January 2820 (22AQF), six months after the fall of the once Great Rambo Nation the might of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was unopposed. With the Cyrandia Resistance in hiding after being hunted down by the notorious and cruel Raptor Squadron, only the New Cyrannian Republic stands against the evil of the Empire. However, their future is threatened as they are without any major allies left within the Quadrant Galaxies.

Yet, with the start of the new year, something stirs within the discontent Quadrants, a shimmer of hope that might burn fierce and force the Empire to rethink their strategies within the Quadrants.

The story runs concurrent and might have cross-overs with:

Cast of CharactersEdit

Main Cast of Characters
Character Cast
Imperial Admiral ApticyusLarge Malegras (3) with CapeLarge Idris Vanguinar V3LArge Yvenne ThalyssaeraLarge
Apticyus Malegras Idris Vanguinar Yvenne Thalyssaera
Supportive Characters
Character Cast
Anessa RavencrowLarge Ciena DunedinLarge Jan Michiel TasmanLarge Lord Jar'Dris RavencrowLarge Komamuka SajinLarge CommanderLissarhk GnacktLarge Perreri AckdoolLarge Schlimm Eklig StatthalterLarge Tatsu Irana Rebel Lt Commodore Veloci OnychusLarge
Anessa Ravencrow Ciena Dunedin Jan Michiel Tasman Jar'Dris Ravencrow Komamuka Sajin Lissarhk Gnackt Perreri Ackdool Schlimm Eklig Statthalter Tatsu Irana Veloci Onychus
Character Cast
Yosh Vanderhoek
Private Yosh VanderhoekLarge



The Loyalists engage Imperial forces in orbit of Isle Blue

2 January 2820, Isle Blue found itself under attack as Rambo Loyalist U-Wings and Tiger-classes emerged from warp and engaged the Imperial forces stationed in orbit of the planet. The Arquitens-class light cruiser deployed its ASP IIIH and IV fighters to counter attack the Resistance fighters. Outnumbered, and taken by surprise, the Arquitens-class took damage to its starboard side.

As the Tiger-classes held the light cruiser and ASP-fighters busy the U-Wings entered orbit and began deploying its ground troops and the two All Terrain-Battle Tanks (AT-BT) in the swamps of the planet. The ground forces, among them sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera and under command of Lord Jar'Dris Ravencrow plan to siege Isle Blue’s Imperial starbase and secure it for the Rambo Loyalist, giving them a staging area to fight the Empire within the Space in Between in hopes of restoring peace and justice to the Cyrandia Cluster.

Meanwhile on the surface of Isle Blue, commander Lissarhk Gnackt prepared his forces to defend the station and called for reinforcements from nearby bunkers and Imperial facilities.

Chapter 01Edit

Siege of Isle Blue

Jar'Dis gives Yvenne instruction to siege the Imperial Installations on Isle Blue

Sergeant Thalyssaera looked at the sky, though daylight rain was pouring down and she was already soaked up to her undergarment. Near the waters of the swamp a U-Wing dropped a walker and made way for another U-Wing transporting a walker. A little further behind, an U-Wing opened its side doors allowing a group of human and elven forces to emerge. Striding up the hill, flanked by two female Carnthedain Elves was Lord Ravencrow.

"Goodday M'Lord" Yvenne replied gently, wiping a wisp of hair away in front of her eyes.

The Elven Lord, clad in heavy traditional elven armor representing his status as an ancient elf breathed heavily. "This cursed rain, it will slow our advance sergeant" the Elven Lord mumbled.

Yvenne raised an eyebrow when she studied the Elven Lords helmet, with something like a massive tomohawk on it. Jar'Dris noticed but decided not to comment on the rude gesture, after all since joining the Rambo Loyalist after the fall of Carnthedain he was to accept dealing with lesser beings like half-elves. "Sergeant, you will take the eastern path while I take our main force up the western route. You act as our scouts and draw the Imperial Installation garrison stationed there away from our main advancing force Jar'Dris barked. Yvenne nodded, her walker and troops would act as a diversion while Jar'Dris would advance from the other way, cornering the Imperials.

"As you command M'Lord" Yvenne replied and saluted. Turning Yvenne approached her assigned troops and briefed them and soon found herself walking knee deep in the steaking waters of the swamp.

Infiltration at Starbase 33

Idris liberates Malegras from detention

As the Rambo Loyalist proud Upholders besieged Isle Blue, Loyalist Command dispatched Idris Vanguinar onboard the Consular-class Acceptance to infiltrate Starbase 33, one of the starbases along the (in)famous Gorge in the Quadrant Galaxies. Raptor Squadron temporarily used the starbase as a staging point while Lianna-station was under siege. The Acceptance dropped out of hyperspace and docked with the station requesting aid.

The Imperials were not pleased, but under the temporarily command of lieutenant Vax Trask his honor demaned to aid those that required aid and allowed the Consular-class to dock. As Idris her crew kept the Imperial occupied, Idris herself sneaked of board and headed to the detention cells. Somehow, the Loyalists were given the schematics fo the station and Idris studied them well, after all stealth was her middle name. Opening the cell door, a hulking mechanical figure emerged. Shocked Idris stepped back and drew her knives but was quickly grabbed by her neck in lifted in the air by a very angry Malegras. "And who are you?" he asked in a cold mechanical voice. Idris gulped and whispered he was her target to safe. Narrowing his eyes behind his helmet, Malegras dropped Idris who fell to her knees.

"Well, assassin lead the way" he said with his cold mechanical voice, that gave Idris the creeps.


Acceptance leaving Starbase 33 behind

Idris rubbed her painful neck but obliged and led the Commodore through the hallways. Approaching the docking port Lieutenant Trask ordered them to stop, flanked by various troopers. Malegras turned, Idris simply drew her knives and smiled, dropping a smoke grenade she grabbed Malegras' arm. "Let's go Commodore, no need to engage Imperials, our ride is waiting".

The Commodore made some comment about refusing to run but followed her none the less. As soon as they were onboard the Acceptence it released its mooring clamps and took distance from Starbase 33. Trask took flight with a ASP-IV fighter and perseud as two Gozanti-class cruisers approached the station as well. On the bridge of the Acceptance, Malegras smiled and ordered the crew to open fire at the nearest Gozanti-class. Taken by surprise, the ship suffered out hull damage, clearing the way so the Acceptance was able to jump into hyperspace leaving a frustrated Lieutenant Trask behind. He now had to explain his failure to his commander.

Siege of Isle Blue continued

Lissarhk oversees the battle form a distance as his troopers advance towards "Loyalist" hill

4 January 2820, two days after the Loyalist ground forces landed on Isle Blue, their advance halted as commander Lissarhk Gnackt personally led an attack against the advancing Loyalist forces. As an emergency raised outpost halted the western advancing forces of Lord Jar'Dris Ravencrow, Lissarhk took a trooper contingent and a single Imperial Light Walker over the eastern route near Relocation Valley and pinned sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera and her so called Raven Squad at a hill.

“When can we inform Imperial Command of our ssssituation” Lissarhk hissed to his trooper commander. The trooper replied that due to the yearly anomaly space storm a quarter lightyear away ensured Isle Blue was in the dark for another four days. Shaking his head, Lissarhk was amazed at the Loyalists precision strike during the yearly six days Isle Blue was without contact. Luckily, at day three, tomorrow an Imperial vessel would check on them and would surely call for reinforcements as Lissarhk was unsure how long they were able to hold.


Yvenne gets informed about the advancing Imperials

“Pressss the attack commander, assssault the hill” the Tra'ssahk commander barked, resulting in the trooper scaling the hill and into the swamps, opening fire at the pinned down Loyalists troopers while the Imperial troopers attempted to surround the hill.

Meanwhile at the hill, a lone Carnthedain Elf approached Yvenne and informed her that the Imperial were advancing while shells and laser bolts skirted above their heads. Swearing, Yvenne hated Isle Blue already. Their initial assault plan had failed as they were unable to reach the outpost a day ago, the continuing rain slowed their advance as well and she already lost their Loyalist walker. On top off that, ever since landing rain had been pouring down, and since two hours ago her undergarment was soaked as well and she felt cold. Just like her troopers that were wearing clothes as well, soaked by the rains and the waters of the swamps her fellow human risked hypothermia. The elves on the other hand, as little clothes or armour the female were wearing seemed to have no problem with the weather at all.

Yvenne perked through her trench and to her surprise saw the Imperial walker exploding and crashing down into the swamps. The troopers were retreating and Yvenne shouted orders to her fellow troopers.

“Descend the hills, advance, advance! The Imperials are sitting ducks there!”

Chapter 02Edit

Bismarck attacks

The Tartatus and its escort under siege by the Bismarck and its escorts

5 January 2820, Captain Veloci Onychus onboard the Autokrator-class star destroyer, Tartatus was horrified about what just happened. On a regular patrol towards Isle Blue, that was out of contact for three days- an event that returned yearly around the same time turned into disaster. Halfway their journey, after passing Bunker Eighty Two five Loyalist vessels dropped out of hyperspace and opened fire. The Tartatus her three Arquitens-class light cruiser escorts moved in to intercept the advancing enemies. Matters turned sour when the two Curagae-class carrier frigates launched their fighters. The Imperials did the same but were outmanoeuvred and outgunned by the Loyalists and were unable to break the attack. To his horror, a squadron of rebel Tiger-class starfighters engaged the Tartatus’ starboard engines and undefended flank, resulting in massive damage to its engines, crippling his proud ship. To make matters worse, one of the Arquitens-class magazine was hit and exploded violently while another was crippled after its engines were destroyed. Resulting the vessel to crash upon the Tartatus, heavily damaging its port outer hull and engines. Though fighting valiantly, the Legatus task force was unable to prevent boarding parties and Onychus was faced with the fact that he might have to destroy his vessel and gave the order to evacuate the vessel.

Before able to do so however, Loyalist forces, including human troopers and elven archers entered the bridge and held the bridge crew under fire as the doors were cut open by the sabres of the cyborg Commodore, Malegras.

“Surrender your vessel Imperial, consider yourself and your crew at the mercy of Malegras. Their fate is now in your hands” the cyborg officer said coldly as he approached the Velociraptor Finduilicus officer.


Malegras takes control of the Tartatus and warns Onychus to evacuate less be destroyed by the cannons of the Bismarck

Nodding Onychus surrendered his command though snarled, “what of us now Commodore?”

The Commodore roared and launched himself at the Imperial officer, grabbing his neck he lifted the raptor in the air who struggled for air. “Fool, don’t you recognise utter defeat when it is upon you” Malegras replied cold. He tossed Veloci at the ground and issued orders to his crew to download as much available data of the central computer and inquired the status of the other Arequitens-class that was crippled by now as well. Ten minutes later, the Loyalist were done and prepared to leave the Tartatus.

Malegras, his cape swirling after him chuckled.

“Captain Onychus, continue your evacuation. You have ten more minutes before you ship falls prey to the cannons of my dreadnought, the Bismarck”. Onychus wasted no time and evacuated the remainder of his crew, and was just in time off his prized star destroyer when the Bismarck reopened fire and teared the hull of the Tartatus apart. Looking sadly he was sure to remember the name Bismarck, and would inquire with Imperial Command upon his safe return to Bunker 82 to hunt down that vessel and its commander before it could do more harm and disrupt Imperial/Legatus control within the Space in Between.

Recon get send on Recon

Recon squad versus an Imperial patrol near the Andustar sector

6 January 2820, lieutenant Tatsu Irana ordered her wingman to follow her approach and to open fire. The cannons of the two Reconnaissance-class heavy-duty multipurpose starfighters roared as the pilots watched in awe as the hull of their opposing Arquitens-class Star Frigate was engulfed in flames and buckled. Nearby, two other Reconnaissance-class starfighters made short work of one of the two aging Gozanti-class and exploded in a bright flash. Evading incoming debris the remaining Imperial vessels retreated and jumped into hyperspace to evade destruction.

“Well done squad!” Tatsu’s voice cracked over the intercom as she complimented her team in destroying another Imperial vessel. The task might be long and lengthy, but every Imperial vessel they destroyed was a victory none the less. A few months ago, after most of the Cyrandia Resistance gathered and set up a base at Andustar, Recon Squadron had participated in numerous strikes at Imperial convoys and patrols. So far every time successful with minimal casualties. Returning to their carrier, the CS16-class Château de Montségur. Tatsu was pleased but to her surprise Colonel Perreri Ackdool who seemed in a bad mood. Not surprisingly after being ordered to team up with the rest of the remaining Resistance at Andustar, being on a low supply of coffee for over a month and no contact with the Rambo Loyalist for far longer had not improved his mood. Exiting her fighter she approached the colonel and saluted.

“Another fine victory for the Resistance sir. We kicked some Imperial b..” Tatsu said proudly before being rudely interrupted by Ackdool.

“How may times do I need to tell you lieutenant, no swearing in front of me!” he said mockingly. Tatsu smiled, it was a running joke the old colonel didn’t like swearing or belittling of Imperial forces. “Well sqaud, we have new orders from Resistance Command. We are to depart to the Space in Between at once after rumours of possible rebel sightings and activity in that sector and we are to investigate, if possible identify and make contact”.


Ackdool and Tatsu in discussion onboard the Château

Tatsu’s mood darkened again, not this again. Ever since losing contact with the Loyalists after their loss and presumed destruction at Ozdudrahk the colonel had been urging to investigate and relocated them. Matters turned dark after the loss of both Terrae and the fall of Rambo Nation. But it seemed something had spearheaded Resistance Command to investigate.

“B-but sir, with all due respect. We have been chasing rumoured Loyalist sightings for months. Last two were traps set by the Imperials. They are gone sir, they gambled and lost. Plus we are low on fuel, ammunition, food supplies and.” Tatsu replied with a stern and direct voice. Ackdool, while leaning on his staff straightened his back and one of his eyes narrowed, and Tatsu fell silent.

“It was not a question lieutenant. We are a bloody reconnaissance squadron are we not? Indeed we are lieutenant. You WILL brief your team and you WILL report to my quarters to discuss the mission within 20 minutes. Am I clear, lieutenant?” Ackdool replied coldly.

Tatsu’s fell silent and eyes the colonel with a cold and angry look on her face. Instead of facing the Empire they were going on a ghost hunt again. As Ackdool left a pilot placed a hand on her shoulder. “Well team leader, this ought to be a boring ghost hunt again” forcing a smile again on her face.

Shocking revelation

General Jar'Dris arrives to lift the siege on Yvenne's positon

After being liberated from the advancing Imperials, Yvenne and her troops that were cornered on the hill hailed the arriving General Jar’Dris Ravencrow and his troops as heroes. Striding through the swamp Yvenne approached the general and saluted.

“Couldn’t be happier to see anyone now than you M’Lord, I feared we were done for at that hill” Yvenne replied desperately. Jar’Dris expression softened and smiled, nodding in gratitude for the obvious appreciation of the half-elf sergeant. Behind them, a young elven girl approached them, swearing.

“I truly hate this bloody place, the swamps are making my skin itchy and we diverted from our initial plan for this half-elf?” the elven girl remarked sharply. Yvenne eyed the approaching elf with anger, though General Jar’Dris placed a hand on her shoulder and shook his head. Without turning the general replied coldly.

“My dear grandchild, ever since joining the Loyalists we abide to their rank, this half-elf is your superior Corporal Ravencrow”. Anessa crossed her arm in front of her and sighted, while Yvenne stood perplex. The half-naked elf seemed to be the granddaughter of the General and quite young. Jar’Dris gave instructions to advance further to the swamp, while Yvenne had to take team to scout the nearby hills, placing Anessa under her command as well, claiming it would be good for her to integrate within the Loyalists. Yvenne wanted to protest but the General didn’t want to hear of it.

Two hours later, Yvenne felt sick. The half-naked girl Anessa, who claimed this was traditional Ravencrow armour didn’t feel better at the sight before them. Crossing the hills, they found a small valley littered with corpses, the crater contained still water as well furthering the stank.


"Raven Team" does a shocking discovyer

“Sergeant, we count over 75 corpses within this valley, what happened here?” private Yosh Vanderhoek asked aloud. Yvenne shrugged her shoulders and ordered the private to take picture and gather data. Anessa had drawn her sword and babbled nonsense in her own elven language.

“Bloody hell girl, you almost wear no clothes at all and now you are muttering nonsense?” Yvenne barked. Anesse turned, narrowing her eyes and shook her heads.

“Not nonsense sergeant. Enchanting prayers for the fate of the Bluedion in Carnthedain language. But a half-elf like you wouldn’t understand” Anessa replied sharply. Yvenne turned red, raising a finger she was about to comment when nearby a grenade exploded, forcing the trio to dive for cover.

“Blast it sergeant, Raven Team is under siege, we need to leave this valley! Imperials at 12 o’clock” Yosh said. Anessa and Yvenne raised an eyebrow and wondered about Raven Team while they crawled for another safe spot. Yosh replied that the trio were the start of a wonderful team when he stood up and opened fire, allowing Yvenne and Anessa to retreat further while he soon followed.

Anessa smiled, “Raven Team it is then, let rendezvous with our walker quickly!”.

Chapter 03Edit

Jimmy's Second Intership (continued)

Crossover with Academy Adventures


Recon Squadron engages the cargo freighter convoy

Tatsu Irana issued orders over the intercom to her fellow Reconnaissance-class fighter pilots. “Stay on my wing, lets hit those Gozanti-classes. Recon five and six disable that freighter though don’t hit its magazines or cargo!” she barked. “Copy that Recon One” various pilots complied as they broke formation to execute their attack run.

Captain S'aur looked horrified as two of the three Gozanti-class cruisers advanced and opened fire. It seemed resistance members were willing to attack a freighter convoy of the Saurien Sector Corporation. “Issue red alert, all hands to battle stations” S'aur said over the intercom. Outside the battle started when one of the Gozanti-classes took heavy damage and was unable to prevent an attack run at S aur’s ship. The heavy cannons and torpedoes of the Reconnaissance fighters quickly disabled its port engines and left the heavy cargo freighter drift less. Before long the second Gozanti-class was disabled and S'aur was pleased when at least one of the Kounotori-class heavy freighter and the last Gozanti-class managed to retreat as they jumped into hyperspace.

At the same moment, the flagship of Recon Squadron, the C16-class Château de Montségur exited hyperspace and began docking procedures with the Kounotori-class that S'aur was one. Within half an hour the most critical parts of the ship were searched, including the crew quarters. Captain S'aur was dragged from the bridge to the main hangar where to his dismay he witnessed Recon forces emptying cargo and ammunitions and transferred them to the resistance vessel. To frustrate him even more, the resistance ship was getting fuel directly from his own Kounotori-class fuel tanks as well. To his surprise he saw a familiar face amongst the resistance forces. “Well well, attacking civilian now?” S'aur mocked Tatsu. She simply turned and narrowed her eyes before replying. “Serving the Empire now captain? How far have you fallen sir” Tatsu said without remorse.


Jimmy and Swain are dragged before Tatsu

Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of two others, cadet Jimmy James Rambo and Legatus lieutenant Swain Tavira who were dragged from their crew quarters. To S'aur’s horror the Legatus lieutenant was half-naked and was pushed on her knees hard when struggling to cover her breasts. He noticed a stream of blood on one side of her head as well and some bruises on her arms. One of the pilots unholstered his blaster and aimed it at the young girl “ Imperial scum, we should execute her at once lieutenant” he said.

Jimmy sprang in front and begged for mercy, claiming the girl was innocent though in return Jimmy was hit by the fist of a nearby pilot. “Filthy Imperial sympathizer” the pilot spat. As Jimmy was massaging the hurting side of his face, S'aur approached Tatsu. “Are we hitting civilians now Tatsu? And you claim me of falling low? I just adapted and pledge my services to the Corporation and their interests, trying to protect cargo convoys from raiders and thieves like you as a true Rambo officer would” S'aur spat.

Tatsu looked at the ceiling, counting to ten to keep her temper she sighted. “You are right sir, I am trying to survive as well but killing the innocents is wrong. Let the girl live, wrap up our assignment and take what we need. We leave in 15” Tatsu ordered without another glare at S'aur, Jimmy and Swain. Jimmy grabbed a nearby blanket and placed it over the shoulders of Swain and told her she was safe now. S'aur ordered Jimmy to the girl to the medical bay and take care of her. In any way she needed nodding to her already stage of undressed.


Recon Squadron prepares to depart after stealing fuel and ammunition supplies

“Y-you knew sir?” Jimmy said surprised. S'aur laughed and comforted the young cadet to enjoy the pleasures that his career might bring. “Comfort her, sleep with her again whatever is needed to ensure the Imperials will not punish us for this failure” S'aur remarked. Jimmy looked surprised but was hushed by S'aur that he would inform Jimmy later on the misconducts of the Empire, for now the girl was more important.

As the Recons were done with getting their badly needed fuel and ammunition, the Château de Montségur released mooring clamps and jumped into hyperspace. An hour later, Imperial reinforcements arrived and Swain, who was healed and comforted by James opened a channel from the bridge of one of the arrived Arquitens-class Star Frigate to Raptor Squadron. To her surprise she was greeted by the holographic image of both commander Vitiian Rax and commander Velasus.

“What is it lieutenant Tavira” commander Rax said bored. Swain, a bit unsure stammered a bit and was interrupted by Velasus. “Speak up girl, you are a Legatus officer not some shy girl” the saurian barked.

Swain nodded. “Yes sir, my apologies. I wish to report resistance activity. Our cargo convoy was attacked and resistance members managed to overwhelm our security detail and escorting Gozanti-classes. They managed to steal fuel, ammunition amongst other. Our current location is two lightyears away from Ozdudrahk” Swain said.

Both Vittian and Velasus looked surprised. This rebel activity was far away from other activity regions. Velasus looked concerned while Rax looked determined. “Thank you lieutenant Tavira. Continue your duties, we will look into this” Rax replied coldly. As the transmission stopped, Swain relaxed and exhaled. No punishment for now but she probably made her only allowed mistake. Looking outside the window at the damaged Kounotori-class she sighted, she couldn’t wait to be back in the arms of Jimmy and taste his lips again.

Siege of Isle Blue continued

Komamuka comes to aid "Raven Team"

Anessa Ravencrow, Yosh Vanderhoek asked Yvenne Thalyssaera ducked in the swamp to avoid laser impacts. Yvenne cursed, it has stopped raining for a few hours and her clothes were starting to dry and were now all soaked again. After the horrifying discovery of the skeleton remains of the Bluedions the Imperials trapped them in the valley and opened fire. Raven Team was sitting ducks and easy targets.

Suddenly out of nowhere a figure jumped from a nearby hill and growled.

“Stand back, I will deal with these Imperial” the wolf-being Komamuka Sajin roared as he drew his sword and summoned a protective shield in front of him. Smiling, Yvenne was glad (and a bit proud) to see her mentor again. Ever since the dissidents joined the Loyalist she had barely seen him. And she didn’t forget her outburst against him and the rather painful consequences. Making use of the distraction of Komamuka’s appearance Yosh and Yvenne opened fire at the Imperials while Anessa joined the wolf-being in deflecting laser bolts. Somehow, they managed to get out of the small valley and the Imperials refused to follow them, refusing to give up their high ground and tactical positon.

“Sarge, this might be a problem for our walkers” Yosh said. Anessa inspected her blade and smirked. “I could sneak in and dispose of them” she said rather sinister. Yvenne raised an eyebrow and looked at Komamuka. “Do you have any suggestions sir?” she inquired.


Loyalist assault the main Imperial base on Isle Blue

Komamuka crossed his arms and pondered. “Let them be, that small squad is now long gone. I tracked them after I noticed them trailing you” the wolf said. Anessa fixed her gaze as Komamuka before replying. “How did you know where to find us? When did you arrive?” she asked with a little suspicion in her voice. Komamuka chuckled and informed the three that Loyalist reinforcements have arrived since they received no news that Isle Blue was taken. The anomaly storm was wearing down and before long Imperial patrols might check on Isle Blue again. Loyalist Command grew restless with the slow progress of conquering and securing the Imperial base.

As Yvenne, Anessa and Yosh followed Komamuka they strode through the swamp for an hour and arrived at the main Imperial base where General Jar'Dris Ravencrow had begun his assault. Smoke rose from the hangars and various Imperial walkers burned as they crashed to the ground. Joining the battle, the Loyalist forces advanced and managed to overwhelm the surprised and undermanned defences of the rather large station. Loyalist Walkers shot down any ASP fighters that wanted to embark the skies and as such bereft the Imperial from any aerial support.

“Forward!” the general shouted as the Imperial defences began to buckle.

Chapter 04Edit

Siege of Isle Blue continued

Ciena, piloting an ASP attempts to escape Isle Blue

8 January 2820, the anomaly storm ceased, Lissarhk Gnackt was furious, when he read the report over Imperial channels. He knew darn well the Loyalists hacked the central computer at the main facility on Isle Blue. Luckily he, together with his aid ensign Ciena Dunedin they managed to evade capture by the Loyalists after they overwhelmed the Imperial forces stationed at the main base. To make matters worse, before the anomaly storm ceased they had taken control of the satellite dish and send a transmission to Imperial High Command all was in order. Obviously, it was not, the base was sieged by rebels and the remaining Imperials had withdrawn to a remote outpost located on a hill, giving them a tactical advantage. Lissarhk realised he was vital to the Loyalists, they needed him alive to visually confirm all was right before the end of the day otherwise a patrol would be send from Bunker Eighty Two to investigate or aid in the repairs of the communication devices as per regulations dictated.


Paul Janssen, commanding a Gozanti-class stumbles upon the damged ASP-fighter

A sudden explosion outside the bunker disturbed his thoughts, the Loyalists had found him and his remaining Imperial forces. Nodding at Ciena she knew what to do. “Affirmative sir, I will not let you down” she said as she disembarked the bridge and headed to a nearby ASP-IV fighters. Taking flight Ciena engaged the Loyalist Tiger-classes that approached her and opened fire. Using her flying skills the evaded the Loyalists incoming fire and with a remarkable manoeuvre destroyed one of the Tiger-classes and jumped into hyperspace while still in orbit. Minutes later, a Gozanti-class patrol under command of Paul Janssen arrived at its designated coordinates. Responding to a distress call Paul and his crew found the damaged ASP-IV fighter of Ciena, who was unconscious onboard. Taking Ciena onboard, Paul and his crew investigated the damage to the ASP and realised it was due to battle. Following procedures, Paul ordered his navigator to return to Bunker Eighty Two, something seemed wrong and the young Imperial officer Ciena needed medical care.

Legatus Task Force is massing

Apticyus and the Rector set their plans into motion

Rector provinciae, Grand Mandator Schlimm Eklig Statthalter of the Legatus Finduilica looked outside his window, overlooking the many constructions and installations featured on the outer shell of the Garkarg, a Ramboidae Artificial Moon superstructure. He was informed that Isle Blue had fallen in the Space in Between, after a lieutenant commander by the name of Paul Janssen discovered a damaged ASP-fighters holding an injured lieutenant Ciena Dunedin. Both were unknown to him but the report caused serious concerns. If Imperial Command would find out the Legatus Finduilica was unable to secure their holdings, they might send officers or worse, Inquisitors that might diminish his own influence. His thoughts were interrupted by an approaching admiral Apticyus.

“Ah admiral, my friend I assume you are aware of the reasons of your summoning?” Statthalter mused. The admiral saluted and replied with a voice of disgust, “Yes my Rector, the report is disturbing. It seems the Cyrandia Resistance is trying to secure a foothold in our sphere of influence”. Nodding the Rector provinciae pondered for a moment and looked at the admiral again. “Are you ready to deal with this threat admiral?” he asked.

The Interdictor Tenacitatem and escorts leave Garkarg

The admiral smiled, revealing a row of sharp and deadly teeth’s, something that always disturbed the Rector. “My Lord, my task force is ready to deploy. It will be a perfect testbed for the Legatus Interdictor as well. I don’t require a full fleet to round up some rubble dissidents” the admiral boosted. Turning his attention to the window again the Rector smiled viciously, his own face was dreadful for human to behold as well, though he didn’t like to look at his own reflection he hoped the burning desire and ambition to destroy was clear for the admiral. “Very well admiral, good luck I will make sure the Garkarg is operational upon your return” he finally said. “As you command my Lord” Apticyus replied. Saluting again he turned and headed to his nearest ship, flanked by two stormtroopers he was to depart Garkarg at once and head towards Bunker Eighty Two to mount an assault to retake Isle Blue. He was happy, he finally had his chance to show his worth not only to the Legatus but to the Empire as well, his fellow admirals often mocked him for his position with the lesser Legatus Navy as one from Cyrannus but he knew an opportunity when he saw one. Defeating the rebels in the Space in Between would hopefully get him command of the Garkarg and boost his own influence and status within the Empire at whole. After all, the destruction of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation due to Taev Vosaetiur incompetence made the Garkarg only more important for the Legatus war machine. After all, if the weapon was successful, why bow to the might of Orbispira?

Onslaught of the Tenacitatem

10 January 2820, the Interdictor-class Tenacitatem under command of admiral Apticyus dropped out of hyperspace near Isle Blue. The Rambo Loyalist fleet in orbit was taken by surprise at the unexpected arrival of the Legatus Finduilica taskforce. It seemed something had gone wrong with their sensor arrays within the Corridor of the Space in Between. From onboard the Tenacitatem admiral Apticyus smiled viciously. In front of him, the Loyalist fleet consisted out of a single Lucrehulk-class carrier, two Assault Cruisers, two Curagae-class cruisers, three Hammerhead-class corvettes and the Acclamator-class Eendragt, flagship of Dutch admiral Jan Michiel Tasman. Most powerful of the flotilla was the modified Dreadnought, the Bismarck under command of Commodore Malegras.


The Tenacitatem and its escort engage the Loyalist forces in orbit of Isle Blue, including the Bismarck and the Eendragt

Crossing his hands behind his back Apticyus snorted; All forces, commence attack! Accept no surrender!. The Tenacitatem trembled when the Interdictor-class unleashed its cannons upon the Loyalists fleet, who hastily attempted to form a line of defense. As his forces opened fire, various other Legatus dropped out of hyperspace, smiling he knew the trap had sprang as the two task forces cornered the Loyalist fleet. On the surface of Isle Blue, the Loyalist forces attempted to evacuate the bases. To the admiral's frustration they were unable to stop the approaching U-Wings and fighters as the rest of the Loyalist fleet protected the massive Lucrehulk-class from their cannons. However, overpowering the rebel vessels two Legatus Arquitens-class light cruisers destroyed the two Dutch Assault Frigates after they were drawn out of hyperspace by the Interdictor-class its gravity wells. Soon after, one of the Curagae-class cruisers exploded in a flash of flight.

Onboard the Eendragt, admiral Tasman looked in horror as the Loyalist forces present at Isle Blue, at least half of them were torn to pieces by the small but advanced Legatus task force. Opening a channel to Malegras he informed the cyborg commodore that their nemesis was Admiral Apticyus, a well known horror within the Finduila Sector. Agreeing that their position was lost, Tasman ordered a retreat while the Bismarck covered the Eendragt. Together with one of the Curagae-class cruisers and the Hammerheads the Bismarck would cover the rest of the fleet as they attempted to leave the system at impulse power until they were out of reach of the Interdictor's gravity wells.

Curious, and taken a back with the sudden retreat of the Eendragt and the Lucrehulk-class, Apticyus realised the Loyalist's plan too late. Not wishing to divide his forces, as the re-taking of Isle Blue was more important than destroying the Loyalist vessels ordered to remain at their assigned coordinates and hammer down the shields of the powerful Bismarck.

Malegras was pleased, though hoped the forces on the surface would arrive soon, he was unsure how long he would hold out against the might of Apticyus and the cannons of the Tenacitatem.

End of the Loyalists?

Malegras on the offensive!

Onboard the Bismarck, Malegras looked in dread at the sight in front of him. With the Eendragt gone and the loss of the two Assault-cruisers his own escort was being hammered. The Interdictor-class prevented any jumps into hyperspace. "Commodore, the ground forces have arrived sir!" one of the bridge crew members said. Malegras nodded and ordered his fleet to hold fast. His eyes darted over the tactical screen but he found no opening against the tactics of his opponent, admiral Apticyus. Suddenly a craft jumped out of hyperspace, a CS-16-class corvette appeared and launched its Reconnaissance-class starfighters that joined the battle on side of the Loyalist.

Colonel Ackdool opened a channel and nodded. "Goodday Commodore, stay on our tail, my fighters will open a hole in their lines" the colonel said as he closed the transmission again. Malegras growled, he didn't like when inferiors gave him instructions but none the less ordered his bridge crew to comply. Meanwile, General Ravencrow arrived on the bridge as well and inquired what the Commodore's plan was. "Just stand and watch General, may your prayers have any use" Malegras sarcastically said. The Bismarck, the Hammerheads and the Curagae-class followed Ackdool’s vessels as his fighters disabled one of the Imperials. Arquitens-class light cruisers. Breaking through the Imperial lines the Loyalist ships headed to the wormhole on impulse powers. On the bridge of the Interdictor-class. Admiral Apticyus smiled arrogantly. Believing he had broken the Loyalist he informed Imperial Command that Isle Blue was liberated from Rebel hands and was ready for a new Imperial contingent of troopers. After the loss at Isle Blue, Loyalist activity and appearances reduced and Imperial Command believed the Resistance was dealt a heavy blow. Even the Cyrandia Resistance, already in trouble lost contact again with the Loyalist.

Chapter 05Edit

Formation of Resistance in the Quadrants

General Ravencrow, Commodore Malegras and captain Komamuka speak with Shatterhorn

March 2820, two months after the disastrous defeat at Isle Blue, the Rambo Loyalist forces were scattered. The bulk of their forces were either stationed in the Quadrant Galaxies at Plerax Base while the other half was stranded in the Finduila Sector. General Jar'Dris Ravencrow looked at the assembled party in front of him, together with captain Komamuka Sajin and Commodore Malegras the three of them were now the senior Loyalist commanders in the Quadrants. Next to the general stood the Creckel warrior Creckagni Shatterhorn. “As my intelligence reports indicated, the Imperials are tightening their hold over the Quadrants. Rambo vessels like the Constitution-Class heavy cruisers are being dismantled, planets like Thelliria and Terra Prime face Imperial subjugation. It seems Grand Admiral Tector Decimius wishes to claim the Unclaimed Territories”. Jar’Dris frowned while Malegras cursed. “If those territories fall, we will have little space to move freely around. We need to sabotage Imperial efforts quickly general before Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and the Dutch will have no chance to aid us at all”.


Raven Team Assembled

Komamaku stepped forward; “Gentleman, I have an idea that I discussed with Shatterhorn here. We must make plans to disrupt their trade routes, disable former Rambo factories and such. One such strike team is Raven Team that can be deployed at once”.

Both Malegras and General Ravencrow gave their consents, already aware of the idea. One hour later, Shatterhorn took sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera to the nearby landing platform, where their U-Wing Raven One stood. In front of the vehicle the members of Raven Team had assembled, including Shatterhorn the other members of the team were two Yvenne recognised, Anessa Ravencrow and Yosh Vanderhoek. The others were new to her, corporal Oakster with his owl, medic Phoebe Barask and the druid Amdír Windrunner. Yvenne welcomed them all though wondered why there were so many Quadrantia Humanoids amongst them.

Corporal Oakster stepped forward, “Well sarge, you will know when we arrive in the Unclaimed Territories” he said before he and the others boarded the U-Wing.

Campaigns on the Western Secured Trade Route

Two Tiger-classes engage an Imperial Cargo shuttle

March 2820, the Rambo Loyalist resistance faction revealed themselves to the Imperial forces within the Quadrant Galaxies. The Loyalists send small task forces across the Western Secured Trade Route and began disturbing and thwarthing Imperial movements. Stage 1 of their first engagements included specific strikes by Tiger-class fighters against Imperial Zeta-class shuttles. Imperial Quadrantia Command was furious, it seemed the conflicts of the Rebellion Stages had reached the Quadrants. Quadrantia civilian opinion shifted in matter of opinions, some had favorable others less and silently supported the rebellion. But one things was certain, now the Empire was under siege in all sectors of the Cyrandia Cluster.


Bismarck & escorts unleash their fury in order to disrupt Imperial convoys

Commodore Malegras was pleased, at last the Loyalist would reveal themselves within the Quadrant Galaxies. Their first target, the civilian transports of the Saurien Sector Corporation that ransported weapons and arms for the Imperials across the Cyrandia Cluster after the subjugation of Rambo Nation. Dropping out of hyperspace Malegras chuckled as he openend a channel to his task force.

"This is the Bismarck to all vessels, commence attack!" he said coldly. The two CS17-classes openend fire as their Tiger-class fighters swarmed the SSC transports. Their task was simple, disable the two escorting Imperial light cruisers. As ASP-fighters valiantly tried to defend the doomed transports Malegras manouvered the Bismarck with a clear line of fire and opened all forward cannons at the nearest Kounotori-class transport that soon buckled and exploded in a bright light. Within fifteen minutes, the entire transport convoy was destroyed and the Bismarck and escorts left before reinforcements could arrive.


Recon Squadron engages starbase 04 on the Gorge

To keep up the illusion of wide-spread resistance in the Quadrants, General Ravencrow dispatched Recon Squadron to disrupt Imperial activities along the defensive perimeter known as the infamous Gorge in hopes of weakening the Imperial hold over the subjugated Rambo and New Republic areas, as well as the slow their advance into the Unclaimed Territories. Together with colonel Ackdool they realised their first target was obvious. Starbase 04, an old Rambo Nation Listening post and last station before reaching the wormhole into Cyrannus near Yudumarth. Recon Squadron began their assault simultaneously with the start of the assaults by the Bismarck. Deploying their command vessel to jamm any transmission, the Recon fighters made precision attacks to disable the stations weapons and shields after they disabled a nearby Gozanti-class before continuing their course into the Unclaimed Territories to escape detection.

Battle of Umbrax (Part I)

Spinoluap attacks the Loyalist forces at Umbrax, april 2820

April, 2820 at Umbrax the Rambo Loyalist forward scout camp on Umbrax was rudely awoken in the middle of the night. Lieutenant Watcher and sergeant Judie Watcher, cousins awoke from the sudden screams and the smell of fire. Swearing got to his feet, placed a magazine in his rifle and muttered: "Blast it, the Imperials must have found us".

Judie, his cousin placed a magazine in her rifle as well, but was still kneeling with a hand on the ground. "I don't think it are the Imperials cousin, it is something else".

Both fell silent when a deafening roar was heard, followed by the screams of a Loyalist trooper. Stepping out of their tent their surroundings did indicate a battle. Tents were ablaze, rifle sound was heard and through the smoke the two saw a monstrous silhouette of the native predator, a Spinoluap. Blood dripped down from its jaws as it swallowed a humanoid.


Loyalist reinforcements arrive at Umbrax

Judie looked in horror at her surroundings, their camp was destroyed by a saurien. "Weren't these animals extinct?" she muttered aloud. Watcher grabbed Judie by the arm and pushed her out of harms way when the tail of the Spinoluap almost hit them. Hitting the ground hard, both tasted the sands of Umbrax in their mouth. "No time cousin, signal the others we must leave camp before that creature eats us all" he said. Judie nodded and grabbed her comms.

Three days later, reinforcements arrived in orbit of Umbrax, various U-Wings and SC-130s brought in additional troops and equipment while the Imperial garrisson was unable to halt them due to most of their forces stationed elsewhere. Making a quick approach to the landing site, the Loyalist quickly began offloading the equipment and materials. Judie and Watcher approached their fellow Loyalist colleagues and to their dismay they noticed it was Raven Team.

Raven Team meets Judie and Watcher

Infamous for their elite status but so far had done little for the Loyalist efforts besides training on Plerax. "Well, if it isn't Raven Team" lieutenant Watcher said sarcastic. Yvenne raised an eyebrow but dicided not to comment at the remark; "sergeant Thalyssaera and Raven Team reporting to duty, lieutenant" she said formerly, resulting in a grim look from Watcher. "Well, I guess welcome then at Umbrax Raven Team, we ..." he continued before he was cut off by Yvenne again. "Look handsome, you might outrank me but we stand under direct order of General Ravencrow, I have your new order here" Yvenne coldly said while handing over a datapad. Watcher stood perplex, this plan was madness. Yvenne placed a hand on the shoulder of the lieutenant, "well you guys did fine before some dinosaur got you, leave the rest in the capable hands of Raven Team, we spread our wings and before you know Umbrax is ours and time isn't on our side. We must make haste" Yvenne mockinly said while leading Raven Team into the fields of Umbrax.

Battle of the Netherlands (Part I)

A Hollandia-cargo freighter approached Imperial Installation INL-01

Elsewhere, deep in the Finduila Sector the remaining forces of the Rambo Loyalist made their move as well. After careful preperations Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and admiral Jan Michiel Tasman had agreed on their most important first target, if succes was met it could spark the fires of resistance within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Their objective, the main Imperial/Legatus shipyard in occupied Netherlands, INL-01 located a lightyear away from the wormhole leading into the Endless Space and in the vicinity of the F16 base of Rottum. Their most important asset, lieutenant Idris Vanguinar was send to infiltrate the station and achieve the objectives. But instead of taking a Loyalist or Lusitania vessel she covertly slipped onboard a Dutch Hollandia-freighter.

"What a mess, why did they send me?" Idris muttered to herself. Frowning and feeling stiff after spending over three hours in a ventilation shaft she aced her muscles to no avail. "Probably because that proud overdue and overly feathered Lord finds me expendable and still doesn't trust me" she sighted. Suddenly she felt a tremor when the Hollandia freighter docked with the station and began offloading its cargo. Sharpening her knifes Idris smiled and said to herself; "Well, lets she if the rumors are true that those Legatus are far less disciplined than their Imperial colleagues".

Battle of Umbrax (Part II)

Velocitar and Yvenne watched an Imperial convoy hitting a mine

Yvenne was impressed with the work Judie Watcher and Watcher managed to accomplish while on Umbrax with the native Velocitar. A rather agressive species known to eat their victims, the two Loyalist officers and the Velocitar managed to set aside their differences against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Yvenne, standing behind a wooden spiked fence and underneath a Velocitar watchtower oversaw the operation in the field below them.

"What are we waiting for?" Judie asked. Watcher turned to his niece and sighted, "Didn't you read the memo?" he asked her. Judie shrugged, not willing to comment on her cousin, who the longer he was at Umbrax the more annoying. "Shht" Yvenne whispered, "the Empire is approaching" she said. While the trio wachted the Imperial walker and its ground forces, a sudden explosion send the walker crashing to the ground while the troopers flew around.

As the Velocitar were cheering, Yvenne raised a fist as around in other valleys explosion were heard and smoke clouds were seen rising in the air. Soon it would be time to assault the main port itself in an attempt to liberate Umbrax.

Battle of the Netherlands (Part II)

Idris cursed silently, apparently the reports of the Legatus inefficiency were greatly exaggerated. In fact, they were actually quite stipt with their patrols inside the station. Luckily, Idris managed to enter an air ventilation shaft (again) to evade discovery. Plucking a whisp of hair off her sweaty forehead she sighted again. She felt dirty, her hair was dirty and she was once again in a ventilation shaft. Even though she found herself quite slim, she shafter were rather cramp and moving went rather slowly. Using the data map she got from some officer in the Dutch Navy onboard the Eendraght she made her way up t he main pillar in the station (it took her at least 5 hours to get there). Looking down she miled at the person sitting at the desk, she found her objective guarded by a Navy girl and a trooper!


Idris locatd her objective, the King of the Netherlands in an attempt to rescue him

unsheathing her daggers from her blade she got on both knees and kicked the ventilation roster down. Landing on the desk, much to the surprise of those inside the office she raised her leg and kicked the trooper in the mid section. Before it could raise his gun she plunged her dagger into the helmet of the trooper who fell dead on the ground, blood spilling over the clean metal floor.

"You Majesty, stay behind me" the Dutch Navy lieutenant Verboom said while she shielded the King of the Netherlands from harm. Idris raised an eyebrow and smiled wickedly. Seathing one dagger she pointed one at the King and the girl and asked "Your Majesty, one moment please, where is the toilet? I need to go badly after crawling for five hours inside those shafts". Both the lieutenant and the King looked perplex but poined Idris in the right direction.

Moments later a very relieved Idris returned and explained her purpose to the two while the King congratulated her on her efforts. "Well ofcourse miss Vanguinar, I will spark the fires of Resistance of my people. But first you need to get me out of here" he said. Idris leaned against the desk and toyed with her dagger, the point circling her finger. "Just wait for it" she said happily.

Battle of Umbrax (Part III)

As Raven Team was executing various guerillia strikes against the Empire on Umbrax, sergeant Judie Watcher and her cousin Watcher made use of the situation to sneak in a nearby outpost and stronghold of Judge Magister Ramhis and his seventh legion. The Serindia guards at once drew their swords and took the two humanoids to their master.


The Watcher cousins speak with Judge Magister Ramhis

"Well well, it seems the rebel scum reached this planet as well" the Judge said in disgust. Judie narrowed her eyes and wanted to say something insulting but was stopped by her cousin, Watcher. "Your excellency, with all due respect we fight for the freedom of Rambo Nation" he said in defiance. Ramhis waved a hand in disgust, claiming Rambo Nation was gone without a Royalty. "Judge Magister, we serve Lord Ramannis Le Rambo, a Royalty and leader of the Rambo Loyalist, would you refuse the call of help?" he said boldly.

Ramhis turned and hissed. "How dare you humanoid, I did not swear allegiance to House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda but to the Royal Dynasty of the Capital. But they are all gone now and the Empire reigns supreme" Ramhis told the two Loyalists.

Judie stepped forward; "Your Excellency with all due respect, so you would admit defeat and stand aside while the Empire plunders planets like ours in the Unclaimed Territories?". Ramahis looked at the young girl and the plea in her voice.

A day later, Umbrax was in control of the Rambo Loyalists. With aid of the seventh legion and Judge Ramhis, the Loyalists and the Velocitar the Imperial garrison was overran and Umbrax was liberated. With Umbrax in control of the Loyalists, it brought them into striking distance of both Impaerusqiantia and Eris, two major strongholds of the powerful Saurien Sector Corporation.

Battle of the Netherlands (Part III)

King Willem IX stood perlex as he, Idris Vanguinar and lieutenant Ellen Verboom were transported to the bridge of the Eendragt, one of the Acclamator-classes docked to the station. "Your majesty, welcome onboard the Eendragt" admiral Jan Michiel Tasman said to the king in all courtesy.


The Dutch King meets the Loyalist leadership in Finduila, April 2820

The King nodded, but still looked confused and his eyes widened upon seeing the Libertus commander Altus Mirea and the Serindia Lord Ramannis Le Rambo. "Greetings from the Quadrants your majesty" Rammanis said politely.

"Y-yes, well I guess welcome for my rescue from the Legatus admiral and company" the King replied. In his mind he thought the bloody world was gone mad, talking birds and massive reptiles larger than those raptors of the Legatus. What was next, looking at Indris he noticed she had pointy ears and resembled an elf. As the others introduced themselves to the Dutch King it became clear they were a resistance force and the Legatus was only a small pawn of a far larger Empire, known as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Though hesistant at first to pledge his support to these Loyalists and dissaproving of their plan to wage war within the Kingdom of the Netherlands the King saw his chance to liberate his people and introduced his own plan. Something he had been working on for years while imprisoned on the station. The others, included the admiral were sceptical about this bold plan, for one the young Elf seemed to love. Eventually the Serindia Lord gave in.

"Very well your majesty, perhaps a bold plan is just what we need but we lack the resources" the Serindia Lord said. Now it was Willem's turn to smile as he opened a fleet wide channel.....


Mid April 2820 (22AQF), Ser Sarossk- director of the Saurien Sector Corporation was nervous. He just recieved word that the nearby planet Umbrax had been taken by resistance forces and were now in striking distance of both Impaerusqiantia and Eris, both vital places for the SSC. Sighting he contacted Grand Admiral Tector Decimius. The hologram flared to live, revealing a rather annoyed Grand Admiral. Sarossk might a slight bow. "G-grand adsssmiral, I have dire newssss" Sarossk hissed. "Go on, director," Decimius said. Sarossk gulped, he always wondered how the Grand Admiral was able to keep his composure in dire times.


Grand Admiral Decimius is contact by Director Sarossk

"Umraxsss hass falen. Your ssshipmentss are unable to leave Eriss asss both the yardsss and the Forge face invasion by thessss Loyalistsss" the director explained. Showing another hologram he showed what intel his personnel were able to gather, including that various units had gathered at Umbrax, including the feared Bismarck. "Only three freighterss were able to leave before Umbrax taking Grand Admiral" Sarossk finished his plight. "Most unfortunate. At what point where you planning on informing me that these Loyalists possessed the capacity to make such inroads?" Decimius asked coldly. Sarossk fumbled his fingers in nervousness; "W-with all due respect Grand Admiral, movements of the Loyalist should be procesed by the Imperial Navy, not a civilian like me to you in person- I-i normally don't have insights in such matter" he tried to defend himself.

Decimius clasped his hands behind his back.

"Correct. However, the Imperial Navy faces opened fronts of considerable severity, one against the Dominion in the northern sectors of the Outer Rim, and another by New Republic rebels in Coru Secundus. In lieu of the ability to be in two places at once, I would expect more regular updates from the Saurien Sector Corperation on rebel activities in the Saurien sector," Decimius replied.

Sarrosk bowed; "O-ofcourse Grand Admiral. Even if the Forge and Shipyards might be sieged, it doesn't mean my shipments cannot travel to Cyrannus, after all the SSC is an independent company".

Decimius scratched his chin. "While I am currently occupied with the search for the rebels spinward of the Core, I will dispatch Admiral Anten Rh'vaurek and his armada to reinforce your ships and act in my stead. Is that sufficient?"

Sarrosk bowed again, hoping that they would not come to late.

"Your generosity to secure our interessts are admirable admiral!" he said before the transmission was cut off.

Chapter 06Edit

Sabotage at Impaerusqiantia

Anessa arrives on Impaerusqiantia and meets with S'aur

Mid May 2820, Anessa, an asset within the notorious Raven Team looked nervously around her. She infiltrated Impaerusqiantia and stood nearby some old ruins of something called the Imperial Alliance. She didn't like the planet with its hot and dry climate. She thought about the recent report about the missing of Watcher and Judie Watcher near the Metruia Nebula. Whether caught or lost in the nebula Loyalist leadership did not know but she felt sad about them, they seemed like decent folk from a place called Terra Prime.

Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of a HarbronrSaurien on top of a VeldronSaurien mount. The saurien was dressed in the uniform of the former Rambo Navy, stepping down he might a slight bow with his head as a token of respect.

"Well agent, here is the Veldronsaurien mount for you to get into the city" he said with a low voice. Giving her the reigns the girl looks annoyed and waved a hand in the futile attempt to get the stench out of her nose. S'aur chuckled and smiled. "Never thought I would do this against my own people, but good luck. And be careful, even elves are a rare sight on our planet" he said cautiously.


Anessa watches as the Forge is disabled by explosives

Anessa nodded and thanked captain S'aur for his aide while she herded the creature towards the main settlement at the footsteps of the ShadowForge. S'aur shook his head.

A few hours later, Anessa using her skills as a scout had infiltrated the ShadowForge, she disposed of two guards but refrained herself from killing them. After all, the HarbronSauriens were not the enemies of the Rambo Loyalist. A few hours later, evading guard patrols and hiding in ventilations shafts, Anessa left the ShadowForge covered in ashes and dirt. As twilight set in at Impaerusqiantia she climed on one of the roof and looked at the forge.

Mumbling to herself she said; "Showtime" as an explosion was heard and various factory towers collapsed and blazed in fire. The tremors were felt well into the ShadowKeep but she had prevailed, the ShadowForge was disabled for the time being as she saw another exhaust tower collapse.

Battle of Eris

Battle of Eris, May 2820

Commodore Malegras onboard the Bismarck groaned in frustation as ship was rocketed again by another impact. Somehow, Loyalist intelligence was wrong and Eris had an Imperial presence when he was conducting negotiations with the local government. Out of nowhere Raptor Squadron had arrived and dropped out of hyperspace. Though with only three light cruisers and a single Yurrus-class carrier they made short work of his escorts and fighter squadron.

He knew Lady Astrosia commanded one of the light cruisers and deployed her forces in such a way the Loyalists were unable to launch a big offensive without damaging the shipyards itself. Lady Astrosia didn't mind what was hit as long as the Loyalists would not escpae.

Slamming his fist on a nearby console he growled.

"This is the Bismarck, withdraw" he spat through the intercom as another CS17-class exploded. Malegras wanted to leave Eris before an Interdictor and trap them here. He only hoped that the plan on Impaerusqiantia would work otherwise their victory on Umbrax was for naught and in danger.

Battle of Impaerusqiantia

Battle of Impaerusqiantia

June 2820, assembling their invasion forces the Rambo Loyalist invaded and assaulted the Imperial forces at Impaerusqiantia. After the battle at Eris-Lady Astrosia and Raptor Squadron headed to Impaerusqiantia to lead the defense against the resistance forces. For two weaks, going from settlement to settlement the Loyalist forces slowly advanced towards the ShadowKeep, capital city of Impaerusqiantia and lies before the blazing hot forgest of the ShadowForge.

The ground forces, were lead by captain Komamuka Sajin and sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera. Various squadron, including Raven Team participated in the gruesome battles while the native HarbronrSaurien joined the Loyalist cause.

Now at the doorstep of the ShadowForge, the Loyalist make their final push as the Imperials gradually retreated to the ShadowKeep. As the Imperials started the assault, Loyalist forces gave their everything. Wintaria Serindia from Ramar Shadda, elves from Carnthedain and humanoids from the Unclaimed Territories fought valiantly together. The Imperials, strong and organised but limited in numbers were slowly being pushed back as elven druids unleashed the elements upon them. Loyalist walkers and Imperial walkers were torn apart by the fires of war while both sides turned to melee weapons and hand to hand combat when the ammunition ran short.

As the battle rages on outside the city walls of the ShadowKeep, captain Komamuka infiltrated the city to find the one responsible for the valiant and strong Imperial resistance, the dark lady Astrosia. Making his way through the city while explosions were heard on the other side of the canyon, Komamuka arrived at the other side of the cliff, overlooking the way to the massive and impressive ShadowForge. He noticed various towers were still damaged and under repair due to Anessa Ravencrow her sabotage mission earlier on.

Komamuka's ears twisted, feeling a dark presence behind him he turned while he unseathed his sword.


Lady Astrosia and Komamuka the Wolf face off

"An impressive sight isn't it the ShadowForge" the cold metallic female voice of Astrosia said as she ignited her saber. "It will be the last thing you see Wolf" she said menacing.

Komamuka growled as he took a battle stance. "It will be you who will meet your end servant of darkness" the wolf growled.

Without warning Astrosia launched forward and her saber connect with the sword of Komamuka, spark flying around. Astrosia leaned back while Komamuka swung his sword, hitting empty air Astrosia found an opening though to her surprise the massive wolf simply jumped back to evade her blade. "You are quite agile" she hissed to her opponent. To her surprise Astrosia saw a SC130 flying over, momentarily distracted Komamuka jumped into the air and slammed his sword down, though Astrosia managed to block the attack she felt her muscles flex by the impact. Suddenly around her troops were running towards the forge as the Loyalist broke through their defenses.


Conclusion of the Battle of Impaerusqiantia

"Ma'am, ships have arrived from Eris, we are outgunned" she heard over her intercom as the holographic projection inside her helmet took form. Using her telekinetic powers to shove the Wolf aside she holstered her saber. "It seems we shall meet again, Wolf" before she jumped on a nearby dropship that took into orbit.

In orbit, a joined Western Sector fleet, with new Harakaze-class star destroyers and the Loyalist fleet started to approach the small Imperial defenders. Realising the battle was lost, the Loyalist allowed the Imperials to withdraw as to prevent further casualties. With Eris taking the side of Impaerusqiantia and it being liberated from Imperial control, the Western Sector of the later Rambo Nation was now liberated and in open rebellion against the government of Orbispira.

Epilogue and the rise of a new dawn

July 2820, mere days after the victory at Impaerusqiantia sergeant Thalyssaera oversaw the clean-up of Imperial remnants on the planet while Loyalist Command and the Western Sector leadership discussed politics. To her surprise, on this particular day various high profil former Rambo Nation regional politicians met within the ShadowForge and she was invited as well.

Waiting within the halls with Lord Asparex and Ser Sarossk of the Saurien Sector Corporation, she was surprised with the arrival of Ramuno of Eris and Chancellor Jioan in his hoverchair.

"Greetings sergeant Thalyssaera, on behalf of the people of the Western Sectors we thank you and the Rambo Loyalist for their aid to lift this occupation" chancellor Jioan said proudly.


July 2820, the formation of the Dinotopian Republic

Yvenne made a slight bow and smiled. "No need to thank you my lords, we did our duty to the people of Rambo Nation" she said with all courtesy.

Asparax chuckled at her comment; "Yesss, Rambo Nation isss no more" he said with remorse but with some kind of devotion as well. Yvenne raised on eyebrow as she noticed Ramuno remained a bit on the side and looked uncomfortable.

"Sssergeant Thalyssssaera, we assk you to inform Lord Le Rambo we havesss no intentionsss to join him in building a new Nation as the asss the late Empressss Ramasssshe left no legal heir" Lord Asparax said grimly.

Yvenne leaned crossed her arms in front of her and leaned on one hip. "B-but, the Loyalists fight to liberate the Quadrants from Imperial occupation and restore Rambo Nation" she said defiant.

"A noble but lost cause my dear" the Venatioa said abruptly shaking his head. Yvenne narrowed her eyes and felt her anger rising, remembering her lessons from the Wolf she counted to ten before she said something wrong.

"Not to put you in a more difficult situation than you already are sergeant" the Serindia Ramuno suddenly said. "But we bowed before the Royal Dynasty of Le Rambo, and that line has ended. Together we decided to form our own state, that will support your cause" the silent Serindia said. "We ask you to relay this message to Lord Ramannis as well, you can inform him that the Western Sector is no more but from its ashes the Dinotopian Republic has risen".

Yvenne was completely baffled as the lords refused to tell more and left her as they had more issues to discuss. She new the Serindia Lord would not be pleased by this news at all, and worse of all she had to relay it.

Chapter 07Edit

Showdown at Legatus

Mid-July 2820, a week after the formation of the Dinotopian Republic news had not reached the Rambo Loyalist forces in the Finduila Sector. After liberating the King Willem IX of Kingdom of the Netherlands in Arpil Dutch dissident forces and Ramannis Loyalist's forces prepared to wage war against the Legatus Finduilica.

DawnofDivina 47

Dutch Dissident/Loyalist forces clash with the Legatus at Garkarg (May, 2820)

In the months since April, King Willem IX refused to wage war against his own people within the borders of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, forcing Lord Ramannis Le Rambo to come up with a different strategy. Their new plan, bold and risky was initiated by commander Mirea. In July their plan was ready and all tensed when the Loyalist and dissident forces dropped out of warp within the orbital sphere of the Garkarg, a former Ramboidae Artificial Moon. Taken by surprise, the Legatus forces launched the defensive fleet against the Loyalist forced led by the Loyalist One and the Eendragt. Autokrator-class star destroyers formed the main defense while supported by the smaller Arquitens-class Light cruiser. Dutch Dirk Hartog-classes and SF-16s joined with the Loyalist Tiger and CS classes wreaking havoc upon the depleted Legatus lines. Yet the Legatus were well trained and managed to destroy various Dutch vessels and at least two CS-class carriers. As Dutch Acclamator-classes provided covering fire the joined dissident/Loyalist forces faced collapse as the Gararga's own defensive perimeter came online.

Succes was when King Willem and Ramannis infiltrated the massive Garkarg and found their way into the main command centre of Rector Schlimm Eklig Statthalter. As Ramannis' personal Serindia guard protected himself and the Dutch King both confronted the dreaded leader of the Legatus.

"Surrender Rector Provinciae" Lord Ramannis proclaimed as his guards advanced. The Rector turned and simply smiled sinister. "And why would I?" Schlimm responded. "You know darn well that your Dutch and Loyalist forces cannot stand against the weapons of Garkarg. Even with my demise the Legatus will continue to fight you".

DawnofDivina 48

Ramannis and Willem face the Rector of the Legatus

Ramannis narrowed his eyes and raised his hand to end the Rector's life. "It does not need to end this way" King Willem said directly to the Rector. Surprised the Rector turned his attention to the human king and beckoned him to speak.

Willem stepped forwards and said: "Once our Nations lived in harmony. Now the Legatus is a mere puppet for the Empire while it strips all of our planets of its natural resources. Both within the Kingdom as within the Legatus and you seem powerless to stop it Rector. Join us against the Empire and we can overtrow the influence the Empire holds over this Sector".

The Rector chuckled. "There is no hope against the Empire. If I turn my back on the Empire their forces will annihilate this Sector" Schlimm said.

"If not, why not cease hostilities against us. Withdraw from the Kingdom in hopes of a better future. If we succeed the Legatus will be free once more, if we fail you can always re-conquer the Kingdom once more. Are the bulk of your forces not now in the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Space in Between at the whims of your Imperial masters?" Willem proclaimed.

Narrowing his eyes, Schlimm pondered the words of the Dutch King and ordered the Legatus fleet to cease fire and withdraw from Kingdom territories.

Approaching both Ramannis and Willem, the Rector hissed his following words. "You have till the end of the year to liberate your Nation bird, if not I will level the Kingdom as my fleet regroups".

Discovery at Yarchadia
DawnofDivina 49

Yvenne arrives at Yarchadia

Rambo Loyalist sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera onboard the Resurging Starfire looked horrified at the planet below, Yarchadia. The bridge crew went silent at the massive insigna of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Gulping, Yvenne realised the rumors about Astrosia and Raptor Squadron were true, the so called Quadrantia Contingency Plan was being executed by the Imperials with one goal. Weakening the Quadrants so they could never oppose the Cyrannus Galaxy.

"Signal Loyalist command, inform general Jar'Dris Ravencrow of our discovery, and inform the government of the Dinotopian Republic as well".

Signaling her crew to leave this graveyard, the Resurging Starfire left orbit and jumped into hyperspace, escorted by two flanking Tiger-class fighters.

Chapter 08Edit

Return to the Quadrants

The Dutch and Loyalists start their campaign to liberate the Quadrants

02 August 2820, a joint Rambo Loyalist and Kingdom of the Netherlands fleet exited the wormhole at the Wormhole plateau and advanced towards its valiant defender, Starbase 25, a Ramboidae Artificial Moon. Onboard the bridge of the Loyalist One Lord Ramannis Le Rambo looked grim and a bit nervous as he twitched his wings. Knowing full well this day would either mark the start of the liberation of Rambo space or signal the end of their resistance against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

As all squadrons reported in, including the Dutch forces the Imperials reacted by mobilising their fleet to intercept the rebels.

Onboard the Dutch Acclamator-Class Eendragt, admiral Jan Michiel Tasman smiled, at last the Dutch would enter the frey and help their newfound friends against the tyranny of the Empire. "This is admiral Tasman to all ships, launch fighters and intercept those ASP-fighters! Protect the fleet. All cruisers engage those star destroyers!"

As such, the battle began!

Battle of Starbase 25

Loyalists and Imperials face each other near starbase 25

Lord Ramannis Le Rambo lost his footing and fell to his knees upon the barrage from an Autokrator-class star destroyer. As the Loyalist One took damage and veered left, the nearby Interdictor-class ICS Tenacitatem changed course in persuit. Slamming his fist on his console he swore under his breath. "Helm, get me the Eendragt" he barked.

The helm replied the Imperials jammed all signals and their fleet was in disarray. Ramannis wondered how this was possible. Their assault took the Imperials by surprise and with sympathisers on the starbase sabotaging the massive station victory was in their grasp. However the retalliation tactics by admiral Apticyus shattered the Loyalist ranks after they destroyed various carriers and unleashed swarms of ASP-fighters against them.

On top of that, the Tenacitatem prevented ships from jumping into hyperspace to escape and as such the Loyalists were left on their own and to fight to the last.

Arrival of Old Friends
7th Expeditionary Force PA

The Civatron led Singularim Pact arrives at the battle of Starbase 25 to assist the Loyalists

"Lord Le Rambo," the Helm ensign said, "I'm picking a strange reading from the Wormhole, it's something I do not understand!"

The commander of the Loyalist forces rushed towards his crewman's instruments, begging to the Ultimate One that it weren't about Imperial reinforcements.

As he checked the readings, his expression suddenly changed from despair to utter confusion. He knew what those readings meant, he had seen them before a long time ago.

"It can't be, someone is playing us." He muttered.

"What is it?" his first officer inquired, for he had never seen such an astonishment from his commander before.

"Sir, I've got a visual directly from the wormhole."

Le Rambo gripped the top-end of his chair with anxiety now. "Put it on screen."

The visual manifested in front of the crew as they endured yet another direct hit from the Imperial Navy.

There, a strange phenomenon happened before the two fighting sides, as an unusual version of the wormhole occurred, pulling out an entire fleet of green vessels and glowing cyan linings possessing a configuration both the Loyalists and the Imperials had never seen. Like shooting stars, these ships warped in, each one of them giving way to another, way bigger, craft, until a massive cruiser jumped in, taking aback the great Lord Commander of the Loyalist forces.

"Astrometrics confirm the arrival of an alien fleet, Commander!" the ensign shouted, "the computer cannot identify them, there is nothing on the database!"

"Of course not, this ship was built long after that..." Ramannis said.

"Commander, do you know who they are?"

"They are the Civatrons!"

There was silence in the bridge as everyone stared at the screen again.

"Aren't they old legends of the past?" the first officer asked.

"They are." Ramannis answered, gazing at the new arrivals.

"How can they possibly be alive? They were allegedly extinct since the First War against the Zhulultu if my history class served me well."

"The alien fleet is advancing, closing in on our position!" the ensign said.

"Stand by all remaining forward cannons!" The first officer shouted.

"Sir," the comms officer said, "They are hailing us."

"Who?" Ramannis inquired.

"The... the Civatrons... audio only."

The Serindia cleared the sweat off his forehead.

"Today, Rambo Nation stands!"

All crewmembers on deck lost their breath or seemed to be, as a second silence invaded the bridge.

The Civatron cruisers fired highly concentrated beams of psionic energy at the Imperial cruisers, tearing them into scorching metal as they obliterated the depleted Imperial Navy. The crude Civatron tactics were an amazing, yet terrifying sight, as one of the giant dreadnoughts even rammed an ICS Autokrator class, its momentum pushing it from its current position. Like a spear of cyan-like light, the Civatron Armada broke the Imperial blockade, taking them by surprise.

Battle for Starbase 25

The Kroc Dreadnought rams the Autokrator.

The Imperials were not done for, however, and directed their firepower towards the new arrivals, thus beginning yet another frontline in the battle.

Le Rambo felt as if a voice spoke in his mind, a powerful echo he had not felt since the times of the first Great War.

"Lord Le Rambo Ramannis", it said, "We are the Civatrons from the Singularim Pact, we are honoring a long-standing alliance your people had with ours, please rally your forces behind us while we distract your opponents."

"W-who are you?" Le Rambo said.

"My name is Lord Psantik of the 7th Expeditionary Force, I come in behalf of Ynur'Vae, Lady Protectress of the Pact, with direct orders to assist you in your endeavor to liberate your people."

"Sir, the Civatrons are routing the Imperials, they've done it!" the helm said.

"Move our remaining forces behind the Civatrons, coordinate our attack with theirs! Tactical, make sure you follow their movements well, let's get to work people, Rambo stands today!"

"Aye sir!" everyone shouted.

With renewed hope, the Loyalists rallied alongside the fleet of the Singularim Pact, firing back at the Imperials alongisde their long-lost friends.

That day, the rebels had won a foothold in their occupied territory.

That day, the Rambo had united with the Civatrons once again.

Securing a foothold

Schout-bij-Nacht Tasman and Lieutenant Verboom look weary at the Civatron arrival

Schout-bij-nacht Jan Michiel Tasman onboard the Eendragt looked uneasy at the sight of the vessels of of Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and Lord Psantik of the 7th expedition force of the Singularim Pact entered the bridge. Looking at his aide, lieutenant Ellen Verboom she informed him that they were approaching the bridge to meet him.

Measuring the reptilian Civatron with its burning divine psionic eyes he had to agree with the Ramboidae, they were a sight to behold and breath-taking. “Welcome onboard the Eendragt” the human admiral said and extended his hand.

The Civatron Lord looked a bit unsure, but extended his own and both shook hands. “Well, a grand day it is then. The return of the Civatron and first contact with the Dutch” Lord Ramannis chuckled as he took his position around the command table. Tasman smiled, this was the second time he made first contact, perhaps after the war had settled he should become an explorer like his ancestors. Beckoning the Civatron Lord to the table as well the three looked at the holographic map of Quadrant 82. Lord Ramannis began speaking. “With aid of the Dutch and the Singularim we managed to siege Starbase 25 and secured the Wormhole Plateau”. Looking proud at the other three he raised a new screen. “I propose that control of the wormhole leading to the Finduila Sector will be handed over to the Kingdom of the Netherlands while the wormholes leading to the Chandras Galaxy, as well as the mined Tigris Galaxy will be handed over to the Singularim Pact”.

Both looked surprised but pleased. “To promote our friendship, the Ramboidae will allow personnel of both nations to serve on Starbase 25 and authorise and monitor incoming traffic from and to your respective sectors”.

Both nodded in agreement though the Civatron Lord soon returned to tactics. “The Pact is honoured by your proposal, but what of the war?”.

Ramannis crossed his arms in front of him, clearly he had underestimated the Civatrons resolve for battle.

“Lord Psantik is correct” schout-bij-nacht Tasman replied. He explained that with taking the wormhole plateau they made a major tactical victory but held a vital strategic point in the war. One that was to be sure to be attempted to retaken by the Imperials. The Dutch admiral moved for a continues attack on multiple fronts against the Empire. General Jar'Dris Ravencrow and his forces in the south should besiege Ramgotheria while the bulk of their own forces should assault Rambo Prime, Karzhamarhi-Nui and Matakoro. A risky and bold plan but if successful would send the Empire regrouping.

Both Ramannis and Tasman looked at the Civatron Lord to see which position the Pact would like to besiege.

As the Civatron Lord left, Tasman approached Lord Ramannis. “My Lord, are these Civatron trustworthy? We have no dealings with them and I must say you place a great deal of faith in them”. Ramannis turned, nodding he placed a hand on the shoulders on his faithful admiral. “Trust me admiral, the Civatron and Rambo saved each other from darkness, I would trust them with my life”. Tasman narrowed his eyes and nodded, turning he gave commands to his crew to prepare for their next battle.

Chapter 09Edit

After the victory at Starbase 25, the battle for the Quadrants is to start in full, however the Imperials are far from defeated!

Intelligence on Nebula 025

The Imperials stationed on Rambo Prime knew from intelligence that the Loyalist forces would take advantage of their victory at Starbase 25. What was more alarming though, was the fact that the Civatrons, old allies of the Libertus and Rambo back in the Great War against the Dominion of the Xhodocto, were aiding the Rambo cause and had helped break the Imperial defense stationed on Starbase 25 with a full fleet of ships with unknown capabilities. The Civatrons were bringing a new kind of warfare into the galaxy with their technology and their infamous psionic essence. The fleet on Starbase 25 was a fully armed force, and the Civatrons had routed it. The rebels were now on open revolt and facing the Empire on equal footing.

Merely one day after the Imperials lost contact with Starbase 25 at 03 August, long-range sensors detected several psionic warp signatures arriving at Nebula 025, a gas barrier that normally harbored pirate ships sanctioned by the empire to raid disobedient freighters. All contact with the ships in the area were suddenly blocked by the dampening field of the psionic vessels of the Singularim Pact, so they knew the Loyalist Ensemble had arrived into the infamous nebula, probably to regroup and do a concentrated attack on the next significant point in their path towards the core worlds of the Serindia: Rambo Prime.

As stealth probes did reconnaissance, they detected a total of 16 Singularim warships and the Loyalist One, commanded by Lord Ramannis Le Rambo. Rambo Prime defenders knew that it was pointless to meet the armada directly on the Nebula ridge, for long-range sensors still indicated more warships pouring from the wormhole, all psionic in nature.

Imperial forces on Rambo Prime prepared themselves, fully arming their ships and requesting assistance from the sector's stationed fleets. Surely, the answer was immediate, as in a couple of hours an entire force of Imperial ships were patrolling the system, ready to make a stand. They knew that Rambo Prime was between the Civatrons and the late Rambo Capital, and they had to stop it here before the Civatrons could make of a greater position.

Sure enough, the Civatrons had been sent by Le Rambo to face the main bulk of imperial forces. If they could make the stand here, the Singularim Pact would have to reconsider their incursion and stay on the Wormhole, their sole strategic point of high importance, or so they hoped.

Thus, the battle of Rambo Prime was about to begin.

Battle of Ramgotheria

The Acceptance goes up in flames as the Lusitania Squadron loses the battle for Ramgotheria

04 August 2820, commander Altus Mirea braced himself from another tremble as his ship was hit by incoming fire from approaching ASP III-fighters. Lord Ramannis Le Rambo had tasked Lusitania Squadron to besiege and liberate Ramgotheria though the small Imperial taskforce under command of Imperial captain Veloci Onychus fought hard and with resolve. Backed up by a Yurrus-class carrier that unleashed ASP-III and ASP-IV fighters the Lusitania Squadron seemed overpowered and outgunned. As an ASP-V fighter unleashed its torpedoes the Acceptance her fate was sealed as two of her engines exploded.

Onboard the ICS Raptor, an Arquitens-class light cruiser captain Onychus revealed a row of dangerous teeth when he smiled as he saw the Consular-class Acceptance her engines going up in flames. The Mer Mirea backed the doomed Consular-class to take in any escape pods but the battle was his. In service of the Empire, his Legatus Finduilica taskforce endured and had beaten back the resistance forces.

Onboard the Mer Mirea, commander Altus slammed his fist on his chair as he ordered to retreat, the battle for Ramgotheria was lost and the Empire secured an important victory.

Dawn of the for Rambo Prime

It was a sword day. It was a red day.

All imperial ships stood idle in orbit of Rambo Prime as they awaited their opponents. The Empire had been an unopposing force in the Quadrant for some time now and this was the first time imperial forces, from troopers to officers, felt their great power, supported by relentless firepower and numbers, challenged. They were right to feel that way, for their enemy had turned out to be no other than the legendary Civatron race.

Ever since the first footage of the battle for the Wormhole PLateau spread through imperial systems, despite their efforts to conceal it in order to prevent mass hysteria, the legends of the Civatrons' deeds back in the first war with the Zhuhultu and the Dominion of the Xhodocto became a popular trend. Rambo records of how the Civatrons held their ground on the seemingly lost battle of Ross 161 back in Tigris Galaxy, ancient records of the psionic reptilians slaughtering countless in a ground battle as they advanced in one unifying line, piercing the enemy ranks, and how individual, lone ships could bring just about an effective planetary bombardment.

Admiral Aptycius's cadre of experts had thoroughly studied Civatron tactics so as to develop effective countermeasures, leading to every able soldier to be on duty on the day all hell would break loose. As they investigated further, the imperial stratagem realized that they were going to fight a new kind of war, one that included a species that had advanced to Utraterrestrial levels of power thanks to their mastery of psionic energy. One single psionic summoner could create portals where more warriors could enter the battlefield, and a single vessel was all the Civatrons needed to create a link with more vessels in the Wormhole Plateau, easily reinforcing their position and forcing their opponents to fight a war of attrition. The Civatrons had grown to be a species capable of fighting Intergalactic wars and hold numerous fronts, like in the old days. This Singularim Pact, whoever they were, had sent a small force through the Wormhole, 16 warships were no quantifiable threat by imperial standards, but if the Civatrons were to grow their interest in this theatre of war, they could easily warp in more fleets and spread them through imperial space, free to operate as they pleased and siege what worlds they saw fit.

Even more worrisome, was the fact that the Loyalist forces were joining the fray, Ramannis was directing the Civatron fleet towards the Rambo Prime system, presumably to the core worlds of the old Rambo Nation. If Le Rambo were to instigate his people, the Empire would lose their authority in the Quadrants.

Ramannis and his allies had to be stopped in Rambo Prime. Failure was not an option.

Sensors spiked on all front-line vessels, who had set their instruments to detect psionic signatures. They blinked over and over, making many pilots and soldiers ready their weapons and arms.

"Stand tall, stand together! The Empire must not fall today!

A countdown was initiated, following the enemy advancement. Orbital defense cannons aimed at the pinpointed location.

As expected, a vessel warped in, then another, then another. The fleet of Civatron vessels had arrived at Rambo Prime, but something was off. The Singularim Fleet had jumped into the fray much closer than expected, forcing the batteries of the orbital defenses to quickly recalculate their targets.

Suddenly, the telepathic choir of thousands of warriors contained within the Singularim ships resonated across the planet and its defenders.

"Let our blade be known! Our hammer fall down! Upon our Lady's foe, death shall flow!"

Ambush at Bikasulam

05 August 2820, as the Rambo Loyalist were attempting to regain control over the capital regions of the Ramboidae Realm, the newly formed Dinotopian Republic assembled their own forces to support their saviors. Spurred after Lusitania Squadron their defeat at Ramgotheria the Republic send its forces to gather in orbit of Bikasulam, former homeworld of the Venatioa before their cities were leveled by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


The Dinotopian Republic suffers a painful defeat at Bikasulam, August 2820

Three fully equipped Harekaze-class rendezvoused at the planet and awaited their commands to enter the Western Secured Trade Route and head towards Ramar Shadda to support General Jar'Dris Ravencrow his assault. The Dinotopians were taken by complete surprise when Raptor Squadron, under command of Lady Astrosia emerged from hyperspace and launched a full-scale attack against them.

Though the Dinotopian ships were larger and more powerful, they were not battle tested and as such the lead ship soon buckled under assault from ASP-IV fighters and the ICS Provocateur under command of Nanda Tessala. Meanwhile the ICS Crimson Talon engaged another Harakaze-class star destroyer and managed to destroy its bridge after ASP-fighters disabled its shields. The third Dinotopian star destroyer was destroyed by the ICS Raptor Nest after its engines were disabled by the ASP-fighters.

With the loss of three-star destroyers and only two remaining in active service, the Dinotopians were effectively removed from the war effort and weakened the position of the Loyalists even more. Now only the Civatron front stood in their way before an Imperial invasion of the Dinotopian Republic could be attempted.

Battle of Karzhamarhi-Nui

Dutch and Loyalists lose the battle of Karzhamarhi-Nui, August 2820

05 August 2820, the Acclamator-class dispatched by the Kingdom of the Netherlands buckled under the intense bombardment by the ASP-fighters. As the shields of the Transgalactic military assault ship failed the Yurrus-class carrier ICS Preator Stronghold moved in and unleashed it forward batteries on the retreating vessel. Meanwhile the Gozanti-class cruiser ICS Vector heavily damaged one of its escorting Dirk Hartog-class battlecruisers.

Onboard the ICS Praetor Stronghold captain Kendar Bozzel grinned. Rear-admiral Stutgrat intelligence proved correct as the Rambo Loyalist forces underestimated the small Imperial presence at Karzhamarhi-Nui. A bright explosion caught his eye as he saw the Acclamator-class buckle and split in half after the mighty vessel finally buckled after the damage it received. Both escorting battlecruisers were soon destroyed as well.

Crossing his arms behind his back, Kendar nodded to his crew and told them a job well done. Another Imperial victory after the loss of Starbase 25. If they would keep this up, they could assault the starbase in no time.

Back at the Loyalist camp, all hope was placed in the Civatrons that had begun their assault at Rambo Prime.

Battle for Rambo Prime

08 August 2820, four days had passed since the initial clash between the Singularim Pact and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Lord Psantik, leader of the attacking force, saw the planet through a huge cloud of derelict ships and debris from his flagship, the Arkship designated Anorjhoukal, as the fight was now taken to low-orbit and the surface. He then reached out with his psionic powers, and his eyes burned ever more brightly than before. He sensed, and saw, his mighty warriors open a path of destruction upon the imperial lines. The Civatron did little to no ranged combat, their warriors were equipped to fight brutal and dense melee battles. The Empire watched how Civatrons used quick teleportation moves in order to avoid the well known imperial war machine. Juvax shock troops descended on the thousands upon the Imperial regiments, firing their psionic guns at their foes. Some cities had surrendered just by looking at the Civatrons, as their legends of the mighty reptilians came true before their eyes and were completely de-moralized, others gave up after seeing them fighting the first lines of defense, and those who fought to the end were completely annihilated. Rest assured, Lord Ramannis Le Rambo of the Rambo Loyalist's had made sure that civilian casualties were kept to a strict minimum.

Spore 2018-11-08 23-35-12

Juvax shock troops charge amidst the Imperial artillery blasts.

On one side, the Civatron forces had proved to be far more superior technologically than the Empire thanks to their psionic shielding and weaponry, and yet the Empire had worn down the potent Singularim fleet with its numbers. Wave after wave of Imperial fighters and bombers fired down against the forcefields of the psionics, and the imperial cruisers cast down a rain of powerful laser bolts that managed to turn the smaller craft of the Civatrons to shreds. The first day of the long-dreaded battle proved that the Imperials could withstand the brutality of the Civatrons, as both fleets' warships fired at each other from the distance.

The second day, however, the Imperials watched horrified how new psionic portals opened in the far edges of the planet, gorging more vessels from the Singularim, who proceeded to pierce the stable blockade of ships with the same tactics seen during the Battle for Starbase 25. Lord Psantik saw how his apprentice, Lord Civlrozed who had stayed at the wormhole plateau, had arrived to bring forth reinforcements. It was him who had rammed the Imperial fleet, and now he was about to charge in and do the same. The Singularim fleet closed the gap between the two armadas and the Imperials saw psionic warriors warp into their ships as soon as their shieldings wore down. Day two ended with cruisers clustered so close to one another on different orbital levels of Rambo Prime, still firing at each other with everything they could possibly have. Beam rays flew and connected with shields and hulls, and the debris from wrecked ships floated in metal shrouds that added even more destruction to the battle. On the surface, the night of Rambo Prime was lit with the constant thundering explosions of ships exploding in space or the haunting sound of blasts and from time to time an imperial cruiser crashing down on the surface.

On the third day, as the sun rose from the horizon, smoke lines covered the sky, as people went into the streets of cities and witnessed how their housing suburbs and buildings had been victims of a scrap of metal falling down, if not an entire ship. Tiny explosions were visible in broad daylight way above their heads, with the shade of cruisers still battling up in the sky and the enormous Singularim Arkship Anorjhoukal dwarfing any other vessels. The stationed artillery batteries in the cities and military camps on the planet noticed how the Arkship diverted its course towards the surface. They fired at it with powerful artillery cannons, and the planet's powerful mass-accelerator guns shot everything they had towards it, only for it to fire back at their locations and creating yet another massive crossfire. The psionic shielding of the Anorjhoukal kept the thousands of beams and projectiles at bay whilst it unloaded its battalions unto the surface. The day went out with the Imperial Armada driven out of the planet's orbit, desperately trying to reinforce the surface upon receiving hails of despairing troops begging for reinforcements yet unable to penetrate the growing Singularim blockade.

By the four day, the planet's space was filled with several Singularim cruisers, while the rest of the fleet continued its fight on the far end of the system against retreating Imperials. Some cities still managed to hold the Pact's warriors at bay using a clustered fleet of Imperial cruisers on the low orbit that bombarded everything that came close to cities of Prime City, for instance.

Lord Psantik had received word that the Rambo officials loyal to the Empire were preparing a final retreat into outer space. One of his adjutants inquired on whether to destroy the last of the imperial fleet or to let them leave the system. The Civatrons were brutal warriors, but they were not genocidal. Rambo lives were piloting those last ships, so he reached out again and sensed the Rambo defenders, feeling their hearts, their feelings, their fear, yet also an unrelenting drive to protect the planet and the city they had protected for centuries. As his eyes came back to its normal glow, he concluded that the last of the Imperial fleet was going to leave the system without any much trouble.

He was wrong.


Ramveral turns the cannons of his fleet on Rambo Prime's Capital city

Ramburgo Ramveral, the Mandator of Rambo Prime, had stayed all this time on his HQ, refusing to give in to Ramannis and his old allies. They might have been allies to the late Empress Ramashe long time ago, but the Civatrons, as divine and powerful as they could be, were definitely not his friends. He signaled the remnants of his depleted fleet- including amongst others the ICS Autokrator, ICS Thanatos and the ICS Tenacitatem to aim their lower batteries towards Prime City, while his commanders looked at him appalled at what he was going to do. Ramveral did not care about them, he only cared about one thing at that moment: to deny the Civatrons a clean victory.

"Fire!" He ordered, and his ship cast a high concentration of laser fire towards the city, turning the once proud and beautiful architecture of the Rambo, its futuristic skyscrapers and installations, to a sea of fire and magma.

Lord Psantik cursed the Mandator as his mind was overwhelmed with the sudden silence of hundreds of thousands of civilians and military alike, once thriving with thoughts and feelings. He kneeled as he glanced inert at the floor of his bridge. The Civatron forces stood idle as the city burned, and all the warriors kneeled as they felt their lord's mourning. Rain began to drop upon the new death ground and the troops that surrounded it.

Just as the Imperial forces ascended unto space with the Mandator on board, the Loyalist One descended towards the hellish city that the imperial weaponry had created. He rushed his officers to scan for any life signatures as he stared at the side of his ship, where the Mandator's ship passed just a few kilometers away. On his end, Ramveral looked to the Loyalist One and both commanders seemed to exchange glances. It was a moment where two opponents met with their ships as these passed each other.

"Damn you, Ramveral, damn you!" Ramannis cursed.

"Sir, we have finished scanning for lifesings on Prime City..."

"How many?!?"


"How many!!!?"

"Only a few dozens."

Ramannis fell on the captain's chair, disgusted at Ramveral's actions, mournful of the losses that day. He came back to his senses shortly after.

"Curse you Ramveral, I shall hunt you to the end of the Quadrants if I have to, but the citizens of Rambo Prime will have their retribution!"

Like that, the battle of Rambo Prime had ended, and the loyalist forces looked at their gains with a bittersweet taste, for innocent blood had been spilled unnecessarily due to one Rambo's cruelty.

NEXT CHAPTER: Twilight of Divina


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