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The Zevian Skull, an ancient artifict once created by the noble Atlantica- myths say it holds great powers. When for the side of good, it can bring prosper and wealth, while for evil it can destroy the Quadrants at whole.

After it's creation, the Atlantica themselves deemed the artifact to powerful and hid the skull at Zevia- under the watchful eyes of the Greendions. Located at her hiding place for years, the skull remained dorment and her excistence became a myth lost to history.

However in 02 NE, a young girl learns of the excistence of the skull and starts a hunt- a hunt which threatens the balance of the Quadrants. This story, the Hunt for the Zevian Skull chronicles her story in the search of the artifact- as well as her adventures and grow of character. It will mark her importance to the Nation and her role in the Cyrandia Cluster.


Claire Rambo was bored, ever since she became a servant of Moranonúngur she was stationed at the Bluedion moon. However Claire is a warrior, not some babysitter for some small blue creatures. Growing disatisfied she still remained at the moon as her master, Moranonúngur commanded her.

When eventually the year 02 NE started, with little to no action and the Empire' control growing over the Bluedions- Claire began searching the Bluedion databases for information. She wanted to get off the moon as it brought back flashes of memories of her life before being a servant of Moranonúngur. These memories would often appear when Claire was a sleep, as nightmares from which she awoke sweaty.

An ancient parchment reveals an ancient secret!

Suddenly, near the end of the second month of 02 NE Claire found something interessting while reading an ancient parchment.

  • Claire: "Oh my, what is this?"
  • Bluedion (1): "What is it my mistress?"
  • Claire: "Look at this my little Bluedion, this short section chronicles a mysterious object of power. The so called Zevian Skull!"
  • Bluedion (2): "Yes, yes the Zevian Skull is said to hold great powers to it's bearer. It can create or destroy if one can master it's full potential".
  • Claire: "What do you mean 'if'?"
  • Bluedion (1): Well.... those who can't will be destroyed. Legends tell that is why the Atlantica themselves hid the artifact after all at Zevia, with our brethern the Greendions.".
  • Claire: "And did they ever find it?"
  • Bludion (2): "No, never ever found one the skull, as we said it are probably just legends".

Behind her helmet Claire smiled, if she would be able to locate such an artifact she could prove to her master that she was worthy. And if he would not agree nor reward her with the things she wanted, well then she would have the power to take care of him, wouldn't she? Claire ordered the Bluedions to contact the fleet in orbit of the Bluedion moon and open the artificial wormhole leading to Zevia. Claire took two Ifrit class star destroyers with her and entered the portal, with a clear mind set on the mysterious skull.

Yet she could not imagen that the search became an actual hunt, and that many parties are going to get involved. Some for good, some for evil intentions.

Revelations on Zevia[]

Discovery in the Eastern Swamps[]

Claire decided to take two Ifrit-class star destroyers with her, though they were part of the Imperial Navy they weren't as powerful as a Imperial-class star destroyer due to restrictions given by the Rambo Senate. None the less the Ifrit-class could match the fire power of the Rambo their Galaxy-class and a such was still a dangerous enemy.

The Bluedions managed to open the gate and the two Ifrit-class star destroyers entered the artificial wormhole. The wormhole opened herself near Zevia- a planet with ancient connections to the Atlantica. Onboard the bridge of the Ifrit-class Infector Claire smiled. They had arrived at the planet without interference.

  • Libertus officer: "My lady, I am trying to scan the planet, but they seem to have problems to detect anything. According to sensors the planet is deserted of life!".
  • Claire: "Don't be ridiculous Libertus. The planet has connections to the Atlantica. It is probably shielded from sensors or such. Prepare a landing party at once!"

The Libertus officer sighted but complied none the less. He didn't like to follow orders from humanoids or Mortalitas for that matter. As Claire entered the shuttle she was followed by various Basileus navy troopers. He sighted again, and returned to the bridge as he wasn't allowed to join the landing mission. Instead he was ordered to remain on the bridge and alert Claire and her troopers if anything special was noted.

The shuttle with Claire and the navy troopers approached the Zevian city of Carnivoria. Home to the saurien races of Zevia and one of the grand cities of Zevia. Landing the shuttle on the highest point in the city they were confronted by brown colored dinosaur creatures, resembling the Libertus these creatures were actually Velotarian- and though smaller they were way more agressive than Libertus.

Surrounded Claire smiled, the Velotarian carried shields and weapons belonging to a medieval age, standing no chance against the far superior fire power of the Empire. Suddenly behind them a massive door opened and a red colored saurien, measering 2.6 meters in height and wearing a crown approached Claire and her landing party. Claire pressed a button at her shoulderplate when suddenly the creature roared and began to speak in common language- must to the surprise of the landing party.

  • Carnoria: "Welcome to Carnivoria- home to the Sauriens and greatest of cities on all of Zevia."
  • Claire: "Thank you for you welcome your grace, I see that your crown resembles your greatness as leader of this band of sauriens?"

Carnoria, king of the Sauriens chuckled, it seemed this humanoid was thaught her manners well. He nodded slighty and began to speak once more.

Carnoria and Claire meet eachother at the top of Carnivoria city

  • Carnoria: I am King Carnoria, ruler of the Sauriens and Carnivoria is my seat of power. Now see we haven't had many visitors in all those years- especially not those from the stars. So state you inquiries and perhaps I will not feed you to my loyal Velotarian legion."
  • Claire: "Dream on Carnoria. I am in control here. You will tell me everything you know about the Zevian Skull before I order you and this city to be destroyed in honor of the Empire and the Emperor."

The Carnorian took a step backward and hissed. But realised he was powerless as an Ifrit-class star destroyer approached the city. Signaled by Claire the Libertus officer entered orbit to approach her position. Deciding to spare his people, Carnoria told Claire the skull was nothing more than a myth. Once guarded by the Greendions in the north the sauriens once waged a war for it until both sides realised there was no skull to fight for. Claire was confused, the scrolls were clear the skull was on Zevia.

Carnoria, recognising Claire as the leader of the landing party asked her to go inside his throne room- he has something to show her. Claire and her troopers followed, wary for an attack but none came. To her surpise Claire witnessed something else, something she didn't expect. Carnoria told that the skull stood under the protection of the Great Houses of Quadrantia- the sauriens believed it was a myth but Claire just found back her trail!

The massive wall plate showed symbols of the Great Houses, though were difficult to identify as they weren't named. Inside the circel were the crests of the houses were place stood the following verse:

Head of Zevia

Thee tremble at her power

Hidden in Quetzamet honor, the Green watch

Taken by those resisting influance

Stranded at Kreeta

Coveted by many


Grace of the Ultimate One watches

Behind her helmet Claire frowned, it seemed the verse indicated where the skull went to but some made now sense to her at all. She knew some line referred to the Atlantica and the Ultimate One, well others made no sense to her at all. The Green Watch? Kreeta? Coveted by many. Claire creaked, it was a riddle she had to find out. And as fast as possible, if the verse was as old as she believed the verse was made around 200.000 BQF, the skull could be anywhere within the Quadrants.

Claire approached the wall, while Carnoria smiled as he knew Claire was going to track the skull- something Carnoria had planned for. Claire looked at the crests and descriptions of the great Houses.

  • A saurien crest with the line: Sauriens of old
  • A wolf like crest with the line: Howlers of the night - purring at day
  • A bird like crest: Crusaders of the Stars
  • A plant like crest: Singers of melody
  • A strange humanoid looking crest with the line: Fallen from Grace - stalkers in the shadows

As Claire was about to turn she noticed another symbol, small and below the the verse of the skull stood a line in very small letters, and said:

Beware Tormentors Beware

Lost in thoughts Claire wondered what the verse and crests of the houses could mean when suddenly one of her navy troopers approached her and told her the two Ifrit-class cruisers were under attack!

Battle above the Eastern Swamp[]

The Libertus officer that was ordered by Claire to remain onboard the Infector looked in awe as two massive ships approached the two Ifrit-class cruisers above the eastern swamps of Zevia- near some mountains the Ifrit-class star destroyers were cornered if they did not gain altitude. .

  • Libertus officer: "Lieutenant, what are those ships? They resemble the Rambo Dreadnought and the Mortalitas Dreadnought. However this ship looks brown and seems to be patched together?"

The Empire vs the Quadrantia Loron and an arriving USS Enterprise-A

The Mortalitas lieutenant looked confused, it indeed seem to have origins in the Mortalitas Dreadnought- but he couldn't remember they ever had changed the exterior of the vessel and changed it coloring.

  • Mortalitas lieutenant: "I am not sure sir, they are advancing on our position!"
  • Libertus officer: "Raise forward deflector shields! Target the vessels and hail them! And stop that annoying rap music that comes from our speakers!"
  • Mortalitas lieutenant: "Sir, that is not our doing, it is theirs!"
  • Basileus lieutenant: "Incoming FIRE"

With the last word of the Basileus all bridge officers braced for inpact! The enemy that attacked the Empire were the dangerous Quadrantia Loron! Sadly the Empire did not knew this as the Rambo didn't knew much about them nor shared any information with the Empire about them.

The other Ifric-class took heavy damage when her forward deflector shields were destroyed and had troubles holding her altitude. With both the Empire and Loron launching their fighters a massive battle was fought over the swamps, with both fighters trying to damage the larger vessels.

Due to their better position the Quadrantia Loron seemed to gain the upperhand as they were higher in altitude and were able to hammer the two Empire vessels! Suddenly the Mortalitas lieutenant picked up something on sensors!

  • Mortalits lieutenant: "Sir, I picked up another ship! It is entering orbit!"
  • Libertus officer: "Another enemy vessel?"
  • Basileus lieutenant: "No sir, i-it's the ENTERPRISE!"

New Revelations[]

With the arrival of the Rambo vessel the Quadrantia Loron decided to withdraw from the battle- as they already managed to severely cripple one of the Ifrit-class star destroyers. Happily the Libertus officer contacted the USS Enterprise-A.

  • Libertus officer: "Hail USS Enterprise, I am glad you have come to our aid in dire need!"
  • Captain Rambo: "This is captain captain James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A. We are glad you have survived with our interference as Zevia is a dangerous planet without proper working sensors Imperial officer. I thought the Grand Navy of the Empire were thaught such things?"

The Libertus officer grunted and looked angry. Who thought this Rambo humanoid think he was? The two Ifrit-class star destroyers returned to high orbit- while being escorted by the USS Enterprise-A.

Carnoria and Claire found the Temple of Quetzamet empty

Down below, in the swamps Claire didn't comment on the battle nor did she interfere. She took her gunship- together with King Carnoria and a number of Velotarians to the northern area of Zevia, where the Infector her sensors discovered an ancient site. Arriving at a temple structure (which turned out to be the temple of Quetzamet) Claire was hopeful that the skull was hidden inside the temple. Carnoria dismissed her claims- as the Greendions were enslaved by the Q-Loron and all their prized possesion were taken by the Loron as well. None the less Carnoria followed Claire up the stairs of the relative small, but impressive temple.

Arriving at the top Claire screamed in anger.

  • Claire: "Aaaaaaargh! The Skull is not here!"
  • Carnoria: "My dear human, like I said before. The temple, like the Greendion city nearby is plundered by Quadrantia Loron when they enslaved them years ago."

Claire turned, and though Carnoria couldn't see her face as it was hidden by her mask he knew she looked angry and dissastisfied. Both decended the stairs when they suddenly found Captain Rambo and his yeoman, E'Leana waiting for them. They seemed to scan the area for interessting facts about the culture of the Greendions and other civilizations of Zevia. Precisely on this time the Rambo captain decided to explore Zevia! Claire told Carnoria to go the the gunship and hide himself from view. As Claire approached James Rambo (-whom she recognised as her father but he himself didn't recognise her as his daughter), flanked by various Basileus navy troopers she confronted James.

James and Claire meet again!

  • Claire: "In name of the Empire, state your intentions Rambo captain."
  • James Rambo: "Greetings servant of the Empire. First of all, I am captain James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A and I only take orders from Rambo Command, not from the Empire. Even though the Rambo are a "protectrate" of the Empire, it doesn't mean I take orders from every Imperial officer who comes around."
  • Basileus trooper: "Why you little brat! Show respect to lady - ....."

Before the Basileus trooper could tell her name Claire raised her hand and the trooper stopped speaking. With E'Leana looking affraid James straightened his back and shoulders to face the mysterious lady in service of the Empire. Claire simply told the Empire was here to investigate the planet, and James told them he did so as well.

Satisfied Claire returned to the gunship and ordered the pilot to set course to the Quadrantia Loron base. She wished to face the Loron and find out what they knew about the Skull. If they would not cooperate, she had liberated the Quadrants from some pirates.

James looked confused, though the helmet misformed the voice of the girl he seemed to recognise the voice as well as the way the mysterious female Imperial officer was speaking. E'Leana laid down her hand on James shoulder and gave him her tricorder. James looked confused, E'Leana simply nodded. There was no mistake. This Imperial officer was the missing daughter of James!

A Quadrantia Loron audience[]

Claire and her escorting Basileus navy troopers took their gunship to the Quadrantia Loron camp. Leaving her father, James behind.

Claire talks with Tec'Tor of the Quadrantia Loron

After flying for over two hours the party finally located the Quadrantia Loron camp. It was located on an island, with in the valley the houses of the Loron- at the outskirts were various landing plattforms. Claire was impressed, their perfect location prevented the Loron from being detected by sensors from ships in orbit. All around the camp were Greendion hard at work, whether they were cleaning the streets or hauling garbage, they looked miserable for a once proud people.

Exiting their gunship she requested an audience with the leader of the Quadrantia Loron and she was brought before Tec'Tor- commander of the Loron camp. However Tec'Tor didn't look happy at all with both a Rambo and Empire ship in orbit.

  • Tec'Tor: "Whassa you doin here Empire girl?"
  • Claire: "Greetings leader of the Quadrantia Loron. My name is Claire Rambo and I am here for a special reason. I request information from you."
  • Tec'Tor: "Mhuhahaha. Info she requires she sais".

All around the Loron began to laugh and took aim with their blasters. The Quadrantia Loron weren't known for sharing, only by taking all they wanted with force. Claire smiled behind her helmet and began to speak again.

  • Claire: "Loron, I do not care if you find it funny or not. But you will give me the information I want. I have two star destroyers in orbit as well as a Rambo heavy cruiser which will fire at this position if I command them to do so."

Tec'Tor nervously moved around, and looked to the sky (as if to expect to see the vessels). Tec'Tor nodded, he knew from Loron information the Empire was not to fooled with. Claire requested information about a Zevian Skull. Tec'Tor replied he did not knew what it was, nor that they did find any such thing when they raided the Greendion temple.

Claire left, dissapointed she arrived at the star destroyer Infector. Onboard she informed Empire Intelligence of her findings and next course of action. According to the verse it seemed the skull could have been taken to a planet known as Kreeta. A planet by that name was once stumbled upon by Rambo explorers in Quadrant 82. As such Claire decided to leave Zevia and to travel to the Quadrant 21 space station to re-supply her vessel and head into Quadrant 82 (-they were now still in Quadrant 21).

Onboard the USS Enterprise-A James Rambo was informed of the news for this hunt and decided to follow his daughter to save her from Empire influance. Though Rambo Command did not approve the detail of saving Claire they did secretly give permission to follow the Empire and obtain the skull when the moment arrived.

Elswhere, another was informed by the news for this hunt when a lone Hutter captain onboard a D-5 class managed to decode the message send by James Rambo. As such he travelled to the Quadrant 89-Quadrant 82 wormhole where he would cloack and enter the wormhole, eventually arriving in Quadrant 82 he would intercept the Infector and the Enterprise-A.

With this the second month of 02 NE concluded and the hunt for the Zevian skull shall continue in the third month and possibly even beyond as it a long travel from Zevia (in Quadrant 21) to Quadrant 82.

Travel to Quadrant 82[]

Resupplying at Port Station[]

After a few days of travel, leaving the damaged Ifrit-class star destroyer as guard at Zevia, Claire and her crew noticed her own Ifrit-class star destroyer had substained suitable damage, and prevented them from travelling in hyperspace for long. As such the travel to Port Station, which was located in the middle of the Q-21 Southern Trade routes took a few days. Finally arriving at the neutral station (yet under the supreme supervision of the Goraurien)- the crew was eager to dock and restock their supplies and repair the damage as much as possible before they could continue their journey. However, the reptillian Goraurien at first didn't allow the Empire vessel to dock- as they feared it would bring danger to their own station and warned the Empire by their long range communication beacon.

  • Claire: "This is the Hand of Moranonúngur, I request docking clearance to supply my vessel and repair any damage possible."
  • Goraurien Official: "Why would we allow you to enter our station?"
  • Claire: "According to our dear allies, the Rambo Nation this station is neutral ground!"
  • Goraurien Official: "Didn't you conquer the Rambo?"
  • Claire: "The Rambo were placed under our protection, to keep them safe from harm and danger".

Approaching Port Station

Claire heard the Goraurien snorting and told the Infector to remain at their position. After a while, the Goraurien spoke again over the communications. He told the Infector had clearance to approach the station, but warned them not to cause any trouble otherwise they would be destroyed. Furthermore the Goraurien official warned Claire not to lie to the Goraurien again- they believed the Empire had conquered the Rambo.

After a few more hours Claire looked from the bridge at the stunning side, the station was guarded by a large Goraurien fleet which had laid down a perfect defense circle around the station. All ships were checked and scanned for dangerous or illegal activities. The Libertus officer of the Infector informed Claire that there were many ships of unknown types at the station- the Rambo had classified them but the Empire did not recieve this data. Further more various Rambo and Chinawkya cargo vessels were travelling around the station as well- possible for trade and commerce.

Claire smiled, she was happy she could repair the ship and travel as fast as possible to the Rambo Quadrant 21 Space Station, where the wormhole was located leading to Quadrant 82.

Suddenly the Libertus officer informed Claire that the USS Enterprise-A was already at the station. Claire looked grim from behind her helmet, it seemed her father ahead of her trail. Why was he there? To take her back (which in her opinion was ridiculous as the Empire had shown her the true path) or was he also tracking the Zevian Skull? Meanwhile King Carnoria arrived at the bridge. He was happy he was allowed to travel with Claire and her crew, acting as an emmisary to the Empire he perhaps could gain an important position in the Empire if he would cooperate with the Hand.

As the Infector began her docking procedures Claire prepared her grew for her next action. She was to decieve Captain Rambo if she wanted to gain back her advantage. As the ship docked the Goraurien and various other trader began to approach this new vessel, the first Empire vessel at Port Station. The Goraurien offered them goods and supplies and even aided them in supplying the vessel and repairing the damage. Though it would take at least a week for all damage was repaired and the ship could travel at hyperspace again.

Deceit at Port Station[]

As the Infector was making preperations to dock at Port Station, Claire suddenly called her Libertus officer to her ready-room. There she explained her plan, to deceit her father and the crew of the USS Enterprise-A.

The Libertus officer nodded, and smiled. For a first he began liking the young humanoid her cunning and risks she dared to take. Claire handed over a computer tablet and the Libertus officer read it. He was to repair the vessel and re-supply stocks and then continue it's journey. Approximate time of arrival in Quadrant 82 would be at the first day of the 4th month, as the travel from Port Station to the Quadrant 21-Quadrant 82 Wormhole would take a while. Nodding again the Libertus officer left the ready-room and ordered the crew to prepare dock.

Finding a new travel companion!

Claire looked at herself in reflecting window of Port Station, she had donned the heavy armor for a more revealing dress. Smiling she knew she now looked like some fancy and rich traveller and required a trip back to the place she wanted. She could now use her female attributes to perhaps get a free trip to Quadrant 82. At the station Claire looked around at the various species present when she entered a local area, two humble Andormaru, a dangerous Kzishaya, a mysterious Ca'Leon, two friendly Caizini, a hostile Icolian and a peace keeping Goraurien. In the corner of her eye, she noticed Ensign Hannity of the USS Enterprise-A searching for her as well. Luckily Claire changed her dress otherwise the human crewmember would have noticed her at once.

  • S'Rell: "Well well, what have we here?"
  • Claire: "Eh....."
  • S'Rell: No need to worry my Lady! A pretty lady like you probably seeks a ship to travel onboard, in low profil am I correct?"
  • Claire: "Eh....... is it that obvious? Are you going to abduct me now?"
  • S'Rell: "Haha, no not at all. I am S'Rell, for the right price my ship can take you as far as Javan in Quadrant 82."

Claire nodded, and told her name as well. Shaking hands the two left for the noble Caizini his ship. Claire smiled, her playing innocent worked perfect. Now she could travel to Quadrant 82 without her father knowing it. An hour later the Caizini freighter of S'Rell, with Claire onboard left for the Q21-Q82 wormhole. Meanwhile James was desperate, his crewmembers didn't locate his daughter and sensors showed she wasn't near Port Station anymore. While the Infector was still present, James began to fear he was deceited.


As S'Rell and Claire were travelling to the Q21-Q82 wormhole the two talked onboard the bridge where S'Rell explained it would take a week or two to arrive at Javan.

Claire was impressed by S'Rell' crew, five other Caizini hard at work, transporting commerce and good from Quadrant 21 to Quadrant 82. Suddenly a tremor was felt, followed by a violent quiver. S'Rell reached out for Claire to prevent her from falling when the two were surrounded by a green light.

Captured by Hut'Kraang, witnissing the destruction of S'Rell' freighter onboard a D-5 cruiser

Claire and S'Rell found themselves onboard the D-5 cruiser of the Hutter captain Hut'Kraang.

  • Kraang: "Argh, why is that furry overgrown creature onboard my VESSEL!"
  • Hutter Ensign: "Sorry captain, it seemed the furry creature was holding the humanoid female."
  • Claire: "What is the meaning of this Hutter?"
  • Kraang: "SILENCE! Learn some respect to those who have abducted you."
  • S'Rell: "Where am I? Where is my ship? What is going on?"
  • Kraang: "My name is Kraang, and you are onboard my D-5 cruiser, I abducted you in name of the Hutter Defense Force and we took an interesst in the Zevian Skull as well."
  • S'Rell: "What is a Zevian Skull?"
  • Claire: "Leave the Caizini freighter captain out of it. He is not aware of my goal."
  • S'Rell: "What goal?"
  • Kraang: "SILENCE! I have no need to explain myself to the likes of you. Destroy that freighter and resume our travel under cloack ensign."

S'Rell looked out of the window and saw a bright green light, followed by an explosion which ripped apart his freighter and killed his crew. A lone tear dropped on his cheeck. Kraang was laughing, and ordered Claire and S'Rell to be brought to the brick.

S'Rell looked angry at Kraang, vowing revenge the humanoid girl had a lot of explaining to do.

Arriving at the Wormhole[]

Kraang was disatisfied. The travel to the wormhole took quite some time and he still did not have a clue where this skull was. The girl nor S'Rell refused to tell him. Kraang thought about torturing them, but he was sure that in time they would both break. Afer all, they didn't recieve food for over a week, and one day one of the two would break.

Kraang and the Infector arrive at the wormhole, with a lot of ships present as well

As the D-5 cruiser was low on fuel the ship was not able to travel at full speed and as such took a week or two to arrive at the Quadrant 21 Space Station, which acted as a gate keeper to the wormhole leading into Quadrant 82. Surprised, Kraang looked outside the window.

  • Kraang: "My my, what a busy traffic these days from and into Quadrant 21 and Quadrant 82".
  • Hutter: "Sir, I am picking up various types of ships, from various race of Quadrant 21 but as well as a Rambo vessel docked at the station and the USS Enterprise and Potemkin are here as well".
  • Kraang: "Why would the Enterprise be here? I thought she was at Port Station with the Gorauriens?"
  • Hutter: It seemed she was faster than us to reach the Q21 space station sir. And I am picking up three advancing Secoolian ships, as well as the star destroyer Infector!"

Kraang sat in his chair, there were a lot of potential enemies and dangers now at the station. Kraang asked if the Infector was aware S'Rell and Claire were onboard his ship. The Hutter lieutenant told him the star destroyer just asked permission to enter the wormhole so that is could travel to Javan. Kraang smiled and asked the lieutenant to do the same. It seemed Claire was heading to the Space Port of Javan, something Kraang himself was also planning on doing then.

Unknown to Kraang and the crew of the Infector, was that with the start of the fourth month of 02 NE the Secoolian and Rambo began making preperations for a possible alliance against the Quadrantia Grox.

Failed interception[]

Infector and Kraang's D-5 cruiser moments before the a paradox after effect

Kraang was feeling himself a happy Hutter. The D-5 cruiser managed to pass the wormhole and while oncourse to Javan he recieved intelligence from the Hutter Defense Force. It seemed Kreeta was a planet located in Quadrant 82- in the north east of the unclaimed territories. Kraang ordered a new course and was happy he didn't need to visit Javan, there were to many Imperial and Rambo spies there.

  • Kraang: Ah, it is great to be a Hutter these days. How far to Kreeta?
  • Hutter Ensign: About four more days at this speed sir, but we have to drop out of warp to cool down the engines.
  • Kraang: Hmpf, very well.
  • Hutter Ensign: Sir we have dropped out of warp. Cooling process has begun. We really need to fix it, somehow our travel in Quadrant 21 seemed to have done this to the engines.
  • Hutter Ensign (2): Sir a ship is dropping out of space behind us!
  • Kraang: WHAAAAAAT???

The moment the D-5 cruiser dropped out of warp the Ifrit-class star destroyer dropped out of hyperspace and began to fire upon Kraang' ship. Trying to evade the blasters two well aimed blasters disabled the right warp nacelle and left the D-5 cruiser driftless. While the Infector approached the D-5 cruiser, the Hutters onboard began to repair the damage as fast as possible but their escape was thwarted when the Infector locked on them with a tractor beam.

Onboard the Infector the Libertus Commander smiled. It seemed they found his target. Onboard the D-5 cruiser Kraang headed to the prison block where he confronted both S'Rell and Claire. Claire simply smiled, with a defiant look in her eyes. Kraang took his knife and placed it before her throat and threatened to kill Claire if she would not call of the Ifrit-class star destroyer. Claire simply told it would not help, as inside her head there was the device once put in her, which also acted as a tracking beacon. Kraang features were shocked and turned around, knocking on his head he tried why to think of why he didn't think of it before.

Suddenly the entire space around the Infector and the D-5 cruiser (still in tractor beam) was lit with a bright flash. Onboard the bridge one of the Hutter ensigns yelled it was a paradox of flames. The Infector was engulfed in flames, losing her tractor beam and an outer hull which was scourged. Kraang ordered to go into emergency warp and they did, leaving behind the Infector- the D-5 cruiser, boosted by the paradox energies went spinning out of conrol in warp!

Breakdown course at Kreeta[]

Kraang' D-5 Cruiser violently exited warp near the planet Kreeta, with most systems critical damaged or disabled. While the ship exited warp it was welcomed by a small fleet- housing both New Resistance and Sanderhal vessels.

Arrival and interception at Kreeta!

Onboard the USS Merced II, vice-admiral Rambas II looked in surprise at his datapad with readings. The bridge crew was on full alert, a ship was approaching Kreeta at warp! Did the Empire found out of the new forming of the Resistance?

  • Rambas: "To all ships, this is vice-admiral Rambas! Intercept the vessel and prepare to open fire at my command!"

His commander, a male Venatioa informed Rambas that all ships took intercept positions and awaited his command. Rambas looked grim when the ship suddenly exited warp- a Hutter ship that was spinning out of control. At once Rambas yelled to the other ships to avoid a collision. The fleet responed with fighters and Sanderhal vessels breaking off formation while the USS Merced approached the Hutter vessel.

Rambas nodded to his tactical officer, a Dagian Lieutenant who activated the tractor beam. Rambas' crew boarded the Hutter vessel and found out that all inside were unconscious, probably due to the spinning. More to his surprise he found out that there was also a humanoid and a Caizini onboard in the brick. Intrigued Rambas ordered them to be taken down to Kreeta base for interrogation- something Rambas would be doing together with Colonel Chodecra.

After all, it was of the highest importance of finding out if the Empire or the Nation knew of the Resistance her excistance.


"Interrogated" by Chi Chodecra

All prisoners were taken to cell blocks at Kreeta HQ of the New Rambo Resistance. Most of the Hutter crew who tried defending themselves were killed, however S'Rell and Kraang were placed under supervision as the Resistance had no quarrel with them. Claire however was taken to an interrogation block where she slept a few days before she awoke from uncounciousness. Claire awoke- surprised to find herself in a cell, only in her underwear. Goosebumps covered her body in the cold cell- looking around she only saw four pillars and no windows. Instead the room was was alight by a single lamp.

Suddenly the door opened and Claire noticed Chi Chodecra and Rambas entering the room- escorted by various Chinawky and Resistance soldiers. Though Claire couldn't see Chodecra' face through his helmet- she was sure his eyes were burning with hatred. It was no secret Chodecra that he hated the Empire. Claire had a difficult time to focus due to the cold, as she was in a state of light-hypothermia.

  • Chodecra: "Well well, what do we have here? An Empire spy?"
  • Claire: "W-what? I-im no spy of the E-e-emp-p-ire".
  • Rambas: "Silence, you were not permitted to speak!".

Rambas looked angry and nodded. At once two Chinawkya soldiers grabbed Claire at her shoudlers and lifted her in the sky. Rambas looked grim and demanded answers. Chodecra suddenly interrupted and Claire was left standing (fragile) at her own legs when the air was suddenly filled with a buzz. Suddenly Claire yelled in pain as she was electrocuted- and fell to her knees, grasping for air and unable to stand.

  • Rambas: "W-what was the meaning of that Chodecra?"
  • Chodecra: "That Rambas was a eletric shock. Used for interrogation and the girl will break and give us all the info we want.".

Rambas shook his head, he disagreed. He knew Claire was the daughter of Captain Rambo- a well respected and capable Rambo Captain. Chodecra simply shrugged his shoulders and hit the button again. Claire' body once again jolted and screamed in agony while lying on the ground.

However Claire refused to tell anything and the "interrogation" continued for days. Well into the fifth month of 02 NE Claire, S'Rell and Kraang were the only onces still alive and the Resistance learned of Kraang' crew that they were searching for an artifact. Claire never recieved her uniform and remained in a state of light-hypothermia for days- losing over 10 kg of her weight she was very weak and still Chodecra interrogated her with the elecric shocks. He even mocked her that her body was enjoying it- thoug her mind did not.

Somewhere in the fifth month the interrogations abruptly stopped when the alarm sounded. Claire, unable to move- she laid exhausted on the ground while Resistance soldiers ran to their battle positions.

Extraction from Kreeta[]

Mortikran looked annoyed. The travel to a supposed rebel base took a while- due to the detour as travelling through the Unclaimed Territories is forbidden and as such he had to travel to the Chinawkya sector first before setting course to a planet called Kreeta. Rambo Intelligence managed to detect transmissions around that planet that weren't there before. Though Rambo Command didn't want to investigate- due to a low on available vessel Grand Mandator Garlboz dispatched Mortikran onboard his massive cruiser to investigate. A commander for an investigating job, ridiculous. Yet advanced Imperial scout detected a fleet in orbit which wasn't Rambo but somekind of resistance.

Empire and the New Rambo Resistance clash for the first time above Kreeta

Mortikran smiled, eager for battle he wanted to see blood on the battlefield. When one of his officers notified that the fleet approached Kreeta- Mortikran adressed his fleet (-his own ship and 5 Venators).

  • Mortikran: "This is the commander speaking. Commence attack at the enemy ships. Leave none alive, a new dawn is rising at Kreeta. And it will be one of bloodshed and Imperial Glory!"

At once the Venator-class Star Destroyers launched their fighters and drop ships as the enemy fleet prepared to meet the massive star destroyer dead on. Onboard the USS Merced II- former Rambo Nation vice-admiral Rambas II looked grim. He was well aware that with the Secutor-class Infernal present the battle was already lost before it began. Even with aid of their Sanderhal allies Rambas knew what to do.

  • Rambas II: "Rambas to the fleet! Stand as long as you can until we evacuate Kreeta Base. Give your best! Do not fail and we can fight another day. Prepare to withdraw and create an opening for the ship who still have to escape the surface!"

The ships followed the USS Merced II as it engaged Mortikran' fleet. With fighters being launched from the surface of Kreeta the area around the fleet was soon filled with explosions as both fleets clashed. Rambas, onboard his ship once again looked grim. This was the first time the Empire and the New Rambo Resistance clashed and way to early. Perhaps the arrival of the daughter of Captain Rambo attracted the attention of the Empire to this region? Or did perhaps Chuinaylia- a Rambo senator sold them out to the Empmire? Rambas couldn't believe that, she was way to honest for such things and did not crave for power.

After the lines of the Resistance were broken, the Empire managed to deploy their groundtroops and began attacking Kreeta Base, which soon crumbled. The nearby Kreeta (-species) were hiding in their homes- fearing the arrival of the Empire. As the Empire breached Kreeta Base- slaughtering many Resistance and Chinawkya troopers Mortikran himself also fought the Resistance- slaughtering the most of them all.

Fleeing from Kreeta

During the seach the cell blocks lost power and those in the blocks made their escape (S'Rell, Kraang and Claire).

  • S'Rell: "We have to leave, now something wrong!"
  • Claire: "We must reach the Hutter cruiser, it is our only hope!"

Kraang himself said nothing as he already had given the order to his crew to locate and find his ship. Without saying a word he ran up the stairs- with the other two in hot persuit.

  • Claire: "Curse that Hutter, he is trying to leave us!"

Arriving at a lower plattform, the three saw their D-5 cruiser at a docking port- where the Hutter crew already managed to enter and secure the vessel. Suddenly a lone green creature slipped past them- who Claire recognised as a Zevian Diliphio!

  • Dil'inee'Dry: "Ssah! Hurriess youss musst. Hess ssshasing us!"

The three looked at eachother when suddenly a booming voice was heard!

  • Mortikran: "Mwahaha! What do I find here? Four lost people including my dear Claire!"

Mortikran smilde viciously- while grabbing a Chinawkya trooper he chrushed his skull while he was flanked by two Basileus navy troopers. Claire nodded to both Dil'inee'Dry and S'Rell, a sign to leave to the D-5 cruiser at once. Mortikran launched himself at the party but Claire managed to back-kick him in the face- giving the others the time to escape. Claire made a turn and ran to the cruiser as well.

Meanwhile above two Venator-class cruisers approached the base and began bombarding the structure- though one of the Venator's was destroyed by a anti-space cannon. Mortikran looked annoyed, due to the falling debris he wasn't able to persuit Claire and her seemingly "friends" and witnessed them leaving.

Though Claire and S'Rell travelled with the Diliphio onboard his Gwylliöen-class freighter. Mortikran snorted, though they escaped he managed to defeat the Resistance at Kreeta!

House Arrest[]

After Mortikran' attack at Kreeta Claire travelled onboard the freighter of the Diliphio trader/burglar Dil'inee'Dry (-often simply called Dil). He brought her and S'Rell back to Rambo Capital where Dil recieved a payment for his help.

S'Rell also said his goodbyes to Claire and took a freighter back to Quadrant 21 where he hoped to gain a new ship and crew to continue his daily work. He thanked Claire for his very first adventure. Claire on the other hand was to report to Rambo Command about current events- though not arrested due to her being the Hand of Moranonúngur she was given house arrest.

Her house arrest lasted for over a month, in which she was briefed about current events and she had to brief Rambo Command of her doings. Sometime during the month she felt a disturbance, but couldn't place what it was but she felt more at ease (-this happened as Moranonúngur was killed when acting as one of the three leaders of the Cognatus Empire, or so it seemed).

Left in house arrrest for over two months, with the third year of the Dark Times starting Claire grew bored. Somewhere in the second week of the first month of 06 AQF/01 NE Claire was suddenly dismissed and brought to a shuttle who brought her to a station in orbit. It turned out this station was the Suiliagothrond II, a Suiliagothrond Battlestation- one of the more powerful weapons of Rambo Nation. Claire looked confused when she was escorted by marines to the bridge. Though before entering the bridge she was given her old uniform as well as some armor to seemingly protect her. Upon entering the bridge she was welcome by both the Regent Ramtilsae and the Founder.

  • Founder: "Greetings Claire Rambo, daughter of James Rambo of the USS Enterprise".
  • Claire: "My Regent and your Grace, what pleasure do I have to meet with such high officials?"
  • Ramtilsae: "It is not your place to ask questions girl. First listen to the Founder. You only have to answer his question with yes or no, understood?"

Founder and Ramtilsae send Claire on her new mission

Claire simply nodded, she was still seen a bit as a spy or traitor or so she thought. And with high officials- like all of them there are rumors they can let your dissapear without leaving a trace.

  • Founder: "Claire, I can assume I can call you Claire eh? Uhm, I thought so. As you know our beloved Empress is missing. Though with the USS Relativity we were able to locate the area she is in. It seems she is beyond Quadrant 82 in an area known as the Space in Between. We have never been there, so we thought perhaps sending an exploration ship, prefferly that of your father to explore and retrieve her. Sadly some organisation attacked our wormhole leading into Quadrant 21 where also a wormhole leading into this Space in Between is located. It will probably take a while before getting to the planet Zevia, which you once visited. As such, do to your status and knowledge of the Empire and Rambo we assigned you to become a Special Operative, consider it somesort of promotion. Your task is to liberate the wormhole, secure Zevia and safe the Empress from the Space in Between. You will be given an escort of clone troopers and marines, as well as two Acclamator-class ships who carry most of the troopers and weapons. In return you recieve command of the Suiliagothrond II and you will complete this monthly length task. Is that understood?"
  • Claire: "Yes your grace, I will return the Empress to the Capital".
  • Founder: "Splendid, upon your travel you can also continue your search for this Zevian Skull and secure for the Nation. Is that also understood?".

Claire nodded again, so the Rambo were aware of her search for the Skull. So now she had to find both the skull and the Empress. Claire sighted and talked to her nearest Clone marine trooper about preparing the station and escort vessels to prepare for leave. First she would have to study the station and her weapons and shields, as well as her crew and troopers completement. Claire was happy, it seemed she had regained the trust of her Nation!

One of the clone marine commanders looked at his new orders. It seemed he had to follow commands of this Operative, but if she did anything against the Nation he was allowed to take over command and shoot the girl. He smiled, it seemed the Founder thought of everything.

Clearing a Wormhole[]

Clearing the wormhole from the QF

After spending three weeks studying the massive station and preparing her crew and trooper battalions for battle Claire finally was allowed to leave from Rambo Command. After a few days of travel the massive station, escorted by two Acclamator-class ships, among them the USS Implacable. Claire knew of the Quadrantia Federation] blocking the wormhole on the other side in Quadrant 21. Claire contact vice-admiral Ramtainus who attacked the QF fleet with is damaged ships. At the same time the massive station, as well as the two Acclamator-class vessels exited the wormhole and arrived in Quadrant 21!

  • Claire: "Charge the cannon and fire all phasers! Give covering fire for those damaged Venator and Ifrit-class star destroyers".
  • S'aur: "Cannon charged at 25% m'am. Awaiting your orders to fire. Covering fire is effective. The vice-admiral is pulling his ships away!".
  • Claire: "Fire the cannon!"

With that said one massive blue beam of mass destruction hit a QF cruiser, engulfing it in a massive explosion it took two third of the other QF ships with her. Among them two Quadrantia Loron cruisers. At once the remaining QF ships retreated and the wormhole was cleared!

Ramtainus was pleased, he could now return back to Quadrant 82 and make new plans. While the station moved on towards Zevia, trade and commerce ships were once again seen travelling to the Q21 colonial sector.

A sudden discovery![]

Claire looked bored. After a two week travel from the Deep Space Colonial Sector they arrived at Zevia just minutes ago. Above the planet Claire noticed that artificial wormhole at opened- and only trade ships came through. Commander S'aur reported that a lone Imperial Star Destroyer also exited the wormhole and left for parts unknown.

Two small freighters approach the Suiliagothrond II

Claire frowned her eyebrows again and asked Niner, a Clone Senior Command to prepare a landing party to Zevia. The clone nodded- Claire was given two objectives by the Founder. One was finding the Zevian Skull, the other the missing Empress. Claire planned to ask the Sauriens at Zevia for further information. Perhaps she could even enter the temple north of the swarms. Though knowing it was forbidden she had two Acclamator-class troop transports with her to force such an expedition, the skull was vital for the Nation and protection of the entire cluster of space.

Sunken in deep thoughts, lt. commander Irana informed both S'aur and Claire that they were being hailed by a small freighter. Surprised Claire answered the call.

  • Claire: "This is Claire Rambo, commander of the Suiliagothrond II. State your inquiry."
  • Riordan: "This is Riordan Rambertan of the freighter Eagle. I request to dock with your station with refugees from Carnthedain at orders of ..........".
  • Claire: "Refugees? We are a Nation' Battlestation. Not a station for refugees or smugglers mister Rambertan. It is against protocol to..."
  • Ramashe: "It will be done at my command Operative".

Claire and S'aur looked shocked. Behind the Serindia smuggler the Empress of Rambo Nation appeared- though looking tired and weakly she was still allive. Claire was stunned in didn't knew what to say. She never met the Empress before and for a moment she was to shocked to react properly. Gaining back her momentum she allowed the two freighters to dock and allowed them to be brought to the brige.

Claire welcomes the Empress, Lourdes, Dil and Riordan at the bridge

The senior clone commander known as Niner welcomed the Empress, Riordan, Dil and Lourdes in the docking bay and escorted them to the bridge while other clone troopers and marines aided the Elven civilians of the freighters and provide them with food and medical care. Arriving at the bridge Ramashe approached Claire- followed by the rest of her company.

  • Claire: "My Lady, it is good to see you. We have been dispatched by Rambo Command and Regent to find you. But it seemed you have found us first."
  • Ramashe: "Indeed Operative. I am glad that we did. It is a hazardous quadrant and these elves need new homes among our own colonies".

Claire started to protest and Ramashe raised her hand to stop her in mid-sentence and told her she was aware of protocols- though reminded Claire that the Monarch was allowed to overrule those protocols if needed. Onboard the bridge the saurien Dil was given a big reward in money, as well as Riordan.

While Claire and her forces prepared an exploration of Zevia, Ramashe contacted Rambo Command and told her she was fine and wished to return to the Capital. She also made sure the Senate agreed with the Elves becoming a protectrate species of the Nation and were going to retake Carnthedain for them. As such Ramashe said her goodbyes to Lourdes and her elven population and instructed Claire to invade Carnthedain after she finished her Zevian exploration. As the Empress left she also gave Riordan another kiss and hoped to see him again soon. Riordan promised that would be the case, but first he had to finish some matters in Cyrannus. Within a few days vice-admiral Ramcard arrived and transported her back to the Rambo Capital where she re-took her throne and rule over Rambo Nation.

Exploration of Zevia[]

Claire and Carnoria meet again!

As the empress returned to the Capital, Claire finished her preperations for exploring the ruins of Zevia once more. Commander S'aur was given command over the station, while lt. commander Irana was to investigate the temple in the western forests. Claire herself was to go to the swamps, to meet with King Carnoria once again.

Taking a Mortis dropship Claire arrived at Carnivoria city, the white/red colored city in the middle of the swamps of Zevia and stronghold of the Sauriens of Zevia. Entering the city she was greeted by Carnoria- who travelled onboard the Infector before returning to Zevia (-just before the star destroyer went missing due to an anomaly). Carnoria smiled, though his Velotarian watched Claire' every move.

  • Carnoria: "Welcome Lady, it has been the second time now we meet and my honor once again. Please state your inquire to disturb me on this misty morning".
  • Claire: "Hail King Carnoria of the Sauriens. I come here in peace and with a request. I wish to study the wall decorations once again if you allow.".

King Carnoria looked surprised and happy at the same time. It seemed the Hunt for the Zevian Skull was still one! He made short bow and made a gesture move that Claire was allowed to enter his palace- at top of Carnivoria city before the King himself, a great honor given by Saurien standards. Claire smiled and nodded in grattitude and entered the palace.

Together with King Carnoria she studied the ancient markings at the wall again. Claire slowly began to interpret what it could mean. Thanking Carnoria for the chance to study the wall again, she asked the Saurien King if he wanted to join her again to search for the artifact, this time onboard the Suiliagothrond II. Carnoria refused gently, claiming his people needed him first. Though when she found the skull he would be interessted in looking at such an ancient jewelry. Claire nodded and told him that it could be possible for him to see it before transporting it to the capital. Expressing her thanks once again she left the city and returned to her space station to await the report of Irana.

Irana and Stench at the temple

While Claire meeting the Saurien King, Irana and some clone troopers investigated the temple in the western forests. Irana grew frustrated, as the temple had no secret hallways or underground caverns. At top of the temple once the Skull had rested before being taken away by who knows. Irana sighted, perhaps it was time to return to the station- though she had to admit she liked the fresh air. All of a sudden a small green creature approached her, it was weakened, hurt and underfed. And it smelled as well, the troopers smiled at the little creature who seemed to take an affection to Irana, while she only wanted to keep distance of the little creature.

  • Trooper: "Lt. commander, it seems you have found a new friend?"
  • Irana: "Don't you dare to laugh at me trooper! This thing smells, looks weird and......."

Suddenly the creature fell to his knees and bursted out in tears. Irana, even though seemingly disliking the creature bend her knees as well to comfort the creature.

  • Stench: "Thank lady, kind you are! Me is Stench".

Irana smiled and took the hand of the little creature, she made a gesture to one of the troopers who gave the little creature food. Irana asked the creature if he was a Greendion, and he nodded in agreement. Irana ordered the creature to be brought to the station for a medical scan and perhaps it could be travelling with them onboard the station.

At first Claire was hesistant, but realising Irana liked the small creature (-even though the smell was a bit bad) Claire agreed only to the fact he was a Greendrion and he might prove useful.

Arrival at Carnthedain[]

Arriving at Carnthedian with the Infector coming out of a wormhole

Afer weeks of travel, date marking the third month of 03 NE/06 AQF Carnthedain was finally near. Making battle plans the Suiliagothrond, under command of Claire Rambo finally arrived at the planet Carnthedain. Arriving in orbit a sudden wormhole gave troubles.

  • S'aur: "We have large energy readings in front of us!"
  • Irana: "'Mam, a wormhole is opening in front of us! Throwing out a ship!"
  • Claire: "What? Raise the shields, go to red alert!"

Exiting the wormhole were the ramains of a scarred and burned Infector straight in the way of the Rambo vessels. Though the USS Implacable narrowly managed to avoid the damaged Ifrit class star destroyer, the other Acclamator-class was not so fortunate and was destroyed with all hands.

The coallision made sure the Infector became even more damaged and was left driftless in orbit of Carnthedain. Claire looked dissapointed, but ordered her suvey teams to prepare to enter orbit and explore the presence of the Sorceror.

Meanwhile, while the teams were preparing themselves, all systems were prepared for an orbital bombardment.

Battle of Carnthedain[]

While the crew of the Suiliagothrond II prepared themselves for battle- the bridge crew scanned the planet for lifeforms. To their surprise, Irana informed the rest of the crew that the sorceror's fortress seemed to be abandoned. Surprised Claire dispathed a scouting Mortis dropship to investigate.

Mortar and Lourdes overlooking the return of the Elves

After three hours they returned and confirmed the sensor readings. Claire decided that she would search the fortress with a small squad for clues and information, while Mortar, a clone trooper commander was to aid the Elves in returning to their homes and supply them with food, medical supplies and to install a long range transmission computer. While preparations were made, the rest of the bridge crew, like Irana and S'aur remained at the station's bridge to coordinate the effort.

It took the crew another two hours before the operation started. While Mortar dispatched his Mortis dropships to bring the Carnthedain Elves to their village, he met with Lourdes- overlooking the operation a top of a hill.

  • Lourdes: "Hello commander, how is the operation going?"
  • Mortar: "The operation is almost completed, it will probably take another hour before all of your kind is returned to their homes. Meanwhile we make preparations to build a camp for the clone troopers who will remain at Carnthedain to protect your village against threats".
  • Lourdes: "Splendid! Any word from Lady Claire?"

The clone trooper commander sighted and informed Lourdes, who was to become a Consul of Rambo Nation that they had lost contact with the Operative.

Elswhere on the planet, earlier that day Claire and a few troopers entered the dark fortress to find it completely abandoned. With no signs of the Goblins nor the Trolls the troopers and Claire searched the building for information or clues. While Claire entered a room, the room suddenly sealed and Claire found herself in an abandoned and empty hallway, clouded with smoke and a nasty smell. Suddenly Claire heard voices and screeches and she became affraid all of a sudden.

Morgandaûr strikes at Claire!

Suddenly the hallway ended in a dead end, before Claire could turn around the wall displayed images of Claire being tortured by Mortikran- while his laugh filled Claire's head with despair. Soon the imaged changed in the time she was being "interrogated" by colonel Chodecra and Rambas while all the time she felt the pain again. Falling to her knees, Claire softly began to cry, tears rolling down her cheecks.

  • Morgandaûr: "My my, what entered my lair now? A young and sad girl?"

Claire turned around, her back against the wall she searched the dark hallway for a sign of the origins of the voice. Claire her underlip quivered and her eyes widened, as the voice sounded dark, hollow and twisted.

  • Claire: "Who are you? Where are you? S-show yourself!"
  • Morgandaûr: "I am the one you came for, did you not seek me, the sorceror of Carnthedain? You are such an easy prey. You are tormented by experiences of pain and torture. How easy are you frightened. You do not know, but already you have lost the battle against me!"

Claire sprung back to her feet and raised her shield, still searching the hall way. Claire suddenly felt the pain of her tortures again and fell to one knee. This sorceror was playing tricks with her senses and mind- though she didn't want to admit it, she really was affraid. Standing up again she never saw Morgandaûr materializing behind her. While his hand grabbed her shoulder, his other hand charged with dark energies who rendered Claire unconscious.

Morgandaûr took Claire to his personal quarters high a top one of the towers of the Dark Fortress. Giving her a slight electric shock he awoke Claire again who screamed in agony of pain.

Claire raised her upper body and head, supported by her arm that felt heavy- sweat breaking out Claire narrowed her eyes. Full of hatred and anger at this sorceror, who managed to take her out from behind. In her opinion only a coward would not dare to face a human. Glaring at the sorceror, who identified himself as Morgandaûr she noticed that he was clad in heavy black and dark armor, as well as two black capes- one hang from his helmet crown, the other from his shoulder.

Morgandaûr defeated!

  • Morgandaûr: "My dear girl, I am Morgandaûr, the sorceror of Carnthedain and I have foreseen that you and I seek the same"
  • Claire: "W-what do you mean?"

Morgandaûr suddenly turned himself and shot dark energy at Claire- flung to the other side of the room she chrashed hard against the stone wall. Claire regained her footing and breathed heavily. This sorceror had a change of mood in mere mili-seconds. Looking again at Morgandaûr she saw he made an illusionary picture of the Zevian Skull. Surprised that the sorceror knew of her quest Claire raised her shield again and challenged Morgandaûr.

The sorceror simply laughed, how could a mere human think that they could defeat him? Morgandaûr launched another bolt of dark magic, narrowly missing Claire as she evaded it. Morgandaûr swung his sword arm at Claire, hitting the shield hard and shattering the bones in Claire her right arm, she screamed in pain and fell to her knees again, blood spilling from her arm she saw the fracture of her ulna sticking out of her arm. Breathing heavily Claire looked at Morgandaûr, towering above her with a sickening smile he raised his arm and prepared to strike again. Claire- knowing she had lost this battle closed her eyes and hoped her end would come swiftly.

The moment she felt Morgandaûr's sword cut through her shoulders flesh, a sizzling energy surged Claire her body and jolted into Morgandaûr who hissed in anger. Morgandaûr was engulfed in electric charges and a bright red light when his own energies seemed to turn against him. Claire looking surprised ducked behind her shield when Morgandaûr vanished in a flash of light, hissing that he was not yet finished with her.

With the sorceror vanquished for the moment, Claire looked around her in amazement. She never knew she possesed somesort of power. When Morgandaûr's sword cut into her, she felt his dark energy pouring into her, but somehow her body reacted against it. Puzzled Claire wondered if her father knew of this as well, making a promise to herself she would invite her father for diner and ask him about it.

Finding her way outside again, Claire, with her broken arm was transported back to the Suiliagothrond II for treatment. In sickbay, while the doctor was healing her arm a red alert was given!

The Zevian Skull comes near![]

USS Implacable struggles to escape the gravital pressure from behind the station

Claire rushed back to the bridge with her just healed arm, without bandage it still hurted by every step- but pain was to be forgotten now that the station rattled and seemed to move without engines running. Arriving at the bridge the sight surprised her. The entire station seemed to be engulfed in an electric storm of somesort. Both lt. commander Irana and cmdr. S'aur looked with panic in their eyes at Claire- as the station seemed to phase out of her place.

Onboard the USS Implacable, the clone trooper commander known as Mortar yelled orders all over his bridge.

  • 'Mortar: "Fulll reverse thrusters, all available power to shields and engines!"

Mortar looked in despair as various Mortar dropship escaped the Suiliagothrond, while one exploded- the others managed to escape the massive gravital power from the portal wich was opening behind the station. Drawn to the station was the burned Infector as well, while slowly falling apart. Onboard the station all sensors were down, so the bridge wasn't informed of the portal behind them. Yet Mortar knew he didn't want to be drawn into it as it would surely result in a coallision with the station. While the USS Implacable was struggling to escape the gravital pressure, the port side of the ship quivered and various sections were caught in flames. To complicate matters, one of the port side engines overloaded and had to be shut down. While the pressure became greater and greater, the USS Implacable was leaking atmosphere while the quivering became so intense, that Mortar had trouble keeping his footing.

Arriving at Aecor

All of a sudden, the station was gone in the blink of an eye and the USS Implacable was released from the pressure. Surprised, Mortar ordered his crew to send an emergency transmission to Rambo Command about what happened.

While the station vanished, it re-appeared somewhere else back in Quadrant 82. While the rattling still continued the viewscreen came back online and to all present at the bridge- what they saw was beyond their comprehension. In front of them a massive planetary structure came rapidly closing. Claire, soon regaining her positives and ordered the crew to stabilize the station, as stabilizers were down, they were attracted by the structures massive gravital attraction. As systems and sensors came back online, the station regained her horizontal position again and came to a sudden halt. Claire ordered a damage report of the station, a sensor sweep of the planet and to send an emergency transmission to Rambo Command to inform them of their current position and to ask for aid as many crewmembers were injured during the phasing.

The emergency transmission did reach Rambo Command eventually, but was first intercepted by two individuals racing to the planet- one with good intentions while the other has his own intentions for responding to the emergency transmission.

Aecor Intrique[]

As Claire ordered her crew to send an emergency transmission to Rambo Command, it was intercepted by her father, James Rambo and his crew onboard the USS Enterprise-A. Realising his daughter needed his help, and she was still well he ordered his crew to set a course to the planet Aecor without consulting Rambo Command. When one of his crew members opted that they should first contact Rambo Command, he simply replied that in case of an emergency it was at the captain's discretion to do so.

Elsewhere in Quadrant 82, the transmission was picked up by a second individual, known as Thel'Vicliquam- a dreaded Cogsangui. He monitored Claire her actions the moment he recieved intelligence she was searching for an Atlantica artifact. Smiling deviously, he ordered his crew to plot a course for the planet Aecor as well.

Due to somesort of luck, or ill-fate the two ships arrived at the western side of the planet at the same time.

USS Enterprise-A vs Shadow of Liberty

  • Jolene Adams: "Sir, we have arrived at the coordinates. Sensors indicate the planet is surrounded by a massive ring, with the western portion houses various settlements."
  • James Rambo: "Thank you lieutenant Adams. Any sign of the Suiliagothrond II?"
  • Hannity: "Sir! We have a ship approaching from behind. Sensors indicate Cognatus signatures, but the ship doesn't appear in our database!"

James rose from his chair and walked to the consule of lt. Jolene Adams, confirming the report given by Yeoman E'Leana, he ordered to raise yellow aler, including to activate the shields. He didn't trust the Cognatus and was unsure of their intentions. Somehow with Atlantican or Thirteen Tribe artifacts- they seemed to forget that they had a treaty of peace with the Nation.

Without warning the Shadow of Liberty II began opening fire, as Thel'Vicliquam was unaware the station was nearby, and he didn't want heretics to enter the structure as it would defile the Gods. Onboard the USS Enterprise-A systems overloaded and sparkes filled the bridge and hallways due to the impact of such an immense power. Shields were down to 45 % with a single hit. James, knowing his ship (-nor any Rambo ship within the navy) could not withstand a direct assault with the Cognatus assault cruiser, ordered his navigator- Ensign Walter Yelchin to take the Enterprise between the structures found at the western part of the ring. While the Enterprise managed to evade fire, it had to slow down when evading a skyscraper, followed by another direct hit wich overloaded the shield generators. Losing her shields, the Enterprise managed to evade another blast, instead of hitting the Rambo ship it destroyed one of the skyscrapers.

The attack at the skyscraper re-activated the portal phasers and within a single shot the Shadow of Liberty II was disabled and leaked atmosphere. Frustrated by losing his ship, as well as destroying a part of building designed by his Gods- Thel'Vicliquam evacuated the ship and landed on the ring surrounding the planet.

Sadly, the Enterprise, suffering heavy damaged wasn't in any shape to face another battle and instead the crew began repairing the ship in all haste, send a landing party to the ring for exploration and to find the station and James' daughter. As all Rambo captains learn at the Acadamy, when a lone Cognatus ship is seen, a fleet is never far away!

Obtaining the Zevian Skull?[]

As Claire Rambo landed near the main center of Aecor's planetary ring, as he away team she took Irana, Stench and Niner with her. As they explored the inner structure, wich seemed like a maze due to her massive size with all her tunnels, settlements and more, she eventually located somesort of a temple, deep inside the main hub.

Thel'Vicliquam slashes Claire from behind

Surprised by the art of it, it was a massive rectangle room, decorated with signs and crests. In the middle of the room, a lone structure was embedded with light. Within the light, the Zevian Skull hovered- one of the most powerful Atlantica artifacts was in sight. Claire was confident they were alone, as the Suiliagothrond II was not able to inform them of presence of the Cognatus Empire and the USS Enterprise-A of Rambo Nation. As Claire approached the skull, impressed by it's large size (was it supposed to be the size of a true Atlantica?-), Irana tried to yell something to Claire.

  • Stench: "Lady Irana, looky looky!"
  • Irana: "What is it Stench?"

Both Irana and Niner looked at where Claire stood when they saw a sudden glimmer, revealing a being under cloack moving.

  • Irana: "Lady Claire, look OUT!!!!"

Claire turned and looked surprised. Suddenly Claire felt a sudden slash from her right shoulder to her left thy, as well as electric charges around her. Unable to speak or even scream, Claire fell to her knees while Thel'Vicliquam dropped his cloack- with Claire her blood dripping from his blade. Claire lost all color in her face, turning pale white and a lone tear rolling down her cheek. Thel'Vicliquam snorted and gave a light push against Claire her head, who fell lifeless to the ground unconscious.

  • James Rambo: "NOOOOOOOOOO"

At the same time James Rambo entered the room, and witnessed the deadly attack from the Cogsangui at his daughter. James' away team, excisting out of E'Leana, Dr. Bob and Lt. Adams looked in horror as Claire fell to her knees. While they all raised phasers, as well as Niner and Irana- the Cogsangui Fleetmaster raised his weapon as well. Suddenly, appearing from hidden niches- Thel'Vicliquam's hidden and surviving forces arrived, surrounding the humanoids and raising their weapons at them.

The humanoids turned their back to eachother, forming a circle to be able to defend themselves from all sides.

  • Thel'Vicliquam: "Hahaha, fools. Heretics shall be punished. Now die vermins, the Skull is ours, and ours alone!"
  • Rta'Shagili: "No you won't."

Thel'Vicliquam roared at the sudden appearance of Rtas'Shagili and demanded what he meant. Rtas'Shagili informed the humanoids and Thel'Vicliquam that while he and the Rambo were having their skirmishes, he was send to Aecor to secure it.

The Cognatus surround the team.

Rtas'Shagili's entire fleet had cornered both the USS Enterprise-A and the Suiliagothrond in orbit before landing on the structure. Rtas'Shagili surprises all present even more when he informed them that Empress Ramashe had contacted the Cognatus Hierachs and offered them a peaceful solution to the discovery of Aecor. A combined fleet was to protect the planet as well as to study it findings, a way to improve relations between the Cognatus and the Rambo. As well in return of good favor they would release their Cognatus prisoner currently on Ramghatulk. Angered Thel'Vicliquam ordered his forces to lower their weapons and turned one more time at the Skull, wich seemed to look vicious at the fleetmaster to injure an innocent. Shaking his head he followed Rtas'Shagili and expressed his concerns and suprises that the Cognatus Empire would do this.

  • Rtas'Shagili: "It is only logic fleetmaster Thel'Vicliquam. We do not have the resources to wage war in the Quadrants with the Empire and the Neraida at our borders. Instead, the Rambo kept their word when we signed this truce at Alethena-Metru. That we could study the Atlantica structures together, without conflict. As such we accepted and learned a lot, from both the Atlantica and the way the Rambo do things. Better to keep them as allies, and perhaps when the time is clear, we can always deal with them later".

Thel'Vicliquam stopped walking and looked surprised. They would allow heretics to work together with them, in hopes of keeping their alliance intact. Another enemy was not desirable at the moment after all. Instead, even though heretics, an ally within the Quadrants seemed to be more logical.


After the agreement between Rambo Nation and the Cognatus Empire, a combined fleet became stationed at Aecor with the purpose to study the planet secrets and to protect it against threats or those who dared to approach it (-as the Nation listed the planet sector as off-limit). The Suiliagothrond II remained at a permenant duty at Aecor as well.

Meanwhile Claire Rambo was transported back to the Rambo Capital for further medical treatment onboard the USS Enterprise-A. Her injuries substained by Thel'Vicliquam damaged internal organs (like one kidney, her backbone spine) and the shipsdoctor only managed to stabalize her. James headed at maximum speed to the capital where he brought Claire personally to the hospital. One there, he gave his crew shore leave while he remained at Claire her bed until she awoke again after returning from surgery.

James and Claire say their goodbyes

The treatment was a success and Claire was able to remain walking, as well as the damage to her organs were healed. Sadly James' shore leave came to an end after two weeks and the USS Enterprise-A was instructed to continue her duties within the Quadrants. On the last day, James was sitting at a table at one of the peaceful and beautiful beaches of Luthrionicae- a populair vacation town at the Rambo Capital. He took a small nip of his Serindia Wine as he saw Claire approaching.

Claire, who wore her revealing formal outfit (-much to the dismay of James, who didn't wish that to many man would look at Claire) opened his arm and hugged Claire- giving her small kiss at her cheek.

  • James: "Claire my dear, you look beautiful!"
  • 'Claire: "Thanks dad!"

Claire smiled and sat down at the table as well, ordering a Patron Quadrantia- an alcoholic drank poppulair under younger people within the Nation. James and Claire toasted at their new health and Claire turned her back to her father, to show the scar left behind by Thel'Vicliquam. James touched it, and smiled sadly to Claire. Claire simply raised her shoulders and told that it would dissapear over time, but needed a few more treatment. The only thing she hated about the current situation, was that her left leg sometimes was sparkling.

James and Claire remained talking for a while, James recalled his story how he met Claire's mother, Indris and how he felt sorry that their relationship was strained during her time in the militairy. Claire looked touched and said that it was perhaps due to both of them behaving a bit stubborn- a family trait. James and Claire laughed at the comment. After three hours and a nice diner James was signaled by the Enterprise that they were awaiting his arrival.

  • James: "I believe it is time to say goodbye."
  • Claire: "I-indeed."
  • James: "Well, eh I..."

Claire hugged her father and a small tear rolled down her cheek.

  • Claire: "Be save father, but also have fun and don't forget to make a call once in a while".

James smiled and said he would. Stroking a wisp of hair, James smiled and kissed her forehead.

  • James: "You too my little girl. See you soon!"

With hand gesture James dissapeared when the transporter phased him from the planet to the USS Enterprise's transporter room. Heading straight for the bridge he informed the crew to leave drydock and head for the Ramsoria Run.

Behind at the beach, Claire sighted and crossed her arms. Smiling that relations between her father and herself was improved she walked back to her rental cabin where she had a few more weeks to heal. She couldn't wait to get started again in training and returning to the station. Rumors had it she was also going to be given a vessel, so that the Suiliagothrond was to be guarding Aecor at all time, the ship could give Claire and her crew the chance to explore nearby space as well.

With the Hunt for the Zevian Skull concluded new adventures and stories are about to begin!


Behold it's power, as no mortal can hold wield it's power

- Ultimate One

The Skull will aid me in bringing the Quadrants to it's knees!

- Morgandaûr

Such an artifact could threaten the balance of the Quadrants!

- Ramashe

The Hunt, is it worth all the lives lost while searching for it?

- Claire Rambo

I will claim it for my people!

- Vos Adamae


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