Many say the Dead Watch are us gone bad, to the dark side. Really, it's us who went to the light. Where's my ancestor, Cadus, and Ugandalore the Reformer remade Ugandal society into something more tolerant, the Dead Watch maintain the same, barbaric, sadistic ways we had before, if not a little worse now.

- Barda Clett

The Dead Watch are a faction of Ugandalorian who split from the main empire many years ago. A resurgence of the infamous and deadly Cano Clan, the Dead Watch seek to abolish the Ugandal's old ideals for a more violent and imperialistic outlook, as well as bring the Cano Clan back to power, and take over as the Ugandalore.

While some have abandoned the Ugandal-ideals of acceptance and seeking to make themselves better at all times, some Dead Watch seek only to make themselves better through battle, but not through peace and meditation.

During the Enlightenment War, the Dead Watch movement was split, between the larger, majority of the Ruins Hand, and the smaller, but still deadly, True Dead Watch.

History Edit

Before modern Times Edit

The Dead Watchers really began as The Cano Clan. It was destroyed by Torscka Nitrocon's during the Ughandalorian Civil war, during their civilazation Stage. It was believed The Cano Clan was destroyed, but The Brother of Cano Clan's leader/Queen, Shala Cano, escaped with 10 of her children. The Brother, Morkos Cano, raised the 10 as his own and he and his agents inflitrated a Minor clan, quickly taking it over. When space was reached, not long after, Tox, the eldest child, and his 9 siblings, revealed themselfs in the repelion. 4 of the Descendents left and joined Ugandalore the Great, and 2 died, leaving only 4 left to command the Watchers.

Formation Edit

The Dead Watch, or Kryi'tsord (Death Society) in Ugandal, where a splinter faction of Ugandalorians that splint from The True Ugandals of Ugandalore the Great after he became their ruler, and Tox Cano swore to achieve the throne by blood. Tox Cano gathered Ugandal Rebels,Maniacs, and outcasts and formed his splinter faction, The Dead Watch.

A long, bloody civil war started, where Ugandal was on the run from Tox and his troops. But soon, The Dead Watch would fight one last battle, and would retreat from their empire, going into exile, and coming back every so often to fight the Loyalists, while taking children sometimes as slaves.

The Nebulorian War Edit

The Dead Watch, along with the Unitech Citadel, a Wapotria Rebel group, joined the Nebulorians in their attmepts to destroy Ugandalore the Great.

The Dead Watch fought on many planets, includling the Volver Homeworld, The Soldarian Homewolrd, and in a fleet battle with Ugandalore the Great's forces.

At the final battle, their leader, Tox Cano, was killed, and they retreated, as A being known as the Dark one had possessed his body. After this, they and the Unitech Citadel fleet gathered as much Nebulorian technology as possible.

Lorka became the Dead Watch overmaster, and was then turned into a Meeno grox Servant. Thus, Lorka and his warriors turned to serving the Meeno Grox, and the Unitech followed suit soon after.

Second Infectant War Edit

When the Meeno allied the Infectants Source, they send the Morphlings to aid the Infectants. However, the Meeno deemed the Morphlings too bestial to fight on their own, so they ordered the Dead Watch to commend them. The Dead Watch accepted, ready to prove their worth. They commanded the Morphlings and even lower Meeno Drones into battle, as ordered.

Despite their efforts, Dead Watch could not prevent the death of the Infectant leader, Hive-Mind. None the less, Mortox believed Dead Watch succeed in it's task, and made them his top commanders. He also gave the Dead Watch more freedom, and allowed them to go on with their Ugandalorain traditions.

Enlightenment War and Schism Edit

The Dead Watch, together with Unitech Citadel, joined a renegade Volver called Crimson in his plan to kill W'tze, Barda Clett and Brygon. The coup ended in a disaster, and the separatists were forced to retreat.

They then retrieved a Proditkar artifact, with Unitech used this to revive the Biskin. Unbeknownst to the separatists, they also revived the Kroditkar Movement in the process.

Lorka, wanting to conquer Ugandalore, asked Mortox to dispatch an Alpha Cyber Collective fleet to aid him in his conquest. Not only Mortox did so, he also personally joined Lorka, to make sure Dead Watch survived the assault. However, during the battle, Dead Watch accidentally re-awakened the Enlightened Ones. Mortox, of course, was angry at Lorka for this. Lorka, ashamed for this failure, asked Mortox for permission explore the One's Mothership with a Unitech strike team, and kill anyone aboard. Mortox allowed this, however as soon as Dead Watch and Unitech entered the ship, the Proditkar Movement showed up, de-assimilated Dead Watch, and brainwashed Lorka into doing their bidding. Lorka and Unitech then left Ugandalore, leaving the Grox on the planet to die.

However, not all Dead Watchers were tricked into joining the Movement. Some stayed loyal to Mortox, and called themselves the "True Dead Watch". These later aided the Grox in escaping Ugandalore.

After the War, Mortox send his loyal Dead Watchers and the Morphlings on the hunt for Lorka's "traitors". Lorka and his Proditkar-loyal group went into hiding, took on the alias of "Ruin's Hand". Because of this, Mortox eventually lost their trail, and believes the "traitorous" Dead Watchers have died.

Culture Edit

The Dead Watchers, at first glance, appear a dark mirror to the Ugandalorians. Their are more cruel, more ruthless, and far more warlike. However, this was what Ugandal society was like before it's reform. Many of it's highest ranking members live a life of debauchery, and are commonly seen as barbaric.

Dead Watch members commonly travel the galaxy, looking for slaves, victims, or employers to fund their military.

Society Edit

The Dead Watch do not differ much from their true cousins, other then they have far darker desires, and commonly give into their darkest desires and live in excess. When it comes to war, they are ruthless and almost sadistic in approach.

They are all about advancing in rank and status, and gaining the power to lead their own warbands someday.

Religion Edit

The Dead Watchers follow the four dark gods Hedrax, Deskran, Spaaleesh, Tzoreek. Each holds a place in their ways of war and battle.

Corruption Virus Edit

The Corruption virus, created by Dormuncka, is what has given the Watchers their current look. When released, it makes the subject larger, stronger, and more aggressive. As true Ugandalorains believe anyone with Dead Watch' appearance is a Dead Watcher and treat them accordingly, it is often released on true Ugandalorains to force them into joining Dead Watch in order to escape execution.

Since the virus was released on the Dead Watch on orders of Lord Mortox, this could mean Mortox planned to use Dead Watch as his servants since their formation.

The Proditkar-loyal Dead Watch removed the virus, though they still retain a darker coloration and twisted eyes.

Traits Edit

Military Edit

Dead Watchers use the same Military tactics as the standard Ugandalorians, but are more focused on fear and intimidation, then getting quick execution. Their military is designed for not only maximum killing ability, but also very good at stopping targets through intimidation.

Technology Edit

Dead Watchers use the same tech as the Ugandalorians, but mixed with Grox Technology as well.

Relations Edit

Yellow face Allies Edit

We are mildly impressed.

Orange face Neutral Edit

What do you want?!

  • Proditkar Movement - Our current route to power.
  • Alpha Cyber Collective - The Proditkar have shown us true perfection.
    • Meeno Grox - We are still willing to work alongside you...but as allies, not as servants.
  • Bio-Morphlings - We're past you.
  • Grox Followers - Dormunca's lot.

Red face At War Edit

Prepare to die!!

Quotes from others Edit

  • Add your own!

Deranged fools! We will defeat you alongside your Grox Follower allies!

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

You fools are as blinded as the Grox Followers! You shall perish along side them if you continue your evil ways!

- King Glynn of the Volver Empire

Notes Edit

  • These Ugandals were inspired by the Death Watch of Star Wars
  • Some of their culture was inspired by spartan culture.
  • This could be considered the Ugandalorian's amoral mirror.
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