Our leaders... our ships... our mission...

- General Nakatar


The Fall and Rise of Dhyrma[]

The Fall[]

Month One of 3 NE

The Neraida approach Omnyx.

During a patrol of the Dhyrma Collective fortress world Omnyx, their Defense Fleet encountered three unusual energy signatures approaching the planet, which were identified as ships. Upon their arrival a transmission was received from one of the ships, claiming that they were from the Neraida Gigamatrix, and that the Dhyrma would be assimilated and that resistance is futile.

Understanding that there was little to no chance of surviving a fight with the Neraida, Minister Anavar, the present leader of the Collective ordered an evacuation of every Dhyrma colony through a nearby spacetime anomaly in the form of a wormhole. Not know ing where it led, the entire surviving population of the Collective plunged into the unknown, clinging to the hope that it might be safer on the other side...

"You will be subjugated."

The Dhyrma Collective Defense Fleet patrolled above the Dhyrma fortress world Omnyx when they picked up some unidentified readings coming from orbit.

  • Captain Tanax - Minister! We're receiving readings from an unidentified energy signature in orbit!
  • Minister Anavar - I want those readings identified as soon as possible. We can't take the chance that they might be some of the unidentified infiltrators.
  • Captain Tanax - Yes sir. Wait, we're receiving a transmission from a ship approaching our position.
  • Minister Anavar - Put it on the screen.

An image of a Neraida drone appeared on the screen.

  • Drone 8821 - We are the Neraida Gigamatrix. Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is irrelevant. You will be subjugated.

The transmission ended, the entire fleet was in shock.

  • Captain Tanax - All ships! Take evasive action! They're preparing to fire weapons!

The trio of Neraida ships manage to destroy a majority of trhe hundreds of ships in the defense fleet.

  • Minister Anavar - Begin the evacuation! Signal every colony to initiate contingency plan Zeta-14! We're leaving through the wormhole!

The entire Dhyrma Collective simultaneously evacuated through a predetermined spacetime anomaly. But they did not yet know where it went...

The Rise[]

Month Three of 3 NE

The Head Minister and his advisor speak to Moch-Na.

After wandering in the Unknown Regions for two months, the remnants of the Dhyrma Collective who had survived the Neraida attack, encountered an Imperial fleet led by Mandator Moch-Na. Upon encountering the unidentified Dhyrma ships, Moch-Na sent a transmission, identifying herself as part of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the largest civilization of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The Dhyrma Head Minister Anavar was immediately intrigued by the existence of a large hyperpower and saw the potential protection it could offer against outside threats, like the Neraida.

Moch-Na also quickly saw use for the large number of Dhyrma ships, which revealed that they held high potential if they were to enter the Imperial shipbuilding industry. She decided to invite the Head Minister and his advisor to land on the nearest Mortalitas colony to discuss terms of supply for the Dhyrma fleet, who's provisions were low after months of wandering.

Upon arrival, the Mandator greeted the Head Minister and they began to talk. Early in on the conversation, the Head Minister asked about Imperial fleets and then proposed that the Dhyrma live in Imperial space. Moch-Na agreed, but she also told the Minister that their safety came at a price, and that the Imperial leaders had come up with a task for them...

"I'm sure Imperial command will be able to come up with a task for you..."

The Dhyrma fleet was making it's way through Cyrannus at an agonizingly slow rate, to conserve fuel, but their supplies were running low and Head Minister Anavar became concerned about their few remaining supplies. However, he was interrupted mid-thought by his advisor, who spoke.

  • Advisor - Minister, we're getting an alien signature on our short-range sensors.
  • Minister Anavar - Are they Neraida?
  • Advisor - No, they don't match any known signatures.

The bridge officers and government officials on the Dhyrma Flagship became tense as the signatures neared. Once the ships came into visual range, the Dhyrma received a transmission, which the Minister answered.

  • Alien - I am Queen Moch-Na of the Mortalitas. You have entered the space of the Cyrannian Empire, sovereign nation of the Cyrannus Galaxy. State your intentions.
  • Minister Anavar - We migrated here from one of the satellite galaxies after we were attacked by the Neraida Gigamatrix, and we have been migrating here for months. Our supplies are running low and we hope that you may be able to spare some food rations.

Moch-Na immediately saw a use for the Dhyrma, as they were obviously shipbuilders, and in their current state, they would hardly be able to refuse any offer she made. She decided to invite the Minister and his advisor to the Mortalitas planet a short distance from their location. There the three of them discussed details of the DHyrma's situation, but the conversation quickly turned towards questions about the Empire.

  • Advisor - So, would you say that the Empire holds the largest fleet in this galaxy?
  • Minister Anavar - Forgive the intrusiveness of my advisor's question. What he means by that is, could we count on the support of the Empire if we were in need to defend ourselves?

The Mandator smiled, and decided it was the right time to allow the Dhyrma to join the Empire, which would give her more political power than the Corthrinus Emperor, and possibly get her closer to replacing the Saurornithanta as the Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions.

  • Moch-Na - If you were to live in Imperial space, under Imperial rule, you would be quite safe from the Neraida, and we could negotiate an agreement that befits both parties.
  • Minister Anavar - And what would you require as payment for this service.
  • Moch-Na - I'm sure Imperial command will be able to come up with a task for you...

Olive Branch of Death[]

Month Four of 3 NE

The Serpent[]

The Hyperdagger and the Redeemer greet the alien ships.

On a routine patrol near the edge of Alliance space, General Nakatar's ship, the Hyperdagger, detected a small group of alien ships on long range scanner. He decided to ready his weapons and change course to intercept them, in case they were dangerous. Upon reaching visual range, Nakatar realized that the vessels were unarmed and deactivated his weapons, ordering the other ships to do the same.

He decided to make contact by opening a channel directly to their ship and questioning them. He asked a series of questions regarding where they came from, and why they were here. When the told him that the Empire had destroyed most of their fleet, he welcomed them inside Alliance space, hoping that this new ally would give them an edge they would need...

Beacon Failing Serpent.png
Coming eventually...


Beacon Failing Meeting.png
Six Dhyrma bridge officers walked through the Redeemer's hallways as they made their way to the meeting room at the center of the basestar to meet with several CRA officials. The Trucinex guards escorted them through a large doorway, and inside were several senators, Vice-President Gorios and President Rie-Arto himself.

The senators, realizing that these people had fled from the Empire, suggested that they be allowed to live on a planet in alliance space. The President smiled to himself, realizing that the Dhyrma were also agents of the Empire, and decided to support the idea, wholeheartedly. In agreement, the Dhyrma left the Redeemer and began a transmission...

Beacon Failing Meeting.png