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When we take Carindes, our movement will finally be legitimised!

- Taros Cassynder

The Carindes Campaign was the first major engagement of the Outer Rim War between the remnants of the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. In a bid to legitimise his movement for the revival of a galactic confederation as well as to give hope to his people that their struggle wasn't in vain, Confederate leader, Taros Cassynder launched a massive attack on the former capital of the Confederacy, the temperate world of Carindes, still recovering from the scars of the Great Cyrannus War.


Initial StagesEdit

Surprise Attack Edit


The Confederacy launch a massive attack on Carindes.

Though the Empire was well aware of the power the Confederacy of Free Planets had amassed since it's formation, they had no idea that they had the military power to successfully siege an important Imperial world. On the planet Carindes, in the Outer Rim, the governor, Fariaus looked out the window of his palace at the pure blue sea while the smoke from the damage wrought by the Neraida Gigamatrix during the massive Battle of Carindes still rose. He sat on his chair and hoped to himself that the peaceful planet would be spared the trauma of war in the future.

Suddenly, Fariaus heard several loud whooshing noises, followed by the distinct and terrifying roar of turbolaser fire. In orbit, Taros Cassynder was on the bridge of his flagship shouting out orders to his bridge officers. The Viscount was a very powerful vessel and was supported by a large ragtag fleet of warships including Rambo Independia Cruisers, Yudumaran ships as well as the more common ships used by the Confederacy. Cassynder's fleet began to gain the upper hand, striking down the less powerful Imperial fleet, mostly made up of outdated Venator-class Star Destroyers and Acclamator-class Cruisers.


Cassynder coordinating the fleet during the battle.

Within two hours of battle, the Imperial Fleet over Carindes was utterly destroyed by the larger Confederate fleet. On the Viscount, Cassynder smiled to himself. However, he realised that the Empire wouldn't take such a defeat so lightly and put the fleet on high alert for incoming Imperial threats. Cassynder's worries would soon prove to be correct when Tyranus sent for aid from a diabolical threat...

Confederate Blockade Edit


The Confederate Blockade.

While the Confederate fleet swept away what remained of the Imperial presence on Carindes, Cassynder called for the aid of the infamous Tukio Nutria, who was in hiding since the Battle of Rambo Prime during the first year of the Great Cyrannus War. Nutria was in command of a mighty new ship, the Mercatura and a small, but well equipped Confederate fleet that helped to bulk up the Cassynder's weakened flotilla.

Nutria was summoned by Cassynder to the Confederate flagship, the Viscount, where the two discussed tactics before Cassynder announced that he would be leaving the battle to find new allies to fight against the Empire. Nutria was shocked that the leader of the fleet was leaving, but was told by the General that he was now in command of the fleet from the Mercatura. Nutria agreed and organised the fleet to form a defensive line around the planet while Cassynder travelled to the Quadrant Galaxies to find new allies.


Cassynder leaves the fleet to Tukia Nutria.

Tukio Nutria enters a room on the Viscount, Cassynder is waiting for him.

  • Cassynder - It's good to see you, Mister Nutria. Records claim that you went missing after the Battle of Rambo Prime.

Nutria finds a seat and sits. Cassynder also sits down.

  • Nutria - Records can be misleading general. I assure you that I was active, just away from the public eye.
  • Cassynder - Well then. In any case, I thank you for responding to my call.
  • Nutria - This Empire is bad for business, and thus, it's bad for me. I want it gone. Feel free to use the fleet that I brought to see to it.

Cassynder gets off his seat.

  • Cassynder - Actually, after this meeting, I'm travelling to the Quadrants. Rumour has it that this new Quadrantia Federation recently attacked the Empire and it's Rambo protectorate.
  • Nutria - Hm? This is surprising. How is going to lead the fleet?
  • Cassynder - I was hoping it could be you.
  • Nutria - Me? I was under the impression that my loss at Rambo Prime would hurt my chances of commanding a fleet in the future.
  • Cassynder - Yes, well you are the best naval officer we have. The Confederate Fleet would be honoured to have you lead it.

Nutria smiles broadly.

  • Nutria - Thank you for this honour, general. I will not let you down.
  • Cassynder - Excellent. Good luck.

The BattlesEdit

First Battle of Carindes Edit


The Retaliator is destroyed.

On the outskirts of the Carindes system, a large Imperial fleet dropped out of hyperspace. Leading the fleet was Grand Admiral Tyrant on board the Colossus as well as Captain Vano, a young Carguran officer of the Retaliator. The fleet was also notable for being the first to contain the Empire's new Aedile-class Star Destroyer. It was well known in the fleet that Vano, a former Republic captain, despised taking orders from Tyrant, who she saw as a Confederate war criminal. Phasing itself into a stationary location in hyperspace, the fleet couldn't be detected by the growing Confederate blockade of Carindes. Tyrant was being clever, he wanted to strike when the enemy was the most vulnerable.

Captain Vano however, had different plans. Taking the Retaliator, she suddenly sped toward Carindes with a small fleet of escorts, eventually making her presence known to the enemy blockade. From her bridge, Vano smirked, it appeared that the blockade consisted of only the flagship and a few outdated frigates. On board the Mercatura, Tukio Nutria smiled. He allowed the Retaliator to get close enough and then sprung his trap. Interacting with a holoscreen, Nutria summoned twelve more frigates and two destroyers from beyond the planet's moon. A flurry of turbolaser fire filled the skies above Carindes as the two fleets clashed for a second time.

The Retaliator, as a Praetor-class Dreadnought was far more advanced and deadly then the Confederate ships, though after sustained fire from the Confederates, it violently exploded, killing the majority of it's crew. However, Captain Vano managed to escape the destruction of her flagship, though her escape pod soon found itself caught in the tractor beam of the Mercatura. The First Battle of Carindes ended with a high-ranking Imperial captured and the loss of an Imperial flagship. Furious, Tyrant prepared to unleash his wrath.

Second Battle of CarindesEdit


Tukio is shocked by the advancing fleet.

Tukio Nukria sat on his command chair and looked out into space. It had been a standard week since Captain Vano attempted to break the planetary blockade of Carindes and he began to wonder if the Empire had simply abandoned the system. As he watched the utter blackness, he noticed a ripple in space. Followed by another. And another. Suddenly, a massive Imperial Fleet sped into view and opened fire. Nukria's eyes widened as small frigates which hadn't activated their shields exploded in flashes of bright yellow.

On the bridge of his flagship, Grand Admiral Tyrant smiled as the overwhelming firepower of his fleet destroyed dozens of the Confederate vessels, until only the Mercatura remained. Nukria began to panic as his flagship quickly began falling apart. He was about to abandon ship when his navigational officer informed him that the hyperdrive was still operational. In the flash of an eye, the Mercatura sped into hyperspace, leaving behind a smashed Confederate Fleet. Meanwhile, Tyrant smiled and ordered a ground invasion.

Third Battle of Carindes Edit


Imperial forces besiege Carindes.

Within a few hours of Tyrant's victory in space, the Confederate headquarters in Carindes' capital city of Siracusai begin to detect a great deal of unidentified objects entering the atmosphere. It didn't take long for these objects to identify themselves as Imperial dropships, heralding the arrival of a massive Imperial invasion. What remained of the Confederate force on Carindes rallied around Siracusai to meet the Imperials in a battle that would surely make them martyrs.

As the Confederate troopers watched in dread, massive Imperial Walkers began to appear on the horizon, led by Tyrant in one of the cockpits. Supporting these massive behemoths was a single Venator-class Star Destroyer, an entire fleet of bombers and fighters and smaller Imperial Attack Walkers, supported by thousands of ground troops, both organic and inorganic. It was abundantly clear that this was a one-way fight. Within three hours, the Confederates around Siracusai were crushed with only a few scattered remnants fleeing into Carindes' forests.

The battle seemed to be over, but the celebratory tones of the Empire were soon silent as a new fleet entered the system...

Fourth Battle of Carindes Edit


The massive space battle rages.

On the bridge of his flagship, the Hyperdagger, General Nakatar of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance stood stoically as the powerful Alliance fleet quickly sped toward Carindes with the aim of aiding their Confederate allies that may have survived the Empire's onslaught. With his fleet made up of inferior ships such as Trucinex Basestars, Cavaneu Star Destroyers led by the Hyperdagger, a Basileus design, Nakatar hoped that superior tactics would win the day.

Though initially surprised by the arrival of the Remnant Alliance, Tyrant smirked on the bridge of the Colossus. When the Alliance fleet came close enough to Carindes, Tyrant launched his trap. From behind the Alliance fleet, a trio of Rambo Nation vessels under the command of a young Rambo Serindia captain appeared and fired on the engine units of the advancing enemy fleet. A Confederate frigate that survived the preceding battle was immediately destroyed when a Rambo Constitution-class managed to hit its main reactor. However, the Alliance fleet continued to advance. Tyrant ordered all Imperial ships to fire at the ships while Imperial ASP fighters were launched from their hangers.

Within an hour of fierce fighting, the sky was littered with the debris of Confederate and Alliance ships while the Imperials continued to ruthlessly destroy the rebel fleets that dared to show disloyalty toward the Emperor of Cyrannus. On the bridge of his flagship, Nakatar continued to press the attack until he realised that the fight was hopeless. Sending the signal to retreat, all remaining Confederate and Alliance warships fled into hyperspace, marking the end to the prolonged battle.



Tyrant addresses the people of Carindes.

A day after the battle ended in space, Tyrant travelled to Carindes' wrecked capital of Siracusai, which was littered with the annihilated remains of victims of Imperial turbolasers and even large walkers that the rebels managed to bring down. When he landed, a large occupation force began marching through Siracusai's streets while Tyrant took up position in the city centre, where a large portion of the city's population had gathered to hear an official statement from the Empire.

Tyrant began a speech when he arrived at the city centre.

People of Carindes. I am the liberator of your world, Grand Admiral Tyrant.

This planet has seen first hand the horrors of war, first by the insidious Neraida and secondly by the traitorous Confederates, the former caretakers of this world. Times have changed. The rebels brought conflict to this peaceful planet and in so doing, evoked the wrath of our Emperor. The people of Carindes would do well to remember the price of rebellion. Know that the dissidents that aided the rebels in the attack on Carindes will be found and executed and the glorious Imperial Navy will do its utmost to annihilate those who would supplant the order that our Emperor brought to this galaxy.

Tyrant lifted his fist into the air as Imperial Starfighters sped above him.

All hail the Empire! All hail the Emperor!

The people gathered in the city centre erupted into cheer and began chanting Tyrant's name. Meanwhile, on board the Hyperdagger, Nakatar and his Confederate allies arrived in uncharted space. The rebel Basileus sent Taros Cassynder a transmission, informing him of the end of the Campaign and the crushing defeat dealt on them. Cassynder smiled, claiming that the war was far from over.

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