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For a long time, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the dreaded Neraida Gigamatrix had maintained a position of neutrality toward each other. However, the discovery of an ancient planet sparked war between the two massive factions. The Empire and the Gigamatrix wre about to fight over a treasury of untold secrecy, which would link Cyrannus to the ancient and fabled Vida'Rra...

Initial StagesEdit

Loupál's MissionEdit


Loupál receives Carandial's orders.

Captain Loupál of the Alavar was on the bridge of her flagship, the Victory, when she received an urgent transmission from Grand Admiral Carandial. As his hologram appeared on her communications terminal and they greeted each other, Carandial informed Loupál he had a high priority mission for her.

Carandial informed her that Imperial scientists had discovered, via the Vida'Rranlora database, an artificial planet built by a long dead civilization which holded many super advanced artifacts and treasures. Eager to serve the Emperor, Loupál accepted the mission, but her enthusiasm ran low when Carandial informed her that the planet was located within Neraida Gigamatrix territory.

Carandian ordered Loupál to attempt to not engage the neraida, but if necessary, she was allowed to attack and destroy them. He made very clear that the Emperor wanted these artifacts, and failure was absolutely not an option.


Loupál receives Carandial's orders.

Carandial's hologram appeared to in Loupál's terminal.

  • Loupál - Ah, Grand Admiral. How can I help you?
  • Carandial - Good afternoon, Captain Loupál. I have a high priority mission for you.
  • Loupál - Anything to serve the Emperor.
  • Carandial - Our scientists from the Vida'Rranlora database have found what appear to be coordinates to an ancient artificial planet holding a great variety of super advanced artifacts, from a long dead civilization. I want you to follow the coordinates I'll be sending you and secure this planet at once.
  • Loupál - I will claim the planet before the week is out.
  • Carandial - The coordinates show the planet is located within Neraida territory. If they attempt to attack you, or if they have claimed the planet before you, you are authorized to destroy them. Otherwise, try to keep away from them.
  • Loupál - The Neraida... This will be more difficult than I thought.
  • Carandial - The Emperor wants the artifacts in this planet. Failure is "not" an option.
  • Loupál - Understood, Grand Admiral. I will not stop until I succeed. My fleet will leave right away.
  • Carandial - Good luck. I'll be waiting for your report.

Sakhmet's MissionEdit


Sakhmet receives the Neraida's orders.

At the same moment, the Neraida had found out about the same planet via their several scouts and spies who were scattered across the Unknown Regions. With Khuenaten currently busy in his mission to recover the Licent from the Cognatus Empire, the Neraida summoned another one of their most powerful drones: the Corthrinus labelled Drone K826JA03, "Sakhmet".

As Sakhmet presented himself for his Neraida masters, a screen showed a hologram of the planet. The Gigamatrix, striving for the assimilation of rival technologies, could not allow such a planet to remain unclaimed, or worse, be claimed by an enemy faction. The Neraida immediately ordered Sakhmet to take a fleet to claim the planet, but ordered him at first wait: in case the Imperials appeared, Sakhmet was to ambush and eliminate them. The Neraida were sick and tired of the Empire's appearences inside their territory, and of outsiders in general.

With a cold and emotionless nod, Sakhmet left. His masters were to be pleased.

Space BattleEdit

The Neraida's AmbushEdit


Loupál's fleet is ambushed by the Neraida

The next day after receiving Carandial's order, Loupál and her fleet made her way to the coordinates, located rather deep in the Unknown Regions. As she and her men left hyperspace and gazed upon the planet, they were surprised. It was an extremely good-looking world, with great extensions of vegetation and large oceans of clean water, with no sight of civilization. The scientists of the fleet immediately deduced the treasures were located underground.

However, as the fleet started to approach the planet, they noticed something in their senses. A single static sound. Suddenly, an entire battalion of Neraida Cubes and Probes appeared, being previously cloaked to their sensors. The fleet was completely surrounded, and was forced to cramp their spaceships together as the Neraida slowly approached. Loupál quickly attempted to initiate communications with the Neraida cubes, but nothing but static and a single sentence were heard.

"Subject: Galactic Empire. Prepare for assimilation."

Intruders at the FleetEdit


Neraida forces invade Loupál's spaceship

Immediately after the sentence was spoken, Neraida drones started teleporting inside the Imperial spaceships and attacked the crew. Dozens of assimilated drones, Caprigrox and Cyrannian Marinox forces appeared with the intention of assimilating the ships. Several soldiers were gotten by surprise and quickly captured by the Neraida. As the drones immobilized them, they were teleported back to their ships, so the victims could be assimilated.

Despite the chaos, Loupál found an opening on the Neraida blockage that could allow the Empire to make a counterattack. The Cubes remained in place, probably for the drones to return safely, so Loupál orderde the fleet's smaller fighters to attack the Cubes and Probes from below. Meanwhile, she coordinated the forces inside the spaceships, her orders making the forces more organized. The attacks from the Imperial fighters caused the Cubes to fight back, making them stop sending drones to fight the soldiers, giving the fleet a chance to push against the Gigamatrix.

With the drones inside the ships defeated, the Imperials pushed against the Neraida, destroying their Cubes and Probes one by one until only a handful remained. The final damaged Cubes retreated from the fight, finally opening way for the planet. It was a victorious day for the Empire...

...or was it?

Battle for the RelicsEdit

Sakhmet's StrikeEdit


Loupál encounters Sakhmet

Two days had passed and the Empire had built a working scientific stronghold in the planet's surface. The main base was located near the entrance of what appeared to be a large maze of caverns. Loupál and her forces were preparing to enter the jungle to escort the scientists to the caves, so they could make their way through the mazes and find the relics.

However, as the group ventured through the jungle, they were ambushed by none other than the Neraida, who had been waiting for them on land ever since the space battle. Leading the Neraida ambush was the large, glaring Sakhmet, who ordered his forces to assimilate the intruders. The two forces immediately clashed, the Imperials doing their best to defend the unarmed scientists while the Neraida relentlessly pushed into their position.

Loupál and her men, however, used their creativity to use the enviroment against the Neraida. The soldiers fired at the trees to make them fall on the drones, crushing them, and also used the very dense woods to take cover. While the Neraida could use their own equipment to see through the jungle, the combined Imperial weapons and trees gave the Neraida little room to regroup, leading to their defeat. Sakhmet attempted a final strike on the group, but a precise shot from Loupál caused a nearby boulder to fall and crush the Corthrinus drone under it. With the Neraida defeated and the scientists safe with only a few minor wounds, the Imperials made their way to the caves, to search for the relics.

Heart of DreamsEdit


Loupál and Sakhmet fight once more

After several hours searching inside the caverns, Loupál and her men finally discovered the place they were looking for. It looked like an gigantic and extremely well preserved laboratory, with large pillars of shining energy powering it. The scientists started to study the databases and found out words such as "Vida'Rra", "Thoi Themek" and "Shu'rimrodir" kept repeating themselves. One of the soldiers in the squad claimed to had been present when the Old Republic and the Old Confederacy were attacked by the Corruptus, claiming they were dealing with things far older than they first thought. At the center of the laboratory, a large crystaline shard was kept in stasis, being labelled as a "Heart of Dreams" by the databases.

The studying ended, however, when the laboratory was suddenly attacked by none other than the Neraida. A bruised Sakhmet appeared, leading the attack, this time composed not only of drones, but of powerful Cyrannian Marinox and Caprigrox slaves. The firefight between the two forces caused significant damage to the laboratory, much to Loupál's annoyance, as she didn't want ro report back to Carandial with broken relics. Lasting for several minutes, the Neraida were pushed back, and Loupál directly ordered her men to gun Sakhmet down until he was dead for good this time. With several losses of both soldiers and scientists, the Imperials managed to hold the line and defeat the Neraida once more, leaving Sakhmet's lifeless body near the entrance of the laboratory.



Loupál and the thief

After recovering from the fight, great part of the scientists and soldiers left back to their base. However, Loupál stayed behind, managing to open the crystaline shard's pod so she could get it. However, before she could grasp it, a small sillhoette grabbed the shard from her hand and jumped back. Loupál stumbled back and got her pistol out, taking a closer look at the thief. It was none other than Gorf. The small blue imp took the shard and literally shoved it down his mouth, much to Loupál's horror. Gorf's body shined in a golden light as he grew in size and developed weird, rock-like spikes on his body. Loupál shouted at Gorf, who talked back in complete sentences, saying he needed "energy to regrow his power". The annoyed captain started shooting at Gorf, who quickly evaded her attacks and caused a blinding flash, knocking her into the ground. When she got back up, not only Gorf had disappeared, but so did Sakhmet's body.

Reporting back to Carandial, Loupál explained about the laboratory and the Neraida attack, but did not mention the crystal shard. Carandial declared the mission a success regardless, actually commending Loupál's work. However, losing the shard to a small animal after all the work she went through left a bad taste on her mouth. Meanwhile at Capricaerón, Apollo was walking around his home when he stumbled across the grown Gorf, who looked at him and greeted him as he walked away. Apollo was confused, but simply shrugged and moved on. He didn't really know what species Gorf was, so in his mind, he had just went through a metamorphosis.

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