The target completely blew right through our forces and went for the Phazrite sables we had gathered in the lower regions. While first engagements ended in 100% squad losses, Squads NERV and SIERA where able to survive, and brought back still image-capture. Based off appearances, it appears to be another hunter. Like it or not, we now have 2 to deal with.

- Zarbanian military report.

Dark Hunter is a twisted clone of Reago Clet, father of Barda Clett, and born from DNA samples of the former, which where fused to the dangerous, highly poisonous crystals called Phazirite. Displaying sentience, and a dislike for the Zarbanians who controlled them, the crystals broke out of their containment, and fused with the skin, to produce an extremely powerful entity of almost unequal strength and evil.

Wanting nothing more than to assimilate the entire universe with his virus like "family", Dark Hunter believes, in the end, that what he is doing is right by the universe, and envisions a perfect order, with beings indoctrinated into his Crystal Hive-Mind. He is just as cold and deadly as Barda Clett, but without emotionally attachment towards children or friends, and actually envies Barda, wishes to take his place.



Dark hunter began when the Zarbania Powers had raided the grave of Reago Clett, father of Barda Clett in hopes of finding a way to defeat his son, their enemy, Barda Clett. However, they found that the Phazrite that had lead to Reago's descent into insanity and what had forced his son to kill him, was still active. Taking DNA samples, and their Phazrite crystals, they fused the 2, and, using The Brotherhood of Darklings' shadow tech, caused his growth to explode. The Creature, quickly, began to assimilate knowledge from it's parents and computers that they gave him.

Using this knowledge, he learned that few of the Science Command's members actually cared about him, and only wanted to use him as a weapon. Feeling enraged and betrayed, he used the Phazrite they had exposed themselves to, and used it to enslave them and create a new Empire.

Feeling angry towards Barda, who had grown up with loving parents and a normal childhood, while he was a bastard of science and necromancy, resolved to destroy him.

To help him, he traveled through space and found fertile, tectonically active planet he could use. Landing, he used his crystal meteors to fire several at designated locations. From the 2 that managed to survive the fall, and the geothermal energies, and absorb said energies, came 2 new crystal-based life forms that he took after at first as servants, then as sons. He transported them elsewhere, after the planet crumbled due to the unstable energies of the crystals.

First family encounter[]

Barda encounters his double.

Dark hunter later visited a Zarbanian base looking for thralls. This was during the twilight years of the War against the Dead Watch, and was briefly encountered by Barda Clett, who was clearing out an operation that could've meant an alliance between the Powers and the watchers. The 2 briefly fought before Dark Hunter explained his origins. Barda did not accept such an explanation, and denounced the Lord of Crystal as nothing more then a plague. Still, Dark Hunter called him Ickro'Brota, a term meaning brother in archaic, prehistoric Ugandal.

Dark Hunter consumed the crystals, and enthralled some of the survivors to his cult, before leaving a star-shaped scar on Barda's shoulder, later making the same mark on himself, meaning, in his mind, the 2 would forever be linked.

Proditkar Alliance[]

Shortly after the Dark Hunter came into birth, Solid discovered his existence. Feeling pity for the clone of his gene-tempkate's best friend, Solid went on a quest to search the Hunter, taking his apprentices Gmacier and Shiver with him. At fist, the Dark Hunter mistook Solid for W'tze, but after sensing the grief within the being, he recognized him as the being he was. Using his general outspokenness, Solid managed to sway the Dark Hunter to his side. Soon, a friendship kicked up between the two quite like that between Barda and W'tze. Solid, Glacier and Shiver left a while after, with Solid being determined to ally the Cult and the Proditkar.

Gigaquadratic Conflicts[]

During the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, Dark Hunter began to activate his Plan, planning to use his resources to destroy Barda once and for all, and bring the Ugandalorians under his command. His forces also began to assist the Proditkar Movement more in their plans.

Dark Hunter began to also contemplate making peace with the Zarbania Powers, as well as trying to kill some of Barda's friends, such as Ajaar'Magnos and W'tze in an attempt to undermine Barda's will to fight.



Years spent in isolation and pain have caused Dark Hunter to disavow all feelings of love and compassion that he may have inherited from his parent. Instead, he has given himself fully to ambition and hatred, wishing to ground these emotions up wherever he sees them. His servants are incapable of any emotion other then hatred and envy, as Dark Hunter so want, and the Lord of Phazrite commonly goes out of his way to cause as much pain and misery as possible in battle.

Dark Hunter notably has a bit of a god complex, believing his nearly invulnerable body to be a gift from the "gods", and that no blade or weapon can assail him. As is common, he refers to himself as such titles as "Holy Emperor", and "Master of the Stars".


With his powerful abilities, the Dark Hunter can create crystal-filled rifts in the ground, to trap his enemies, as well Crystal spires, so as to enhance his own energy, recharge his powers, and heal himself quicker. He also likes to use these spires to trap opponents within them, and make them incapable of leaving, even via teleportation. He can control Phazrite, and the sentient crystals identify him as their leader. He has powerful telekinetic and telepathic powers, and an extreme amount of durability, thanks to his muscles and skeletal structure being laced with crystal.

The Dark Hunter can change into a shadowy form, which resembles a winged specter, and uses this to traverse the stars in his quest for power. He can fend on solar radiation from dying stars, and can use tower-structures to "catch" this energy for his usage.

The Dark Hunter has the ability to discharge power through touch, and can lift himself telepathically. His main weapon is the ability to fire Phazrite radiation bolts from his hands, and can encase himself in a reflective shield to block energy-based attacks.

Dark hunter, also has one more thing on Barda. He is an extreme genius. His intelligence grows as he stabs his claws into circuit outputs on computers, allowing him to assimilate their knowledge.



The Dark Hunter is arguably his own equipment. However, he carries his own set of pistols similar to Barda's own, but with his radioactive life force for ammo instead of plasma clips.


Blue face.png Allies[]

You are worthy to exist under my domain.

  • "Solid" - Together, we suffer...
  • Reago Clet - Father...
  • Obcrodus - Son...
  • Kyrserack - Son...

Yellow face.png Servants[]

You shall fulfill your purpose.

Orange face.png Neutral[]

I watch, even when you think your alone...

  • Takanuis - Child of my enemy.
  • Kirta - Child of my enemy.
  • Forbila - Mate of my enemy.
  • Zontross - uncivilized brute.

Red face.png Enemies[]

I am the destroyer of worlds! Witness my power worms!!

  • Barda Clett - Not...fair....
  • W'tze - Your life-force will be a vessel for my perfection.
  • Brygon - I'll strip your body of flesh.
  • Ajaar'magnos - Zealot.
  • Phase-Hunter - What in death's name is a Sombrero? Bah! Does not matter, you will die shortly enough.

Quotes from others[]

  • Add your own!

We are not brothers. I am truly descended from living beings, you a bastard of the unnatural science of the universe and eldritch energies. You are not Ugandal, you are not Clett, you are an abomination.

- Barda Clett

Want a fight? I'll tear your radioactive head and shove it a nuclear reactor.

- Ajaar'Magnos

You know the pain of being rejected. Yes, we are so much alike...

- Solid

What the hell was that thing?

- W'tze

I shall rename thee, King Sombrero of the Crystal Empire! Or Spacegodzilla. Whichever works. Or Sombrero-Zilla! Jeezus! I'm a freaking genius!

- Phase-Hunter

We are quite similar, and we will help each other well.

- Glacier

Quotes from himself[]

I shall call you Ikro'brota, it is prehistoric Ugandal for brother. We do, afterall, have the same father.

- Dark Hunter, in his first encounter with Barda Clett

The Difference between a genius and a madman is success.

I am the beginning for some, the end for many.

Darkness awaits unleashing.

Swords drawn so easily always beget war, and rarely are put away as easily without force.

I am the death that proceeds annihilation.

Dare stand in my way? Die!

Pathetic slaves, accept the crystal plague and become one with peace, or you will know eternal peace...

Hahahaah! Darkness, pain and crystal, tis the story of my life, and now yours!


  • Much his backstory, powers, and personality, comes from a variety of sources, as Souther from Hokuto no Ken, Spacegodzilla, and Dark Samus from Metroid.