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Like a shroud of smoke, the Empire casts a shadow on the galaxy.

- Unknown

In the twilight of the Great Cyrannus War, a new leader came forth, with promises of a united era of peace and justice for the Cyrannus Galaxy. And lo, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus came into existence under the rule of the seemingly benevolent Tyrómairon.

However, after declaring Apollo and the Cyrandia Alliance as traitors to the Empire's protection, the galaxy turns against the legacy of the United Republic of Cyrannus and a new era of darkness and uncertainty begins, one where the Empire's constant disire for expansion will spell certain doom against those who dare to fight against it. However, hope always remains and Cyrannus will never be the same again...


Unlike the Great Cyrannus War before it, the Dark Times is not a war. It is a chronicle of the history of the Cyrannus Galaxy in the aftermath of the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As such, most of the fiction detailed in the Dark Times will be written by only a few administraters. However, people are welcome to make their own subplots and a chance to be featured in the main fiction.


Month 01[]

A Dangerous Matter[]

The fierce stand-off against Apollo.

Apollo looked in shock at his viewscreen. The self proclaimed Emperor Tyrómairon of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus had declared Apollo, Rambo Nation, the Cognatus and all their followers as enemies of the Galaxy. It was now only a matter of time before he was found and arrested for his supposed crimes. Apollo walked up to the window of his office, shaking with a mix of anger and fear. The United Republic of Cyrannus had fallen and a new imperial regime had taken its place. He now knew what he had to do. It was his job to fight for the liberty of Cyrannus and that is what he planned to do. However, he needed somewhere to think about how he could achieve this. Suddenly, Basileus and Libertus Imperial Soldiers burst through the window and surrounded Apollo and his family, Gianne, Kara, Laoi and his father, Cretacea.

Basileus and Venator Star Destroyers attack the Placidi Itinere

Cretacea raised his weapons, but to his shock, a bright light illumated the room, as a graceful Miluiel appeared casting a ball of light against Apollo's would be apprehenders, throwing them out the window. The Miluiel told Cretacea, Gianne and Apollo that Senator Naberrie was waiting for them aboard a Cognatus Cruiser, the Placidi Itinere in orbit and awaits their arrival. Outside the window, a Cognatus shuttle appeared and Apollo and his family jumped in and sped toward orbit. The Placidi Itinere however had other, visitors. To Apollo's shock, both a Basileus Cruiser and a Venator-class Star Destroyer were both engaged in a dogfight with the Placidi Itinere suffering heavy damage. Despite this, the company managed to board the cruiser, which jumped into hyperspace toward a secretive rendezvous point...

A Warning from Rambo Nation[]

Within an hour after the declaration of the Empire, Rambo Nation had send the Angforst to blocakde the trade route leading into the Cyrannus Galaxy, effectifly taking control of the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole at the Quadrant side. The USS Ford and the USS Androcus aided the Angforst in the first preperations and destroyed an unwilling URC/Empire venator star destroyer who wished to retun to the Cyrannus Galaxy. Nearby the Venator class star destroyer Senator was boarded by Rambo Nation under claim of inspections. The thruth was differant as a Space Marine Squad Commander by the name of Shooter boarded the ship and arrested the Tezeltean female captian. As such Rambo Nation began her initial defense, with these acts it warned the newly formed Empire the Rambo were serious and had no intentions of allowing the Empire the same privileges as the URC had.

Warning to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus!

At the same time Rambo Nation began sending Caradhras Class carreers to the Cyrannus Galaxy, filled onboard with regiments of Rambo Troopers (including the experienced 287th and the 425th) to reinforce the Rambo Cyrannus Colonies and defend them from a possible attack. Further more Rambo Nation began changing their defense structure, fleets were moved to the various wormhole locations (Quadrantia-Cyrannus Worhole, Quadrantia-Mirus Wormhole, Wormhole Plataue and the Q82-Q89 worhole). Even more surprising the people of Rambo Nation reacted with shock, though with promises of the senate, the Empress and the militairy leaders on the holo channels, the people didn't panicked. Though on some colonies and settlements discrimination against URC/Empire citizens began, and Rambo Command adviced all URC/Empire citizens to migrate back to the Cyrannus Galaxy, as they would be unable to ensure their protection.

A Secret Rendezvous[]

A secret rendezvous on an unknown world.

Meanwhile, Apollo and his small list of allies approached the rendezvous point on board the Cognatus carrier, Placidi Itinere. The planet was located in the deep Outer Rim, neutral space and is known as Laurantia, a beautiful small planet with a wide variety of life. The Placidi Itinere sent shuttles carrying Apollo and his family to the surface of the planet where to his surprise many figures had gathered, including, Voro Acetenus, leader of the Cognatus Remnant, Ram'Lendilia, the Lord Ambassador of Rambo Nation for the Cyrannus Galaxy, Diplomat Eviran, Admiral Shaw and the Senators Naberrie, Magalen and Mirea.

The group discussed for hours about the events that had transpired over the last few days and they all agreed that the Republic Remnant (as it became known) should evacuate to the Cyrannian colonies in the Quadrant Galaxies, where they could hopefully find solitude and the chance to fight against the new Hyperpower and restore democracy to the galaxy. However, news reached Apollo that all safe hyperspace routes were locked down by the Empire, and are now being watched by Imperial forces. The Republic Remnant was up for a challenge indeed.

Unholy Partnership[]

Shu'wokerama offers Tyrómairon Mar-Júun.

Tyrómairon was on Orbispira, watching as his planswent on as planned. It was then that he felt another presence approaching. Ordering his guards to leave him alone for some moments, he snickered as a shadow appeared on his room. Four blood red eyes appeared from the shadow which slowly took the form of the demonic Shu'wokerama. Tyrómairon simply smiled, as if he was already expecting Shu'wokerama to arrive.

Shu'wokerama had shown interest on the Empire, even more after the Mornûnendur had apparently established an alliance with the Xhodocto. Shu'wokerama offered Tyrómairon the loyalship of his servant Mar-Júun in enchange of being able of keeping an eye on the Cyrannus Galaxy, in case he wanted something in there. Mar-Júun materialized next to Shu'wokerama and mentioned he already planned on aiding the New Basileus Empire before it was reformed into the Galactic Empire.

Tyrómairon though about it and decided to agree with the demon's offer. Shu'wokerama and Mar-Júun disappeared. Both the dark lord and the demon cackled as they obtained what they wanted.

President Gharrrko's Final Day[]

Meketanor prepares to kill President Gharrrko

President Gharrrko heard about the news of the Empire's creation and soon got worried about the fate of the Ermitant. He was worried with the fate of Apollo and Cyrannus, who were now under the leadership of a complete stranger. Gharrrko wondered what he should do, but noticed something strange in the air. A dark being then appeared in his room, aiming a large blade toward the president. it was Meketanor, who slowly approached, grinning.

Gharrrko attempted to call his guards, but no one came. Meketanor channeled his energies into his blade and striked through Gharrrko's chest, destroying great part of his bones and internal organs. The president coughed blood and fell on the ground, lifeless. Meketanor used his energies to eliminate the body and blood, and then shapeshifted into Gharrrko himself.

The disguised Meketanor united the Ermitant leaders and captains to make an important announcement. He started to talk on how joining the Galactic Empire was a better idea for their survival, and that trying to escape it would cause the doom of their species. The Ermitant people became divided, with part believing on Meketanor's words, and the rest still unsure of what to think.

Meketanor's plan was going as planned...

Battle of New Ramhall[]

See Battle of New Ramhall.

Since the declaration of the Galactic Empire, Rambo Nation and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus are preparing their armies for the inevitable day the two superpowers of the Cyrandia cluster would clash.

Battle of New Ramhall

However an unforseen event and the escape of the former ruler of the United Republic of Cyrannus forced the Empire to strike earlier than planned, marking a new conflict which will surely effect both the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies.

Yet Emperor had a major problem, to get rid of the extragalactic empires that colonized the galaxy, including the Rambo he would had to engage them. As he managed to pass it with the citizens, the Empire attacked New Ramhall under suspicions the on the run former URC President would go there to use the safe Rambo Nation hyperlanes to escape to the Quadrants.

Over time the forces at New Ramhall, whether they were Rambo or Cyrannian were dealt a serious and painful blow, with Rambo Nation losing her ground commanders and the Cyrannians the majority of their fleet that attacked New Ramhall. Yet with the Rambo unable to provide back up or reinforcements the Rambo were eventually defeated and the Cyrannians conquered the entire Rambo Nation Cyrannus Colonial Sector.

The Ermitant's Split[]

Meketanor announces the merging

Meketanor, in the body of the dead President Gharrrko, announced that news of the greatest importance since the Ermitant Empire's formation would be revealed that day. The Ermitant people was divided, with many wanting to join the Galactic Empire and the rest wanting the empire to stay the way it was. Nondarrrt, the main fleet commander of the empire, was the leading oppositor of the idea.

During the night of the Ermitant's homeworld, Planet Puria, Meketanor lifted himself into a large platform, with the people of the planet and the colonists of the empire's hundreds of colonies also watching. The entire species gasped as Meketanor gave his announcement: the Ermitant Empire was to be officially merged into the Galactic Empire fo Cyrannus permanently.

While most of the population cheered, Nondarrrt and his associates were enraged by this. Nondarrrt though on his head, how could his once best friend and the best president of Ermitant history betray the ideologies of democracy like that? But Meketanor's announcements weren't over yet. The disguised Marinox pointed at Nondarrrt and announced that all the oppositors of the merging were now considered traitors and enemies of the Empire. This caused an uproar through all colonies, with the opposition of the announcement being harassed immediately.

Meketanor gave a single day for him and the rest of the oppositors to change their minds or be sent to jail, but another thing happened instead, which Meketanor didn't actually though about. Nondarrrt and his allies fled the Ermitant worlds and disappeared into the Unknown Regions. They were a small part of the population, so Meketanor didn't care.

With the Ermitant Empire merged into the Galactic Empire and now under the rule of Tyrómairon, only Nondarrrt and his associates held the true principles of the species' part now. They set their way to the Cyranai Galaxy, where they would restart as what they called the New Ermitant Republic. However, nasty surprises awaited for them in this new, unknown galaxy...

An Example to the Galaxy[]


The Emperor sat in his throne room on Orbispira, watching many empires leave the galaxy as per the request sent out on all channels. However, not all empires agreed with this demand, including the True Asgord Empire and the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation. Having made his warnings clear and after repeated refusals from the extragalactic empires, Tyrómairon was glad to take military action, it would be a good way to show the might of his new Empire.

The Emperor decided to send Captain Mornauó, a respected Mortalitas captain to quickly destroy the TAE and TIAF colonies with a fleet of five hundred Star Destroyers. Arriving in TIAF space, Mornauó was ordered to send out another demand that the TIAF should leave peacefully, however they were adament to stay. Pleased, Mornauó proceeded to smash through the orbital defense fleets and bombarded the population centers from orbit. After destroying all Tybusen colonies, they moved on to an easier target, the TAE who were quickly destroyed under the might of the Imperial Fleet.

Tyrómairon smiled, everything was going to plan.

Month 02[]

Division in the Cognatus[]

Three Cognatus hierarchy decide the fate of the Cognatus Remnant.

The Cognatus Remnant was in disarray, much of its space fell to the might of the Imperial assualt within the first month of the Empire's rise. It appeared as though Voro Acetenus was leading the Cognatus to their doom, the alliance with the Cyrandia Alliance was clearly a gigantic mistake. On one of the most distant planets from the center of Cognatus space, three Cogsangui patriarchs met in secret, in order to decide the fate of the Remnant.

Within three hours of the meeting, all the patriarchs decided to cut off all relationships with the Cyrandia heretics and reorganize the Cognatus Remnant into a stronger government dedicated to the future of the Gods. However, they had one task to complete before inacting this change, the ousting of Voro Acetenus...

A Mission to the Kraw Galaxy[]

Tyranus meeting with Emperor Kies.

In the first official extragalactic contact made with a non Cyrannian/Quadrantian civilization since the formation of the Empire, the Tyranus, High Praetor of the Outer Rim and the second in command of the Empire as a whole was sent on a mission by Emperor Tyrómairon to the Kraw Galaxy, a galaxy rocked by violence, bloodshed and war since its intial introduction to the Gigaquadrantic community many years ago. As opposed to outright invading the galaxy, the Emperor had a more cunning plan.

The first stop on the trip was arguably the most famous planet in the Kraw Galaxy, the Kraw homeworld of Horehronie where he met with the newly instated Emperor Kies. Kies was initially intimidated by the towering Cyrannian visitors, he became interested by the suggestions being put forward by the Imperius Leader about the future security of the Kraw Galaxy. Near the end of the meeting, Kies pleaded with the Imperius Leader to help them oust the Brood of War and the United Lanat Empire from the galaxy. The Imperius Leader wasn't sure if he wanted to accept this request. Both empires could potentially become, for lack of a better term, allies. Still, his master's plans for the Kraw Galaxy are of vital importance.

The Imperius Leader approached Kies after the meeting with a list of Imperial requests, including four hundred colonies in the Asgord Arm and an ambassador to attend major functions in the galaxy. Kies accepted these requests and brought the information he received to the Kraw Federation.

Natives of Cyranai[]

The Ermitant leaders contacted by an unknown alien race.

Meanwhile, in the Cyranai Galaxy, the Ermitant of the New Ermitant Republic had finally established their new capital. Calling it "True Puria", they were now preparing to start expanding in this new galaxy away from the corrupted Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Choosing the young senator called Milinitt as their new president, the Ermitant hopped for a better future in there.

But they were not alone in this new galaxy. Milinitt and Nondarrrt were soon contacted by an unknown alien race. With a distorted image which only showed a silhouette in the darkness, the aliens refused to say who they were, but still greeted the Ermitant and claimed to be interested in helping them evolve in their new territory. The Ermitant, of course, were very happy with these news, and thanked the aliens for their help.

Little did they know, however, the aliens were the manipulative and cunning Bisistar, the most powerful empire of Cyranai. They had little intention in helping the Ermitant Republic, and only planned to manipulate them for their own selfish reasons...

First Contact[]

The CRA fleet destroys the Imperial patrols.

With several split factions from the GEC, a small patrol of Imperial Star Destroyers was traveling to the location of a known rebel faction supposedly led by Basileus Commander Nakatar. Upon entry of the planet's atmosphere, they were greeted by old Trucinex and Basileus Ships followed by a couple of Saurornithanta Prowler-Class Cruisers. A transmission was sent ordering the small patrol to leave immediately.

When the patrol refused to leave, the fleet opened fire on them, destroying one of the ships, and sending the other one running. When it arrived at the nearest imperial planet, it relayed a message to Emperor Tyrómairon from the unknown fleet. It read: Beware of us, the Capricorn Remnant Alliance.

Back on Orbispira, the emperor laughed at the transmission. He had a plan.

The Last Hope[]

The Apationagtus meet with Apollo, and give him the Last Hope.

Apollo and his few allies had resided on the Laurantia since the beginning of the Dark Times last month. However, he decided that further presence on a single planet was not a wise move. Unknown to him, the Empire had already sent two captains to capture him, the Mortalitas, Mortikran and Claire Rambo.

Apollo knew that he would need to leave quickly. Cyrannus was no longer safe for those who weren't loyal to the Empire, and yet the galaxy itself ironically saw much more prosperity, growth and power than it ever did during the reign of his Republic. Still, democracy needed to return to the galaxy, he now knew that it was his life's purpose since the day of his hatching. However, he needed a ship, one that was unknown to the Empire. True enough, one of the races most loyal to Apollo, the Apationagtus made a ship for Apollo to escape in, the Last Hope, as they remain loyal to the URC, though allow the Empire to rule over them to provide secret support. The ship is equipped with shields, turbolasers, hangar bays, long range sensors and a hyperdrive.

Apollo thanked his Apationagtus allies and waited for his allies to load the Last Hope and the ships that seek its protection in their voyage to the Quadrants. However, the road would be dangerous and an eccentric little creature was about to make an appearence...

Little Blue Imp[]

Gorf joins Apollo on his voyage.

Apollo and his family rested while the Last Hope made his way to the Quadrant Galaxies. He had to reach them the fastest he could, as the most time he spent in Cyrannus, the higher chances he had of being captured by Mortikran or Claire Rambo. His children, Kara and Laoi, were scared of everything that was happening. They had to fault in all this, but they were being equally hunted. However, the mood of the ship would start to lighten up. The family's pet Dvottie, Tigarlu, called out Apollo out of his rest. Tigarlu pointed at a room where room could be heard, as if someone was running around and letting things fall on the ground.

Apollo looked into the room and was startled to see who was doing it. It was Gorf. Apollo was reminded of his first meeting with the eccentric little Gros and was actually a little afraid. Gorf noticed Apollo and laughed, running into his direction. Apollo dodged the little creature, fearing in being teleported off the ship. It was then that Kara and Laoi approached. Apollo told them to get away from gorf, but instead they went to play with the creature.

Gianne approached and found the creature fun, asking if Apollo had brought it from Laurantia. Luckily, Gorf didn't teleport any of his children, which made him sigh in relief. Kara, Laoi and Tigarlu all played with Gorf, who waved his wooden stick around. The Last Hope had a new crew member.

Return to Nex[]


The Republic Remnant now find themselves in the Outer Rim of the Cyrannus, desperately fleeing the onslaught of the Empire. However, will the first planet on their journey, the Trucinex homeworld of Nex prove to be friendly, or foreboding?


The Republic Remnant arrives at Nex, greeted by two basestars.

Apollo was sitting on his bed reading a book about the history of Cyrannus. Suddenly, Gorf jumps up onto his lap and with a silent peem, falls to sleep. However, this peaceful scene was soon interupted by the Last Hope's intercom, which called the President to the bridge. Telling Gorf to stay in the room and play with Tigarlu, Apollo gets up and rushes to the command bridge.

Once there, Apollo was greeted by his father, Willelmus Cretacea who told him that they would soon arrive at the Trucinex homeworld of Nex, site of the last battle in the Trucinex War. Suddenly, the Last Hope and the rest of the fleet dropped out of hyperspace over Nex. Upon seeing the green and blue orb below, Apollo was filled with memories of fighting the Trucinex alongside the Capricorn Sector Alliance, though his trip down memory lane was soon interupted by two Trucinex Basestars bearing down on the fleet.

Just as Cretacea was about to order the fleet to go on high alert, the lead Basestar sent a transmission and an old Trucinex captain appeared on the viewscreen. Apollo stepped forward and began to speak, telling the captain that the Remnant's fleet only conveyed peace, though they would resort to violence if provoked. The elderly captain smiled and told Apollo that they were not allies with the Empire and that the fleet was clear to land on the planet's surface.

The Surface

Praetor Nenabie meets with Apollo on Nex.

Apollo was soon escorted to the planets surface, along with a great deal of guards in case it was an Imperial trap. The fleet needed supplies in order to continue their long voyage and Nex was a friendly world to Apollo. As president at least. When he stepped out his of shuttle, Apollo was hit by the humid air and visions of the horror of the Trucinex War. However, he shook this off and stepped out, walking toward the Praetor of the Nex Sector, Nenabie. Apollo shook Nenabie's hand and remarked on Nex's progress since the Trucinex War left the planet ravaged. Nenabie agreed and invited Apollo to dinner in his palace, once owned by the Nex Prophet.

Nenabie conspires with Mortikran.

When the two arrived, Apollo asked the Praetor why he uses an Imperial title and yet claims the planet isn't aligned with the Empire. Sighing, Nenabie explained that officially Nex is a member of the Empire but has been sympathetic to the rebel factions, however, he feared that open defiance would lead to Imperial retribution. Apollo understood, and asked Nenabie for supplies for his fleet. Just as Nenabie was about to answer, an aide approached him and told him that they received a private transmission. Nenabie excused himself and made his way to the mobile hologram projector. Making sure he was alone, Nenabie accepted the transmission and the figure of Mortikran appeared. Mortrikran asked Nenabie if Apollo had arrived, Nenabie replied, Better. He has been captured.

A turn of events

Apollo is brought before Nenabie.

Apollo was sitting at the table, wondering what was keeping the Praetor so long. Suddenly, the doors opened, revealing three Trucinex guards. The guards ordered the former President to follow them, leading him to the Praetor's office, overlooking the pristine ocean. Apollo demanded that Nenabie tell him why he was being held against his will. Nenabie apologised, but told him that the Imperials were giving large rewards for the capture of the former President. However, Apollo expected such a treachery and pressed an emergency SOS button on his arm, unbeknownst to Nenabie.

Suddenly, Apollo leapt forward and knocked Nenabie over with his tail, before jumping out of the window and into the ocean below. To his relief, his tranmission was received by the Last Hope, which sent down a shuttle. Apollo quickly jumped into the shuttle and was brought to the flagship. Suddenly, several large vessels came out of hyperspace, two new Imperator-class Star Destroyers and the Obliberator, flagship of Claire Rambo and Mortikran. Will the Last Hope escape this mortal threat?

A fierce battle

The Last Hope comes under attack.

The Imperial Fleet under Claire Rambo and Mortikran's command came out of hyperspace nearly on top of the Republic Remnant's flagship, the Last Hope. Willelmus Cretacea, ordered the smaller civilian ships of the fleet to jump into hyperspace, before the Imperials had the chance to set up gravity wells, preventing the Remnant's fleet from escaping. However, with the civilian ships gone, it was now simply the Last Hope against the tremendous firepower of the Empire's three new Star Destroyers as well as the Obliberator.

The Star Destroyers began to fire onto the hull of the Last Hope while launching fighters to swarm around the Remnant's key capital ship. Luckily, Cretacea had a trick up his sleve, by concentrating all fire on the Empire's small hyperspace interdiction frigate, the gravity well it was projecting failed, allowing the Last Hope to jump into hyperspace. The Remnant had passed its first test.

Meanwhile on the Obliberator, Mortikran slammed his fist on his command chair, swearing that he would end the Remnant personally.

Conquering the Holograms[]

Moranonúngur conquers the Database

Over the Core Worlds, a relatively large Imperial fleet approached the supercomputer-planet known as HAFKLJCYR1463, lair of the Cyrannian Vida'Rranlora. Since the Empire was formed, the Vida'Rranlora refused to let any sapient species approach their planet unharmed. As soon as the Imperial fleet arrived, it was attacked with extremely powerful Dream Energy-powered defenses.

However, the Empire had little intention of destroying Database HAFKLJCYR1463. Instead, Tyrómairon wanted it for himself. All the information gathered in there could be of use. The Imperial fleet battling the defenses was a mere distraction while Moranonúngur infiltrated into it. The Vida'Rranlora only noticed the invader before it was too late.

Moranonúngur hacked into the Database and inserted a device of Mornûnenduran origin, which started to electrocut the machinery of the Database while erasing it's basic functions. The Vida'Rranlora all screeched in pain, and the defenses of the planet stopped. Some moments later, the electric burst was over, and the Vida'Rranlora greeted Moranonúngur like a friend. He had hecked their normal functions and made them loyal to the Empire...

Concert at Rambo Nation![]

Hekta and Kekta preform with Osha at Rambo Nation

Near the end of the second month of 01 NE (or the 8th month of 05 AQF) Rambo Nation citizens feared the terrible presence of the Cyrannians. As such, the Founder decided it was time to give the citizens of Rambo Nation some joy and happiness in these dark times.

He contacted Kekta and Hekta, two singers and great artists from the Kraw Galaxy who were known there for their music. He arranged a joined concert between them and the Quarants most famous singer, Osha Stefani. The news soon spread acros most of Rambo Nation and even to other nations of the Cyrandia Alliance, as it was a premiere. The concert was held at the Rambo Capital at the shores of Rambo City. Further more Osha, Kekta and Hekta were paid for the concert and were allowed to make use of the most luxerous hotel at Rambo City at the costs of the Rambo Goverment, as a sign of grattitude.

The following event, the concert laster for hours drew a lot of visitors to the concert, whether they were students, citizens, goverment officials or troopers, all enjoyed the concert. Those who weren't able to be present also were given a chance to enjoy it as the concert was broadcasted live on the Rambo Holo Channels and millions of citizens watched the event, marking it the most seen program ever on the Holo Channel.

During the concert Kekta and Hekta sang various tracks together with Osha, like Hello!, Cosmos, Not the end, Creeps from the Dark and Bye Bye Ramaprica. Both Osha, Kekta and Hekta enjoyed the concert and the two singers from the Kraw Galaxy rose in popularity in the Quadrants. Further more the Rambo Founder personally thanked them for their acts and told them they were always welcome to visit or perform in the Quadrants.

Though the citizens enjoyed the entire concert, the Rambo Goverment didn't really liked the bill afterwards, as the Founder had spend over 46 million Ramboidae Coins for the entire events (including hotel costs, payments, guards, tv advertisements etc). None the less the Senate agreed it was a great move, as the citizens enjoyed it a lot and their were talks that the event should become a yearly event!

Month 03[]

Battle of Angforst[]

Battle of Angforst

The Third month of 01 NE started with the battle of Angforst, a major confrontation between Rambo and URC forces.

The battle came in respond by the URC Remnant of the Quadrantia Colonies still loyal to democracy as the Rambo Senate was in debate about closing the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole with using the rotating weapon of the Angforst. Closing the wormhole would mean that the main trade route into Cyrannus was closed, isolation the Quadrants from Cyrannus.

In result the URC Remnant send a major fleet to intercept Angforst, but a Rambo/Hutter/Xiaan fleet was already in position to back the station up. As the two fleet clashed a massive battle erupted where the former allies called eachother enemies and tried to hold eachother off.

Sadly durinng the battle a URC Phoenix-class chrashed into the massive weapon of Angforst and disabled her. In respons a small recon-fleet of the Cyrannians arrived and attacked both sides. However with the sudden arrival of the Cyrannians both the Rambo/Hutter/Xiaan and the URC decided to put their differences aside under the simple line of the enemies of my enemies are my friends. As such the Allied forces attacked the Imperial ships and drove them back to the wormhole.

Believing to have a major victory at their hands the fleet remained in position, not knowing that the new star destroyers send by the Cyrannians were just prototypes and that the entire appearance of the Cyrannians was a ruse to test Angforst her defenses and to test the new ship in combat. Further ships would be equipped with heavier weapons and the Allied forces would surely underrestimate them next time they meet in battle.

A Secret Meeting[]

Guolivian warns Chuinaylia about the coming threat.

A few weeks after her visit from Gorubla and Morglukia, Chuinaylia sat in her office doing some paperwork, sometimes the life of a senator can be quite boring. Suddenly, a notification on the nearby holoscreen rang out and the figure of a holographic Basileus appeared in front of her desk. Chuinalyia immediately identified the figure, her former friend Senator Guolivian of the Empire. Startled, the young senator rose to her feet, demanding what the Imperial wanted. The hologram of Guolivian simply gave a weak smile and told Chuinaylia that it was good to see her since they last made contact.

However, Chuinaylia continued to look coldly at the Imperial who after noticing this, looked much more serious and began pacing up and down the office. He stopped for a moment, telling Chuinaylia that a massive Imperial Fleet, with ships never before seen by the Rambo under the command of Zillum was preparing to enter the Cyrannian-Quadrantia Wormhole. Chuinaylia gasped and demanded to know why the Basileus Senator would tell her this. Guolivian simply frowned, telling Chuinaylia that he believed that she would make a great Imperial Senator and that he didn't want her to get harmed in the coming conflict. The hologram then vanished as quickly as it had appeared, leaving Chuinaylia alone with her thoughts, torn about to do.

A Fateful Meeting[]

Ramashe and Riordan meet.

Ramashe was sitting alone in her office, the death of her son left her in grieve. Suddenly, she rose from her chair by the fire and approached the Rambo Founder, who was meditating on a nearby balcony. Walking up the wise old Serindia, she told him that she was going for a long walk. The Founder, knowing what state the young empress was in since the death of her only heir protested and demanded that Ramashe bring some Elite Guards with her, for protection. However, Ramashe was stubborn and simply raised her hand, silencing the old advisor, who grumbled and returned to his meditating.

Ramashe donned her casual attire and strolled out of the Royal Palace, unseen by civilians who failed to recognise her. She strolled along a beach, watching the sun rise while crying about the loss of her baby boy. Her walk led her to a small spaceport on the shore of the sea, still quiet for the time of morning. However, as she approached a bar, she felt a strange feeling in her stomach when she saw a young Rambo explorer. She approached the figure and extended her hand in greeting. He looked at her for a few moments and bowed his head slightly, telling her that he knows that she is the Empress and that she is trying to escape from political life for a few hours. Ramashe was shocked by the figure's intelligence and asked his name, to which he responded was Riordan Rambertan, a native of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Riordan and Ramashe talked for many hours about their history and their plans until Ramashe noticed the sun was setting. She smiled at Riordan and planted a kiss on his cheek, telling him that they should keep in touch, before she turned around and headed back to the Capital, where a surprising event was about to occur...

A Fiendish Plot[]

Two figures conspire.

Three months after the three Cognatus hierarchs decided to take action against their supposed leader, Voro Acetenus, they finally found a method of doing so, killing him. After months of searching the galaxy, the Cognatus Hierarch, Rha' Chonchiyo began hearing whispers of a great bounty hunter while patrolling the Cyrannian Underworld, the Tra'ssahk hunter, Garnossk. All evidence pointed to the Basileus Throne World, a selenopolis in the Outer Rim. Landing on the moon, he noticed many of the natives giving him unfavorable looks, a testament to the Basileus' inherent sense of superiority. Finally, Rha'Chonchiyo found a cantina beside the waterfront, where he finally saw the Tra'ssahk hunter.

The Cognalori walked up to Garnossk and bowed his head slightly. Garnossk looked puzzled, and asked why a Cognalori was skulking around Basileus, and more importantly Imperial Space. Rha'Chonchiyo went right to the point, telling him that his services were needed, specifically the assassination of Voro Acetenus, famed leader of the Cognatus Remnant. Garnossk looked intrigued, such a hunt was sure to pay well. Smiling deviously and licking his teeth, Garnossk asked what to do with the corpse, it was long since he fed on fresh meat. Rha'Chonchiyo sighed in disgust, telling Garnossk that he wanted the corpse unspoiled and gave the voracious bounty hunter the details of his prey, before leaving the cantina, a look of regret on his face.

Basileus Conspiracy[]

General Nakatar and Senator Torva.

The Capricorn Remnant Alliance, founded three months ago, was succeeding in staying hidden from their foes, the Cyrannian Empire. However, there was turmoil in the senate about weather or not to take action against them yet. Both sides of the argument were about equal, and so, no progress was made, and with the navy at its weakest, many believed that action would be unwise. One senator in particular, Senator Torva of the Basileus Restoration Movement knew that action had to be taken against the Empire, but felt that sending in the military would be unwise.

He organized a secret meeting between him and General Nakatar to discuss ways to proceed. When General Nakatar arrived at the senate complex, a guard directed him to the room in which Senator Torva wished to meet him. When he walked in, the senator welcomed him and then closed the door. The senator explained that the senate was caught up in political squabbles and that action needed to be taken. The pair walked over to a holographic projector which displayed a holographic image of Senator Guolivian. General Nakatar looked at the hologram with distaste as Senator Torva explained that Guolivan is a traitor to his species, and deserves punishment for his crimes against the Basileus. After a moment of silence, General Nakatar suggested that an assassination would be the quickest way to be rid of him. The two slyly smiled before General Nakatar departed, with a devious plot forming in his mind.

Tyrannic Assignment[]

Tyrómairon giving Tyrant his mission

While Zillum and his fleet attacked the Quadrants, Tyrómairon observed that several small Confederate Remnants were slowly coming to activity. Unlike the Republic Remnant, the CAS Holdouts were of considerable size, but splitten in several different ones, each led by a different leader.

Tyrómairon called over and met with Admiral Tyrant, mightiest of the Tiranozark, in Orbispira. The Emperor ordered Tyrant to take care of the CAS Holdouts in the same way Mortikran was taking care of the Republic Remnant. Tyrant bowed to him and said that the Confederate rebels would be soon assimilated into the Empire's glory, and left back to his ship, The Colossus.

Tyrómairon went back to his throne and laughed, everything going according to his plan.

Corporate Interrogation[]

Tyrant and his troops arrive at Muunilaria

In the Corporate Union planet of Muunilaria, the Chrimatós were on their usual routines, until it was reported that an Imperial fleet was approaching. This planet was aligned to the Confederacy of Free Planets, and the Chrimatós did what they could to hide this before the fleet arrives. Upon its arrival, the planet's defenses identified the vessel as The Colossus, which chilled the Chrimatós' spines even more.

Tyrant and a group of troopers exited the ship and moved toward the Chrimatós, smirking. Before the planet's governor could speak, Tyrant aimed a plasma pistol at his head and asked for the whereabouts of the Confederate remnant. The governor said he knew nothing about any Confederate holdout, and denied any involvements between the Union and any rebel organization.

Tyrant smacked the governor into the ground, the admiral's raw strenght almost breaking the Chrimatós' neck, and held his pistol right between the governor's eyes. Pledging for his life, the governor said a Confederate loyalist called Taros Cassynder had passed through the planet weeks ago, saying he wanted to revive the CAS and make it a dominant power in the galaxy once more. Tyrant let the governor go and ordered the Imperial fleet to take over the planet, merging it into the Empire.

Tyrant knew he was on the right track, and couldn't wait to get his claws on whoever this Cassynder was...

The March of Hatred[]

Battledroid march across Lu Sarteck.

After the formation of the Confederacy of Free Planets, Wexord activists in the Anastasis Sector of the Outer Rim decided to act. Many of their species were greatly displeased with the creation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, as their sector was now completely under the rule of their nemesis, the Cyrannian Radeons and specifically, their leader Agnassana. However, Wexord rebels, led by a former Confederate captain Xor Nazar, had a plan. One by one, they will launch massive demonstrations and strikes that would ignite a flame of revolution. Most of them had no plan of seceding from the Empire or starting a major conflict - they merely wanted to overthrow Agnassana and choose a representative of their own instead. However, anti-Imperial ideas were common as well in the growing resistance.

First, the planning resistance was unnoticed by the Imperial government in the sector, mainly thanks to a new senator Quithae who, while not open, was a secret Republic Remnant sympathiser who wanted to harm the Empire in any way possible. Agnassana had her own spies in the sector, however. Planning to get rid of both the rebels and the disloyal senator, she ordered her best assassins to launch a secret mission: destroy the senatorial building on Miragna that was a residence of Quithae. Her plan was successful, and Quithae was now dead, his home turning into smoldering ruins. The explosion murdered hundreds of innocents, driving Miragnans to horror and rage. Coming to the remaining ruins herself, Agnassana broadcasted a vindictive speech all across the sector. The speech that said: Wexord rebels are to blame..

Immediately, a wave of genocidal purges rose as Wexords who were believed to be anti-Imperial were murdered. Entire cities burned from the blaster fire of terrible Radeon battledroids who were sent by Agnassana to bring order to the planets of the sector. Remaining Wexords now feared Agnassana's might and Cyrannian Radeons praised her as a protector from the dreaded rebels. Returning to her spire, Agnassana laughed as she recieved a message from Emperor Tyrómairon himself who was pleased of how Agnassana dealt with the foes of the Empire. However, not all Wexords gave up.

Some members of the resistance, including its leader, managed to survive and changed their policy. They now planned to leave the sector altogether to the regions where the Empire was not strong, where they could probably join with other anti-Imperial factions. Around two hundreds of Wexord Venia-class spaceships left the sector and set to hyperspace. After a day or two, the fleet arrived to the inhabited planet, being met by spaceships with Confederate colours. Xor Nazar stated his anti-Imperial policies and landed on a planet, where his Wexords have sworn to a new force in Cyrannus - the Confederacy of Free Planets.

Shadows of the Past[]

A New Discovery

A mining ship discovers the Unknown World.

As the Remnant's Fleet drifted through space, Apollo gave the order for the captains of the other ships to spread out and find planets suitable for mining, mainly to keep the citizens of the fleet from becoming idle in the event of an Imperial attack. One ship, the Tora Bashiri was one of the first mining ships to leave the safety of the fleet. After a period of two days, the Tora Bashiri eventually jumped into the orbit of a large ice planet.

Upon further inspection, the planet appeared to have massive ruins and strange atmospheric phenomena, the captain of the ship decided to report back to the fleet in order to organize a ground team to investigate this strange new discovery. Meanwhile, on Colonial One, the flagship of the President, Apollo was watching his children play with Gorf and Tigarlu. However, this joyful moment was interupted by a hologram of his father, Willelmus Cretacea, who told Apollo that the Tora Bashiri had discovered a curious new world. The admiral asked his son for permission to send a ground team and sent data collected from a scan of the planet's surface. After a few moments of silence, Apollo told Cretacea that he would be joining the mission, something his father reluctantly agreed to.

An Ancient Power

Narea, Cretacea, Apollo and Gianne look upon the wonders of the ruin.

The team consisted of Apollo, Cretacea, Gianne Inviá and Captain Narea, commander of Colonial One, when their shuttle landed on the surface of the planet, Cretacea noted that the ruins must have been made by a very advanced civilization, considering that much of the technology appeared to be working perfectly. As the team progressed into the ruins, they eventually entered a large cave, filled with computer screens and maps. Suddenly, Narea tripped and activated a massive star map, with the ice planet at the center. The map seemed to be pointing at a region of space deep in the Unknown Regions and indicated that the race that constructed this ruin hid an ancient Thirteenth Tribe artifact there, under the control of their rebellious children. Apollo downloaded this information and the team moved on.

Eventually, Apollo and his allies found an ancient computer that reminded him of the Library of Apailiana and the reports from the Vida'Rranlora Database in the Core Worlds. However, this computer was clearly constructed by a much darker organization. As Apollo delved deeper into the computer's database, multiple references to a civilization known as the Nagith were found. It appeared that these Nagith were destroyed thousands of years ago, and yet more references were made to their children, who apparently had a hand in their parent's destruction. Suddenly, massive alarms began sounding all across the computer complex, a self destruct system had been activated. The team ran as fast as they could to their shuttle, leaving the cave just as it went up in flames.

When the team returned to the Fleet, Apollo sat on his chair and looked at all the data he had received from his adventure on the Nagith Planet. He was now intent on understanding the mystery behind the Nagith and their mysterious creations.

Month 04[]

Nim-Glaré Concordat[]

Ramashe reluctantly knelling before Tyrómairon.

In the aftermath of the massive Battle of the Rambo Capital, Zillum, Nirndal and Garlboz managed to capture Empress Ramashe, leader of Rambo Nation. Knowing that the Empire had won this round, Ramashe surrendered and was brought before Tyrómairon, leader of the Empire. Ramashe was surprised by the awe inspiring Emperor, who managed to destroy the Empress' uncooperativeness by threationing to kill her people.

Ramashe eventually agreed to the Emperor's demand, turning the glorious Rambo Nation into a protectorate of the Empire. Ramashe herself signed the so-called Nim-Glaré Concordat, turning her into a puppet ruler under direct Imperial control from Garlboz. However, Ramashe had hope that Apollo would arrive and that the two of them could resist the Empire. Meanwhile, most of the major Rambo colonies refused to accept the Concordat, the war was not over yet...

Bastille Day[]

Apollo watches the Astral Queen.


The Astral Queen is a prison barge that joined with Apollo's fleet in the aftermath of the Empire's formation, much to the chagrin of Cretacea who believed that the prisoners would waste fleet supplies and could prove a danger to the fleet. Apollo on the other hand disagreed, claiming that everyone should have a chance to enjoy freedom. However, upon hearing about possible tension between the crew of the Astral Queen and her prisoners, Apollo decided to send a delegation to the ship in order to calm the situation.

The Astral Queen

Apollo decided to send Captain Narea and Athan Apostila, his advisor and assistant as well as five Marines to the Astral Queen in order to diffuse the situation. Landing on the Astral Queen's hanger, Narea and Apostila were greeted by the captain of the ship, a Soúroupa named Jis'ard who showed the guests the cargo hold, where the prisoners were being held. Athan nervously walked up to the platform, where he announced to the prisoners about the formation of the Empire and the Remnant's ultimate goal to restore democracy to Cyrannus. He relayed a message from the President himself telling them that if they did good deeds to help the Fleet, they would be released. To Apostila's surprise, none of the prisoners responded.

Apostila looked at Narea unconfortably, before a single Draken prisoner walked out of his cell, calmly stating that the prisoners declined Apollo's offer for freedom. Narea gasped when she recognised the figure, Zare-Anne, a former terrorist, turned prisoner of conscience. Apostila looked puzzled, why was such a high profiled prisoner on a lowly Prison Barge? Suddenly, all the lights on the ship went out. Apostila was hit in the back of the head, hearing only panicked screams and shouts before all went black.

Prison Break

Athan confronting Zare'Anne.

Athan woke up three hours later, finding himself on the bridge of the Astral Queen along with Narea and other delegates from Colonial One. As he rubbed his eyes, he saw Zare'Anne in front of him, coordinating with other prisoners. Athan lept to his feet, demanding to know why such actions were taken. Zare'Anne frowned, telling Apostila that the fleet needs democracy and that they weren't the Cyrannian Republic anymore, but a new nation. Athan was flabbergasted, he had thought that the Zare was a prisoner of conscience, one who would not resort to violence and hostage taking.

Zare'Anne ordered the two young delegates to be placed in the cargo hold and decided to make an announcement to the entire fleet. Throughout all sixty ships in the Remnant's fleet, Zare'Anne's voice rang on, telling the citizens to rebel against the government, that Apollo's administration should step down and demanding that new elections take place. On the New Hope, Cretacea managed to cut off the transmission, but the damage was already done, the entire fleet heard the broadcast. Meanwhile, on Colonial One, Apollo had a meeting with Cretacea, telling him that he wouldn't agree with Zare'Anne's demands, he didn't want to negotiate with terrorists.

Storming the Ship

Storming the Astral Queen.

Instead, Apollo ordered a detachment of highly trained marines to storm the ship, rescue the crew and bring the Zare'Anne and his ilk to justice. Moving quickly, the team of marines boarded the ship, taking defensive positions around the ship and stunning the prisoners turned guards. After half an hour, the marines managed to rescue the captives and stormed the ship's bridge. Just as they were about to apprehend Zare'Anne, Apollo sent the team a transmission claiming that the various ship captains have reported that the majority of the citizens wished for a Presidential Election as Zare'Anne had hoped. The prisoners under Zare'Anne were punished by being refused entry on any other ship, though the Draken was pleased to hear that he was still eligable to run in the election in seven months.

Later that evening, Apollo strode up and down Colonial One, thinking about the situation. He was not about to step down and hand the presidency to a terrorist. Zare'Anne was in for a fight.

Battle of Shrakéo[]

Imperator Tyranus and Mar-Júun listen to the Shodrae declare their loyality to an extragalactic empire.


While Tyrómairon was on the Rambo Capital, the Tyranus was left in command of the Empire's armed forces. While surveying maps of the Core Worlds, he was enraged to know that the Shodrae still did not declare their loyality to the Empire, a ridiculous thought, being so close to the Empire's very heart on Orbispira. Instead, they declared their loyality to the Indoctrinate Collective, an extragalactic empire and a former ally of the United Republic of Cyrannus.

Tyranus knew that such a thing was unacceptable. He summoned the deadly demon, Mar-Júun, a new captain in the Imperial Navy to him on Orbispira in order to task him with the absorption of the Shodrae into the Empire. When Mar-Júun arrived, he was pleased that he could finally see some action and immediately set course to the Shodrae Homeworld of Shrakéo in order to quell the rebellion.

Space Battle

Mar-Júun leads his fleet over Shrakéo.

Mar-Júun took his new Basileus Majestic-class Supercarrier, the Dark Dream and a medium sized fleet and dropped out of hyperspace directly over the glistening blue oceans of Shrakéo and before him lay the Shodrae fleet, made up of several Collective Battleship and Destroyers. The dark Basileus was pleased that the enemy fleet was large, meaning that he could gather more victims.

The Shodrae Fleet immediately opened fire, trying to protect their homeworld and culture from the evil Empire. Both sides began experiancing heavy casualities, but in the end the sheer might of the Imperial Fleet managed to overwhelm the Shodrae, with the mighty cannons of the Dark Dream ripping through dozens of enemy warships. Within three hours, the Shodrae fleet was in ruins, leaving Shrakéo at the mercy of Mar-Júun's evil.


Mar-Júun negotiating.

Upon controlling the space around the planet, Imperial troops were deployed on land to take over the capital city and defeat any more opposition the Shodrae could still have. The Empire was met with robotic mechas and robots as the Shodrae's ground forces, but these eventually destroyed as well. Upon losing all their forces, the Shodrae citizens surrendered and allowed the Imperials to make their way to the government palace.

Mar-Júun, accompanied by two Basileus Justiciars, entered the palace and made the Shodrae president and his advisors hostage. Threatening to destroy all Shodrae remaining on Cyrannus, the president eventually officialized the surrender of the species to Imperial rule. Mar-Júun laughed and left the building back to the Dark Dream, where he reported his sucess to Imperator Tyranus. It would take a long time to rebuild everything the Empire had damaged, but the Shodrae remained quiet and accepted defeat, thinking that in the future, the Empire would pay for it somehow...

The Plot Thickens[]

General Nakatar meeting with the Draken bounty hunter.

General Nakatar walked though the city streets in a civilian disguise so that nobody would pay any attention to him. Just as he planned, nobody gave him a second glances he turned into a dark alleyway that led to one of the local bounty hunter slums in the remote Alliance city of Denia in the outer territories where he was to meet a bounty hunter to complete his impending task, e assassination of the Imperial senator, Guolivian. He looked behind him to ensure tht he was not followed before entering the building without notice. Once inside, he checked the corners of the room and walked over to a back table with a hooded figure shrouded in darkness with both of his eyes on the approaching General Nakatar.

General Nakatar sat down at the table and asked the mysterious contact if he was the esteemed assassin, Zarma-Picus. The cloaked Draken slowly nodded, always keeping his narrowed eyes on the Basileus general. Nakatar proposed a job for him to arrange an "accident" for the Imperial senator, Guolivan. And, in exchange for his services, he would be given amnesty for all past crimes an influential position in the CRA special operations forces. After very careful consideration of his options, he accepted, and opened up a pocket in his cloak, pulling out a laser rifle and brandishing it in his hand. He said he would be able to arrange some sort of "accident" for the senator.

General Nakatar got up with a satisfied grin on his face and left the slum alone, as he had come...

Meeting of Rebels[]

The Meeting

Cassynder meets with the Vice President of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance.

Soon after receiving word from the Corporate Union that the dreaded Tyrant was after him, Taros Cassynder managed to organize a meeting between the Confederacy of Free Planets and the Capricorn Remnant Alliance in the hopes of forming a stronger alliance to combat the Empire. Cassynder met with Vice President Gorios on the Confederate planet of Honlen and the two discussed a possible alliance for several hours. However, suddenly the entire complex on the planet was rocked with explosions with one of the Capricorn Remnant's Basileus guards being crushed under the falling roof. Cassynder yelled at Gorios to escape quickly, for the Empire had located them!

The Escape

Cassynder's vessel, the Viscount escaping Tyrant's Fleet.

Fleeing from the complex, Cassynder looked into the sky and to his dread, and entire fleet of Star Destroyers was laying waste to the planet's surface. All around, massive explosions shook the ground and skyscrapers fell to the ground. However, Cassynder had an escape plan. Running to his shuttle, he took off, just as a hyperspace missile hit the city, completely annihilating it. Cassynder headed toward his crusier, the Viscount at full speed, however to his horror, the Colossus, dreaded flagship of Tyrant was in hot pursuit.

Docking with the Viscount, Cassynder rushed to the bridge ordering that the ship jumped to hyperspace. The Colossus however, was catching up the Viscount, but was unable to catch the vessel in time to destroy its engines before it jumped to hyperspace. Tyrant was furious that he was unable to catch his target, he ordered his helmsman to plot every course on their last known trajectory to follow them.

Power Struggle[]

The first meeting of the current Mandators and Grand Mandators.

While the Emperor remained on the Rambo Capitol, Imperator Tyranus, leader of the Basileus and the Grand Mandator of the Outer Rim called for the first meeting of Mandators from across Cyrannus and beyond. Only Grand Mandator Garlboz was absent due to the ongoing conflict in the Quadrant Galaxies. Taking place on the galactic capital of Orbispira, the meeting was to discuss the current issues facing the Empire, such as the war in the Quadrants, the rebellion of the Confederacy of Free Planets and the future of Imperial presence in the Unknown Regions.

Moch-Na and Savra Mathen argue on Orbispira.

During the meeting, Grand Mandator Covaitan suggested the appointment of a Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions in an attempt to govern the lawless region, something few other Mandators argued against. The proposal caught the attention of Moch-Na, queen of the Mortalitas and Savra Mathen, emperor of the Corthrinus, both of whom desired to ascend to the lofty position of power. Grand Mandator Tyranus ruled in favour of Covaitan's motion, declaring that the dicision on whom would be chosen at the end of the year.

Three hours later, a furious Moch Na approached her main rival, Savra the Twelfth. The two began a heated argument, insulting each other's claims to the title of the Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions. This was the final straw for the hot headed Corthrinus Emperor, who told the Queen that she should prepare herself for the wrath of the Corthrinus Fleet. Both walked away, swearing revenge on the other. Things in the Unknown Regions were about to heat up.

Consolidating Power[]

Garlboz was happy, though still surprised by the Emperor his decision to choose him as the Grand Mandator of Quadrant 82 and overseer of Fiction:Rambo Nation. None the less he promised the Emperor he would execute his duties in honor of the Empire.

Garlboz meets Aviataryal at Rowar, to ensure the yards loyalty to the Empire

After Ramashe signed the Nim-Glaré Concordat which described Rambo Nation her surrender to the Empire things were not quiet in the Nation, now a protectrate of the Empire. Some officers, like vice-admiral Rambas II did not want to submit to the Empire and disobeyed the Empress her command. Further more the following speech of Ramashe, how emotional it was did not convince all senators of planetary ambassadors and governors. As such not all Rambo planets wanted to submit and decided to defy the Empire. Especially planets like Koerband, Javan and Rambo Prime raised their voices a lot, as they had a fleet backing them up. None the less, Garlboz decided not to send fleets and instead decided to send Imperial convoys with food, medical and trade supplies to show the good-will of the Empire, this way most of the Inner Colonial sector did not resist and trusted Ramashe her words.

Further more, this act allowed Garlboz to set the pieces, though Zillum wanted to charge Garlboz himself forbid it. Instead of chancing the Rambo ways of living, Garlboz allowed the Rambo citizens to keep their daily lifes, religions and customs and some found him a kind ruler besides Ramashe.

To ensure Imperial rule of Rambo Nation, Garlboz decided he needed his own fleet, still part of the Empire yet with differant designs showing the Rambo-Empire bond of trust and union (Garlboz propaganda). As such he travelled to Shipyards of Rowar and spoke to Senator Aviaratyal, Director of the Shipyards of Rambo Nation. The Aviadactyl feared for his shipyards now that Rambo Nation had fallen into the hands of the Empire, and also was angry at Garlboz as he ordered to stop all production of Rambo Nation ships, only repairs could be made or replace ships that had been destroyed. This was a serious economic setback to the yards, who always made a lot of profit by producing ships. When Garlboz arrived, Aviaratyal confronted the Grand Mandator of the Empire. To the senators surprise Garlboz showed the senator two new ships designs, by Garlboz standards as the new Imperial sight within the Quadrants. After a short discussion Garlboz left Rowar again, with the yards in his full control. Giving the yards new ships to produce Garlboz, and having the senator his complete devotion the yards were one less potential rebel.

Imperial Proclamation[]

Tyrómairon speaks from Rambo City.

With large segments of Quadrant 82 falling under Grand Mandator Garlboz and the puppet Rambo Nation monarchy, Emperor Tyrómairon, leader of the Empire and unbeknownst to all but his acolytes, the leader of the manipulative and sinister Mornûnendur prepared to make a highly anticipated speech to his newest subjects, the citizens of Rambo Nation. With the largest Imperial Fleet ever assembled in orbit, Tyrómairon prepared to depart for the surface of the Rambo Capitol, now considered the twin of Orbispira and soon to be one of the Empire's main hubs.

In the courtyards outside the Rambo Palace, a massive crowd began to gather, eager to listen to the mysterious and much talked about Cyrannian leader. Suddenly, an Imperial Shuttle, with Imperial ships in an impressive formation flying above appeared, to the awe of the watching citizens, while trillions more watched from across the Cyrandia Cluster on the holonet. When the shuttle landed, the first figure to emerge was Empress Ramahe, to the surprise of the crowd. She was smiling weakly and began waving at her subjects, somewhat glad that they were spared from the Emperor's wrath. She was followed by the tall, graceful and seemingly benelovent form of Tyrómairon who smiled broadly at the crowd. He strode to the platform, where he talked about the recent Concordat and that finally the peoples of Cyrannus and the Quadrants were united under order and mutual prosperity. Ramashe laughed to herself, the Emperor spoke such nonsense. However, to her surprise when Tyrómairon ended his speech, the crowd cheered and shouted in support. After hours of celebration, Ramashe found herself alone on her balcony, softly crying. One day, her people and those in Cyrannus would be liberated. But not today. Gathering her strength, she returned to her chamber, where she prayed to the gods to protect her best friend Apollo. As she fell asleep, she thought about contacting Riordan Rambertan, she needed some company.

The Growing Confederates[]

Cassynder meets Collo.

After escaping the wrath of Admiral Tyrant, Taros Cassynder returned to the Confederacy of Free Planets' main territory, where he and his allies were going to discuss the future of the holdout. It needed to grow, but also needed to be discrect, or Tyrant would soon find them again. It was then that one of the senators showed Cassynder the coordenates of another Confederate remnant which was in control of a couple of planets not much far away from the CFP's current territory. Cassynder was delighted to know, and soon prepare the Viscount to give them a visit.

Upon travelling to one of this remnant's planets, the Viscount was at first received with threats, as the Confederates had mistaken it for an Imperial ship. However, upon noticing they were more loyalists, the planet's defenses apologized and allowed Cassynder to land. Upon landing, Cassynder met with the leader of this remnant, a wise Sylvamiman commander called Collo, who after some hours of discussion, decided to merge his holdout with the Condeferacy of Free Planets.

Cassynder returned to the Viscount, happy to have made new allies and further empowering his beloved Confederacy.

Month 05[]

Cogsanguian Dissent[]

Garnossk takes his shot.

After a month of tracking the leader of the Cognatus Remnant, Voro Acetenus, the infamous Tras'sahk bounty hunter Garnossk finally located him somewhere on the Conda homeworld of Condooine. After asking locals if any of them had seen signs of a Cogsangui, Garnossk was pointed in direction of a cantina near the local spaceport where a Cogsangui with golden armour had been talking with local militia leaders, in the hopes that they eventually join the fight against the Empire.

Garnossk walked into the cantina, and went to the bar, demanding to know where the Cogsangui hierarch was located from the young bartender. The bartender, frightened by the horrid sight of the Tras'sahk told him that Voro' was in a back room, meditating to the gods. Garnossk stormed toward the room, as if he was a predator in search of his hunt. Barging into the room, Garnossk cornered Acetee, who growled angrily at the intruder. Noticing that the bounty hunter was armed, Voro' quickly reached for his vibro-sword, but unfortunately, Garnossk was quicker, firing a hole through Voro's stomach. The body of Voro Acetenus slumped to the floor. The great leader of the Cognatus Remnant was dead.

A smile of victory etched across his face, Garnossk picked up Voro's corpse, bringing it to his shuttle; his employers wanted it unspoiled. Meanwhile in the cantina, a hooded figure smiled as he watched Garnossk's transport take off...

Lacrima Treason[]

Vice-admiral Rambas II couldn't believe his ears what this Emperor proclaimed in his speech, further more he was shocked that his own Empress, Ramashe had agreed to all these terms.

Battle at the Ramsoria Run

Rambas wouldn't accept these terms, he started to believe she was influenced by the Emperor and she wasn't thinking for herself. For that reason Rambas decided to disobey orders, as he wanted to protect his Nation but letting it become a protectrate was wrong. Meanwhile, as Rambas was heading to his ship which was docked in a drydock the Grand Mandator, Garlboz managed to convince the entire Inner Colonial Sector to accept these terms, even the fleet stationed at Koerband decided to follow the Empress and this Cyrannian Emperor. Only Rambo Prime and the Outer and Deep Space Colonial Sectors still refused.

Rambas convinced his crew and took the USS Merced and left the Rambo Capital and headed to the Ramsoria Run. At arrival Rambas already saw Star Destroyers patrolling the Run, escorting various Cyrannus based cargo freighters and luxary ships, in harmony with Rambo vessels both of the navy and civilian. Angered Rambas ordered to open fire at the nearest Star Destroyer. However, a Merced class isn't near as strong as a star destroyer, only Galaxy or Excelsior-Refit classes are able to keep up with the star destroyer. Yet the star destroyer was slower and Rambas and his crew managed hit the ship at various positions. Meanwhile as the star destroyer was taking her offensive position Rambas ordered his crew to fire upon the civilian ships, heavily damaging all of them.

As the star destroyer had taken it's position it began opening fire at the USS Merced, damaging her hull and saucer. However another vessel, the USS Goddard arrived and opened fire at the star destroyer, damaging her outer hull. The captain of the USS Goddard proclaimed the star destroyer was not welcome in the Quadrants. After disabling the star destroyer with aid of the USS Merced both ships headed to Rambo Prime, the planet which was still resisting the Empire.

Yet Rambas felt sick, with this act he had gone upon a path he couldn't return from. He would be branded a traitor and disobeyed the orders of his Monarch, it were tears of treason.

Invasion of Nahdar[]


With the Emperor back on Orbispira from his trip to the Rambo Capitol, Grand Mandator Tyranus returned to the Outer Rim, where he began to search for species which he could use to further the Empire's military capabilities. After surveying the star maps of the galaxy, he decided upon the planet of the Nahdar in the Inner Rim, home to the Hipaca and the Mon Nahdar.


The Imperial Fleet approaches Mon Nahdar.

As the Grand Mandator Tyranus' fleet approached Nahdar, his bridge officer reported that the leader of the Mon Nahdar, King Ackuno was sending a transmission of peace and welcome. Tyranus was not convinced, ordering his officers to prevent all transmissions to and from the potentally rebellious planet. After several hours of blockading the planet, Tyranus sent a transmission to the Royal Council of Nahdar, telling them that they are to disarm their starships and submit to Imperial rule.

After waiting for several hours, the Imperials received no reply. Despite this however, Tyranus smiled sinisterly to himself and turned to his tactical officer, ordering her to put the fleet into tactical alert and to begin landing troops. However, Tyranus' smile quickly faded when he received reports of a large Nahdar rebel fleet approaching from the far side fo the planet; such fleets are known for their power. Two powerful navies were about to clash.

A massive battle

The Imperial Fleet clashes with the Nahdar rebellion.

Tyranus watched from the bridge of his flagship, the Imperious at the approaching Nahdar fleet. To his surprise, they appeared to be using Adelphi designs, noted by their organic design. The Imperator sighed, he didn't like destroying such fine vessels, often considered to be more of a work of art than a warship. Nevertheless, he ordered the fleet to go to combat alert. All across the vast Imperial fleet, Star Destroyers began launching their fighters and bombers and armed their turbolasers and missiles.

Within five minutes a massive battle erupted, with the Imperious managing to strike down dozens of Nahdar vessels, using its highly advanced technology. Nevertheless, the shields on the Nahdar Cruisers were strong and could take quite a punch, even from the roar of the Star Destroyer's cannons. Nevertheless, the Nahdar eventually began to capulate under the might of the Imperial Fleet. Within two hours, the battle was over with both sides with heavy casualities. However, the Imperials managed to defeat the Nahdar soundly. Smirking from the bridge of the Imperious, Tyranus awaited the perfect moment to send ground forces to the planet's surface.


The Grand Mandator forcing King Nabha to surrender unconditionally.

However, to the Imperial's shock, the Palace on Nahdar sent the Grand Mandator a message, claiming that they were willing to surrender. Much of the armed forces preparing for invasion were disgruntled to hear that the invasion would be called off, in favour of an occupation. Nevertheless, the Mandator agreed with the King's message and made his way to the Palace beneath Nahdar's waves.

When he arrived at the palace, he was escorted along with his guards to the throne room, where King Nabha made his home. Striding into the throne room, Tyranus jumped straight into the facts; he demanded that the Nadhar system submitted to the Empire, and that Nabha himself personally bow before the Emperor. Nabha was shocked at the demands, thinking that the Imperials may have had some honour to allow the Nahdar system to continue governing itself. However, it was clear to him that the Imperials would kill his people if he refused and so, reluctantly, Nabha agreed. The battle of Nahdar was over; and a new world joined the ever-growing Empire.

Massacre at the Rambo borders[]

Massacre by a Quadrantia Grox Sphere

In Rambo Nation the sudden destruction of a space station and star destroyers near the planet Proogency caused for a slight disturbance in the Quadrant Galaxies. When evidence showed the ships and station were destroyed by a force both the Rambo and Empire were not yet familair with disturbed Rambo Command even more. Upon indications that the unknown threat approached the Rambo colony Koerband fleet captain Silveria took a combined Rambo-Empire fleet to intercept the unknown vessel.

When the ship dropped out of warp it turned out to be a Quadrantia Grox sphere. The allied taskforce engaged the sphere at once but within minutes the two strongest vessels, the Preator class star dreadnought and the Ambassador class were cut in half and destroyed by the sphere her more powerful weapons. Unable to do serious damage the lead ship, the Excelsior class USS Juno was disabled as well, soon followed by the destruction of the Ifrit class star destroyers and the Miranda and Constitution classes.

After disabling the task force the Quadrantia Grox Sphere left and headed back toward Quadrantia Grox sphere, leaving vice-admiral Ramcard to search for survivors. Of the 50.000 crewmembers present in battle only 850 survived.

Both Rambo Command and Imperial Command began seeking for ways to investigate the Quadrantia Grox, deciding if this was a stand alone incident or a pre-emptive task and would need further counter actions.

Rivergron's Ascension[]

Rivergron is given his new position.

Back in Orbispira, a new Imperial Mandator had been chosen after many hours of discussion. The Mataii called Rivergron Vito-Litus had been appointed as the Mandator of the sector surrounding New tega, capital of the Mataii, however, this led to some controversy. Rivergron was known and distrusted by the population of the sector as distrustful, however, his secretive manipulation of the Universal Trading Union in name of the Empire made him a good choice in the government's eyes.

Rivergron met with Imperator Tyranus, where he was given his new title of Mandator. Rivergron looked at Tyranus with an air of superiority and smirked, thinking all were going as planned. As Rivergron travelled back to New Tega, he got in contact with the Cyrannian Syndicate, informing them he had sucessfully infiltrated in the Empire's government. Imperials had no idea they had just elected a criminal to be Mandator.

The Mataii eventually accepted Rivergron as their Mandator and resumed their lifes, and Rivergron quickly took the opportunity to resume his schemes. It was time to get rich at the Emperor's back.

A Fatal Mistake[]

The Cyrannian Grox Probe destroys the Defiant.

In the Unknown Regions, the Defiant, an Imperial Corvette was patrolling the space near the center of Corthrinus territory. Outside Corthrinus space, much of the region was still unexplored. The captain of the Defiant was well aware of this, and tried to avoid course corrections. Nevertheless, curiousity got the better of her when her science officer reported that he was detecting a very unusual signature originating near the heart of a nearby Star Cluster. Deciding to set course, the crew of the Defiant were unaware that they were stumbling deep into the territory of the Cyrannian Neraida.

In the shadows behind a nearby planetoid, a lone Grox Probe observed the Defiant as it moved closer and closer to the border of Grox controlled space. The nanosecond it crossed the line, the Probe moved into action, attacking the Defiant with its highly advanced weaponry. Though the two ships were evenly matched, the Probe had the element of surprise and managed to destroy the Defiant with a single blast to the command bridge. The resulting explosion disabled the Defiant but didn't destroy it completely. Complying with orders, the Probe sent over dozens of drones to acquire data about the status of the other galaxy. Getting the data they came for, the Grox soon left the Defiant's hull, before destroying it; removing all evidence of its existance.

Consolidating Power Part 2: Treaty of Rambo Prime[]

Garlboz was happy, as he succeeded in gaining the full support of the Shipyards he began investing for ways to get complete control over Rambo Nation without the use of force. Much to the dismay of Zillum who became greatly bored, to keep him busy Garlboz asked him to locate and if possible capture the regenate vice-admiral Rambas.

As the fifth month of 01 NE prolonged Garlboz worked hard at his new office, the recently recalled Angforst, lorbit of the Rambo Capital Garlboz now had complete control over Ramashe and the Rambo Senate. Yet not all planets were accepting Empire rule or "protection", especialley planets like Rambo Prime and Javan still refused. Yet the problems for Garlboz were not yet over, as he felt the breath of the Emperor in his neck to solve things quickly his advance seemed to have halted in Quadrant 82. Furthermore tension began to rise between the Empire and various other empires of the Quadrants, something Garlboz couldn't use right now. As such he influanced a young lt. commander to become his right hand, the young science officer by the name of Kya now served Garlboz and gave him all the information he wanted about the Rambo, even tactical information.

Treaty of Rambo Prime

With it Garlboz summoned various representatives to Rambo Prime, arriving at the Rambo colony together with his new aid Kya he greeted those who awaited him. Among them were Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia, recently freed from Imperial custody, Rambo Prime Ambassador Ram'Ain, a Hutter ambassodor, a Xiaan ambassador, a Creckel ambassador and Imperial Remnant High Prophet Ramodarth. The meeting was long, slow and a lot of arguments between the Xiaans, Hutters and the High Prophet happened. However all listened to Garlboz and his arguments, who started high with the dissolve of the Cyrandia Alliance which led to great resistance by the others, even by the Rambo Nation representatives. Garlboz smiled behind his helmet, they all fell for his trap as the others were trying for other matters Garlboz had already won the discussion as he never intented for the dissolve of the Cyrandia Alliance, he merely wanted a truce of peace and didn't want start new conflicts. As such the proposal was turned down and all present began discussing other matters.

Breaking the Hutter Blockade

Ram'Lendilia was easily convinced, as he was allowed to remain in position and the colonies of Cyrannus were given back to the Rambo, but as they were a "protectrate" he stood under heavy supervision of the Empire officials. Ram'Ain was also easily convinced, the ambassador of Rambo Prime didn't want to resist the Empire if it would lead to an invasion fleet led by Zillum. The Xiaan, Imperial Remnant and Hutter were not so easily conviced and settled for a weapon truce for now. The Creckel remained neutral and wished to continue trade with both the Rambo and the Empire, something Garlboz agreed with.

With it the meeting closed and all left, conflict would not happen for a while. Garlboz reported the event of the Emperor himself and returned to the Rambo Capital. There he planned his next move, as both Quadrant 89 and 21 also needed to be mapped and to be investigated if there were hostiles against the grand Empire!

Yet events were not yet over in Quadrant 82 as Garlboz made some changes in the Rambo Command structure, Ramtainus was promoted to the rank of vice-admiral, to replace the renegade Rambas II. Yet to most surprise, and to some their dismay the young girl Kya was promoted to the rank of Marscalcus, the highest militairy rank of Rambo Nation!

Her first act was to study the command protocols of Rambo Command, and decided Rambo Nation should return to exploring the universe instead of warfare. Meanwhile the Hutters blockaded their side of the Quadrant 82-89 wormhole and the Rambo colonies there came in need of supplies. Kya allowed Ramtainus to break the blockade which succeeded. Yet the tensions between the Empire and the Hutters were growing due to this act.

Garlboz himself was happy, through Kya he now also had complete control over the Rambo Military which could come to great use.

Confederate Eradication[]

Tyrant threatening Korwin

Admiral Tyrant grew increasingly frustrated and angered as the Confederacy of Free Planets escaped every of his ambushes. His fleet eventually found what appeared to be an unrelated Confederate Holdout. This remnant called itself Confederate Union of Stars, and was led by an Anazasi called Korwin. Tyrant looked at their single planet and smiled deviously, ordering an immediate invasion on it.

The holdout attacked Tyrant's fleet back the most it can, but their ships quickly fell to the might of the Colossus. Korwin saw his remnant dying and quickly made his way to the sapce station, where he planned to escape the planet in a shuttle. However, upon arriving in the station, Korwin saw his shuttle surrounded by Imperial troopers, including Tyrant himself. Idetifying him as the leader of the holdout, Tyrant threatened Korwin, saying he would rip him apart with his bare claws. Korwin grabbed his handgun and tried to defend himself, but Tyrant extended his wings and jumped on him. The Imperial troopers were shocked to see he was really ripping the Anazasi apart.

Upon taking the planet and returning to the Colossus, Tyrant made it clear for his men to not dare mention his ways to the Imperial senate, or they would suffer a fate similar, if not worst, than Korwin's.

The Second Robotic Uprising[]

Doctor Siloe discovers Errr's laboratory

The Vizier's Legacy

Planet Puria, as the months passed, became home not only to the Ermitant, but also to numerous other members of the Galactic Empire. Races who were once allied with the Ermitant saw great beneficts in moving to Puria, and Mandator Draedarrr only profitted from it. While Puria was popular among the trader races, some other inhabitants were there for researching reasons, mainly to study the planet's bizarre biosphere. One of these researches was Doctor Siloe, a Jamarila scientist who was studying the region of the Ermitant government palace in search of clues. However, he would find something far, far more sinister.

Siloe was inside the palace, after having a meeting with Draedarrr about studying the ground around the building. However, upon stumbling over a pillar, a secret passage was open, revealing a secret room with stairs taking to the underground. The curious Jamarila entered this room and descended into the unknown cave, and as he approached what appeared to be a light, he could feel the air becoming colder. Upon entering the illuminated room, he was startled to see a statue of what appeared to be the famous Ermitant vizier, Errr.

Errr was a well known individual in Ermitant history, and many empires shared stories on how he had almost overrun the planet with robots before he was defeated and taken to the Milky Way by the Grox Empire. Siloe walked more into the room and found numerous frozen robots all over the facility. Errrbots. The laboratory was absolutely gigantic, and Siloe could count hundreds of thousands of frozen Errrbots all over the place. In the back of the facility, a large machine which appeared to be responsable for the cold was running. Siloe snizzed out of the cold and pressed the buttons of the machine, eventually turning it off. He smiled for a moment, before the machine started to run again, but this time emitting a large amount of heat. The frozen Errrbots slowly came back to activity, looking around confused. Siloe had awaken them from over 600 years of sleep, and they appeared quite unhappy.

A few minutes later, an alarm was set at the Ermitant palace. Errrbots were swarming out of it and attacking the capital. A new Robotic Uprising was taking place, and the Empire had to act quickly to save Puria from being conquered!

Imperial Navy Aid

The swarming Errrbots

Imperator Tyranus was contacted by Mandator Draedarrr, who showed him the swarming robots attacking the cities and citizens. Tyranus immediately contacted the Imperial Navy, and sent Admiral Adraci to lead a counter-push against the advancing robotic menace. The Inexorable travelled to Puria, and Adraci sent Imperial Legionnaires into the surface to destroy the enemies.

While the Empire's technology was much more advanced than the Errrbots's, their sheer numbers gave the troopers trouble, and many losses were had. After many hours of fight, the Errrbots kept coming, the cities of Puria were damaged and the Legionnaires only lowered in number. Adraci, however, detected Errr's laboratory, and found that more Errrbots were being cloned each second, explaining their unstoppable numbers. The Imperials destroyed the laboratory, but the number of Errrbots causing chaos was already too big.

After discussing with Draedarrr, Adraci fired a special global EMP weapon at Puria, which caused a shortage at all machinery in the planet; including the Errrbots. The threat had been contained, but Puria would take some days to have all its eletronic equipment working properly again.


Imperator Tyranus scolded Draedarrr for the incident, who promised such a thing would never happen again in his sector. Tyrómairon, however, had another idea, ordering the Imperial Navy to take the Errrbots away instead of destroying them. When asked why, the Emperor said the robots would be very useful troopers once reprogrammed and upgraded with Imperial technology. The Errrbots had joined the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Month 06[]

A New Theocracy[]

Rha'Chonchiyo announces the new theocracy.

A few weeks after the successful assasination of Voro Acetenus, the three hieroarchs that ordered his death met in secret to discuss the future of the Cognatus Remnant. Electing Rha'Chonchiyo as their High Leader, all three agreed to transform the Remnant into a civilization like the Cognatus Alliance of old. Discussing this for hours, the three leaders agreed upon a name for this new civilization, the Cognatusi Theocracy. After the discussions ended, Rha'Chonchiyo stepped out into the courtyard of the capital city on the Cogsangui homeworld of Cognalorilos, where a large crowd had gathered, awaiting to hear the news they had been called to listen to.

In a passionate speech, Rha' announced the creation of the new theocracy, a testiment to the greatness of the Cognatus people. He promised that the might of the Cognatusi Theocracy would one day grow to eclipse that of the Cognatus Alliance, all in honour of the gods. Rupterous cries of support exploded from the courtyard, while a Bisistar named Moranonúngur watched from the shadows in the disguise of a Cogsangui warrior. He had much to tell his master.

Sinister Manipulations[]

Moranonúngur crushing the neck of one of the Cognatus leaders.

As Moranonúngur watched from the shadows as the Cognatusi Theocracy was declared, he began to contact his master, the Dark Lord Tyrómairon. He showed his master the information regarding the plans layed out by Rha'Chonchiyo to the Cognatus public and awaited the orders from his dark master. After a moment of silence, the clear, refined and yet sinister voice of Tyrómairon commanded his minion to assume the identity of one of the other two leaders of this new Theocracy, thus fulfilling both his natural powers as a shape-shifting Bisistar and an acolyte of the Dark Lord. The dark Bisistar bowed to his master's form, before setting out to find his target.

The hierarch known as The'naman left the celebrations in the aftermath of the announcement of the Theocracy and began to wander the ice plains. Such walks often relaxed his mind, where he would often meditate to the Gods; however to his shock, a shadow appeared in front of him, materialising into the dreaded Moranonúngur. Not one for wasting time on irrelevant conversation, Moranonúngur simply lifted the aging hierarch into the air using his dark energies, before finally crushing the throat of The'naman. In the blink of an eye, Moranonúngur destroyed The'naman's corpse and assumed the form of the fallen Cogsangui. The Theocracy was now firmly under Tyrómairon's watch.

The Acolyte and the Commandant[]

Meketanor talking to Khuenaten.

Back in Cyrannian Neraida, the dreaded Khuenaten was overseeing the operations of a cold colony, when he could feel a dark, vaguely similar presence approaching. Khuenaten looked back to see a dark portal open, and Meketanor, assassin of the Mornûnendur, emerged from it. Khuenaten quickly readied his blades, but Meketanor assured he wasn't there for a battle, but to talk. Khuenaten showed no respect for the acolyte, seeing him as a traitor, but remained still while he talked.

Meketanor offered Khuenaten a chance to serve under Tyrómairon, where he could obtain vast powers like Meketanor had obtained, as well as infinite more beneficts. The acolyte said that living under the Cyrannian Grox's rule was limitating and not rewarding, that serving the Mornûnendur would be much better for him. Khuenaten stared at Meketanor, and appeared to let go of his weapons. However, in an extremely fast maneuver, Khuenaten tackled Meketanor and striked him several times with his blade, sending the acolyte flying into the air. As he hit the ground, he disappeared in another portal, which closed before Khuenaten could follow him.

The Marinox commandant let out a metalic roar. It was clear that his will was vastly greater than Meketanor could have ever expected.

Agnassana's Deception[]

The Assassination

Agnassana commands 88.

Agnassana has waited in shadows planning all since the beginning of the Empire's age. She now has far more power and authority than before when she was a mere senator, no longer needing any pretension of benevolence and serving democracy to rule. However, she craved for more. She knew there were other Mandators in the Outer Rim, some were viable to manipulation, others were not. Agnassana planned, through multiple, simultaneous and devastating strikes, eliminate all governors that could not be turned to her side.

Agnassana has contacted her most trusted assassin, agent 88, to enter into her hidden hideout on Miragna. Showing 88 the hologram of a Trucinex governor, Nenabie, commanding her assassin to secretly reach Nex and kill him. 88, always silent, simply nodded, leaving Miragna on a small Punishment-class cruiser, going through lost and forgotten hyperspace lanes to the Trucinex homeworld.

Little did Agnassana know, however, about the fact that the Emperor had been watching her all along, observing her ambitions and knowing her plans. Now that she actually started to act. the time for amusement has ended. From his throne on Orbispira, the Emperor has called his own assassin, the terrific Meketanor, to quell the rebellion of Agnassana and bring her to justice.

The Duel

Meketanor appears before 88.

Unaware of the shadow that haunted him, 88 walked through the watery Nex, his holographic disguise blending him with the Trucinex crowd. Seeking out the Mandator's residence, he eventually found the large tower that dominated the city landscape of Trucinia. Teleporting into the tower's pinnacle using the stolen Divinarium technologies, 88 has found himself next to Nenabie, aiming his two blasters at the unsuspecting victim. Immediately after that, however, 88 has witnessed a strange silhouette emerging between him and Nenabie. Meketanor materialized behind the Radeon, towering at almost two times bigger than the assassin, and roared. 88 looked back to see the massive monster, and tried to shoot him with his blasters. He was surprised to see they didn't affect it at all.

Meketanor growled and approached 88, readying his blade. 88 got his own blade and charged at the Acolyte, who clashed with him at an extreme agility. 88 managed to strike Meketanor, only for his blade to break at the acolyte's skin. Meketanor laughed and approached 88 slowly, and the Radeon had the idea of using his species's psychic powers against it. However, all he saw was darkness at the acolyte's head, whose mind was so alien 88 fell on the ground, in pain. Meketanor lifted his foot and crushed the assassin's head with ease.

As these events proceeded, Tyrómairon has given yet another command, this time to the commander of Imperial Navy, Grand Admiral Carandial. Listening to his Emperor's will, Carandial has assembled a large fleet of Star Destroyers to besiege Miragna and depose Agnassana from her position.

Battle for Miragna

Radeon and Imperial forces clash.

In a matter of hours, Carandial's armada has already reached Miragna, Grand Admiral looking down at the volcanic landscape of the planet. Cyrannian Radeons were definitely not peaceful people and they were well-prepared for a brutal conflict, massive industry of Miragna creating a vast fleet of their own Star Destroyers to counter the possible invasion. Carandial smirked. Despite all Agnassana's efforts, he certainly knew her navy would not defeat him.

Carandial sent a warning to the rebellious planet, giving them the ultimatum; either Agnassana would come with the Imperial forces to pay for her crimes or the fleet would start the Base Delta Zero bombing, exterminating all Miragnan life. Recieving no answer, Carandial has commanded his legions to fight. Before he could start the bombing, however, he ordered the hyperspace shields to be placed around the planet, ensuring that Agnassana wouldn't escape the world.

Soon, the massive battle began. Imperial ships descended into the low orbit of the planet, fighting for supremacy above the huge volcanic oceans of the equatorial Miragna. Imperial Star Destroyers aimed their cannons at the smaller Radeon warships and destroyed them in hundreds, but larger Celestial-class Star Destroyers were not as weak, managing to destroy Imperial frigates sending them to melt in the lava oceans of Miragna. However, amidst the battle the Radeon forces surrendered, and the leader of their military forces, Commissar Aerlon, relayed a message to Carandial.

Aerlon explained the Basileus admiral that he was loyal to the Empire and its values of order before Agnassana, and certainly did not want his soldiers to die for the meaningless cause to protect a traitor. He has relayed Carandial the location of Agnassana's hideout where she was hiding. Immediately taking the opportunity of this, the Imperial forces quickly attacked this hideout and, facing little resistance, forced Agnassana to surrender. She now had to go to Orbispira where she would face her punishment.

Orbispira Tribunal

Agnassana bowing before the Emperor.

Agnassana now walked the iron streets of the capital world of Orbispira, the capital of the Empire, right into the claws of the Emperor, in the Imperial palace. Such important official as the sector governor would not be punished by common courts, instead her punishment would be decided by Tyrómairon himself. Her arms and legs chained and her hope destroyed, Agnassana stood before him, awaiting her death. Imperial Legionnaires surrounded her, ready to shoot her. Raising his hand, Tyrómairon has commanded to shoot her on place. Yet right before her ultimate demise, Agnassana has pledged for mercy, begging the Emperor to spare her.

Tyrómairon froze, ordering the Legionnaires to put their weapons down. Surprisingly for such merciless ruler, he has actually commanded her to live - with a new position as the agent of Imperial Intelligence. Agnassana, the Emperor said, had some potential that he did not want to waste, and with additional supervision, she would serve the Empire well. Thanking Tyrómairon for his mercy, Agnassana quickly left, her chains removed, sent on her new secret mission...

Meanwhile, Commissar Aerlon was met by messengers from Imperator Tyranus on Miragna. The ambassadors told Aerlon that for his help in removing the traitor from office, he would be commissioned a new Venator-class Star Destroyer, The Final Solution, to replace his old Radeon spaceship, and that he would also replace Agnassana as the ruler until a new Mandator would be chosen.

A New Threat[]

Two D'deridex Cruisers attack and destroy an Imperial corvette.

A month after Imperial forces began to explore Quadrant 89, a lone frigate, the Caprican Pride was exploring in the unclaimed space near the former Rambulan territory, before it was destroyed by the Quadrantia AI during the Great Cyrannus War. The crew of the Caprican Pride, hoped that they could explore Rambulan territory now that the mysterious natives within were now extinct. However, to their shock, two massive ships, the D'deridex-class de-cloaked to the aft of the Imperial frigate. Hailing the Caprican Pride, the captain of the lead ship, the Talon informed the Imperials that they had trespassed in the territory of the Regellis Star Empire, and the punishment for such an incursion was death.

Arming the Caprican Pride's light turbolaser cannons, the captain of the frigate soon discovered that the Talon's strong shields and armour could withstand such a weak attack. Arming the Talon's primary weapon and firing, the Caprican Pride was soon rocked with explosions, before finally exploding. It appeared that Quadrant 89 had a new superpower, one that the Empire had never seen before.

The Emperor's Malice[]

The Emperor plots his next move.

The Emperor was alone in his magnificent throne room on Orbispira, doing what he does best, plotting his next move. With the first year of Imperial rule nearing it's end, the malevolent Dark Lord looked back on his successes, within a single year, the Empire had managed to conquer most of Cyrannus, subjugate Rambo Nation and place the Kraw Galaxy under a loose military protectorate. Smiling to himself, he knew that everything was proceeding as planned. Soon the entire Cyrandia Cluster would be in his grasp. He had only a few more obstacles to remove.

With Tyrant in pursuit of the Confederacy of Free Planets and Moranonúngur well in the midst of the new Cognatus Theocracy, the situation in Cyrannus was in hand. Turning his attention to the Republic Remnant, the all knowing Emperor still had a plan for Apollo and his foolish kindred, knowing that they lay perfectly under his reach. In fact, they were approaching a region of space that might spell their end...

The Grand Admiral Ambushed[]

Tyrant and Lackuns ambushed by the Confederacy

In his hunt for the Confederacy of Free Planets and Cassynder, Tyrant and his fleet stumbled across a particular Imperial world. Tyrant ordered the fleet to standby while he descended into the world to gather information and to resupply. The planet was quite close to Confederate territory, and it could have sightings of the traitors in the nearby regions.

Tyrant descended into the planet along with his right hand lieutenant, Lackuns Bluar. As they exited the spaceport, they saw the city was empty. However, from the shadows, multiple Confederate soldiers appeared and ambushed the Grand Admiral and his companion. The soldiers threatened to put an end on Tyrant's campaign, but to their surprised, Tyrant appeared quite unimpressed. He looked at Lackuns and both nodded, and they grabbed their weapons and started to fire at the Confederates. Despite his large size, Tyrant could evade the enemies' shots with great agility, while Lackuns's diminutive size allowed him to easily confuse the enemy troops. Tyrant and Lackuns both flew high and shot all the soldiers down from the air, before coming down crushing into the last one alive.

Tyrant's fleet attacked the planet, and quickly it was conquered. Tyrant grabbed the planet's governor by the neck, almost crushing him in his grasp, and only said one sentence before leaving: The Empire is always one step beyold.

A Shocking End[]

The Last Hope is rocked with explosions.


Apollo was sitting on his desk on Colonial One finishing some work on his holo-pad, it was late at night, but being the protector of democracy demanded sacrifice. He wanted to learn as much as possible about the new Starcluster the fleet was entering as possible. He was so intent on his work that he didn't notice his wife, Gianne Inviá walk into his office. Gianne gave her husband a loving smile, but asked him to go to bed, telling him that the Fleet would still be there in the morning. Apollo got up and gave his wife a loving hug. However, this peaceful moment was interupted by Narea who told Apollo that Diplomat Eviran had discovered a ship ruin in the fleet's path. Gianne frowned as Apollo broke from her embrace and ran to the bridge.

Do... not... proceed...into...the...Cluste-

After a few hours, Apollo and Willelmus Cretacea sent five marines to the ship wreak that layed before the Fleet. The marines explored the ship for hours, before finally picking up a sole Conda survivor. The Conda was brought to the Last Hope, where he announced his name as Robee Teek, a trader whose ship was attacked as soon as they entered the local starcluster. Apollo asked Robee what species or empire attacked his ship, but the Conda didn't answer, he was close to death. He simply said six more words, as he slipped into death's cold embrace, Do... not... proceed...into...the...Cluster. Apollo looked at his father with nervousness. The Imperial Fleet was only light-years behind the Fleet, and the navigational equipment prevented the fleet from escaping the Cluster. Suddenly, the Last Hope was rocked by explosions, throwing its occupants to the ground.

Stay tuned for Year Two...

Further Reading[]

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