It the goal of this conference to reconcile the hopes and dreams of those who wish to establish a New Republic and those who seek the remain under the banner of the Empire.

- Apollo

The Cyrandia Conference is a monumental peace talk organised by Apollo, the former president of the United Republic of Cyrannus with the aim of reconciling the hopes of those wishing to establish a New Republic and those who wish to remain under the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

The MeetingsEdit

First MeetingEdit


Apollo and Ramashe begin the conference.

Dozens of delegates from all sorts of civilisations congregated on Concord, a neutral planet originally established as the capital of the Cyrandia Alliance after Ramaprica's destruction. There was an uneasy silence across the long conference table with Potentate Tereyn Aeresius sitting directly across from the Hutter Ambassador.

Suddenly, two figures appeared on the balcony above the table, Apollo and Ramashe. Count Apaltar was the first to stand up and clap, soon followed by the remaining delegates, including Guolivian and Tereyn Aeresius, though they looked quite annoyed at having to do so. Garlboz followed as last. He didn't like to be here at all, but as his function as Grand Mandator of the Quadrant Galaxies he had to be here as well.

Apollo raised his hand and began to speak.

  • Apollo - Thank you all for coming. Today is the dawn of a new era for our Cluster, one in which we learn to make peace instead of war.

The entire room voices were raised, some in whispers others in higher tones filled with questions and suspicion while others spoke hopeful to end the Dark Times.

  • Apollo - Many of you possibly wonder if such cooperation is possible. To you, I say this. It is not only possible, it is achievable. It the goal of this conference to reconcile the hopes and dreams of those who wish to establish a New Republic and those who seek the remain under the banner of the Empire. We also hope to settle disputes that could once again spill our Cluster into a war on the scale of the Great Cyrannus War or the Galactic Wars.

There was some grumbling from some delegates, but most simply listened to Apollo with interest.

  • Garlboz: "What do you seek Apollo? Conflict is already upon us whether you want it to see or not. Your precious Republic is no more, the Cognatus have rebelled once again. Even Hutters have learned their lesson well at Tigma IV.
  • Hutter Ambassador: How dare you! Billions died during that assault. Something you will pay for Garlboz!
  • Apollo - Please ambassadors. I did not invite you all here to kill each other. I'm sure the Empire would be willing to repay the Hutter Kingdom for the loss of their world.
  • Guolivian - That is correct. The Empire is committed to peace above conflict. We will aid the Hutters in establishing a new colony as repayment for that which they lost.

Grumbling the Hutter ambassador sat down again. Keeping it to himself, the Hutters would never accept any aid from the Empire. Any ship entering their borders would be destroyed. Meanwhile the Creckel Ambassador Ramckel and the Andormaru proconsul began whispering to each other that the Hutters were a dangerous species, a threat to peace perhaps? Ramcard signaled Chuinaylia to be ready for an eventual emergency beam-out. While Ramashe simply looked a bit uneasy with all those intergalactic and extra-Cyrandia representatives present.

  • Apollo - In any case, do not be under the illusion that I believe that this conference will solve our problems. Our primary goal is to re-establish a new Republic alongside the Empire in peace.

At this comment Tharis rose from her chair and applauded. Chuinaylia shot a uncurtain glare at her senatorial friend. Guolivian, who saw her and smiled.

  • Guolivian - The Empire is comfortable with accepting these terms.

The conference in full swing.

The Hutter ambassador crossed his arms and shot an aggressive look at Guolivian. Meanwhile Apaltar rose from his chair.

  • Apaltar: This is the time, we need peace and order. And I assume all here believe we can choose where we can live? Why not set aside our differences and work together like in former days to promote prosperity and peace within our beloved Cluster.
  • Chuinaylia: Indeed, let's work together again. Conflict is for the primitive and must only be used in a last restort. Maintaining peace and a place where our children and their children can live in peace, wealth and prosparity. Is that nor our life duty, to preserve our peace so ur legecay can do the same?
  • Apollo - Well said, Senator Chuinaylia and Count Apaltar.
  • Apaltar: Has the Cluster not be tormented by differences and conflicts for long enough? The Second Galactic War, Intergalactic War, the threat of the Neraida Gigamatrix, the Great Cyrannus War are all examples of what is the result when the talking stops and drastic actions are taken with the lives of those whom we claim to represent and protect are in danger. Innocent lives are lost while we sit safe in our capitals, far beyond the conflicts.
  • Guolivian - Quite so, Count. We agreed to this conference because we are tired of war and desire peace for all our citizens, Imperial or otherwise.

The comment given, much of the representatives rose from their chairs and applauded Guolivian, who smiled and bowed slightly and sat back on his chair with a smug expression on his face.

  • Apollo - Is there any further comments? Perhaps from our extra-Cyrandia visitors?

Windey Spinkarius of the Indoctrinate Collective stood up.

  • Windey - The new republic's formation brings hope once more to a cluster we had considered lost. For anything you may need, the Collective will be glad to help.

Apaltar bowed to Windey, who sits back down.

  • Apaltar - That is certainly appreciated.

Alessa Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium spoke up.

  • Alessa - On behalf of my father, this new republic has the Paragon's blessing. Will the New Republic be open to a free trade agreement with Dranvamus?
  • Apollo - That is a possibility we could discuss at a later time, thank you delegate Ultanos!

Followed by Lorrelas of the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation.

  • Lorrelas - The Federation will stand by the new Republic as we had stood by the old. We do not want the spirit of democracy to die in Cyrannus.
  • Apollo - And with your help, it won't.

Suddenly, Crispy spoke up.

  • Crispy - As a question brought on by your question, I do wonder if the New URC will perhaps be aiding their Andromedan neighbours, as well as myself, within the future in aspects concerning, oh, weaponry, technology, resources.
  • Apollo - We will need to settle more important matters first before agreeing to any trade agreements.

Ul'arra of the mysterious Salsetthe Republic stood up.

  • Ul'arra - We find the re-formation of the Republic to be a potential improvement in the political state of the galaxy known as Cyrannus.

To Apollo's delight, his old ally, Emperor Wormulus II of the Delpha Coalition of Planets stood up and prepared to speak.

  • Emperor Wormulus II - I'd be inclined to agree. We may prefer the politics of the Empire, but we feel that the Capricornian races are not under threat, and are in fact stronger than before. We always stand to protect and support the Libertus, not only because we served beside you in conflicts such as the War of Ages and the Revolution of the Warlords, but because one of your own aided us in our escape from the Omegatropic, from which we would have surely perished. Long life to you Apollo, to the Libertus and to your galaxy!

The conference room applauded Wormulus' speech, even those representing the Empire.

  • Apollo - Now that is sorted, the creation of the New Republic of Cyrannus will occur during the coming week. However, there are some other matters to discuss, which we will address in a later meeting.

The representatives nodded, happy that there was a new way for peace. However, one of the only ones who wasn't happy seemed to be the Hutter Ambassador, who didn't trust the Empire one bit. Aeresius noticed this and winked at the Ambassador.

Second MeetingEdit


The Hutter ambassador argues with the Imperials.

The next day, the delegates gathered again, generally more hopeful that something would be agreed after yesterday's success. Apollo stood at the balcony over the table and greeted all the delegates.

  • Apollo: Greetings, honoured guests. Todays agenda is the borders and location of the New Republic in both the Quadrants and Cyrannus.

This being said made the room a bit uneasy among the Quadrantians. It was no secret borders were a sensitive subject among the empires of the Quadrants.

  • Apaltar: Our Quadrantian brothers and sisters need not worry. Republic space in the Quadrants would include only the current space of my faction and any other species or empire that wishes to join us, as the Andormaru have indicated. We have no desire to make anyone uneasy.
  • Tharis: Indeed, this new republic would not seek power with the already established powers within the Quadrants!
  • Garlboz: What about with the Empire? Eh? Or what of the protectorate?
  • Aeresius - Fear not Garlboz, Apollo knows well that the Empire will not tolerate any attempts to gain control over one of our systems.
  • Tharis' : "Again, I do not believe we should rash actions. Peace is all what we desire!
  • Apollo - The Proconsul is correct. Any expansion into Cyrannus by the New Republic will be limited to unexplored, unclaimed space away from Imperial interests.
  • Hutter Ambassador: Yes, I all hear you, Apollo and the Empire speaking about their precious peace. While I alone of the major powers of the Quadrants raises his voice and concerns. What is this meeting going to turn into? A Cyrannian domination of the Quadrants? I haven't heard Empress Ramashe speak!

The comment raised some tension in the room, with some representatives, especially from the Quadrants rose in defiance of the comment. They did not wish to seek conflict, but were eager to know why there we so many Cyrannian species present, as well as extra-Cyrandia Cluster species. Ramashe sighted, she feared this might happen. The Quadrantia powers were not known for their tolerance for extra-Quadrantians, though were generally peace loving. Theu'Vandonee, the representative of the Cognatus Empire stood up.

  • Theu'Vandonee - We are all equal in the eyes of the gods! It matters not what galaxy we hail from. We are all brothers and sisters of Cyrandia!

The booming voice from the massive Cogsangui prompted everyone take their seats again very quickly. Suddenly, all raised their attention to the balcony.

  • Apollo - The Republic will have no intention to dominate the Quadrants. Like it or not, Ambassador, many of our members are just as Quadrantian as you. Cyrannian and Quadrantian hands will build the New Republic, not only one.

Most of the delegates clapped their hands in agreement, though the Hutter Ambassador sat down and grumbled.

  • Apollo - As soon as we get the Republic up and running from the temporary capital on Apaltore we will send exploratory ships into the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus and establish our territory. We will not infringe on the borders of existing empires and the establishment of a capital and colonies will first be approved by neighbouring civilisations. Is there any objections?

Everyone looked toward the Hutter Ambassador, but he didn't say anything.

  • Apollo - If that's the case, then this matter is closed.

After the MeetingsEdit

After the Conference was finished, not all of the representatives left at once to return for their own planets and empires. Some remained at Concordia to talk further alone, and personal to some of the delegates, either to discuss politics or just out of friendliness.

Triumvirate Discussion?Edit

As the Cyrandia Conference reached her conclusion, Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation was tired, though not saying much she was a bit ashamed for her fellow Quadrantia representatives, who showed the other delegates not from the Quadrants that unity among them was very far away. Though some managed to set their differances aside, few couldn't and simply looked angry and bored during the entire conference. Ramashe didn't understand why they didn't take this chance to make a second start.


Ramashe, Apaltar and the Hutter Ambassador in conversation

While Ramashe stood a lone at a lone balcony looking over the seas of Concordia, both Apaltar and the Hutter ambassador arrived.

  • Ramashe: "Hello my fellow delegates, how is your day?"
  • Apaltar: "Mine is fine, thank you. How about you my dear?"
  • Hutter Ambassador: "Oh please, skip the pleasantries alright. We are here to discuss some matters with you Ramashe. You were striking silence during the Conference. Mr. Apollo did all the talking for you eh?"
  • Apaltar: "Ambassador please, you are talking to the monarch of Rambo Nation".

Ramashe raised her hand, indicating she did not mind and explained why she did not say much. She simply found that the Quadrantia powers had to figure this out on their own, without her opinion perhaps influating their opinions.

  • Hutter Ambassador: "Perhaps you are right, a solution is made sort to say. But your prominent talking left some believe that the Nation is vulnrable, or perhaps that you are a puppet of the Empire? In my opinion as the triumvirate of the most foremost powers in the Quadrants, I say we must watch the Empire's response to this."

Apaltar snorted, in his opinion there was no such ting as an unofficial triumvirate between them. Suddenly the Hutter ambassador was informed that something had happened back in his home system.

  • Hutter Ambassador: "Please excuse me, something is brought up to my attention of high importance. I will leave at once. Figure out what happend yourself Ramashe, your intelligence services are probably aware of what happened. I give you one warning, this are set in motion wich could threaten this New Cyrannian Republic- as well you should watch your back. It is not the first time someone within her own goverment might want to hurt your pretty face."

As the Hutter left, both Ramashe and Apaltar were left puzzled. Did the ambassador just warned her, or did he gave a threat. And what event was he talking about?

Meeting with the SalsettheEdit

As most of the delegates began to leave, Apollo was approached by Ambassador Ul'arra of the Salsetthe Republic.

  • Ul'arra - Apollo, may I speak with you in private? There is something important that we must discuss.
  • Apollo - Of course Ambassador Ul'arra, how may I help you?
  • Ul'arra - We cannot discuss this out here, for I do not desire to be overheard.

Apollo nodded and showed Ul'arra into an empty meeting room overlooking the seas of Concordia. Ul'arra shut the door behind them.

  • Ul'arra - Now, what do you know about my people, that is, what you call the Salsetthe Republic?
  • Apollo - The Salsetthe Republic is among the foremost superpowers of the Plazith Rim. It is known for its secrecy, advanced technology and its thorough intelligence agency.
  • Ul'arra - Yes, that is true. Why is it though that we put so much effort into observing even the most insignificant civilizations?
  • Apollo - I imagine it is to ensure that no threat emerges, even from the most unlikely of places.

Ul'arra made a brief gesture with his left hand, then continued speaking.

  • Ul'arra - That is a good guess, but it is far from the truth.
  • Apollo - Well then, please enlighten me.
  • Ul'arra - We observe these civilizations to try and learn something from them. Not just their culture, technology, and other such things, but because a great many of them seem to share one thing in common. Can you guess what that is?
  • Apollo - What would they share in common, Ambassador?
  • Ul'arra - They all behave very similarly, at least to us. This is, to us, something incredibly strange.
  • Apollo - I can understand why. Is this what you wished to discuss?
  • Ul'arra - Yes, it is.
  • Apollo - If I may ask, how is this relevant to me?
  • Ul'arra - It will be important if and when we begin to interact with your kind.
  • Apollo - When and if the New Republic Senate agrees to interact with your kind, Ambassador. I'm sure they will keep that in mind. Was there anything else?
  • Ul'arra - No, but we hope for the success of your kind.
  • Apollo - Likewise Ambassador. Have a pleasant day.

Apollo smiled and left the room.

The New Republic Rises!Edit

Two days after the meetings ended, the day everyone waited for finally came. On top of one of Concordia's balconies overlooking the beautiful city below, the remaining delegates began to gather in the hopes of watching history itself being made. At noon, Apollo, Ramashe, Apaltar and a host of other officials such as Mer Mirea and Raen Magalen exited the conference hall and made their way to the balcony where a podium drapped in the flag of the New Republic lay waiting. The officials sat down on seats behind Apollo as he made his way to the podium.

The crowd who gathered below cheered and applauded Apollo rapturously. The former President smiled broadly and waved at the crowd below. With a gesture of his hand, the crowd went silent, keen to here what the founding father of the New Republic had to say. A single tear rolled down as Apollo's eye as he began to read his speech.

  • Apollo - It has been a long time coming!

The crowd below laughed.

  • Apollo - Welcome my friends, to the dawn of a new beginning! After the fall of the First Republic, I myself had doubts that this day would ever come. However, I was reinvigorated by the spirit, hopes and dreams of the people of our great Cluster. Nevertheless, there were some who claimed that this day would be impossible, that as long as the Empire survived, a Republic never could. Today we prove them wrong! Today we prove that the people of the Cluster, despite their differences can come together in the name of peace. Let me be clear; this is not the Republic of old, this is a new Republic founded with history as our mentor.

The crowd applauded.

  • Apollo - To create a free and civilised union, dedicated to the freedom, liberty and self-determination of all, we the people declare a New Cyrannian Republic! With the aid of the people of Cyrannus and the Quadrants, our New Republic will become a shining beacon in the darkness of space, for you see a civilisation of the people, by the people and for the people shall never vanish from this universe. Kalos Mercu!

The crowd exploded into applause. The anthem of the Republic played in the background as fireworks went off in the distance. Apollo thanked the audience and stepped down from the podium, where he was embraced by his children and Empress Ramashe. Apollo planted a kiss on Ramashe's cheek, causing the monarch to giggle. As he made his way down from the podium, Apollo shook Apaltar's hand and claimed that the New Republic would prosper under his leadership.


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