Life in the Bunsen Galaxy does not always revolve around grand galactic wars or complications in intergalactic politics. Great conflicts and great discoveries do not happen every day in the galaxy; indeed, there are many whose day will consist merely of reporting to work and returning home to eat dinner and go to sleep. Interesting things happen every day in the galaxy, though, even if they don't involve incidents that put the fate of the galaxy in the balance. These are not the stories of the legendary heroes and villains of the galaxy and their galaxy-saving exploits; these are the stories of the everyday heroes and characters who truly make the galaxy what it is: the home of countless ordinary citizens that make it special in their own unique ways.

Everyone is welcome to contribute stories to this, as long as they are either set in Bunsen or relate to Bunsen in some way. However, please consult CaptainTybusen if you are going to be using any of his fiction properties in a story.

The First and Last Supper Party[]

The office of Councillor Hirene, Parsee, Simarr. 6 Juliara, 1868 SY, 3:00 PM.

Councillor Hirene had hoped to catch a break today and finally enjoy the Council's two-week recess after the start of the new Cycle. Hirene had been a peculiar situation ever since he had been elected in 1836 SY. He was a provisional Councillor representing the Tuunk Semi-Autonomous Region, which he had helped establish in 1835 SY as a sub-state under the Tybusen state. The negotiations for the formation of the Semi-Autonomous Region had included that the Tuunk receive one seat on the High Council (as opposed to the normal three), a seat that Hirene had almost unanimously won in the two times the position had so far been available, in 1836 and most recently in 1860 SY. His ultimate aim was to push legislation that would elevate the Tuunk from semi-autonomous region to a state independent of the Tybusen Empire, which endeared him to Progressives in his local Erion and Core Rim Provinces but had alienated a number of Northern Heartlands Nationalists from him as well as a number of citizens who still had lingering distrust of the Tuunk following the TIAF Civil War of only 20 years prior. The proportion of the populace and Council that supported the independence movement was still a minority, so Hirene regularly had his hands full organizing campaigns to win over citizens and politicians. Today, though, he would relax.

Hirene - *reading a book at his desk, musing to himself* ...Hmm, well, I suppose if I look at it that way, I guess the author really didn't mean anything at all by making the curtains blue.
Secretary - *distant* Sir, someone wishes to speak to you over the telecommunicator.
Hirene - I told you to tell any incoming callers that my office is not open today and I am not answering calls today.
Secretary - Sir, it's Councillor Aerine.
Hirene - I don't care if it's Councillor Aerine, or Councillor Sirena, or goddamn Captain Lorrelas himself, tell them I'll get back to them tomorrow morning!
Secretary - ...Sir, she says this is something that she needs to speak to you now about.
Hirene - Of all the... Fine, transfer her call to the telecom device in my office.

Councillor Aerine was a Wub Councillor from Artotunus and was an old college friend of his as well as one of his closest allies in the Council. She was one of the more influential Councillors, though her support alone did not contribute much to Hirene's cause. Hirene placed his book aside and straightened himself up as he turned on the telecom device.

Hirene - What is it?
Aerine - What, is that how you greet a friend these days?
Hirene - I have important relaxation to get back to, so please tell me why you called me on my holiday.
Aerine - I was just going to pass along that there's a dinner party going on later today with a bunch of other Councillors.
Hirene - *intrigued* Really, now? Well then, tell me more.
Aerine - Yeah, it's gonna be on Tyrus...
Hirene - Ah, perfect, that's only an hour away.
Aerine - ...at Councillor Restram's estate.

Hirene's expression turned from that of interest to that of disgust.

Hirene - Well then, I think you already know what my answer will be...
Aerine - Aw, come on, give it a chance!
Hirene - It's my choice, isn't it? And my choice is no.
Aerine - Ehehehehe... about that... I already told him to expect you at the party.

Aerine put one of her wings behind her head as if embarrassed. Hirene glared at her.

Hirene - What the hell were you thinking?
Aerine - Aw, come on, you know that you're going to have to go through him if you want any support from the Tyrusan Nationalists!
Hirene - And you know that Restram is the most bitter enemy I have in the Council! It isn't something where you can shake hands over dinner and suddenly it's all jolly good! *slams fist on table* I've told you a million times I'll have nothing to do with that tapir-faced devil!
Aerine - Well, you'll look even worse if you don't come to the party after accepting the invitation.
Hirene - I didn't accept any invitation!
Aerine - Come on, it'll be fun! Lighten up!
Hirene - Seeing as I don't have a choice now...
Aerine - Great! See you at 7!

The transmission cut out and Hirene was left to cook in his own anger. Damn that Aerine! he thought. She means well but she never thinks things through before she acts! Damn her! And damn that Restram! What is he up to, inviting me to a party that's probably full of Nationalist Councillors? Is he trying to humiliate me? Damn it, it must be some kind of political trap! Damn it Aerine, if only you'd consulted me earlier!

Hirene sighed and began to prepare his outfit for the party.

The estate of Councillor Restram, Tyrpolis, Tyrus. 8 Juliara, 1868 SY, 7:00 PM.

Hirene parked his spaceship within walking distance of the estate, which was lit up more brightly than usual for the party. He knew Restram well enough that this wouldn't be so much a party as a banquet. It would be contained and formal, probably with an orchestra playing classical music, with everyone making small talk while sipping from fine crystal goblets and eating fancy petite snack foods from platters being carried around by an assortment of butlers. Luckily for Hirene, this kind of party did not involve the kind of high-energy socialization one would see at what most young people would call a party, and only manners and the ability to make small talk was needed to get by here without looking antisocial, something Hirene was capable of. Hopefully he would get through the night without encountering Restram, but Hirene feared that the unusual occasion of Hirene attending one of Restram's banquets would attract Restram's attention on him.

Coming through the grand entrance foyer of the mansion and into the ballroom, Hirene hoped that someone he knew other than Aerine would be at the party. Having a friend would deflect the awkwardness of conversing with Restram. Aerine wouldn't be any help with that, since she would likely try to get them to talk to each other without her having to strike up the conversation. Seeing as it was a supposedly big event, he hoped that some of his powerful friends in the Council would be there, like Councillor Shorva or Councillor Sirena. His heart sank as he scanned the ballroom and realized that he was only one of three Progressive Councillors present: himself, Aerine, and Councillor Golga of the Zanurily, who, for whatever reason, insisted on acting like a jerk towards Hirene.

Hirene took a deep breath and took broad strides into the ballroom, hoping to project an air of confidence to mask his anxiety. His facade shattered almost immediately as his foot was caught underneath something, causing him to inelegantly stumble into one of the butlers, luckily not knocking anything over and causing a scene. Hirene looked back and saw that he had tripped over none other than Councillor Koelle, a Nationalist Councillor from the Eugene, one of the shorter species in the Federation.

Koelle - Had a nice trip?
Hirene - Oh, ha, ha. Very funny.

Koelle was one of the leading members of the Nationalist bloc that opposed Hirene's goal of Tuunk independence, but she was far friendlier than Restram and shared a sort of mutual respect with Hirene. People were often surprised how amicable the two could be despite disagreeing on some major issues.

Koelle - Fancy seeing you here, Trenton. I thought you and Restram got along like baking soda and vinegar.
Hirene - There's a funny story, actually...
Koelle - Just a wild guess - Aerine dragged you into this and wouldn't take no for an answer?
Hirene - Hit the nail on the head.
Koelle - Yeah, she was gushing to me about it earlier. How she's helping you resolve your differences with Restram by trying to get you two to have a heart to heart.
Hirene - If my heart is made of matter, his is made out of antimatter; trying to bring us closer together will just result in both of us blowing up.
Koelle - You can't blame her for trying. Besides, I think there's a good number of us - me included - who would like to see you two cooperate or at least agree on something at least once before the next election cycle.
Hirene - Hah. Snowball's chance in Inferno Realm.

As Hirene finished talking, he noticed a familiar Tybusen figure wading through the crowd, apparently searching for someone. Hirene caught a glimpse of the figure's face: the face of Councillor Restram. Hirene began to tense up and tried to avert his glance while keeping an eye on Restram's position. Koelle, the intuitive individual that she was, picked up on Hirene's sudden nervousness.

Koelle - Something the matter?
Hirene - O-oh, no, it's nothing.
Koelle - Is someone here? You know I'm too short to see! Who is it that you're looking at?
Hirene - Er, Ellie, you're going to have to excuse me for a moment... Er, bathroom.
Koelle - What? But you just got here!
Hirene - *starting to back away* Well, surprise, I have to go again! Pardon me!

As Hirene started to walk away, he noticed Restram glaring in his direction with a look of as if he had found who he was looking for. Restram began slowly wading through the crowd towards Hirene while Hirene tried to look innocent and blend in with the rest of the crowd. As he continued to step away, Hirene neglected to look where he was walking, and eventually crashed into another party guest - this time, it was Aerine.

Aerine - Oh! Trenton! You actually did make it!
Hirene - Yes, yes, that's a wonderful story and all, but I really have to-
Aerine - Oh, hey! It's Councillor Restram! *begins waving* Hey! Over here!
Hirene - No, no! Shh! Shh!

Hirene tried, to no avail, to quiet down Aerine, who was frantically waving her wings and trying to attract Restram's attention as much as possible, despite her being a few inches shorter than Hirene. Restram finally arrived behind Hirene, leaving the Tuunk Councillor with no escape.

Aerine - *still waving* Hi, Restram!
Restram - Evening. Say, Aerine, why don't you go get some wine? I'd like to, ya know, sit down with Hirene over here for a few minutes.
Aerine - Oh, oh! Yeah! Sure!

Aerine winked to Hirene before wandering off, causing Hirene to sigh quietly in resignation.

Restram - *tensely* So. I was surprised to see your name on the RSVP list.
Hirene - *equally tensely* Yeah? What's it to you?
Restram - Oh, it's just that you've never come to one of my banquets before, is all.
Hirene - If I had a choice this time around I would still not have come.
Restram - *mock offended* Oh, you think you're too good for all of this?
Hirene - If you're telling me I came all this way just to be grilled-
Restram - Mister Two-Term Councillor thinks he's a big-shot now, yeah? With his whole plans for independence? Cutting the Tybusen state into two?
Hirene - *angrily* Piss off.
Restram - No need to start getting vulgar, son. I'm just going to remind you like I've reminded you every other time. It ain't gonna fly. Are we clear?
Hirene - I'll let the voters decide that.
Restram - Decide what? Give a species that's given the whole Federation so much trouble over her 400 years of existence, give them their own sovereign government again? Give them the power to create organized chaos again?
Hirene - Or give them what has been rightfully theirs for the last 400 years?
Restram - You throw around that phrase a lot. Even though it has been rightfully property of the Tybusen since 666 SY. I'm just looking out for the interests of my people.
Hirene - As am I.
Restram - Are you? We'll see about that.
Hirene - *mock friendly tone* Like I said before, piss off.
Restram - Now see here-

Before Restram could continue, Aerine returned with three glasses of wine. Hirene and Restram quickly changed their postures to avoid making it look like a confrontation.

Aerine - Hey! So you guys did talk it out!
Restram - *forced politeness* Yes, I had an absolutely lovely talk with Hirene. I think we've made progress. *takes wine glass* Now, please excuse me, I have other guests to entertain.
Aerine - Okay! Bye!

As soon as Restram left, Hirene dropped the friendly facade and punched a nearby throw pillow.

Hirene - Elephant-faced bastard...
Aerine - *disappointed* ...so you guys didn't-
Hirene - Of course we didn't.
Aerine - ...Well, sorry for dragging you into this, anyways.
Hirene - *sighs* It's alright, I appreciate you trying to help. But I don't think I'm ever going to make peace with that man anytime soon.
Aerine - Well, I guess we keep trying.
Hirene - *looks at wine glass* I guess I might as well enjoy this party while we're here.

Hirene began to lift the wine glass to his mouth, though stopped when he noticed Aerine fidgeting somewhat uncomfortably while watching him.

Hirene - What?
Aerine - ...I sorta carpooled with Councillor Aravene on the way here, but she kinda got drunk off her ass...
Hirene - *sighs* Do you need a ride?
Aerine - Please! Pleasepleaseplease! I'll repay you like a million times over!
Hirene - Promise me you won't try to repay me by bringing me to another banquet like this.
Aerine - Deal!
Hirene - Alright, then I guess we might as well head out now.
Aerine - Yay!

Hirene began walking out of the ballroom towards the foyer, with Aerine at his side. Damn it, Aerine, he mused to himself. What am I going to do with you?

Days Gone By[]

In the Eldarisian Empire, their are many who never get to see the fray of battle or the tables of diplomacy. This is the story of a simple citizen, let us begin.

10:23 am, season of snow.

A Eldarisian by the name of William Jakob lives on Cyloia, he works inside the headquarters of the foundation of Eldarisian science. He is currently making his way to work.

William: Alright, I have my books and lunch, let us hope that today is a little better...

He sees the facility and pulls into the parking zone, he deactivates his vehicle and heads inside. He slides his card into the door locking system and goes in.

Cs-7: Welcome back William.

The door slides open and he enters a huge room filled with artifacts and scientists. The walls are all white as light seeps through the snowy glass top. A scientist approaches him and extends a hand, William does the same.

Volk: So you made it on time I see.

William: The snow was very strong today, but I am here to help.

Volk: Ah yes, follow me.

William and Volk head towards a private office and enter it, the room is small and has a single window in it. Two red chairs are in the room and one is behind a white desk. William sits down in the one facing the desk, while Volk sits in the one behind it.

Volk: So William, I have brought you here today to discuss yesterdays incident and your goal today.

William: T-that wasn't my fault sir, the power core was unstable to begin with.

Volk: I am not blaming you, I just wish to here why it disabled our Artificial intelligence system.

William: Well, I was placing the core in the storage room as you wanted. And when I activated the cooling systems, the cores containment unit broke and sparked Cs-7's systems.

Volk: Oh, well then I guess we got a chaotic core. I will talk to our manufacturers about this, well other then that, I must tell you about your objective today. See we just got a shipment of soul stones from the Eldarisian-Cultist war. Each one holds a cultist that we slain and trapped. You will be working with our advanced team, we must investigate the soul gems unique properties when it holds a soul but beware, if you destroy the gem, the soul will escape and we will have to trap it again.

William: I will not fail sir.

Volk: Good, now be on your way and Cuth bless you.

William gets up and leaves, he then heads towards his group which is waiting for him.

Harken: William, I am harken and this is my team.

William: It is good to meet you all. Where shall we investigate these items?

Harken: We will be investigating these items in room A-37. It has been blessed so all lost souls will be trapped in that room until we recover them, if we break the soul stone that is.

The team begins to talk as they head towards room A-37. They enter and find a soul stone positioned downwards and held by eight small restraints. A laser system is pointed directly towards the soul stone and many holo-records are on the table. The team enters and begin to decide their roles.

Harken: William, take one of those records and record any strange reactions or effects. I will activate the laser system, the rest of you can help record or position the soul stone.

All: Yes sir.

The team begins to get into position as William activates the recording systems. They give the go and Harken begins to activate the systems. The system takes thirty seconds to charge up and then a small laser begins to pierce the soul stone. It began cutting the small sides of the stone off. The sides were soon all off and a liquid began to pour out of the newly cut sides. William begins to identify the liquid.

William: That liquid is a very rare one, it is Nolkan. The same liquid used by Cuth priests to bless people and rooms.

Harken continues to cut while William records the effect. The soul stone begins to glow. The group quickly identifies it as the soul within. This is recorded and the group takes a break.

Harken: It may not have been long, but we have completely stripped the soul stone to it's bear minimum. I will go report this to Volk.

Harken leaves the soul stone on the table and leaves. William notices that the stone begins to violently glow. He gets up and grabs the liquid collector. He then pours the liquid back into the soul stone and then begins to stick the cut pieces back to the stone. After a minute of holding the pieces, the soul stone looked as if it where never cut at all and the glow began to settle down to a controlled pattern. The group looks in shock while William records this. Harken returns and see's the stone back to normal.

Harken: The stone, it regenerated!

William: No, I put it back together.

Harken looks at William with a face of disapproval.

Harken: Why?

William: The stone was glowing violently and I could sense the spirit, so I put the liquid back where it belongs and out the pieces back together.

Harken: I understand, but next time please tell me. I would love to see it.

William: I am sorry, so will we be continuing?

Harken: Volk said that he is pleased with our findings, he told me to tell you that he needs you to take this to the Church of Cuth.

William: How come?

Harken: He said that the stone must be given to them.

William nods and grabs the stone, as he walks down the corridor, Volk approaches him

Volk: William, that stone holds a cultist champion. You must bring that to the Church, you will get your pay and you can leave work early. The Church just came by and told me about it.

William once more nods and makes his way outside, he enters his vehicle and heads towards the Cathedral of Cuth. The huge Cathedral was painted white by the snow, all that remains the same is the circular glass painting of Cuth at the top. William enters and finds a nearby bishop.

Bishop: Hello.

William: I am here to deliver the cultist stone you wanted.

Bishop: Ah yes, we found out about it's dweller by detecting a stronger force of the Consumer from it. We wanted you to deliver it because it is basically curses anyone that releases it.

William: So that is why it was glowing. Yes that stone was glowing after we cut the sides of it off, I put the stone back together though after I saw how violently the soul was glowing.

Bishop: Good work, now I shall take this to the High prophets. May you have a blessed day.

The bishop leaves and William lets out a sigh when the door slams shut. He then sits in one of the pews and looks up at the painting of Cuth.

William: This new job is going to kill me, well I might as well pray while I am here. Cuth I thank you for such a wonderful job, it pays beyond what I want and it is adventurous. Every day is a new adventure and I thank you.

The end

The Finals Countdown[]

The residence of Keruko Tersia, Sanae, Souterica. 17 Setempa, 1894 SY, 10:00 PM

Right. So my name is Keruko Tersia, and I'm a junior at the public high school here in Sanae. You know, Sanae? The second-largest city on Souterica? Oh, and if you don't know where Souterica is either, it's one of the first five major worlds of the Bunsen Grox. Merna-Sina to be specific, but I wouldn't blame ya for not knowing that. It's not like we're a big freakin' deal in the galaxy anyways. Every foreigner I hear on the street is all "Calrino this" or "Hestowe that" or "Heogon that" - well, actually, I'm surprised that they know that Hestowe exists. I would've thought that everyone that's not from the Republic just lumps every world in the Sina ring together and just calls it Calrino.

Anyways! High school student. That's what I am. Life for a student in the Republic? Not easy. Always expected to do your best. Didn't get an A+? Shame upon your family, shame upon your horse, shame upon the food on your plate. If you grew up in the Republic, you know the struggle is real - every boy, every girl - I'm a girl, by the way, if you couldn't tell from my name. I wouldn't blame ya for that either, I've heard people say that the only people who seem to even remotely understand our naming conventions are some guys called the Yamato. I don't know, they sound like dicks to me. But yeah! Every boy, every girl, every pet, every plant, every bacterium, they know the struggle. If the Xhodocto themselves had written into the laws of the universe, "The struggle is real.", that wouldn't even begin to summarize how real the struggle is for us.

Oh! I'm getting off-topic. Sorry about that. Anyways, some guy comes up to me one day and asks me to tell me about the life of a Bunsen Grox student. I figure, "what the hell?". So yeah. That's kinda what you're reading right now. Story of my life. Literally.

So! It's Setempa 1894 SY, last school year. It's 10:00 PM on Sunday the 17th, and here I am just playing some video games with my mates. Have you heard of that one strategy game Gigaquadrantic Civilizations VI? Yeah, it's really popular here in Sanae. Not sure how popular it is elsewhere, but I've played some people from the Levisala Confederacy (they're pretty damn good at it too). So maybe, I don't know.

So I'm playing video games with my mates and we're having a good time. Just finished capturing a planet from my friend Keiga, who was playing as the Radeon (I was playing as the Zazane, who, by the way, are the best civ in the game, and no one can tell me otherwise). Then my friend Mikki (who's playing as the Asgord, who are seriously the most OP civ in the game and I've kept sending emails to the developers to nerf them ASAP) starts talking on the chat for whatever reason.

Mikki - Haha, nice, Keruko. Spode, I can't wait for this week to be over.
Keiga - Oh yeah, that's right, it's finals week coming up.
Mikki - Yeah, it'll be brutal. At least I studied a bit though.
Keruko - Wait, what.
Keruko - Are you shitting me.
Mikki - Shit, Keruko, did you forget?
Keruko - AH, SHIT!

Like, shit! I forgot about finals! See, in the Republic, our school year ends in Setempa and then we get a long break between Setempa and Janeau, when the school year starts again. And in Setempa, you have the finals for the whole school year! My grandpa says that things didn't used to be like that, that we had a year-round school schedule before the TIAF "invaders" came in and changed everything like 30 years ago. He talks about the "good ol days" when kids didn't have massive three-month breaks and they had 15-day breaks every 45 school days. I don't know, my grandpa's weird like that.

But yeah. I had completely forgot to study! So I had to get off of the computer and hit the books (Mikki later told me that she wiped the floor with everyone after I left, with those OP Asgord and everything...). I'll be honest, though, I'm probably not the best student in the world. Yeah, I turn in all the homework on time and I usually score high on exams throughout the year, but it's not like I really listen too hard to the teachers during class. And I just tend to regurgitate everything I've learned for the quizzes and such and forget it by the time finals roll around. So I really have to scour the books and listen to recordings of lectures that the teachers post online.

So at this point, it's 11:00 PM on Sunday and I'm reading the textbook for Science, which is the first exam. Luckily, I'm pretty good with science, especially Physics, which was the focus of this year's science course. Yeah, looking through the textbook and my notes, it's all coming back pretty easily. At least, so I think. It's about midnight when I hit this one part that I remember I had trouble with. Who has the time to remember all of the refractive properties of light? My teacher sure as hell didn't teach me this correctly. I remember how my parents were all like, "if you can't remember what you've learned about light, then it's lights out on your computer privilege". Well, hey, it's not like I'm becoming some kind of photonic engineer or whatever they call it. But yeah, this is a sticking point for me. And it's probably not helping that I'm really tired at this point. Like, I'm dozing off every five minutes. I'm debating in my mind whether to load up on caffeine and power through, or, as they say in the TIAF, "viterigoa durecio oda viterinze!" and wing the rest of it tomorrow morning. Though I guess all that processing must have worn out my brain's battery charge or whatever, because the next thing I remember is lying down on my bed and then not getting out until next morning...

To be continued

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