate mission (First Contact)

The Subjugator class ship is another new warship, with new technologies, weapons and defences, and older weapons revised. There will never be too many of these ships.

  • Task: Intimidation, warlord
  • Size:5,600 meters in length
  • Weapons/defenses:"Death Charge" planet cracker, gravitational weapons.
  • Tools:Typical Spore tools
  • Significant events: DCP Civil War, War of Ages, Vartekian war.

Tricarrion's personal dreadnought was one of the most powerful in entire fleet, enough for the ship to remain in use after Tricarrion's disappearence. Characterised by the appearence of a a dark omen in the sky, before it bathes worlds with fire. It's planet cracking weapon is second only to the Gargantuan, igniting atmospheres and causing catastrophic overturn of the planet's crust and upper mantle.

  • Task:The warship of Eclipsos
  • Size:7,400 meters in length
  • Weapons/defenses: Heavy turbolaser batteries (100), point and defense directed energy weapons, non-phasic shielding.
  • Tools:Spore tools
  • Significant events: DCP Civil War, War of Ages, Vartekian war

The sword-shaped ships of Eclipsos, the Vengeance class warlord is an imposing vessel with neutronium edges so fine they can slice through opponenents.

Cruisers Edit

  • Task:This ship is built purely for ship to ship combat.
  • Size:700 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defenses: Superlasers (4), heavy subatomic disruptor cannons (15), quad turbolaser batteries (100), railguns (15), missile tubes (15, optional payload), singularity slingers (2), multi-layered non-phasic defelector shields, ghost phasing ability and thick armour.
  • Tools:Scan, Seti, abduct.
  • Significant events:Saving Caprica, invading the Cognatus blockade.

Built to be similar to the Dreadnought, except this ship is even more ship to ship combat based (the Dreadnought has other uses as well). It has state of the art weapons and has one of the fastest FTL drives of the DCP! Used for offense and defense, these ships can also offer support to ground operations by defendng them from space. The ship has four distictive heavy superlaser cannons on either side.

The ship is capable of an interesting maneuver - it can repeatedly enter and exist hyperspace during a battle, jumping from one point to another, this means the DCP can limit the amount of ships in a battle, because the enemy won't know where they will be hit next.

  • Task:A carrier, and an escort or defense ship. Also functions to police colonies.
  • Size:3000 meters long.
  • Weapons/defenses: Planet cracking superlaser (1), heavy quad turbolasers (4), heavy ion cannon (1), heavy duel plasma cannons (2), point and defense subatomic disruptors, anti-matter warheads, non-phasic shielding.
  • Tools:Typical.
  • Significant events:None yet.

This is a common DCP warship, with the function of carring ground troops, defending colonies and escorting colony ships. The ship is still slow, but its main use is carrying the DCP's armies.

  • Task:A battlecruiser.
  • Size:465 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defense: Two frontal turbolaser/ion cannons, ion missiles, blaster cannons, subspace weapons (e.g. graviton bubbles).
  • Tools:Special abilities.
  • Significant events: Saving an allied empire from eradication, many battles with the Grox, many missions, finding Planet Spode.

Ion-class battlecruisers specialise in jamming, sabotage and other specialist functions. They are almost always accompanied by three small space superiority fighters. Ion ships have been constantly modified and re-fitted over the years since the Grox Resistance era. Because of this, they are often mistaken for being weaker than they actually are.

  • Task: Patrol, gunship, troop transport.
  • Size: 219 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defenses: One Ion cannon, two chain plasma mortars

The Trifecta class is a small cruiser which is an intermediate with a gunboat. Unlike other ships it specialises with a trident weapons system; an ion cannon for taking out shields and a pair of mortar cannons which can rapid fire plasma warheads. What it lacks for with point-and-defense weapons it makes up with the thickest hull for the cruiser-type spacecraft in the DCP armada. It can also ram enemy targets.

Automated drones Edit

Also see Nanotech utilitymorphs, berserker clouds and hyperspace missiles, drones which do not qualify as spacecraft in the usual sense.

  • Task:Unmanned space mine.
  • Size:300 meters in diameter.
  • Weapons/Defenses: Quantum replicator, transphasic antimatter torpedoes.
  • Tools:Scan
  • Significant events:Some battles in the March of the Apocalypse. Destroying and scattering 5000 Cognatus battlecruisers in the Intergalactic War.
  • Notes:As they spin, they cause even more damage!

These are amazing automated weapons, and only one or two are really needed in a battlefield. They are unmanned spheres than can fly into enemy territories, but what they do next is terrifying to the enemy. They rapidly fire missiles in all directions, one after the other, and when the entire salvo is out, the machine replicates more using a replicator device. The replicators eventually run out of matter to replicate (they can't fire indefinately) but can fire continously for 10 minutes and have long range capabilities. Any kinetic weapons fired back at the spheres would be destroyed. Finally, if there are any targets left, the spheres will destroy themselves by ramming the biggest enemy target. What a weapon! They have been developed for the March of the Apocalypse.

  • Task:Unmanned space mine.
  • Size:4 meters in length.
  • Weapons/Defenses: Transphasic quantum torpedoes, subatomic disruptors, ablative armour, non-phasic deflector shielding.
  • Tools:
  • Significant events:
  • Notes:

These are probes which are used to defend DCP interstellar territories during invasion. If the battlefleets need support, remote controlled drones are created which are armed with subatomic disruptors and rapid-fire quantum torpedo miniguns. Each time a drone is destroyed, a new one id replicated by another Drone. Due to the dangers of such drones going out-of-control, they are not under their own volition, instead, the drones are controlled by a person. It is hard to hack the probes as well, as it is a quantum-encrypted subspace link. An individual drove hunter is only as powerful as a starfighter, but together, drove hunters become a formidible force.

Fighters Edit

  • Task: Escort craft, bombing missions, strafing warships.
  • Size:20 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defense: Heavy turbolaser cannons (2), subatomic disruptor arrays (4), transphasic antimatter warheads (drone weapons), non-phasic shielding.
  • Tools:Scan, abduct.
  • Significant events:Many recent battles.

Arrow starfighters are used in bombing missions, or to escort larger warships. They have been in service for a long time, replacing the Yoburt's starfighters.

  • Task: Dogfighting.
  • Size:12 meters in length
  • Weapons: Heavy blasters (4), long-range subatomic disruptor cannons (4), ion missiles (20), non-phasic deflector shielding.
  • Tools:Scan
  • Significant events:
  • Creators note:This, like the Bombing Arrow, used to be a lego model.

Quad fighters are much more agile than arrow fighters and are used in dogfights.

  • Task: Ground troop support, space superiority fighter, troop transport shuttle.
  • Size: 15 meters long.
  • Weapons/defense: Dual disruptor cannon (1), tank buster projectile launcher (1), projectile chainguns (2), grenade launches (2), point and defense repeating blaster turret, armour, multi-phasic shields.

Ornithopters use the motion of wings to fly in dense atmospheres, but can also fold their fings and use hypersonic jets in lighter atmospheres. They are multi-purpose air and spacecraft and are highly maneuverable.

  • Task: Strategic bomber and gunboat.
  • Size:30 meters
  • Weapons/defenses: Railgun placements (13), transphasic antimatter missiles (200), subatomic disruptor arrays (3), varying payloads of bombs, plasma cannons (2, hot enough for nuclear fusion), optional hyperspace missiles, nonphasic deflector shielding.
  • Tools:Scan
  • Significant Events:Defense of the Milky Way, Second Ottzello Galactic War/Victory of the Grimbolsaurians, Quarter Glassing of Canceron
  • Creators note:This is based on the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, one of my favourite planes. The DCP also discovered this ancient plane from the records of humanity, and decided to create their own!

This is a new ship, which is intermediate between being a bomber and a gunship! Because of their small size, they can be mass produced, however, unlike the old terran design, it has the technology of the DCP and is capable of interstellar travel. These ships are formidible, even though they are small, they pack a punch, and can bring down bigger ships by swarming its shields. They are heavily armed, with rail guns and antimatter weapons, and can even carry different varieties of bombs.

Basic Warship classification Edit

There are many suntypes, but this is the basic system.

  • Starfighter - A swift fighter which swaps heavy weapons with maneuverability. Useful in defending bigger warships. Some are capable of FTL travel.
    • Bomber - A slower and slighly larger but more heavily armed fighter. Often used in squadrons, to raid or used straiffing runs.
    • Gunships, blastboats, shuttles - These ships exceed the sizes of fighters, are are intermediate between fighters and cruisers. They are slow but heavily armed. Often use to defend systems from small attacks or pirates and can function as shuttles when teleporters are rendered useless.
  • Battlecruiser - Battlecruisers are fast and well armed, suitable for space battles.
    • Star destroyer - A slower, but heavily armed escort and/or police vessel. They can also be used for troop transport.
  • Dreadnoughts - These are very large starships, which often carry superweapons and the latest technologies.
    • Warlords - Personalised dreadnoughts for Warlord-rank commanders.
  • Command vessels - Dreadnoughts scaled or powered up.

Trivia Edit

  • For Grimbolsaurians, blue is a warning colour, and during a Code:Blue Alert in my adventures, the starship walls will change colour, usually from green to blue. The different states of the ship determine what colour the walls are, the walls use luminescent liquid crystals, so they can change colour.

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The DCP is interested in other kinds of colonies, such as artificial worlds.

Megastructures, artificial worlds and other space constructs Edit

Stellar husbandry (star engines etc.) Edit

  • Task: Kardashev II power source, moving stars, wormhole creation, Matrioshka brain-computing, weapon.
  • Size:5 Astronomical Units in diameter (464,779,438 miles).
  • Weapons/defenses:Colossal energies, multiple star buster.
  • Tools:Various.
  • Significant events:The War of Ages, sometime in the future an intelligent species evolves in a Stellar engine megastructure, and their entire culture and knowledge revolves around the ship. They are known in the future as the Hafvor.
  • Notes:I based this on the real-life concept of Stellar engines.

The Stellar engine is a collection of stars 5 AU in diameter (thats 464,779,438 miles) about the distance between Jupiter and the Sun. A Sun-like star can produce energy comparable to 80, 50 megaton bombs a second. It was constructed by gathering a cluster of stars gravitationally. Then, dyson bubbles were used to collect the energy and project it into generators, by bending the superheated plasma through giant superconductors. It finally sent through wormhole-like structures called krasnokov tubes to create a "power grid".

Variants exist; including orbital statites used to move the newly discovered hyperspace stars, and facilities that use accretion discs around black holes.

DCP Globus Cassus Edit

  • Task:Space colony
  • Size:52,850 miles wide
  • Weapons/Defense:Deflector shields, various orbital defenses
  • Tools:Various
  • Significant Events:
  • Notes:Made it to the MPN! Based on the real life concept - Globus Cassus (read this for a detailed description on how they are constructed).

A Globus Cassus is an artificial world, that was once a planet, which as been hollowed out, with an ecosystem, hydrosphere and atmosphere on the inside. The polar regions are suitable only for storing raw materials as they have no gravity or atmosphere, ecospheres are contained in the equatorial zones, low gravity tropic zones are used for plantations while colonists live on two vast regions that face each other. The planets crust is peeled off, the mantle is excavated while the core is dismantled on the surface, where it is cut into shells to provide heat for plants to grow.

The DCP not only created the vast structure, but also put two smaller minor planets inside, which provide extra water.

DCP Planetary cannon Edit

  • Task:Defense of DCP industrial systems and megastructures.
  • Size:Depends on size of planet, cannon:120 miles tall, 1000 miles deep (depends on deph of the planetaty mantle though)
  • Weapons/defense:Giant cannon, turrets, deflector shield
  • Tools:Scan
  • Significant events:None

The DCP planetary cannon is basically a planet with a large cannon, which draws magma from the mantle or melts parts of the crust, which is converted into a powerful stream of superheated plasma. In order to make the plamsa achieve the speed neccesary to leave orbit, it is guided up by giant superconducting magnets. The magma is "pumped" up from underground by the same hoses used in the Globus Cassus. However, the planetaty cannon is only used to defend important megastructures or industrial systems, using it to assualt enemy systems is unfeasible, and it would be easy to avoid the cannon. The planet is rendered uninhabitable, due to the atmosphere being converted and stripped, crustal melting and a wobbly rotation caused by the cannon.

DCP Dimensional portal and Dyson Shells Edit

  • Task:A portal to other dimensions and universes
  • Size:10,000 meters wide
  • Weapons/defenses:Lock down sequence
  • Tools:Scan, extra-dimensional portal
  • Significant events:Allowing safe passage for citizens during the Scourge to Universe 66501 and Warlord Tricarrion's invasion.

The portal works by using a Dyson shells to orbit a star, which collects its energy output into giant lasers, that focus onto a single point. The region of spacetime becomes so hot that it begins to "burn" and blows up wormholes into other universes and realities. Superstrings are twisted around a higher dimensional brane inside the wormhole.

DCP Hyperspace Station Edit

  • Task:Research, altering the laws and symmetries of nature, colony.
  • Size:2 miles tall.
  • Weapons/defenses:Subspace weapons, Entanglement Manipulator, Time Dilation fields, Nanoswarms, Ghost phasing, False Vacuum bubbles, hyperspace missiles.
  • Tools:Special
  • Significant Events:Transitioning of the DCP into Tier 1.

The Hyperspace Station is the DCP's ticket to expanding into hyperspace, one of the layers of subspace, the dimension that seperates Level II bubble universes. It is used for research and development, but because it is in a higher dimension, it has unique powers over the universe, such as altering the laws of physics and changing nature, using subspace weapons, false vacuum bubbles and Entanglement manipulators. However, it is also a jump point, a ship that leaves the station can jump to any point in the universe, and back again.

The ship is made out of some pretty exotic materials, and has a strange structure. In the center, there is two rotating wheel-like objects, that sustain a Naked singularity, however, unlike the ones generated on some ships, this one is self-sustaining. The materials that buid the structure is mostly neutronium, a type of extremely dense degenerate matter, found only in quantity on neutron stars. To protect the station from being destroyed by exotic particles and extreme energies, it uses a Vacuum bubble to keep the energies stable enough to allow the atmoc nuclei to remain stable, a kind of shield that "locks in" the laws of physics.

Most ships when entering hyperspace barely "skim" the surface, but this station is deep inside the dimension, where only Dimensional portals can reach. Ships that leave the station to any point in the universe (where there are no portals) are not stranded, as the station uses quantum entanglement to ensure that they can return (via teleportation). It uses exotic weaponry and defenses (such as False Vacuum bubbles and nanoswarms), particle weapons have a knack of actually bending in the severly warped spacetime, tracking systems can be interupted this far in, and explosives can be set off extremely easily. However, the stations are armed with hyperspace missiles, specially built for the environment.

Space stations, habitats and colonies Edit

World Star Edit

  • Task:Commerce and The Milky Way's road to the local group of galaxies
  • Size:5 miles in diameter
  • Weapons/Defenses:Various
  • Tools:Tractor beams, scan, teleporters
  • Significant events:

The biggest station ever created by the DCP is World Star (although the megatructures easily surpass this). Its main task is a shining beacon in the great voids inbetween the local group of galaxies. Before entering a different galaxy, ships must visit World Star for check ins, to stop trans-galactic diseases spreading. It has also vastly opended up the Milky Way to Intergalactic travel (although it existed before World Star as well).

DCP Dyson Trees Edit

  • Task:Space colonozation, development of biotechnology, ecological research, holiday homes.
  • Size:Ranges, depending on age, some may be many miles in diameter.
  • Weapons/Defenses:None.
  • Tools:None
  • Significant events:
  • Note:Dyson Tree's were originally proposed by Freemon Dyson.

The DCP has been recently investigating the use of the different forms of colonization as well as biotechnology. Genetically modified plants, with cybernetic technology intergrated into them, are capable of extracting carbon dioxide and water from comets, which several trees maybe planted. Due to the modifications, they are capable of surviving in the vacuum of space, the branches intertwine into a spherical shaped object. Due to the weightlessness of outer space, the trees can grow into many miles in length. They use solar energy to power themselves, eventually growing seeds, which contain atmospheres, suitable for living in (with a tweaking of help from technology).

Colonization of space Edit

It is a need for most civilizations to expand, whether it be through diplomacy or force, in order to survive, expand, gather resources and flourish. Eventually, living on one planet alone can get very dangerous, so civilizations often expand into space.

History Edit

The DCP has had two major expansion periods:

  1. Conquering of the Delpha Sector - Which took 80 years during the Empire Era.
  2. Great Expansion - The 100 years rise to dominance in the Milky Way after the defeat of the Grox during the Golden Age Era.

Space colonies Edit

The DCP has over 2.5 million systems under its control, to prevent unrest, most of them are ruled under an iron first, or there must be a massive war to unite them all. Warlords now take control of the major sectors. Not all colonies are Grimbolsaurian (although members often intermix, if they can both survive in the same enviroment), and while ruled by an iron fist in the inner sectors, the outer ones have greater diversity is society and culture. Colonies that rebel are quickly crushed. Colonies on the inner worlds are extremely rich and use their bountifuul resources and trade, however, the far reaching worlds that cannot sustain themselves use replicators to create products. Most planets are terraformed.

  • Delpha Worlds - No real difference between this one and the one below. The Delpha Sector is the strongest protected region. Most invasions fail. Mirenton, and the founding species homeworlds reside there.
  • Bountiful Inner Worlds - Usually deep into DCP territories, include homeworlds and other major planets and sights of interest. Self sustaining, typical populations into the tens of billions.
  • Territory worlds - Include colonies that lie outside the Bountiful, rich worlds. Self sustaining, nearly all terraformed. Population ranges from 2 to 10 billion.
  • Expansion Territories - Include systems clustered quite close to each other or allied territory. Colonists are in the millions. Not all are terraformed, and some are poor, or even build their own rules and regulations. Things steadily improve, as they are Expansion colonies after all.
  • Borderline/Outer/Deep space colonies - These planets are either very far and very poor planets. May include just a handful up to a few thousand colonists at the most. Some of these are research colonies or military installations (the latter of which are richer).

When colonizing a new region of space, several colony ships, Galactic Star Runners and flanked by a few battleships always are dispatched.

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Apart from defeating evil throughout the universe in an endless crusade of war, the DCP have a strong interest in exploration and science, to learn about the universe and improve lives with new technologies and other galactic discoveries.

Science and exploration is a big part of the DCP missions, just as it is with many humans.

Science and deep space exploration Edit

It is very important for civilizations to explore and expand. These ships not only open up new areas of the cosmos, they also gather and develop new technologies and resources. The Exploration ships are probably the most important of all.

Expunge-class Edit

  • Task:Explore new realms and technologies, classified.
  • 1,200 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defense:Classified.
  • Tools:Classified
  • Significant events:

A very beautiful ship, only the greatest ranking captains can command this vessel. It designed for testing new technologies and exploring hazardous, exotic or abstract regions of the universe or hyperspace, often to test the effectiveness of such technologies in these realms.

Galactic Star Runners Edit

  • Task:To explore and discover what wonders the universe has to offer, as well as resource prospecting, terraforming and other science missions.
  • Size:672 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defense:Antimatter weapons, Mega laser, test weapons
  • Tools:Scientific instruments, Staff of Life, new technologies, scan, seti, terraforming.
  • Significant events:Finding the Tigris galaxy, finding Sol/Humans, final battle of the War of Ages, discovery of the Memory machine.

This ship can explore deep space and uncharted territories, while outmatched in firepower compared to warships of the DCP, they are well armed to fend off new potential threats.

DCP Starruners Edit

  • Task:Similar roles to the Galactic Star Runners, but slightly more powerful
  • Size:690 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:Antimatter weapons, mass driver, auto turrets
  • Tools:Scientific tools
  • Significant events:None yet, these are very new ships.
  • Creators note:This was not created by me, but by Xhodocto3546 as a gift

A more military-oriented, scientific vessel, but also one of the fastest in the DCP. They are a new line of ships, and will be used to learn more about and engage the enemy.

Ark-class wormhole freighter Edit

  • Task:Colonise new universes, the creation of a hyperspace colony.
  • Size:7 miles in length (for habitable universes like ours), 1000 meters in length (universes with stronger gravity).
  • Weapons/Defenses: Various.
  • Tools:Exotic matter, scientific instruments, colonisation tools and military resources.
  • Significant events:Start of the Tier 1 transition.

With the advent of technology that could open existing wormholes to Universe 66501, the DCP created wormhole arks that could reach these sibling universes that had inflated with this universe. The ships can be upscaled and downscaled to survive in universes where gravity is stronger or weaker.

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The DCP needs ships for trade and diplomacy.

Multi-purpose ships Edit

DCP Colony ship Edit

  • Task: The Transport of colonists and colonies.
  • Size: 5. miles long, 3.5 miles in circumference.
  • Weapons: Heavy turbolaser batteries, long distance superlaser cannon, complement of drones.
  • Defense: Non-phasic shielding, ghost phase.
  • Propulsion: STL - GUTdrives. FTL - Tachyonic Shift Drive, Hyperspace
  • Tools: Terraforimg technology, colony technology, cargo bays, advanced scanning, von neumann proves, SSA-modded Staves of Life
  • Significant events: Third Great Expansion, GCW - Grox/CAS seiege.

DCP colony ships are immense vessels, designed to travel long distances, and are designed with the interior to carry planetary colonies, or even move them from planet to planet. They can also dispatch von-neumann probes to create automated colonies. As much as they are for creating, they are also capable of destroying rebellions. Indeed this ship can be retrofitted to be a formidible warship. If colony ships appear in a certain region of space it might mean the DCP is setting up a new expansion zone. Unless they are similar power to the DCP, there is not a whole lot an empire can do. They are often accompaned by a Gargantuan class and several Dreadnoughts.

Should both their FTL propulsion systems fail, the Colony ship can activate its GUTdrive, one of the fastest of the STL drives and use it for time dilation. Thus, the ship carries huge chunks of ices (water, methane etc.) which are used as fuel. The ice can be replenished from icy moons and comets.

The Turtok, one of the members of the DCP are very used to long voyages thus are often the captains of these vessels.

DCP Cargo Transport Edit

  • Task: Carry materials to far-away colonies, or precursors to areas of space yet to be filled in by the Interstellar grid.
  • Size: 435 meters in length.
  • Weapons: Subatomic disruptor emitter.
  • Defense: Non-phasic shielding.
  • Propulsion: Tachyonic Shift drive.
  • Special tools: N/A
  • Special events: None really.

Since the Interstellar grid was developed, the need for cargo ships dropped. But here and there, such ships are still required (far away locations, areas where the grid are disrupted or warped and precursor to grids yet to be layed). They use Tachyonic Shift drives for easy and quick transit. They are not heavily armed, but the non-phasic shielding will protect these ships from most pirates, and the subatomic disruptor is a powerful weapon. Rebels have been known to capture these ships however. They do not require much crew, often skeleton crew, who do not much other than maintenance, and are semi-sentient, like most DCP ships.

Labour Class Edit

  • Task:Construction in space and zero gravity enviroments, and to ferrit people and cargo to space elevators and stations.
  • Size:120 meters long
  • Weapons/defense:None
  • Tools:Various construction tools, sensors, manipulation devices amd a mini laser.
  • Significant events:None

The Labour class vessels have to components, the upper control room, and the lower construction deck. These ships have existed since the early Empire Era, but have been recently outfitted. They are never far from a colony, unless they are carrying cargo, citizens or workers, so they are not long range. Pirates have targeted these craft, and have used them to smuggle people illegaly across colonies, however, they are often caught, since they are easy to capture.

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== Individual ships ==

The Epicon Edit

  • Task: Innovation.
  • Size: 1,567 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defenses: DCP's strongest weapons as well as reverse engineered technology.
  • Tools: Same as above.
  • Significant events: The Annihilation.
  • Creator's note: Read more here.

The Epicon is the most advanced starship ever created by the DCP, although the recent Obsidian class may be on-par with it. The ship had some of the most advanced DCP technologies, as well as reverse-engineered technology from even more advanced intelligences in the universe (Ultraterrestrials, precursor races, AI Netspace, The Junction, Dacean Ecumene etc.), and is capable of incredible feats like time travel. It was lost during the Annihilation, and is presumed destroyed, although in actual fact it escaped through time.

The Star Sailor - Admiral Kilnok's personal ship Edit

  • Task:Kilnok's personal ship, pleasure yacht
  • Size:57 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:Weapons and shields collected from around the universe, Kilnok himself.
  • Tools:Many tools.
  • Significant events:Many adventures, finding lost Chibby colonies, the capture of the Staff of Death Grox superweapon, first contact with the Rambo Nation, capturing the Nanohorde, Multiverse adventure.

This is Admiral Kilnok's starship, with only a small crew. It has been on many missions. Although this is a small ship, its still very powerful, and is a match for the mightiest of Rambo ships. The Star Sailor has even turned warships into blasted hulks.

"She may look weak and simple, but don't underestimate her" A quote from Admiral Kilnok.

"I thought I could take this ship on, but it surprised me how powerful that darn ship really is, I should never had attempted to raid it! Now I am stuck, stranded on this desolate world." A quote from a fool who tried to raid it, who ended up stranded on a barely habitable planet.

Emperors's palace ship (DCP capital) Edit

  • Task:Emperor's personal palace ship, and the moving capital of the DCP.
  • Size:A small country.
  • Weapons: Hypermatter fuelled rapid-fire superlasers, wormhole buster, black hole super-radiance bombs, neutron effusion mines, hyperspace missiles, turbolasers, point-and-defence lasers and railguns.
  • Defences: Metric shields, non-phasic deflector generators, plasma shielding, ghost phase, neutronium and monopolium bulkheads, self-healing ablative armour, hull armour many kilometres-thick.
  • Significant events: Crushing empires, Operation Deathstorm.

This is the Emperor Wormulus II's personal capital ship. It is the DCP's version of a capital city, however it moves from world to world. It is more of a palace than a starship, and has a very grand interior, with floors made of gold and precious metals. The walls are held together by quantum fields. Precious artefacts, gemstones and rare creatures can be found. However, on the outside, this ship is a weapon of war. If a powerful empire is conquered, the capital will arrive, land on and crush the conquered city below, to strike fear into the enemy. The ship is heavily armed, and has weapons capable of smashing enemy fleets and worlds asunder.

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The starships of the DCP are always being updated.  The Double Saucer is the only ship that is still used from the earlier eras.

Early Exploration era (pre-DCP Grimbolsaurian interplanetary period) 0 to 200 ACS Edit

  • Task:To explore the Chilius system.
  • Size:110 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:None
  • Tools:Scan/scientific instruments, radio, 1 colony pack
  • Significant events:The early exploration of the Grimbolsaurians home star system.

An interplanetary starship, this was powered by primitive fusion reactors. It also used gravitational slingshots to increase its speed. They gathered much data, colonised Loranza and created a "wildlife sanctury", so that if Mirenton undergoes a global catastrophe, life still persists. The sanctury was not terrafomed, but was instead an enclosed ecosystem, much like the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. [2] It was later terrafomed however.

  • Task:To explore the Chilius system.
  • Size:150 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:None
  • Tools:Scan/scientific instruments, radio, 1 colony pack
  • Significant events:The early exploration of the Grimbolsaurians home star system.

These fill similar roles to the Double Saucer. Yet these are slower than light ships, and use laser sails. They only had interplanetary range.

Early Relativistic/STL starships Edit

Bussard Ramjet (90 ACS) Edit

  • Task: To explore the five nearest stars and colonize their planets, more would be sent to escape the Wub Alliance.
  • Size: 1,760 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense: None, only dihydrogen-slush tanks and plasma windows.
  • Tools: Scan/scientific instruments, radio, 1 colony pack (each)
  • Significant events: First interstellar forays, first contact with the Brawgle Empire, the colonisation of 5 star systems, and finally, escape from the Chilius system durng the Wub occupation.

The Bussard Ramjets were huge starships, bigger than anything that would be built for space travel for perhaps a century or so to come. Of course they had to be, they had a vast magnetic scoop for sweeping up the rarified atoms that lie between the stars. Huge taks of dihydrogen-slush protected the colonists inside as well as a laser to strip incoming atoms of electrons. Their mission would only be one way. However, the ramjets could reach 45% of the speed of light, and about the half the way to their destinations they had to turn the ships around to slow down. The colonies would recieve delayed transmissions from the home system of up to 10 years.

Late Exploration era (DCP) 100 to 200 ACS Edit

  • Task:Starliner designed to travel to nearby star systems, multi-purpose ship.
  • Size:85 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:Mini laser
  • Tools:Scan, Seti, later terraforming tools, 1 colony pack
  • Significant events: Formation of the DCP and defeat of the Wub Alliance. Expedition to Lagross nebula, discovery ofRuined Planets.

This is the first interstellar starship of the Grimbolsaurian race with low warp capabilities reverse engineered from a downed Wub ship. Cadet Kilnok piloted it to other oppressed Delpha sector races and united them in a Coalition which defeated the Wub, Warzoleski and Quinels. Afterwards, it pioneered in interstellar travel, discovering new species and colonising star systems. Terraforming became a possibility.

  • Task:Defend Mirenton and other homeworlds.
  • Size:124 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:Mini laser, proton missiles, railguns
  • Tools:Scan, Seti, abduct
  • Significant events: Early days of the DCP

The Delpha sector still had aggressive empires which would join the DCP without force.

  • Task:A multi purpose ship, for trade, cargo, surveys, support, transport, terraforming and colonisation.
  • Size:300 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:Mini laser, proton torpedoes, deflector shields.
  • Tools: - 3 colony packs, colonisation tools, terraforming tools, large cargo bays, scan
  • Significant events:None

These ships are widely used for normal space missions, they are slow and poorly armed (but make up for it with a huge delector shield), but are the main workhorse for the DCP. They also have large cargo holds, and are often ecorted by other ships. These are the only ships in use that originate rom the earlier eras.

Empire era (200 to 480) to end of the Grox Resistence era (500 ACS) Edit

  • Task:Forging alliances, diplomatic missions, or meeting new species.
  • Size:250 meters in length
  • Weapons/defense:Auto turreet, laser
  • Tools:Scan, Seti, abduct, fireworks, happy rays, mind erase, embassy, sporebucks, crop circles, monolith, light shields.
  • Significant events:Alliances with races, restoring the Dubel/Corgel alliance.

These ships make alliances, or hypnotise/scare empires into an alliance.

  • Task:Protect planets from Pirates.
  • Size:150 meters long
  • Weapons/defense:Heavy autoturrets, pulse cannons, Proton torpedoes, Railguns, light shields.
  • Tools:Scan, Seti
  • Significant events:Defending Mirenton from the Grox invasion.

These are mostly police vessels, and they protect the colonies. They are more powerful in groups, and also raid planets.

  • Task:These are used to conquer planets, and bombard them from orbit.
  • Size:Ranges, destroyers are 700 meters in length.
  • Weapons/defense:Antimatter weapondry, nuclear weapons, disruptors, heavy pulse cannons, megabombs, deflector shields.
  • Tools:Scan, seti, heat wave, asteroid caller.
  • Significant events:Major heated battles with the Grox, Borg and Xhodocto.

These are heavy attack cruisers with forward facing fire power. They are very durable, and capable of rendering planets uninhabitable.

  • Task:Plays a defensive/offensive role
  • Size:347 meters in length
  • Weapons:Heavy turbolaser cannon, point and defense heavy disuptor turrets, heavy proton missiles, antimatter missiles, defelector shields.
  • Tools:Scan, abduct, Seti, troop transport
  • Significant events:Small wars, early battles with the Grox.

This ship is now an abandoned class of warships, which while powerful in their own right, were cut to pieces by the more maneuverable Grox ships. They were replaced by Ion battleships and other later warship designs. However, a few are still in service, and some have been put back in commission as an extra force against the Xhodocto.

Early Golden age era (expansion) Edit

  • Task:Perform missions, test new technologies
  • Size:456 meters in length
  • Weapons:Disrupters, proton missiles, antimatter missiles
  • Tools:Spore tools
  • Significant events:Many missions and adventures for the early DCP.

This eventually gave way to the Ion battleship and other modern DCP ships.

Spore 2010-01-19 18-29-42

These ships in the image above have been made by other players, are ingame to member races!

These wet independant ships that belonged to the Member races, before unification of technology and architecture. Since all the ships are random, they are not of my design. Of course, the member races have been enlarged to show them. None of these ships are in great number, and usually serve to defend homeworlds and for use in trading goods. The more powerful ships have been in battle against the Grox and Xhodocto. The other ships on this page are a mixture of Grimbolsaurian and Member race technology, and form the bulk of the fleet.

From left to right, top row:

  • Lance of Justice (Flixxel Empire) by Dragonette4065 - These are graceful starships, and are Bussard Ramjets.
  • Trosan (Cimilope Assembaly) by MachinaMortalis - A large cruiser.
  • Destryamatus (Cloppity Empire) by LazyOne065 - Another powerful warship. One was in action at the Stand of Tircos.
  • VKBF 67-ND (Rammo Imperium) by Uberscrible - The Rammo supply the DCP with heavily armed warships.
  • Toboo Incursion Marker by Yoway - These strange ships are the most powerful of the independant classes.

From left to right, bottom row

  • Fury Fighter (Yoburt Confederation) by Maxis - The Yoburts fleet mostly consist of two pliot crews.
  • Osting (Corgel Kingdom) by Maxis - Fast and manouverable.
  • Esgeon (Jarzo Grand Council) by Maxis - Quite weak.
  • MTX-90 (Dragoozie Republic) by Maxis - note that I put a Turtok by accident, armed with missiles/railguns.
  • Lunar Invader (Chibby Empire) by Maxis - Actually these are peaceful, despite their name.
  • Junk Saucer (Dubel Federation) by Maxis - Slow, but they do their job.
  • Colony Ship (Turtok Empire) by Molebob - Colony ships.

  • Task:Classified
  • Size:Classified
  • Weapons/defense:Classified
  • Tools:Classified
  • Significant events:Top secret

A large chain of colony "ferries" held together by quantum fields created in the early Golden Age to test the precursors of what would become the gravitational technologies of today, such as artificial wormholes.

  • Task:Creates a stable singularity for spacetime and dimensional research.
  • Size:300 meters wide, 300 meters tall
  • Weapons/defenses:None
  • Tools:Classified
  • Significant events:

This ship was the framework for wormhole research of the early golden age.

Recently retired (between 700 and 800 ACS) Edit

  • Task:Leads Titanozor into battle!
  • Size:3,700 meters, 2000 meters tall
  • Weapons/defenses:10 lateral halberds, 4 subatomic disruptor cannons, 8 heavy dual blaster cannons, 60 railgun placements, 15 quad point and defense turbolaser cannons, multi-phasic shielding, ablative armour, ghost pasing and self-repairing hull.
  • Tools:Typical Spore tools
  • Significant Events:First battle in the civil war, civil war battles, double crossing the rogue warlords, invading the Cognatus blockade

This ship is a titan, and is a match for most ships in battle. There are only a few in existence. It has a heavy battery of cannons, to blast gunboats and battlecruisers out of the sky! It is unique, in having 10 lances. These do not detach from the ship, instead, they "punch" other vessels, cracking open their hulls, which then are obliterated by a barrage of gunfire. The lances are composed of Neutronium, and the shock energy is absorbed. These lances are doubly strengthened by being superheated, and energized by the same fields used in deflector shields. The ship also contains a large hangar for ground assaults.

  • Task:Carry the Sky Warriors
  • Size:315 meters long
  • Weapons/defenses:4 blater cannons, 4 anti-matter missile launchers, 2 railguns,, 2 proton missile launchers, deflector shiels, cloak
  • Tools:Scan etc.
  • Significant events:Battle of Caprica, first battle of the DCP civil war.

This is one of the fastest and most agile ships of the DCP. It is not too heavily armed (although it is still powerful). However, the sky warriors can stand on the ship, and can fly off as if they were fighters! They are only in small production at the moment.

  • Task:Planetary control
  • Size:870 meters in length
  • Weapons/defenses:Planetary control technology, 2 heavy blaster cannons, 2 heavy laser cannons, heavy deflector shields
  • Tools:Weather control, siesmic control, eco tools
  • Significant events:1st battle in the civil war

Mauloron believes the power of nature can be greater than the best artificial weapons. The Behemoth isn't heavily armed, instead, it uses Electromagnetic Ionisation to control weather (creating hurricanes, hyercanes and other severe freak weather), uses siesmic weapons that can create devastating planetquakes and volcanic eruptions and finally, can influence the mind of creatures to attack the enemy. The Behemoth is most powerful whithin planetary atmosphers or in low orbit, but in deep space, it needs to be flanked by escort ships.

  • Task: Wormhole bus.
  • Size:
  • Weapons/defense:
  • Tools:Classified
  • Significant events:
  • Creators note:

A marvel of DCP engineering, built in the latter days of the Tigris War, when it became aparrent that the Seven Starr Alliance may need to flee from the Congregation through a natural interuniversal wormhole. Under command of Admiral Horlin and Captain Jazzaroth, they were a conduit between Universe 66501 and the Milky Way, so the home DCP can send more waves of ships and troops, to march into Universe 66501. The hull is composed of material science and engineering far beyond 21st century science.

See here for the overall fiction.
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