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You have made a terrible mistake.

- Catulus

The Cyranai Civil War is the name given to the conflict between several empires of the Cyranai Galaxy against the main power of the galaxy, the Bisistar Domain. Following the discovery that the Bisistar were mainipulating the New Ermitant Republic's government, the usually friendly Ermitant began a rebellion across the galaxy. But the Bisistar were not afraid of such a lowly race, and were prepared to fight off whatever it threw against them.


Nondarrrt's Warning[]

Nondarrrt warns Milinitt about Catulus.

Following his discovery of the Bisistar infiltrator Catulus, Nondarrrt ran into President Milinitt's chamber, where she was discussing colonial preparations with a group of senators. Nondarrt pushed the doors open and ran inside, startling the senators in the room. Milinitt demanded to know what was the meaning of this intrusion, but Nondarrrt was forced to pause to breath from the running. Upon getting back to his feet, Nondarrrt exclaimed he had discovered something terrible.

Nondarrrt reported to Milinitt everything he had seen. Daleigh turning into a reptilian alien, his ship, the fact he was talking to his commanders about manipulation...Milinitt was shocked with the reports. Atfirst she was skeptical, but Nondarrrt was her right-hand man and would never lie to her about this. Nondarrrt was sure: that alien belonged to the species who had contacted them a year before. They had killed Daleigh and were watching their government from the inside.

Furious, Minilitt ordered the senators to call the Ermitant Republic's military commanders for an urgent meeting. The Ermitant had already failed to stop an oppressor already, and they would not allow themselves to fall on the claws of yet another one. They would take the fight to them, but first, they would need help...

Catulus' Report[]

Catulus reports to the Queen

Following his ousting, Catulus fled the Ermitant capital of New Puria back to Bisistar territory. He made his way to the Queen's throne and bowed to her. The Queen scowled Catulus, who had never been ousted on his Filtroo career, being expecially annoyed by the fact the subjects in questions were createds as pathetic as the Ermitant. Catulus only listed to the Queen's rant with his head lowered.

As she finished, the Queen began pondering. A Filtroo had never been discovered before in the Domain's history, so this could have potentially dangerous results. The Queen pointed at Catulus and exclaimed she would give him a second chance and not make his failure public knowledge if he took down the Ermitant government and whoever allied with it. Meanwhile, she ordered her officers to patrol Bisistar space to take down whichever potential invaders, for reasons "for now classified".

Catulus bowed to his Queen for a final time before leaving, but not before hearind the Queen's last words of the meeting.

"Consider this an act of mercy, Filtroo. You caused this problem, and now you will be the one to fix it."

The War[]

Declaration of War[]

The Ermitant and their allies discuss the attack on the infiltrators

Several days later, President Milinitt called over the leaders of several neighbour empires who the Republic had allied with: the Virrecirai, the Palda, the Jinpolia and the Maneti. The Panda and the Jinpolia, being arch-enemies, nearly turned away upon the sight of each other, but Milinitt insisted that they stayed and took part of the discussion. With much disgrunting from the representants, they finally agreed and decided to stay.

Milinitt explained the various empires about Catulus and pointed out they were all being manipulated by these aliens. All the empires had contacted the Bisistar at one point and as such, all became startled. The representants started arguing among themselves. The Palda and Jinpolia members, expecially, started questioning if their never-ending war was actually these aliens' fault, as at various occasions, they had been stopped from completely destroying each other.

The representants, revolted, decided they would not allow their sovereigny to be manipulated by others. They all agreed with Milinitt's terms and allied to combat these aliens. War had been declared.

The First Invasion[]

The Ermitant's attack on the Bisitar fails.

A massive rebel fleet consisting of hundreds of fighter planes, frigates and even capital ships began to assemble on the borders of New Ermitant Republic space. It was truly an impressive fleet. Within two days, the fleet's captains, Ermitant, Virrecirai, the Palda, the Jinpolia and the Maneti alike decided that the time was right to launch a first strike against the Bisistar Domain in the hopes of liberating the Cyranai Galaxy from the fiendish menace.

The flagship of the fleet, the "Rising Star" soon detected a lone Bisistar Vila-class light frigate. Captain Nonhiona decided that this small target would be perfect for an easily won symbolic victory. When the fleet warped out of hyperspace, the Bisistar ship was nowhere to be seen. Furious, Nonhiona slammed his fists on his command chair. Suddenly, a brilliant bright yellow lance flew through space and impacted a nearby Jinpolia heavy cruiser, annihilating it completely. The lone Bisistar frigate had arrived.

Nonhiona ordered the fleet to direct all firepower on the Bisistar ship, but to no avail; the Bisistar ship was simply too strong. One by one, the rebel ships exploded under the firepower of the advanced Bisistar warship until there was nothing left but ash. The rebels had underestimated the might of the monster they had unleashed upon themselves.

Mur Dozona Aid[]

The diplomat discusses with the Mur Dozona chieftain.

Following the crushing defeat against the single Bisistar ship, the Ermitant decided to search for more allies. Searching across their territory, they eventually discovered a number of systems controlled by a at the time unknown alien race: the Mur Dozona. One of the most physically impressive races of Cyranai, the Mur Dozona once controlled a vast and powerful empire which was eventually brought down thanks to Bisistar manipulation. Separated by civil war, the Mur Dozona were now a divided race.

An Ermitant diplomat descended on the planet and requested an audience with the Mur Dozona chieftain. As she spoke to him, she presented her case, asking the Mur Dozona to fight the Bisistar alongside the Ermitant. The chieftain responded with skeptism, not believing he should work with strangers. The diplomat then explained to the chieftain about the Bisistar's manipulation and how his planet could easily fall victim to it, if it had not fell already.

Enraged, the Mur Dozona chieftain changed his mind. The Mur Dozona would not submit to aliens, and accepted the diplomat's alliance request. The proud people of the Mur Dozona were now part of the resistance...but would it matter?

Spreading Lies[]

The disguised Catulus talks to Governor Andarda.

More attacks were being launched against the Bisistar, but none of them were having any success. The small empires were not powerful enough to damage the superpower that is the Bisistar Domain. This was leaving several members of the alliance worried. And it was just the opportunity Catulus was waiting for to begin his plot for vengeance. Travelling to the important Maneti Empire planet of Caloseus, Catulus took the disguise of a high-ranking senator and called a private conference with the governor of the colony, the Maneti known as Andarda.

Andarda was highly regarded across the Maneti for his services and for his good adminship of the planet. He received the disguised Catulus at his office and asked for his intentions. Catulus began claiming the alliance with the Ermitant Republic was a mistake and that they were being used. He claimed the Ermitant ordered the attack on the Bisistar not because they were infiltrated, but because the Ermitant were hungry for the Bisistar's power and wanted to rule ove rthe empires they had "allied with".

Catulus' charisma alongside the various losses this alliance was having against the Bisistar caused Andarda to believe the Filtroo's history. Andarda exclaimed he'd take this to the Maneti Empire's royal senate and assured Catulus something would be done about it. Catulus left the room with a large grin, his plan was going as planned.

Left to Die[]


Two weeks had passed. Catulus had made visits to each and every ally of the New Ermitant Republic, spreading the same lies he had said on the Maneti Empire. All of these empires were now seeing the Ermitants as the real manipulators, making them fight a war against an innocent-yet-powerful enemy for their own greedy, selfish reasons. These empires had enough of it, and so prepared themselves for the next attack.

The "allied" fleet encountered yet another lone Bisistar Vila-class light frigate. Hoping to have more luck this time, the Ermitant captain ordered the fleet to unleash their weapons at it. However, as they were close to the frigate, the "allies" did nothing. The captain of the Maneti ships began ranting over the Ermitants' intentions, and soon the other captains joined him. Their ships turned back and left the Ermitant ships alone to fight off the frigate.

The frigate easily tore the Ermitant ships apart. The Bisistars on it laughed all the way through the whole event, and as expected, they now expected a new visit from, the Ermitant's allies. However, they would not take weapons to it.

Peace Talk[]


The final step of Catulus' plan was that the former allies of the Ermitant would surrender to the Bisistar in an attempt to end the war. And this was exactly what happened. A team of diplomats of the empires involved travelled to Bisistar space, but leet out signals to them to mean they had come in peace. The Bisistar officers had already been warned of the plan so they played along.

The empires got in contact with the Bisistar and apologized for the attacks, claiming they were being used. The Bisistar officer in charge of the peace-talk affirmed them that they had nothing to worry about. The Bisistar had suffered no losses through this silly war and exclaimed that they already knew the Ermitant were behind the attacks. The officer assured them that the conflict was over, but the war was not yet done.

The diplomats, understanding what he meant, bowed and left. The Bisistar officers now turned their eyes to the root of the problem, and an entire Bisistar fleet made its way to Ermitant territory...

The End of Hope[]

Bisistar fleets swarmed the skies of the Ermitnat, bombarding their worlds into oblivion. Now seen as the "heroes", the Bisistar eradicated the one species who tried to twart their plans, and they were doing it the most merciless way possible. Entire planets were annihilated by the advancing Bisistar fleet, which could tear down the Ermitant's ships like they were made of paper. The Ermitants did what they could to evacuate as many people as possible, but they were having little success. The Bisistar were angry, and they wanted payback.

Catulus confronts Nondarrrt and Milinitt

As the fleet arrived into the Ermitant capital, the fleets slowed down on their attacks, as if they were playing with the Ermitants. The attacks hit the government palace, sending it into flames. Nondarrrt took Milinitt and the senators and led them through the flames to take them to outside. However, as they traversed through the ruins, Catulus himself appeared. He laughed at the demise of the Ermitants, claiming responsability for the entire crumbling of the alliance. Nondarrrt ordered Milinitt and the senators to fleet.

Nondarrrt, with all of his determination, charged at Catulus. However, the infiltrator did nothing but avoid his attacks. Nondarrrt turned on his bladed knuckles and attempted to strike at the enemy, but Catulus proved to flexible to hit. This went on for several minutes until Nondarrrt was too tired. It was then that he noticed Catulus' spiked tail was right next to him. In a swift attack, Catulus stabbed his tail through Nondarrrt's throat. Like a needle, the tail pierced through the poor Ermitant's skin, muscle and bone until it skewered through it. Nondarrrt could do nothing, and his death was quick. It had been the only offensive move Catulus had done in the whole fight too.

Milinitt and the senators managed to escape, but not before Milinitt turned back to see Catulus' tail piercing through Nondarrrt through a window. She cried as she and the rest of the survivors escaped. Their dreams layed broken and her closest man was dead. The Ermitants were quickly chased by the Bisistar fleet, until they arrived at the closest wormhoe they could find. They entered it, and vanished...


New Cyrannian Republic[]


The wormhole taken by the Ermitant survivors took them to another unknown location, right next to a new planet. There were no sight of the Bisistar anywhere, so they decided to contact the planet to ask for help. The viewscreen on the Ermitant ship lit up and a reptilian being appeared. He smiled warmly and revealed himself to be President Apaltar of the New Cyrannian Republic. Recognizing Milinitt as an Ermitant, Apaltar asked for her intentions, and she replied by saying her people were in danger and needed help.

Apaltar was more than glad to comply and welcomed the Ermitant to settle on Apatalore, the capital of the New Republic. Milinitt was confused of having encountered an Apationagtus at Cyranai. Apaltar quickly corrected her, claiming the Ermitants were at Quadrant 82 and at orbit of the temporary capital of the New Republic.

After some minutes of chatting, Apaltar dispatched quantum replicators to Milinitt's location so that the Ermitant could help recover from their losses. Now living under the protection of the New Republic, perhaps the Ermitant's hope had not been completely destroyed...


The wormhole taken by the Ermitant survivors took them to another unknown location, right next to a new planet. There were no sight of the Bisistar anywhere, so they decided to contact the planet to ask for help. The viewscreen on the Ermitant ship lit up and a reptilian being appeared. He smiled warmly.

  • Apaltar - Greetings. I am President Apaltar of the New Cyrannian Republic. Am I correct in saying that you are Ermitant?
  • Milinitt - Yes...I am President Milinitt...or rather, was president. My republic was destroyed by an alien race. This fleet is all that remains of us. We need help.
  • Apaltar - I'm sorry to hear that. Your people are welcome to settle on Apatalore, madam President. We are here to assist.
  • Milinitt - Thank you. I did not expect to meet Apationagtus here at Cyranai.
  • Apaltar - Cyranai? This is Quadrant 82.
  • Milinitt - ...Really? It seems the wormhole took us very far away from our old home then.
  • Apaltar - You are in orbit over Apatalore, the temporary capital of the New Cyrannian Republic. It is our aim to live in peace with the other nations of the Cluster and to promote order and stability.
  • Milinitt - I see. We hoped to bring a good future for our species at Cyranai, but the alien race infriltrated our government and used us. When we tried to fight back, they turned our allies against us and reduced us to only this fleet.
  • Apaltar - We have heard many dark rumours about Cyranai. Our ships stay well clear of it.
  • Milinitt - You are correct to do that. That place...is not safe for anyone.
  • Apaltar - I will inform our Starfleet to stay away. As for the meantime Madam President, you are welcome to land here on Apatalore. I will dispatch quantum replicators to your location, which should help your people recover.
  • Milinitt - Thank you very much, mister president. I hope my people can be of help for your nation and that we have a good future together.

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