The Yudumarth campaign is the third chapter of the Quadrantia Disorder. The title of the third chapter is a direct result of the Great Cyrannus War and dissolation of the Confederacy by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

The people of Yudumarth disliked Rambo Nation from the very beginning, as they wanted Yudumarth to become a protectrate of their nation due to her close proximity of the Q-82-Cyrannus wormhole. The Nation's efforts backfired when the Yudimaran people decided to join the Confederacy and resulted in various intense battles over Yudumarth during the Great Cyrannus war.

Sadly, during the war heir leader Geldrim died by an assination, resulting in a civil war and an economic depression. One of Geldrim's heirs plotted her revenge against Rambo Nation, who she sees as responsible for the current state of Yudumarth, not knowing that her actions could result in serious consequences for the entire Cyrandia Cluster.


Rambo Nation her capital city, the city of the Monarchy is known as Tirithsilliana. This ancient and massive city is the capital of the Nation and many species within Rambo Nation call it her home or either visit it.

The city features massive statues, the western docks and ofcourse the Royal Palace. Somewhere within the second week of the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF, it was a normal days as always, people entering the western docks to either enter or exit the various passenger liners.


Terrorism at Tirithsilliana

At one of the docks, various citizens awaited the approaching passenger liner who was ready to land into the water. The citizens were overjoyed, as the passenger liner was on time and was on route to somewhere else within the Nation. Shortly before hitting the water an explosion was seen and the passenger liner suddenly gave fire and chrashed into the water. The resulting small tidal wave washed away all the citizens that were waiting, upleveling docked boats and killing most of the citizens and dock workers present.

As the passenger liner lay have under water, the lower decks were floading with sea water, drowning those passengers who were unable to escape or weren't yet killed by the explosion.

Within minutes the emergency services were present, taking care of the wounded or taking care of the fire. While Rambo Command was investigating the matter of how a part of the ship could suddenly explode they came to a surprising conclusion wich was to be revealed later on the holonet. The cause of the explosion was something Rambo Nation never experienced before. That evening, the news reader started the eight o'clock news with the following news:

"Disaster at Tirithsilliana, passenger liner hit by terrorist attack! Killing over 250 innocent citizens!"

06 AQF: Month 10Edit

The Yudumarth Campaign is a new and bloody conflict, in wich Rambo Nation her morals will be tested and perhaps by some officers or individuals even crossed. While both Rambo Command and various individuals have interesst in the campaign, it might set events into motions wich could not be predicted upon the start of the campaign.

Prelude to occupationEdit

Following the terrorist attack Tirithsilliana, the capital city of Rambo Nation- Rambo Command followed protocol and held the same evening an emergency session at their high command building within Rambo City.

Within the Admiral's meeting room, those present were the highest ranking officers of Rambo Nation, including Ramaxar, Ramcard, Ramtainus and ofcourse the highest militairy officer, Marscalcus Kya.

  • Kya: "Good evening officers. You have been summoned in response due to the threat of a terrorist attack at a passenger liner at Tirithsilliana, our capital and the seat of our Monarchy. Now we must conduct our research, evaluate what happened and who is responsible for the death of 250 innocent civilian and a lot of material damage."
  • Ramaxar: "Hmpf, those terrorist will pay. I bet the Empire is behind this all!"

Rambo Command under attack!

Kya and Ramcard looked surprised at Ramaxar, who sat on the other side of the table. Ramcard rose and walked around the chamber, he noticed that Kya was a bit nervous; while Ramtainus was confused someone dared to attack the Rambo Capital- with their main target civilians.

  • Ramtainus: "According to our earliest analyses, a bomb was planted at the passenger liner, disabling her engines. With as result a chrash at a dock, with the following mini tidal wave killing most of the dock workers and waiting citizens. As well as the cause of the material damage to the western docks".

Kya nodded, overlooking the analyses again she didn't recognise the bomb patterns- neither did anyone of the other officers. When she asked if anyone had an idea who was behind it, all shrugged their shoulders. As the Rambo didn't recieve any threats- the motive for such an attack was a complete mystery as well. Meanwhile a Rambo trooper gave the high ranking Rambo officials more data pads, with the exact amount of material damage, the costs to repair it and the names of those who died- or at least of those they found and could be identified.

Suddenly a Vahkliae Freighter appeared before the window.

  • Kya: "W-what is the meaning this?"'
  • Ramcard: "Alert security, we have an unauthorised civilian freighter at the command t....."

The next thing the officers knew was that the window shattered and that the freighter (who normally didn't suppose to have any weapons) opened fire at the chamber. Kya, sitting at the head of the table took cover as bullets impacted at her chair. Ramcard, who wasn't in his seat duck behind a chair and began crawling to the Marscalcus, though his wing was penetrated by a bullet. Ramtainus, taken by shock took cover underneath the table, placing his hands above his head he muttered that disaster was upon them.

The only one not able to take cover was Ramaxar, as the freighter opened fire he was the first to be hit, as over 125 bullets hit him in the chest, he didn't even had time to take cover or to scream in pain. The trooper who gave the datapads also died due to the bullets and even was set a flame, burning to death.

As the red alert rang, the freighter suddenly dissapeared as troopers entered the admiral's chamber and began firing upon the freighter, forcing it to withdraw as even fighters were approaching the Rambo Command HQ.

Within a few minutes, Rambo Nation lost her most senior navy officer due to another terrorist attack within twenty-four hours. Kya rose from behind her desk, smelling the burned flesh of the dead clone trooper, and with blood of Ramaxar on her face she stood in shock. Ramcard approached Ramaxar's dead body, with tears in his eyes he closed Ramaxar's eyes.

  • Ramcard: "May you find peace among the Atlantica in the heavens, my old friend."

Ramtainus also crawled from underneath the table, patching his shoulder blood dripped form his arm. Ramtainus looked angry at Kya, who in turn simply looked to her feet. Then she rose her head again, her face grim and with watery eyes she said:

  • Kya: "My fellow officers, I fear the Nation is under attack!"

While Rambo Command was busy finding out who or what was behind the bombing of a passenger liner at the Rambo Capital- many Rambo citizens lived their daily lives. Many citizens were shocked by the event, but still felt secure within Rambo Nation though some people grew concerend when Rambo Command HQ was attacked. During the attack an admiral was killed, and Rambo Command was always seen as a beacon that always fought and Command was never attacked before so directly.


Apanoida and James share an intimate moment

Elsewhere, two Rambo captains enjoyed a short shore leave. At Rambo Prime, James Rambo and Aponoida walked the shores of Rambo Prime. Somehow both captains arrived at Rambo Prime at the same time and took their shore leave at the Rambo planet. While Apanoida and James felt attracted to eachother they went to diner together and had a romantic evening. To James surprise, Apanoida invited James for a tour at the USS Excelsior. After the tour James and Apanoida drank some Serindia Wine and soon they became cosy. During their talks they talked about their personal lives, interessts and adventures as space captains. James himself also told he was proud of his daughter Claire- much to the delight of Apanoida.

  • James: "My my, captain Apanoida I have the feeling you are seducing me?"
  • Apanoida: "W-what? How DARE you to say that? I invite you to my ship, give you wine and this is how you thank me? By claiming I am seducing you?"

James looked surprised, he tried to apoligize to Apanoida but she slapped him in the face. James looked annoyed, but to his surprise Apanoida grabbed his head with her hands and kissed him at his mouth.

  • Apanoida: "But you are right!"

Before James knew it, Apanoida sat atop James and the two got close. They undressed eachother and they went to bed together, where they courted. The next morning James awoke with a satisfying feeling, with Apanoida in his arm he smiled. It was a long time ago when he met someone who he really liked.

Suddenly the room's intercom signaled:

  • Intercom: Captain Apanoida and Rambo, eh, I have a quesion. Your crew wants to know if you have conducted your business with eachother as you have been summoned to report to Rambo Command and travel to Space Dock at the Rambo Capital."

Both Apanoida and James looked surprised and annoyed and dressed themselves again. Giving eachother another swift kiss they transported back to their ships and headed back to the Rambo Capital. Both captains wondered for what reasons, it was not often that captains get called back to the Capital. Perhaps it had something to do with the bombing?

Onboard the briefing room of the Constitution-class (Refit); USS Apocalyptor- fleet captain Trabl looked annoyed at the two female humanoids. As a Tralor- he was quick to anger and to be annoyed. But as a Rambo captain, he managed to control his emotions better then before. Yet Apanoida and Lothíriel Avery, two Rambo captains didn't say a word upon their entering the briefing room.


The Captain's meet

  • Trabl: "Sight, listen you two girls. To occupy Yudumarth we need to work together, no matter what your differances are!"
  • Lothíriel: "It is not my fault, I am willing to cooperate but her aggressive ways endager my crew, as well as yours fleet captain!"
  • Apanoida: "With all due respect fleet captain, Lothíriel is talking nonsense. I am well aware of the fire-power of the Excelsior-class and my ship can protect all!"

Trabl raised his hand, ordering the two female captains to stop arguing.

  • Trabl: "It does not matter what you two want. I am the one to be in command to occupy Yudumart with all means at my disposal. Already I send Ramburgo and his dreadnought to wait at Javan to rendevouz with our ships"
  • Apanoida: "S-sir? A dreadnought? Are you planning on destroying their fleet? Such a ship holds a lot of fire-power and is rather slow compared to the Apocalyptor or the Excelsior".
  • Trabl: "I am well aware of that captain! The plan is simple, the Excelsior and the Apocalyptor provide covering fire for the Burning Heretic, while the dreadnought gets through and deploy it's invasion troops, our ships will take care of every Yudumaran or Confederate vessel present. Meanwhile the Pasteur will remain at Javan, hauling back the injured, whether they are navy or troopers- your task is to patch them up as quickly as possible and return them to Yudumarth. Again captains, we are to occupy and conquer Yudumarth. The Yudimaran will know that attacking our capital will result in severe retalliation. That is all, prepare to leave the capital within five minutes. Dismissed."

Both captain nodded and left the briefing room and went to the Apocalyptor's transporter room where they were transported back to their own ships. It seemed the fleet captain was in a hurry to occupy Yudumarth and was going to great lengths to achieve his goal.

Onboard the USS Enterprise-A, captain James Rambo was annoyed that he was not to join the task force to occupy Yudumarth. Sighting, he looked outside his briefing room and saw that the USS Ecelsior was still docked. It seeemed fleet captain Trabl had not yet left. He wondered if he could speak to Apanoida before she left, he hoped so. Last night was incredible and James hoped they could somehow form a relationship with eachother.

Suddenly a desk alarm indicated that someone was awaiting permission to enter the briefing room. James pressed the button and his night shift commander, junior officer Tania Lefler entered. She saluted James and asked why she was summoned to the briefing room. James crossed his arms behind his back and looked outside again. The relation between James and Tania was a bit strained, as they didn't like eachother that much, none the less James had to admit she was a capable and fine junior officer.


James instructs Tania of their new objective

  • James: "Lieutenant Lefler, did you know that Rambo Command changed orbital position of the drydocks and space station every few weeks for tactical reasons? The only thing in orbit of the capital that remains in the same position is the Capital Space dock, her blue appearance decides how ships travel and where to dock."
  • Tania: "E-eh, I didn't know that sir."
  • James: "Ofcourse you don't know that Tania, though as a night shift command I demand you know such things."

Tania rolled her eyes, it was one of these summons. She was to get scolded at for all the things she didn't knew or did wrong in the eyes of the captain. Sometimes the captain was really tiresome and Tania wondered why she didn't requested a transfer to another ship. Ah yes, she remembered, the Enterprise was the ship with the most adventures and explorations.

  • Tania: "My apologies sir. Was that all?"
  • James: "Please have a seat Tania. We are instructed to travel to a region that is called the NX-Region, close to New Republic space in the south-east. Rambo Intelligence indicated that Helo Roslia- a famous Cyrannian captain vanished without a trace. As the New Republic goverment doesn't want to comment on the matter, Command tasked us to investigate the matter."
  • Tania: "R-really? I though we made peace with these New Republicans? Isn't dangerous to investigate things behind their backs? If you ask my opinion I..."
  • James: "I didn't ask your opinion. As my shift is ending and I need sleep, you will take the Enterprise to the NX-region. We have been given clearance to exceed warp speed limits so we should arrive at the following coordinates within six hours. When we arrive at the NX-region you will remain at those coordinates until your shift ends and the day shifts takes over again. Is that understood Tania?"
  • Tania: "Y-yes sir!"
  • James: "That was all Tania."

Tania saluted James again and left the briefing room. What a start, first she gets scolded at and then her night shift turns out to be travelling to some location and wait for the day shift to take over again. Sighting, perhaps she could study the sensor sweeps of the NX-region to impress the captain. Walking to the turbolift she stumbled upon Codoberia who smiled at Tania. Smiling back both officers began the night shift with a fresh sense of duty.


Aayilah and Syria disagree!

After the bombing at the Rambo Capital most of the Quadrants remained ignorant of it. However Aayilah, current ruler of Yudumarth and daughter of the late Gelrim faced a difficult time. Her position within the Quadrantia Federation had weakened and the people's resolve and faith in her dwindled as well. Aayilah was unable to get Yudumarth out of the economic deperession, wich resulted in poverty and civil unrest after the Confederacy had ceased to excist. Not to mention her sister, Syria openely questioned her goverment and a freedom fighter known as Camron Dar was making terrorist attacks at civilian targets to show the Yudumarth Government was weak.

Overthinking her doubts, her sister Syria suddenly entered the throne room and pointed her finger at Aayilah.

  • Syria: "Hello sister, have you heard of my recent accomplishment? I did what you did not dare!"

Aayilah looked surprised, a frown formed at her forehead. Suddenly the realisation came and her eyes widened.

  • Aayilah: "Y-you are behind the attacks at the Rambo Capital?"
  • Syria: "O yes I did. With aid of Camron and others we were able to smuggle an untracable bomb onboard that passenger liner and showed that the Rambo aren't safe at their own homeworld".
  • Aayilah: "Y-you moron! Insolent snob! Do you realise what you have done? You endagered our position!"
  • Syria: "Pff, look at yourself Aayilah. You sit on daddy's throne, leading our people into poverty and starvation! You are not worthy of father's legacy!"

Syria looked hurt at the harsh words of her elder sister, Aayilah sighted. How could Syria be so naive. The Ramb will probably be able to trace the bomb origins back to Yudumarth and probably make a trade blockade embargo against Yudumarth, making the economic status of Yudumarth even more unstable.

Suddenly the alarm rank within the palace. Aayilah and Syria walked to the screen and answered the message.

  • Officer: "Lady Aayilah, three Rambo vessels have entered the system. One dreadnought and two heavy battle cruisers are approaching the planet!".

Both sisters looked in awe as the viewscreen as they saw the Rambo ships approaching, it seemed the Rambo were not to show mercy for the bombing!

Occupation of YadumarthEdit

With the bombing at the Rambo Capital, the Nation decided to interfere at Yudumarth and occupy the planet for the safe keeping of Rambo Nation.


Engaging the defending fleet

Fleet captain Trabl looked as his viewscreen and openend a channel to his task force.

  • Trabl: "This is fleet captain Trabl, engage the defending Yudimaran fleet. The USS Excelsior and my vessel will give cover fire to the USS Burning Heretic. Captain Ramburgo you will push through the fleet and deploy landing forces to conquer Yahvast as soon as possible."
  • Ramburgo: "Copy that fleet captain, engaging enemy ships".
  • Apanoida: "Understood, opening fire at frigates first!".

Within minutes the orbit of Yudumarth was filled with explosions. The Yudimaran, using their own ships as well as frigates of the Confederacy- they gave a worthy defense against the superior vessels of Rambo Nation. Sadly, both the USS Excelsior and the USS Apocalyptor managed to disable two frigates and gave covering fire while the USS Burning Heretic punched through the defenses of the Yudimaran and began deploying ground invasion troops.

Meanwhile at the ground, Aayilah worked fanatically to establish a defensive grid around Yahvast, but looked in horror as she saw incoming Mortis dropships approaching the outer borders of the city.

Meanwhile onboard the USS Apocalyptor, Trabl looked pleased. The invasion had begun and the Yudimaran, as weak as they are, were unable to mount a proper defense.


Yahvast invaded

The moment the USS Burning Heretic, the dreadnought-class broke through the defensive fleet of Yudumarth it decended upon it's target. Yahvast, the city holding the royal throne and ruler of Yudumarth. While the defensive forces saw the massive dreadnought approaching the city, they fired their anti-space cannons to no avail.

The dreadnought defensive capabilities were far more superior than any the Yudimarans could throw against the vessel. At the bridge, captain Ramburgo smiled.

  • Ramburgo: "Helm, keep continue this course. Clone trooper commanders, deploy mortis drop ships and begin assaulting the city. I want Yahvast taken within the hour!"

The troopers complied and from the hangar bay many mortis-dropships entered the battle field, deploying troopers and buggies, mobile plattforms and even a mobile tank. And as Ramburgo wished, within the hour the Yudimaran defenses of Yahvast were overrun, many Yudimaran were killed or either surrended while the Rambo forces took miminal casualties.

Meanwhile in orbit, the USS Exceslior and USS Apocalyptor had taken care of the ships in orbit. Fleet captain Trabl signaled to hold the advance and prepare the troopers for his victory march into Yahvast!


Rambo's march of victory!

Fleet captain Trabl took a shuttle down to the surface of Yudumarth and met with the clone troopers who were awaiting his arrival just outside the city borders of Yahvast. As a Tralor, he felt proud on his recent victory and the clone troopers shouted his name as a sign of honor and celebration.

  • Trabl: "Troopers, this victory belongs to us! Now we march into the streets of Yahvast, the first of many victories to come!"
  • Troopers: "Trabl, Trabl, Trabl!!!"

Trabls stepped on the lead buggy and followed by the remaining buggies and tanks, they entered the city of Yahvast. At the side of the road, the Yudimaran stood and waited for the Rambo to arrive. Some Yudimaran looked just angry or sad, while cheered for the arrival of who they believed could bring back wealth and prosper back to their planet.

Trabl waved and the convoy drove directly towards the royal palace, where Aayilah awaited Trabl's arrival. During their march of victory, the clone troopers waved at the Yudimaran and gave packages of food and water to the Yudimaran, at once gaining their grattitude.

From a lone rooftop, Camron Dar looked furious, Yahvast had been taken without much fighting, and it seemed mounting a resistance would become difficult now that the Rambo worked to get sympathy from the Yudimaran.

As the convoy reached the road to the Royal Palace, Trabl smiled. Victory was near, and Aayilah was soon to surrender and subject herself to his rule over Yudumarth.


Trabl forces Aayilah to surrender Yudumarth

Arriving at the lower steps of the Royal Palace of Yudumarth, fleet captain Trabl smiled triumphant. The first part of his plan was a complete succes. Walking up the stair he approached the ruler of Yudumarth, Aayilah who had an expression of defeat at her face.

  • Aayilah: "Welcome conquerer of the Nation. What brings you to Yudumarth with an invasion force?"

Trabl snorted and with a short wave of his hand he slapped Aayilah in the face.

  • Trabl: "Don't be ignorant Aayilah, ruler of Yudumarth. Bombing our beloved Capital will always result in repurcussion. Be pleased, see this invasion force as you like to call it, a forced relieve effort to bring your people out of poverty and bring back wealth and food back to you people".
  • Aayilah: "I-it seems there are no bounderies to the generosity of the Rambo."
  • Trabl: "Indeed that is correct. And now I think you should really bow to me and surrender!".

With that said, Aayilah bowed and said the words that Yudumarth surrendered to Rambo Nation, and would cooperate with their relief effort. Pleased Trabl raised his shoulders and his smile of triumphant grew even bigger as he clicked his mandables. Yudumarth surrendered, now he could get to work to root out the rebellion responsible for the bombing.

A new dawn has risen for Yudumarth, a dawn under the supervision of Rambo Nation! And all Yudimaran would know not to stand up against the Nation anymore!

Securing the OccupationEdit

As the occupation of Yudumarth begins, those who are against it are revolting against the Rambo and are taking arms against the Rambo forces. However, not only the Yudimaran rebellion sees oppertunities to strike against the Rambo, others do as well.

Desperately the Nation tries to hold her occupation over Yudumarth, but the first week of the occupation marks the first step of a possible larger escalation!


Trabl and Mortikran promise to aid eachother!

As fleet captain Trabl was stuck with his small forces at Yahvast, he grew worried about intelligence reports. The reports indicated that a rebellion faction, under a Yudimaran male known as Camron Dar is preparing to wage a guerillia war against the Rambo forces. Trabl knew he didn't had the forces to counter it, he needed all the clone troopers to keep Yahvast in control, and Rambo Command didn't had any clone troopers to spare. As such Trabl decided to call for aid from the "protectrates".

  • Aayilah: "Fleet captain Trabl, I bent my knee for thee and the Rambo, why is there a massive star destroyer in orbit?"

Trabl looked annoyed at Aayilah, the now puppet ruler of Yudumarth. He already grew tired of her and he had to admit the tought did cross his mind to simply dispose of her, yet Rambo regulations didn't allow that. Suddenly a massive figure entered the throne room, and Trabl signaled both Aayilah and the Mortalitas to follow him outside.

  • Trabl: "Ah Commander Mortikran, I am pleased and honored by your arrival!"
  • Mortikran: "Thank you fleet captain, though I am surprised by your request?"
  • Trabl: "Ah well, it is simple. The Nation doesn't have the resources, and you reputation proceeds you as an effective hunter and commander in battle. I need your help in this commander. I look forward to our cooperation in this".

Mortikran simply smiled, and nodded. Aayilah on the other hands looked suprised and demanded what was going on.

  • Trabl: "Now now my dear, you are in no position to make demands. But as you wish. Mortikran is here to aid the "protectrate", and will root out this rebellion on Yudumarth! And you will be his escort and advisor!"

Aayilah looked shocked, his escort and rooting out the rebellion? What did it mean. Mortikran approached Aayilah, towering over her and simply smiled as various Venator-class star destroyers passed overhead and began landing and deploying troops.


Forging a new and dangeorus alliance!

Camron Dar and Syria, daughter of the late Yudumarth leader Geldrim was desperate in launching an armed campaign against the Rambo occupation force. Camron was succesful in gathering a nice amount of Yudimaran who were willing to fight against the Rambo, though they lacked the numbers and as of now were bound to launch a guerillia warfare. Though Camron was happy with it, Syria wished to have an army backing her up and contacted her allies from the Unclaimed Territories, the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel who also gave her the materials for the bombing on the Rambo Capital. Camron looked in awe and surprise as three Stekeveel vessels passed overhead and some Q-Heer Stekeveel materialised in fron of them.

  • Syria: "Lord Gaivel, welcome back at Yudumarth again!"
  • Gaivel: "Lady Syria, it is my honor. It seems you are having problems? They traced the bomb back to Yudumarth it seemed?"
  • Syria: "Yes, they did my Lord. I need your help again, could you supply us with arms and an army to combat the Rambo?"

Stekius Gaivel, one of the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel warlords snorted and explained he could not wage a war against the Rambo. But he did promise to supply them with weapons and help Syria with experimenting with the virus they obtained. Pleased Syria said her goodbyes, assured that their alliance was secure.

Onboard the Stekeveel cruiser, Gaivel smiled viciously. These Yudimaran were even more stupid than he thought. This campaign would be his means to launch a new war against the Rambo! Especialley now that he learned the Rambo had a temporal weapon at their command!


Mortikran' forces leave no survivors!

After fleet captain Trabl gave Mortikran persmission to hunt down rebellious Yudimaran, Mortikran at once deployed two of his Venator-class Star Destroyers to the surface, where they deployed their ground forces. Mortikran himself took command over the ground forces, making one of the Imperial Walkers as his mobile command center. Backed up by ligh walkers, Mortikran and his forces began their march towards Yudumarth City, the largest city at Yudumarth and who openly defied the Rambo relieve effort.

Approaching the outer bridges of the city, the Imperial forces soon encountered rebellion forces, with tanks and grenades they assaulted the Imperial walkers. Yet the battle was unfair, as the walkers were far more supreme than any what the Yudimaran could throw against the Imperial forces. From his command center, Mortikran simply smiled and laughed, enjoying this simple victory!. After a few hours of battle, the Yudimaran forces signaled their surrender by waving a white flag. At once the troopers and walkers guns remained silent.

  • Mortikran: "You fools! What are ya doing? Open fire! Slaughter them all! Leave none standing!"

At once the walkers and troopers opened fire again, slaughtering all remaining rebels. From his own walker, Mortikran laughed and almost fell out of his chair from joy, it was a long time since he had this much fun!

Former Rambo Nation vice-admiral Rambas and two of his crew, the Venatioa commander Jiarn and the Feolhviaeri yeoman Shjrn were sitting in a saloon at Javan. Rambas and his crew were still fleeing and in hiding for both Rambo and Imperial authorities after their open rebellion against the Concordat. Suddenly a lone young girl approached Rambas in Rambo uniform and he and his crew prepared themselves for a fight when the girl identified her as Marscalcus Kya.


Rambas is given a choice, return to the fleet as captain or face trail as a traitor!

  • Kya: "Greetings vice-admiral Rambas. I am pleased to have finally located you!"
  • Rambas: "Shjrn, Jiarn, prepare to flee. I do not know why you have tracked us, but I can assure you it is a grave mistake on your part."
  • Kya: "Really vice-admiral? You really think I would be alone? Outside I have a platoon of clone troopers standing by to storm in and apprehend you and take you and your remaining crew into custody."

Rambas sighted and gave a hand signal to the other two, it seemed his open rebellion was over and that they were forced to face trail. When Kya spoke again, her words took Rambas by utter suprise!

  • Kya: "Vice-admiral, I have two options for you. I will be short and blunt, Rambo Command needs you again and we are willing to take you back into the fleet."
  • Rambas: "Pff, and serve as an Imperial puppet? I do not think so! I rather face trail!"
  • Kya: "I pretend I did not hear that vice-admiral. Trail would mean in the penalty of death as you openly rebelled against the Royal Crown and the Monarchy".

Rambas eyes widened and offered himself as a prisoner in release for his crew. Kya simply ignored him and told him he could come back to the fleet and take command of a re-located space station. Starbase 08 was to be placed near a second wormhole leading into Cyrannus. He was to be demoted to the rank of captain and his two crewmembers were allowed to stay with him. Further more the station was to guard the wormhole in favor of Rambo Nation and monitor all traffic from and to the Oddysei region. The station would act as a transport hub as well as a battle station protecting the Nation against threats. Rambas and his crew were pleased, it seemed he was allowed to come back and agreed to his terms.

Before leaving, Kya informed him that they wanted him as he was sceptical of the Empire and the New Republic, and in case of severe danger he was to close the wormhole with hidden and classified vortex torpedoes.

Mortikran yawned and was bored. Ever since his forces started their march towards Yudumarth city they easily conquered every resistance with minimal casualties.


Mortikran oversees the march to Yudumarth City

Overlooking his forces, that were walking over the highroad towards Yudumarth city, still with pits of earlier bombardments during the Great Cyrannus war, he saw local animals fleeing from his forces. A small herd of Yudusaurus moved themselves away from the burning remains of a walker and two Yudimaran tanks.

Syria pleaded with Mortikran to stop his assault, but Mortikran simply ignored her. His forces simply walked into Yudumarth City were the local police forces waved the white flag. The rebels already fled the city well before Mortikran arrived, they abandoned Yudumarth city.

Mortikran than approached his shuttle, it was time to get back towards his ship and contact Trabl about the easy conquering of Yudumarth City.

Senator Or-Ana walked through the halls of the Senatorial Executive palace at the moon of Anummiae. He looked once again at his data pad and sighted, the coming conversation was not going to be an easy one. He walked into the office of Chuinaylia, a fellow senator and his friend. Next to her stood a Libertus, known as Adar- senator of Boreas.


Or-Ana, Chuinaylia and Adar in discussion

  • Chuinaylia: "Or-Ana! Welcome to join us! I heard you wanted to discuss something with us?"
  • Adar: "Yes, your report to both of us was quite surprising. You claim that over 48% of our beloved fleet is unmanned?"
  • Or-Ana: "Indeed, that is the truth. I do not know how that is possible but it seems the admirality is aware of that. I recieved that information from a fellow Venatioa who works at the shipyards. Though that is not all, I also recieved news that former vice-admiral Rambas, now demoted to captain has been allowed to command a station called Lianna near a wormhole leading to the Oddysseia Region in Cyrannus".
  • Adar: "What of it? We have every right to place stations near wormholes, we are after all self proclaimed guardians of the Quadrant Galaxies".
  • Or-Ana: "Indeed, we are allowed that Adar. But do not forget, the Senate wasn't informed offically by it. The Empress herself gave her "Royal Approval", nor did she inform us that the very act of placing that station there is causing unrest and discontent with the New Republic. Nor did she ask permission or advise from the Senate with the so called "Draconid Act"".
  • Chuinaylia: "Then what are you suggesting? She is the Empress, and by Rambo law she has all rights to do that!".
  • Or-Ana: "I want to summon her to confront the Senate and explain herself."

The very moment he said that, both Chuinaylia and Adar looked shocked. None ever in the history of Rambo Nation dared to summon a Monarch to explain his or her decisions to a civilian authority. Chuinaylia crossed her arm, taking a stance of doubt and defiance.

  • Chuinaylia: "I-i do not know if we should do that Or-Ana, I don't believe it would be wise."
  • Adar: "Not to mention that it would probably mean the end of your carreer as what you now say borders at treason. Or-Ana, I respect you but I will hear no more! I will not approve a summoning of our Empress, she is after all our ruler and knows what to do in certain cases. I trust her, perhaps yer should ask yourself if you do the same. Questioning the Empress might be bad for you own health!"

With that said, Adar stormed out of the chamber, leaving a confused Chuinaylia and Or-Ana behind.


Infernal Crippled

High above in orbit of Yudumarth, the Infernal, personal flagship of commander Mortikran hovered and monitored events below. Mortikran used the ships sensors to track down rebels, able to swiftly end their rebellion with minimum casualties. During one of these missions, Mortikran send back some troopers who were wounded for medical care, as well as a walker who needed repairs and was damaged during one of the battles. Unknown to Mortikran, rebels managed to alter the walker for their own benefits.

Around the same time the shuttle docked into the Infernal's internal docking bay, the USS Excelsior under command of Apanoida arrived with supplies from Javan. Approaching the Infernal, Apanoida noticed something strange.

  • Apanoida: "Science station, I know we aren't allowed to scan Imperial ships, but why is the Infernal emitting such strange readings".

The officer onboard was unsure, and checked the energy signatures with the known database of Rambo Nation. Suddenly in front of the Excelsior, the Infernal was hit by internal explosions, crippling the massive ship and killing hundreds of Imperial officers and troopers. Apanoida looked affraid, one of the more powerful vessels within the Quadrants had exploded. At once the Excelsior began sending shuttles with medical aid to the Imperial vessel, helping those in need. The nearby Venator-class star destroyer did the same while the Infernal crew informed Mortikran of the setback and disabling of his ship.

Furious Mortikran demanded immedate repairs and further aid from Rambo Nation, but Rambo Command had to admit they did not posses a ship that could tag along such a massive ship like the Infernal, and for now it would remain driftless in orbit of Yudumarth.

Political Tension and affairsEdit


Coming of the Purity Virus

Somewhere on Yudumarth, far away from the cities of the Yudimaran an underground shelter was inhabited by rebels. Deep under the ground, the rebellion leaders, Syria and Camron Dar looked at the hideous creature in front of them. Camron raised his eyebrow, and looked unsure at Syria, this thing was a devilous carnage of the Paradox, something he was very affraid off.

Suddenly the underground shelter was lit in a dark light, emerging from the light appeared a humanoid, D'anna of the Xeranbha

  • Syria: "Welcome, messenger of Purity. I assume you have brought with me what you promised me?"
  • D'anna: "Indeed, this vial contains that what you need to extract your vengeance against the rulers of Rambo".

Syria smiled, with this vail, containing a sample of the Purity virus, she could inject it inside the Paradox creature, unleash it at a coming meeting at Lianna station and deal with the entire high command of Rambo Nation, leaving it vulnerable for conquest. Syria bowed slightly towards D'anna and the female humanoid left again.

Syria smiled, injecting the Paradox-creature would allow the the Purity-virus to become airborn upon it's destruction by Rambo phasers. Syria turned and gave orders to Camron to prepare himself, who looked in disgust at the Paradox creature and began doubting if unleashing the Purity Virus was that wise. Bombing a ship and attacking Rambo Command was one thing, but to unleash a virus wich even the Empire fears? As well as unleashing it onboard a heavily inforced station, with a meeting a secret how to know when to unleash it?


Lizaconda returns to Lizardia and takes command!

Within the Unclaimed Territories lies the new territories of the dreaded and evil Lizardians, however their strongholds are old and sturdy, but the Lizardians are leaderless, hungry and desperate to get their civilization running again. However the climate of Lizardia is harsh, and half of the massive Lizardian city lies in ruins, slowly being rebuilded by the hard working Lizardian, but many are missing a strong leader, as the Lizardians were always ruled by strong militairy leaders and not civilians.

Shortly after Yudumarth was being occupied by Rambo Nation a well known Lizardian returned to Lizardia, admiral Lizaconda.

  • Lizaconda: "Helm, hail the Lizardian fleet in orbit, tell not to open fire at us!"
  • Helm: "The fleet responded sir, they are standing by and requesting why a Cyrannian vessel is approaching Lizardia!"
  • Lizaconda: "This is Admiral Lizaconda, veteran of the Galactic wars, son of the Lizardian Commander and rightful ruler over Lizardian kind!"
  • Lizardian captain: "Welcome home sir! We desperatly awaited your arrival!"

At the bridge, Lizaconda smiled, he was finally home and could rebuild his beloved Lizardian Empire. Though the Lizardian would face difficulties, they would endure and perhaps could make peace with the other interstellar powers.

Ramashe, the Monarch of Rambo Nation was surprised to hear rumors about internal strife over her decisions within the Senate. Though some refused to summon the Empress before the senate, like Chuinaylia. Others, like Adar instead directly informed the Empress herself by a letter about the current situation. Ramashe smiled, Adar was a Libertus senator within Rambo Nation who was quite fond of her, and Ramashe also liked Adar as a person. Instead of awaiting the senate's decision, Ramashe summoned Or-Ana to her palace to meet with the Venatioa senator in private.


Or-Ana is requested to see the Empress

A few hours later, Or-Ana arrived within the Royal Palace at the Rambo Capital. Ramashe awaited Or-Ana's arrival within her throne room, looking outside the sun set over the ocean was a sight wich always calmed her.

  • Or-Ana: "Greetings your highness, I was informed you wished to speak with me in private?"
  • Ramashe: "Hello Senator Or-Ana, thank you for meeting me on such short notice!"
  • Or-Ana: "Not a problem your highness, for the Monarch a Senator makes time no matter what!"
  • Ramashe: "Senator, I hear some interessting rumors about your plans to summon me before the senate, to let me answer for my recent decisions about Yudumarth and the so called "Draconid Act" and their allowance to patrol our borders".
  • Or-Ana: "W-what?"

Ramashe smiled at the comment, he was flattering as always. Though kind and a loyal senator, populair with the people he was not affraid to voice his opinion about certain matters. Ramashe sighted and turned to face Or-Ana who looked shocked that the Empress seemingly knew his plans.

  • Ramashe: "You see senator, the walls have ears within the Senate. You should be careful about such plans. I understand your reasons, but you are overstepping your bounderies. Within the history of Rambo Nation, never has the Monarchy been summoned before a civilian authority to answer for their decisions, and I will neither. Let be clear on this matter Or-Ana, don't stick your nose in matters wich might be bad for you own health!"

With that said Or-Ana looked even more shocked and explained that he never meant to undermine the Monarch's authority, he just wished to know the truth about what happened to the Nation's loyal soldiers. Ramashe smirked and with a wave of her hand she dismissed Or-Ana, who left the throne room in a fast pace, confused he pondered Ramashe her words, or perhaps even her threat?

He still felt that the Empress could make such decisions without informing or asking the opinion of the Senate first, but after speaking with the Empress, he became unsure whether or not to put the matter before the senate for a vote.

Two days after Ramashe met with Or-Ana, the militairy became restless due to little advancement with the conquering of Yudumarth, the rebellion forces seemed strong and resourceful in the deserts of Yudumarth. As Ramashe wanted to go to bed, already changed in her sleeping attire was surprised as Marscalcus Kya entered her bedroom and showed her a data pad of great importance.


Kya informs Apollo that the Empress wishes to speak with him

  • Kya: "Your highness, Rambo Intelligence indicates that within New Republic spae, a large armada is massing, with assumptions to attack Lianna station."
  • Ramashe: "W-what? But that is impossible! Why would they do that?"
  • Kya: "We have no idea your majesty, but I guess that recently arrived proconsul Apollo would know more about it".
  • Ramashe: "You are probably right Marscalcus, I want to speak with him at once!"
  • Kya: "I will arrest him at once and bring him before you!"
  • Ramashe: "Negative, if you arrest him I will have your head! Just bring him to me understood?"

Kya swallowed, the Empress just gave her a threat. She nodded and saluted the Empress and walked the hallways of the Royal Palace. Together with two dreadlord troopers she approached Apollo and his daughter, Kara.

  • Kya: "Greetings Proconsul Apollo, the Empress desires to speak with you at once!"
  • Apollo: "Very well."

When Kara wanted to follow her father, the two dreadlord troopers raised their staffs in front of her. Apollo, surprised at what was going on demanded answers. Kya simply shrugged and told Kara to return to her room while her daddy was to speak with the Empress.

As Marscalcus Kya and her dreadlord troopers escorted Apollo to the Royal Throne Room, Apollo, noticed it was empty. Looking confused at Kya, who with a look of defiance on her face pointed her finger at the door opening towars the balcony. Apollo entered the balcony and noticed Ramashe, in her night dress standing at the balcony with her back towards him. Apollo smiled, he enjoyed Ramashe her presence and her looks in this sleeping dress, wich had an upper and lower skirt. Though an escort with two dreadlord troopers he didn't like that.


Apollo confronts Ramashe

  • Apollo: "Can someone tell me what's going on?"

Ramahse turned, with a sad face she gave Apollo a datapad without saying a word.

  • Ramashe: "Perhaps it is you who could tell me what is going on? Why is the New Republic gathering a fleet to attack Lianna station. I am well aware that her placement is controversial, but I though the Nation and the New Republic were on a right track here. Now it seems the New Republic is going to war against us!"
  • Apollo: "I would assume it is a counter attack for the Rambo fleet that attacked Saxhleel Station a few days ago. Images from the battle indicated that the USS Juno led a fleet against our station on the other side of the wormhole. Dozens died."

Ramashe looked shocked at what Apollo just said, with tears forming in her eyes she clenched her fists.

  • Ramashe: "How dare you to charge me of such actions! We never dared to attack the Republic, our new found friends? My militairy is in no shape to wage war due to the Great Cyrannus war and the following attack by the Empire."

Apollo frowned and presented Ramashe with a data recording showing Rambo ships exiting the wormhole and firing on New Republic vessels.

  • Apollo: "I don't want to believe it, believe me. But the families of the dead are demanding answers and so am I".

While Ramashe was looking at the datapad, she frowned and placed a hand at her fore head, feeling a bad headache coming up she looked at Apollo with confusion and sat down at the floor.

  • Ramashe: "I dont know Apollo, I gave no order to attack Saxhleel station. What is going on, our fleet did not move out nor did anyone enter the Odyssei region in the last few days since the invasion of Yudumarth and the bombing of Rambo HQ. Are you sure it isn't a forgery?".
  • Apollo: "Perhaps we are being tricked in the hopes of leading us down into a war?"
  • Ramashe: "A trick? But why? And how? And why didn't you come earlier to me with this kind of information!"
  • Apollo: "I was in the Milky Way when I heard. I'm simply guessing".
  • Ramashe: "What must I do Apollo!"
  • Apollo: "Don't worry old friend. Not for a minute did I suspect you in any of this, nor Rambo Nation. I will investigate this matter and find the truth of it all".
  • Ramashe: "I have the official opening of Lianna station tomorrow, with a lot of dignitaries and officials after lunch. I suggest we hurry then to find out the truth as fast as possible".
  • Apollo: "Well, perhaps the wormhole itself is the answer. Perhaps lifeforms within it have the ability to mimic ships and use them to attack others in an attempt to destabilise the region. They will not succeed. I assure you, the opening tomorrow will go ahead. As a sign of good faith, I will attend along with New Republic dignitaries. We cannot allow our peace to fall".

Ramashe smiled and nodded. Before Ramashe could say more Apollo turned and left for his quarters, leaving Ramashe alone at the balcony. Ramashe was confident that Apollo could find a solution, if anyone could do it is was him. But still she felt affraid the New Republic would cause another conflict, not to mention that such a war would probably destroy both the Rambo and the Republic- as the Empire was surely to react to defend their protectrate and siege the chance to destroy the New Republic. Ramashe turned again, to watch sunset and crossed her arms before her chest and sighted. As the winds grew stronger, she shivered from the cold winds and felt alone. The only one who could calm her mind and comfort her was the very person who just walked away, while the other person was who know where on his explorations.


Official Opening of Lianna Station

After a night of bad sleep, Ramashe and Apollo travelled towards Lianna station, also known as the controversial Starbase 08. During the trip, Apollo and Ramashe didn't talk much, still occupied by an impending armed conflict between the Rambo and the New Republic. After a few hours their ship docked at the station and both officials were welcome by recenlty demoted admiral, captain Rambas. The three of them discussed how to plan various diplomatic talks, when the buffet had to be brought and wich drinks could be served.

Three hours later, the dignitaries of various races and empires arrived, among them Patricaes Aurestor Beldrin Savenium of the Draconid Imperium, General Hut'Pmec of the Hutter Kingdom, Lord Creckator of the Creckel Kingdom, Emperor Savra of the Corthirinus and Rambo senator Chuinaylia.

During the meeting, General Hut'Pmec talked for quite some time with Apollo, asking questions about current fleet movements and how the New Republic is adjusting herself as the newest interstellar power within the Cyrandia Cluster.

Elsewhere in the hall, Aurestor talked with Ramashe and Lord Creckator, expressing his hopes that the Draconid and the Quadrants could work more together, and as well spoke out his favor and hopes of the so called Draconid Act. Lord Creckator, having a nose of jewelry asked Aurestor if he perhaps could one day show his merchandise, in hopes of making a trade contract with the Draconid. Ramashe was pleased as well the Draconid send a dignitary, and asked the noble Draconid how his Paragon was doing. On the other side of the hallway Savra and Chuinaylia were in coversation, about personal interessts and about the Protectrate. Without Chuinaylia knowing it, Savra had used his charms and wits to impress Chuinaylia, making her another possible ally within the Rambo Protactrate. After most dignitaries talked with eachother, some expressing their concerns, others expressings hopes to a return of the Rambo before the great conflicts, a return to explorers and peace keepers. Near the end of the day, Ramashe adressed all present.

  • Ramashe: "Dignitaries from across the Cluster, I want to thank you all for being present at the official opening of Lianna Station. I know her placement is controversial, but I promise you this! This station will act as a trading hub, as well as a guard station against any threat from Cyrannus. Those who wish, are welcome to send their own personel or ambassadors onboard the station to work together with us to preserve peace within this Quadrant! A new dawn has risen, a dawn in wich the Rambo have retaken their cloack as peace keepers!"

Various dignitaries nodded and applauded, while others, like Hut'Pmec has a troubling report to bring home as it seemed the Nation was returning to it's old self, where they had little enemies and a whole lot of allies. After the opening Ramashe returned back towards the Capital, although the threat of a New Republic attack had not yet been prevented, a first step was taken. And soon she was going to take another, to expand the Nation's influance within the Quadrant and take a new step towards rebuilding Rambo Nation her dominent position.


Dignitaries sign the Treaty of Serndianiliae!

After the official opening of Lianna station, an important meeting was held at the Rambo Capital by Empress Ramashe. As vice-admiral Ramcard was fighting for his life against a Congregation cruiser, Ramashe was holding an important meeting at the Capital.

The various indviduals nodded towards the Empress and took their seating. Carnoria looked arrogant at Lourdes and S'Rell, who he viewed as lower life forms. Even the senator of Rambo Nation present, Chuinaylia he considered lower life forms. Lourdes simply looked pleased as well as S'Rell.

  • Ramashe: "Today we have gathered here to sign the Treaty of Serindianliae, an expansion of the Treaty of Fornearia wich allows individual planets or empires fall under the "protectrate" of Rambo Nation. Their space will be patrolled by the Rambo Navy, their planets will be defended by our forces when in trouble while still keeping you own beliefs and way of living. There represented leaders will be known as Consuls, who do not have a seat at the Senate. Consuls will represent your people towards our Senate, though hold no power over Rambo Governance. Instead they can adress the Senate, or the Monarchy in person with their wishes. This allows them to remain independant, keep out of Rambo affairs and intrigues while still being part of the great kingdom known as Rambo Nation! Yet you people, if they want or are allowed could join our navy as officers and crewmembers, but they would become members of Rambo Nation and fall under her law."

Lourdes, S'Rell and Carnoria applauded Ramashe! Finally Rambo Nation was accepting "protectrates". For long Rambo Nation only wished to have full members, with species adjusting to the Rambo way of living, now as a protectrate they remain outside the Rambo politics and laws and can keep their own way of living, instead they rely on Rambo Nation for protection only and their representatives, the Consuls will have a certain degree of influance at the Rambo Goverment, though will not be responsible for the well being of the entire nation or sectors, instead only of their own planet or sector.

Carnoria was the first to sign, he longed for the time that the Saurien House would join forces with the House of the Crusaders of the Starts. Pleased that the Rambo would protect his lush and green world against plunders, he signed without hesistation. Lourdes of Carnthedain signed as well, she wished her people to become part of Rambo Nation yet remain with their own virtues as well, this protectrate status would give them what they wanted and now her people could serve on star ships as well! S'Rell of the Caizni also signed with no hesistation, the Caizini, long forbidden by the Andormaru to build warships to defend their freighters could now finally ask protection from Rambo Nation ships that could protect a convoy against the raiding Kzishaya and Quadrantia Loron in Quadrant 21.

06 AQF: Month 11 and 12Edit

The next chapter of the yudumarth campaign and that of Rambo Nation will feature Ramashe confronting the ruler of Yudumarth and offering a consul positon, as well as the search for the missing Aur'Lumniassa and a confrontation with the Yudumarth Nosiso. As the Yudimran rebels plan to unleash a deadly virus upon the Rambo, though Rambo Command and their intelligence department find out and send agents to track them down!


Ramtainus sends Trabl into the desert!

Fleet captain Trabl was furious, one of his clone troopers awakened him early in the morning, at 05:45 AM. That was no time for a Tralor at a dust ball known as the planet Yudumarth. Dressing up in his armor he walked outside towards a balcony and approached a Rambo Serindia who stood with his back towards Trabl.

  • Trabl: "What is the meaning of this? Do you realise what time it is?"

The Serindia turned and shot an angry glare towards Trabl, who just realised that the Serindia was his superior officer, vice-admiral Ramtainus.

  • Ramtainus: "Good morning fleet-captain Trabl, having difficulties getting up early?"
  • Trabl: "V-vice-admiral. I didn't knew you were coming to Yudumarth?"

Ramtainus nodded and turned his back again towards Trabl and indicated that Trabl should watch with him at the scenery outside. The fresh water of the lake nearby attracted the attention of a herd of Yudusaurus.

  • Ramtainus: "You see Trabl, the herd can move from one place to another, undisturbed."
  • Trabl: "I am affraid I don't see the point you are heading to admiral?"
  • Ramtainus: "Haha, ofcourse not. The rebels on this planet can do the same as that herd!"

Trabl raised his back, the admiral just scolded at him. Trabl replied that without sufficiant troops he was uanble to keep the people in check as well as searching for these rebels. Ramtainus smiled.

  • Ramtainus: "That is why I am here Trabl, I am taking over your operation of protecting the cities. You task, with your troopers is to head into the deserts of Yudumarth, wipe out these rebels, bring Camron Dar to justice and find Aur'Lumniassa!".

Trabl nodded and turned, unbelievable that a vice-admiral is going to sit here in cities while he is been send into the desert to do the dirty work.

The Story of Rambo Nation continues in the fourth chapter of the Quadrantia Disorder: Ortum a Dynastia


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