As of now, the Bastnliues have remained unknown to the Cyrannus, expect for a few empires in the galaxy. They eventually find something that will attracts the attention of some, unwanted guests.

The Discovery Edit

In the unknown regions Of the Cyrannus Galaxy, an ancient artifact has been uncovered by the Bastnliues Republic on a colony named Cortena. It had been found on an archaeological dig on a rumored site of The Bastnliues god, Zak Varsui. A Council member approaches the Archaeologist who has unearth the artifact with 2 guards following behind.

  • Archaeologist- Sir, We have found something, it is of alien origin, I think His Lordship will be interested about it.

The Archaeologist steps away, revealing a tablet like object, but thicker and made of a dark metal with ancient writing covering it. The Council member, a Scientist named Occulan Dertais is bathed in a shining blue light and smiles.

  • Occulan Dertais- Yes, this will most definitely interest him, take extreme care with the artifact and place it in my shuttle.

The artifact is put in a magnetic carrying unit as it is place into the shuttle, filling the cargo bay with its blue light

2 days later

A Royal Messenger walks to the council's lord's chamber and taps on the automatic door. The door opens and the messenger places the package on the table and runs off, needing to deliver other important objects and messages. Applon, who has had to go through 6 important meetings, groggily walks over to the metallic case and picks up the case and places it on his Relaxation couch. and goes to the holo-transponder and requests Occulan Dertais. A 3D holographic version of Occulan appears with a a smile on his face.

Occulan- Hello, my Lord, it seems you have received the artifact we have found on Cortena

Applon- Yes, I have received the artifact, and what of it have you found out about it.

Occulan- The artifact, is of origin that is light years ahead of us, it has an unknown metal composition, we do not know what this artifact is capable of, only that it was put on Cortena for a reason

Applon, after hearing that, opens the metallic case and picks up the artifact, before realizing that the blue light has amplified and is starting to surge around the tablet.

Applon- What in the name of Zak Varsui is this?

That is the last thing he says as the tablet unleashes a huge pulse of energy, one that reaches across the entire first gigaquadrent and knocks Applon unconscious.

The Vision Edit

Applon suddenly appears in a circular room, with the walls being made out of dark material and light shining down on the room with no source. A Bastnliues appears , one that look stronger, taller, and it rushes toward him only to disappear.

Applon- What the, what is this place?

More Bastnliues appear, all look different then what usually bastnliues are like, but all vanish like they are holograms. A figure appears in front of him, one that does not vanish and walks forward.

Unknown- Hello Applon, I have been expecting you

Applon- Who are you, and where am I?

Unknown- I am the one your species calls Zak Varsui, but please call me Zakiduris

Applon- Your Zakiduris, It is a honor to be in your presence.

Applon immediately bows to Zakiduris and stands up.

Zakiduris- Applon, I must inform you of a threat that will come to you and the Bastnliues soon, The threat will look like a friend, but is a foe, to help you stop this threat, I will give you a sight, you must stop it yourself, Farewell Applon

Zakiduris Place his fingers on Applons head and Applon's eyes glow before he disappears.

Inside the palace Applon wakes up on the floor next to the artifact, with still glows with energy, he grabs the artifact and sets it down on his table. He walks to his holo-transponder and contacts Occulan Dertais.

Occulan- My lord, The energy pulse, its done something to me, an you as well but your different, Wait a minute, the locked gene..

Applon- The pulse mutated us, that gene, the locked one you just murmured, it is was somehow unlocked by this pulse, which mutates us in castes, telling from how you look and how I seem to look.

Occulan- I will need to look into this further, Farewell, my Lord

Applon immeditaly goes to a mirror and sees changes in his appearance, height, muscularity.

Applon- Thank you Zakiduris.

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