when figtin a war yoo always need a big horde of troopas. dey dunt mind dyin or bein boomed as long as yoo giv dem a propa guud war ta kill thicos in.

- Fre'kloar

“'Troopaz' are representative of what Loron are; barbaric, single minded animals with careless attitudes. To fight a Troopa close range is to fight a wild beast; to fight a Troopa long range is to fight someone with clearly poor aiming skill.

- DCP report

The Rogue Troopaz are the main horde of Rogue Boyz infantry; in the Rogue Boyz military, they hugely outnumber other classes. The main Speshul Warboss of the Troopas is Ray'loth.



The Loron troopas really began in the Tribal stage, as a bunch of crazy Loron, some carrying weapon, who had a lust for combat, and wished to punch and eat everything in sight. They were effective mostly due to their huge number. For a long tme, they were the only class of Loron soldiers.

DCP/Loron WarEdit

It was only really during the DCP/Loron War that the troopas gained weapons. These were originally stolen Grimbolsaurian infantry weapons, but later, the Loron began to develop their own weaponry, beginning the Mekkas and Tekkas.

Da Rogue BoyzEdit

In the very start of Da Rogue Boyz, the Troopas class was implemented during Da Rebellion, when the Loron killed the natural Brag'klogga (although the Dark Brag'klogga had become a flash boy). The class was improved with all new weapons unprecedented in all-Loron civilizations.



Appearance of Da Troopas is variable. Several carry lots of bling, others wear simple clothing, others still wear a couple of plates of armour. But none look the same. They can carry things such as heads of dead enemies, skulls, bling amd much more.


Troopaz are tough, excited infantry are charge up to their enemy in a howling tide of violence and bloodshed. They usually carry knives or guns to "shank" and "blast" the enemy, they place great pride in their weapons. They rarely wear armour, although with how tough Loron are it's hardly ever needed. When a large gang of Boyz attack the enemy with gunz and knives and charge the foe, the resulted mess is usually terrifying. Troopaz prefer noisy weapons and enjoy feedback of their guns.

Troopaz behaviour is very barabric- they simply charge at enemies and kill everything they possibly can, making sure to cause as much chaos as physically possible. They charge in large numbers, and loosely follow their Gang. There moves aren't predictable- they shoot, they punch, they kcik, they stab, they eat. And they love it.

Loron Troopas' personality is essentially just like all ordinary Loron, thirst for battle, tough, determined and intent on gathering and showing off their Bling. Loron Boyz always see themselves as the top of the pack, and try acting hard to other Loron and getting into fights constantly, even gang bangz. This is so common in Loron society its not featured on news.

Higher Loron generally see them as usually idiots that want to do their own thing. Many more like Da Boyz, saying that Da Boyz will one day be the best Boyz in the army, adn that "at leest dey not as week as dem Grimbies". However, this is not always the case. Often, they gain higher in the ranks and become really well known. There are cases of one of Da Boyz becoming a Propa Big Boss.


For Weaponry, they carry either:

  • Gunz- Many Troopaz love guns, especially noisy ones and enjoy the force-feedback
  • Sawds- Swords for Loron are weak but good
  • No weapons- They just punch and beat up the enemy sometimes
  • Stolen devices

For other equipment, they can have:

  • Grenadez- ones that go BOOM are ones that they like
  • Hover pack etc- Usually for Da Sikka Boyz, stolen


Besides their immense strength, the Rogue Boyz Troopaz have no special abilities.



Troopaz attacks are typical of Loron- overly shooty, or hugely strong. Either way, they are savage, brutish, persistat attacks. Boyz tend to use their fists a lot, and tend to enjoy wrestling and throwing enemies about. Loron's attacks are extremely strong, and will need extremely tough armour to deflect, but they're all up close and personal- Loron ranged attacks tend to fail.


Troopaz' defence against enemies normally comes in the form of scavenged armour or cheap armour thrown together for them. They rarely wear anything in the way of strong, tough armour, as they see it as 'too hevy' and 'maeks yoo look posh'. Troopaz rarely use cover, but those with guns will occasionally hide behind rocks or any part of the battlefield they can have some defence from hiding behind. However, normal Troopa behaviour means that his is a rarity.


There are no real tactics behind Troopaz, besides to head forward to the enemy and pile on others, and to simply fight, punch, kick, chop up and "shank" all enemies. The resultant blood bath is the main reason behind fear of Loron.

Tactics of the army using Troopas are simple charge them in as they reduce enemy morale, send several Loron- who will enjoy the killing- to kill the enemy infantry. They are also useful when it comes to climbing in vehicles and taking them over. The real tactics of the Loron, however, come in their numbers. Huge numbers of extremely tough and strong aliens cause armies not only to panic, but to use purely long ranged weapons.

The best way to defat Loron Troopas is through long ranged weaponry, strong up-front defence and very strong, brave close ranged fighters. Also, huge, heavy, rapid-fire weapons are good at defeating Troopas, as they do not use much armour, so one, big blast from a large weapon, such as a turret or huge weapon carried by soldiers, is very effective at mowing down Loron numbers.


Dakka BoyzEdit

Loron Dakka Boy

Dakka Boyz

dakka boyzs a sik lot if yoo giv dem gunz dat fire boolits. we loronz like firin weponz ya see but da dakka boy like it as much as pizza. whichs a lot too.

- Fre'kloar

Loron who love their guns more than anything else fit into this category. They wear several Missiles, Pulse blasters and other ranged weapons merely to show off and to blast the enemies from a distance. They take pride in striding through the battle and blowing up anything with hundreds of missiles and lasers while firing their favourite gun they got as a gift from their mate.

Tuff BoyzEdit

Loron Tuff Boy

Tuff Boyz

tuff boyz kinda look like moovin refrigerators ya see but we dunt call dem tuff fer no reesun. still deys a bit dum as dey leev deyr heds wivout armor hur

- Fre'kloar

Tuff Boyz are Loron who love to wear lots of armor. They do end up looking like walking magnets wearing thick plates of armour they've scavenged in battle and their armor is a mess, although most believe it is unwise to point that out. Tuff Boyz take pride in walking through the battle and laughing as other members of their gang get blown to bits by projectiles, although commonly Tuff Boyz who do this only enjoy the experience for a few seconds before they are killed by 3 or 4 headshots.


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