Libraé: "You have become a monster, consumed by the darkness."
Tyrómairon: "I am the darkness. And you, an impediment to peace."
Libraé and Tyrómairon

The Darkness, known to the Oikoumene as the Valin, is one of two primary aspects of Valin'uvalyë, strongly associated with the Vector of Darkness, the Dark Lord Tyrómairon, and the Phaedric Order which served him.


In the days prior to the rise of the Vectors of Chaos and Order, the energy was known solely as Uvalyë, translated to modern galactic basic as Light, and associated heavily with the Lord of Light, Apolithanatár. However, as Tyrómairon grew in strength, he began corrupting the energy with his power, unlocking his true potential as the Dark Lord, in command of a new aspect of the energy which simply became known as the Darkness, or Valin, thus forever sundering the unity of the Oikoumene Life Song.

Though the Darkness became largely dormant following Tyrómairon's defeat during the Apotheosis, its influence spread throughout the cosmos, intensifying in devastating conflicts in the Cyrannus Galaxy such as the Second Nagith War before once again retreating to the shadows. This changed with the second rise of the Dark Lord during the Intergalactic War, coinciding with the resurgence of both Light and Dark during this dawn of a period of galactic upheavel. With each new servant recruited, Tyrómairon's power grew, culminating in the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in 01 NE.

Upon defeating the corrupted power of the Primercer in 05 NE, the Dark Lord learned of the imminent reawakening of the Lord of Light at the head of a restored Aldárae Order, and thus prepared his own Phaedric Order for the calamitous confrontation to come. Occuring simultaneously to the Second Great Cyrannus War, this ancient conflict between the Light and the Darkness ultimately culminated in the pivotal Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, during which Apolithanatar sacrificed his corporeal form to banish Tyrómairon, preventing him from regaining physical form and ending his dreams of an Oikoumene Empire under the eternal rule of the Darkness.

Despite the Dark Lord's defeat, and the diminishing of Apolithanatar, both Light and Dark remained omnipresent throughout Cyrannus, represented by the opposing orders of Aldárae and Phaedra. For without Darkness, the Light cannot exist.


Aoirtae succumbing to her anger and unleashing dark lightning on the Phaedra, during the Great Battle of Orbispira.

Like the Light, the Darkness is found throughout the galaxy, and has been known by many names in countless cultures. However, like Valin'uvalyë as a whole, the Darkness has ebbed and flowed like a mighty river, at times all-consuming, and at others, a fleeting shadow. Prior to the second rise of Tyrómairon, the most notable practitioners of the Darkness were the sorcerers and warriors of the ancient Phaedric Empire, who utilised the destructive power of the Darkness to wage countless wars on the First Republic.

While almost universally associated with the power of the Empire's Phaedric Order in the modern era, the Darkness is not limited to any one group, even those under Tyrómairon's thrall. While a powerful Aldárae, Aoirtae Valaeris notably succumbed to the power of the Darkness during the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, summoning dark lightning with utterly destroyed the Phaedric Lord Moranonúngur. As such, in drawing upon fear and anger, even the most devout follower of the Light can fall prey to the seductive lure of the Dark.


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