we is da best. nuff said.

- Fre'kloar

The Leedas of Da Rogue Boyz are the most important individuals in Da Rogue Boyz. They are divided into three groups; Propa Big Rogue Leedas


Propa Big Leeda position[]

The Propa Big Rogue Leedas are the ultimate Loron leaders of Da Rogue Boyz. Each Propa Big Rogue Boss is the leader of a certain race of Loron, with the leader of all being Da Propa Big Rogue Boss Fre'kloar. They are the de facto Loron leaders, and always have the final say. Decisions amongst the Leedas do not have to be unanimous to make decisions, but rather, are settled by fighting one another.

Propa Big Poshiez position[]

The Poshiez are influential, rich Loron who make important decisions in the Rogue Boyz and are important in their hierarchy. They often have command over a particular business are subsidiary of the Rogue Boyz. Poshiez can pass laws and orders unopposed over their sections of their government. They often have a say in legislation and economics, but typically lose arguments on account of not being Leedas.

Propa Big Warboss position[]

The Speshul Warbosses of Da Rogue Boyz are the strongest and most influent of the rogue Loron's forces. Ray'loth leads over all of them, but they all have a degree of independence to do whatever they want. Most of the Warbosses are the leaders of the split Loron empires conquered by Fre'kloar, while others are just other notable Loron or Dark Loron.

The Speshul Warbosses, unlike other mere Loron warbosses, are in fact a special group of warbosses, who are higher up than Big Warbosses, and only just below the two Propa Big Rogue Bosses Fre'kloar and Hagto'Zhl. The Propa Big Rogue Warboss, Ray'loth, is leader of all Rogue Boy military.


The Leedas are always the strongest, cleverest and most powerful of their race. They are nearly always the previous leader of the race' empire which joined Fre'kloar, and thus are already accepted as leaders,

The Warbosses only achieve this position if they have an incredible unique skill. However, the reason they have this is often due to their own crazed obsession of a certain aspect of war, as well as their own experiences. Each warboss has a specialty, and some have been genetically modified by Da Chikz, through selective breeding and genetics.


Da Leedas don't live on any capital, and are always on the move. They reside in their starship Da Propa Big Rogue Krooza, a starship which has been a key part of Da Rogue Boyz' history, and is often regarded as the reason Da Rogu Boyz prevailed. The ship is also home to Da Propa Big Rogue Geek, which is in charge of Da Rogue Boyz' various arrays of AIs, known as Da Geekz.

Propa Big Rogue Leedas[]


  • Role: Ultimate Rogue Boyz leeda
  • Profession: Propa Big Rogue Boss (leader of Rogue Boyz)
  • Policy: Kill peepz who get in ma way
  • Weapons: Strong physical strenght and endurance
  • Defence: Physical toughness

da rogue boyzs da biggast an da bestest eva. NUFF SAID.

- Fre'kloar

Da Propa Big Rogue Boss Fre'kloar is the ultimate leader of Da Rogue Boyz, and the strongest.

Fre'kloar is the founder and the leader of Da Rogue Boyz. Serving as a warboss for Zr'Ahgloth for a long time, with Jol'kiar his mentor, Fre'kloar always felt that the Propa Big Loron Empire was not a true ultimate Loron empire, as there were many rogue factions. For this reason, Fre'kloar rebelled from the Propa Big Loron Empire, and united the most elite Groops, and ultimately all the hundreds of Loron empires in Ottzello. Fre'kloar was met with one competition, Gratz'kaoz, who, out of luck, he defeated. Fre'kloar, afterwards, led the Rogue Boyz to a much greater expansion than any of the others had anticipated, but he had dreamed.

Fre'kloar's main wish is to conquer Da Propa Big Loron Empire, overthrow Zr'Ahgloth, and become the ruler of the Ottzello Sector. He is the strongest of the Loron in the Rogue Boyz, which is why he retains his position as Propa Big Rogue Boss, the other reason being that he was the original founder. He will never allow his position to be challenged, which is why he wins most of his arguments; he settles them with his strength and simply by saying 'IM DA BOSS SO IM BETTA DAN YOO WANT ME TA BEET YOO UP?'.


  • Role: Fre'kloar's mentor, leader of normal Loron
  • Profession: Propa Big Rogue Leeda
  • Policy: im still old an STILL TUFFA DAN YOO
  • Weapons: Brute strength
  • Defence: Tough skin


- Jol'kiar

Jol'kiar is a Sikka Boy, who is an old and wise Loron, often seen as a mentor over the others.

Jol'kiar is an old Loron who has served as a mentor of Fre'kloar. Before that, he was one of Gratz'kaoz' best homies, and served as Groop Gratz'kaoz' Big Warboss. Jol'kiar, however, left the Groop when he felt Gratz'kaoz' crazy behaviour was something too over the top, and that he could no longer respect or work with Gratz'kaoz. Jol'kiar left, and joined Zr'Ahgloth. In the Propa Big Loron Empire, he was not trusted to be a warboss, so he was made as Fre'kloar's right hand man, where the two plotted to leave the empire. Eventually, the two began the rebellion, and created an empire made of the best warbosses around, and ultimately defeated Gratz'kaoz.

Jol'kiar is a strong, old and wise character, who often boasts his age to the others, and talks about how 'evryfing was betta in my day'. He has mastered his combat skills over many years of battling against his bitter enemies of the past. He rarely uses any weaponry, and will always battle with his fists, as he says 'gunz is fer noo peepz an noo peepz is wannabes'.


Hagto'Zhl Dark.png
  • Role: Zr'Ahgloth's counterpart, leader of the Dark Loron
  • Profession: Propa Big Rogue Leeda
  • Weapons: Very strong physical strength and endurance
  • Defence: Tough skin, some armour

yeh i guess blu loronz eint dat bad once ya get used ta dem. i still prefer dark loron rap tho

- Hagto'Zhl

Hagto'Zhl is leader of the Dark Loron, Hagto'Zhl is the Dark Loron counterpart of Zr'Ahgloth, who he refers to as a 'copycat dumbo steelin ma swagga'.

Hagto'Zhl was, originally, Zr'Ahgloth from another time period, created by Kolossus, in which the Loron were grown as a more dark species with Dark Chronoscopic. Hagto'Zhl was made to work for The Corruptus and Shu'rimrodir in the Second War of Black Fog, in which he led the Loron'Kikra. However, he was killed by his natural counterpart and Tyraz, but returned later when Kolossus revived the Loron'Kikra as the Dark Loron. At this time, he met Fre'kloar, and the two came to the conclusion they would get along well with each other, due to mutual hatred of Zr'Ahgloth, and Hagto'Zhl became one of the Propa Big Rogue Leedas of Da Rogue Boyz,

Hagto'Zhl's personality and strength is similar to his natural counterpart, although he isn't as strong as his natural counterpart; Hagto'Zhl has depended on Nightmare Energy, and so he is still getting used to fighting without it. Hagto'Zhl, however, always forgets the Fre'kloar is the true boss, which tends to lead to many arguments, but the two are friends at the end of the day. He is the same single-minded Loron as Zr'Ahgloth, but is different to Fre'kloar in that he makes more attempts to try and act cool than Fre'kloar. He is also more emotional and melancholic than his counterpart.


  • Role: Leader of the Cold Loron
  • Profession: Propa Big Rogue Leeda
  • Policy: yor dum an not worthy
  • Weapons: Strong physical strenght and endurance, icespitta
  • Defence: Rock hard skin

im da reel leeda heer. da rests jus ma loyal bodyguard advisor peepz. AN STOP CALLIN ME A LIAR

- Grak'tona

Grak'tona is leader of the Cold Loron.

Grak'tona was originally just a leader of a Cold Loron Groop, well known for his survival techniques. Due to his skillful survival ability, he took the test to allow him to own the Ancient Ice Throne, which would make him king. Grak'tona passed this test, and became the king of the Cold Loron. Later, when the Cold Loron's habitat was discovered by Da Rogue Boyz, Grak'tona decided that Fre'kloar was more than worthy, and he and the Cold Loron joined the Rogue Boyz.

Grak'tona is a Loron who consistently brags about his kingship, and is notable for his rock hard skin; while all Cold Loron are notoriously tough, Grak'tona is by far the toughest. Grak'tona is the toughest individual in Da Rogue Boyz, and also one of the quickest healers. His attacks are also hard, as his harder-than-rock skin and bones makes his attacks deal much more damage. Whenever he speaks, he will think that his opinion is the ultimate and that he has the final word, due to his kingship. He often backs up his arguments with 'who has da crown? ME SO IM RITE'.


  • Role: Leader of the Norol
  • Profession: Propa Big Rogue Leeda
  • Policy: Just do what I gotta do.
  • Weapons: Da Propa Big Rogue Smasha
  • Defence: Da Propa Big Rogue Smasha

Oh for the love of Vyro'Nazdea, stop thinking with your stomachs for once in your idiotic lifes and concentrate on the task at hand.

- Rel'larutina

Rel'larutina is the leader of the Norol, who is wired into a Loron Smasha.

Part of an all-Norol group who were rebels of a Loron empire, when Fre'kloar's groop were expanding, Rel'larutina joined. Due to being notably stronger than other Norol as well as clever, Rel'larutina was made Fre'kloar's personal assistant before she got older. As Norol get older and their genes change, making her no longer a producer of Loron and becoming more moody, Kal'kuir chose her to test out the first Loron Smasha. For her services, she became in charge of her own Smasha, which she customized herself to be the strongest, and then given a place as one of Da Leedas.

Being wired up into Da Propa Big Rogue Smasha, Rel'larutina is incredibly deadly in long-range combat, as well as close range combat. The Smasha is by far the strongest Loron ground vehicle, rivalled only by Da Propa Big Rogue Tank. Rel'larutina also serves as the brains behind the group, along with Kal'kuir and Da Propa Big Rogue Geek, and is the smartest Leeda. She can appear both in hologram and as an "avatar" phsyical form.

Da Propa Big Rogue Poshiez[]


  • Role: Leader of the Thugz Fer Dosh
  • Profession: Propa Big Rogue Leeda; Propa Big Thug Boss; Elite Thug
  • Policy: smash stoof man
  • Weapons: Thrown tomahawks, plasma blasters, machine coilgun
  • Defence: Shielding

imma batta da fuk outta anyfin ya giv me...for a price of cors...

- Gol'thabex

Gol'thabex is the leader of the Thugz Fer Dosh mercenary group. The most feared mercenary and killer, Gol'thabex is more deadly than any other in the Rogue Boyz.

Born in raised in a Loron mafia, away from any large civilization, Gol'thabex became a mercenary when he killed his superiors, including his father. Gol'thabex led a mercenary group which only continued to grow throughout the many years, but his popularity soared during the time of the War Economy's uprising. Gol'thabex was a feared mercenary wanted in every region for a murder of some kind, destruction of the authorities' property and more crimes. Gol was eventually taken aboard by Ray'loth as a warboss, but the impressed Fre'kloar promoted him to Leeda status.

Gol'thabex, being a Thug, uses technology not of Loron origins. It is stolen, provided by sponsors or bought from a technology company. Gol'thabex' clothing hides his incredibly advanced armour. Even without the cyber and nano-technology implants, Gol'thabex is the most ruthless, strong and deadly Loron in the Rogue Boyz, rivalled only by Fre'kloar. Gol'thabex is a more cold character, seen behind the scenes smoking his cigar, only ever talking when it is necessary, or when money is involved.


  • Role: Leader of the Loron Mafia
  • Profession: Propa Big Don; Mafiaboss
  • Policy: “imma maek yoo an offa yoo cant refoos
  • Weapons: Personal mounted Crazy Gun, shankas, cybernetic fists
  • Defense: Cybernetic limbs

if yor not wiv me dats meens yor against me an ONLY A DUMBO WUD WANNA GO AGAINST DA GODFATHA yoo got dat

- Traz'raka

Traz'raka is the leader of Da Loron Mafia and both the strongest and most prominent Mafiaboss the likes of the Mafia had ever seen. A somewhat compassionate and contemplative individual - by Loron standards - Traz'raka is known for his being both kinder than many other Loron leaders and for his sadistic tendencies; if he does not kill an underling for their failure, he will ensure they know not to fail him again.

Originally beginning as a thug to a Gangboss, Traz'raka fought his way through the ranks since a young age and eventually gained control over a small Mafia from a previous Don through a harsh and difficult eating contest, which resulted in Traz'raka intimidating the previous Don to eat more than he could handle and explode in the process. Following this, Traz'raka spent years increasing the size of his Mafia, fighting with other Mafiabosses and Gangbosses and integrating their forces into his own. After surpassing the previous Propa Big Don and claiming the title for himself, Traz'raka spent some time managing his forces and fighting alongside Da Rogue Boyz indirectly, staying largely behind the scenes while supplying them with assets.

Traz'raka is noted for the Crazy Gun perched upon its own cybernetic limb which extends from his back, which he has called Lil Homie, after gaining his cybernetic parts on the blakk market, with Lil Homie appearing to either have a mind of its own or severe bouts of malfunctions, with Traz'raka being so convinced of the former that it has had a part in dictating his decisions and becomes incredibly enraged whenever Lil Homie is insulted. While Traz'raka is known to care more for his soldiers than others, he is also known to punish them severely rather than outright kill them for failing him and has a knack for torturing his enemies, and while Lil Homie does most of his combat work for him he will use his cybernetically-enhanced fists for when he feels a fight is personal or his enemy is worthy.

Propa Big Rogue Geek[]

  • Role: Commanding AI
  • Profession: Propa Big Rogue Geek
  • Policy: Ugh.
  • Weapons: N/A
  • Defence: N/A

Brilliant. More things to clean up and organize for these brutes. I'm so glad the Norol's here...

- Rogue Geek

Da Propa Big Rogue Geek is the main AI in charge of al other AI's in the Rogue Boyz, and is part of the computers of Da Propa Big Rogue Krooza.

The Rogue Geek was crated during the end of Da Rebellion by Kal'kuir and a few others, including Rel'lartunia (who was a regular Norol at the time with no power). The Geek was put in charge of things that Loron can't deal with themselves. At one point, a year before the Second Borealis Galactic War, the AI of Arkarixus was added to the Rogue Geek as the Loron didn't know where to put it, although it was removed during the Wrath of Gods era.

The Rogue Geek is capable of using all the ships' interior and exterior weapons, and can have full command over the ship. Her voice is robotic, feminine and fairly sarcastic, as she is frequently annoyed with the Loron's lack of intellect and clumsiness.

Propa Big Rogue Warbosses[]


Ray'loth Dark.png
  • Role: Hagto'Zhl's right hand man
  • Profession: Propa Big Rogue Warboss (leader of Rogue Boyz military)
  • Policy: kill peepz
  • Weapons: Strong physical strenght and endurance, minor Dark Chronoscopic powers, electrical claws
  • Defence: Armour, shield generator

when da leedas eint around yoo lot lissen ta me

- Ray'loth

The Propa Big Rogue Warboss, Ray'loth leads over all the others, and is Thr'aloy's counterpart.

As with Hagto'Zhl, Ray'loth was a Loron'Kikra created by Kolossus, and worked for the Corruptus in the Second War of Black Fog. Ray'loth led many invasions at the Milky Way Galaxy until he was defeated and killed by the Dracogonarious Empire. When he returned as a Dark Loron afterwards, he followed Hagto'Zhl to joining Da Rogue Boyz.

Ray'loth, unlike the other warbosses, has no true special abilities, but is the strongest warboss. He is also Hagto'Zhl's apprentice, and often runs errand fro Hagto'Zhl when not leading his huge armies to destroy other empires. He has a particular interest in close combat and mid range battling, and often shows off his skills by fighting the strongest wildlife of worlds to complete extinction.


  • Role: Jetpak boss
  • Profession: Speshul Warboss, Propa Big Rogue Jetpakka
  • Weapons: Electric claws, Littel Blasta
  • Defence: Armour

hur i wus da first warboss eva dat makes me even mor speshul

- Voa'reak

Voa'reak, the Jetpak Boss, Voa'reak has an obsession with flight.

Voa'reak learned to fly with his jetpack from an incredibly young age, in a faction obsessed with the concept of flight. He became the warboss of this faction, which became Groop Voa'reak. Voa'reak became so obsessed with flight that he had his jetpack screwed into his spine and nervous system, meaning it was a part of his body. Fre'kloar, however, fought against Voa'reak and defeated him, meaning that Voa'reak joined Da Rogue Boyz as an elite soldier.

Voa'reak is so skilled at flying, it has been said he is capable of outmanoeuvring a jet plane. As his jetpack is screwed into his spine, he controls it with nerves. He also has an exposure to antimatter, as his jetpack uses it for fuel (only microscopic amounts used at a time for flight). He is an incredibly skilled and fast fighter, but it is commonly accepted that he'd be nothing without his jetpack. Voa'reak, like the other jetpak boyz, gains an adrenaline rush when flying/


  • Role: Weapons technician, leading mechanic
  • Profession: Speshul Warboss, Propa Big Mekka/Tekka
  • Policy: maek da best wepons TA BLOW ZR'AHGLOTHS HED OFF
  • Weapons: Various weird and wacky weapons he created
  • Defence: Armour, cybernetic implants


- Kal'kuir

Kal'kuir, the Mekka/Tekka boss, Kal'kuir is a cyborg, who is obsessed with creating new weapons bigger than his last.

Kal'kuir grew up in a splinter Loron faction, home to the best Mekkas and Tekkas around, and became among the best boss of the empire. He managed to unite more of the best mekkas and tekkas around, to further improve the empire, and create his own faction: Groop Kal'kuir. He also had to suffer from blades and fighting epic creatures, and needed implants. When Fre'kloar was on his rebellion, Kal'kuir's groop was absorbed into Da Rogue Boyz.

Kal'kuir has a collection of weapons, most of which he keeps for himself, and with Zalk'don, oversees all new technological constructions (many of which he claims as his own). His mind is always on creating new weapons and equipment to solve his problems. When not on the battlefield or in a meeting, he is working with Da Chikz and Da Geekz to develop a new weird, wacky piece of (often crude) technology. Kal'kuir is notable for his implants, which make him strong in batle. However, he has been criticized for 'cheating' because of this.


  • Role: Stealth soldier
  • Profession: Speshul Warboss, Propa Big Rogue Sneeka
  • Policy: be da cunniest an da sneekies
  • Weapons: Brute strength, shanka
  • Defence: Tough skin, genetically improved skin

stabbity stab stab

- Knar'gank

Knar'gank is the sneaky boss.

Grown up in the harsh jungles where he spent his life, Knar'gank became a stealth-obsessed warboss adapted to the jungle in unique ways, and even took genetic modification from Da Chikz. Knar'gank was hired by the Propa Big Loron Empire, and was sent to kill Fre'kloar. However, Fre'kloar defeated Knar'gank in battle during his rebellion, meaning that Knar'gank and his clan of sneaky boyz joined the Rogue Boyz.

Knar'gank has many unique stealthy abilities such has having photosynthesis and colour-changing skin. However, it is unknown whether these were natural adaptations, or genetic modifications. Knar'gank is a Loron of few words, and when he speaks, he will often discuss tactics. Unlike the rest of the Loron, he isn't as mindlessly aggressive, and is calm and collective about his kills, which he treats as artwork.


Zalk'don Dark.png
  • Role: Demolitions expert
  • Profession: Speshul Warboss Propa Big Rogue Booma
  • Weapons: Antimatter rockets and grenades
  • Defence: Armour


- Zalk'don

Zalk'don is the boom boss.

A passionate explosives expert, Zalk'don got into demolition when he survived near-death from an explosion from a young age, and enjoyed it. He became the boss of his faction, Groop Zalk'don, which he made to be a faction of boom boyz. He was murdered in Fre'kloar's rebellion by Knar'gank, however, the dark Zalk'don was assimilated and taken as one of Da Roue Boyz' warbosses.

Zalk'don is incredibly addicted to explosions, and will ensure to kill all his enemies with explosives, even at close range. He personally oversees creation of new weaponry, ensuring that it 'has da rite boomz'. His weapon of choice is the antimatter explosive, and he resultantly become exposed to antimatter.


  • Role: Vehicles expert
  • Profession: Speshul Warboss, Propa Big Rogue Crazy
  • Weapons: Da Propa Big Rogue Tank
  • Defence: See above


- Naktor'zak

A warboss passionate about speed and his tank, Naktor'zak is the main Loron crazy boss.

Naktor'zak only became a speshul warboss in Clash of the Crimelords, despite being a member of Da Rogue Boyz for an incredibly long time. When his faction joined Da Rogue Boyz out of choice, Naktor'zak quickly rose in the ranks of the crazy boyz, and caught the attention of many bosses. Later, when in Da Rogue Boyz, it was decided he was too skillful to not be promoted.

Nakto'zak is confined to his tank, and has never left it besides from the occasion in which he introduced himself as a Speshul Warboss. Afterwards, he has been wired into his tank, and only uses holograms to speak to the others. He is very passionate about speed and big explosions, and oversees construction of all vehicles with Zalk'don and Kal'kuir. He drives his tank, Da Propa Big Rogue Tank, which uses technology of The Junction origin.


Brag'klogga Dark.png
  • Role: Dark Chronoscopic expert
  • Profession: Propa Big Rogue Flashboy
  • Policy: I DO WAT I WANT
  • Weapons: Dark Chronoscopic sorcery
  • Defence: Dark Chronoscopic


- Brag'klogga

Brag'klogga, a speshul warboss, is adept at using dark powers.

Brag'klogga was hit in the head from a very young age, and this resulted in Dark Chronoscopic repairing his brain, but consequently, making him insane but powerful. In this timeline, it simply made him stupid, and he was killed during Fre'kloar's rebellion. However, the dark Brag'klogga, after a lot of fighting, was made to join Fre'kloar's Rogue Boyz.

Brag'klogga is incredibly useful to Da Rogue Boyz due to his power, but everyone is scared of him, due to his insane behaviour.


  • Role: Freezflama boss
  • Profession: Propa Big Rogue Freezflama
  • Policy: all da enemies gonna b eiva frozen or burnt
  • Weapons: Specialised 'Lavaspitta an icespitta' Freezflama gun
  • Defence: Extreme physical toughness, 'ice arma'

ta freez...or ta burn? dats da question...WHICH I SOLVE BY DOIN BOFF AT DA SAME TIME HURHURHUR

- Ray'loth

Drizz'pyrokirk, a speshul warboss, is the so called 'wetha masta'.

He has an obsession with controlling the weather, and uses his specialised Freezflama gun - which can spit either liquid hydrogen or lava - to kill enemies in the most effective way possible.

Drizzy has a love of fire, cold, and temperatures. He will use whichever causes the most pain on the enemy and is most effective. From being in Grak'tona's pre-Rogue Boyz empire, Drizzy is more well-mannered, and respects Loron greater than him, although as soon as their backs are turned, he will start as many fights as he pleases. Drizzy is seen as crazy, as he is so mad on his fire and freezing, that all his equipment is wired into his body, and he can sometimes run methane or oxygen through his blood, or amounts of liquid nitrogen. As this is completely impractical, it is thought that Drizzy was lying when he said this.


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