The plan cannot fail. I will see to its completion personally...

- Tyrómairon

The Dark Times is an informal term used to describe the events that transpired in the Cyrandia Cluster in the aftermath of the Great War, which resulted in a drastic shakeup in the political makeup of the Cluster with the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus under the rule of the ancient Oikoumene known as Tyrómairon. Throughout the years after the war, the Empire expanded expodientially into the galaxy, bringing new levels of order and stability to Cyrannus. However, under the leadership of Apollo, those loyal to the United Republic of Cyrannus fled the Imperialistic war machine before finally establishing the New Cyrannian Republic in peace, while the peaceful and noble Rambo Nation ultimately joined the Empire as a protectorate, changing the way of life in the Quadrants as much as that in Cyrannus.

However, in these times of darkness and uncertainty, new and dangerous civilisations such as the unstoppable Neraida Gigamatrix and the secretive Regellis Star Empire came to light, while old enemies came to new levels of strength against the backdrop of a war started by those unwilling to see an Empire in place over the free people of Cyrannus. Political plots, ancient secrets and titanic battles all ensured that the events of the Dark Times would be recorded by historians in future centuries as some of the most important in the history of the Gigaquadrant.

Most historians would consider the outbreak of the New Cyrandia Wars near the end of the Empire's third year to be the last year of the Dark Times, though others would consider the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic earlier that year to the end of this period of galactic history, though the Empire would remain the dominant galactic power regardless.



- Yr 1 - Yr 3


- Yr 1 - Yr 3


- Yr 1 - Yr 3









The Rise of the Empire.

In the final moments of the Great Cyrannus War, the majority of the Republic's senate congregated in the Senate Chamber, joined by a great deal of reporters and other foreign dignitaries to hear the mysterious figure speak. Suddenly, Tyrómairon entered the chamber and was granted access to the Presidential Podium, which was usually filled by Apollo, who was absent. In a rousing speech Tyrómairon enacted his grand plan, announcing the reorganisation of the Republic into a new hyperpower, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. His pleas to the Senate for change were supported by Guolivian who used information given to him by Morgandaûr to completely de-credit Apollo and the Cyrandia Alliance who were branded as traitors. By the end of Tyrómairon's speech the former inhabitants of the Republic rejoiced at the formation of the Great Galactic Empire.

First Year[]

First Month

The newly formed Empire attempts to apprehend Apollo.

The war is over, and Apollo's attempted rebellion will be stopped. With your permission, we will apprehend him and bring him before us as a war criminal.

- Tyrómairon

In the Presidential Palace on Orbispira, Apollo looked on in shock that his beloved Republic had fallen in such a short space of time. Suddenly, Imperial Libertus and Basileus troopers appeared inside Apollo's office itself, only to be fended off by the President's Miluiel and Cogsangui protectors, who aided the former President in escaping aboard the Cognatus cruiser, Placidi Itinere, with the new Imperials in hot pursuit. Eventually, Apollo and his followers landed on the unknown planet Laurantia, on which the Republic Remnant was formed, with its goal to reach the Quadrant Galaxies. Meanwhile, in the Quadrants, Rambo Nation was left in shock. Acting quickly to prevent a potential invasion by the Imperials, Empress Ramashe sent the dreaded Angforst Space Station to the Quadrantia/Cyrannian Wormhole, thus preventing the Imperials from coming through.

The Imperial and Rambo Fleet clash over New Ramhall.

Meanwhile on Orbispira, the new Emperor quickly began consolidating his power, even gaining influence over the demon known as Mar-Júun. Tyrómairon began to construct his lair deep inside an ancient Oikoumene installation deep inside Orbispira's core, where his followers including his advisor Ekrillium operated from. A week later, the Battle of New Ramhall began, the first armed conflict between Rambo Nation and the Imperials. Over time the forces at New Ramhall, whether they were Rambo or Imperial were dealt a serious and painful blow, with Rambo Nation losing its ground commanders and the Empire losing the majority of their fleet. Nonetheless, the Rambo were unable to provide reinforcements and were eventually defeated, with the Cyrannians soon conquering the entire Rambo Nation Cyrannus Colonial Sector.

Away from the troubles of the larger superpowers, the Ermitant Empire split in two due to the machinations of the fiendish Meketanor under the orders of his Dark Lord. The majority of the Ermitant people joined with the new Empire while loyalists to the old ways established the New Ermitant Republic, unaware that they were being watched.

Second Month

The Apationagtus meet with Apollo, and give him the Last Hope.

When the second month of Imperial rule began, the internal framework of the Cognatus Remnant began to unravel when three patriarchs came to the conclusion that in order to survive, they would need to kill Voro Acetenus and cut off all ties with the Cyrandian heretics. Meanwhile, the rebel Capricorn Remnant Alliance was formed and began to actively attack Imperial installations. Apollo's Republic Remnant on the other hand began to journey toward the Quadrants, under the protection of their mighty flagship, the Apationagtus cruiser known as the Last Hope. Several weeks later, the Remnant happened upon the Trucinex homeworld of Nex, on which they were tricked by the native Imperial Mandator and almost destroyed by an Imperial fleet under the command of the fiendish Mortikran.

Moranonungur conquers the holograms.

Since the Empire was formed, the Vida'Rranlora refused to let any sapient species approach their planet . As soon as the Imperial fleet arrived at their Cyrannian Database, it was attacked with extremely powerful Dream Energy-powered defenses. However, the Empire didn't want to destroy it, they wanted to conquer it. With the Imperial fleet in orbit distracting the planet's defenses, Moranonúngur infiltrated the database and conquered the holograms, making them loyal to the Empire.

Third Month

The Cyrandia Alliance attack the Republic in Exile.

The Republic in Exile, a democratic remnant of the URC received rumours that Rambo Nation were planning on closing the Cyrannian-Quadrantia wormhole in the hopes of preventing an Imperial invasion. In panic, the newly formed exiled Republic Senate held an emergency meeting and decided to prevent the Rambo from closing the wormhole. When they arrived near the Wormhole, they were shocked to discover that the Rambo Fleet, supported by the dreaded Angforst Space Station, opened fire, thus beginning the Battle of Angforst. The Republic returned fire, aiming for the Station itself. As the Republic captains watched in horror, a Cyrandia fleet also dropped out of hyperspace and engaged the Republic.

The battle turned from bad to worse when the Empire itself arrived at the battle, forcing the Cyrandia and the Exiled Republic to team up to send them back through the wormhole, eventually managing to do so. The battle ended with severe casualties on both sides. Meanwhile in Cyrannus, plots to assassinate both Guolivian and Voro Acetenus continued while Imperial fleets under the command Tyrant began to hunt down the Confederacy of Free Planets, an organisation powerful enough to threaten Imperial interests in the Outer Rim.

Rambo Nation surrenders.

Near the end of the month, the Republic Remnant came across an abandoned world apparently once under the control of the dreaded Nagith Empire of the distant past.

Fourth Month

All other events in the fourth month of Imperial rule were overshadowed by the Battle of the Rambo Capital. When Ekrillium found the true purpose of the portal on Capricaerón, an Imperial fleet led by Imperial Admiral Zillum travelled through the wormhole, ending up in orbit over the Rambo Capital. A titanic battle began with both sides taking heavy casualities. However, with more and more Imperial ships appearing from the wormhole each passing second, the odds began to weigh heavily in the Imperial's favour. After weeks of constant fighting, Zillum, Nirndal and Garlboz raided Ramashe's palace and forced her to surrender, bringing her to Tyrómairon himself. Under the threat of her people's destruction, Ramashe agreed to place the Nation under the Empire's protection, though vowed to liberate her people some day.

Meanwhile in the Republic Remnant's fleet, a prison break instigated by the former terrorist Zare'Anne caused great problems for Apollo and his interim government. Zare'Anne demanded that Apollo step down and open up free elections for the civilian fleet. In response, Apollo sent a boarding party of marines to the Astral Queen and quelled the riot, but promised the people that by the end of the next year, he would hold elections.

Mar-Júun leads his fleet over Shrakéo.

Two weeks later, an Imperial fleet under Mar-Júun attacked the Shodrae homeworld in the hopes of bringing the world under the Empire's grip. However, with the Shodrae loyal to the Indoctrinate Collective, the Empire was met with resistance, though the mighty cannons of the Imperial fleet quelled any hope the Shodrae had for victory. Rebellion in Cyrannus was not crushed however, with the new Confederacy under the leadership of Taros Cassynder gaining support and followers as each day went on.

Fifth Month

Rambas II attacks the Empire.

On the third day of the new month, the Tra'ssahk bounty hunter Garnossk under orders from a triumvirate of powerful Cogsangui religious leaders assassinated what appeared to be Voro Acetenus. However, the crafty Remnant leader, using a decoy managed to escape to space unknown, devastated in the knowledge that his very people turned on him.

Outraged that the Rambo military surrendered to the traitorous Empire, Captain Rambas II gathered a fleet loyal to the Cyrandia Alliance and began attacking Imperial targets along the major trade routes of Quadrant 82. However, tears began falling from his eyes as he knew that he would be branded a traitor by disobeying the orders of his Monarch. In Cyrannus, the Empire invaded the homeworld of the democracy-loving Mon Nahdar. With powerful vessels and highly advanced technology, the Nahdar put up a fight against the Empire and disabled many Imperial ships, but the sheer force of the Empire forced the Mon Nahdar King to surrender, resulting in the enslavement of his people.

The Errrbots re-emerge.

Several weeks after the initial attack by Rambas II, Grand Mandator Garlboz gathered nations and civilisations from across the Quadrants including the Hutter Kingdom and even the Imperial Alliance which resulted in the Treaty of Rambo Prime, a major peace treaty that ensured Imperial dominance in the region, or at least, so Garlboz thought. However, under the new Marscalcus Kya, the Empire engaged the Hutters at the wormhole between Quadrant 82 and Quadrant 89, eventually breaking the Hutter blockade.

On the Ermitant homeworld of Puria, the robotic creations known as the Errrbots were unleashed by Doctor Siloe, a Jamarila scientist. Luckily, the timely aid of the Imperial Navy under Admiral Adraci spelt an end to the Errrbot threat by bringing them under the command of the Empire, giving the hyperpower a new and deadly attack force.

Sixth Month

The Regellis Star Empire emerges.

In the aftermath of Voro Acetenus's supposed assassination, the new Cognatus hierarchs abandoned the peaceful ways of the Remnant and instead reformed it into the dreaded Cognatus Empire, ultimately intending to bring about a Second Intergalactic War, thus ridding the galaxy of the heretical filth that have marred it. However, the Emperor knew of the Cognatus' reformation and sent his acolyte Moranonúngur to infiltrate the new theocracy. Meanwhile in Quadrant 89, a new civilisation known as the Regellis Star Empire attacked an Imperial frigate and a Rambo starship, surprising both governments.

As the year came to an end, the Republic Remnant inadvertently entered Basileus space, coming close to utter destruction. However, the timely aid of Voro Acetenus and the Placidi Itinere allowed the Remnant to escape from the claws of the Basileus, though they now entered the mysterious Unknown Regions, domain of a far more sinister adversary.

Second Year[]

First Month

Zillum sees his new flagship, the Executor.

As the new year began in the Cyrannia Cluster, the Empire continued to consolidate its military and political power over the other nations of the Cluster. With the recent Imperial conquest of Rambo Nation however, the Empire made many new enemies in the Quadrant Galaxies including the fiendish Kzishaya and even the honourable Hutters. Meanwhile, in the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus, the feud between the Corthrinus and the Mortalitas for Imperial control over the region reached boiling points, with both fleets deployed along their borders on high alert. Zillum, Supreme Admiral of the Empire later travelled to Cyroenia, where he gained command of the most powerful Imperial ship yet constructed, the mighty star dreadnought Executor. Meanwhile, in the Cyranai Galaxy, the Bisistar Domain continued their infiltrations of Ermitant society by deploying the dastardly agent Catalus to infiltrate the peaceful faction.

Second Month

The Confederates engage the Empire over Dusavali.

As the eighth month of Imperial rule began, the conflict with the Confederacy of Free Planets under the command of Taros Cassynder began to intensify. Cassynder, a military genius stocked up a massive fleet made up of pirates and former Confederates and launched a desperate attack against the fleet of Grand Admiral Tyrant in orbit over Dusavali. In the ensuing battle, the Confederates used extreme tactics including ramming their ships into the more powerful Imperial destroyers, ultimately destroying over a quarter of the Imperial fleet stationed there. Another rebel faction, the Capricorn Remnant Alliance also resorted to extreme tactics against the Empire, including the attempted assassination of famed Imperial Senator Guolivian, though these attempts later proved to be unsuccessful.

The Neraida clash with the Bisistar.

Two weeks after the Battle of Dusavali, the Republic Remnant inadvertently stumbled into the space of the Cyrannian "Grox", during which the fiendish cyborgs assimilated Apollo. Despite an ongoing war with the Bisistar, the "Grox" used Apollo as a diplomat to reconnect all "Grox" factions in the Cluster. Ultimately, it was revealed that the "Grox" were not Grox at all, but rather the creations of the ancient Nagith Empire.

Using Apollo, the "Grox" reconnected the Neraida Gigamatrix, which swallowed up vast swaths of the Unknown Regions in a relentless pursuit of perfection. These Neraida later attacked the Obliterator, flagship of Mortikran, bringing the existence of this new superpower to the attention of the Empire. In the Quadrants, the Empire decided to put an end to the increasing resistance to their rule with a firm act of vengeance. Using his new flagship, the Executor, Zillum attacked and completely destroyed the Hutter colony on Tigma IV, forcing many Quadrantia nations to reconsider action against the Empire.

Third Month

Using Apollo's knowledge, the Neraida begin pushing back the Bisistar.

As the ninth month began, the Empire began to secretly manipulate events in other civilisations. Imperial Intelligence began to influence the Asdran'Ari religious cult by turning it into an implement to spread Imperial influence across the cosmos. Meanwhile, the Empire established relations with another nation native to the Cyrannia Cluster, the United Lanat Empire native to the Mirus Galaxy. The alliance resulted in the Cyrannus-Tralo'aear Concordat, in which the Empire agreed to quell rebellion to the Tralor in Mirus. Back in Cyrannus, the Remnant was forced to deal with the loss of Apollo to the Neraida. In his absence, Athan Apostila was made President, though others worried that he was too young for the task at hand.

With this knowledge in hand, Willelmus Cretacea, Apollo's father contacted Koluap and Jerkon in an attempt to rescue their kidnapped President. Meanwhile, the endless war between the Neraida and the Bisistar continued without end. Though in the past, the Bisistar had the upper hand, when the Neraida managed to assimilate the Bisistar, the odds soon began to shift in the Neraida's favour. However, when the knowledge about the means to assimilate the Bisistar was destroyed by Koluap and Jerkon, the war once again began to even out. Meanwhile in the Quadrants, the conflict between the Empire and the Hutters once again roared up, with the Empire and the Rambo retaking the K-7 Space Station from Hutter control.

Fourth Month

Amemoriam was discovered in this month.

As the fourth month of 02 NE began, the Republic Remnant, the Empire, the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Neraida Gigamatrix became drawn into the mysterious Amemoriam system, home to a vast universe-constructing factory constructed by the ancient Oikoumene, also known as the Thirteenth Tribe. During the events that transpired on Amemoriam, the Remnant along with their allies from the DCP and the Indoctrinate Collective as well as an Oikoumene AI known as the Adjunct managed to infiltrate a Neraida Cube and rescue Apollo from their grasp.

As the month-long stand off between the Corthrinus and the Mortalitas intensified, the Emperor eventually learnt of this betrayal of Imperial order. Thus, instead of awarding the Corthrinus or the Mortalitas with the title of leaders of the Region, he instead bestowed the honour upon the mysterious Saurornithanta, ending the threat to Imperial stability in the Region. However, with one threat ended another soon began when the Imperial Mandator Mich'Lea defected to the Confederacy of Free Planets. With Mich'Lea supplying the Confederacy with critical Imperial information, Taros Cassynder began to prefer for war.

Ramashe is taken hostage by Morgandaûr.

Meanwhile, in the Oligarchy of Praetinna, a Draconis Imperial colony, the newly instated Mandator Gelariva began to rally her people to the Imperial cause and soon began a campaign to gain more power within the Empire's ranks. As events in the outer region of Cyrannus began to spiral into war once again, in Rambo Nation, Empress Ramashe was kidnapped by the fiendish demon known as Morgandaûr and was locked in a prison cell on Carnthedain. In her place, Ramtilsae began the Nation's leader.

Fifth Month

As the fifth month of the year began, dangerous new alliances were formed on two fronts in the cluster. Deep within Quadrant 89, the Regellis Star Empire located a wormhole leading to the distant Cyranai Galaxy. When they travelled to it, they came into contact with the deadly Bisistar Domain. Instead of infilitrating this new civilisation, the Bisistar instead decided to ally with it, bringing them into contact with the Quadrants for the first time in history. Meanwhile, back in Cyrannus, Taros Cassynder of the Confederacy of Free Planets allied with the deadly Panthrea Slaver Guild in the hopes of effectively combating the Empire's reign in Cyrannus. In Mirus, the newly created alliance between the Empire and the United Lanat Empire resulted in combined strikes against rebel bases, striking fear into the hearts and minds of the galaxy's natives.

The battle of the Core begins.

Arguably, the most significant event of the month occured in the Unknown Regions, where the Cognatus Empire and the Bisistar launched a joint attack against the Neraida Gigamatrix's Core, in which an ancient Oikoumene AI resides. During the battle, both sides took extreme casualties before finally the Licent activated himself, transporting himself aboard a Cognatus starship. With the Licent gone, the Core exploded, ending the two-week long battle. Seeing the AI as a living remnant of the god, Shiplord Vos Adamae agreed to bring the Licent to the Cognatus capital.

The Federation attacks the Nation and the Empire.

While the month continued in Cyrannus, in Quadrant 21 the re-established Quadrantia Federation launched a strike against the Empire alongside the Confederacy of Free Planets. Ultimately, the Rambo Quadrant 21 Station was lost, stranding the Rambo colonies from Quadrant 82. Meanwhile in Quadrant 82, Commander Mortikran attacked and ultimately destroyed a Rambo Resistance base on Kreeta.

Sixth Month

Deep within the mighty skyscrapers of Orbispira a group of senators led by Raen Magalen and Mer Mirea began to meet in secret in the hopes of beginning an armed rebellion against Tyrómairon's increasingly tyrannical rule. However, Mirea warned that while conflict may be necessary, now was hardly the time. In the end, the senators agreed that in the future, meetings couldn't be held on Orbispira for safety reasons. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the factions of the newly initiated Outer Rim War, a very different, new battle was about to be waged in the Republic Remnant, a political struggle to the position of Praesator between Apollo and Zare'Anne. Though Apollo appeared to be leading the debate, when Zare'Anne brought up his time as a Neraida drone, public opinion swayed against the former President.

Apollo loses the Presidency to Zare'Anne.

When the election arrived, Apollo lost to Zare'Anne who decided to abandon the Remnant's voyage to the Quadrant Galaxies in favour of settling on a new homeworld. Despite Apollo calling Zare'Anne a "nauseating windbag", he agreed to support the election's outcome. Concurrent to the political events in the Remnant, the conflict between the Cognatus Empire and its enemies intensified due to the machinations of the Licent, who managed to oust the Mornûnendurn acolyte manipulating the Cognatus from within. Soon afterwards, Zare'Anne settled the Remnant on the temperate planet known as Shaorá though to his horror, an Imperial Fleet soon landed on the planet. With the fall of the Remnant, the second year came to an end and the third one began.

Third Year[]

First Month

After the fall of the Remnant, Apollo was brought to the Imperial Capital of Orbispira, where he expected he would be publicly executed as both a traitor and a terrorist. However, to his surprise he was brought before Tereyn Aeresius, the second highest authority in the Empire. Aeresius offered Apollo a reprieve if he would promise to avoid speaking out against the Empire, an offer which Apollo accepted, sending him along a path of peacefully recreating the Republic. Meanwhile in the Empire, Geleriva Delsacrian continued her climb up the Imperial hierarchy, being instrumental in the construction of the new Aedile-class Star Destroyer, a design which mixed both Imperial and Draconid technology. Meanwhile, turmoil began to appear in the Empire's inner workings with Imperator Tyranus of the Basileus plotting to overthrow Tyrómairon and bring about a Basileus-led New Order. Recruiting the demon Mar-Júun to his cause, Tyranus began to prepare his coup. Unrelated to this event, distrust began to spread in the Imperial Senate sparked by Mer Mirea's announcement of the secession of her world from the Imperial fold.

Second Month

The Eagle approaches Apaltore.

Mirea soon traveled to the Quadrant Galaxies where she made contact with Apaltar of the Republic in Exile, the largest intact remnant of the Republic. Apaltar managed to convince Mirea to forego an armed conflict for freedom against the Emperor and instead follow purely political means of securing the formation of a new Republic. Simultaneously, insidious bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa under orders from Zillum assassinated Gianne Inviá, the wife of Apollo. With Apollo attending to other matters at the time, his children were moved from Capricaerón to the home of Ramashe, where they found love with their godsmother. Several weeks later, Ramashe opened up diplomatic relations with Savra Mathen, leader of the Corthrinus, with the true becoming political allies within the Empire.

The second month of 02 NE also saw the failure of Tyranus' attempt to control the Empire. Underestimating the Emperor, Tyranus failed to anticipate that Tyrómairon himself would arrive at one of his meetings which ultimately resulted in Tyrómairon crushing the resistance of the Basileus. However, this event would ultimately lead to trouble for the Empire by the time the year ended.

Third Month

Apaltar and Apollo discuss the future.

The third month of 03 NE saw the rise of the prominence of the Regellis Star Empire in the affairs of the cluster as well as the ousting of the corrupt leader of the Republic in Exile, Adelheidis from her lofty throne. In her stead, Apaltar became the President of the Exiled Republic, a position that would allow him to open up relations with Apollo, who became one of his closest allies in the pursuit of the creation of a new Cyrannian Republic. Meanwhile, the Cognatus Empire, recently adjusting to the new found leadership of the Oikoumene AI known as the Licent began the search for an ancient Oikoumene leader to provide guidance to their civilisation. Their quest ultimately led to the annexation of the Pact, an alliance between the Hadran'Ari and the Draiocht. By the time the third month came to an end, Apollo's endeavours to gain support for a new democratic Cyrannian government alongside the Empire was gaining a great deal of support, with the former President managing to ally himself to the generally disagreeable Hutters and the Andormaru.

Fourth Month

The Cyrandia Conference would ultimately result in the creation of the New Cyrannian Republic.

In what would be seen as one of the most important months of the Dark Times, the fourth month of 03 NE would see the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic, which was set up with the approval of the Imperial government, thus avoiding the armed rebellion that many such as Mer Mirea predicted would be necessary for the Empire to accept the democratic aspirations of some of its citizens. Though many expected Apollo to become the first President of the Republic, the position would instead fall onto Apaltar's shoulders, with Apollo instead becoming Proconsul. However, in these Dark Times, conflict was never far with the Republic soon becoming embroiled in conflict with civilisations such as the Regellis Star Empire.

The fourth month also saw the beginning of the devastating Yudumarth Campaign, which would embroil Rambo Nation in a new period of conflict. Behind the scenes, the Cognatus also managed to awaken the ancient Primercer from his slumber, with the ancient Oikoumene soon assuming direct control over the Cognatus Empire. This event began a conflict between the Primercer's forces and those of the Galactic Emperor's Mornûnendur.

Fifth Month

The Nosiso Uprising was a major embarrassment for the Imperials.

The fifth month of 03 NE would see a build-up in conflict across the fringes of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The most readily visible example occurred on Nosiso, where the Confederacy of Free Planets instigated a massive planetary rebellion against the forces of the Empire, eventually managing to drive the Empire from the desert planet, marking the Confederacy's first major victory since the end of the Great Cyrannus War. The embarrassment this unprecedented rebellion caused to the Empire was made all the more worse by the outbreak of the infamous Purity Virus on the Trucinex homeworld of Nex, which resulted in the death of the Imperial Mandator Nenabie and total anarchy on the once prosperous world.

However, the Empire would recover from the devastation of Nex and ultimately quell the virus and repair the world. Meanwhile, the Emperor began to prepare for his conflict with the Primercer by establishing the Phaedric Order under the leadership of the acolyte Venatorius, a relic of the ancient Phaedric Empire. This new Order was constructed in secret to serve the interests of the Empire behind the scenes and to quell any supernatural resistance to the hyperpower.

Sixth Month

Tyermaillin and his newly assembled fleet blockade Vasuband.

As the Primercer consolidated his power over the Cognatus, he also began to influence the affairs of the Orothil'Tastran Hermitage by revealing his role in the origin of their species. However, overshadowing this key event was the rise in the feelings of separatism in the Outer Rim directly due to the death of Imperator Tyranus. In his place, the Basileus Lord Tyermaillin proclaimed himself as the new Imperator of the Basileus and set about forming the Cyrannian Imperial State with the aid of the ousted Imperial Admiral Zillum. This rise in the power of the separatists coincided with the beginning of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, which began with the bombing of Station Halcyon in the Outer Rim.

Meanwhile, the Regellis Star Empire and the Jenassian Regency declared war against the Cyrannian Republic under the unified banner of the Rihanae Pact while the Neraida Gigamatrix began to search for ways to invade the Milky Way Galaxy. However, these events would be overshadowed by the invasion of Vasuband by the Cyrannian Imperial State, which claimed the important Imperial planet without firing a shot. Historians would later record the events on Vasuband as a key moment of galactic history, which would ultimately begin a new period of conflict in the galaxy.


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