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With the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus growing exponentially, the inhabitants of the Empire begin to grow accustomed to their new lifes. Stretching from the city world of Orbispira to the lush forests of the Rambo Capitol, the year old Empire is clearly one of the largest civilizations in history.

However, away from this prosperity, resistance remains, with several powerful factions, with their own agendas and goals coming into conflict with one another. However, in this time of uncertainty, one thing is clear, the eyes of the Emperor see all and his plan is far from complete.

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Month 01 Edit

Unfriendly Space Edit

Unfriendly Space

Apollo confronted by the Basileus.

Under Siege

In the aftermath of the attack that shook the Last Hope, the bridge of the Republic Remnant's flagship was in disarray. Apollo woke up from unconsciousness to see the dead bodies of many bridge officers laying where they fell. However, to his relief, his father Willelmus Cretacea was still alive and barking out orders to his surviving crew, ordering them to fight against their enemies, the Basileus. The starcluster they had entered must have been the infamous and mysterious cluster home to the Basileus Imperium. Just as he got to his feet, his heart sank... he saw his wife, Gianne Inviá lying still on the ground.

Silently moving toward her seemingly lifeless body, Apollo was soon releaved to find that Gianne was still alive, albeit severely unconscious. However, before he had time to get her to the safety of sickbay, a dozen Basileus Justiciars stormed into the bridge, surrounding the Remnant officers, not to mention, Cretacea, Gianne and Apollo. Just as the Justiciars were about to fire, the leader of the Basileus received a message from his flagship, commanding the entire squad to return to the flagship, an enemy contact was being picked up coming out of hyperspace. The ruthless smiles faded from the faces of the Basileus as they reluctantly returned to their flagship. However, Apollo was suspicious by a slight smile as the Basileus commander acquiesced to his commanding officer's order.

Unexpected arrivals
Unfriendly Space 02

The Placidi Itinere arrives at the battle.

Apollo looked in shock at the badly damaged view screen while cradling Gianne in his arms, what appeared to be the Placidi Itinere, the Cognatus Carrier that saved Apollo from Imperial forces on Orbispira at the beginning of the Dark Times, effectively beginning his long voyage. To his delight, the Placidi began to fire upon the Basileus Cruisers, destroying one under the intense barrage of plasma energy, overloading it's shields. Just as the second cruiser began to flee the battle scene, it stopped in it's tracks, just as a massive Basileus fleet came out of hyperspace. The tides had turned yet again.

Unfriendly Space 03

Apollo and Voro Acetenus are reunited.

Coming up with a plan quickly, the captain of the Placidi Itienere decided that he must self destruct his fleet in the exact centre of the incoming Basileus navy, thus buying Apollo and the Republic Remnant time to escape, and also destroying one of the largest Basileus fleets ever seen. Thus, all the crew of the Placidi evacuated to the Shuttle pods, and escaped to the Last Hope, which prepared to jump to hyperspace, out of the cluster, just as the massive Cognatus carrier self destructed in the centre of the Basileus fleet, despite their best attempts to stop it. In a massive flash of light, the Basileus were consumed, just as the Last Hope escaped.


With Gianne resting comfortably in sickbay, Apollo made his way down to the hanger deck, where the Cognatus were busy getting used to their new home. He wanted to thank the captain of the Placidi. However, to his shock, the captain turned out to be a very familiar face... Apollo's old friend, Voro Acetenus. The wise Cogsangui leader gave Apollo a friendly hug and proceeded to tell the former president all about the plot to kill him, his use of a decoy to protect his life, the end of the Cognatus Remnant, and the beginning of a new civilization, hearkening back to the Cognatus' old zealous ways.

Apollo was fascinated by all of this information, but grew uneasy when Voro told him that the Imperial Fleet under the command of Mortikran was but light-years behind them, and that because they left the Basileus Starcluster, they had entered Cyrannus' largest and most mysterious region, the Unknown Regions. Their troubles had only just begun.

The Council of MiragnaEdit

A New Council

As the new year has begun for the entire Cyrannus Galaxy, Miragna, capital of Cyrannian Radeons, was still rebuilding their original glory after the battle during the first year of the Imperial rule. With Agnassana exiled, Aerlon has taken the mantle of Mandator, at least temporarily. However, he knew full well that he could not cope with political matters, being, ultimately, a soldier; however, he could not cast aside his title and give it to another Cyrannian Radeon simply; most of them weren't trustworthy. Aerlon has found a solution. Summoning two most important ministers from Agnassana's days (with knowledge and agreement of Imperial government, of course) - Asheron Ernae and Quathiel Neroth'aina, Aerlon has founded the Triumvirate of Miragna that would fulfill the same duties as Imperial Mandators.

Aerlon and Tyrant

Aerlon meeting with Tyrant

The Triumvirate immediately started its functions; within the Capitol Building on Miragna, Aerlon has started a discussion about the future of the Cyrannian Radeons so far. Asheron has stated that so far, their reputation is darkened with Agnassana's doings. As such, they need something to prove their loyalty. Quathiel has proposed that Tyrant's fleet in Outer Rim would need help, and Aerlon immediately agreed with that statement, which was not surprising given his hatred of Confederates whom Tyrant hunted. After the Triumvirate's meeting was over, Aerlon has prepared a large fleet of Celestial-class Star Destroyers, intending to root out the Confederate threat once and for all.

To Battle

Meanwhile, Tyrant's fleet was fighting against a new Confederate holdout which controlled quite a large number of spaceships. The Colossus suffered damage as the Confederate forces advanced, they were actually giving the Grand Admiral some trouble this time. However, as the Imperials were slowly being drawn back, Aerlon's fleet emerged from hyperspace and flanked the Confederate fleet, catching it by surprise. Eventually the Empire won and the planet was conquered. Both Tyrant and Aerlon descended into the world, where Aerlon explained how hw wanted to aid Tyrant in his hunt. Tyrant was well aware of Agnassana's treason act and was skeptical at first, but allowed Aerlon and his Cyrannian Radeon to follow him. However, he made it clear to the Commissar that any attempt of treason inside his fleet would not go unpunished.

Impasse Edit


Mornauó stands his ground in the face of the Corthrinus fleet.

Tensions between the Mortalitas and the Corthrinus continued to simmer in the aftermath of the argument between Savra Mathen and Moch-Na over the contested position of Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions at the end of the first meeting between all of the present Mandators of the Empire. However, despite their mutual warnings, no shoots had been fired in the contested border between Corthrinus and Mortalitas space. However, Moch-Na wanted to make the first move, as all Mortalitas are expected to do.

With her husband away in assignment in the Quadrant Galaxies, Moch-Na decided to send Captain Mornauó of the Mortalitas Dreadnought, the Prosperous-B to engage the Corthrinus fleet converging on the border of Mortalitas and Corthrinus space. Moch-Na decided to join Mornauó, she wanted to kill Savra personally. Dropping out of hyperspace, the Corthrinus Fleet appeared directly in front of Mornauó's fleet. However, it appeared that the Corthrinus knew that the Mortalitas would eventually appear, with Savra Mathen contacted the Prosperous-B and demanded that Moch-Na surrender to him, and that Tyrómairon and the rest of the Empire didn't need to know of her treachery. Outraged at the accusation, Moch-Na closed the channel and charged weapons, but ordered Mornauó not to fire until the Corthrinus fired first. The Mortalitas' policy of striking first might invoke the unwanted attention of the Emperor. The standoff showed no signs of ending soon.

The Infiltrator's Entrance Edit

The Infiltrator's Entrance

Catulus about to kill Daleigh

After giving her command, the Bisistar Queen turned her eyes to the New Ermitant Republic. They had reached the galaxy for almost a year, and it was time to start the infiltration. Contacting the high ranking spy called Catulus, she ordered him to take the place of one of the Republic's senators and report back.

In the Ermitant capital of New Puria, Senator Daleigh was observing the sea from a tower, after a day of work. However, he soon felt a shadow behind him, and when checking who was it, was surprised to see the gigantic Bisistar readying his claws. Before Daleigh could scream for help, Catulus jumped and slashed his throat, killing him instantly and silently. Hiding the body in his hidden spaceship, Catulus then shapeshifted into Daleigh himself, and made his way to the Ermitant's government palace.

The Bisistar manipulation had began...

Raiders in Quadrant 21Edit

Imperial Troubles

First contact with the Kzishaya

A lone Vigil-class corvette, known as the Annoyance was patrolling the borders of the Rambo Nation Deep Space Sector in Quadrant 21. With Rambo Nation a protectrate the Imperial fleet took over guard and patrol duties, and the Basileus captain of the Annoyance was happy with this assignment, as it didn't involve getting in harms way.

Sadly during their travel the Annoyance hit a cloacked mine, damaging her outer hull and disabling engines, shields and weapons the Basileus captain was forced to send a distress call. The signal was answered by Rambo Command and they promised to send a ship to aid them.

The captain set his crew to rapair duties when all of a sudden a lone, purple colored saucer like vessel approached the Annoyance. The Basileus captain didn't recognise the designs and hailed them. The unknown ship didn't respond back and instead fire two missles, rocketing the ships with explosion. The pressure from the missle overloaded consoles, pipes erupted and the Annoyance was filled with a curtain of smoke. The captain noticed energy readings in the cargo bay, and identified them as transporter signals, like the Rambo use onboard their vessels and stations. Contacting Rambo Command again he told them what happened and asked once again for aid, sadly for the captain a wolf-like shaped appeared behind him and grabbed the Basileus by the neck. The unfortunate captain tried to fight back, but the wolf-like creature, known as a Kzishaya ripped off the head of the Basileus captain and smashed it into the console, breaking contact.

Disgusted Rambo Command informed Imperial Command of the event and also gave the footage to the Imperials.

Incursions within the QuadrantsEdit

Informing the Emperor

Informing the Emperor

In the Quadrant Galaxies various troubles were rising. With the Quadrantia Grox attacking the Serpentaxy the nations of Quadrant 82 feared the Grox might come to their own territories.

Further more it seemed the Yudimaran allied another species and began constructing somekind of portal. Also the unknown threat attacked another Rambo vessels- the USS Eagle and destroyed the ship and killed the entire crew, including Captain Ramikku. Also rumors reached Rambo Command about a possible internal rebellion that a private fleet wanted to engage the Empire, not knowing the strenght of them. Sadly, to complicate matter more the Hutters attacked the Rambo Nation K-7 space station and conquered it with intensions to invade the Rambo Nation Quadrant 89 colonial sector. As such, with Garlboz refusing to listen to Ramashe her advise she decided to inform the Emperor himself.

Together with Garlboz and Kya they informed the Emperor about the troubles. Kya informed the Emperor, while both Garlboz and Ramshe listened (-Garlboz ordered Kya to inform the Emperor to escape his wrath). Instead Garlboz was scolded at by the Emperor and warned him to deal with the situation, or the full might of the Imperial Navy will decent upon Quadrant 82. Afterwards all three were left in confusion, this could mean a serious disaster for the Quadrants if they failed.

The Executor Edit

The Executor

Zillum sees his new flagship, the Executor.

Zillum, supreme commander of the Imperial Navy was called back to Cyroenia from his existing deployment in the Quadrant Galaxies. Zillum was glad to get away from the Quadrants, having no desire to serve his career on patrol duty. He was also curious as to why he was called to the famous shipyards, perhaps his flagship, the Exactor was to be refitted with more destructive weaponry. However, as soon as he arrived at the shipyards, he saw that this was not the case.

Looming high over the planet's surface was the largest ship he had ever seen, a massive Star Dreadnought that must have been over thirty kilometres long, surrounded by the already deadly Imperator-class Star Destroyers, which looked like mere shuttles compared to the Dreadnought. Eventually, an Imperial AI, taking the form of a female Ortella appeared on the bridge, telling Zillum that the ship's name was the Executor, the first Executor-class Star Dreadnought, with weaponry capable of conquering entire sectors. It would serve as the flagship of the Imperial Navy, with Zillum at it's helm.

Eventually taking a shuttle to dock with the Executor, Zillum received his next orders. To take the Executor to the Quadrant Galaxies to lay waste to any enemy that dares attack the great Cyrannian Empire.

Freedom under TyrannyEdit

Freedom under Tyranny

Agnassana's agent and Vizinath conspire.

Agnassana was sitting in her chair on a small planet in the Quadrants, enjoying the view of summer skies and thinking about her future. As much as she hated how did the events turn out, she has found her new position suitable for her ambitions. Now a minister in the Imperial Intelligence, she had large powers now, and she knew how both to increase her own power and to please the Emperor, regaining his trust in her. Being a Radeon, she knew many things about the Divinarium - nationalist movements in Imperion space included. She also knew about these movements' support from the leader of Imperions, Autarch Vizinath. All of this could be manipulated in the name of the Empire.

In his office on Imalith, Vizinath recieved a hologram of a Rambo in grey clothings - one of Agnassana's agents, Ramlaith. For minutes, Ramlaith was speaking about the potential of working with the Empire and how it could help Imperions to protect their sovereignity and freedom. Vizinath, waiting for the moment he could finally lead his people out of the Divinarium, quickly agreed to sign a pact between the Cyrannian Empire and Imperions. Both sides however, also agreed that their alliance should remain secret, for the good of all.

Within days, Vizinath started recieving, through a network of smugglers hired by Agnassana, new starships, which he dubbed Liberators; a combination of advanced Imperial technology and the Imperions' own designs. Now supported by one of the strongest empires of the First Gigaquadrant, nothing could stop the rebel Imperion autarch from achieving his dream. But first, he had to prepare his armada...

Month 02 Edit

Battle of DusavaliEdit

Battle of Dusavali

Two fleets clash.

In orbit of the planet Dusavali in the Outer Rim, Tyrant and his fleet members were busy at work restocking for the push into Confederacy of Free Planets controlled space. The horrors of the Great Cyrannus War, fresh in the minds of the citizens of the inner regions of the Empire created strong anti-Confederate sentiment, with many calling Tyrant a hero, despite his past allegiances due to his efforts against the Free Planets of the Confederacy. Fearful of Tyrant's seemingly invincible force, Taros Cassynder decided to strike Tyrant's fleet while it was off guard.

Assembling a large fleet, including his flagship, the "Viscount", Cassynder gave a rousing speech to his followers, telling them that the very survival of the Confederacy depended on their victory. To that end, the fleet of the Free Planets engaged their hyperdrives, arriving at Dusavali within seconds. On the bridge of the Star Destroyer Colossus , Tyrant's eyes narrowed as he saw the fleet drop out of hyperspace. Ordering his officers to raise shields, it was already too late for an Ifrit-class Star Destroyer, which was destroyed by a suicide attack by a Rescure-class Cruiser. Scowling, Tyrant watched as the Empire's ASP fighters relentlessly chased the Confederacy's suicide starfighters. He couldn't help but feel impressed by Cassynder's devotion.

The battle continued to intensify as more and more kamikaze cruisers smashed against the Imperial Star Destroyers, however instead of losing any more resources, Cassynder decided to recall the fleet, they had caused enough damage to the Imperial Fleet to send a clear message to Tyrant. Meanwhile, Tyrant was furious, he had lost over a quater of his fleet to the desperate tactics of the rebels.

Killing Guolivian Edit

The Assassin

The assassin prepares to attack Guolivian.

Guolivian was walking through one of Orbispira's many streets in an effort to relieve the stress of everyday senate life. Unknown to him, another individual was following him in the shadows. It was Zarma-Picus, the Draken bounty hunter hired the previous year to kill the senator. He had been tracking the Senator for a matter of months in order to kill him.

The assassin waited in an alley in a quieter section of Orbispira, awaiting Guolivian to arrive. When he finally did, the assassin lined up his sights, and pointed his sniper strait at Guolivian's head before turning off the safety. He held his breath to line up the shot perfectly, and then pulled the trigger.

The laser cut clean through Guolivian's eye, killing him instantly. Several civilians screamed as the bounty hunter disappeared into the shadows. The law enforcement looked around the area, but found not trace of the assassin. He had vanished from all Imperial sensors...


After killing Guolivian, the bounty hunter, Zarma-Picus, arrived at a ship provided for him by the Alliance government, The Assassin, where the other conspirators were waiting. Various other Alliance agents, a D'annoi, a Cyrannian Zazane, General Nakatar, Senator Torva, and a few others were waiting. They provided the bounty hunter with his money and position of power before departing the system to travel to the Unknown Regions, the location of the Alliance Senate-World.


Guolivian walked into his office to find a message be Grand Mandator Tyrannus. He told Guolivian that he was in luck, and that the rebels thought he was dead. He explained that he had set up a decoy to take the shot so that Guolivian would survive. He reminded Guolivian that he was supposed to be "dead" and that if the rebels found out, they would suspect something and disappear. He told the senator to lay low until the rebels were dealt with...

Attack on the Obliberator Edit


Apollo's Cube attacks the Obliberator.


As Mortikran ventured deeper into the Unknown Regions in his search for Apollo, he couldn't help but think things were going too quiet. Soon, the Obliberator detected strange signals ahead, and when they looked out of the window, they saw nothing. However, Mortikran ordered the crew to activate the heat-detecting scanners, and soon found out the source of the signal: a Neraida Cube. Mortikran remembered the "Cyrannian Grox" constantly using invisibility against the Confederacy during the Great Cyrannus War, but he wouldnt fall for such tricks now.

Mortikran was surprised to see the Cube sending a transmission, and he was startled to what appeared on the screen: A Libertus, turned into a cyborg. The cyborg identified itself as Apollo, which made Mortikran even more confused, and stated that he would be assimilated by the Neraida. Mortikran could not believe that the "Grox" had captured Apollo, but before could react, the Cube launched powerful lasers against the Obliberator, catching it off guard. The Cube dealt heavy damage to the ship, which could not attack back in time, leaving Mortikran frustrated and angered. To make things worse, Khuenaten teleported inside into the ship and roared at Mortikran, before tackling him into the ground.

The Mortalitas commander struggled to keep Khuenaten away, as the vile Marinox tried to stab his blade through his head. the Cube kept attacking the Obliberator, damaging it even more and killing several crewmembers. As he got a chance, Mortikran threw Khuenaten off and ran to the nearest escape pod before Khuenaten could get to him. As he was launched into space, he saw as Neraida Probes appeared and approached the Obliberator. His flagship had been assimilated by the Gigamatrix...

Reporting Back

Mortikran arrived at Orbispira, where he wanted to talk to the Emperor about the incident. Explaining that Apollo had been turned into a "Grox" drone, Tyrómairon appeared skeptical about what to think about it. He turned to Mortikran and told him that his mission was complete, as Apollo being turned into a robot was an acceptable equivalent of having him dead. As Apollo was assimilated, there was no way the Republic Remnant could have escaped.

Mortikran left, however, he was not content with the results. In fact, he was quite furious...

Imperial Warning Edit

Imperial Warning

Zillum's fleet carves the Imperial Insignia into the planet's surface.

As soon as the Executor arrived near Hutter space in Quadrant 89, Zillum received a transmission from the Emperor, who commanded Zillum to annihilate the Hutter Outer Colony of Tigma IV as a show of force and a warning for acting against the Empire. As soon as the Executor arived in the system, followed closely by two dozen Imperial Star Destroyers, Zillum ordered all ASP fighter squadrons to launch immediately, with their main task being protecting the bombers on their way to carpet bomb the major settlements. As expected, the Hutter defense fleet responded in earnest.

The Hutter Fleet, comprised of several D-5 and D-7 cruisers fought bravely against the invading Imperials, but were no match for the firepower of the titanic Executor, which destroyed them with a volley of hyperspace missiles. On the surface, the Hutter citizens looked on in relief as they saw the Imperial Bombers fly upward into space, but this was the beginning of the end. Zillum ordered a Base Delta Zero on Tigma IV's surface, completely obliterating it and all living upon it. However, as a final insult, Zillum directed the Executor's fire, carving the Imperial insignia into Tigma IV's crust. Smiling, Zillum returned to Imperial space.

Pretio's Escape Edit

Flovos Escape

Fernei's Hand escapes.

On the bridge of the infamous Imperial Prison Ship, Constrictor, Captain Nedaan, a ruthless young Nasvere officer began pacing. He was given a mission by Tyranus himself, a mission he wouldn't dare question, despite it's unusual parametres. Suddenly, alarms rung out across the Constrictor, an alarm all the Imperials on board knew well from their training, a prisoner was escaping. Dispatching marines to the prison-block, Nedaan sat on his command chair, observing the prison break as it transpired.

Meanwhile, on one of the many kilometre long corridors of the Constrictor, a Fernei-Tuu known as Flovos Pretio ran toward the hanger bay. It was too quiet. He met only half a dozen Marines while he made his mistake, killing them all. Running into one of the control rooms, Pretio disabled the Constrictor's tractor-beam, before continuing his way to the hanger, where he hoped his associates would have sent a ship to retrieve him. Luckily for the resourceful criminal, he could see his trusty vessel, Fernei's Hand, which was fending off approaching Imperial Marines. Acting fast, Pretio jumped into his ship, ordering his co-pilot to escape.

With no tractor beam, Nedaan was forced to launch fighters, though he ordered the pilots to let the Fernei's Hand to escape. The Empire had plans for Pretio, and his organization, the Cyrannian Syndicate...

A Defective Mandator Edit

Defective Mandator

Mich'Lea questions his future.

Mandator Mich'Lea paced up and down his lengthly office in the Imperial City. As a former Confederate, he wasn't entirely popular among the other Mandators, at least those with affiliations once with the Cyrannian Republic, while those once affiliated with the Confederacy of Systems were turned away by Mich'Lea's aloof and eccentric nature. Nevertheless, the lonely Adelphi ignored the whispers behind his back, occupying himself with the reports behind the Empire's hammering of the Confederate remnants in the Outer Rim. He knew this had to end.

He decided that for too long he was played with like a puppet by stronger Mandators. Within moments, Mich'Lea began coming up with possible ways to join up with the rebels in their fight against the evil Imperial juggernaught. Leaving his office in a hurry, the Adelphi rushed to the Mandatorial Spacedock in orbit, where he boarded his flagship, the Imperator-class Star Destroyer Avenger, unaware that he was being followed.

Planned StrikeEdit

Dark Times Garlboz Shot

Garlboz shot in the back by Zevracence

Rambas and deflecting Colonel Chodecra made plans from their rebel base at Kreeta to strike the Empire. Though at first they were forced to be careful, if Kreeta was discovered before a suitable strike force of space ships and ground forces were made it was a short Resistance. As such they decided to hire Zevracence- a notorious and dangerous bounty hunter for a job. They contacted the Zarbriaek by decoded holo channels from onboard the USS Merced II. The bounty hunter accepted the mission after a payment of over 1 million credits.

Garlboz was walking outside the Senatorial Executive Palace at the moon of Anummiae, under guard of two Dread Lord Troopers. Garlboz looked to the sky as a shadow passed over him. Surprised by his own paranoida feeling he was relieved to see it was just a Serindia Civilian Transport passing overhead. Behind him he heard metal chrushing to the ground as his Dread Lord Troopers dropped dead to the ground. Before Garlboz coud turn he felt a burning pain from his chest, and saw blood spilling out of the hole. Garlboz mused and fell to the ground unconscious.

Zeveracence smiled, it was an easy job at daylight. He travelled to the moon of the Capital and saw the Grand Mandator walking without an army of guards. Taking his chance he grabbed his two RNS-5 rifles and first killed the guards before firing at Garlboz. Checking the Grand Mandator's pulse, he realised he was still alive and would probably survive the encounter as well- just as planned. After all the shot was just meant as a warning. Zeveracence heard sirens of an ambulance and took it at a running. Taking a nearby transport Zeveracence was already in the sky as the authorities arrived at the scene. The bounty hunter smiled, another job well done!

The Empire was not pleased with this turn of event, as they were touching in the dark of whom was behind the attempt. First the Hutters, now an attempt to kill a Grand Mandator. It seemed something was stirring in the Quadrants and the Empire was still unable to get her hands on it. Though credit for this also was in part due of Rambo Nation, they didn't really cooperate with the Cyrannians like they did in the old days with the URC.

Criminal CongressEdit

Criminal Congress

The three criminals meet up.

After his escape from the dreaded Imperial prison on the Constrictor, Flovos Pretio began his journey to the Syndicate's headquarters, located on a secret hanger bay in the infamous Loktia Resort, famous for it's role in the Great Cyrannus War. Quietly, he made his way to a large room with a simulated duplication of the planet Tega III in the background. When he entered the room, he saw two hooded figures. Only when he moved closer did he see that the two individuals were his old associates, Drelas and Rivergron.

Pretio told the duo about his concerns about the Empire, as well as his suspicions that they may attempt to manipulate the Syndicate. However, the crime lord was impressed with Rivergron's new rank of Mandator, a title that would surely help the Syndicate in the future. Wasting no time, Pretio gave his first orders, the infiltration of an Imperial research ship in the hopes of increasing the firepower of the Syndicate's forces, which were currently made up of outdated speeders. Pleased, Pretio ordered Drelas to carry out the mission. The Syndicate was well and truly on it's way to being feared yet again.

Criminal Congress

The three criminals meet up.

In the aftermath of his escape, Flovos Pretio enters the Syndicate's headquarters, meeting with Drelas and Rivergron.

  • Pretio - Clearly, my absence hasn't done wonders to the Syndicate.
  • Drelas - You're right about that.
  • Rivergron - Be thankful that you survived. The Imperials don't usually let their prisoners escape.
  • Pretios - That escape was far too easy. I suspect they let me go in a vain attempt to monitor the Syndicate. By the gods, I will not let them.
  • Drelas - Huh. Let 'em try.
  • Rivergron - Amusing. I managed to infiltrate in their government rather easily.

Drelas pulls out his cigar, and lights it. He then begins to smoke.

  • Pretios - Well done, Rivergron. Do you have anything to report?
  • Rivergron - I've been studying their government. It's a lot more complicated than what the United Republic was. It's a lot more...restricted.
  • Drelas - Doesn't surprise me. Old Republic's government was pretty corrupt. That's why I quit.
  • Pretio - A pity, I've always wanted to own a senator. Have you any intelligence regarding any possible targets?
  • Rivergron - I also studied that, but I'm a little worried about what happened to that Cyranian Radeon Mandator. According to my contacts, she was almost assassinated. And I like my neck intact.

Drelas blew smoke, and began to light another.

  • Pretio - We are the best of the best Rivergron. Our arsenal includes only outdated speeders and small freighters. We need more firepower, and the Imperials certainly have firepower to spare.
  • Rivergron - One thing I could conclude about the Imperials is that they love to make new weapons and spaceships. Their spaceship designs are unlike everything I've ever seen.
  • Drelas - So we go in and grab one for ourselves. Back in my day as a merc, I never had too much difficulty.
  • Rivergron - Oh, don't you think it's easy, Drelas. These Imperials aren't as oblivious as the republicans.

Drelas blew smoke.

  • Drelas - When did I imply that they were?
  • Pretio - I heard whispers from the troopers on the Constrictor that an Imperial Research Ship was full of designs. It would be logical to break in and find out for ourselves before going on a wild Dvottie chase.
  • Rivergron - We could pay this Research Ship a visit, then...
  • Drelas - Yeah. I'll send some guys to do it. Or I could lead the assault personally...
  • Pretio - See to it, Drelas. I'll send you the coordinates, but use caution, these Imperials protect their secrets well.
  • Drelas - Huh. Trust me.
  • Pretio - In the meantime, Rivergron. I need you to be my eyes and ears on the Imperial Capitol, I'm sure you'll prove most useful.
  • Rivergron - Of course, Pretio. They think they can spy on us, when in reality, we are spying on them...
  • Pretio - Just keep an eye out for those Justiciars. Damn red-skins are now recruiting spies.
  • Drelas - Nothin' I won't get sorted.

Drelas blew smoke once again.

  • Pretio - Well then gentlemen, we have nothing more to discuss. Get to it, and we'll all be rich men. The Syndicate is on the rise again!

Month 03Edit

Religious MattersEdit

Religious Matters

Nossira and Corwe negotiate.

Asdran'Ari, an ancient religious organisation in Cyrannus, faced a crisis when the Empire appeared. The Emperor's new religious policy discouraged and persecuted organisations like Asdran'Ari, and they were not liked in the first place due to their obscurity and presence. However, what caused the most controversy is the existence of the Empire itself. It was said in the Covenant of Asdran'Ari that one day, the Ascendant shall come and unite the Twelve - which originally meant the Twelve Colonies but now meant the Twelve Tribes of Capricornians, and indeed Cyrannus. Now that this goal was, more or less, achieved, the Asdran'Ari clerics argued over is Emperor Tyrómairon really that Ascendant or not - some, like Patriarch Sanada Dexxon, supported this notion, while others like Cardinal Nossira Pravenna considered the very idea heretical.

Now, however, the Empire decided to change its course of actions towards diplomacy and negotiations with the new cult, and a messenger from the Imperial Intelligence, a Justiciar called Corwe, approached the Asdran'Ari cardinal, Nossira Pravenna, on the Basileus homeworld to declare the new intentions of Tyrómairon regarding the ancient cult. Now, the Empire will support the Asdran'Ari, not in Cyrannus itself but in other regions of the Gigaquadrant - in exchange for the cult spreading the Imperial influence. As the agreement did save Asdran'Ari from further persecution, Nossira agreed, not without spite, and decided to extend the cult's influence to Andromeda and Borealis, where it could flourish and aid the Imperial might. When the conversation was over, both sides left, playing their own part in the Emperor's grand plan.

Religious Matters

Nossira and Corwe negotiate.

  • Justiciar Curwe - Ah, Cardinal Pravenna, I presume?
  • Nossira - Cardinal Nassira Pravenna of the Asdran'Ari, speaking on the behalf of the Patriarch himself.
  • Curwe - Very well. I am here to discuss the your organization. And it's uses to the Empire.
  • Nossira - What does the great-and-all-powerful Empire want from us?

Nossira narrows her eyes.

  • Nossira - I thought you Imperials persecute religion.
  • Curwe - We understand it's pull. While not strong in Cyrannus, religion plays a key role in the lives of many of the... extragalactics.
  • Nossira - Hm... You have a point. The Asdran'Ari could indeed extend its enlightenment to the outer Gigaqudrant. Still, it is strange for the Imperials to be so... benevolent. What does the Empire get from our expansion?
  • Curwe - Your fealty to the Emperor. Your devotion to the Cyrannian people. I could go on.
  • Nossira - What kind of loyalty do you want from us? Do you wish us to worship your great-and-all-powerful Tyrómairon fellow as a god or something?

Curwe flinches when Nossira doesn't acknowledge Tyrómairon's honourifics.

  • Curwe - Of course not. However, Tyrómairon has brought a great new age upon Cyrannus. You would be wise to embrace and spread it beyond.
  • Nossira - I see your idea. In our scriptures, the Ascendant was said to come and unite the Twelve - and the whole galaxy - under his rule. The Patriarch believes this Emperor of yours is this ascendant. The time indeed has come. We shall comply as long as you do respect and support us.
  • Curwe - Splendid. The Ascendant's word, and the word of the One shall spread throughout the Gigaquadrant like wild fire.
  • Nossira - So be it. For Cyrannus and for the One.
  • Curwe - Where shall you bring the One's message first?
  • Nossira - Faith brings serenity to those who suffer. As such, chaotic Borealis and rising Andromeda shall be the first galaxies to join our faith. I am only a cardinal, though, the Patriarch will make the ultimate decision.
  • Curwe - That is good to hear. Now, be on your way. Spread the message of the one throughout the cosmos!
  • Nossira - We will do so gladly, especially that we have your great-and-all-powerful Empire supporting us.

Mirus Bound Edit

Mirus Bound

Guolivian and Aoblix agree to the new Concordat.

Since the formation of the Empire, relations between Cyrannus and Mirus were quite tense, with most of the conflict originating in the Kraw Galaxy, where the United Lanat Empire almost destroyed the Asgord. However, despite pleas from the species of the Kraw Federation for the Empire to aid them in their attacks on the Tralor, the Empire consistently refused, seeing a potential ally in their neighbours of Mirus. To that end, Emperor Aoblix agreed for an Imperial State Visit as the second year of Imperial rule dawned.

Soon, it was decided that the official that would be sent to Lanat Prime would be Senator Guolivian, a shrewd diplomat, who only recently survived an assassination attempt. When he landed on Lanat Prime, he was greeted by a Tralor Dignitary, who escorted him to the office of Ina'arl, minister of foreign affairs. The two discussed a possible military alliance, though Ina'arl decided to bring Guolivian to Emperor Aoblix in order to hear the opinion of the leader of the Lanat Empire.

Aoblix was initially sceptical of the Empire's motives, but eventually agreed to ratify the "Cyrannus-Tralo'aear Concordat", a military alliance between the two nations when the Empire promised to aid the Lanat Empire against their rebels and enemies. However, the Empire had a single request, the expulsion of the Tybusen Federation from the Mirus Galaxy. Deciding that the Empire would make a more useful ally, Aoblix agreed.

Mirus Bound

Guolivian and Aoblix agree to the new Concordat.

Guolivian's shuttle lands on Lanat Prime. He is greeted by a ULE Dignitary.

  • ULE Dignitary - Guolivian I assume?
  • Guolivian - Greetings. What a charming world.
  • ULE Dignitary - Yes, yes it is but we don't have time for flattery. Our minister of foreign affairs Lord Ina'arl wishes to speak with you.
  • Guolivian - Very well. Take me to him.
  • ULE Dignitary - Follow me and don't mind the guards. Also, don't touch anything.

The ULE dignitary leads Gualivian into the palace and several armed guards trail behind.

  • Guolivian - You take your security seriously. I can understand why.
  • ULE Dignitary - Many wish for the end for the United Lanat Empire. With various rebel groups coming out of the woodworks and now the United Mirus Council calling against us we cannot be too careful.
  • Guolivian - I see. Primitives often desire to see the end of the Cyrannian Empire. Fools.
  • ULE Dignitary - We are here. Just go through the door and Lord Ina'arl will be waiting for you.

Guolivian enters the room and bows slightly upon seeing Ina'arl.

  • Ina'arl - Welcome. Take a seat, please.

Guolivian takes a seat.

  • Guolivian - Now, we have much to discuss.
  • Ina'arl - Indeed we do. Now, it seems you want to form a military alliance between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and United Lanat Empire correct?
  • Guolivian - It would seem logical. However, we do have a few parametres.
  • Ina'arl - Very well.
  • Guolivian - The most pressing matter is the presence of the primitives from Bunsen in the Mirus Galaxy. And your alliance with them.
  • Ina'arl - Our alliance with the TIAF was strictly of political nature. We do not think much of them.
  • Guolivian - Well then. I assume it wouldn't be too much of a bother if you swapped their alliance with one with us.
  • Ina'arl - We could work something out.
  • Guolivian - Splendid. I recommend the expulsion of the Tybusen from Mirus.
  • Ina'arl - We will do our best to provide political pressure for them to leave the galaxy.
  • Guolivian - Yes, I would imagine that would be more logical. However, if history is any indicator, they will refuse. The brutes are quite, quite idiotic.
  • Ina'arl - We have our ways. Also, someone else wishes to speak with you before we finalize our alliance.
  • Guolivian - Oh? Who may I ask?
  • Ina'arl - Emperor Aoblix.
  • Guolivian - Excellent. Shall we go to him?
  • Ina'arl - Yes. Follow me to the emperor's throne room.

Guolivian and Ina'arl enter the Throne Room.

  • Aoblix - Good you are here. I was beginning to wonder if you would show up.
  • Guolivian - My apologies. Now, lets get down to business, your majesty.
  • Aoblix - Yes lets. Also, Ina'arl you may leave. You are no longer needed.
  • Guolivian - As I was saying to Ina'arl, I recommend the immediate expulsion of the Tybusen from Mirus. That is the only condition of our request.
  • Aoblix - Ah yes the Tybusen. They are a troublesome lot.
  • Aoblix - With enough political pressure they should leave. Besides the Mirus galaxy is a very dangerous place and things tend to happen.
  • Guolivian - Excellent. In that case, the Empire will ratify the Cyrannus-Tralo'aear Concordat, with your approvement.
  • Aoblix - Very well but there is one thing. So far everything has been to the advancement of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus' political goals. What is in it for us? We are not like the Kraw races that can be so easily manipulated into the wills of foreign powers.
  • Guolivian - Ah. I was hoping we'd come to that. Ratify this concordat, and we will aid your grand empire in the pacification of all those who dare defy your rule.
  • Aoblix - That would work. I agree to these terms.
  • Guolivian - Splendid! In that case, shall I inform my Emperor that our alliance is official?
  • Aoblix - Very good.

Guolivian bows.

  • Guolivian - In that case, I shall take my leave. Good day, your majesty.
  • Aoblix - Very well. Safe travels and whatnot.

A New President Edit

New President

Cretacea officially names Athan Apostila president.

In the aftermath of Apollo's kidnapping by the Neraida Gigamatrix, the Republic Remnant was left without a President. In her grief, Gianne Inviá refused to step foot on Colonial One, not wanting to think about what happened to her beloved husband. However, when he was approached by Voro Acetenus, Cretacea felt compelled to put aside his emotions and pick a successor to fulfil the remainder of his sons term in office. After much debate, Cretacea choose Athan Apostila, Apollo's apprentice for the job.

On Colonial One, Apostila was officially sworn into office, in front of what remained of the Republic's media. However, he told Cretacea he wasn't quite ready for the job and that the Remnant's military should fully concentrate on getting Apollo back. However, Cretacea knew that they would need help and so he decided to contact extragalactic, friendly warriors to aid the Remnant in Apollo's rescue. However, contacting them wouldn't be easy...

The Past Revealed Edit


Khuenaten ordering Apollo into the ruins.

Meanwhile, the Neraida Gigamatrix had found the ruins of what appeared to be a Nagith Empire planet, located in the dephs of the Unknown Regions. Khuenaten, Apollo and several assimilated soldiers landed on the planet, while the Neraida stood on space preparing in case of any enemies detecting their presence. The Marinox commandant relayed orders into the drones and Apollo, commanding them to enter the Nagith ruins and download all data from the databases located in there. Obeying without question, Apollo entered the ruins, followed by assimilateds and Caprigrox guards who would act in case the ruins had any sort of defense mechanism.

When finally reaching the Nagith's databases, Apollo hacked into its systems and began to download its information directly into his brain. After this, the ruins became unstable, forcing the Neraida drones to escape before being crushed to death. With the mission over, Apollo came back to Khuenaten's Neraida Cube to resume his usual tasks. The Gigamatrix wanted to know more about the Nagith...more about their past...more about their origins...

Collective Aid Edit

Collective Aid

Cretacea contacts Jerkon and Koluap.

After two days of deciding who to contact, Willelmus Cretacea decided to contact known friends of the old ways, Koluap and Jerkon of the Indoctrinate Collective, having the most experience fighting similar beings to the Neraida Gigamatrix then any warriors Cretacea knew. Managing to establish a secure channel to the Milky Way Galaxy, Cretacea sent his transmission. Though at first, interference was great, Cretacea's image eventually began to become clearer, and he soon appeared before Koluap and Jerkon, who were surprised to see a Libertus after such a long time.

However, Koluap was initially cautious, believing that Cretacea was an agent of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, something that Cretacea quickly dismissed, telling them that he was the military leader of what remained of the United Republic of Cyrannus. When Jerkon asked why Cretacea contacted them, the Admiral told them that Apollo was kidnapped by the Neraida, and that the Remnant was ultimately doomed without his famed leadership skills. Happy to help an old ally, Jerkon and Koluap agreed to meet up with the Remnant to discuss the rescue operation.

Collective Aid

Cretacea contacts Jerkon and Koluap.

Captain Koluap and Captain Jerkon gathered around a screen, being told of an emergency transmission being directed toward them.

  • Jerkon - I wonder who's this...

The screen begins to crackle, and a reptilian form begins to take shape.

  • Koluap - That looks familiar.

The screen finally settles down, showing Admiral Cretacea of the Republic Remnant.

  • Jerkon - I recognize you...aren't you Apollo's father?
  • Cretacea - H-ello? Hello? Thank the Gods, it worked!
  • Koluap - Hey! Isn't he with that Empire? He's trying to spy on us!
  • Cretacea - I am most definitely not with that evil mass of nothingness. I am the military leader of the United Republic

of Cyrannus! Or... what's left of it.

  • Jerkon - Oh? So the Republic still exists?
  • Cretacea - Few of us still remain loyal to democracy. But our leader... my son... has been kidnapped by the Neraida Gigamatrix. What you once knew as the Cyrannian Grox. We need your help to get him back to us!
  • Koluap - What! Those lying bastards!
  • Jerkon - Give us your location, we'll do what we can to help.

Cretacea sends them the coordinates, just outside Neraida territory in the Unknown Region of Cyrannus.

  • Jerkon - I see...We'll try to get there without getting the Empire's attention.
  • Cretacea - Good luck. I will see you when you arrive.

Pushing Back Edit

Endless Conflict

Using Apollo's knowledge, the Neraida begin pushing back the Bisistar.

Long falling victim to the endless march of the Bisistar, the Neraida Gigamatrix, using the knowledge from Apollo eventually began fighting back against their ancient enemies, winning various battles against them. However, one thing the Neraida were never able to accomplish was the assimilation of the Bisistar, due to the Bisistar's highly unusual biology. However, with Apollo's aid, and the knowledge of all three Neraida factions , they eventually managed to accomplish the feat, assimilating many Bisistar and incubating them in a hidden lab aboard Apollo's cube.

An End to the Monstrosity

Koluap and Jerkon beam onto the Neraida Cube.

While the Neraida and the Bisistar fought, a small cloaked Indoctrinate Collective fleet led by Jerkon and Koluap approached Apollo's Cube. A group of Royal Guard warriors along with the two commandants beamed into the Cube, being almost immediately found by assimilated drones. The soldiers fought off the Neraida's mindless minions, making their way deeper into the Cube in search of Apollo, while enchanging messages to Admiral Cretacea. Eventually, they came across the Bisistar drone lab, where the Neraida were studying how to assimilate their rivals. Luckily, a well placed plasma bolt from Koluap's gun spelled an end to the Bisistar drones, and the knowledge possessed by the Neraida how to assimilate them.

As they approached Apollo's location, however, Khuenaten and a squad of violent Caprigrox appeared and attacked the Collective soldiers, easily slaughtering many of them. Khuenaten let out a roar after getting into eye contact with Koluap, remembering him damaging his old body during the Great Cyrannus War, and quickly attacked him, launching him against a wall. Jerkon and the soldiers carried Koluap's body and fired at Khuenaten's direction while trying to get back to their ships and escape as fast as possible. With 3/4 of the squad dead, the mission was a failure, and the Collective retreated from the location as fast as they could.

Sinister Motives Edit


Tyrómairon meets with Tyraz and Kezoreg.

In the aftermath of the Andromeda War, Tyraz Breek decided to bring him son, Kezoreg on a holiday to the capital of the Empire, Orbispira, as a means of bonding, while also being officially sent to deal with the Cyrannian Zazane's planets being against Brood of War colonisation laws. When he landed, to his surprise, he was approached by an Imperial guard, who told him that Tyrómairon wanted to see him and his son. When they arrived at the Imperial Palace, Tyrómairon seemed quite friendly, patting Kezoreg on the head and telling him that his father should be proud. However, the Zazane youngster acted rather rude, to his father's irritation.

As the meeting went on, Tyraz and Tyrómairon began to talk about the Cyrannian Zazane issue. To Tyraz's surprise, the Emperor allowed him to stay at the prestigious Imperialica hotel during his stay. As Tyraz and Kezoreg began to leave, Tyrómairon smiled slightly, preparing to enact the next stage of his plan for the young hybrid.


Tyrómairon meets with Tyraz and Kezoreg.

  • Tyraz - Sir Tyrómairon, it is a...pleasure to see you again.
  • Tyrómairon - The pleasure is all mine to welcome you back to our capital.

He motions to Kezoreg.

  • Tyrómairon - Ah, is this your son?

Tyraz looks down to his son.

  • Tyraz - Yes, this is my son from my first marriage. Kezoreg.

Kezoreg looks up to Tyrómairon.

  • Kezoreg - Who the heck are you?
  • Tyraz - Kezoreg! Show some manners, for Shyrak's sake! You're standing in front of the leader of all the Cyrannian Empire.

Tyrómairon laughs.

  • Tyrómairon - You have your father's fire, no doubt!
  • Tyraz - Hehe, yes. It can be a little...troublesome at times.

Tyrómairon pats Kezoreg on the head.

  • Tyrómairon - I'm sure he'll grow to be a grand leader like his father. With any luck, avoiding his mother's traits...

Tyraz laughs.

  • Tyraz - Indeed! I can assure you that young Kezoreg here has almost none of the typical Asgord traits.

Kezoreg growls a little as Tyrómairon pets him, his eyes flaring a little red.

  • Tyrómairon - Apparently, you have great power, young man. You should be proud, Tyraz. Congratulations on your recent victory in your conflict back in Andromeda.
  • 'Tyraz - Ah, news has spread quickly. I must thank you, it was a long and difficult war but in the end, it is only natural that the combined efforts of the AGC should prevail.
  • Kezoreg - Daddy here is a Zazane warlord! I bet he could trounce any enemy that threatens him!
  • Tyrómairon - Indeed, indeed. Your people are famed, even here for their military prowess.
  • Tyraz - That reminds me, it has been brought to my attention there are Zazane living within Cyrannian territory against Brood's permission.
  • Kezoreg - They're traitors! They left because they fear daddy's strength!
  • Tyraz - Now that is enough, young man.
  • Tyrómairon - Ah yes, the Cyrannian Zazane. They are few in number and are believed to have fled during the DCP Civil War.
  • Tyraz - Yes. We do not wish for their return, but I am concerned that they are still going against the Brood's colonization laws. If it is fine with you, I would like to take up a temporary residence here until we can get this little matter resolved.

Proving a PointEdit

K7 2nd battle

Empire takes back the K-7 station from the Hutters

Garlboz- just recovered from an assasination attempt felt sick. He knew his latest failiures would probably mean punishment from the Emperor. He had to prove his trust again- as such he contacted his old friend, Mortikran. Mortikran now commandeered a massive Secutor-class Star Dreadnought.

Garlboz joined Mortikran onboard his vessel, and aided by two Ifrit-class Star Destroyers they headed to Quadrant 89. Arriving at the K-7 station after a few days Garlboz looked in awe at the massive Hutter fleet in front of the station. Nodding he gave Mortikran the signal to attack the fleet. The battle that followed was short, but intense.

The Hutters charged at full power, easily outnumbering the Empire' numbers. However the massive firepower of the Secutor-class Infernal eventually drove the Hutters away. During the battle one of the Ifrit-class star destroyers was destroyed but the Empire retook the station.

Relieved Garlboz congratulated Mortikran and informed Ramashe of the event, who in his surprise actualy thanked the Grand Mandator. Garlboz then decided to inform the Emperor himself of this accomplishment, but he was not sure how he would react.

The Emperor seemed quite pleased with Garlboz his efforts and Garlboz thanked the Emperor for his words. He then gave Garlboz a next objective, he had to improve relations between the Empire and the Rambo "protectrate". A difficult task but not impossible.

K7 2nd battle

Empire takes back the K-7 station from the Hutters

  • Tyrómairon - What do you want Garlboz?
  • Garlboz - Hail oh great Emperor! I bring good news with me. We retook the conquered Rambo K-7 station and inflicted heavy damage upon the Hutter Defense Fleet. They retreated back to their own space.
  • Tyrómairon - Excellent, perhaps I was mistaken about your ability to function as a Grand Mandator.
  • Garlboz - Thank you you're Grace, I would give my life if needed for his Excellency.
  • Antediliuvian - Very good. I will watch your progress.
  • Garlboz - Thank you my Lord. Peace is preserved for now. Can I be of other assistance to you my Lord?
  • Tyrómairon - Try to improve relations with the Rambo, that is all for now.

With that the transmission was cut short. Garlboz was happy. It seems he had won a bit of favor from the Empire.

Month 04 Edit

Teaming Up Edit

Teaming Up

Jerkon and Koluap reach the Republic Remnant.

In the aftermath of their failed attempt to rescue Apollo from the clutches of the Neraida Gigamatrix, Jerkon and Koluap began to search for the Republic Remnant. Eventually, a transmission from Cretacea helped them to triangulate the location of the fleet. When their ship entered the system, they were surprised to see that the Remnant was hailing them as an "unidentified ship", presumably due to fear of an Imperial attack. Nevertheless, when Jerkon's ship hailed them in response, all doubt was cleared.

Informing Cretacea of their failed mission, Jerkon and Koluap were quickly told about a nearby system that the Remnant had decided to investigate. In the spirit of an alliance, Cretacea invited the two heroes to join, which they gladly accepted. Unbeknownst to them all, their activities in this system would change their lifes forever.

Teaming Up

Jerkon and Koluap reach the Republic Remnant.

The Last Hope's operations officer detects the Collective ship nearby, he sends them a transmission.

  • Operation Officer - Greetings unidentified ship. Please state your identity.

The ship soon responds.

  • Jerkon - This is Jerkon of the Indotrinate Collective.
  • Operation Officer - Ah, Royal Marechal. I'll patch you through to the Admiral.
  • Cretacea - Ah, greetings! You are cleared to dock on the "Last Hope".
  • Jerkon - Greetings, Admiral Cretacea. I regreat to inform you we could not rescue Apollo from the Cube.
  • Cretacea - I'm sorry to hear that. However, I'm sure with our combined strength we will prevail.
  • Koluap - We did manage to destroy some kind of laboratory where these Neraida people were using to their assimilation processes. I think they were using that to assimilate these long-leg folks they've been fighting.
  • Cretacea - Oh, the Bisistar? You have done the entire galaxy a service.
  • Jerkon - We'll need to rethink our strategies. They could clearly overpower the Collective without much problem.
  • Cretacea - However, we have a more pressing matter. We are approaching a system with very odd characteristics. You are free to join us if you wish.
  • Jerkon - Odd? In what way?
  • Cretacea - My science offer detected light that could not come from a source of this universe, light that could only come from a universe where electromagnetism is stronger. It appears to be coming from an object in this system.
  • Jerkon - Interesting. We'll help you investigate whatever this is.
  • Cretacea - Excellent. I look forward to seeing you in person.



A mysterious fleet arrives at the would-be battle.

After months of a bitter showdown between the Mortalitas and the Corthrinus, neither side dared fire the first shot, fearing the wrath of the Emperor. Little did they know however, that his Imperial Majesty already knew of the events that transpired along the Corthrinus and Mortalitas border, and already set in motion a suitable punishment for both parties, who dared defy Imperial unity. Meanwhile, on the bridge of his flagship, the Prosperous-B, the Mortalitas captain Mornauó oversaw the fleet movements of the enemy, waiting for them to strike. However, within moments, the operations officer detected multiple capital ships dropping out of hyperspace.

On both sides of the border, the leaders of the fleets looked on in dread, seeing massive Saurornithanta vessels approach their position, flanked by Imperial gunships. Before either fleet could act, the Saurornithanta flagship hailed both Savra Mathen and Mornauó. With a hint of deep satisfaction in his voice, the commander of the Saurornithanta flagship announced himself as Grand Mandator Bri'sa'tana. The Grand Mandator then commanded both Savra and Moch-Na to board his ship. Within minutes, both leaders reluctantly entered Bri'sa'tana's flagship, and were brought to a conference room, where they were told that the Emperor grew tired of their petty arguments, and had named the Saurornithanta Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions. However, the Emperor also agreed to the creation of an "empire within the Empire", known as the Empire of the Eye. It appeared that the Saurornithanta were now the masters of the Unknown Regions...


A mysterious fleet arrives at the would-be battle.

Savra Mathen and Moch-Na are led aboard the Saurornithanta flagship, where they are brought into a large conference room. Bri'sa'tana is at the head of the room, smiling coldly.

  • Bri'sa'tana - You two. I have long awaited the day I could end your foolishness.
  • Savra Mathen - Watch your tone whelp. Nobody threatens me.
  • Bri'sa'tana - Do be silent, Savra. I have much to say.

Savra narrows his eyes.

  • Bri'sa'tana - I can only imagine how angry the Emperor was when he discovered that two of his Mandators were almost coming to blows. I can't imagine he was very happy at all.
  • Moch-Na - I will not stand idly by while a Corthrinus is made leader of the Unknown Regions! My people have long held that honour!
  • Bri'sa'tana - Calm down my dear, the Corthrinus will not be made leaders of the territory.
  • Moch-Na - Hmph. Excellent.
  • Bri'sa'tana - However. The Saurornithanta will.
  • Moch-Na - What?! This will not stand!

Bri'sa'tana's smile grows ever larger.

  • Bri'sa'tana - It gets even better! I have been made Grand Mandator! So, you two better get along, or you'll have me to answer to.
  • Moch-Na - My husband will hear about this!
  • Bri'sa'tana - Ah, but that's not all. With the Emperor's permission, an Empire of the Eye will be formed, in order to bring more order to this region of the galaxy. Now, I will meet you both next month at the meeting on the Imperial Capitol next month.

Savra-XII and Moch-Na leave the room furious. Their eyes meet for a split second, and they quickly go on their way.

Bounty for a HunterEdit

Bounty for a Hunter

Éaltar Gauisa ambushed by the Coraian bounty hunter

The famous bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa had recently been hired to recover a stash with important secret documents hidden on an alley of the Imperial world of Marcva. As the night went on, all citizens were sleeping, the only ones on the streets being Errrbot guards. Éaltar made his way to the alley, the Errrbots not even noticing his presence. That job would result in some easy money, or so Éaltar though.

As he approached the alley, he was quickly ambushed by a Coraian. The Coraian claimed to be a bounty hunter, saying there was a huge bounty for Éaltar's head. The stash was a trap set for Gauisa, who looked annoyed through his helmet. Éaltar and the Coraian engaged in battle, the Libertus evading the Coraian's large cynerbetic claw strikes, until he grabbed his own blade and stabbed the Coraian's chest with it. The bounty hunter screamed and Éaltar grabbed him, imobilizing him against the wall while asking who put the bounty on.

After threatening to cut the Coraian's head off, he finally spoke: the bounty was set by none other than Rivergron. Éaltar appeared angered, and threw the Coraian on the streets, getting the Errrbots' attention. The robots quickly attacked and killed the bounty hunter, while Éaltar Gauisa escaped. Him and Rivergron had an interesting past which no one but themselves really knew about. But one thign was certain: Rivergron wanted Éaltar dead...

Behind the Empire's Back Edit

Behind the Empire's Back

Cassynder meets with Mandator Mich'Lea.

Taros Cassynder sat on his command chair on his flagship, the Viscount, mulling over how the Confederacy of Free Planets would strike next. He was getting weary of the hit and run tactics, as well as running from Tyrant ever step of the way. Suddenly, his executive officer informed him that a small Imperial shuttle was approaching the ship. Arming all weapons and shields, Cassynder looked anxiously at his viewscreen until the shuttle sent a message, informing the Confederates that they were on the same side, asking for permission to dock. After thinking about it for a moment, Cassynder allowed the mysterious shuttle to land under heavy surveillance.

The figure, Mandator Mich'Lea exited his shuttle and was escorted by guards to the bridge, where he was introduced to Cassynder. Mich'Lea gave Cassynder a great deal of information regarding Imperials plans, fleet movements, ship production and even the schedule of the Emperor; perfect information that could help the Confederacy in any future war. Naturally, Cassynder was initially skeptical, but was won over by the Adelphi's pleas. Mich'Nea went on to stress that the Free Planets may need to ally with some shady characters in order to oust the Empire from the Cyrannus Galaxy. With that, the Confederacy prepared for war.

Behind the Empire's Back

Cassynder meets with Mandator Mich'Lea.

When he docked on Cassynder's sectret flagship, Mich'Lea was escorted to the bridge, where the leader of the Confederacy of Free Planets awaited him.

  • Mich'Lea - Greetings. I am Mandator Mich'Lea, former citizen of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. I have intriguing information for you.
  • Cassynder - Information, hm? What would that be?
  • Mich'Lea - Fleet movements, troop numbers, starship production. Even the scheduled of the Emperor. All you need to wage a proper war.
  • Cassynder - That's very delicate information you got there. How can I know this is not a trap? You could perfectly be one of Tyrant's agents.
  • Mich'Lea - It is clear that you will need to earn my trust. But I assure you, I will not rest until this galaxy is rid of the cancer that is currently killing it.
  • Cassynder - Your tone of voice sounds sincere. I'll put my trust on you, Mich'Lea. But how can you know so much without being discovered?
  • Mich'Lea - Mich'Lea - I do not know. Perhaps my position as Mandator. Still, I will need to keep a low profile while you prefer for the coming war.
  • Cassynder - Indeed. If you manage to obtain any more followers, do bring them to us. We need all the help we can get if we ever hope of destroying this Empire.'
  • Mich'Lea - We need all the help we can get. Even criminals with a grudge against the Empire.
  • Cassynder - I must study this information now. Thank you for your help.

Same Old Game Edit

Same Old Game

Gelariva talks in confidance with her marshal.

In the heart of Novar Delsacria, the capital city of the Oligarchy of Praetinna, Marshal Karamus was summoned to the personal apartmnts of Mandator Geleriva Delsacrian. The room was bathed in the orange glow of the rising sun as the light shone off the glass and gold of the surrounding skyscrapers. When Karamus discovered that Gelariva was in her study, she revealed her frustration that despite the circumstances she became a mandator, she was hardly pleased with how naval officers and other mandotors percieved her. Karamus agreed and wondered why she called him, hoping that here was more to the meeting than hearing her complaints.

After a display of affection she beckoned Karamus to a balcony overlooking the heart of the city. As she looked out into the city she reminded him that despite differences in heirarchy, the ruling members of both the Empire and the Imperium essentially played the same deadly game of politics. She made sure not to reveal the full details to Karamus and asked him to return to the frontier to protect the empire, with the added paramater that he was to make sure any locals or pirates knew the fleet was dispatched by her hand. He also agreed to attend a rally within the next week. He nodded acceptively as he left her to watch the sunrise and a few minutes after his departure she returned inside to make a discreet call.

Same Old Game

Gelariva talks in confidance with her marshal.

Karamus entered Gelariva's private apartments as the sun rose. Looking about the place he noticed Gelariva was sat behind her desk. She was browsing through a star map of the region and a frustrated look spread on her face. As Karamus saluted she looked up at him.

Karamus - You wanted to see me, my lady?
Geleriva - Yes... I need some comfort; the empire's officials are grating my nerves. If the navy's officers are not barking demands at me, the other mandators are looking down on me as though I were some animal pulled out from the rain.
Karamus - They deserve to show you, an honoured member of House Delsacrian, more respect.
Geleriva - This low opinion of 'otusiders' is conter-productive to the empire's mindset.
Karamus - What do you plan, my lady.

Gelariva stood up from her chair and walked over to karamus. She raised her hand and brushed it along the right side of his snout as she moved ot his right. She whispered quietly into his ear

Geleriva - My heart says to give each one a dagger in the back. But then... Where would that lead me?
Karamus - To making enemies, my lady...
Geleriva - I do not plan on making the same mistakes as Agnassana. The Foolish rat thought she could escape the Emperor's notice to gain power.

Karamus raised his eyebrow with interest as she walked past him and over to a balcony. He joined her as she stood outside and looked out as the glass of the city's buildings were tinted gold by the morning sun. She chuckled confidently as she turned to look with one eye to Karamus, who stood in the doorway.

Geleriva - These mandators must feel so high-and mighty, so civilized in their little corners of the universe. They may not admit it but they play the same dark game as every bureucrat, regent, politician and executive across the universe.
Karamus - What game is that, my lady?

Geleriva turned to him with a devious smile as she leaned on the side of the balcony.

Gelariva - Politics, Karamus. An age-old game that pits brother against brother in an endless struggle to prove oneself to their betters. A politician cannot hide from the game, nor can he ignore it; either he takes part or he fades into obscurity.
Karamus - The blood of the Imperium still courses proudly though you, my lady.
Geleriva - Hm, the only change is that my opponents are a mix of common and priveliged blood. They did not earn their titles from bloodline and we are dealing with more than one species. Nevertheless, the paramaters of the game remain largely unchanged.
Karamus - What will be your first move?

Geleriva turned ot look at Karamus confidently with both eyes.

Geleriva - I will remain in shadow... for now. You however, I want you to travel to the fringes of civilized space. I want you to travel between colonies and dispense approriate justice.
Karamus - You recalled me to fight more pirates in the fringes?
Geleriva - Sending my regards, of course. I want the people to know that as a representetive of his majesty, I care for their well-being.
Karamus - I take it you have your own plans, my lady?
Geleriva - I will reveal more in time.
Karamus - Hm, as you so wish, my lady.
Geleriva - One last thing, marshal.
Karamus - Yes?
Geleriva - I have organised a rally in the city centre to be broadcasted across the Oligarchy on the eve of the next tenday. Our armies need bolstering and I would like you to attend it before you leave.

Karamus nooded and bowed. He turned around and headed out of the study, leaving Gelariva to watch the sunrise. A few minutes after he left the room she headed inside and pressed a few buttons on a holoterminal to set up a comm channel to someone in Miragna.

A Rallying CallEdit


Marshal Karamus delivers an inspiring rallying cry

Karamus was wearing his dress uniform reading a prepared speech on a data tablet. he waited inside the city hall of Delsacria when Gelariva - also wearing her finest - approached him and asked if he was nervous. karamus scoffed, put down the device he was reading from and walked up to her. He cited that compared his past experiences, the rally would be comparatively stress-free. Gelariva smiled and nuzzled him, whispering to him that to show the Oligarchy's dedication the rally would be broadcasted further than the Oligarchy's borders. This news intensified his resolve and after a moment of embracing her he was called to the podium outside.

With a deep breath he began a passionate speech, reverberating his voice from his lungs with the intent to make his message stick. He reminded the crowd that gathered in the plaza as well as anyone watching in distant locations of the legacy the Draconis had, pointing out their age, strength and outlined their traditions in a way that emphasised the Draconid Imperium's military heritage. Karamus was a passionate speaker and everything about his words and his posture showed a clear sign of confidence.

As the speech reached its end, he reminded listeners of the loyalty they were due to Tyrómairon and to the Empire. Uttering the final words "Empire Eternal", he ended his speech with outstretched wings and as the crowd cheered he returned to Gelariva who took his pace on the edge of a balcony and made a chant that people followed. Satisfied, the two returned to the city hall feeling confident that today's rally would inspire millions, perhaps more, to sign up to the imperial army and navy.


Marshal Karamus delivers an inspiring rallying cry

Days after their last meeting, Karamus met Geleriva in a room to the city hall of Delsacria. on a balcony outside, a large podium had been set up and citizens from throught the region were pouring into the main square. Karamus sat on a sofa in his dress uniform reading a data tablet containing a speech that had been written for him. He was engrossed in memorising this speech for the upcoming rally as Geleriva approached him. Dressed in one of her finest gowns she smiled as she coughed lightly to grab his attention. His eyes wandered from the screen as he looked up at her with his snout still pointing at the tablet.

Karamus - You look beautiful today my lady.
Geleriva - Why thank you. Are you nervous, Marshal?

Karamus scoffed as he put the tablet aside and stood up. Karamus was large for a Draconis and stood a clear head taller than his mistress. As he approached he stood proudly in front of her and smoothed his uniform.

Karamus - Nervous? Hm. When I fought alongside Paragon Uriel against a horde of cybernetic locusts I felt soemthing of a chill. This though? Hm, do not worry my lady, you will have your armies.

She stepped up to Karamus and rested her hands on his shoulders, she nuzzled him and whispered to him as she passed her snout near his ear.

Geleriva - This is going further than our own colonies. Give these imperials a speech to remember.
Karamus - ...Further?
Geleriva - Oh I have faith in you; A man who stood proud when the Empire's fleets bore down on our homes, remember?
Karamus - I'll make sure the words are set in stone

Karamus nodded and held one of Geleriva's hands as an announcer outside called for karamus to head onto the stage. He smiled and the two of them walked out onto a platform that loomed above a sea of Draconis who had gathered in the city's main square and around the plaza's central obelisk. Karamus walked up to the podium and took several deep breaths as the crowd settled. Through his peripheral vision he noticed a camera probe float by him and with a deep inhalation he spoke. As he did his syrinx created a reverberation and his voice echoed deeply as a result.


Citizens of the Oligarchy of Praetinna, today you have all gathered for a grand purpose; I am aware this galaxy knows of the Draconis. It knows that we share common ground in certain cultural aspects, perhaps a shared sense of honour, but today I feel we must show them what lies deep in our hearts.

In moments of passion he opened his wings and everything about his posture strongly evoked confidence.

Tradition, discipline, honour, these are the pillars of draconid society. For over two hundred millennia these pillars built and sustained a nigh-immortal empire, when numerous modern races looked up to the heavens with curosity around tribal campfires, we Draconis, made our mark on the very stars themselves. Each of you need only look across the void of space to Dranvamus - Cirith Beleg as our hosts call it - to see the majesty of our heritage. Two hundred millennia... truly we are ancient... but we forged an empire worthy of standing alongside the greatest nations this universe has ever seen. Our bretheren forged an empire that has challenged Grox and demon alike and prevailed!

We share their legacy. Each of you, who calls yourself Draconis, I have this to say: Listen to the blood that pumps with fire through your veins. You each hold the legacy of leaders and warriors, who's deeds mark millennia-old scars on countless planets. This blood cries for the rush of battle, your legacy in Dranvamus is one of glory. We made our name on ancient battlefields, our bretheren in the Draconid Imperium rose to become so mighty that the homeworlds of its enemies would quake at the presence of our mighty warships. To the denizens of the Empire, the Oligarchy will fight in your name: In shipyards, driving war machines, or treading distant worlds, this galaxy has inherited warriors like no other! I ask that each of you be ready to do your part to honour both our hosts and his Imperial Majesty!

As he continued his empassioned speech, his wings oppened out to create an imposing figure as he spoke. They extended further outwards as his speech reached the climax.

Dominicus Vinterva... Once meaning Imperium Eternal, was a phrase that shattered walls and drove fear into alien souls. From now on, we of the Oligarchy shall cry out a new chant: Empire Eternal!

As he bellowed these last two words, his wings opened to their fullest and he raised his fist into the air. In doing so a roar fro mthe crowd filled the air. Both Karamus and Geleriva felt exhilerated hearing the cheers, the roar was almost deafening. As a camera probe floated near them, they both saluted proudly, looking directly at the camera as it passed. Gelariva looked to Karamus as the camera turned to record the crowd and she smiled.

Geleriva - I tell you, you spoke with such fire I thought it would burst out of your nostrils.
Karamus - Not today, my lady. Are you satisfied?
Geleriva - Immensely. You have made the Oligarchy proud today.
Karamus - I eagerly await news of the results.

Geleriva smiled as she nuzzled him and walked to the edge of the balcony, inciting the crowd to chant further.

Geleriva - For Dranvamus, For Cyrannus, for the Empire!

The Rejected Unite Edit

The Rejected Unite

Telfinne meets a strange light

Telfinne was wandering an old destroyed Radeon world, bitter and angered as she talked to herself. She contemplated her fate, her past, present and future. She once believed the Xhodocto could help her, save her, be her friends... but of course, in Kamik'Shi's hellish embrace she found no warmth, only pain; Angazhar treated her like a toy, breaking her spirit and will with never-ending nightmares and visions. Mumbling to herself and maddened, Telfinne walked, her very feet making the ground burn. Was there any escape from this corrupted madness? Will there be anyone in the universe who will accept her?

Suddenly, the massive orb of light awakened for her thought, calling her a sister. Confused and angered, Telfinne mistook the light for another Xhodocto trick, but it continued speaking, calming Telfinne by claiming she could help her. Curious, Telfinne stepped forward as the orb materialised in form of a female Radeon.

Feeling somewhat inspired, Jiha'rana's apparition talked about the source of salvation for Telfinne, a new power, of how her master, Tyrómairon, could change the universe to be better. Contemplating, Telfinne felt somewhat confused, but as Jiha'rana continued speaking, she was finally swayed and stepped to Jiha'rana. Two Radeons lifted themselves into the air and unified, their consciousness and powers merging into something... different; something more powerful, something stranger. Now that the rejected ones have united, the universe may only know one thing for sure; they will prove themselves worthy.

The Rejected Unite

Telfinne meets a strange light

Telfinne was wandering an old destroyed Radeon world, bitter and angered as she talked to herself. She contemplated her fate, her past, present and future. She once believed the Xhodocto could help her, save her, be her friends... but of course, in Kamik'Shi's hellish embrace she found no warmth, only pain.

  • Telfinne - Uh... noone does understand me... NOONE! These demons even worse- everyone, everyone... Turned me into a freak... a freak...

Telfinne mumbled to herself as she saw a strange, yet somewhat sinister light.

  • Light - Sister.
  • Telfinne - WHAT IS THIS, another vision?!

Telfinne mistook the light for some Xhodocto trick, another torturous nightmare.

  • Light - I am not a trick. You are broken and alone sister. I can help you.
  • Telfinne - H-h-h...elp me?
  • Light - These demons hold you in disdain. I, Jiha'Rana will love you like you should have been.

The light manifested itself as a "hologram" of Jiha'Rana.

  • Telfinne - I... I... understand.

Telfinne came closer to Jiha'rana's "hologram", somewhat confused.

  • Jiha'Rana - Join yourself with me, and we will serve Tyrómairon. A master, who will appreciate our combined strength!
  • Telfinne - A-a...ntediluviian?
  • Jiha'Rana - We should help him in his plans for a better universe!
  • Telfinne - Where I could be... I agree.

Both Radeon were lifted into the air, before merging in a brilliant blue light.

  • Telfinne/Jiha'rana - We are... one.

Other EventsEdit

Month 05 Edit

Assemblage of Evil Edit

Assemblege of Evil

The two species meet.

In an attempt to expand their species beyond their home galaxy of Quadrant 89 the expansionist Regellis Star Empire managed to discover a doorway into a new galaxy; the Quadrant 89 - Cyranai Galaxy wormhole. Empress Tela contacted her most trustworthy captain, Drelath to enter this portal and seek out the secrets that lay beyond. The journey through the wormhole was next to instantaneous. As soon as Drelath emerged, a massive ship, much larger than his D'deridex-class appeared. Shocked, Drelath ordered the ship into tactical alert and hailed the approaching alien vessel.

The vessel claimed to belong to the Bisistar, with the captain stating his name as Ilas-Tei. Ilas welcomed the new arrivals to the Cyranai Galaxy and asked Drelath what their intention was. Drelath responded by claiming that his people sought only peaceful intentions. Ilas took this to mean that the Regellis sought an alliance and asked to be put through to their leader. Drelath immediately contacted Sela, who agreed to an alliance with the Dominion while also allowing the Bisistar free roam in Quadrant 89. Pleased, both Ilas and Drelath entered the wormhole.

Assemblege of Evil

The two species meet.

A Regellis Star Empire ship under the command of Captain Drelath enters the Quadrant 89 - Cyranai Wormhole, to find itself directly in front of a massive unknown vessel. The captain hailed the vessel and demanded who he was in the name of the Regellis Star Empire.

  • Mysterious - Welcome to our space, Regellis.
  • Drelath - Thank you strangers.
  • Mysterious - What brings you to our humble galaxy?
  • Drelath - I am at an exploration mission at command of my Empress. I wish no harm unless you show hostile intentions.
  • Mysterious - You speak to a member of the Bisistar Dominion. We hold lordship over this galaxy, but you are welcome to it.
  • Drelath - Thank you member of the Bisistar Dominion. We are from Quadrant 89 and are looking for potential allies now that this Empire is rising.
  • Bisistar - You speak of the Empire from Cyrannus? They have indeed angered us also. We would be happy to ally with your people.
  • Drelath - That is splendid news, however I cannot decide that. If you have a minute I will make contact with the Empress so you can directly talk to her! And indeed, this Empire is dangerous. They managed to disturb the balance of power now with the Rambo under their protectorate. They even dared crossing our borders!
  • Bisistar - Yes, put me through to your Empress.
  • Drelath - Very well.

Drelath contacted Empress Tela and put her through to the mysterious Bisistar.

  • Tela - Yes? What is it? I am a busy woman.
  • Bisistar - I am Ilas-Tei of the Bisistar Dominion. You seek an alliance. We offer one.
  • Tela - And why should we ally with you?
  • Ilas-Tei - We will offer you military support in exchange for the chance to... explore your home galaxy.
  • Tela - Hmm... Very well then. I accept.
  • Ilas-Tei - You have made a wise decision.

Then, the two ships left for Quadrant 89.

We Are All SlavesEdit

We are all Slaves

A dangerous alliance is formed.

Over the planet Tinauck, the core Confederacy of Free Planets fleet hung ominously in orbit, a group of about fifteen frigates, twelve support ships and a single dreadnought, the Viscount, flagship of Taros Cassynder. The Confederate leader was busy formulating battle plans against the Empire for a war currently being planned out, thanks to information received from the defective Mandator Mich'Lea. These plans led him to this planet, home of the mighty Panthrea Slaver Guild, and palace world for the devious Queen Asenath. It sickened Cassynder to work with these slavers, but he promised himself it would be for the greater good.

After two hours of tireless attempts to gain access to the Queen, Cassynder left the Viscount on a shuttle for the Royal Palace. When he landed, he was immediately approached by two hulking guards, who led him to the Queen's throneroom. Cassynder looked around, noting the ornate furniture and the many masterpieces that dotted the room, all of which depicted the Queen. Asenath soon noticed the new visitor, and offered him wine, supplied by a small humanoid slave. Cassynder saw the true face of her society when the slave accidentally poured some wine on his uniform. As punishment, Asenath refused to give her food for a week. Nevertheless, Cassynder asked Asenath for her help in the war against the Empire, to which she eventually agreed.

When he left, Cassynder was faced with a crushing guilt. How could he deal with such people?

We are all Slaves

A dangerous alliance is formed.

Taros Cassynder enters Asenath's throne room. The High Queen approaches him.

  • Asenath - Hello, General. How can I help you this fine day?
  • Cassynder - Let's cut to the chase. You don't like the Empire, I don't like the Empire. You don't like me, I don't like you. However, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I want your help to topple Orbispira's rule.

Asenath studies the Confederate. Her tone is notably less kind.

  • Asenath - What's in it for me. I don't like being played.
  • Cassynder - More power then you could possibly imagine.
  • Asenath - I have a large imagination. Wine?

She calls over a nearby slave, a five year old humanoid. The girl nervously pours out some wine for the queen, and accidentally spill some wine on Cassynder's uniform.

  • Girl - Oh! I'm very sorry sir!
  • Asenath - Idiot girl! You will receive no food for a week! Guards! Take her away!

Two guards drag the girl away.

  • Asenath - You were saying?
  • Cassynder - Hmph. I require your military to combat the Empire. If you agree, you'll be rewarded.
  • Asenath - Bah! These Imperials make me feel sick. Fine, I agree.
  • Cassynder - Good. I'll be in contact. Goodbye.

Joint Attack Edit

Joint Attack

An Imperial Destroyer battles alongside a Lanat Destroyer.

In the aftermath of the signing of the Cyrannus-Tralo'aear Concordat, a large Imperial fleet under the command of Nirndal began to pour into the Mirus Galaxy in the hopes of improving relations with the United Lanat Empire by aiding them in their ongoing troubles against rebels and dissidents. Picking up a rebel transmission, Captain Nirndal took a Venator-class Star Destroyer under his command, while meeting up with a ULE admiral in the hopes of destroying the rebel vessel, before perhaps using it as a means to find a rebel planet.

Dropping out of hyperspace, Nirndal was surprised to see that the rebel transmission was not a single ship, but rather an entire colony, hanging over a large gas giant. Surprised, the small dissident fleet protecting the planet were disorganised in the ensuing battle, with both Imperial and ULE fleets quickly routing resistance in space, and on land in the invasion that followed. The first battle of this new campaign was won, but some survivors managed to escape...

Return of the President Edit


Apollo thanks his rescuers.

When Apollo returned to the Republic Remnant's new flagship, the "Spirit of Freedom", after being rescued during the Amemoriam Campaign, he was reunited with Gianne and his children, who were obviously overwhelmed with happiness. Apollo then set about thanking his saviours, as well as extending an invitation to Doctor Kenders and the Adjunct to remain with the Remnant, which they gladly agreed to. Apollo took the day off before finally announcing his return to the public, being met with a great welcome.

Koluap however, was annoyed that he didn't manage to kill the "big Marinox" that he had fought, as the evil Commandant managed to escape their battle. After accepting their large reward, Koluap and Jerkon departed for their empire back in the Plazith Rim. Apollo then set about preparing for the upcoming Presidential Election against former terrorist, Zare'Anne.


Apollo thanks his rescuers.

On the bridge of the Spirit of Freedom.

  • Koluap - Mission complete!...or at least half of it. I didn't get the head of the big Marinox.
  • Jerkon - Will you shut up about that? We got Apollo, that's what matters.
  • Apollo - You have my endless thanks for that, my friends!

Apollo turns to Kenders.

  • Apollo - And thank you, Doctor. I would like to officially extend a request to you to serve as the "Spirit of Freedom's" new chief scientist. There are many secrets in this space that I'm sure you'll be interested in studying.
  • Kenders - This would be an acceptable assignment
  • Jerkon - Good to see you're in one piece, Apollo.
  • Apollo - It's good to be in one piece. That experience was horrifying.
  • Jerkon - After you reunite with the Remnant, we'll be departing back to Plazith Rim. I wish we could stay more but our empire needs us.
  • Apollo - I understand, thank you for your help. I hope to see you again in the near future.
  • Koluap - Don't worry, we're not leaving yet. We're only going when you know you're safe.
  • Adjunct - I would be happy to accompany my true masters. Amemoriam will cloak until the time it is needed once more.
  • Cretacea - That would be appreciated, Adjunct. Now, the fleet has been mustered and is ready to jump to hyperspace out of this system. Is everyone ready to leave?
  • Jerkon - Affirmitive.

Kenders - Agreed.

The Remnant's fleet leaves the system, with Koluap and Jerkon departing back home.

Battle of the CoreEdit


The Cognatus and the Bisistar launch a joint strike on the Gigamatrix.

In the ongoing war against the Bisistar, the Neraida Gigamatrix used the knowledge gleamed from Apollo to great extent in their battles against the fiendish shape-shifters. However, when Apollo was retrieved by the Republic Remnant in the battle of Amemoriam, the tide began to turn in the favour of the Bisistar, who began to strike quickly and decisively into the very heart of the Gigamatrix in Cyrannus. After two weeks of endless invasion, the Bisistar found themselves on the doorstep of the centre of the Gigamatrix, the ancient Oikoumene artefact known as the Core. On board his flagship, the leader of the Bisistar fleet, Natico was overseeing his plans for the attack, suddenly however, a massive unknown fleet dropped out of hyperspace. The fleet, made up of massive purple vessels soon identified itself as being under the command of Vos Adamae of the Cognatus Empire. Adamae claimed that they were after an ancient Oikoumene artefact, a relic from one of their gods. Instead of fighting one another, Natico and Adamae agreed to team up to bring the Gigamatrix to their knees.

When both fleets dropped out of hyperspace so close to the Core, the Gigamatrix were caught off guard but put up a fierce fight to protect their capitol. Over the next three days, the factions battled it out, with extreme causalities on both sides. However, deep within the Core, for the first time in millions of years, a presence stirred upon hearing the chants of the Cognatus during the battle. An ancient Oikoumene artificial intelligence, the Licent awoke and immediately translocated aboard Vos Adamae's flagship, the Glory of the Tribe. This sudden movement overloaded the Core's systems which exploded violently, destroying thousands of ships from both sides. The Neraida began to retreat from the system, as it had lost all strategic value to them. Without saying a word, Natico and the rest of the Bisistar also left the system. The battle had ended in a stalemate.

Meanwhile on the Glory of the Tribe, the Licent took control over the flagship's vital systems and demanded to be taken to Cognatus space. Seeing the Licent as one of the Cognatus' living gods, Adamae agreed to the ancient AI's wishes.

The PlungeEdit

DarkTimes - The Plunge

An Imperial Star Destroyers comes under attack.

In the depths of the Outer Rim, a single Imperator-class Star Destroyer, under the command of a Serindia captain was patrolling the fringes of Imperial-held space. This was a relatively easy assignment, since the vast majority of non-Imperial civilisations wouldn't dare attack such a well armed warship. However the captain was beginning to grow bored. Suddenly however, one of his bridge officers informed him that a strange beacon was being detected over a nearby temperate planet. After a moment of thinking about a course of action, the captain ordered the ship to jump to hyperspace. When they arrived, the Serindia was shocked that an entire fleet lay before him and was beginning to move quickly in the direction of the Imperial Cruiser. The captain smiled when he realised that the fools were preparing to attack. Smirking to himself, he ordered all turbolasers to fire.

The enemy fleet, made up of Osteola, Panthrea and various other vessels quickly identified itself as belonging to the Confederacy of Allied Systems. On the Viscount, flagship of General Taros Cassynder, the crew began preparing to battle against the Star Destroyer. Within the next fifteen minutes, space erupted into fire with the Star Destroyer easily destroying the majority of the less powerful Confederate Fleet. However, as time went on, the Viscount began to gain the upper hand. Aided by a kamikaze Panthrea cruiser, the Star Destroyer's shields fell and the massive vessel itself exploded thanks to a heavy turbolaser strike courtesy of Cassynder. With the battle won, Cassynder sent a war declaration to Orbispira. The Outer Rim Wars had begun.

Protectorate Under SiegeEdit


Quadrantia Federation launched it's assault against the "Protectrate"

With the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus growing in size every day, setting her mark at the entire Cluster there were some who resisted. In secret- the Quadrantia Federation made a loose treaty with the Serglmec and the Quadrantia Loron to force the Empire from Quadrant 21. The Royal family, the Bohdaria King managed to convince the Loron Pirates and the Serglmec that with the Rambo as their "protectrate"- the balance of power was gone. This way Hutters, Imperial Remnant and others would want to claim the position the Rambo formerly had. That of the protectors and dominant power in the Quadrants- which would surely involve a war that would threaten the peace in Q21. Seeking council from another rebellion movement- the Confederacy of Free Planets they managed to strike a deal. They would strike the Protectrate/Empire at the same time.

The QF and allies had their eyes on the most tactical place of Q21 to drive the Empire away from Q21- conquering the Rambo Quadrant 21 space station would ensure their dominance over the wormhole and only by their grace could one enter or exit the quadrant.

The fleet was massive, while the fleet of the Rambo was small as they didn't had much colonies in Q21. The attack came as a surprise (to both the Rambo as well as to the Icolian/Goraurien/Andormaru). A large fleet of QF battle cruiser, Loron dreadnought and Serglmec cruisters dropped out of warp and engaged the Rambo. To their surprise an Imperial Preator-class was present, as vice-admiral Ramtainus was present to deliver supplies to the colonies.

  • QF Officer: "This is the allied force of Serglmec, Loron and the QF. We demand you to leave Quadrant 21!"
  • Ramtainus: "Who do you think you are to make such demands? We are Rambo. Protectors of our systems and that if needed of the Quadrants. We have no quarrel with you nor desire conflict."
  • QF Officer: "You lost your own demands the moment your kind accepted a protectrate status of the Empire. Begone! All ships OPEN FIRE!!!!!"
  • Ramtainus: "What the.... BRACE FOR IMPACT!"

The allied forces of the QF all opened fire and approached the Q21 station. At the same time captain Apanoida arrived and joined the battle. The battle itself was a choas, as Rambo were mostly used to fighting in certain line- the allied forces didn't mind as some ships seemed to approach up side down, others simply scaled downwards and all with firing blaster cannons. With few ships the stations shields were breached and the Rambo ships were forced to retreat to the nearby Rambo colonies. The large Preator class also took quite some damage to it's left side and also retreated to the Rambo colonies nearby.

The sudden fall of the Q21 station proved to be quite difficult, as the Rambo colonies were now trapped without aid from Q82 and the captains that were exploring Q21 were also left on their if the wormhole could not be re-conquered.

The RevolutionEdit

The Revolution

The New Order spreads.

As time passed in Cyrannus Galaxy, Vizinath's secret rebellion in the Quadrants continued to grow; he was gathering followers from separatists who wanted to secede from the Divinarium, rebels who saw its caste system as decrepit and oppressive: all enemies of the old order found themselves under Vizinath's protection. Meanwhile, his fleet grew in number: Agnassana kept true to her promise and new Liberators were sent to Vizinath each day. Finally, he decided that he was now powerful enough to openly challenge the Divinarium rule.

Taking place at the podium inside the Imalith Imperial Palace, Vizinath broadcasted a passionate speech across Imperion space. Proclaiming his species free from the oppression of the Divinarium, he announced that the new age had begun, the age of Imperion Pan Empire that will shine across Quadrants with great power. Any wormholes linking the Quadrant 21 to Andromeda and Milky Way were closed and practically destroyed, cutting off any way for the Divinarium to contact the rebels.

Watching the event from the HoloDomain, Agnassana smirked. Only she and her superiors realised that they were right in the claws of the Empire now. Sending a message to Vizinath again, she said that the Empire will aid the newly formed Pan Empire in destroying those Imperions who still clinged to the old regime...

The Revolution

The New Order spreads.

Vizinath takes place inside the Imalith Imperial Palace. The Divinarium Exarch, Qarrinus, greets him.

  • Qarrinus - Spode be with you, Autarch.
  • Vizinath - Yes, yes, yes. Larathi, broadcast my speech across Quadrant 21. I want to adress the citizen.
  • Larathi - As you decree, my liege.

Larathi, Vizinath's aide, activated the holorecorder.

  • Vizinath - Citizens of Sector Imalithi! For too long has our kind been oppressed, our culture and civilisation being stamped out. Fellow Imperions, do you know how did our species join the Radeons? We were subject to conquest, to genocide! During the Imperion War - that's how Radeons called our struggle - billions were murdered! And what about the present? Our rights and freedoms are being trampled upon, we are forced by the Divinarium caste system into slavery, and our culture and history is all but forgotten now, replaced by lies the Radeon priests are whispering to us. This cannot, this will not stand!<
  • Qarrinus - ...Autarch, this is blasphemy... this is madn-!
  • Vizinath - Solders. Take him into custody.

A group of Imperions dressed in black clothing appear and grab Qarrinus.

  • Vizinath - But there is still hope for us. With your help, my friends, we could restore democracy, freedom and independence to this world, to all Quadrant 21. We defeated the Talanar tyrants during the Century of Blood, and it is time for us to free themsemselves from tyranny and lies once again! The new, prosperous age of the Imperion Pan Empire begins NOW!

Crowds cheer to Vizinath as he secludes himself in his chambers, seeing Agnassana's hologram appearing.

  • Agnassana - Excellent. As you see, the Empire is willing to help those who fight for their freedom as well.
  • Vizinath - Spare me your congratulations, Radeon. I have more important things to do, such as preparing for war. The Divinarium won't let us live in peace, and there are many Imperions who support their regime.
  • Agnassana - Don't worry about that. The Empire has some means of disrupting communications between Andromeda and Cyrannia Cluster. And as for the Divinarium supporters... well... I guess you know what happened to the Rambo Nation. We shall leave none alive.
  • Vizinath - Excellent, excellent. Just leave me alone. I have an empire to rule.

Agnassana's hologram disappears, and Vizinath is left alone to think about the choices he has made.

Empire vs New Rambo ResistanceEdit

Empire attacks the New Resistance at Kreeta


Mortikran launched an attack at Kreeta

Mortikran, who recieved orders from the grand mandator Garlboz took a fleet of 5 Venator-class star destroyers to Kreeta where he clashed with a New Rambo Resistance fleet. The battle was actually quite short, because Mortikran executed an effective strategy and managed to break the defensive lines in minutes- allowing a swift ground invasion.

With the Resistance fleet losing their ground Mortikran himself began fighting at the surface where he encountered Claire Rambo who was still tracking down the Zevian Skull. Wanting to take revenge upon her he launched himself at her but Claire managed to back-kick Mortikran which staggered him.

With the following destruction of a Venator-class- the falling debris prevented Mortikran from chasing Claire and her new "friends". Afterwards Mortikran informed both Imperial Command and Garlboz about the victory at Kreeta and left afterwards.

Month Six Edit

Shadow Meeting Edit


The senators conduct a private meeting on Orbispira.

Soon after the declaration of war against the Empire was made by Taros Cassynder and the Emperor's promise that a large Imperial fleet would be dispatched to quickly quell any hint of rebellion in the Outer Rim, many former Republic senators began to become increasingly uneasy with Tyrómairon's rule, having been sceptical from the moment of the Empire's inception. Raen Magalen of Capricaerón, Mer Mirea of Cruandai, Senator Ramthrace of Concordia and Senator Ilas-Shei of Cora were among the senators who had the most serious concerns, and decided to meet each other to discuss a possible course of action.

From the beginning of the meeting, it was clear to Ramthrace and Ilas-Shei that the two Libertus senators had been in discussion for quite a while, perhaps even from the beginning of the Empire. Nevertheless, Magalen and Mirea included the two newcomers into their fold, discussing matters such as the Outer Rim War, the Confederacy of Free Planets and Apollo and his Republic Remnant, all in constant fear that the Emperor's spies would discover their illegal gathering.

Despite some friction between Ramthrace and Magalen, all four senators agreed that something needed to be done against Tyrómairon's tyrannical rule and began to discuss the possibility of an armed resistance. However, Mirea warned that while conflict may be necessary, now was hardly the time. In the end, the senators agreed that in the future, meetings couldn't be held on Orbispira for safety reasons.


The senators conduct a private meeting on Orbispira.

Senator Magalen, Mirea, Ramthrace and Ilas-Shei are sitting in Magalen's office on Orbispira, talking about the latest events in Cyrannus.

  • Mirea - Democracy, in any large way, no longer exists in the Gigaquadrant. Each day, the Empire grows faster and farther, now a large percentage of the entire known universe falls under the Emperor's dark banner.
  • Magalen - This has gone on long enough. What little hope I had for this "Imperial Order" is now gone. Day after day, the legacy of the Republic is, quite bluntly, spat upon.
  • Ramthrace - What hope? Did you lose faith in the Empire with these recent rumors about upcoming conflicts with rebels and slavers. Who could believe such nonsense!
  • Magalen - That secessionist Cassynder just declared war on the Empire. Mizio told me that the Emperor himself has ordered the deployment of the navy to annihilate him. What should we do?

Ramthrace took another drink from his Serindia Wine. Ilas-Shei laughed slightly.

  • Ilas-Shei - Ha! Nothing. Who cares what the Empire does with secessionists and slaver scum. Let them be destroyed.
  • Ramthrace - Hik, my thoughts exactly!
  • Ilas-Shei - These Confederates caused the Great War and now they're starting another one.
  • Magalen - Now, now senator. I may not agree with the Confederates, but this Empire needs to be stopped.
  • Ramthrace - Senator Magalen! Such words could get you into problem if that was spoken in the wrong circles! I advise to keep your voice down. These days the walls seem to have ears!
  • Magalen - I do not care. The Emperor wouldn't dare silence the senator for Capricaerón.

Ramthrace and Ilas-Shei looked at each other and at Mirea, who seemed to be silence in the matter. Mirea sighed slightly for a moment, but finally spoke up.

  • Mirea - I can see both sides. I don't know if the Confederates have a place in all of this. They are hardly popular in the galaxy, and if we open an arm of friendship to them, the Emperor could use it against us.
  • 'Ramthrae - But they must realise that if the Nation couldn't stand against them, the Confederate surely do not stand a chance at all!
  • Mirea - The last thing we need is our... alliance to start another war.
  • Magalen - That is the last thing we want. We are not trying to break away from the Empire, per ce, we are trying to reform it into the Republic that this Gigaquadrant needs.

Ramthrace begins to grow restless.

  • Ramthrace - I beg your pardon, senator. First most of the Senate agrees with the forming of the Empire and now you want to reform back into a Republic? How do you propose we do that? I agree that there are some worrying things, among them some of the ruthlessness of the Imperial officers and the appointment of our new Supreme Commander, who we all know!
  • Magalen - That is why we are gathered here. If we can't change the Empire for the better, I want nothing to do with it.
  • Ramthrace - Again, how do you think we can achieve that? If you didn't notice much of the Libertus power have been given to Basileus and Mortalitas!
  • Magalen - Hmph. Perhaps the Basileus and the Mortalitas like to think that, but we make up most of the Imperial population, though I fear the rule of the people isn't important any more. But I do not know how we can achieve this.

All of the senators bowed forward, as they feared if Magalen talked to loudly the Emperor's spies would also notice the conversation. Senator Mirea whispered softly.

  • Mirea - Is there any news about Apollo?
  • Ramthrace - What news do you want? Last I heard, his remnant fleet survived the Gigamatrix encounter, but whether Apollo is still alive, I do not know. Don't ask me how I learned of this information, I happened to be in the neighbourhood when I heard that particular officer talking about it.
  • Ilas-Shei - Who cares if he's dead or alive. He has been no help to us since the Empire was formed, all he has done was run and hide while we have to live under Tyrómairon's tyranny.

Ramthrace nodded.

  • Ramthrace - You have a point, senator.
  • Magalen - I will hear no negative word against Apollo. I have nothing but respect for the man.

Ramthrace waved his hand in disgust. He also respected Apollo for the things he done but Ilas-Shei did make a point. Ramthrace looked again at Mirea, to hear her thoughts. She was noble and kind, and he held her in great regard due to her wisdom and ways of promoting peace.

  • Mirea - I really don't think we should bicker. I met with Apollo before he left on his voyage, and he told me to support the Emperor publicly, but work against him in private. I cannot bring myself to support him, even as a lie.
  • Magalen - Please Mer, I do not want to see you harmed. Opposing the Emperor publicly will only lead to your imprisonment. Or worse.
  • Ramthrace: Indeed! Do not forget who is placed as supreme commander, he both managed to destroy Ramaprica, a Hutter planet known as Tigma IV and the Rambo Capital. The Emperor will send him to not only punish you but your people as well!
  • Mirea - Fine, I will be subtle for the good of my people.

Ramthrace nodded, taking another swallow from his Serindia Wine he waited until the dicussion returned. He actually hoped Magalen came to the point, instead of arguing. He feared the longer they talked about this certain topic and mentioning Apollo the more restless he became that the Empire was listening. Mirea smiled seeing the reactions of the other senators.

  • Magalen - Shall we end this meeting?

Startled Ramthrace dropped his glass. He rose from his chair and pointed his finger at Magelen.

  • Magalen - Senator?!
  • Ramthrace - First you talk about these dangerous topics, then you claim you now how to turn the Empire back into a Republic and now you want to end this meeting. Please enlighten us on your ideas of how to turn it back into a Republic. For one, if I want to get more involved I need to know your plans before risking Concordia, I already lost Ramaprica under my watch and I am not willing to lose another one!

Afterwards he sat down and patted his sweat from his forehead. He then glared at Ilas-Shei to see his reaction. Shei nodded quietly.

  • Magalen - I assure you that I do not want to turn the Empire on our planets, but in the end...

He whispers very quietly.

  • Magalen - An armed rebellion is a possibility.

Ramthrace sighed. Nodding slowly, he admitted he feared that would be the only option against the Empire.

  • Ramthrace - But how do you plan on raising such an armed rebellion? How do you supply them with arms and goods?
  • Mirea - All of our worlds have small armed resistances. In theory, we could band them together. My wealth would fund the resistance while Ilas-Shei would provide our ships while Ramthrace and Magalen could supply our soldiers. However, this is not the time to begin such a rebellion.
  • Ramthrace: When would be the time? Days? Years? Concordia is more Cyrandia loving then Empire liking. I do not know how long I can pretend to following the Emperor after this conversation knowing that there are others who would want to see the Cyrandia Alliance back.
  • Mirea - Months. Or perhaps years, who knows? But one thing we can all be sure of, I do not want to have these meetings on Orbispira in the future.

The other three senator nodded in agreement that the meetings should not be held on Orbispira in the future.

  • Ilas-Shei - If it is the will of you all then the shipyards of Cora will supply you with ships. But I do not know if they'll help against the Empire's Star Destroyers.
  • Magalen - They are tough. But not invincible. We'll manage.
  • Ramthrace - Senators, I must insist we talk more in a more safe location.

When Ramthrace left the Magalen's office, he was nervous and often looked behind his back to see if there was an Imperial Officer or soldier in persuit. The rest of the senators also left the room, except for Magalen, who looked out his window and sighed. They were embarking on a dark road, though hopefully it could lead to a new era of liberty for all.

Tyrannical TransmissionEdit


Tyrant is called by Imperator Tyranus.

As the war between the Empire and the Confederacy of Free Planets began, Grand Admiral Tyrant received a transmission as he awlked across the bridge of his flagship, the Colossus. As he accepted the transmission, Imperator Tyranus appeared in holographic form for the Tiranozark.

As they greeted each otehr, Tyranus informed Tyrant of the currenct situation, informing him that Cassynder had started a campaign to retake the former capital of the Confederacy of Allied systems, Carindes.

Outraged by the news, Tyrant informed Tyranus that he would send his fleet immediately to deal with the problem. His job as chaser of rebels was over. Now, Tyrant would do what he wanted to since the Intergalactic War: show his worth in a full-scale conflict.


Tyrant is called by Imperator Tyranus.

Tyrant is on the bridge of the Colossus when he is contacted by Grand Mandator Tyranus.

  • Tyrant - Ah, greetings Grand Mandator. What is your business?
  • Tyranus - Good day, Admiral. As you are no doubt aware, the Confederates are now powerful enough to openly declare war on the Empire.
  • Tyrant - That is most foolish of them. I've been crushing their forces under my foot for well over a year.
  • Tyranus - They have grown powerful nonetheless. Estimates report that they are nearly half as powerful as the fallen Confederacy once was.
  • Tyrant - Hmpf. Perhaps I have understimated their abilities. It will not happen again.
  • Tyranus - Yes, I know it won't. I have heard from my spies that the Confederate leader, Cassynder has attacked the former CAS capital of Carindes. The local Imperial fleet protecting the planet was routed. I want you to ensure that it's sacrifice is not in vain.
  • Tyrant - He did what?! If he truly loved that Confederacy of his, he would not dare touch Carindes. I shall send my fleet immediately.
  • Tyranus - Good. Make sure it is a sizeable portion. These rebels are no longer petty criminals.
  • Tyrant - It will be done. If I'm lucky enough, I may get Cassynder's skull as a trophy.
  • Tyranus - Good. I look forward to your transmission once you liberate the planet.

Colonial DayEdit


Apollo and Zare'Anne fight for the election.

Unbeknownst to the factions of the Outer Rim War, a very different, new battle was about to be waged in the Republic Remnant, a political struggle to the position of Praesator. On one side is the incumbent, Apollo who sought to continue the Remnant's journey to the Quadrant Galaxies in order to regroup with the unclaimed Republic colonies as well as with their allies in Rambo Nation. His opponent is the self-proclaimed "people's man", Zare'Anne, who believes that the Remnant should instead settle down in Cyrannus, aware from the influence of the larger superpowers. Despite Apollo's great exploits as President of the Republic, the race to Praesator is hardly one sided.

During the first week of the final month of 02 NE, Willelmus Cretacea agreed to allow the first and only election debate to be held on the Spirit of Freedom. The two candidates debated with each other for quite awhile, with neither initially appearing to gain the upperhand. This changed however, when Zare'Anne revealed that Apollo was assimilated by the Neraida Gigamatrix, a fact previously unknown to the general public. This revelation shocked everyone, including Apollo who had no idea how Zare'Anne got this information. Ultimately, Apollo was not able to explain himself and the debate ended in Zare'Anne's favour.


Apollo and Zare'Anne fight for the election.

Apollo and Zare'Anne entered a large conference room from two seperate doors on opposite sides of the room. At the top of the room were two podiums that faced twelve rows of seats, which were occupied by both reporters and the various ship captains of the fleet. When the two candidates reached the podiums, they politely shook hands, smiling to each other. It was painfully obvious that they both despised the other.

Zare'Anne whispered softly.

  • Zare'Anne - I am going to wipe the floor with you, Mister President.
  • Apollo - If that's the best you can come up with, this won't be difficult at all. Good luck.

The two candidates took their places at their respective podiums. The moderator was a middle aged female Cargura.

  • Moderator - Welcome gentlemen. I hope we can have a clean and fair debate in good standing with the traditions of the Cyrannian Republic. The topic is the current condition of the fleet and it's objectives in the future. Zare'Anne, you have the floor.
  • Zare'Anne - Thank you. The current path of the Remnant will surely lead to ruin. The President expects that once we arrived in the Quadrant that we'll be greeted with open arms. What do you plan to do about the fact that our "allies" in Rambo Nation are now members in the very Empire we flee from? To say nothing about the dangers that still face us.
  • Moderator - Mister President?
  • Apollo - I know Empress Ramashe personally. She is probably my closest friend. I know she would never bow to the Empire willingly and neither will I. If we have a chance to liberate and reconstitute the Cyrandia Alliance, even if that means the blackening of my name, I would gladly take it.
  • Zare'Anne - The Empire is the foremost superpower in the entire Gigaquadrant! This is not like the days were we would fight against the Trucinex or even the Confederacy, we would surely be annihilated if we take up arms against the Empire.

The crowd murmured to themselves.

  • Zane'Anne - This fleet and it's current objectives are living on a fantasy! We need to wake up!
  • Apollo - We do not live in a fantasy. I assure you that this is reality. Yes, we are not a civilisation any more. We are a gang that has stuck together because of our refusal to bow to an Imperialistic force that chokes the very soul of Cyrannus. It is our goal to rebuild the civilisation that we all worked tirelessly to achieve.

Zare'Anne smiled to himself.

  • Zare'Anne - And you would know all about bringing order to chaos, now wouldn't you?

Apollo raised his brow.

  • Apollo - I beg your pardon?
  • Zare'Anne - Not many people in the fleet know this, but when the President was absent a few months ago, it was not because he was seriously injured in an Imperial attack. No. Apollo was captured and assimilated by the Neraida Gigamatrix. Our President? He's a drone.

The crowd went crazy, with reporters shouting questions and the ship captains discussing nervously amongst themselves. Apollo was stunned.

  • Apollo - I...I... I assure you that I am not a drone. I-

He was interrupted by the moderator.

  • Moderator - I'm sorry, Mister President. That is all we have time for.

The audience members were in uproar with gossip about the newly revealed information. Zare'Anne approached Apollo with a sly smile. He held out his hand.

  • Zare'Anne - Not your night I suppose.

Apollo shrugged off Zare'Anne's gesture.

  • Apollo - Why don't you go frak yourself.

The President turns on his heals and leaves the conference room.

Lay Down Your Burdens Edit


Apollo talks with Cretacea.

On the first day of the third week of the month, the people of the Republic Remnant voted. Initial reports indicated that only sixty five percent of the voting population of the fleet cast their ballets. On the Astral Queen, flagship of Zare'Anne, his administrative team watched anxiously as the numbers began to come in. Meanwhile on Colonial One, Apollo, Gianne Inviá, Athan Apostila, his administration and Gorf sat around the holoscreen, as the fleet's reporters talked at great length about the election. While Apollo and his administration were motionless, Gorf, noticing that Apollo seemed to be unhappy, attempted to cheer him up by dancing on his table. Apollo smiled weakly, just as the moment of truth arrived.

The results were announced. The Astral Queen exploded with applause and cheers, while Colonial One was as quiet as space itself. Zare'Anne won the election by a slim margin of one percent. Apollo quickly accepted defeat and shook the hands of his administration, before hugging Gianne. He sat down at his desk and received a communication from Admiral Cretacea. The admiral was furious and claimed that he would not allow a former terrorist occupy such a key position of power. Apollo tried to calm him down, claiming that they fought for democracy and as a result, they would respect it.

Over the next few days, Apollo and his family officially left Colonial One to Zare'Anne and his administration, taking up residence on the Zephyr. For better or worse, the Republic Remnant had a new leader...

Duel on Neotan Edit


Vos' Adama duels Commandant Khuenaten.

At the Cognatus Empire colony of Neotan, Vos Adamae organized the planet's defenses and prepared to move to his next assignment. However, the Cogsangui's plans changed when a massive Neraida fleet arrived at the system and began to aggressively besiege it, desiring revenge for the Cognatus' invasion of the Core a month before. The ambushed Cognatus fleet had little time to react as the Neraida Cubes blasted their ships into the group, and launched their ground forces to attack the cities.

Vos Adamae and his men made his way to the spaceport housing his spaceship, but was suddenly ambushed by a massive jet-black shadow, who striked at the group, flanked Caprigrox minions. The shadow soon was identified to be the dreaded Khuenaten, who let out a roar and clashed his blade with Vos Adamae's. The two warriors fought for several minutes as Vos Adamae saw the Caprigrox massacring his men. He attempt to strike at Khuenaten, but the Marinox's unnatural agility and flexibility made him impossible to hit. Khuenaten hit Vos Adamae several times across his joints, leaving him weakened, but a surviving trooper launched a flash grenade at the Marinox, stunning him.

Taking the opportunity, Vos Adamae retreated and managed to escape the planet. His force had all been killed, and the planet was slowly assimilated by the Gigamatrix. However, Khuenaten's task was not yet done. Vos Adamae had something that belonged to the Neraida, and he would not allow him to just escape with it.

The Ousting of Moranonúngur Edit


The Licent exposes and ousts Moranonúngur.

After the Cognatus Empire successfully destroyed the Neraida Core with the help of their new Bisistar allies, the Oikoumene AI known as the Licent, discovered during the battle, was brought to Cognalorilos, capital of the Cognatus Empire and homeworld of the Cogsangui. When news of its discovery reached the planet, the leaders of the hierarchy were ecstatic that an ancient god was found and rescued. For an entire week, the Cognatusi leadership prepared for the Licent's arrival and began planning a great religious ceremony in honour of the new leader, who would surely lead the Cognatus to greatness.

When the Licent's ship arrived on Cognalorilos, the AI generally ignored the lesser biological entities, but accompanied them to the Holy Palace of the Gods regardless. The Licent was amused by the antics of the Cognatus and curiously watched their primitive rituals while hovering stationary over the holy alter. After an hour of religious festivities, all became quiet in the Palace of the Gods as the three hierarchs, Rha'Chonchiyo, Ther'Crolunee and The'namanee entered the basilica. Suddenly, the Licent sprung to activity, claiming that The'namanee was a follower of Tyrómaironás. The AI fired a continuous purple beam from its eye at The'namanee, who writhed in pain before morphing into Moranonúngur, the dreaded Mornûnendur acolyte. The entire temple erupted into anger at the presence of an unclean heresy in their most sacred temple. After ten seconds of exposure to the Licent's beam, Moranonúngur let out a screech that shattered the temple's ancient stain glass windows before finally disintegrating into a portal.

The entire congregation cheered and began praying to the Licent as their new supreme god.

Ermitant Deals Edit

Ermitant Deals

Milinitt negotiates with the Virrecirai diplomat.

Meanwhile, at the Cyranai Galaxy, President Milinitt of the New Ermitant Republic had a meeting with a diplomat of the neighbour Virrecirai Empire. Both were followed by several guards, and discussed the possibility of an alliance. The Ermitant had been growing well and in a fast rate since their arrival at the galaxy, and the vile infiltrator Catulus merely watched in his disguised of Senator Daleigh as the discussion went on. Eventually, the alliance was settled, and the Virrecirai left back to their territory.

As the Ermitant returned to their home of New Puria, Catulus contacted the Bisistar Queen from the shadows. She immediately ordered a status report, and Catulus was pleased to say everything was going as they had planned. Eargerly, Catulus asked his leader if it was time already, but the Queen dismissed, ordering Catulus to remain infiltrated. The Ermitant were not yet ready for the Bisistar's plan of action.

The transmission had ended and Catulus gruntingly returned to his Ermitant form. He detested being in the body of such a lower lifeform.

A New Home Edit


Zare'Anne christens the new planet Shaorá.


As his first act as Praesator of the Republic Remnant, Zare'Anne officially cancelled the journey to the Quadrant Galaxies and instead ordered the fleet to approach a nearby temperate planet. With the Republic fleet hidden behind the planet's largest moon, initial scouts reported that the system was not near any known Imperial or Neraida activity. As one of his election promises was to finally settle the fleet down, Zare'Anne announced that this planet, which would be henceforth named "Shaorá", would be the Republic Remnant's new home. Most of the civilian population were pleased with this development, having grown sick of being cooked up in starships since the end of the Great Cyrannus War. However many in the military including Admiral Cretacea believed that settling down on a single world would be foolish while on the run from Cyrannus' most powerful civilisation.

Settling Down

Within a couple of weeks the majority of the civilian population of the Remnant was safely settled on Shaorá while the military began to begin constructing more durable buildings to house people who were living in tents up until that point. Meanwhile, Zare'Anne remained comfortable on Colonial One which landed on a fixed position on a hill overlooking the city. In orbit the Spirit of Freedom protected the planet as well as ten civilian ships that housed beings who did not intend on living on the planet. One family who agreed to settle down on the new found homeworld was Apollo, Gianne Inviá, Laoi Cretacea, Kara Inviá, Gorf and their pet Dvottie, Tigarlu. Apollo and Gianne both agreed that they wanted to have a normal life for once and saw this new world as a new beginning for them.

Unexpected Visitors

Apollo and his family are surrounded by Imperial Troopers.

The family enjoyed their first days on Shaorá which were generally peaceful and wholesome with days spent by the lakeside watching Gorf play with the children and romantic nights with Apollo and Gianne gazing at the stars above, a welcome change from flying across them. After a week of no unusual activity, Apollo and Gianne were woken up by the very loud roar of a spacecraft's engines and the thunderous sound of running individuals. Imperial troopers broke into the newly built house and surrounded Apollo and his family. The lead trooper claimed that the planet was under the control of the Galactic Empire and that Apollo was now under arrest, while his family were able to go free once they were brought to Capricaerón. Apollo initially refused to cooperate, but he soon saw that this could lead to the deaths of his family and relented. He embraced Gianne and his children and followed the trooper onto his dropship.

Stay turned for the third year!


Apollo and his family are surrounded by Imperial Troopers.

Imperial troopers land near Apollo's house and surround it. The lead officer breaks in and points a gun at the family.

  • Officer - Put your hands up in the name of the Galactic Emperor!
  • Apollo - What in the world?! How dare you?!

The officer cocks his blaster rifle.

  • Officer - I said put your hands up, sir.

Apollo and his family cooperate.

  • Apollo - How did you find us?
  • Officer - I'm not at liberty to discuss that. This planet is now under the control of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Your fleet has surrendered and your leader has agreed to our demands. You are former President Apollo, are you not?
  • Apollo - Yes.
  • Officer - You are hereby required to follow me. I have orders to bring you to the Imperial City.
  • Apollo - And what if I refuse?
  • Officer - Then you and your family will face justice. If you agree to come quietly, your family will be free to go once they reach Capricaerón.
  • Gianne - I'm not going anywhere.
  • Officer - You have no choice. Come with me now.

Apollo thinks for a moment.

  • Apollo - Hmm... May I say goodbye to my family?

The officer nods. Apollo turns and hugs Gianne, his children and Gorf, all of whom are overcome with grief. Apollo turns to the officer, a single tear rolling down his face. Apart from that, his face is stern.

  • Apollo - Lets get this over with.
Stay turned for the third year!

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