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Since the declaration of the Galactic Empire, Rambo Nation and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus are preparing their armies for the inevitable day the two superpowers of the Cyrandia cluster would clash.

However an unforseen event and the escape of the former ruler of the United Republic of Cyrannus forced the Empire to strike earlier than planned, marking a new conflict which will surely effect both the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies.


A mere hour after the declaration of the Empire, the Rambo Senate and Empress Ramashe agreed to send the Angforst to blockade the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole

All former URC ships were declared hostile and were either entered or destroyed when trying to get back to the Cyrannus Galaxy, using the wormhole. Further more, Rambo Nation send regiments of troopers into their Cyrannus Colonial Sector, upgrading their defenses for a possible attack by the newly formed Empire, who declared the entire Cyrandia Alliance as traitors.

A Secret Rendezvous

A secret rendezvous on an unknown world.

Luckily after the declaration and failed attempt to arrest former URC president Apollo, he managed to escape to a remote planet in the Outer Rim. Arriving at the planet known as Laurantia, a beautiful small planet with a wide variety of life the president met with various important figures. Among them Voro Acetenus, leader of the Cognatus Remnant, Ram'Lendilia, the Lord Ambassador of Rambo Nation for the Cyrannus Galaxy, Diplomat Eviran, Admiral Shaw and the Senators Naberrie, Magalen and Mirea. Together they discussed the forming of the Empire and how to act against them.

During the converstation they all agreed that Apollo should be evacuated to the Quadrant Galaxies as fast as possible, however with the Empire holding many hyperlanes in their power, the only way to escape to the Quadrants was using the Rambo hyperlanes, still under control of the Cyrandia Alliance. However with the Angforst at the other side of the wormhole it would still be a difficult task, and the Empire was also aWare of the safe hyperlanes of the Rambo!

The Battle of New RamhallEdit

Offensive on the Rambo blockadeEdit

Captain Pierea, captain of the Venator Class Angelic looked in dismay at the fleet in front of him. Aided by another Venator Class and one Basileus Star Destroyer he had engaged the Rambo fleet stationed at the Rambo colony New Ramhall, as ordered by the Emperor. The Emperor had recieved intelligence that his former leader, the traitor Apollo would go to New Ramhall to escape his arrest. As such Pierea was ordered to secure New Ramhall to trap him. Yet with three ships Pierea felt himself outmatched, a lot.

Battle of New Ramhall 01

The two fleet clash!

Especialley since the Rambo fleet in front of him excisted out of various cruisers, heavy cruisers a dreadnought and a battlestation. None the less Pierea had engaged the Rambo fleet in orbit, with the other two ship taking the brunt of the response of the Rambo. Pierea, onboard the Angelic kept in the back as he carried troopers, which were ordered to land on the planet to secure the various villages and cities on the colony. Yet the presence of the new Dreadnought, called the Burning Heretic proved difficult as it provided heavy fire power, combined with agile ships like the Constitution and the Kelvin class the other Venator class became heavily damaged.
Battle of New Ramhall 02

Pushing through the Rambo blockade

Looking grim Pierea had no choice, he had to push through the blockade. "This is the captain speaking, push through that blockade, the Empire depends on us" Pierea yelled over the intercom. In response the Basileus Star Destroyer went in first, facing the brunt of the Burning Heretic her phaser cannons. Yet this act allowed the Angelic and the other Venator class to break through the blockade. With the Basileus Star Destroyer in flames, the other Venator Class burned and buckled under the Dreadnought her cannons, aided by the USS Salazar it was locked in dead combat, though managed to heavily damage the dreadnought too in the process.

At last the Angelic, after disposing a nearby Kelvin class managed to break through the blockade, though after being hit by the anti space cannons stationed near the capital city of New Ramhall, an emergency landing was made in the middle of the swamp. Still capable of flight, the core of the Angelic still had to be repaired. None the less Pierea orderd to release the troopers, who began their assault on the Rambo troopers stationed in the swamp!

Battle in the swampEdit

Claire Rambo nodded onboard her buggy, the report given over holo transmission by Sergeant Master Sephis confirmed that Empire troopers had landed on the surface of New Ramhall. As Claire and her 2nd in command, Zabiela were patrolling the area where according to the space fleet the Angelic, an Empire Venator class would have landed. Claire sighted, she disliked the odds. The swamps of New Ramhall were dangerous, especialley due to blood sucking bats who inhabited her, and Claire disliked swamps. She rather fought in open terrain or in cities.

Battle of New Ramhall 03

Rambo and Empire troopers clash

"Sergeant, look!" Zabiela yelled. Looking above she witnessed the report about the chrash were in fact not true, the Angelic simply was hovering above them, deploying troops as she flew over. Claire ordered the walking tank to open fire, and the massive tank did. Unfortunate, Empire troopers had already surrended Claire her 187th regiment patrol and opened fire. All around her troopers fell dead to Mortalitas and Libertus troopers. Trying to set up a defense Claire saw in vain as one of the buggies was taken over and the troopers onboard were killed, and even worse the fight had drawn bats to the scene, who attacked both sides. Though outnumbered, credit had to be given to Claire her patrol, asa they managed to kill quite some enemy troopers, and with aid of an airborne trooper even a Mortalitas trooper was killed.

Above two Mortis dropships arrived, one piloted by Dacara who responded to the transmission, though his escort Mortis was destroyed by an Empire fighter, yet Dacara his dropship managed to land without further damage. Able to evacuate Zabiela, Claire and the surviving troopers, the dropship soon left and circled around the scene for a while. Witnissing the remaining buggy and the walker being destroyed, Dacara turned away and brought Claire and her party back to Ramhall city, where a furious Sephis greeted them. Claiming they shouldn't have left their post as now the Empire ground forces had a clear line to toWards the city.

Siege at Ramhall CityEdit

Sephis was furious, with Claire Rambo her return and that of the patrol he didn't had a clue of where the Empire forces were. He hated that, with the space fleet unable to provide much intel due to the dense atmosphere of New Ramhall, the space fleet didn't monitor the ground forces of the Empire.

Sephis sighted, he hated the fact that the Empire could arrive at New Ramhall within any moment, and they would only see them when they stood at the doorstep. Sephis agreed with himself that it was Claire her fault, she after all abandoned her post right? For her betrayal he send her out at a patrol again, without rest. That would learn her not to disobey his orders, together with her 2nd in command, Zabiela. His thoughts were interrupted when the massive anti space cannons began firing and the troopers yelled for battle stations.
Battle of New Ramhall 04

Siege at Ramhall City

Sephis ran out of his tent, and to his dismay he saw the Empire troopers managed to infriltrate the militairy camp just outside Ramhall city. Troopers of both sides were firing, walking tanks tried to destroy the Empire troopers, but were slowed down due to the rivers near the city. When Sephis began rooting some troopers around him he saw one of the walkers (mobile tanks) explode and the Empire troopers overrun his position. Looking around Sephis was Rambo trooper bodies floating in the river, lying dead in mud and swamp and Sephis saw he was surrounded. Unwilling to surrender he ordered his remaining troopers to open fire and not to surrender. Satisfied that his troopers ran face to face with Mortalitas and Libertus troopers (all Rambo troopers were gunned down, as they walked in open terrain) Sephis himself left the battle and made a run for it. Sephis didn't had any wish to die at the battlefield and felt that it was his duty to inform Rambo Command of the loss of Ramhall City.

Meanwhile the commander of the ground troopers, Mortikran was satisfied as he saw his troopers marched into the Rambo city. The civilians of the Rambo colony surrended, and bowed down to the Empire commander. Informing Empire command that the city was in his hand he recieved reports that the ground battle of New Ramhall would soon be over. When a Libertus trooper (he still disliked Libertus]] informed him that the two ground commanders were nowhere in sight, he ordered them to find both humanoids as he wanted to bring them to justice. The remaining troopers were all killed under Mortikran his orders, and he smiled, it was a good day, a very good day. And the day got even brigther when he was informed that Claire Rambo was one of the militairy commanders stationed at New Ramhall.

Rounding up the ground commandersEdit

With Mortikran and his Empire forces taking control over Ramhall city, most of the defenses of New Ramhall were either destroyed or on the run. Sadly, the space battle was lost in favor of Rambo Nation, at least for now.

"Sir, why do we not use the anti space cannons of the Rambo against their own fleet? We could destroy them with their own fire power, wouldn't that be ironic?" an Empire Libertus troopers asked. Mortikran snorted, annoyed that a lower rank would even dare to ask him that, still his wish to boost his own ego in front of one of his troopers made him reply. "Tell me trooper, we hold the city with their own citizens, would you want them to bombard this city? As long as we keep the citizens safe and do not engage them from the ground, we are safe for now.". The trooper nodded, it all made sense he guessed. Mortikran turned again when an Empire transport arrived, he had a prey to catch.

Battle of New Ramhall 05

Sephis death

Elsewhere on New Ramhall, Sergeant Master Sephis tried to find a way of the planet. It had fallen into enemy hands, partly due to his refusal to listen to Claire. As such he had to act fast, tell Command a differant story on how it happened. Wondering the swamp, he was suddenly surrounded by Libertus troopers, though they ahd differant armor now. They were glad in black and silver armor, and looked far more dangerous. Sephis raised his hands, but the Empire troopers simply replied he could lower them. Telling him he was a coWard who left his troopers they were ordered by Mortikran to kill him. To give credit to Sephis, he didn't run and faced his death with honor! Rumors would have it he didn't even scream when the blasters hit him, and the troopers left his body in the swamp, where it would float in the river nearby until it sank to the buttom.

Battle of Ramhall 06

Claire is being hunted by Mortikran

Nearby the swamps surrounding Ramhall City, Claire and her troopers listened to the militairy channels and learned of the fall of the city. Accepting the ground battle was lost they had to inform the space fleet, so they could inform Rambo Command. In secret Claire and Zabiela managed to contact a Mortis dropship, who managed to land near her position. Ordering her troopers to evacaute, the dropship was surrounded in seconds by the Empire. Ordering Zabiela to lead his troopers back to Rambo Command, though he firmly refused she gave him a direct order. Unstanding, he said his goodbyes to Claire and told her it was an honor serving her. Claire simply smiled, a lone tear rolling over her cheeck she said her goodbyes, turned around and began firing at the Empire troopers. While the Mortis dropship left in safety Claire made a run into the woods. Sadly Mortikran himself hunted Claire, and she saw him to late when he approached her from behind. To Claire her credit (she recognised him at once) the two fought for a while, rolling through the mud. Yet Mortikran was a Mortalitas, way larger and stronger he back handed Claire into unconsciousness.

He brought her back to Ramhall City, where the Rambo space fleet still didn't notice the fact that Ramhall City was taken by the Empire. Yet upon arrival, Mortikran recieved a message, news of his capture of Claire already reached the higher ranks of the Empire, as Moranonúnger himself was coming to New Ramhall!

New difficulties for the EmpireEdit

Battle of New Ramhall 06

Senators in disagreement

Upon the attack at New Ramhall two Rambo senators were in session, in a fierce discussion about the Galactics and the reformation of the United Republic of Cyrannus. Senator Chuinaylia of the Chinakya Sector, aided by the Chairman and an URC representative of the URC Quadrant 82 colonies were fighting to prove not the entire of the URC claimed the Rambo as enemies.

However Senator Aviaratyal, aided by the Commodore of the Anforst'' stood against her, while most other senators weren't event called for the session Aviaratyal and Chuinaylia stood against eachother. While both the Commodore and the Aviadactyl senator claimed that the entire of the Galactics were enemies.

The discussion lasted for almost 2 hours, with the Apationagtus representative was greatly hurt by the hard words of his (former) allies, a new order was recieved by Empress Ramashe shortly before she left for a state visit. All URC/GEC ships were proclaimed enemies, which made the URC representative furious as he learned that the Angforst blockaded the wormhole leading to his homeworld and that a Rambo fleet was approaching the URC colonies in Quadrant 82, and they were heavily outnumbered.

Upon his return, the URC representative informed his fellow ambassadors, and in turn the Galactic Senate also learned of this news, which gave new troubles. It seemed the Quadrant colonies were still loyal to the Rambo, and to conquer them would mean to push deep into Rambo space and take control of the Ramsoria Run, a risk the Galactic Senate was not sure to make yet.

Hunt for the Hecatoncheir ClassEdit

Battle for New Ramhall 07

USS Zalera under siege!

Fleet captain Mjärt looked displeased at the sight of the new report about the Battle of New Ramhall. It seemed the Rambo troopers stationed at the surface were all defeated, with Sephis dead and sergeant Claire Rambo once again captured by enemy forces. Further more the fleet was loosing her hold over the planet, and the Galactics gained more ground every minute, though the advance was going slowly due to the USS Zalera providing supplies behind the moon of New Ramhall.

The alarm of the ship suddenly sound, Mjärt quickly rose from her chair and rushed to her nearby security officer who informed her of three approaching Venator Star Destroyers approaching the USS Zalera, it seemed Mortikran found out about the constant stream of supplies and the location of a nearby ship. Immedate the three Galactic ships opened fire, though Mjärt simply smiled. Even though the Galactics had more powerful ships, the massive size of the USS Zalera could stand against all the fire power the three Venator star destroyes could give. She ordered her crew for battle positions and the photon cannons were prepared to fire when a sudden transmission came in from Rambo Command.

Mjärt was furious, "You cannot be serious, I have to withdraw? Nonsense it...." but Mjärt was cut short. She had to follow orders to prevent the Galactics of learning the tactics of the new ship, her alliegance and her capabilities. Mjärt complied that the ship only suffered minor out hull damage, and the Galactics were opening fire at maximum fire power, yet Command didn't listen and reminded her of her order. Mjärt complied and the massive ship turned, running away from the Galactics. Furious Mjärt activated the transWarp generator with her command code. The result was the forming of a transWarp tunnel right in front of the ship, upon entering the tunnel closed and the USS Zalera found herself in Quadrant 82 again, near the Angforst within mere minutes.

With the USS Zalera gone, it became only a matter of time before New Ramhall, or for that matter the entire Cyrannus Colonial Sector will fall into Galactic hands.

Breaking the Rambo blockadeEdit

Battle of New Ramhall 08

Cyrannian forces hammer the Rambo fleet above New Ramhall

With the USS Zalera driven away the Rambo blockade was soon out of supplies and aid for the surface. And with the three Venator class star destroyers returning to New Ramhall the Rambo blockade soon was hammered by the Cyrannians.

Unable to withstand the fire power the Rambo blockade began buckeling under the fire power of the Cyrannians. The Cyrannians changed their tactics of firing at the entire blockade and instead concetrated their fire power at the already damaged USS Burning Heretic. The ship soon was engulfed in flames, with stabalizers down and phaser cannon off line, the massive dreadnought was forced to withdraw. The USS Burning Heretic was aided by the USS Salazar and some other vessels, but it couldn't be prevented that an Amiaeria battleship was destroyed. The massive U-shaped vessel exploded in various bright lights and the Cyrannians had a clear line to the surface, and deployed a lot of troops to the surface of New Ramhall. With the Rambo ships in retreat, an Excelsior class was unable to escape and was destroyed.

With the breaking of the blockade the Rambo fleet was in dissarray and many officers were leaving the battle field, New Ramhall was lost and had almost fallen into enemy hands. Most ships withdrew back to Rambo Space in Quadrant 82, believing the Cyrannus Colonial Sector already lost.

Moranonúngur arrivalEdit

Mortikran was pleased, the Rambo fleet in orbit was in disarray with the removal of that massive ship behind New Ramhall her moon. However, his happy attitude soon vanished as he was reminded of Claire her capture, and with the arrival of Moranonúngur within mere minutes he was not pleased at all. He didn't like to be around high officials after all.

Battle of New Ramhall 09

Moranonúgur prepares to leave, with Mortikran and Claire as goodbye party!

As the Mornûnendur acolyte arrived Mortikran himself welcomed him and brought him to Claire her holding cell. Facing the young girl the evil Bisistar simply smiled and ordered one of his soldiers to get the box he brought to New Ramhall. Mortikran was curious, but didn't dare to ask anything to the Acolyte.

When the Bisistar Acolyte entered the holding cell Claire to defiant against him, refusing to wear the uniform the Acolyte had brought with him. When he spoke, shivers were both given to Mortikran and Claire. Upon Moranonúngur promise that if she didn't wore the uniform out of her free will, some troopers would help her change cloathes. Mortikran was dissapointed when Claire wanted to do it willing. After she changed in a private room Moranonúngur once again entered the room, with Mortikran waiting outside.

"Dear slave, you are now my servant, as the helmet will provide my master his will over you". Moranonúngur then pushed a button at his arm and Claire felt something piercing through her skull and screamed, and she suddenly felt empty and obedient. Moranonúngur smiled, and called in Mortikran and gave them their new task.

"You will take the Venator star destroyer Obliterator to hunt down Apollo, and you will do it before he leaves official Cyrannian Space. If you do not succeed, you will hunt him down, even if it means to enter the Quadrant Galaxies, is that understood?"

The two nodded, and Mortikran became even more angrier, as he became the second in command of the ship with Claire acting as Moranonúnger Hand, she was higher in rank! Soon the two began making preperations to leave New Ramhall and track Apollo down. Moranonúngur left, with both Mortikran and Claire saying their goodbyes.


With the breaking of the Rambo blockade at New Ramhall the Cyrannians had a major breakthrough, able to launch various other campaigns against the Rambo colonies in their Cyrannus Colonial Sector.

Within mere hours Rambo task forces were defeated throughout the sector, including the loss of Nexios and the Shrine of Selenyia. The only major task force (as with the loss of New Ramhall their was no fleet anymore in the Cyrannus galaxy) was still stationed at the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole, keeping the way open for retreat.

Lord Senator arrivesEdit

With the blockade broken, the only remaining Rambo resistance came from the ships that were refusing to retreat, or else stayed at New Ramhall to evacuate as much citizens as possible. Yet the Cyrannians hammered the Rambo ships and many were destroyed. With only the USS Burning Heretic, USS Salazar and the USS Ford surviving the battle, the captains decided to leave New Ramhall and began pushing through the Cyrannians who had surrounded them.

Battle of New Ramhall 10

The Senator arrives to witness the Rambo defeat!

The Cyrannians, having the upperhand and cornering the Rambo finally launched their new fighters, and the Constitution class USS Salazar was the first to bear the brunt of their attack, taking serious damage the lower hull of the ship was engulfed into flames. Suddenly, in the midsts of battle the senatorial shuttle of Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia dropped out of Warp, as he recently returned from his emergency meeting at of Laurantia.

Ram'Lendilia eyes widened and the senator knew what it meant, the Cyrannians had made their move. Immediately he contacted Apollo on emergency encripted channels: "This is Ram'Lendilia for Apollo, the Empire have arrived at New Ramhall, I repeat the Rambo hyperlanes are breached! You must find another way, I will ..nd ... . map .. possib.. .oute...! ... .... flee from La..a..ia.. H...y, they ..ll .ra.k y.. do.n!".

Suddenly the transmission stopped, with a Cyrannian logo appearing at the viewscreen it meant the Cyrannians were jamming al signals, further more a Cyrannian fighter disabled the sensor and transmission array when it openend fire at his shuttle. Looking in sadness, Ram'Lendilia saw the last three Rambo ships leaving New Ramhall, and the senator cried. The Cyrannians, their former and closest allies had committed the most terrible betrayal in Rambo history. The landing was rush, as the senatorial shuttle chrashed at the airfield of New Ramhall. Stepping out of his shuttle he was greated by Cyrannian soldier who immediateley captured him and brought the senator lord to his holding cell, awaiting further command of what to do with him from Imperial Command. Ram'Lendilia didn't resist his capture, he knew he didn't want to get shot, as if he stayed alive the citizens of Cyrannian Colonial Sector would still have hope, and if the empire would kill him they would probably form somesort of resistance. He decided he had to remain strong, for his people.

Last standEdit

Battle of New Ramhall 12

The Rambo their last stand in the Cyrannus Galaxy

With the last ships leaving New Ramhall the entire Rambo Cyrannus Colonial Sector was soon overrun and many citizens who were able to pay for the travel back, had their own ships or just fled in panick headed toWards the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole. Stationed at the wormhole was the USS Caprica of vice-admiral Rambas II and the USS Ford, an Excelsior class. Rambas executed a special strategic, who was called the "shield tactic". He place both the USS Ford and USS Caprica in front of the wormhole, turning them the ships saucer would act as a back up shield if the energy shields failed or were destroyed. This meant that all availible power could be send to the saucer shields, leaving the belly of the ship unprotected. Rambas executed this tactic to allow as many citizens to leave or make a run to Quadrant 82. Yet this went on for some hours before a task force of five Venators arrived and began attacking the Rambo ships. Rambas and the captain of the USS Ford remain vigilent and held their position, allowing more citizens and the critical damaged USS Burning Heretic, the first Rambo dreadnought to escape back to Quadrant 82. And they were just in time as both the saucers of the USS Ford and USS Caprica were destroyed. All crew of the USS Ford died in the resulting explosion, while Rambas and his crew managed to board their shuttles just in time.

With Rambas, the last shuttle entering the wormhole it became a fact, the Rambo had surrended the Cyrannus colonial sector and withdrew from the Galacic Empire of Cyrannus!

With the loss and withdraw of the Rambo those who would had hoped for liberation saw their hope chrashing down, as for the Empire propaganda and militairy forces their first major victory was a boost for moral.

The Emperor could be pleased, the Rambo were defeated in their first major campaign, now plans could be made to invade the Quadrant Galaxies!

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