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In their first move to conquer the Cyrannus Galaxy, the cunning and malevolent Bisistar enter the Unknown Regions, in a bid to stop the Cyrannian Neraida from using an item of unspeakable power, an ancient Nagith wormhole, which the mysterious Grox could use to grow much more powerful.

In the midst of the titanic battle however, Apollo and his flagship, Colonial One accidentally get separated from the fleet, with no immediate way to return to the Republic Remnant...

Beginnings Edit

Fatal Mistake Edit

Deal with the Devil 03

The Obliberator attacks Colonial One.

With Gianne Inviá still recovering from the Basileus attack a few weeks ago, Apollo decided to bring Laoí and Kara to see her on the Last Hope, under the watch of Sola Naberraé and Willelmus Cretacea, while Apollo remained on Colonial One in order to prepare for an upcoming press conference. However, unbeknownst to Apollo, the fiendish Mortalitas commander, Mortikran was preparing to ambush the Remnant's fleet.

Taking a small Imperial Fleet out of hyperspace, Mortikran's flagship, the Obliberator immediately targeted the engines of Colonial One, preventing it from fleeing into hyperspace, or indeed any other alternate FTL method. As the various vessels of the Remnant escaped into hyperspace, Colonial One was forced to flee using it's sublight engines. However, the Obliberator, while larger was also more advanced and quickly caught up with the civilian liner. Just as Mortikran prepared to fire the finishing salvo, Apollo's chief engineer was successful in fixing the hyperdrive, allowing Colonial One to escape into hyperspace, albeit on an unknown course.

Meanwhile on the bridge of the Obliberator, Mortikran slammed his fist on the viewscreen, cracking it. He vowed to end Apollo once and for all.

The Battle Edit

Arrival Edit

Deal with the Devil 01

Colonial One arrives at the battle.

After repairing the damage while in hyperspace, Captain Narea dropped Colonial One out of hyperspace. However, Apollo's eyes, and indeed all the eyes on Colonial One's bridge widened at what lay before the Presidential Starship, a titanic battle between the massive Cubes of the Cyrannian Neraida and the impossibly designed vessels of the Bisistar Dominion. It appeared that the two powerful foes were fighting over an ancient portal, of a colouration similar to that found on the Nagith ruins a few months prior.

Apollo immediately ordered Narea to engage the hyperdrive, though the ship's FTL capabilities were being blocked by the gravity well being created by the Bisistar flagship. There was no escape. Instead, Apollo ordered Narea to get as far away as possible from the battle using the sublight engines. However, on further inspection, a resident scientist aboard the ship claimed that the Portal the Bisistar and the Grox were fighting over led to the Quadrant Galaxies.

A Losing Battle Edit

Deal with the Devil 04

The Bisistar gain the upperhand.

Apollo knew he had to act quickly. That portal could be the Republic Remnant's chance of escaping to the Quadrant Galaxies quickly, and without fear of an Imperial attack. However, more and more Bisistar vessels began appearing at the battle, surrounding the portal, blocking access to both the Cyrannian Grox, and Colonial One, which remained hidden behind a nearby asteroid. With a constant steam of Bisistar vessels dropping out of hyperspace, the Cyrannian Grox forces began to dwindle. Eventually, it became abundantly clear that in order to gain access the portal, Apollo would need to make a deal with the Cyrannian Grox, with whom the Republic made a truce in the Great Cyrannus War.

On the bridge of Colonial One, Apollo told his plan to Captain Narea.

  • Apollo - We have to assume the Grox will honour their ten year non-aggression pact. We need their help in order to access the Portal, and they need our help to defeat the Bisistar.
  • Narea - With all due respect, Mr. President, the Grox are devious. Once they accomplish their goals, what makes you think they will honour your agreement?
  • Apollo - Why wouldn't they? We are a simple civilian liner, we have nothing they could possibly want.
  • Narea - Very well, Mr. President. I'll bring us toward the nearest Cube.
Deal with the Devil 05

Khuenaten and two assimilated Libertus beam on Colonial One.

Colonial One slowly approached the nearby Grox Cube, which immediately caught it with a tractor beam. However, Apollo decided not to initiate countermeasures, in an attempt to avoid appearing hostile. The Cube opened up communications after scanning Colonial One and the eerie unemotional voices of the Cyrannian Grox filled Colonial One's bridge.

  • Cyrannian Grox - Your vessel has been detected. Eversun starliner, designation, Colonial One. Affiliation, Republic Remnant. Non-aggression pact in effect. State your intentions.

Nervously, Apollo approached the viewscreen.

  • Apollo - I am President Apollo of the Republic Remnant. We require your assistance. My people have no quarrel with the Cyrannian Grox, though we need access to the portal currently being contested.
  • Cyrannian Grox - Engagement outcome doubtful. The Bisistar are an efficient foe.
  • Apollo - In exchange for access to the Portal, we will aid you against the Bisistar.
  • Cyrannian Grox - Improbable. Your vessel lacks the offensive and defensive capabilities to sufficiently engage the Bisistar.
  • Apollo - Nevertheless, the Bisistar are resistant to your technology. They have yet to adapt to ours. In exchange for access to the hub, we will give you the technical insight into defeating them.
  • Cyrannian Grox - Acceptable. You will board our ship.
  • Apollo - Wait, I didn't agre-

Before Apollo could finish his sentence, the fearsome sight of Commandant Khuenaten flanked by two Libertus drones beamed directly to the bridge of Colonial One. Captain Narea screamed at the sight of the Cyrannian Marinox immediately approaching Apollo, placing a transport beacon on his neck. Within five seconds of appearing, the Grox beamed back to their Cube, along with Apollo himself...

Kidnapped Edit

Deal with the Devil 06

Narea comes face to face with Apollo...

Captain Narea waited patiently for hours for updates on her president, however none came. The battle itself however was beginning to turn in favour of the Grox, no doubt due to the tactics Apollo would have given the Grox to use against their Bisistar enemies. Luckily, in the meantime, Narea managed to ascertain the location of the Fleet. Eventually, when the last Bisistar ship retreated, the lead Cube sent a transmission to Colonial One, which remained out of sight behind a nearby asteroid. To her shock and horror, the figure on the viewscreen appeared to be Apollo, except altered by the Grox, being modified with cybernetics.

  • Narea - ...Mister President...?
  • Apollo - That individual is no longer. Ten year non-aggression pact in effect. You may depart with your individuality intact.
  • Narea - We're not leaving without our president!
  • Apollo - Then you will become one with us.
  • Narea - The deal stated that if we helped you defeat your enemies, you would allow us to use your portal. There wasn't anything in our agreement about the kidnapping of our president.
  • Apollo - We altered the parametres of our agreement. The use of the wormhole is restricted to the Neraida. Leave.
  • Narea - The Neraida? What do you mean? This is prepostero-

Suddenly, the Cube opened fire on Colonial One with a small, but powerful laser.

  • Apollo - That was your final warning. Leave immediately.

A tear dropped from Narea's eye, in order to save her crew, she decided to acquiesce to Apollo's command. Engaging the hyperdrive, she prepared to tell the Remnant the terrible news. Meanwhile, on the Cube, the assimilated Apollo prepared to enter the portal, with the intention of reunifying their lost gigamatrix...

Reunification Edit

Cyranai Edit


Apollo's Cube arrives in Cyranai.

Immediately entering the portal, Apollo adjusted the Cube's heading toward the Cyranai Galaxy, where a fragment of the Gigamatrix could be found. Immediately after dropping out of the wormhole, the Cube found itself in orbit of a large gas giant, while an armada of Diamond shaped ships, similar in composition to the Cube began surrounding the much larger Cube. One of the Diamonds soon contacted Apollo's ship.

  • Cyranai Grox - State your intentions.
  • Apollo - Cyranai Matrix, reconnection in progress.
  • Cyranai Grox - State your designation.
  • Apollo - This drone is the former leader of resistance faction 0190, designation Apollo. It serves the Matrix now.
  • Cyranai Grox - Your energy signatures have been confirmed. Reconnection is a logical point of action.

Without another word, the collective mind of the Cyranai Grox joined that of the Cyrannian Grox, for the first time in millennia. However, one more matrix remained to be connected before the Neraida could truly be unified once more...

The Quadrants Edit


Arrival at the Quadrants.

Now that the Cyrannian and Cyranai Grox were finally united, Apollo's Cube, accompanied by two Cyranai Diamonds entered the portal for their final destination, the Quadrant Galaxies. Despite the fact the ships could quite easily use methods different from the portal hub to arrive at the Quadrants, the unified Cyrannian and Cyranai matrix knew that these ancient Nagith portals led directly to the near heart of the respective Neraida territories.

As with before, when the Neraida fleet under Apollo dropped out of the portal, Quadrantia Grox Spheres began to appear, charging their weapons.

  • Quadrantia Grox - Unidentified vessels detected our territory
  • Quadrantia Grox (2) - Unacceptable.
  • Quadrantia Grox: We are the Grox, lower your shields and surrender your vessel. We will add your biological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will become part of us. Resistance is futile.
  • Apollo - You will be reconnected with the Gigamatrix.
  • Quadrantia Grox - Error detected. We refuse.
  • Apollo - Irrelevant. You will be reconnected with the Gigamatrix. Refusal will lead to assimilation.
  • Quadrantia Grox - Subject civilization in question. Proof is required.

Machine like, Apollo sent the Quadrantia Grox confirmation of the Neraida's reunification, as well as sending them energy signatures from their ships, confirming the link between their civilizations.

  • Quadrantia Grox - Data is processed.
  • Quadrantia Grox (2) - Data analysed - similarities detected.
  • Quadrantia Grox - Error detected?
  • Quadrantia Grox (2) - Analysing error - treat level given show differances.
  • Quadrantia Grox - Acknowledge - securing data on hypercube, sphere type III and various other matters - see order #0082-89-21.
  • Quadrantia Grox - Affirmative - preperations finished.

After a few seconds of analysing the information, the Quadrantia Grox reopened contact.

  • Quadrantia Grox - Sufficient. We will reconnect.

Using the same method as before, the collective minds of the Cyrannian, Cyranai and Quadrantia "Grox" finally connected. All across the Cyrandia Cluster, the quadrillions of drones of the former Cyrandia "Grox" Empires felt a surge. Their true forms had been revealed, the Neraida Gigamatrix. The Cluster's latest superpower...

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