The Delpha Sector is where the Grimbolsaurians originated from. It is a sector about 1000 light years across in the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. 

Post-cleanslate Edit

After the Annihilation, the Delpha Sector along with the rest of the DCP's territories has either been destroyed completely or is left as a wasteland.

However, the defenses are still in action despite being a bit glitchy (see Operation Colonization). Much of the technology is semi-sentient, and spokes of consciousness might spark here and there. In time, the Delpha Sector might be ripe once more with life, but of programmable holographic matter and nanotech-biospheres.

The DCP returned and has begun with the MSP to terraform its former colonies, the Delpha Sector is being breathed back into life.

Stellar CartographyEdit

The dense inner rim is about 3000 light years from the Galactic Core. The Delpha sector also contains the DCP. The central region of the sector contains many of the member species homeworlds. Outside the Central Space of the sector lies more of the DCPs Territories. Outside the sector lies the Expansion Territories though these are mainly research outposts. Life on these outer colonies are hard.  Beyond that, wildspace exists - a largely  unexplored region of the galaxy where there are many space myths. Parts of wildspace has been explored though mainly through Wormhole Keys. Space myths include strange signals from the Galactic Core.

Certain regions of the Delpha Sector are separated by voids, and the stars in some places are surprisingly flat.

Spore - The Delpha Coalition of Planets, major Member races

Spore - The Delpha Coalition of Planets, major Member races

DCP territoriesEdit

  • Central Space - Homeworlds, major planets the population of each planet is in the billions.
  • Territories  - Spice and ore mines, other colonies, population of each planet is in the millions. The Expansion Wedge is one of them. Colonies 500 years away from Mirenton are just about recieving the Grimbolsaurians first TV signals.
  • Expansion Territories - Research and deep space outposts. Up to 1000 or more live and work there.
  • Untamed Space - Unexplored regions of the galaxy. There are a few outposts and research colonies, with a typical population of 15.

Well known Planets, outposts and sectors Edit

There are at least 300 to 400 systems in the DCP Delpha sector space (more else where in the galaxy and beyond), which means there are thousands of planets whithin the DCP. Here is a list of important homeworlds and colonies, and some beautiful hotspots.

Grimbolsaurian colonies

  • Mirenton - The Grimbolsaurian homeworld
  • Theocron - A fiery prison planet where prisoners are forced to mine materials
  • Shago - This planet looks deceptive, it is beautiful but deadly, enslaved and conqured species are forced to work there
  • Fahler - A demon world, orginally colonised for its purple spice, but now abandoned, due to frightend colonists, creators note:this planet has had strange glitches, so I tend to stay away. I may destroy it.
  • Botti - Rich in ore and spice
  • Vallius - A beautiful starsystem rich in scientific discoveries
  • Tucas - A geological wonder
  • Thion - The first colonised planet outside the Chilius system, it was the site of many battles against the Warzoleski marauders.
  • Morazani starport - A small oupost, a beacon in the night
  • Azuras - In my adventure Spaceport.
  • Lilov - Originally owned by the Yoburt Confederation, the Grimbolsaurians colonized it after the Yoburt's presence on the planet was destroyed by Grox.

Other races

  • Pupippiumn - A lush Jarzo stronghold. Popular with tourists from around the galaxy
  • Gotience - Another Jarzo colony
  • Pahlanixus - Now annexed by the Miss Feather Empire, it is where the alliance of the DCP started
  • Dylampus - The Miss Feather homeworld
  • Selofos - A major blue spice Chibby colony, it is where my adventure Confinement, takes place
  • Barum - The Yoburt homeworld, covered in cold but dry forests
  • Lucara - Orbits a binary sun, a popular planet for tourists and trader alike, this Yoburt colony produces blue spice

Trade RoutesEdit

Spore 2009-11-08 20-50-26

The Blanack Route.

  • The Trading Corridor
  • Blanack Route
  • Spore Circuit
  • Cranack Way

Astronomical phenomena and nebulae Edit

The starscape.

  • Main sequence stars
  • Protostars
  • Pulsars
  • Planatary nebulae and supernova shells
  • Wolf-Rayet Stars*Giants and Supergiants
  • Dwarf stars

Black holes,Wormholes and Spatial anomaliesEdit

  • RTC-92972-f - short but a good Trade route, which is used to colonise the expansion wedge.
  • EDI-41911-f - Leads to the Crux arm.
  • CLG-16948-j - Helps travel to with in 1000 ly to the Galactic Core.
  • UIP-11161-p - Leads to the Human empire and sci-fi empires near the Sol system.
  • PLG-29416-q - Too dangerous to travel through.
  • God's Gate - Once believed to be a black hole until recently, when it was correctly identified as spherical wormhole.
  • Anomaly 224 - A strange spatial anomaly where spacetime is severly warped. Some believe it is where two realities crash. Not even Spacetime ships dare to venture there.
  • Fahler - A mysterious world.
  • Several leads to Untamed space.

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