R'zev Vbds, or "Xenos" as we like to call what they call... outsiders. Zranazm Ipico are Xenophobic by Nature. They have been convinced to join the CAS for better lives for its citizens, and they were still restless with the CAS "outsiders" but when you add more outsiders to the mix with the Great Cyrannus Empire, Zranazmians get angry, and revolt. They want independence. I wonder if they'll be the first empire here to get it...

- A Kalatorg Scientist

The Zranazm Ipico were just "another empire in Cyrannus" until 3 ATC, when they joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems, by being convinced by the Basileus. They rioted for a few days until they unofficially accepted these "Xenos". However, what happens when Tyrómairon makes the Zranazmians handle more outsiders? For Lore Enema, that would mean rebellion.

Rne Elo's Demise Edit

Rne Elo attempted to get in contact with the CAS as soon as shipments began to mysteriously slow down, due to the conversion of the CAS to a part of the Great Cyrannus Empire. Rne Elo had his communications with the CAS cut, but when he noticed, the room began to get dimmer, and a mysterious figure appeared. It was Tyrómairon. Rne Elo was angry to see a non-CAS figure on his quarters, but Tyrómairon didn't have time to spare.

Tyrómairon - "You are a setback in my plans. I shall now terminate your pityful existence."

Before Rne could reach the forcefield button that would cover his side of his quarters, Rne Elo began feeling extreme pain, before exploding. Tyrómairon vanished, all cameras being fried and their surveillance data destroyed. When the guards arrived to Rne's quarters, all they could find was blood and flesh all over the quarters, rather than Rne Elo.

Zranazmian Guard - "Our leader... Who did this???"

The Zranazmian council would have to appoint a new ruler...

Imperial Distrust Edit

"Here are the votes... 11 for Greo Iniva, 13 for Zsholosh Geo, 79 for Lore Enema, and 9 for Zshta Vaku. The votes of 112 people have decided that Lore Enema should be the new Gordash of the Zranazm Ipico."

Those were the words of the Council, voting for their new emperor, who they called "The Gordash". Lore Enema received a new set of Imperial clothing, as the old traditional set was destroyed by Tyrómairon. The first thing that Lore did was contact the CAS, but what they found, was something else...

Tyrómairon - "I assume you're the new emperor of the Zranazm Ipico? Let me break it to you. If you know the URC and the CAS, then you should know that we've merged both into my new empire, the Galactic Emp-"
Lore Enema - "You did WHAT? More Xenos?"
Tyrómairon - "The change will be beneficial for the people of the-"
Lore Enema - "I won't take a change that may harm our people! Xenos are horrid people, and YOU ARE ONE!"

With that, Lore Enema closed the transmission and spoke to his people.

"Zranazmians... we have been threatened with more Xenos invading our land... all thanks to a new figure who is trying to bring more foreigners to our land by merging the CAS and the frakking URC!"

The people were furious throughout the empire.

"I say we release ourselves from this tyrannical rulership! I say it is time to prove what Zranazmians are made of! I say, Let the Zraima Rebellion begin!"

The people called for rebellion, and the Zraima armada began flocking into ships, attempting to get to Orbispira for them to get their voices heard. Their mission is to tell Tyrómairon they are seceding from the Great Cyrannus Empire in a unique way.

It has begun.

Onwards Edit

"Why did our emperor let us join this backstabbing empire?"
"Fake promises of better lives... We had them for a few Hnnas (1 Hnna = 13 days), until we got absorbed. I'm sure Commander Ger Zhut'ta will lead our way."

This was a conversation between 2 Zranazmian soldiers while they were on their way to the capital planet of the Great Cyrannus Empire - Orbispira. A vibrant Ecumenopolis full of various species, from Mortalitas to Cyrannian Asgordians. They didn't want to be a part of it, seeing as they found the URC species "Disgusting".

Tyrómairon noticed the ships arriving, and noticing the weapons in their ships, he tried to contact them.

Tyrómairon - "You have no idea of what you're dealing with."
Ger Zhut'ta - "We are here to protest against your-"

Just before Ger could finish their phrase, the Orbital defenses of Orbispira fired against the Zranazmians, crushing their ships one at a time. Ger did not have much time to react as in the end, his mothership would have suffered the same fate.

Shocked by the defeat, Lore Enema demanded a review of the battle. None was available. It was like the fleet never even left. Lore Enema was angry, and tried to resort to other methods of protest...

Looking at the supposed Tyrómairon's visit list, he knew where to go to next.

Protest Edit

"Destination, sir?"
"H-h-... "Ahannahnm". Sorry, it's a bit hard to say it."

It was the 2nd mission of protest from the Zranazmians in only 12 ATC Hours, this time heading for the sunny world of Hanam, a name some Zranazmians cannot pronounce correctly. They believed Tyrómairon would be there, thus this time they sent 1 ship full of Zranazm Ipico ready to protest against their unauthorized inclusion into the Great Cyrannus Empire. However, before they arrived, they got a message from an unusual being...

??? - "Stop, Protesters."

Unknown to the Zranazmians, he was the Imperius Leader, who was sent to Hanam in place of Tyrómairon. He was not pleased with the protest.

Imperius Leader - "We do not tolerate dissidents. Back away or be destroyed."
Commander Tas Szol - "And we do not tolerate people who absorb us without permission!"
Imperius Leader - "Cyrannus will be ours. You will not stop us."

14 seconds after the message went offline, a massive plasma laser was fired from the planet, obliterating the Zranazmian ship. This would be the 2nd defeat of the Zranazm Ipico since the Great Cyrannus Empire days. Lore Enema had no choice. The people are angry, saying that they would rather fight to the death than live with Xenos. It was time for war.

War and Peace Edit

"Billions of Zranazmians are protesting against the Great Cyrannus Empire, demanding an end to the tyrannical rulership that is forcefully bonding the Zranazm Ipico to more Xenos, including URC ones."

The Zranazm Ipico were angry, demanding Lore Enema to do something. Lore Enema decided to take the easy decision. He went on Analog Zraima Television to announce the war. It would be broadcasted to Tyrómairon as well through a tachyon network. Lore Enema was ready. Shy, but ready.

"We, the Zranazm Ipico, are a free species. And that freedom was compromised by a tyrant by the name of Tyrómairon! Hear me, tyrant, your days of ruling us are over! Now, I have one last thing to say: We, the Zranazm Ipico, shall wage war on your tyranny!"

Tyrómairon shut off the transmission straight aftwerwards. He thought of destroying them, but he then realize he could subjugate them, to disencourage rebellion.

Lore Enema was set to wage war on the Empire, until he got some diusturbing reports - A devastating explosion left the planet of Vno Karo's athmosphere in flames. Lore Enema was disturbed by this, and was ready to blame this on the Empire, but all of a sudden, on all Zranazmian broadcasting devices, a message appeared. A very subliminal message.

"The Cyrandia Alliance. They're about as Xeno as you can get. They want your blood! Who hates you the most? Apollo, of course! He set orders for you to destroy that planet! Which one? Vno Karo. They are the real Xenos around here and must be vanquished!"

Tyrómairon used propaganda like this for the next few days to try to calm the Zranazm Ipico and convince them that the Cyrandia Alliance are the evil beings, while Tyrómairon was the one who caused the destruction of Vno Karo so it could be used as an example of "why the Cyrandia Alliance was evil". The propaganda also promoted every single other race to make them appear like real allies to the Zranazmians. This carried on for 21 days until the advertising ended.

Aftermath Edit

After the advertising, Zranazmians had no idea what war were they even on. They forgot their urge to war against the Empire, but instead they have a whole new enemy, the Cyrandia Alliance. Tyrómairon's plan worked wonderfully, and due to common Zranazmian personality, they'll prove to be brave warriors in Tyrómairon's quest to take down Apollo.

Lore Enema now had another ambition: Destroying Apollo. Will he succeed? Who knows...


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