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In Noctem, is the name commonly used by Quadrantia and Cyrannian inhabitants to describe this massive battle for the very freedom of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Participants Edit

Prologue Edit

Fall of Hope 01

Tyrómairon and Ekrillium on Caprica.

On the planet of Caprica, the Mornûnendur known as Ekrillium had found something that would surely gain his master's attention, a secret portal whose location had been found while he was unlocking the mysterys of the unknown planet. After alerting this to his master, Tyrómairon, the Dark Lord himself materialised within feet of his servant.

  • Tyrómairon - Speak Ekrillium. Do not waste time with pleasantries.
  • Ekrillium - As you wish, master. I have discovered an ancient portal on this world that should link to another that will lead to the homeworld of Rambo Nation.
  • Tyrómairon - Excellant, my friend. Everything is proceeding as planned.
  • Ekrillium - Very good my Lord. At last we shall have victory over the Atlantica's children.

Suddenly, Tyrómairon's eyes began to glow and the portal began to activate with a tremendous light. The Dark Lord unleashed Mornûnenduran energy which began channeling into the portal, making it gleam stronger than a thousand suns.

  • Tyrómairon - Ahahaha!!! The deconstruction of our enemies has begun!

With that, the Dark Lord once again vanished. Meanwhile, on Orbispira, Tyrómairon in his Imperial Form reappeared and walked to his Transmitter. The image of Supreme Commander Zillum appeared and bowed to his Emperor.

  • Tyrómairon - I trust you haven't entered the Quadrantia Portal yet, Supreme Commander.
  • Zillum - Not yet, my Lord. We eagerly await your command.
  • Tyrómairon - Good. Take your fleet and rendezvous in the Coruannus System. Caprica in particular. We have discovered a far more economical method into the Quadrants.
  • Zillum - We shall leave at once, my Lord.

Early Events Edit

Departure to the Quadrants Edit

Departure to the Quadrants

Zillum's Fleet departs.

Zillum stood at the bridge of his newly constructed flagship, the Exactor, holding position directly in front of the newly found Caprican Wormhole, a secret entrance point into the Quadrant Galaxies. The last attempted invasion by the Empire on the Quadrants ended in failure, though the Mortalitas was confident that his fleet would prevail. The Imperial Fleet at the Battle of Angforst was underequipped with Republic weaponry, while his was armed to the brim with weaponry never before seen in the Cyrannia Cluster. However, Zillum looked outside the viewscreen and to his anger, the Exactor was the only ship that had arrived. Suddenly, hundreds of both Imperial Star Destroyers and Venator Star Destroyers dropped out of hyperspace all around Zillum's flagship. Zillum smirked, it was only a matter of time.

Ten minutes passed and the captains of the various Star Destroyers contacted Zillum, asking when they should enter the wormhole. Zillum informed them that he was awaiting confirmation from the Emperor himself. Suddenly, a Basileus Trooper walked up the Zillum and told him that the Emperor demanded to speak with Zillum. When Zillum entered the holochamber, he bowed as the holographic image of Emperor Tyrómairon appeared. The Emperor simply smiled, telling his Supreme Commander that the time to invade the Quadrants had begun and to wipe out all resistance. The hologram then vanished and Zillum overcome with excitement, or rather the closest emotion a Mortalitas could feel to exitement, sent a transmission to all ships in the fleet... OnWard for the Empire!

Expanding Cyrannian Rule Edit

Bluedion surrender

The Bluedions surrender to Claire and the Cyrannian Empire

Around the same time Zillum was preparing to depart to the Quadrants and Ramashe and Riordan had their meeting Claire Rambo made a discovery of her own. Onboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer she found another way into the Quadrants. Delighted she set a course and ordered Mortikran to continue his hunt against Apollo. After careful study of various star maps and listening to smuggler stories from both Cyrannus and the Quadrants Claire and her crew eventually arrived in an area far beyond the Outer Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Well known was that the Quadrants could only be accessed by the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole due to her gravital anomalies surrounding her it seemed in an area called the Space in Between another way was found to access the Quadrants.

Claire found herself at a massive fortress, bearing ancient markings of the Atlantica. The fortress was inhabited by a race called the Bluedions, who seemed to know how to create an artificial worhole leading to the planet Zevia in Quadrant 21. Upon her landing Claire and her Basileus Navy troopers assembled the Bluedion and she spoke to them, that they should consider them lucky as new members of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The Bluedions were surprised, none ever claimed their alliangce before and upon one Bluedion raising his voice in protest, in response Claire made a summersault and with one kick broke the unfortunate Bluedion his neck. The other Bluedion bowed to their knees and hailed the Empire as their new masters.

Sadly Claire her troopers began setting up defenses and various traps for if Apollo would arrive one day. As for the Bluedions, one cannot blame them for their quick surrender. The Bluedions never experienced violance before and do not have any weapons besides that of the fortress.

Battle of the Rambo Capital Edit

The Battle Begins Edit

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Fall of Hope 02

The Imperial Fleet arrives.

Zillum stood at the helm of his flagship, the Exactor, preparing for the inevitable moment when they would exit the secret Wormhole that links the Rambo Capital to Caprica. He hated this waiting, and above all, he hated the fact that the Quadrants could not be penetrated by any other way except for these blasted wormholes. Nevertheless, he stood motionless, awaiting the fleet's arrival. Suddenly, in a bright flash of blue light, the Imperial Fleet materialised on the other side of the portal, directly above the Rambo Capital Planet, Zillum smirked as he saw what lay before him, the Rambo Fleet, no doubt in disarray.

Zillum acted quickly, ordering all fighters to launch immediately and to arm all turbolaser, vortex torpedo, transphasic torpedo, and a special new weapon; hyperspace missile batteries. The Rambo Fleet reacted immediately, sending in their advance fleet, sWarming around the Imperial Fleet, while their heavy Dreadnoughts held position, protecting the drydocks. Several Rambo torpedoes impacted the Exactor, though the flagship's heavy shields protected it from damage, however two Venator-class Star Destroyer were not as lucky, exploding under the fierce fire power of the Rambo's Fleet, who concentrated their fire on the ship's bridges and critical systems.

As more and more Imperial ships were exiting the wormhole the Rambo dreadnoughts, backed up by various other classes were holding their lines with great defiance. However they faced troubles of their own as the sudden arrival of such a large wormhole (it was way greater than the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole, which only allowed one ship at a time to exit compared to this one which allowed over 20 vessels at a time) was jamming the communications of the Rambo ships and orbital stations and drydocks. Further more, the star destroyers were targeting the drydocks and those ships unfortunate who were still docked were either destroyed or disabled.

Fall of Hope 03

The Exactor firing Vortex Torpedoes at a Galaxy-class.

Zillum began getting annoyed by the fact that the Star Destroyer's turbolasers were not fast enough to hit the faster Rambo vessels, so he changed his tactics, rearming the vortex torpedoes and aiming them directly at the Rambo ships. A single vortex torpedo impacted a troublesome Galaxy-class under the command of an Ortella captain, completely annihilating the vessel in the blink of an eye. As more and more Rambo ships were disabled Rambo Command finally managed to contact the entire fleet of the Rambo Capital, known better as the Fleet oof Homogeneous Clarity was getting ready to deploy. Yet Zillum and his officers already set another plan in motion, not wanting to take upon the most powerful fleet of the Rambo while his own fleet hadn't fully arrived yet was maddness. And destroying all Rambo Nation ships was a waste of resources and materials, for both sides as Zillum guessed Rambo ships could perhaps play a role in the future the Emperor had for the Rambo. As such various Venator class Star Destroyers deployed various shuttles, equipped with special teams to take over Rambo Nation drydocks. These teams consisted mostly out of Mortalitas Troopers and Basileus Navy Troopers specialised in infriltration missions. The shuttles that arrived safely at the docks deployed their soldiers who took over the unarmed drydocks and ensured that the Rambo ships weren't able to leave the docks and as such secured the ships for the Empire. These teams also infriltrated various Suiliagothrond Battlestations to prevent their deployments, as their added strenght would prove a disaster for Zillum his fleet.

Lacrima a Vinyar Battle

The Empire attacks the Rambo Capital

The Rambo captains were in shock as more and more star destroyers arrived, with little back up from their own ships the remaining captains quickly decided to send in the heavier cruisers in order to ensure that if the Rambo ships were going down, they would take the Imperial vessels with them. The space above the capital planet was soon filled with battling Warships, with more and more Imperial vessels coming out of the portal every second. However, with the battle becoming more and more intense, the Imperials did not notice a single vessel escaping the carnage.

Eventually, with the Imperials destroying or capturing the Rambo drydocks and setting up an interdiction field throughout the entire star system, the battle became an Imperial victory. Nevertheless, the Imperials faced many casualities, with over fifty Star Destroyers destroyed, nevertheless, the Rambo Fleet lay in ruins. Unknown to the Empire, various ships managed to escape the Empire her advance, withdrawing back to major fleet positions at Koerband and Rambo Prime they Warned the other fleets of loss of the Capital her space fleet. However Rambo Command ensured that the time weapon, the Typhon Class and the USS Polarity (the other Wells class) managed to escape the battle unharmed.

Zillum smirked on the bridge of his flagship, now was the time to begin a land invasion...

The RoWar Incident Edit

As the Cyrannian fleet invaded the Rambo Capital, Rambo ships had been gathering around the Shipyards of RoWar, one of the planet's three moons. There, they were joined by the Droner-class starfighters that had been given to Rambo Nation by the Girdo Empire many years before. The Droners were still under the control of Ambassador Ten'Trantia, whose body remained a resident of Rambo City instead of becoming part of the Apalos Temple Ships along with the rest of the Girdo Galaxy's former inhabitants.

Even after a large battle against the entire forces of the Syndicate, around eight million Droners remained, a sWarm that outnumbered the Rambo ships a thousand to one, and could conceivably defeat the remaining Imperial fleet within the Quadrant Galaxies so long as all circumstances went in their favour. However, Apalos knew perfectly well that the Droners would stand no chance against the entire Imperial Navy, already numbering millions of capital ships and constantly increasing in size, and did not want to send any more support, as such an action would result in an open War between itself and Cyrannus. Instead, Ten'Trantia ordered the Droners to move into a new formation, and sent a message to all of the Rambo Armed Forces:

Droners and Korolev

The Droners assigned to one Korolev-class heavy battle cruiser begin to move to surround it.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. But this has to be done. There is no way that the Rambo can be victorious. In conventional forces, you are outnumbered and outgunned beyond all hope; in support by the Gods, there are enemies that can delay their aid for long enough for you to fall. On the planet above us, the Empress is close to capture as Imperial troops launch the largest ground invasion seen in recent years. Now, by all means, it is possible... there is some faint hope... that Tyrómairon's blitzkrieg will somehow be defeated. But it will mean nothing.
You should consider surrender. The Empire of Cyrannus is far from the worst society in which to live, and trust me, please trust me, what tyranny is there will one day end, and there will be peace across Cyrannus and all its satellites. But that time is not now, and there is not a thing that you can do that will bring its rise prematurely; a little bloodshed will help no-one and will do nought but hurt all of your families and all of those that love you.
The legacy of Rambo Nation, the Cyrandia Alliance, and all that stood for freedom and liberty in this galactic cluster will never be forgotten, and nobody will think worse of you for ending your part in this War in this way. Across the universe, none will think that you surrendered out of fear, or out of turning your back on honour; all will know that you chose not to fight because you want peace in the Quadrants, and that this battle would have achieved nothing. Your friends will tell your story in the way that shows you in the brightest of lights, and your enemies will tell your story in a way that will show the Empire as symbols of peace; you can be sure that, if you surrender, both groups will say the best about you.
As I said... I'm sorry. I'm really,
really, sorry. But there is no other way for this to work. And I hope you can forgive us when Orbispira shines once more.

As soon as the speech ended, the transmission was cut. By this time, the Droners had encircled all of the Rambo ships, both those in the drydocks and those on the emergency defence lines. The fighters then fired a volley of transphasic ion cannons at the surrounded spacecraft before beaming Ten'Trantia off the planet and vanishing to elsewhere in the Quadrants. The Rambo fleet was left disabled and defenceless, at the mercy of the approaching Imperial War machine.

Invasion Edit

BattleRamboCapital 01

Imperial Walkers lay siege to a Rambo city.

Within two days, Imperial ground forces began landing all across the Rambo Capital, facing heavy resistance from the defending Rambo who fought to their dying breath. The Imperials also began to suffer heavy casualities as the battle for control of the surface continued, with the Rambo natives knowing more about their homeworld then the Cyrannian invaders. Entire legions of Imperial troopers began to fall to the unweavering loyality and devotion that the Rambo had for their homeworld. However, under the command of the genius commander Zillum and the new arrival, Nirndal, who had arrived with a figure from Rambo Nation's past in the Great Cyrannus War...

Eventually, both Rambo and Imperial began to dwindle, and the battle seemed to tether on the edge of a stalemate. However, Zillum then gave the order to use a secretive new weapon, the massive Oblivion-class Battle Walker, a 50 meter (164 feet) tripod capable of crushing entire buildings under its feet. Armed with near inpenetrable shields, the Rambo had to resort to using orbital strike cannons to even disable the mighty Imperial weapons. Though eventually, the Empire began to nudge ever closer toWard Rambo City, and especially Tirithsilliana, home to their primary target...

Fall of Hope Edit

Eventually, Imperial Forces pushed to the very border of Tirithsilliana, home of the Royal Family of Rambo Nation. Zillum himself led the charge into the city, providing cover fire for his troopers with the mighty cannons of the Exactor, destroying the vestiges of Rambo anti-air phasers, allowing bombers to bomb military installations, before eventually landing troopers inside the city. Citizens all across the metropolis either ran for their lives, or hide inside their houses, allowing Imperial troopers to search for potential enemies. All across the city, Rambo and Imperial Warriors fought to their deaths, with both sides facing heavy casualities, however in the face of such heavy invasion forces, some Rambo officers began surrendering, with others escaping the carnage to fight another day.

Fall of Hope 06

Zillum and Nirndal talk with Garlboz.

Meanwhile, Zillum met with Nirndal over the city in the Terror of Stars, a Mortalitas Dreadnought, where the two discussed the location of their ultimate target, Ramashe, Empress of the Nation. Suddenly, Zillum beckoned to the doorway, where a tall humanoid figure strode into the room. Nirndal gasped, it was Garlboz, a former commander in the army of the Confederacy of Allied Systems who was presumed dead in the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui. Garlboz claimed that the Emperor had ordered him to accompany Zillum and that he had intelligence on the location of Ramashe. Zillum smiled, it would be over soon enough.

Fall of Hope 04

Zillum, Garlboz and Nirndal corner Ramashe.

Meanwhile in her throne room, Ramashe looked upon the chaos in the city with sorrow and felt ill upon seeing the approaching Exactor, as well as Nirndal's flagship, the Terror of Stars, flanked by dozens of other ships. Her elite royal guards grabbed their weapons and surrounded her, but with a simple wave of her hand, they stood down. She knew that the Empire had won this round. Ramashe, quavering and mixed with fury and sadness sat on her throne and watched as a single shuttle landed on a nearby platform. She gasped as the massive Zillum walked out of the craft closely followed by Nirndal and Garlboz. A single Rambo Guard pounced on Zillum, but was instantly killed when Zillum used his Mornûnenduran powers to crush the guard's neck. Zillum then walked up beside Ramashe and said, And now, your highness. I'm afraid I must ask you to surrender.

Nim-Glaré Concordat Edit

Main article: Nim-Glaré Concordat

Fall of Hope 05

Ramashe reluctantly kneeling before Tyrómairon.

Ramashe hung her head in sorrow, before finally regaining her confidence. Gathering herself, she scolded at Zillum and simply said, On behalf of the people of Rambo Nation, and in order to prevent further bloodshed. I surrender. Zillum smiled and asked Ramashe to follow him, telling her that a very special individual wished to speak with her. Cautiously, Ramashe followed the massive Mortalitas, flanked by Nirndal and Garlboz into a nearby room, Ramashe surveyed the new guest and took a step back upon looking at the figure before her, Emperor Tyrómairon. With a wave of his hand, Zillum and his cohorts left the room.

  • Tyrómairon - Hello your majesty. I am glad you have decided to surrender. Failure to do so would have had tragic consequences.
  • Ramashe - My people are my only concern. But you will regret this day, Tyrómairon.
  • Tyrómairon - I doubt that very much. You are in no position to be making empty threats.
  • Ramashe - Hmph. I will not cooperate with you tyrants. Once the Cyrandia hear about this outrage, I am sure you will not be so smug.
  • Tyrómairon - Hahaha! My dear, I have so many ways to make you cooperate I doubt you would believe it. Failure to comply with what I tell you will result in the unnecessary killing of your people. If you want that, by all means continue to be uncooperative.

Tyrómairon watched as the hope left Ramashe's eyes. He knew he had hit a pressure point to the young monarch.

  • Ramashe - ... Fine. Just do not harm my people further. Why not simply kill me? You clearly have no need for me.
  • Tyrómairon - I know enough about your people to know that if the monarch is killed, they will rebel. No, you shall remain in your position. Of course, Garlboz will remain by your side. Consider him an... advisor. He shall let me know if you do anything to hurt Imperial influences in the Quadrants.
  • Ramashe - I assure that's unnecess-
  • Tyrómairon - I shall be the judge of that. Now, Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo, we have a treaty to sign.

Tyrómairon pointed at a nearby table, where a holoscreen suddenly appeared. Ramashe read through it, her eyes widening as it went on:

The Imperial Nim-Glaré Concordat of the First Day of the Fourth Month of 01 New Era

By Order of his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Tyrómairon

The military forces of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation in the Quadrant Galaxies will immediately stand down the moment Supreme Empress of Rambo Nation, Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo signs a complete and unconditional surrender to the Empire.

The terms of the Concordat are as follows:

  • Rambo Nation is hereby conquered and will function as a controlled Imperial Protectorate under Imperial laws, customs and authorty.
  • The Rambo Nation Space Force will continue to function as a local military peacekeeping force.
  • Supreme Empress Ramashe will be aided by Grand Mandator Garlboz, the official Imperial overseer.
  • Mandators and Senators for the region will be decided in due course.

Failure to comply with the terms of the Concordat on either side will result in the immediate resumption of hostilities after a period of one standard hour.

Ramashe, seeing no other choice and secretly knowing that there are still those who would fight against the Empire reluctantly agreed in order to buy more time for her allies to prepare for a unified War against the Empire. When she signed the Concordat, Tyrómairon smiled.

  • Tyrómairon - I am glad you saw reason. Now, I really think you should bow.

Ramashe, with a sole tear falling from her eye, went down on her knee.

  • Ramashe - As you wish... my Emperor.

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