Criminal Affairs occurs directly after the Zenvian Skull and takes place when various representatives of the Clusters prominent powers have an important conference.

The story will feature various characters from the Cluster, whos fate get interacted due to a theft, wich raises tensions and can cause a new conflict within the Cluster.

When interressted to let you fiction join the story as well, or the wish to add characters to become centred around as well, please ask and give ideas (-plus provide images!)


The story features and centres around certain characters from the Cluster, where criminals gain a story of their own, escaping or meeting the more heroic characters of various nations and empires.

The deadly duo where the story starts with. Responsible for the theft of an experimental Hutter bird of prey, they start an adventure of their own with their possible future crew!

Side characters are characters who are heavily involved in the story, yet do not have that prominent roles during the story.

Minor characters are individuals who have a limited screen time, making cameo appearances.

Criminal Affairs![]


As Rambo Nation and the Cognatus Empire made an agreement over studying and protecting the planet Aecor during the third month of 03 NE/06 AQF, a dangerous plan was hatched in the mind of Zevracence- a bounty hunter infamous in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Zevracence learned that the Hutters were constructing a new kind of ship, rather small but fast and agile it could fire when under cloack. Wanting such a vessel, wich could be useful for raiding and plundering he decided to steal it. Knowing that his employer, the slug like criminal master mind known as Morglûkia would never dare risk something like that, he went to Uruviel for her aid. The bounty hunter wanted the young girl for his crew because of her piloting skills. He also though of asking Ktrn- but she was to loyal to Morglûkia and he didn't want to be exposed. As such he went only with Uruviel and at the start of the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF they arrived at one of the space station belonging to the Hutters while travelling onboard a civilian liner.

Fighting Hutter security officers

Using their smuggling friends, both Uruviel and Zevracence (-the duo) arrived at Tigma III, a planet near the destroyed Tigma IV and close to the Hutter/Rambo border. The sight amazed Uruviel, as various dry docks and a space station were in orbit of the crowded planet. The duo entered the space station and managed to steal a lone Hutter fighter and used it to land on the dock containing the experimental ship, known as a Bird of Prey.

When landed at the restricted dry dock, two Hutter security officers approached the Hutter fighter.

  • Hutter Officer: "What is the matter, you moron! This is restricted area, I should kill you for you violation."

When the shuttle door openend itself, revealing Uruviel who looked really sad and innocent the officer looked shocked, a humanoid within their restricted area!

  • Hutter Officer: "W-what is the meaning of this treachery!"
  • Zevracence: "None of your concern!"

Zevracence jumped from behind the fighter, using his stolen RN sniper rifle he shot both Hutter officers, their lifeless body dropped to the ground.

  • Zevracence: "Hurry Uruviel, hack that terminal!"
  • Uruviel: "Aye!"

Blasting their way past a D-5 cruiser

While Uruviel hacked the console, opening the door so they could access the experimental ship- Zevracence fired again at approaching security officers. When the door finally openend both Uruviel and Zevracence ran to the docking lock and entered the vessel. Closing the door behind them Uruviel started up the ship's engines and weapons and tried to force themselves free of the docking clamps, shaking the vessel.

When broken free, Uruviel informed Zevracence that a D-5 and D-7 class were on intercept course. Suddenly a transmission was heard.

  • Hut'Kraang: "What are you doing? Stealing a vessel from the Hutter Kingdom? Do you really think you can escape?"

Zevracence nodded and the ship openend fire at Hut'Kraang's D-5 cruiser. Taken by surprise by it's powerful weapons, the D-5 cruiser was crippled, and they heard Hut'Kraang cursing over the intercom. Powering up their engines and cloacking device, the Bird of Prey, who Zevracence dubbed the Bounty managed to escape the intercepting D-7 cruiser and a few hours later crossed the border while evading Hutter patrols.

Zevracence sat back, relaxed and asked Uruviel to plot a course for the Quadrant 82-89 Wormhole.

Chapter 1: Regellis Encounter[]

Zevracence contacted his new "employer"- who he never saw before not knew who it was, but the payment was great. Zevracence recieved 15 million Ramboidae Coins as a motivation to steal a Hutter prototype vessel. That done he would recieve another 15 million for setting the pieces, as his employer liked it and a bonus if all went well.

The Bounty seriouslsy damages a Regellis Dreadnought

Please, Zevracence instructed Uruviel to take the Bounty to the K-7 station nearest to the Green Fog Nebula, located in former Rambulan territories. While coming out of warp after a two day trip, Zevracence smiled when the viewscreen showed it's first target.

  • Uruviel: "Sir, a ship is at the coordinates you have given. I do not know what it is, as I cannot translate this data."
  • Zevracence: "My employer informed me that they belong to a new empire within Quadrant 89, known to already destroying a Rambo and Imperial vessel. Move the ship into firing position, target torpedoes and lower cloack and fire at my mark!"
  • Uruviel: "Lower our cloack?"

Zevracence smiled as Uruviel's face were filled with surprise.

  • Zevracence: "Ofcourse, we want those bastards to know who fired upon them right?"

At Zevracence command the ship lowered it's cloack and fired a massive volley of torpedoes. Taken by surprise the Regellis Dreadnought class, a science based vessel was taken by surprise and seriously damaged. Raising her shields the dreadnoughts moved into a fire position as well, but the Bounty had already decloacked and left the Regellis vessel alone. When Uruviel asked what the meaning was of this attack, Zevracence replied that they were payed for causing heavoc upon differant and aggressive species within Quadrant 89- why? He didn't knew, only the payment meant something for Zevracence.

For the Regellis is seemed the Hutters attacked one of their own vessels without reason, raising tensions between the two nations.

Chapter 02: Convoy attack[]

Four days after the theft of the Bounty, Zevracence and Uruviel recieved new instructions- plus the assurance that if they succeeded in all task they could keep the Bounty as their own. Uruviel plotted the course, well Zevracence took his position behind the gun.

  • Uruviel: "Yo Zev, you know that we only have food and water for two more days. We need to re-supply, and I believe Q-89 isn't really a good place to do so".
  • Zevracence: "No worry Uruviel, after this we will go to Ramaakota- our task in Q-89 is almost over".

Uruviel smiled, happy to go back to Quadrant 82, she didn't like staying to close to the Hutter space.

Attacking civilian vessels

  • Uruviel: "Zev, we are approaching our target! The eastern R-7 station is coming up at viewscreen!"
  • Zevracence: "Good, good. What do scanners indicate?"
  • Uruviel: "Eh lemme see. Two Rambo ships are docked, approaching our position are three civilian crafts- one Rambo, one Cyrannian, and one Ca'Leon passenger liner!"

Zevracence smiled, it was just as his contact had told him. At once he ordered Uruviel to drop the cloack and Zevracence began opening fire. The civilian crafts were taken by surprise, and as they were still in the vicinity of the R-7 station shields were down. Within two torpedoes the Anteras-class freighter was disabled and exploded in a bright flash when the warp core overloaded. While the Cyrannian freighter managed to escape- the Ca'Leon passenger liner was not so fortunate and suffered a large volley of torpedoes from the Bounty before succumbing and began leaking atmosphere.

  • Uruviel: "Zev, one of the Rambo ships has detached itself from the station and is heading our way. It is the USS Victory, a Constellation class battlecruiser."
  • Zevracence: "Cloack again and head for the wormhole, our task is done here!".

With that said the Bounty escaped and headed back to Quadrant 89. The USS Victory, under command of Robert Lefler aided those who survived the attack, while the Olympic-class medical ship USS Pasteur- under command of Avery began medical treatment to those wounded.

Chapter 03: Criminal Cooperation[]

Pretio contacts his Quadrantia counterparts.

Morglûkia sat in his office, drinking and eating while enjoying the view of one of his slave girls dancing on a nearby table. Suddenly, a hologram of a Capricyránae appeared on his table. This wasn't just any Capricyránae though, it was Flovos Pretio, the most powerful crimelord in the Cyrannus Galaxy due to his leadership of the Cyrannian Syndicate. Morglûkia never met him, but his reputation had reached his ears.

  • Flovos Pretio - Greetings, Moglûkia. I am Flovos Pretio of the Cyrannian Syndicate.
  • Morglûkia: "Greetings Flovos Pretio! I do not think we are acquinted are we?"
  • Flovos Pretio - Indeed we haven't, your eminence. I have a task for one of your operatives, if you would agree to it.

Morglûkia smiled, and told Flovos he was interessted. But wondered what was in for himself.

  • Flovos Pretio - In return, I will offer you an experimental Imperial ship that we stole from the shipyards of Cyroenia themselves!

Morglûkia smiled grew even broader and agreed to the terms. Though he wanted to know who he thought was sufficient enough and what kind of mission he was going to involve his operatives in.

  • Flovos Pretio - I want your operatives to infiltrate the New Republic Star Destroyer, the CRS Ramaprica. There, they will find a female Chinawyka named Adelheidis in the detention level. I want her brought to me alive.

Morglûkia smiled, knowing that one of his own operatives managed to steal a Hutter war bird he had just the right man for it. As well this certain bounty hunter would then be releaved of his unallowed theft.

  • Morglûkia: "Very well Flovos, I have the right bounty hunter and means for it at my disposal. I assure you he will succeed, if not he will pay it with his life. "
  • Flovos Pretio - I have every confidence in your men. Perhaps I could await the mission's success at your palace? There are other things we could discuss, and Queen Asenath of the Slavers Guild desires to meet you.
  • Morglûkai - "It would be my honor Flovos, I will look forward to becoming friendly adversaries in our profession. I will set the Huttergut beer cold and will make sure we have enough enterainment, if you know what I mean!"

Flovos laughed and closed the transmission. Morglûkai signaled his subordinate, Ktrn and instructed her to make preperations to recieve, as well as that Rambo authorities were not aware they were coming.

Chapter 04: Arrival at Ramaakota[]

Approaching Ramaakota

Zevracence and Uruviel arrived at Ramaakota a mere two days after the attack at the civilian freighters. While the fourth month of 06 AQF/03 NE went on, Zavracence and Uruviel were happy they managed to steal such a powerful and fast ship.

Arriving at Ramaaktoa, Uruviel began making procedures to enter orbit and dock at the docks of Ramaakota.

  • Uruviel: "I am dropping the cloack, no Rambo or Imperial vessel present"
  • Zevracence: "Good, good! It will be good to get home again!"

Uruviel smirked, she didn't like the desert colony of Ramaakota, it was hot there, filled with sand storms and way too much dust and rocks. Suddenly the ship was rocked by vibrations and Uruviel had a difficult time steering the Bounty.

  • Zevracence: "W-what is going on? Uruviel what have you done this time?"
  • Uruviel: "Me? ME? Are you mad? I didn't choose to make a home at this dust ball. We are caught in a high orbital sand storm. Just SHUT UP and let me handle this!"

Zevracence kept his mouth, suprised by the lash out of Uruviel. Perhaps she like being a smuggler and thief a bit too much. Yet Uruviel's skill managed the due to arrive at the docks in safety, without damaging the vessel.

Pleased Zevracence exited the Bounty, greeted by a sight he didn't like to see at all. Veldiaviëa- the slug sister of his main employer Morglûkia, escorted by two Kzyterkz guard who aimed weapons at the due instructed them to follow her. Veldiaviëa took both Zevracence and Uruviel to the local saloon, where she gave the two a drink. Surprised Zevracence wanted to know why she was doing this, as the theft was on his own accord- probably angering Morglûkia. Yet Zevracence didn't want to listen, and was distracted by a nearby dancing Yunilage.

Requiring a new job by Veldiaviëa!

  • Veldiaviëa: "Well well Zevracence. I must inform you that my dear brother didn't like your theft. It could attract unwanted attention by authorities if they find out it was you and your young friend over here."
  • Zevracence: "Haha, you really think I care? Pff, I am the best bounty hunter of the Quadrant Galaxies, and in my own opinion of the entire Cluster as well!"
  • Uruviel: "Yeah right Zev?"
  • Zevracence: "Seriously, I mean I managed to break into the Rambo Senate, take a shot at an Imperial Grand Mandator, steal an experimental Hutter warbird and never ever been caught by authorities!"

Veldiaviëa nodded, assuring his name was as famous as ever he himself believed. However Veldiaviëa reminded that Morglûkia wasn't pleased, but wanted to forgive this act if Zevracence and Uruviel were to free a certain political individual- if freed the individual would stand in a big favor of Morglûkia, wich could result in even more power for his criminal organisation.

  • Zevracence: "Haha, tell the big guy that I will do it for a right price. He will now how much, plus any damage to the Bounty he will pay as well".

Veldiaviëa looked annoyed, but agreed to Zevracence terms and gave him the datapad with required data. Uruviel and Zevracence smiled, and watched and enjoyed the private dance of a Yunilage danceress together with Veldiaviëa. She gave another free round of Huttergut Beer and toasted at the new mission.

Chapter 05: Jailbreak Peril[]

After Zevracence and Uruviel were given their new objective by Flovos, they set a course onboard the Bounty towards the star destroyer CRS Ramaprica. After being resupplied at Ramaakota, Zevracence was unsure what to espect. Even though the bird of prey was powerful, taking it against a star destroyer of the New Repbulic was a whole other story.

After a few days they tracked down the CRS Ramaprica. Uruviel informed the ship had lowered it shields and the Bounty was ready to fire. Zevracence however didn't want to alert the vessel and ordered Uruviel to dock inside the lower hangar while still being cloacked. Surprised Uruviel complied and told her to be ready to leave at once. Meanwhile Zevracence exited the ship and snuck inside the ship, not sure whether or not the internal sensors detected him.

Zevracence about to save Adelheidis

  • Zevracence: "Hmm, lemme see. This seemed easy, now I have to enter those maintance vents and head to the detention level."

As Zevracence exited the maintaince shaft into the detention level, he dropped down from the ceiling, right in front of two Libertus guards, who raised their weapons.

  • Zevracence: "Well, hello there! Could you perhaps help me??"
  • Guard: This is a restricted area! Drop your weapons and place your arms in the air!
  • Zevracence: "Now now, not so hasty!"

Zevracence grapped his blaster and fired at one of the guards. The blast killed the guard instantly, while the other opened fire on Zevracence. Zevracence duck for cover, but was hit in his shoulder and fell to one knee, blood dripping form his shoulder, he cursed his pain and carelessness.

Suddenly, from behind the guard a female figure appeared and snapped the guard's neck. The women walked over to Zevracence and tended to his wounds. She introduced herself as Adelheidis.

  • Adelheidis: I take it you are my ticket out of here.
  • Zevracence: "Goodday M'Lady, indeed I am but that guard tended to disagree with that. "
  • Adelheidis: Well, it's lucky that I managed to escape my cell by myself. Where is your ship? Are you able to walk?
  • Zevracence: "Follow me, my ship is ready. Do not worry, I have had worse wounds than this. But tell, how did you escape you cell?"
  • Adelheidis - I have my ways, Mister...?

Zevracence smiled, bowing and taking his hat off, he introduced himself as Zevracence, greatest bounty hunter within the Quadrants. Adelheidis rested her hand on Zevracence's shoulder for a moment and smiled.

  • Adelheidis - It's a pleasure to meet you, Mister Zevracence. Now, let's get out of here before we are noticed!

Zevracence took Adelheidis towards the lower hanger decks where the bounty still awaited them. Upon entering the vessel Uruviel greeted both and asked for instructions. Zevracence smiled and looked at Adelheidis, and asked if she would want to give a goodbye gift towards the star destroyer. Zevracence smiled and ordered Uruviel to drop the cloack and fire within the hanger, cuasing significant damage to the innter structure of the vessel. Pleased, Uruviel took the Bounty out of the hanger and flew away from the CRS Ramaprica- whose underside was in fire. As the CRS Ramaprica was launching her fighters Uruviel activiated the cloack again and escaped. Under cloack they headed to one of the moons of the Rambo Capital.

Chapter 06: Criminal meeting[]

The formation of a new Criminal Triumvirate!

Soon after Zevracence returned with Adelheidis to Morglukia, Flovos Pretio, leader of the Cyrannian Syndicate arrived on his ship, Fernei's Hand. When it landed, he stepped out of the ship alongside Queen Asenath of the Panthrea Slaver Guild. Both criminal adversaries from the most powerful and influential criminal cartels from Cyrannus were greeted by a Feolhviaeri, named Ktrn.

  • Ktrn:: "Welcome to the moon of Anummiae, second moon of hte Rambo Capital and stronghold of my master, Morglûkia. I hope the travel to our moon has been a pleasant one and without disturbances from local Rambo authorities?"
  • Flovos Pretio - Our ship is equipped with a cloaking device. We encountered no difficulties.

Ktrn smiled and beckoned the two and theri escorts to follow her. It was a short walk from the docking track towards Morglûkia's humble office, wich was located near the bridge leading to the Rambo Nation Executive Palace, stronghold of the Rambo Senate. Asenath looked around and scoffed.

  • Asenath - Quaint.

Upon entering the building, both criminals were welcomed by music, drunken criminals, dancing females with revealing outfits with in the middle of the room, Morglûkia the big slug like creature. Next to him stood both Zevracence and Adelheidis. Morglukia smiled and waved his hand towards both Flovos and Asenath.

Asenath and Flovos walked over to Morglukia. Pretio smiled and bowed slightly toward the great slug, while Asenath remained still and emotionless.

  • Morglûkia: "Flovos, Asenath! Welcome to my humble office! I am pleased to welcome you at the stronghold of the most powerful criminal within the Quadrants, right under the nose of the very senate of Rambo Nation!"
  • Flovos Pretio: Thank you for your hospitality, oh great leader of the Quadrantia criminal underworld.

Pretio raised a glass and toasted to Morglukia's good health. Morglukia returned the gesture and took the remaining of the Huttergut in one shot. He then threw his glass away and his face turned serious.

  • Morglûkia: "Now then, up to buisiness lady and gentleman. My bountyhunter has done what you wanted. Adelheidis, this fine looking blue female to the right of me is the person you wanted freed!"

Adelheidis laughed in a fake, girlish manner.

  • Adelheidis - Oh Morglukia, you do know how to make a girl laugh.

Zevracence looked annoyed, I knew Morglûkia all too well. He was interessted to form a new sort of alliance with these criminals from Cyrannus, and Adelheidis was just a tool for Morglûkia. As with everything, Morglûkia didn't really had effections for persons. Except perhaps his family, his wealth and his alcohol and dancing female slaves.

If Adelheidis has served her purpose, he wouldn't hesistate to let her be killed as Morglûkia himself would never dirty his own hands, that is one of the main reasons the Rambo authorities hasn't been able to arrest him on illegal acts.

  • Flovos Pretio - Thank you, my new friend. As promised your return gift is currently on its way to you. An Imperial Aggressor-class Destroyer.

Morglûkia looked surprised. Imperial vessels were very powerful and not to mention large enough to be able to blockade smaller colonies.

  • Morglûkia: "My my, an Imperial vessel! Now that is interessting. Is there any way to make it somesort of legal to own by private companies? That way both Imperial and Rambo authorities cannot trouble us!"
  • Flovos Pretio - I have my friends in the Empire that will ensure that you will have no difficulty.

Morglûkia smiled, this could be a new way of operating. With this ship he coudl be mobile as well. Pleased he clapped in his hands, the music gained more beats and various Yunilinage began performing an striptease act. While various Quadrantia humanoid slaves began dancing on the dance floor, bubbling against those who wished to dance with them.

Asenath looked disgusted.

  • Asenath - I have yet to agree to anything.

Zevracence and Ktrn looked surprised. It was a first that someone spoke against Morglûkia. Morglûkia turned his attention to Asenath, intrigued he asked what was wrong.

  • Asenath - I stand apart from the Cyrannian Syndicate. You have yet to offer me anything that could lead to the Panthrea sending you a shipment of slaves.

Morglûkia looked surprised. He turned angrily at Ktrn, who apparently didn't inform her the two were from separate criminal cartels. Ktrn did a step backward. but Morglûkia didn't do anything. Yet. Morglûkia turned his attention again to Asenath, with a kind face.

  • Morglûkia: "My humble apolagies Lady Asenath. It would be my honor to please your wishes!"
  • Asenath - I ask for just one thing. For my ships to operate freely within the Quadrants. In return, we will give you a share of the captured slaves and any material possessions we find.

Morglûkia looked surprised. That was quite a demand. Though he could express some influance within the Senate, to allow slavers a free ticket to roam across the Quadrants was another matter. Morglûkia nodded, agreeing that her ships were allowed to operate freely within the Quadrants. His own cartel, who rarely deals in slaves will not interfere.

He admitted he cannot do anything about local or Rambo authorities, he will keep her informed of known patrols around areas and planets. And warned her as well, as long as you raided and plundered outer colonies the fleet probably wasn't going to interfere that much, but the moment slavers woudl step a feet within the richer sectors. they might retaliate.

He at once gave her a datapad concerning certain other slavers, fine specimens were found at Sanderhal, while the Outer Colonial Sector and the Badlands Sector were poorly defended by the Rambo Navy. As well as an impending attack at Yudumarth, a planet under siege would give plenty opportunities to raid and plunder cities and villages and to take it's inhabitants.

  • Asenath: Thank you, Morglukia. I do not believe we have anything else to discuss?
  • 'Morglûkia: "Then in gratitude and in honor of you Lady Asenath, please take these four Yunilinage dancers as a gift from me! As for you Flovos, you only need to pay the bounty hunter. He saved Adelheidis at my command. As for the girl herself, she is free for you. As a gesture of good will to our cooperation, and to our new criminal triumvirate."

Pretio handed Zevracence enough credits to last him for a long time and bowed to Morglukia, and headed back to his ship with Asenath and Adelheidis in tow.

One thing was clear, a new criminal triumvirate now began to exert its dominance over the criminal underworld!


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