The Milky Way Front was led by Hagto'Zhl, with help from Kal'kuir and Knar'gank. It was an attack launched by Hagto'Zhl against one of the Loron's oldest rivals, the Delpha Coalition of Planets, in the Milky Way Galaxy. It was up to Hagto'Zhl to lead Da Rogue Boyz to a major victory, and for Kal'kuir to advance their technology to a point where they were capable of tackling the much more advanced Delpha Coalition, and their allies in the form of Apalos.

This front is yet to be concluded; feel free to continue to add to it.

Da RevengeanceEdit

It was clear when Hagto'Zhl set his eyes on the DCP world of Mirenton, that he was aiming big. The DCP's technology outmatched the vast majority of civilisations within the universe, let alone the Milky Way. But with their vast territories and a space force that outstretched any the Loron had previously owned, Hagto'Zhl went in confident. His first target: an outer DCP colony, a forest world home only to a few orbital defenses and a relatively small population of Grimbolsaurians defending it.

His ships had already engaged the orbital defenses. Though a Loron Sik Ship was almost nothing compared to a ship of equal size belonging to the Delpha Coalition, it didn't matter when the Loron outnumbered them twenty to one. And when Hagto'Zhl, with his army of Dark Loron, swarmed the world's outpost, he knew it was time to get revenge.

The Loron had never tasted vengeance against the DCP after the Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello. They'd never had the opportunity to confront one of their oldest foes in battle once again. So the excitement among the Loron as they swarmed and hacked away at the Grimbolsaurian defenders was felt. Every Loron gave it their all, firing every bullet they had, every shell in their tanks, and attempting to break every bone in the body of their foes.

Hagto'Zhl led the charge himself. His demonic powers from within him surged. The biologically and cyberntically enhanced forces of the DCP's troops made them strong, but not strong enough for him. As he towered over them, his strength ripping even their toughest defenses apart, Hagto'Zhl grinned and chuckled to himself with every trooper he stomped.


Hagto'Zhl was joined by two others. The first was Knar'gank. Sneaking behind enemy lines, Knar'gank attempted to rip into the larger soldiers among them. However, many of them spotted him first, and many others weren't killed so easily by his knives. Knar'gank was forced to fight, though he was still able to claim decisive victories over his foes. The second was Kal'kuir. With his cybernetic limbs and his mad genius weaponry, Kal'kuir distorted space and time, killing not only DCP, but his own Loron soldiers, in the process.

Hagto'Zhl, as per typical of Loron, was here for a specific prize. The surface-to-space ace-to-space cannon mounted on the world. A subatomic disruptor, the weapon would destroy any Loron ship that would pose immediate threat to the world. Once the Loron destroyed it, they were free to annihilate the planet and turn it into yet another world broken down with nanomachines and quantum replicators for their grand space navy.

The mad scientist Kal'kuir had a huge grin on his face as he chuckled with laughter, firing his insane inventions at the DCP. Feeling that he was outsmarting them, Kal'kuir brought out his bigger guns once the horde finally reached the cannon. All sorts of unnatural disasters, from randomly appearing comets to seemingly causeless whirlwinds, threatening the lives of everyone involved, spawned from the spacetime defects of the trigger-happy Kal'kuir, as he slaughtered those in the path to the cannon.

As the Loron piled on the cannon, whacking away at it, even their combined strength could not take out its incredibly thick armour. Hagto'Zhl signalled to them to move aside, as he prepared his fist. Charging up his demonic strength, he delivered a single, powerful blow to the armor. Once exposed, from a distance, Kal'kuir let off a blast from his cannon, as an eruption was caused from the inside.

The Loron then fled back to their starships, as they were ready to consume the world. They'd won a victory over the DCP, which was almost unprecendented for them. But it wouldn't be this easy from now on.

The Coalition ReactsEdit

The very first reports of the attack were already being streamed to the minds of the DCP's leaders before the nature of the attackers were known. The attack was sudden and came as a surprise. It was even more of a surprise when it turned out to be the Loron, as the Coalition had not anticipated that the Loron would strike out of Borealis so soon, nor had the technology to penetrate the warping of space that shielded DCP territories. The DCP's newly appointed Emperor Lunarai felt troubled by these invaders, as he was born from after the DCP-Loron War, and so consulted his older brothers and father, Wormulus II, who confirmed that the Loron were amongst the most unpredictable species in the universe. And with that, reports streamed in that the Loron had indeed swiftly conquered the planet and were already beginning to dismantle it with hypermatter detonations and self-replicating machines. They had overrun the DCP's defense fleet to keep them busy while the Loron brandished weapons never seen before on the surface.

Lunarai speculated that the Loron planned to disable the DCP's fighting ability first, before heading to other major civilisations of Plazit, so he forced his head of intelligence (who begrudgingly complied) to share this information with the Draconis and the Plazith Cooperative, which the Delphans now had a special relationship with. This was a move that the Loron or more likely who was commanding them; may not have anticipated.

Lunarai ordered all systems within a hundred light years be stripped to a minimum crew of colonists. Most of the DCP's peoples inhabited space stations and megastructures so this was a fairly easy operation to conduct. Furthermore, the shapeshifting cities of the surfaces of planets entered fortress mode or optimised shielding. Many of Lunarai's commanders were in the opinion of saturating the invaders with hyperspatial weapons, but the Emperor was interested in the new weapons that the Loron had acquired. A much closer confrontation was needed, and Lunarari's brother Warlord Titanozor was feeling fit for the role. Titanozor had previous experience fighting the Loron on numerous occasions and had the most connections with the Borealis galaxy. Meanwhile, the Loron appeared to have stayed put, demolishing the planet using quantum replicators and nanomachines to consume the materials blasted into orbit and construct weapons and ships, all at an insanely high rate. This had to be slowed at all costs, so Lunarai directed all secondary and tertiary defences from the Maelstrom in a volume of ten cubic light years to challenge the Loron front. These were comprised of trillions of drones, nanomachines and hyperspace missiles. The first of these hit ships, manufacturing zones and replicators that had been erected by the Loron.

It was now a battle of attrition between the Loron's nanomachines and the DCP's, which consumed and barricaded against each other. The friction alone destroyed many of the fabrication units and orbital tethers that hauled material from the surface. For now, the Loron advance had been stalled until either the DCP or Loron made the next advance. It was hoped this pincer movement could grind the Loron front enough for Titanozor to get close.

Apalos Pizza With Extra Q-Balls Edit

As the devastation of the Loron swept through the universe, the Apalos knew it had to take action or else risk the fall of the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance that it had chosen to support. As none of the Alliance's member states had opted to call upon Apalos aid, the collective consciousness was free to make its own decision about where to act. Firstly, it needed to gather as much information as it could about Loron tactics and strategy, and the safest place to do that first-hand was where the DCP had managed to bring the Loron advance to a standstill.

This standstill was about to end, for the warfare that currently engulfed the Loron beachhead was not the kind of warfare that involved Loron armies. It was warfare involving nanomachines and missiles; something to which the appropriate response was comparable technology, not guns and fists. Unable to properly fight, and with their pizza production slowed down by the DCP's attrition, the Loron grew restless. With what ships they had available that could evade the continuous barrage, they moved to attack the next planet on the path to Mirenton.

While they were prepared for an attack, the colony was not expecting it. The fleet of thousands of Sik Ships dropped to sublight dangerously close to the planet's stratosphere, bypassing the planet's outer shielding and pummelling the rest with hypermatter shockwaves. The thick and study armour of the fortress cities was no match for a quick bombardment of antimatter missiles, which opened the way for Loron ground forces to run straight inside and massacre their enemies as the Sik Ships turned their weapons to the orbital defences, who had by this time only just been able to react to the sudden invasion of their space.

The DCP would have been able to get reinforcements through, but they would not easily pass the blockade of Sik Ships to reach the cities, and this was where Apalos came in: to distract the Loron space forces.

The Loron sensors at first detected a large flying saucer, about 45 kilometres in diameter, a light-second or so away. However, this saucer was different to any vessel they had ever encountered. It emitted infrared radiation consistent with an internal temperature of over 450 kelvin, and large volumes of similarly hot gas containing a mixture of volatile organic compounds spewed out of several vents around the rim. Most strangely, while the outer hull appeared to be made of some kind of ceramic, the ceramic in question appeared to be indistinguishable from baked clay.

Unbeknownst to the Loron were the processes occurring inside the saucer. The centre, far cooler than the rest, saw the shaping of large pieces of Apalos replicator-computronium into kilometre-sized discs covered in a mixture of complex carbohydrates and elastic proteins, and into long cylinders of a smaller radius, iron-red in colour, which were sliced into thin pieces that were then attached to the top of the larger discs by a sticky paste of lipids and cellulose. These conglomerates were then moved through the hotter regions of the vessel towards the rim, where proteins were denatured and water evaporated.

It was a giant pizza oven, baking pizza-base motherships and pepperoni escorts, which were launched out of the vents towards an incredulous and insulted Loron fleet. Determined that this cultural appropriation could not be allowed to continue, the Loron broke what little formation they had to engage the Apalos saucers. Although comparable in size to, and outnumbered by, the Sik Ships, the saucers did not have to maintain life support (indeed, life support would allow the toppings to go off) and so were able to arm themselves with many more weapons and supply more power to their defences.

As the motherships' shields were worn down, the smaller pepperoni saucers detached from the top and dived into the Loron fleet, outmanoeuvring their larger opponents and using their flexibility to curl up and evade missiles, but their lack of armour meant they were easily burnt by turbolaser bolts. The motherships were much more resilient, for their starchy exterior was for nothing more than appearance, and thick diamondoid armour lay underneath.

After the initial wave was over, the Loron were able to destroy the Apalos ships at a faster rate than new ones were being baked, so the Sik Ships were free to take aim at the oven and open fire. It was only when they had dealt significant damage that they realised the DCP had arrived at the planet's surface with their reinforcements several minutes previously while the Loron had been distracted by the flotilla of soliton beam-firing pizzas.

Mendel on the Defense Edit

Meanwhile, as Hagto'Zhl and his troops skirmished with the DCP and Apalos, a minor Boss had broken off his fleet from the main force to seek out some easier targets to plunder and planets to strip bare. Boss Yar'khal was on the hunt, and wished to make a name for himself among Da Rogue Boyz. His barbaric appetite for battle was matched only by his delusions of grandeur. Still, his fleet's breaking away and their venture towards the outer rim had not gone unnoticed. A small group of corvettes tailed the Loron Sik ships, unnoticed. Ever since the Loron had entered the Milky Way, their Mendel owners had been on high alert, and this break away fleet confirmed their doubts and fears.

One of the ships pressed a button on his seat, contacting his commander.

  • Captain - Commander Saren, we are tracking the Loron break away fleet. It's heading towards Jeroi, at a surprisingly slow pace.
  • Saren - Excellent. Keep up the scouting and report whatever news develops. I will have our forces ready.

Meanwhile, Yar'Khal was in deep "discussion" with his minor retainers and assistants.

  • Loron #1 - oi where weez even headed man. nuthin ta fight here except...nuthin.
  • Loron #2 - yeh shuldnt weez be joinin Hagto's boyz against dem DCP dumbos?
  • Yar'khal - shut yo mouff all yoos a buncha chikz. who here iz descendeded from Boss Trenn'fal himself?!
  • Loron #2 - yoo I guess
  • Yar'Khal - ME. DATS RITE. wat eva I say goez, ya got it?
  • Loron #1 - *disheartened* yeh boss.
  • Yar'Khal - we gonna go to dese planetz and fite whoeva iz livin dere, kill dem and use der planets to create more shipz for mai Sik Fleet of Sikness. AND I WILL BECOM DEH GREATEST BOSS EVER

Yar'Khal held out his arms in a dynamic pose, expecting to here his troops yell and voice their support for his ingenious strategy. Instead, they merely scratched their heads, some staring at Yar'Khal, others poking the walls with their Shankaz in boredom.

  • Loron #2 - if yoo wantz a bigga Sik Fleet why cant we just join Hagto and dem othas man
  • Loron #3 - WAT PLANET, YA TOSSA?
  • Yar'Khal - *Points to his holographic projector* DAT ONE IDIOT
  • Loron #3 - oh. didnt see dat.

The other Loron Bosses and leaders grunted and grumbled in response, heading out to grab some Boyz and begin the assault.

The Loron ships encountered no problems, causing many captains to question if there really was anything to fight here. After many a slap from Yar'Khal and his "Biggest Boyz" in charge, they became more quiet. The rest of the boyz happily loaded into their transports, tired of sitting around doing nothing and wanting to kill something. Many of their transports landed, some crashing done from bad piloting and over-excited boys distracting the driver (or killing him). The transports doors either opened, or where blasted opened, and out came hordes of eager boyz ready to fight, some with shankaz, others with big blastaiez, and others on their tanks and carriers.

Meanwhile, they where being watched. From high upon the tree branches and in the hills and trenches criss-crossing the planet, where a number of Walgolorian scouts, their bright armor painted over to hide them in jungles and underbrush. One of their leaders pressed a button on his comlink in his ear.

  • Mer'doth - Commander, I've spotted the Loron, sending you the information now.
  • Saren - Excellent Mer'doth. Engage part one of the plan. Begin sniping and hit and run tactics.
  • Mer'doth - Aye, Commander, Glory to the Clans.
  • Saren - To the Clans, and good hunting.

The Leader gave the signal, his Gvanta and other scout teams loading and clicking their sniper rifles into position and ready for battle. Now began the hunt.

The Loron continued their march, some running ahead in excitement for the battle with whoever was in their way. As they came to a valley, they found nothing. Groaning, they lowered their guns and shankers in disappointment, beginning to trudge back to the group, when one of the boys noticed something.

  • Troopa - ey boss deres a red dot on deh back of yer hed man
  • Boss - watcha meen

He begin turning around, trying to find the red dot, as several more lit up, covering the biggest Loron in red lights. As they began to take notice, a loud crack sounded as snipers opened fire, blue plasma rounds arcing through the air and cutting through the Loron and their primitive armor and grab. Some of them opened fire at random directions, some cutting each other down. Finally, the last of the Loron fell to the ground, blood trickling out of their wounds, as the Gvanta moved on.

The rest of the Loron continued their march at a faster pace, coming to the valley, figuring their brethren had found a good slog. The Loron came around, finding their dead comrades. The Loron grew angry and began shouting at each other and the corpses.

  • Boy - dese idiots found a good fite and got killed lik some wankaz or somefin
  • Big Boy - dis wasnt a fite ya git. in a fite da Loronz always win. so how could dey lose?

One of Yar'Khal's lieutenants, Grimm'killa, lumbered forward, his armor smoking and clanking about as he approached, inspecting the bodies.

  • Grimm'Killa - dis was a sneaky kill it waz. so we need some sneaka boyz to take out dese sneaky gitz. get me some.
  • Boy - yeh ok boss

A number of Sneaky Boyz marched up to the Boss, weapons ready, as though they had arrived there the moment Grimm'killa needed them.

  • Grimm'killa - *pointing to the trees* go to da treez an kill wat ever you find dats not a Loron. Stomp em, eat em, shank dem. Do whatever it takes ta kill dem.
  • Sneaky Boy - an wat if dese ar Loronz killin us
  • Grimm'Killa - DEN SLAP DEM AN MAKE DEM JOIN. we iz da TROO EMPIYA of deh Loron, and all of em join us unda Fre'kloar

The Sneakiez nodded, and ran off, splitting into three groups and heading toward the swamps and jungles, looking for their foes. As they hit the tree line, their coloration changed to a more muted, brown tone. Mer'doth looked at them curiously from his perch, not sure what to make of them. Silently, he gave a signal, ordering his scouts to withdraw, as his veterans remained with him, one of them contacting him via comms.

  • Gvanta - What is your plan, Leader?
  • Mer'doth - I have never seen such formations from the Loron back home. We will watch and observe, and see what happens.

One of his Gvanta nodded, and moved to a lower perch to get a better view of the enemy. As he did, one of the Loron turned and opened fire with his blaster, the high caliber bullets tearing right through his armor. The warrior's bloodedied corpse fell to the ground, as Mer'doth turned to his soldiers, shouting in Mendel.

  • Mer'doth - Attack! Leave none alive!

The Gvanta Warriors opened fire with their pulse weapons, exchanging fire, as the Gvanta leapt down, some attempting to run off, only to be caught by the Loron, and brutally beaten to death, as the Loron opened fire, cutting down the scouts in short order.

Mer'doth and 2 of his brothers moved as fast as they could, attempting to get some space between them as Mer'doth contacted his other comrades.

  • Mer'doth - Gvanta-Brothers, retreat. These Loron are more cunning then thought, regroup at the rally point so we can try this again, a different way.

Merd'oth received nothing but static, trying again and again to raise his troops. Finally, he contacted his Commander.

  • Mer'doth - Saren, my best scouts have been neutralized!
  • Saren - You must be joking. Your best scouts got killed by a bunch of Space barbarians?
  • Mer'doth - I kid you not. They deployed camouflage, seemed far more respective to changes in environment and noise, where not the aggressive barbarians we expected. I know not how to deal with such threats.
  • Saren - Get back to base. We'll figure this out.

Grimm'killa and his troops sat waiting in the valley, as the Sneakaz came bounding out, one of them with a bloodied figure over his shoulder. The lead Sneaker walked up to Grimm.

  • Sneeka - found some gitz. neva herd or seen em before. deyz pretty weak, even fer some not-Loron gitz.
  • Grimm - whose dat one dere? i fort i sed ta KILL EVRFYIN
  • Sneeka - A PRISONA OF WAR. we wanna to know who dese gits ar ennit?
  • Grimm - hm ok

They threw the Walgolorian down, who sat up, struggling against her bounds, her face contorted into an enraged glare.

  • Walgolorian - I won't waste time to talking to such lowly barbarians! You are all savages! The Mendel are coming for you, all of us! A race of true warriors who will...!
  • Walgolorian - *Smiles* Yes! Many more. Our Mendel kin will slash you to pieces with our Claymores and axes. The Kadalian will crush you under their firsts! The Orgaat will make a feast of your bones! Kill me and my tribe if you wish, but know more will come to see you dead!
  • Grimm - hmm. i fink ill do jus dat.

Lifting up his blasta, mounted on his left arm, he opened fire, tearing through her armor and organs, as she feel to the muddied ground, her blood soaking into the muddied earth. Several of the boys cheered, ready to fight.

  • Boy - so moar fitin?
  • Grimm - Yeah, and MOAR WINNIN to do.

In the Mendel base, in the capital city of Avernai, the Mendel where busy preparing for battle. Fuel and supplies where being counted, soldiers drilled. Some, off sharpening blades and axes for battle, some checking ammo, and others painting themselves and their armor. Saren sat in the middle of all of this, checking her supplies, as Mer'doth and his remaining scouts hobbled forward, bloodied and weak.

  • Saren - Mer'doth, Brother, what happened?
  • Mer'doth - Something I did not count upon, sister. Loron deploying strategy beyond, Shot, stomp, smash.
  • Saren - This is not the end, what happened to our allies won't happen to us.

Mer'doth nodded grimly as his comrades carried him to the medic bay, as Saren contacted one of her other comrades.

  • Saren - J'kal, are your tribes ready?
  • J'kal - Yes, we await your signal.
  • Saren - Just checking in. Keep on alert, and stay out of sight.

Twin Tides Edit

The Mendel capital city of Karacum, was a center of business and trade amongst the warrior people in the Plazith Rim, in constant flux from trade with both allies, and strange aliens unseen by most of the galaxy. Yet, as was usually the case, the Mendel where quick to turn their cities into a fortress world when trouble began to stir. Razor wire, automated turrets, anti aircraft Mass Drivers mine fields and other defenses surrounded the city. Nothing the Mendel did not want was getting in.

Two Sneakaz watched the Mendel as their forces marched and drilled in preparation for the coming battle. One of them watched from his Snipa, trying to discern what was what. His partner whispered to him.

  • Sneaka 1 - yo see anyfing?
  • Sneaka 2 - yeh, lots of stoff. Dey really, really like their Dakka. And der shankaz.
  • Sneaka 1 - den let's get bak to da boss. He's gonna wanna hear dis. Its gonna be gud.

The two nodded, and activated their camouflage, and bounded into the forests, heading back to the others to report.

Commander Saren sat in the middle of the war room, with her various Sub-commanders and lieutenants, discussing the Loron and how best to destroy and route them. Two days had passed, and nothing had occurred since their breath skirmish between the Mendel scouts and Loron's "Sneaka" units. It had many Commanders understandably on edge. As of now, many where speaking of inevitable tide of Loron death that could come at any moment. Commander Saren calmed her comrades with the only way she knew how. She took out her sword, and slammed it into the table, silencing everyone else.

  • Saren - Now then, let's think rationally and not going losing our heads. These are Loron, we can expect brute force and direct combat. However, what our scouts have reported over these past few days, are sightings of Loron using scouting and infiltration techniques, not unlike our own Gvanta Clans.
  • Ugandalorian - What are you saying then, Commander?
  • Saren - I am saying that the strategies we employed against them in Mirus will not work here. The Loron here have more emphasis on stealth, for now, and seem to be observing us as much as we are trying to observe them. They may not be like my teacher, but there is more then brute force to them now.

Saren stood up, pulling her sword out of the table, and with a single curt motion, re-sheathed it.

  • Saren - Our victory today will rely on doing the unexpected, and fighting our foes a different way. Our god, Hoorangiir demands evolution, and so we must evolve to face this new threat.
  • Walgolorian Commander - Then what do we need to do?
  • Saren - Simple. We deploy our scouts once more, but this time, we deploy our Orgaat. Only they and a few others can match the Loron in close quarters. Once we have located where they are operating out of, we will launch an all-out assault. A rolling tide of death, a hurricane of destruction.
  • Kodalorian Commander - Poetic enough, but can it be pulled off?
  • Saren - It will have to. We have to break the Loron horde here, or we will be broken ourselves.
  • Kodalorian - Then may the Gods grant us victory in this hour of need.

The Commanders nodded solemnly as Saren dismissed them with a gesture. It was time to implement a new strategy, and win this battle.

As the sun began to dip under the hills of Jeroi, packs of reptilian creatures left the city, hunched over, and carrying with them large rifles and polearms. These creatures began splitting into small groups and heading out. The Orgaat had begun their hunt. While no where near the full amount of Orgaat in the Mendel's armies, the few packs that had stayed in the city, and not the swamps of Jeroi, where eager to get out and meet their foes in the open fields of battle. Night was when they where truly able do their best work at scouting.

The Reptilian-bird creatures, with their muted coloration, where difficult to see once the sun finally slipped below the hills, and night fell upon the planet. Now would begin the moment the Orgaat had waited for. A fight with the Loron, in savage melee, just as they liked it. Where's most of the time, Mendel would deploy fire teams and Orgaat together to systemically remove Loron hordes back home, these new Loron where far too cunning. As such, the quick, stealthy movement of the Orgaat would be paramount in this operation, with most Mendel being too heavy set and armored to allow such a thing.

The Loron, for their part, did not know what awaited them, simply believing the Mendel, as always, would hunker down and wait for them, giving them able opportunity to "plan" and formulate their attacks. The Orgaat however, had other plans, mostly to feed. The first few Sneakaz, going about their nightly scouting to observe and report on the Mendel, where silently removed by mostly unseen foes, who came upon them too quick for the Loron to react.

The Loron leadership was, of course, angered at the loss of contact with several of their sneakaz. Many felt the Mendel had stopped being "Stoopid wankaz" and had finally come out to fight. Many Loron joined together, grabbing whatever guns, shankers and other tools of war and moving to meet their foe. The Orgaat, where too small in number and lacking in any serious weapons to fight the Loron head to head, and stuck to the trees and under brush, where a game of cat and mouse began.

The Loron fanned out, first finding the bodies of their dead scouts, before doubling back and fanning out to search for the attackers. The Orgaat would have to move quickly, as the Loron where coming closer and closer to finding their attackers, and would certainly overwhelm the aliens.

The Orgaat moved in closer, and closer, and many packs began to head back, believing the mission hopeless without more numbers. However, the more resolute of them, probed just a bit further, before coming across the Hell-claw Mountains. A sector once used for mining, tectonic activity had rendered the area dangerous to local workers. Yet this did not deter the Loron, who seemed to have settled in and using the abandoned depot as a base of operations. The reptilian creatures began hissing and releasing pheromones, communicating to one another beyond the range of Loron ears, calling a full retreat.

Unfortunately, the Loron where not as ignorant as the Orgaat would've liked. For what the reptilian barbarians did not know, was that the Loron boss, Grimm'killa was there, and he displayed a much more cunning side then expected. The Loron boss, from a distance, looked like every other major opponent the Orgaat had tested themselves against; large, brutish, covered in scars and trophies of his fallen foes, several heads mounted upon the spikes on his shoulders and back.

Turning quicker then what his size would suggest, the Loron boss opened fire, his blasta tearing through trees and underbrush alike. His bodyguard, confused, but eager to kill something opened fire as well. The large caliber bullets not only could tear through the thick, noted trees that flanked the passes through the mountains. Many Orgaat where shot down, their thick hides and slight armor no match for the fire power of Grimm'killa and his boyz, even if they where shooting blind. The remaining Orgaat rose from their hiding places, opening fire with their rifles and long guns, but not amount of fire power could pierce the Lorons' hides, especially Grimm'killa, and his thick, muscled body further protected by armor, that will scraped together, could still shrug off the Orgaat's own primitive weapons.

Realizing this battle was untenable, and having what they needed, the Orgaat made a run for it. Though they managed to put distance between themselves and Grimm'killa's lot, several of the Packs ultimately ran into the lumbering hosts of Loron making the march back. Here, they not only faced the tender mercies of the Loron infantry, but many would be cut down by the Loron troops transports and tank pieces they had deployed, some merely cut to pieces by bullets, others had their very atoms burnt away by savage and unstable time weaponry.

Despite this onslaught, many Orgaat made it back to their camp, though where embittered at having to leave so many of their kin behind, their flesh to be wasted in Loron jaws and not that of their clan. Though battered, the Orgaat ultimately where able to bring Saren the information she would need, the location of the Loron base, and just a few details of the weapons they used. Curious of how advanced the Loron seemed, Saren made a note to have her troops loot whatever wreckage could be salvaged from this battle. Until then, she would need to wait and begin preparing her troops for the coming assault.

Through the Mountain Pass Edit

Grimm'killa and Yar'khal stood overlooking the many jutting rocks and outcroppings in the great passes. The thought that such a defendable position, with able supplies for vehicles and other weapons, was left abandoned, seemed strange to the Loron.

  • Loron Boy - must not be da smartist gitz arond if dey leff dis place abandn'. dere's so much stoff ta build tankz and wut not, y leff it?
  • Yar'khal - dun know. deyz a weird bunch. cant say i'm impressed with der fittin skillz.
  • Grimm'killa - deze were jus sneakiez and scoutin forces. I still wantz to see wat der made of!
  • Yar'khal - tru. I cam here in fact to see wen dey wold com to fite. I wanna see wat der realy made of.
  • Grimm'killa - hur hur, so do I. dis will be fun.

The Loron had gathered in the enclave, new weapons and tanks glistening in the sun. The sight of such a large horde of boyz filled Yar'khal with much excitement. Such a massive horde would only grow, and, soon, he would rightly feared and respected for his power to conquer in the name of Da Rogue Boyz. Surely, Fre'kloar himself would promote him to an even bigger position of power within the Rogue Boy power structure. He would be the greatest boss of bosses. None would doubt him!

Grimm'killa, meanwhile, merely eyed his boss. He knew what thoughts went through his bosses' head, of ambition and glory, and Grimm would have none of that for himself. While a Boss himself, Grimm merely got that position by killing his enemies. As his name would suggest, he cared little for such things as power, or even bling. To kill and murder where his goals in life, any promotions and higher positions he achieved where merely because he was good at killing. So, if Yar'khal did indeed seek higher position, Grimm would follow. It would mean more gitz to kill, such as these Mendel boyz, and was less about loyalty to the cause.

Thoughts of bloodshed and murder where not far from Commander Saren's mind as her forces moved to the mountain base of the Loron. Surprisingly, no ambushes or Loron scout units had been engaged. Many Mendel where put on edge, though Saren expected this. Indeed, these Loron where, as she had always said, not mere idiots. They where most certainly as cunning as any foe the Mendel had faced, and to under-estimate their abilities was a fool's errand. It both unnerved her and excited her at the same time.

Alongside her was the tank of the famous Ugandalorian Tank-ace, Fenn O'Keless, who spied the horizon through his helmet's range finder. He turned to his Commander, who was, by now, in full battle armor.

  • O'Keless - We are nearing the Loron base. I can spot no enemies or traps. What is your directive, Commander?
  • Saren - Continue forward, with Cadre Companies A and B, and keep C and D in reserve.
  • O'Keless - Yes Ma'am.

The Tank Commander gave the signal, as the first two companies made their way forward, loading their rifles and carbines for battle, as the tanks glided forward. Now was the moment they had been waiting for. A chance to gain glory for their clans and ancestors, and be immortalized forever in the sagas.

Still, despite their lust for battle, this did not take away their tactical sense. They where going through a mountain pass that, while allowing them to march at full strength and not thin themselves out to make it through, still left them open to an obvious ambush. Many turned their rifles upward, ready for any Loron to poke his large head and fire their ramshackle guns down upon them.

They headed deeper into the pass, not picking up any signs of the Loron. The Sub-Commanders of the Cadre Companies, turned to one another, communicating via a quick exchange of gestures and body language, before continuing forward. As they did, Saren ordered the rest of her companies to edge closer, so as to constantly be within range of support.

As the Mendel edged forward, Grimm'killa and the other Loron watched from their hiding places. The Mendel had a feeling the Loron would appear from the rocky out-croppings above their heads, but they had no idea what Yar'khal had planned. Despite his bluster and claims of being a descendant of Trenn'fel, Yar'khal was not to be under-estimated. Seeing as this was, at one point, a mining station, it made sense to use the tunnels for battle. As such, the Mendel knew there where Loron possibly above them, but not below them.

Grimm'killa himself smiled just a bit at Yar'khal's thinking. There would be no escape for the Mendel. So many to kill. But Grimm held his bloodlust back. Not until they reached "Da Killy Point" would they launch their attack. The Mendel, meanwhile, lumbered closer and closer. Soon, they would right where Yar'khal wanted them. The Mendel approached, and 2 of the Ugandalorian Troopers approached a spot marked in a red square. Curious, one of them called over the Rally-Master, who stepped forward to see what they where talking about.

  • Trooper 1 - What do you think it is, Sir?
  • Rally-Master - Not sure, we should back away though, and inform the Sub-Commander.

As he spoke, a sub-terrain mine exploded, collapsing a section of the tunnel, and taking with it several infantry men and tanks. As that happened, several more explosions went off, all around the Mendel Position. The Warriors encircled, their tanks taking up position as Loron began to swarm out of the tunnels, very much like army ants on a rampage. Some used primitive jet packs to fly up, others, their natural wings, some just crawling over each other to reach the top. As they did so, Loron from across the top of the mountains and other out cropping popped up, firing machine guns and blasters down at the Mendel.

The barbaric defenders cared not, firing back at any Loron who approached, not matter their crushing numbers and firepower of their own. One of the Mendel sub-commanders hefted his sword out of his sheath.

  • Sub-Commander - The Battle is joined, come brothers, to war, to war!

The Mendel warriors gave a battle cry, some hefting out their great swords and claymores, others taking out axes and side arms as they prepared for the Loron charge. War cries went out on both sides, both making wild and barbaric gestures, their yells filling in the air even before the battle was joined. In a mighty tide of flesh and blades, the Loron slammed into the Mendel lines, some torn apart immediately by he Loron "Shanka" blades, as other meet them in melee, swords and axes clashing. Others stood back, roaring in laughter as their blastas opened fire, loud and screaming in blood rage. The Mendel answered with war calls of their, taking aim with plasma guns and opening fire, the air burning with the plasma smoke and gun fire.

The Loron piled onto the Mendel, and, although trained swordsmen from the day they could walk, could do little to stop and sheer numbers and unbound brutality of the Loron, many falling, swinging at their foes even as they fell. Gripping their weapons hard, many Kadalian Giants rushed forth, matching the Loron blow for blow, smashing skull and bone with their massive guns, as the Loron answered with fists and their own melee weapons. Walgolorian gunners held fast, even as bullets began to tear through their armor, facing every Loron gunner emplacement with stoic resolve, set against their comrades' hot-blooded aggression and rage. Candarro Assault rumbled forward, grinding Loron bodies beneath them as they aimed their mass drivers, destroying out-cropping where ever the Loron pecked their heads out.

Meeting this brute power of the Mendel, where the Loron's tanks. Driven forward by an insane lust for violence that might well have eclipsed their own, the Mendel and Loron tanks clashed, Mass Drivers and other rounds blasting apart tank after tank, leaving wreckage all around. A few infantry squads bravely marched forward, rifles and other weapons firing away, as the Loron countered, then the Mendel countered back, a bloody dance reaped across the mountain pass, each displaying their barbarity and savagery in battle, as the other side repaid it with their own.

All the while, Saren did not simply sit back and watch. Indeed, her jet pack forces where already organized, and ready to move, her own jump jets primed and ready. With but an order, she and her troops rushed over the field, several of the troops firing wrist rockets and blasters down upon the savages. Grimm'killa himself was almost impressed by their resolve, but such would not save them from being made fine trophies and another group to be killed by him. Bellowing and roaring to his Jetpackaz, the highly trained Loron broke off from beating upon their foes, and leapt into the air, eager to meet their foes. A few Loron smashed into the Mendel midair, crushing them in their hands, or pulping them in a brutal bear hug, some landing and using the Mendel as crash-pads, a few of the more crazy ones smashing into the ground and exploding in a brilliant display, promoting their comrades to whoop and cheer at such a glorious end.

The Mendel that remained landed and opened fire, not letting the loss of their comrades stop them from repaying the Loron's blows with blaster fire. Saren landed in the middle of her troops, fusion guns blazing as she fired upon several Loron, her guns melting through armor and flesh alike, and leaving smoking holes in their corpses. The odor filled the air, the smoke of Loron guns, the smell of plasma burn and Mendel blood intermingled with the Loron's own. Even in her battlesuit, Saren could not stop the foul odors from meeting her nose. Striding forward with determined confidence, Saren blasted away any Loron in her path, as she made her way forward, trying to find the Loron Boss in charge. Her hunger for blood would not quenched by his mere cronies. She wanted the strongest of these savages, to truly test her mettle upon. Her longing for a challenge would soon be meet.

Grimm'killa smiled to himself as he looked down upon his approaching foe. This one looked different, bigger and meaner then the other Mendel boys. Certainly he had to be the boss of these wierdos. He carefully positioned himself above the pass, before giving a whopping yell and leaping down. Saren back flipped out of the way, as Grimm'killa smashed into the ground with the force of a torpedo, sending dirt and rock flying away from him. She primed her blasters, as the mighty titan raised himself up, armor creaking and whirring. He gave a bellowing laugh, as he pointed his gun at her.

  • Grimm - yo pretty tuff, i'll admit dat, but ur gonna get crushed nao.
  • Saren - Good luck with that, tough boy.
  • Grimm - *Reeling back* wait ur a chikk?!
  • Saren - Yeah, aren't you?
  • Grimm - Shutz it, Chikk or not, I'm gonna stomp ya flat. especially after dat remark. dat's jus roode.
  • Saren - I've been waiting for this. I hope you are worthy opponent.

Saren charged her Fusion Blasters as she smiled within her helmet. Grimm'killa charged, swinging his Power Claw at the Walgolorian Warrior. The Commander merely ducked to the left and fired away, the plasma rounds hitting the armor and causing sparks to fly. Grimm merely growled and swung his claw back around, slashing into her side, and barely missing any major organs as she moved back. Charging up again, she fired to more blasts, causing his armor to spark again as the blasts hit. Grimm paid it no heed, merely turning around again and opening fire with his blasta, machine gun fire peppering the Mendel warrior.

The rounds struck, denting and scratching her armored suit. She activated her jump jets, leaping over as the rest of the rounds plastered the rocks behind her. Although more durable then most armor suits, her battlesuit could not withstand the same punishment as other battlesuits used by other Mendel Commanders. Grimm'killa turned with unnatural speed, for a being so massive, and opened fire again. Again, many of the bullets merely dented or ricocheted off her armor, but 2 actually pierced the armor and hit the flesh beneath. She grinded her teeth as she held back a yelp of pain gathering in the pit of her throat. Blood spurted out and gave the formally white armor a bloody red coloration.

Grimm laughed to himself, as he lumbered over to the injured Mendel warrior.

  • Grimm - i kno dat last bit hit ya. Nao hold still so I can finis da job.

Saren said nothing, only charging up her Fusion Guns again. She would stay still, she would stop, when she was dead. The Loron seemed to read her mind, aiming his blasta once more, as a smile slowly crossed his face. As he was about to open fire again, Saren's form slowly faded from view. The Loron looked confused for a moment, before opening fire where she once stood, bullets striking the ground uselessly. What trickery was afoot now?

He did not move, simply maintaining his position, his eyes darting back and forth. She would have to get close if she wanted to attack him. The guns she used lacked any power at long ranged. As such, no matter what she did, the advantage would go to him. As always. He was, after all, a Loron. The advantage was always his, in the end.

He looked around, out for blood. There was going to be a lot of it once he found her. As he narrowed his eyes, he heard a loud booming sound, far off near the battle. He turned in the direction, and saw two dark green blurs heading for him. He barely ducked and rolled out of the way, as two more massive suits slammed into the ground where he was once standing. Both pointed their plasma weapons at him, and opened fire, as Grimm ducked and leapt out of the path of their fire. As he stopped to open fire with his own weapons, he heard a hum in the air, like the sound before lightning strikes. Turning to the left, too late, he saw Saren standing, and opened fire with her two guns. The two energy rounds melted right through his armor and into his gut, spilling his blood onto the ground.

Falling to the ground, and groaning in anger, Grimm attempted to stand, but found himself to weak to. His eyes flashed with anger, and, just slightly, some respect.

  • Grimm - Yoo cheated.
  • Saren - Your kind are not known for being honorable.
  • Grimm - I'd sai deh samm for ya. But I've barely heerd of yer kind.
  • Saren - hmm. Unfortunate. But you know us now. And now, we wipe out your silly little army.
  • Grimm - hur. cute ya think ya could beat us so easy.

Saren narrowed her eyes behind her helmet, as Grimm bellowed some unintelligible. Saren looked around, as the Loron began falling back, moving towards Grimm's position, The Mendel shooting after them, maintaining their position. She looked up to the skies, the clouds clearing as the far off forms of the Loron starships came into view.

  • Grimm - yeer troopz is munch for the shipz. we gonna rip dis here planet apart, make our fleet outta it.
  • Saren - All troops fall back, fall back immediately. The situation is going out of control fast.

Yar'kal watched his display, munching on pizza as his ships' onboard computers zeroed in on the area. One of the Norol advisers approached.

  • Norol - We should annihilate this world and move on. Hagto'zhl will not be pleased with the loss of troops and materials.
  • Yar'kal - we ain't doin nothin. I'z gonna strip dis part here, separatin our boyz from dere's.
  • Norol - That is it?
  • Yar'kal - deyz a fun fight. It be a cryin shame to loss such a fine fight. we kill dem up close. No shipy shenanigans. kill em, stomp em. we do eet wit our own hands.

The Norol back away with a slight bow, as he focused as the ships began their work. Yar'khal's flagship, and two other vessels fired a horde of nanomachines, beamed directly into the area. Several troops and tanks, from both sides, where caught in the cloud of machines, that began ravenously eating away everything. Mendel warriors shuttered as they heard their comrades scream as skin, flesh, muscle and bone was broken down and eaten away, tanks ripped apart, fuel and ammo and destroyed all the same.

Once there where no more soldiers or vehicles to devour, the very ground was made a meal, soil, plants, and rocks shattered and broken down for materials. As the ground was reduced to useless dust and salt. The Mendel retreated, watching as the area around the canyon was made into a desert. Even the very oxygen molecules where consumed. And, just as soon as it began, it was over, the nanomachine swarm going back to the ships that had summoned them.

  • Yar'kal - dat should tak care of dat for a bit.

Grimm'killa stood, as the Mendel Commadner and her guards activated their jump pacts and flew off towards the fleeing forces. One of his lieutenants, a large, battle-scared veteran, one of his wings appeared to be burnt off, but still twitching slightly.

  • Loron - eh Boss, do we pursue?
  • Grimm'killa - no. keep deh boyz here, we needz a head count of deh gitz, den, we count deh ammo. afterall dat'z done, den we move out again, on Yar'kal's orders.
  • Loron - alright boss, it'll happen.

The Loron lieutenant ran off to carry out his orders, as Grimm'killa looked over at his gut. The flesh had been cauterized by the attack, yet he could still feel his guts ruptured by the blast. It would take a long while for them to heal. Grimm growled as he stood up, his lieutenant turning back to him, wing twitching nervously.

  • Loron - Eh Boss, yoo should check dat out wit one of deh Dokz.
  • Grimm'killa - I visitz deh Dok when I gut dat Mendel chik.
  • Loron - It waz a chik dat nearly did ya in, eh boss?

Grimm fixed him with a cold, merciless gaze, the Loron holding up his hands defensively.

  • Grimm - Iz gonna tak dat skull of herz as me trophy.

Battle of Avernai Edit

The Capital of Avernai was in a rush of activity since the last push towards the Loron strongholds. Now with many of their forces either killed by the Loron's warbands, or by the capital ships' strange bombardment, the Mendel's position seemed tenuous. The warriors had gotten to work quickly, erecting defenses and traps in all corners they could, as stealth and sniper units deployed in key positions across the city. Armored units began out-fitting their weapons for the horde tactics the Loron enjoyed so much, as the alien allies of the Pact prepared their own alien, and arcane weaponry.

Saren herself had overseen all of this, and now returned to her headquarters, her suit under going repairs, near the Grand Plaza of Avernai, where her advisors and Sub-Commanders awaited, as well as one other figure. A Deutzalanian, dressed in the black and red armor of their kind, and adorned with the epaulets that hung from his shoulders, and various trinkets on his chest, his refined and cultured look standing at odds with the have-hazard, barbaric look of the Mendel. The Being turned, his War scythe deactivated, but it's blade still reflecting in the low light.

  • Deutzalanian - Commander Saren, I presume. I am Clongan Talwitz, Zarbania sends it's regards.
  • Saren - Interesting. I presume you come to help?
  • Clongan - Why yes, I bring with me a fleet as well, and armed forces to supplement your own in the defense of this city.
  • Saren- Have you talked to the Admirals, about the plan?
  • Clongan - Some of it, not all. But we are linking up with the fleet, and are ready to teleport troops and materials down. Armored support will take awhile, I am afraid.
  • Saren - *Rubing her forehead* I'll take that over nothing. Let me show where you're troops will be most needed.

She activated a map of the entire city, showing different areas marked off with green, yellow and blue spheres, all around the city.

  • Saren - Blue will be standard infantry hunter teams, green for snipers and stealth units, and yellow for heavy support. *Marks off certain areas* These areas are dangerously undermanned, and the Loron Leader will concentrate here once he figures it out.
  • Clongan - *amused* The Loron would be smart enough to find the answer?
  • Saren - *Shots him a stern glare* Do not under-estimate this one. He is full of surprises.
  • Clongan - And here I thought you Mendel love a challenge, even if it gets you killed.

Saren rolled her eyes, already agitated with this Zarbanian's snark. There may have been a peace arrangement, but that did not change years of fighting between the two that had passed.

  • Saren - Just be ready for a fight. These Loron play hard ball.
  • Clongan - I bet. We'll play hard ball as well then. Let them come, we shall give them steal.
  • Saren - Indeed. Welcome to Jeroi.

The Deutzalanian nodded, as he excused himself from the Command depot. As he left, Saren turned towards her advisors.

  • Saren - Anything to report?
  • O'Keless - Still nothing, Commander. But the Loron horde is approaching now. Their numbers may very well have swelled up some how. We must prepare for the worst.
  • Saren - *rubbing the side of her head* Ech. Good grief. When will they give up?

She stood up now, shaking off her tiredness.

  • Saren - Ready all defenses, prepare for a final stand. For everyone of us that shall fall, make sure ten Loron die with us!

The gathered warriors and sub-leaders gave a roar of agreement, as they all went off to suit up once more.

The hours that followed where a blur, as Mendel and Zarbanian forces rushed into position, snipers and stealth units taking position atop buildings, as armored units and batteries got into position. Front-line troopers and infantry took up defensive formation at various Command Posts set up across the city. Rifles where loaded, specialized weapons handed out, as the Mendel and their Zarbanian Allies prepared for the fight ahead. Everything, from the stocky, heavily armored Togunda, to the long-ranged, gunner lines of the Walgolorian, was prepared for the battle. Ultimately, Saren's strategy was simple. In order to rout the Mendel, they would need first destroy the two bases at the opposite ends of the city, then try and destroy the central depot at the heart of the city. These path ways where all blocked by the various defensive formations and bunkers her troops used, as well stealth units that patrolled the tops of the buildings and the like ready to harass the enemy. Ultimately, the Loron's numbers would be bleed white by having to run through the maze of buildings and structures within Avernai.

Saren's scouts had indeed report a great swelling in the Loron's numbers, and indeed, this was true. Many more fleets had arrived to partake in the battle, and with them came various Loron, some professional grade, most just rowdy barbarians. Yar'Khala had given his trusted lieutents one simple order, that the less professional, "dumber" Loron be set ahead, acting to clear out Mendel resistance, and absorb fire, so as to preserve the more valuable troops for later attacks. Grimm had been left in charge of the attack, first killing a few officers that dared to comment on his name, before his troops found their way to the city. It's contents varied, some where massive, marble skyscrapers, others more simple dwellings, while other resembled rustic, medieval-age forts of a forgotten age. It mattered little to the Loron. Soon, they would burn the city to the ground, and feast well on everyone who dared fight back against them.

Saren leapt over the buildings with her jet pack, and landed at one of the massive bases her troops where using.

  • Saren - Clongan, are your forces ready?
  • Clongan - Yes, my dear. Our rifles and tanks are ready, and all we need is prey for the good hunt to begin.
  • Saren - O'Keless, what of our armored units?
  • 'O'Keless - This base is ready for battle. Tanks, walkers, and our most feared war droids are ready to deploy.
  • Saren - J'kal, what of your troops?
  • J'kal - Many Orgaat warriors have joined your garrison, and they are joined by Togunda and Kadalian forces. The Loron will not break through our defenses, Commander.
  • Saren - Then we are ready. Warriors, prepare for combat! The Gods and the Ancestors watch from above, and today, we make them proud. Show these Loron what we think of scum!

The Loron gathered outside the city, tanks and transports ready, Loron armed with an assortment of weapons, from blades, axes to machine guns, dressed in an assortment of armor and uniforms. Grimm lumbered atop a hill, looking out over the gleaming spires, before pointing his arm out towards it, his troops beginning to rush to battle.

  • Grimm - we Loron cam here to do one thing, an one thing only, dat's to win! let dese gitz dink dey can winz! Dey'll be in da ground soon enough, or bein target practice for deh boyz, or lunch fer us! dey'ze needz to learn dat weze deh Loron, and we never lose! not now, not eva! and if you gitz even think of runnin, or hiding from dese idiots, remba, i'll find ya, and worse yet, I'll give you to Boss Fre'kloar to deal wit. he'll get ya straight, reel fast like.

Now, the battle would begin at last. Two savage, barbaric forces breed for war plied against one another, two tides of ferocious will and tenacity meeting at last. While dread ate at many Mendel, the do or die situation finally hitting many, many others felt a rush, not unlike their Loron rivals, to face the most dangerous mortal race in all existence. The struggle for life and death here would become legends in the future. The Loron, however, did not really know how to feel of this speed bump. Many did not even know the Mendel existed, and while fun to fight, the Loron where more concerned with getting to fight the DCP and their ilk, then deal with this little known race of wannabes. But, if they so wished to throw themselves into the slaughter, the Loron would not deny them the opportunity.

Grimm had settled upon a simple way of dealing with the Mendel forces entrenched here. Yar'Khal had suggested sending the more disposable units ahead to clear out the Mendel, but Grimm had decided early on that those bags of meat would be needed for the battle with the DCP later on. Instead, he merely gave the signal for his Tanks to begin firing. Lining up their guns, Grimm simply gave the order for them shell the city, intending to simply blast the damn thing into a large pile of rubble and powder, and whatever was left could be consumed by the ships above.

Earth shattering explosion followed explosion as the shells zoomed by, striking buildings and positions within the city, aim barely taken into consideration as they aimed to cause as much damage as possible, in the typical fashion of the Loron. A second volley was fired, again striking the once tall and proud buildings, many struck down, others, mere skeletons of what they once where. Grimm smiled as he watched, and, as the third volley was fired, a massive shield covered the city, it's blue, glass-like surface blocking the attacks made against it. Grimm roared in anger, stomping his foot in agitation at this set back. With a slight gesture, he ordered two large hordes of Boyz, armed with various guns, knifes, and other weapons, forward, supported by 2 tanks rolling in behind them.

The rag-tag group of Loron marauders marched and shambled forward, slowing down a bit as they neared the shield. The first group of Loron stepped right up to the shield, and stepped through it, coming out the other side with no injuries. The rest followed behind them, followed by the tank, as the Boss of the group fired his gun three times in the air, sending the signal to Grimm at once. Nodding, the Big Boss ordered the rest of the troops forward. The first team he sent in, hunkered down, relaxing beside their tanks as they waited for the rest of the group to arrive.

Little did they know, the Mendel had already arrived at the location, stealth units moving to find the where the Loron would breach their shields first. Tracing their path along the streets, silent as death itself, came a number of warriors called Mendel Marauders, lead by a ever-venerable sword master. The Maroon warriors carried at their side swords and melee weapons of various sizes, some the eponymous Claymore used widely by their kind, others, long knives of various sizes. The Marauders silently approached, as the sliver armored Blade-Master turned to his troops.

  • Blade-Master - We are drawing near. Make sure your blades are ready, and, above all, strike with the silent fury Hoorangiir himself would expect of his children.
  • Marauders - The Lord of Evolution shall not find his children wanting.

With that, the Ugandalorian and Jrekalian warriors began their approach, blades at the ready, prepared to remove this small group. After all, the less Loron there where, the less damage they could do to the Mendel people. Every loss would go a long way to thinning the horde. The Loron seemed none the wiser, even as the Marauders where not far from them now. Giving his twin blades a cinematic twirl, the lead Blade-Master leapt through the air, landing on the chest of the Loron leader and stabbing both swords through his chest, before giving them a twist and leaping off. The Loron around him shot wildly, spraying the area with bullets blindly, as the Blade-Master leapt and ducked away. The other Marauders moved in, cutting down Loron after Loron.

Finally, the tanks opened fire with their secondary guns, machine gun fire tearing through the area, and, despite shooting blind, succeeded in gunning down at least 2 Marauders before they retreated from their enemies' fire. The Loron that remained shifted uneasily, a few going and kicking the dead and dying bodies of their foes for good measure, as the rest of the Loron troops made their way in.

Grimm'killa marched in, surrounded by his toughest warriors, looking around at his troops, scanning the streets as he watched the corpses of the Mendel Warriors and his own dead troops. He turned towards on of the Loron.

  • Grimm - tell me wut happened.
  • Loron Troopa - Dese gitz came outta nowhere, shankin us and stoff. dey turned invisible when we tried to fite dem.
  • Grimm - hmm. send out deh Sneakaz. dese gitz like to be sneaky, so we have to be too.

Several Sneakaz marched by, sniper rifles, daggers, and other weapons readied, as they leapt over the debris, and began looking to the ground and areas where blood had been tracked up. The Sneakaz had already clashed with the Mendel's silent strike teams, and, to a point, knew what to expect from them. Still, unlike other Loron, they where concerned with not knowing much of their foes. Many of them wished Knar'gank was there to lead them, but he was elsewhere, and they would have to rely on their own skills for now. The Marauders meanwhile, knew exactly what they where doing. To dived the most dangerous and unpredictable Loron away, and atleast occupy and thin their ranks, would go a long way to helping Saren's main army when the day.

As the Loron Sneakaz silently stalked the top of the rooftops, the blood trails disappeared, and, unbeknownst to them, Mendel Stealth teams had gathered. Some where Marauders, gripping their swords in anticipation for the coming battle, others Walgolorian armed in Stealth Tech and armed with their rapid fire Burst Canons. As they prepared to line up their rapid fire weaponry, one of the Loron, unexpectedly, turned and fired with his sniper rifle, the round tearing a hole right through the unlucky Walgolorian's armor and through his brain, deactivating his active camouflage, and splattering his blood onto his comrades. The Marauders reacted instantly, leaping forward to engage the Loron, as the Walgolorian opened fire. The Loron Sneakaz, while not as brutish as their kindred, where not to be taken lightly, as the Marauders found out. Their skill with the sword was of little consequence once the Loron over-powered them. The Walgolorian Stealth Units managed to cut down two of the Sneakaz, as their comrades leapt upon them, tearing them apart limb from limb.

This battle was recreated across the city, Sneakaz and Mendel Stealth teams engaging each other across the rooftops of Avernai, blade meeting blade, and blasta against Pulse weaponry. Yet, the Loron had no time to worry over their brethren at top, the common boyz lumbering toward the city center, their squadrons and gangz snaking through the city and making their way to the center. As Grimm had told the Gang and Warbosses, that nothing else mattered, so long as there where as many boyz as possible at the city center. It was the most likely position for the enemy to gather their commanders and the like.

As they got deeper into the city, near the working and habitation quarters of the city, is when they began to encounter the defensive lines of the Mendel. The Mendel Warriors loaded their rifles and weapons, preparing their weapons, as their Zarbanian comrades affixed their gas masks and fixed bayonets upon their field rifles. As the Zarbanian Commissars readied their Energy Scythes, telling their troops to keep strong, that iron discipline and Zarbanian honor would always triumph over the stupidity and savagery of the Loron, Mendel commanders extorted their troops to achieve honor and glory for their Clans. And, as their commanders finished, the Loron marched forward, ready to fight.

The Loron charged, weapons readied, tanks and carriers coming in behind them. The Mendel Walgolorian members pointed their Pulse weapons and opened fire first, their longer ranged weapons tearing through the air, blue energy burning the air as they hit the Loron head on, the Loron shrugging off the damage that where hit and kept going, roaring in excitement and anger. They would not be easily distracted or brought down by mere fire power. They where going to absolutely butcher their foes before all was said and done. As the Loron quickened their pace, the other forces lined up their weapons, and opened fire, bolt rounds and plasma sailing through the air as the Loron raised their own weapons, and sprayed out bullet after bullet.

Some of the Loron projectiles ricocheted off the defensive structures the Mendel had erected, others whizzing over head, but a few, hit the occupants, Zarbanian and Mendel alike screaming and falling to the paved ground, blood exploding from their wounds as they fell, other, bending down to assist them, as the rest maintained their discipline and kept firing. Yet for all of this, the sheer numbers of the Loron could not be turned aside by the fire power their foes brought against them, finally slamming into their foes' battle lines with ruthless savagery. Mendel warriors swung their blades out, as Zarbanians activated their energy scythes, and prepared to go toe-to-toe with the Loron.

The Loron's brutal strength and force was meet with the skill and balance of the Mendel and their Zarbanian allies, who tried their hardest to maintain their battle lines even as the Loron began to overwhelm them further and further. The Walgolorian where the first to begin to pull back, their slight build no match for the brawn put forth by the Loron, trying to reposition themselves to strike again.

Put Ya Hood UpEdit

The battle of attrition had been stalemating. Both the Loron and the DCP had an almost endless supply, but the Loron were running out of both planets to convert to their nanomachines, and patience. They could only eat other aliens for so long. They needed to eat Grimbolsaurian. They needed to exact their revenge.

Hagto'Zhl, with Kal'kuir and Knar'gank in his ship, all stared at the DCP's maelstrom. Hagto'Zhl slammed his fist into the wall.

  • Kal'kuir - i cant even sneek behind deir lines
  • Hagto'Zhl - IM GOIN IN
  • Rogue Geek - Unfortunately, this ship, nor the rest of the fleet, can withstand the maelstrom defenses. Furthermore, if you do not attack anymore planets, and leave the fleet lying here, the DCP will continue to artificially create black holes and destroy your ships. Even if we get through, their ships use nigh impenetrable defenses. There is simply no way to attack the DCP.
  • Rogue Geek - ...Unless Kal'kuir's plan works.

The other two turned to Kal'kuir, who was whacking a terminal with his wrench and screwing it in place with his goggles on. It was made of mostly spare parts with a single fat screen, and a few levers with no description of what any of them did. But a sign on it read "DA BEST ONE". Later, he took his goggles off, turned to the others, and screamed with glee.

  • Rogue Geek - Indeed, Kal'kuir has the solution to our problems.
  • Hagto'Zhl - WAT

Kal'kuir rubbed his hands together, and on his new installation, pulled a lever. The machine whirred, steam came out, as the other two stared in excitement at this new tool. Finally, it steadied. Instead of steam, the machine burst out confetti, as the screen opened up to reveal a few Norol mechanical dolls dancing inside. Hagto'Zhl's look of excitement changed to a look of horror, while Kal'kuir continued to look excited. Knar'gank facepalmed.


Hagto'Zhl stormed over to Kal'kuir with a stern look on his face. He gripped him by the neck and slammed him up against the wall. Kal'kuir looked frightened and held out his hands.

  • Kal'kuir - eh? why didnt ya say so i got dat ages ago

Hagto'Zhl kept his stern look, and released his grip. Kal'kuir fell to the floor, then scurried over to another computer, and pressed two buttons on it, as he grinned.

  • Rogue Geek - Oh, that solution? Kal'kuir...that uses stolen technology you and I reverse engineered and we have no idea if it works yet, not that it stopped you from installing it on every ship.

Kal'kuir continued to slam away the console. The invention he referred to was "nightshade". While in use, it could effectively hide the ship using it from the dimension itself. As Kal'kuir activated it, several other fleets in the vicinity, at the order ot the Rogue Geek, followed suit. A jump through hyperspace later, and they had arrived at DCP territory. Kal'kuir grinned to himself, as the cannon on Hagto'Zhl's ship aimed at the nearest DCP warship.


Surprised that the Loron had not only broken through their defenses but aimed at them, the warship was barely able to respond before Kal'kuir fired his ship's weapon. Unable to deploy any countermeasures, the warship, as the soliton blast hit it, was torn apart, as the ship combusted. Other Sik Ships in the vicinity fired their own soliton weapons at the DCP's fleet. And with the enormous Loron fleet, it was not long before DCP defences around the star system were gone. Kal'kuir laughed as he turned his ship towards the planet, ready to fire Da Planet Eeta and turn it into more materials to build more ships of his own. He looked back at Hagto'Zhl, who had kept his stern expression.

  • Kal'kuir - MAN DATS NOT FAIR

But one thing was for certain: the Loron, with these two tools at their disposal, now posed a serious threat to the DCP.

Protectors of the Milky Way Edit

The Loron fleet, now bigger than ever before, dismantled the world of Eeta at a higher rate than before, allowing them to hound surrounding systems continuously to weaken defences. Lunarai immediately realised the new striking advances made by the Loron had undermined his plans to hold the Loron at the gates of the coalition and wear them down. Specialised metric shields and soliton weapons were somehow now in Loron hands. So what next, he wondered? For now, the Loron had as much chance to gain on the DCP as they could repel it. Surprise had gripped the DCP's public consciousness, of which had now grown much more weary of war. The truth was, the coalition's territories no longer felt so safe, not since malign elements of the Technoosphere scattered the DCP fleets like reeds in the wind, and subverting control of the DCP's Maelstrom almost as immediately, ending the DCP's campaign in the Great Xonexian Schism.

Lunarai met with his chief commanders for the beleaguered sector, as well as his father, the former Emperor, and brothers. Even the the rogue Warlord Eclipsos had arrived, who had become Lunarai's mentor, and had experience fighting hordes of Mantisorac. Eclipsos took not even a glance at Wormulus, who did the same. Lunarai was now the leader, regardless.

  • Emperor Lunarai - Greetings gentlemen. It disappoints me hat it will now be unreasonable to send Titanozor to fight the source of the Loron in a single battle. The unexpected turn of events have quadrupled the Loron's numbers.

Warlord Titanozor was enraged, gazing away before smashing the power-axe he always carried through the floor.

  • Suzerain Eclipsos - Fitting that our best Loron killer acts like one.
  • Sherif Brakenmal - We have moved back as much of the key sites for industry as we could in the sector. The people, however, are growing unsettled, many want to stay and fight. This is not the War of Ages however!
  • Emperor Lunarai - Well, it is starting to look like it. What troubles me is that many forces have attempted to breach the Maelstrom before: the Grox, the Dominatus, the Vermulans, Xonexi Alliance and indeed the Civilisation. But in either case, it was either an attempt to win a campaign of rapid dominance or hold territory. The Loron are effectively consuming to fuel their war-front in our own yard.
  • The Venerable and Amaranthine Wormulus II the exalted Idol and Father of and for the Delpha Coalition of Planets - I have given you the gift of compassion, Lunarai. You are indeed compassionate for the welfare of our people, for now I believe you must listen to the public consciousness. We are losing territory, so what if we can move our colonies? It means we are fleeing, and we cannot do that forever.
  • Warlord Titanozor - I say we let our people stand and FIGHT. The Loron are stronger than non-augmented soldiers, but we fought the Xhodocto with valiant fervour!
  • Suzerain Eclipsos -No, fool. What good is there fighting at home like that when the Loron turn every planet they reach into rubble?
  • Emperor Lunarai -Lets not forget that we have a big advantage over the Loron. They may have developed or stolen advanced technologies, but they are still very poor strategists. It is believed they had this technology all along and forgot to use it, or something! My point is, this "nightcloak" technology is new to them, but we have known it since the Cognatus wars.
  • Sherif Brakenmal - Yes, whenever they turn those shields on, they can't see out, and it taxes them of power. I see... We could manoeuvre our ships, and perhaps cloak our worlds with ghost phase!
  • Emperor Lunarai - You are right yes, but we should be careful not to overuse said strategies. What is important is that we get to the source of the Loron invasion, stop their advances and kill whoever is commanding them. The Loron are barely cohesive even now.
  • Suzerain Eclipsos -I suggest you send fast craft with hard hitting weapons, that are capable of out-manoeuvring Loron weapons by hopping in and out of phase. That way, we can get Titanozor through the Loron melee.
  • Emperor Lunarai - Warlord Titanozor, I ask you to be in charge of this fleet. Meanwhile, I will see that resources are directed into slowing the Loron invasion. I will have all capable citizens in reserve ready to fight, but in the military.
  • Warlord Titanozor - I cannot wait to obliterate their ships and smash their leader's skull in! Just like the old days...
  • Suzerain Eclipsos - Can't believe I was created with that thing.

Titanozor now prepared his weapons. Remind me why he is here?! He is war criminal, if not THE war criminal.

  • Emperor Lunarai - Now now, we are not here for family dispute. I will have you both gone from my chambers.

Wormulus then glanced at Eclipsos for the first time, if just fleetingly. Lunarai realised this was the first time he had seen Eclipsos since the pivotal fight over Mirenton many decades before, but no words were spoken. Would this be the first of a reunion, or the last?

  • Idol Wormulus II - Titanozor, be careful, my son. The Loron capabilities now are different. You must channel your rage for the final assault, and use that head of yours to get there first.

Coalition forces were mustered from thousands of light years around to fight the Loron threat. The Maelstrom now breached, needed to be protected not by drones but by full military force, which would hit hard and fast at Loron manufacturing zones before they could ready their nightcloak. The Loron now believed they were unstoppable, and predictably were going in the direction that would lead them to the Delpha Sector and Mirenton. But many did not realise the nightcloak technology would blind them while in use, allowing the DCP time to out-manoeuvre the Loron ships by a tiny margin.

Lunarai also had one more trick that the Loron would not have anticipated: the DCP had new allies and now saw the value of collaboration rather than reaching for dominance on all levels. Lunarai was entrusted as a "Protector of the Galaxy". The DCP had been giving knowledge to Alexandre's administration about the Loron threat, who up to this point like the DCP believed that the Loron were a mob, a disorganized and highly erratic actor whose energy and power will crash harmlessly on any form of organized, systematic defence. They believed the Loron could be channelled like water such that their destructive rage would be mitigated by directing it at themselves.

Another Slice of Apalos Edit

Apalos had observed how the capabilities of the Loron had vastly increased in a short span of time. Now that the Milky Way Front was about to truly begin, it was time to strike at the Loron leadership, both as it was at its most vulnerable - the Loron forces would only increase in number from here, and were presently spreading out to engage with their enemies - and in order to ensure that it would no longer have any influence in the conflict.

Kal'kuir's ship was soon located, and a squadron of probes were sent to engage it. The Sik Ship quickly responded with a storm of turbolaser bolts, but a few unexpected superlaser blasts from the probes weakened its shields and scarred its armour. The probes broke formation as the armour healed itself, darting around to evade the batteries of particle weapons as their own weapons cooled down. Little by little, the wounds in the Sik Ship's armour started to accumulate, and as its weapons were targeted, its ability to inflict damage of its own was also reduced. This was just compensated for by the overwhelming firepower that it was still able to muster, which filled the surrounding space with glowing fusion-grade plasma and was able to break though the probes' shields and hulls at enough of a rate to reduce the stress that its own defences were under.

It did not take long before Kal'kuir's two most powerful weapons were brought into action. Within the space of a second, one probe found itself gutted by an exploding black hole, while a second saw the effects of "Da Solushon": vortons vaporised its shields and shredded its armour, and then monopoles and Q-balls reacted with the resulting plasma and turned it into a viscous gas of antimatter.

Although only four probes were still intact, the Sik Ship would not have the opportunity to finish them off, for an Apalos Temple Ship a kilometre in length materialised in the near distance. The Loron, no longer concerned about the tiny probes, fired all of the weapons that they could at the dreadnought, including a black hole and a supernova-bright beam of solitons. Although damaging, a single barrage was not devastating, and the Temple Ship responded in kind as one rectangular face shifted into an orderly array of gun ports and saturated the Sik Ship's shields with antimatter bullets. The four surviving probes took advantage of the opening and another few superlaser blasts struck the vessel, taking out its engines and most of the supporting infrastructure around them.

Knowing better than to let this continue, Kal'kuir ordered all of his weapons to fire once more at the Temple Ship, and activated his vessel's nightshade to give his ship a chance to repair its armour before adopting the time-honoured tactic of firing randomly in every direction in the hope of hitting enemies that they could no longer see. They were not alone in having nightshades, however, and the Temple Ship took the opportunity to make use of its own as well. Unlike the Loron, Apalos chose a less wasteful technique, and launched a few dozen mini pizza-shaped missiles instead. Once the missiles passed the half-way mark, they turned off their engines so as to cruise the rest of the way, and folded themselves into the form of shaped-charge calzones. Although several of them were caught by turbolaser bolts, the rest were joined by the (now three) remaining probes, and with the coordination of the climax of a posthuman synchronised swimming routine, they all simultaneously triggered high-powered hypermatter self-destructs.

Both the Temple Ship's and the Sik Ship's nightshades dissolved away, revealing two warships whose fully-healed hulls shone in the starlight as though they had been freshly moulded from the finest diamondoid, and whose guns almost seemed to twitch with excitement as they were ready to rend their opponents into interstellar dust. The exchange that followed was almost an anticlimax. From the Loron vessel, as soon as the black hole and soliton weapons fired, only a few more particle beams emerged before the cannons spluttered, struggling for power. Meanwhile, the Temple Ship did nothing, focusing all of its energy on maintaining its shields and armour against the Loron attack. The Sik Ship's fusion reactors quickly produced enough power to allow the turbolasers to open fire again, but it would soon be to their detriment.

The hypermatter explosions had altered the topology of spacetime up to nearly a light minute out, destroying the planckscale curvature required for hyperspace to exist throughout the entire volume. Two warships, both designed in a universe where the resources of hyperspace were freely available, found themselves hopelessly unsuitable for this small region of spacetime where it had ceased to exist. However, Apalos had one advantage over their adverseries: they were aware of this. Not only could neither Apalos nor the Loron draw upon hypermatter as a power source, they could not dump their waste into the cryogenic sea of hypermatter fog either; while the Temple Ship stayed still, doing the bare minimum necessary to survive against the Loron onslaught, the crew of the Sik Ship continued as though nothing was wrong, only to find their weapons overheat and explode in front of them. Now unhindered by the need to maintain their defences, Apalos fired another volley of antimatter bullets, not only overloading but also burning out the Sik Ship's shield generators. Now neither offense, defence nor escape were open to the Loron, while the Temple Ship was still fully functioning, albeit far from unharmed.

It was at this moment that hyperspace, having spread back through the void at the speed of light, at last returned to the location of the battle. Apalos no longer held back, sending a hailstorm of blaster bolts pummeling through the Sik Ship's substructure, beating bulkheads and blast doors alike into a cloud of molten dust. From where the bridge had been, Kal'kuir's escape pod emerged through the red-hot smoke and flew away from the devastation. This did not evade the attention of the Temple Ship, which had no intention of letting it get away. A glowing blue pulse emerged from the end of the Temple Ship, opened up into a wormhole, and swallowed the pod. Kal'kuir found himself back in Borealis, no longer in a position to affect the war in the Milky Way.

All or nothin' Edit

The Dark Loron Hagto'Zhl had become infuriated by the turn of events in Plazith. The momentum of the Loron invasion was beginning to wane with the loss of its few intelligent leaders, as a result the Loron armies were being broken into barbarian mobs. The leader had lost contact with Knar'gank, who was on the run, as the Mantisorac were chasing him every turn without respite. French or Delphan intelligence had probably intercepted him by now, and the Sneeka boys exposed could put up little resistance to the allied forces. Stuff the rest of the galaxy, Hagto'Zhl thought. The destruction of the DCP would be his ultimate prize, even the war was lost elsewhere across the Gigaquadrant. There was still a chance he could secure victory and vengeance if he came to the aid of his boyz attacking DCP space, and he knew it could cost him his life. But that would be better than being hunted like an animal by his foes. Broadcasting on all channels of Da Rogue Boyz, Hagto bellowed DA DAYZ OF VENGEANCE IS UPON US. TIME TO GO IN ALL OR NOTHIN'. Not all Loron understood what he meant, as 'going in' could mean a great number of things.

In DCP space, Titanozor was making full use of the Loron's loss of cohesion, curtailing their advance as the Loron fanned out; the Rogue Boyz were attacking systems at random causing great damage but lacking anything more than one or two blows. The Loron had a great advantage with nightcloak technology, but without reasoned strategists, they could not use it properly. Every time it was activated, they were blind, giving DCP ships a chance to manoeuvre from their weapons using FTL jumps or ghost phase to get out the way or create spectral ghosts to confuse Loron targeting sensors. Even with hyperspatial power, the Loron craft could lose power especially in the maelstrom, giving Titanozor's ships windows of opportunity to strike. Better still, his forces were picking up momentum as the Loron failed to realise a countermeasure, pushing through the Loron advance right to edge of the territory they penetrated. This would be where Hagto'Zhl was about to arrive with huge reinforcements rallied under All of NOTHIN'.

  • DCP telemetry officer - Warlord Titanozor, we have detected a subspace echo indicative of millions of Loron attack ships, inbound to the sector in 5 minutes.

Upon hearing these unprecedented numbers, even Titanozor was surprised for he had limited options, either full scale retreat and let the Loron regain what they had lost, or to hold the line and wait for the heavy cavalry. His choice of fleet was maximised for manoeuvrability, with heavier warships assigned deeper into DCP territories. Although logical, Titanozor could not bring himself to lose his pride and called a speech:

  • Warlord Titanozor - We are outnumbered, death is an acceptable outcome to slow this fleet. Prepare whatever rituals are accustomed to your world he announced.

A few moments later Titanozor's number one and shoulder companion Buuk distracted him,

  • First Officer Buuk - Actually, I have a better solution: if we ghost phase our fleet we can travel amongst them without detection, and strike during the midpoint of their clash with the homefleet. Send holograms, pretend we are running!

Titanozor took no time to make a second announcement...

Seeing the DCP run from the frontline made Hagto incredibly excited as he began to feel the triumph of the Loron he so desperately wanted. There was nothing of any consequence between him and the DCP heartlands, his Gyronic-enhanced drives bypassed the maelstrom with ease and extreme FTL speeds, all thanks to the mad scientist Kal'kuir. The scattered remains of the last Loron invasion force joined him as his rallying cry called them for attack. Eventually, a large DCP fleet forming a fortified cordon came into the Dark Loron's sights. This would be a battle fought within hyperspace itself, but mimicking the ground-based charges of old. The laws of relativity were just the same in hyperspatial layers as they were in realspace. That meant projectiles and particle beam weapons fired by the Dark Loron's fleet carried more momentum than would be expected at low velocities. They simply had the advantage of speed to the frame of the DCP cordon. The DCP fleet fired everything they had in response in hopes to scatter the oncoming barrage, but it worked to limited effect, barely changing the momentum of oncoming fire. Soon the Loron fleet was upon them and past them within moments. The DCP line was completely smashed, but it had been enough to cause chaos to Hagto's fleet as well, as craft both lucky and unlucky crashed in all directions, many of them falling out of hyperspace entirely to be picked off by drones or stranded; the Dark Loron manically laughed at the devastation. But through sheer numbers on both sides, there were many surviving craft. The DCP ships that avoided the crush began to give chase as predicted, but then all of a sudden there was chaos within his fleet itself! Loron fighting Loron again? But all too quickly Hagto'Zhl realised the DCP had used its 'oldest trick in the book' as Titanozor's fleet had been with them all along and had now deghosted, taking Loron ships by surprise, even managing to degost mines and bombs into their craft. Hagto'Zhl ordered his ships to slow down to show strength and fight the DCP one to one. The battle that would ensue raged on fiercely and despite DCP ships succumbing to sheer numbers, Hagto'Zhl knew that the Loron would lose against the DCP's reinforcements and firepower. But none of this mattered to him personally as Kal'kuir had gifted him a chronon torpedo, a weapon capable removing events from history by editing the universal wavefunction from the deeper non-quantum realm of the Taldar. Hagto'Zhl raced away from his fleet towards the Chilius system, heart of the DCP.

During the flight through DCP space, the crew of Titanozor's ship had located Hagto'Zhl's command vessel quite easily by intercepting his broadcasts. Titanozor realised his chance to confront the dark lord of the Loron armies and put an end to the ridiculous death toll they were inflicting on the universe; ordering a shuttlecraft from his ship to align with the bay of Hagto's vessel. Cautious of deghosting in an atmosphere, Titanozor fired a probe that would cause a cavity of vacuum for his craft, which then shifted from all angles into threespace. Upon exiting the shuttle an leaving Buuk inside, Titanozor found himself in a dingy room that was tall but poorly lit. Nobody appeared to have seen or heard his craft enter, for it was also an incredibly noisy space. Titanozor had a rough idea about where the command deck was, and let his intuition guide him. The bulkheads and walls appeared to be made out of all sorts of random materials: metals, even brick with the odd bone sticking out. There were numerous twisted corridors, faintly Titanozor could smell pizza as well as less pleasant smells. Graffiti adorned the walls, and the floor was littered with broken glass and needles. The walls throbbed with vibrations from the hyperdrive, which was unnerving considering how rickety the ship was.

Hagto'Zhl ship was already approaching the Chilius system using its enhanced FTL drive. The homeworld of the Grimbolsaurians was perhaps the most well defended in the Gigaquadrant, but it would not matter as it would soon not be. Hagto stroked the chronon torpedo that would soon be used to erase the DCP from history. However, Hagto'Zhl got a warning from his Boyz.

  • JUST DA ONE? shouted Hagto'Zhl in surprise.

This was no normal Grimbolsaurian Hagto'Zhl realised. On-board cameras soon revealed it to be the Loron slayer himself, Titanozor. Hagto quickly forgot about the chronon torpedo and could feel his dark energies leaping into action. Flexing his muscles he prepared for a final fight.

Titanozor like a one-man army stormed onto the main deck to face down Hagto'Zhl. The Dark Loron looked like Zr'Ahgloth, but skin as black as coal and eyes that had the signature glow of Dark Chronoscopic's twisted energy. But above him, Titanozor could see Mirenton, his homeworld.

  • Titanozor - My, I wasn't expecting to find myself home.
  • Titanozor - What do you expect to achieve? This ship will soon be detected, and you will be destroyed.
  • Titanozor - You'll simply be the cause of a branch of history in the multiverse and you won't go anywhere from here. Everybody is taught that.

But a physics discussion wasn't what Hagto'Zhl wanted, ENOUGH OF DA GEEKY MUMBO JUMBO, FIGHT ME GRIMBO. Hagto'Zhl appeared to rise in size, his muscles expanding. Titanozor charged, using his genetically and cybernetically enhanced muscles to combat the Loron and his dark chronoscopic. The two wrestled for strength, the strongest Grimbolsaurian versus the strongest Loron. Titanozor could feel his muscles buckle under the power of this Loron, his own nanomachines swarming in his blood to repair and bolster stretched muscle fibres in his back and legs. Titanozor continued to reason with Hagto as the two tried to gain the upper hand or sparred punches.

  • Titanozor - But think about it. If you stop the DCP from existing, you will not be able to saviour your victory.
  • Titanozor - We wouldn't be fighting now if you had won!

Enraged, Hagto'Zhl renewed his strength and overcharged with chronoscopic. This was too much for Titanozor, in a single punch Hagto'Zhl knocked him flying into the wall. Hagto'Zhl then stamped on Titanozor, crushing his legs and picking Titanozor's limp and mangled body up.


And with that, Hagto'Zhl promptly fired the chronoscopic weapon into a vector backwards in time. Hagto'Zhl cheered with victory, but Titanozor tapped him.

  • Guess who, I'm still here.
  • Hagto'Zhl - HURHUR SO WHAT.
  • Titanozor - So your weapon failed.

The Loron's look of triumph suddenly turned to rage and frustration, he threw Titanozor even harder.


This time, Titanozor landed on his feet. His internal technology already repairing much of the damage inflicted by Hagto'Zhl.

  • Titanozor - I know more than most people about the Chronoscopic realm. I have conversed with the High Taldar themselves. The historic formation of the DCP is a fixed strand in time, a favoured memory of the Vyro'Narza. You cannot remove the DCP from history.
  • Titanozor - Of course I did. Just to see the look on your face.
  • Titanozor - Uurm, maybe.

Suddenly the Loron boss ship became enveloped in a golden light that seemed to emanate within. Titanozor wondered if the DCP had targeted the ship, however, Hagto'Zhl screamed in pain as his dark energies were vanquished from his body, shrinking him back to normal size.

  • Titanozor - The Taldar don't take kindly to illegal uses of extra-universal technology.

Titanozor took his chance to punch the Loron as hard as he could, knocking Hagto back and breaking his mandible. The golden light had now intensified like a spotlight on Hagto and his ship, which was suddenly transported to the Borealis galaxy. Titanozor found himself back in his shuttlecraft.

Da Loron stoof
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