The Bisistar Queen commands General Natico.

In the Bisistar home realm of the Cyranai Galaxy, the mysterious Bisistar Queen was preparing to address her people for the first time since the end of the Great Cyrannus War. It was time to make their mark upon the Cyrannus Galaxy once again, though first they had to remove an ancient obstacle. Calling her most priced offspring, General Natico and a fleet of new warships to her flagship, the Queen waited until he boarded in order to address her people on their next great deed.

Eventually, Natico and his regiment of warriors entered the Queen's royal chamber and moved into a royal formation in front of the viewscreen of the impressive and growing Bisistar Invasion Fleet.

  • Natico - I am yours to command, my queen.
  • The Queen - The time has come, Natico. We shall conquer the Cyrannian interlopers once and for all. However, invasion has always failed. We will destroy them from within. They will not know it, but they shall be digging their own graves.
  • Natico - Very good, my queen. However, you asked for a fleet to be assembled, how shall I command it?
  • The Queen - The Neraida grow ever stronger under the nose of this new Empire. They plan on using ancient technologies, rightfully ours, to spread their influence and ultimately destroy us. Such a thing must never happen.
  • Natico - Why not wait for the Empire to destroy them for us? They have powers I have never seen.
  • The Queen - And let them take what is ours? Never! My spies tell me that the enemy are preparing to use ancient wormholes to reunite their lost kin.
  • Natico - I see now, my queen. Their infection must never overwhelm our natural defences.
  • The Queen - Yes. I shall give you the coordinates of one of the wormholes the enemy is close to discovering. You will stand your guard and annihilate the enemy. They will be no match for our new fleet.
  • Natico - I will leave at once, my queen.

The Queen nodded her gigantic head subtly and with a simple gesture of her hand, Natico and the Bisistar Warriors left the room. She remained sitting on her seat, watching the Bisistar Fleet open their own wormholes to the scene of the coming battle with their mysterious enemies.

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