The DCP-Vermulan was a large military conflict occuring in the Xonexi Cluster occurring between the Delpha Coalition of Planets and its allies against the multidimensional Vermulan Autonomy and its servitors.

Side Stories Edit

  • Trials of Kilnok - The Dromanji demand retribution from the DCP. Warlord Kilnok is sent on labours by the Dromanji in a quest of atonement for the DCP.

Prelude Edit

Prior to the war, officials of the Delpha Coalition of Planets reported being haunted by mysterious apparitions. Initially passed off as a mere paranoia, the haunting spread to more and more government and military officials, until the phenomena was linked in a sharp drop of government efficiency. The DCP searched for a course for the haunting, suspecting Xhodocto, or rogue automata, or a contagious mental illness. As efficiency plummeted, and even the Empeor himself coming under the effects, more desperate and rash attempts to find an explanation were placed ass officially policy when they would never have done before. The phenomena revealed itself to be the ghosts of the Dromanji, a species that the DCP had culled decades past, but not before the tormented DCP had made a grave error.

The DCP, exhausted and thirsting for an explanation, had chosen to blame their issues on the enigmatic Vermulan Autonomy, a race of near-humans of unknown origins. All previous encounters the DCP had with them ended in defeat, and to the strained minded of the haunted officials, the Vermulans could very easily be the cause of their suffering with their mysterious technology. In a action that would never have happened under a rationally minded government, the DCP vented months of stress at the Vermulans, broadcasting on a general fequency throughout the entire Gigaquadrant, blaming the Vermulans for all their troubles, accusing them of cowardice, and issuing a challenge to the Autonomy. When the Dromanji revealed their true nature, it was too late. The Vermulans had heard, and were willing to answer the challenge.

Year One: The Plazith Theatre Edit

The Vermulan Autonomy reacted by attacking and destroying one of the security fleets of the DCP and occupying the worlds of the DCP's Docron Sector. It was their expectation that the DCP would yield to displays of superior force. The DCP however, immediately retaliated to liberate their worlds. The Vermulans fortified their positions and prepared for a much larger conflict. The DCP meanwhile contacted its smaller brother, the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets, which had previously fought the Vermulans, for advice in the war, to which the MSP agreed and gave their tactical analyses of the Vermulans from the Conflict of Vengeance, and also provided limited material support.

To aid with their invasion the Vermulans called upon two servitors, the Alliance of the Mashriq and the Sienna Grox Movement, to reinforce their fleet. The Mashriqi were unable to violate the DCP's Maelstrom field, so the process of invasion would involve Vermulan strikes against Maelstrom generators before their forces would flood the sector. These dynamic was recognised by the DCP, and battles over Maelstrom generators became more titanic and decisive. Enormous world wars would be fought over the DCP planets, as the Vermulans wanted access to DCP manufacturing capabilities. The Mechanovirus was reverse-engineered by the Vermulans to serve as a destabilising ground weapon, and to force DCP civilians to rely on their occupiers for safety.

As their security forces buckled under the Vermulan Onslaught, the DCP began calling upon allies to aid them. In a violation of previous policy, the DCP contacted a specific Human nation, the Fjord League, rather than the Allied Terran Republic. The Fjord League had long been in dispute with the jingoistic Mashriq Alliance, which draw the DCP's attention. The Fjords joined the war effort by attacking Mashriqi supply lines and sending the supplies to the DCP. The Fjords also made an effort to discover the location of the Vermulan capital-territory by triangulating their communications with the Mashriqi, as part of a long term strategy. The DSB, a long time ally of the DCP, was also contacted over a wedge of Vermulan space on the edge of their territory. A joint DCP-DSB-Fjord sneak attack forced the Vermulans out from this territory, and the Vermulan bases were ransacked for potential information and reverse-engineerable technology.

The MSP came under attack from a reinvigorated Mantisorac Swarm. The attacks cut off the limited Coalition forces station in MSP space, and cut MSP support for the DCP. As Vermulan forces managed to occupy close to a quarter of DCP space, an unprecedented accomplishment, and Coalition officials approved a radical plan to defeat the Vermulan invasion. False Maelstrom emitters were presented in tempting locations, and with their destruction the DCP willing switched off the entire Maelstrom field to seem like the Vermulans had disabled it themselves. Though suspicious, the Vermulans tried to take advantage of the moment with a quick attack on Mirenton to try and decapitate the DCP. They made within ten light years of Chilius before the Maelstrom was reactivated, destroying the bulk of the Vermulan's servitor fleets, and an enormous Coalition defence fleet rose to defeat the Vermulan Armada, securing a victory and scattering the invasion force.

The DCP began a campaign to clear their space of Vermulan occupation forces, which were bunkering down on occupied planets, and leaving Mechanovirus infestations and strangelet mines in their retreat. The Sienna Grox Movement was also taking Grox slaves out of the hands of the DCP, and the Coalition chose to attack this threat directly. The DSB notified the DCP of Zarni efforts to exterminate the Void Grox, and a temporary truce was called to launch a joint attack against the Sienna Movement's main fleet, shutting down the Grox's control signal and placing them back under the DCP's command.

The DCP made a final push against the Vermulans, clearing the Vermulan fleet from their territory, and sending in ground forces to clear out all occupied planets. The DCP was given space to breathe after one the worst invasions it had suffered, and began rebuilding in preparation for a retaliatory strike against the Vermulans. The Fjord League at this time finally succeeded in their efforts to discover the location of the Vermulan capital-territory, revealing its location to be in the Large Magellanic Cloud, to the surprise and indignation of the MSP.

Year Two: The Magellanic Theatre Edit

With the revelation that the Large Magellanic Cloud was the base-of-operations for the Vermulan War effort, the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets was brought deeper into the conflict. The Delpha Coalition requested the use of their space as a staging area for an counter-invasion of the Vermulan Autonomy. The MSP was uncomfortable with the idea, but agreed in hope of allied assistance against the growing Mantisorac attacks. The Mantisorac increased their expansion through the galaxy, coming into conflict with the Vermulan Autonomy itself, which had neglected to consider such a problematic neighbour.

The DCP began attacks on the fringes of Vermulan space to test defenses and fish for information that could allow for a easier victory. The Vermulans understood exactly what the DCP was doing, and placed new servitor species into their path, opening areas of intrigue for Coalition intelligence to waste resources investigating. The new servitor species were the Nawohte Viceroyalty, a state with advanced biotechnology and a grudge against the DCP, and the Iq'apt Imago, a truly alien species that vexed the DCP military. These servitors, especially the Iq'apt, set the counter-invasion back somewhat, and the DCP consulted native Magellanic species that had become members of the MSP for knowledge of these beings.

The MSP and the Vermulans separately continued to fight the Mantisorac incursions. The DCP failed to provide assistance to the MSP concerning the swarm, seeing it only as a potential distraction to the Vermulans. Study of the Mantisorac's behaviour, by both MSP and the Vermulans, revealed that there was something driving them into panic. Searches were set up by both powers to discover the source of the Mantisorac's frenzy. Two expeditions deep into Mantisorac space discovered a bizarre crystalline structure emitting great energy embedded into a hive, and it was this that was driving the Mantisorac insane. Both parties attempted to retrieve the crystal, resulting in the Vermulans disabling the MSP ship and taking off with the crystal.

The Vermulans, in an effort to stave off the counter-invasion, began hitting key colonies in MSP space. The allies moved to defend the Sovereignty. The Fjord League prepared to move a fleet in to assist, but found themselves under attack by ships of the Great Empire of Sun and Sand, though the GESS denied this. The GESS was a long standing client state of the Mashriqi, and the attack was clearly engineered to cut off Fjord support of the war effort. The DCP recommended that the Mashriqi Alliance's core territory be invaded to cut off their support of the Vermulans. The Fjords agreed, but warned that such an invasion would be difficult to manage alone. Ships from the GESS had also raided another human nation, India (though mere piracy, and not on Vermulan orders), and India was looking to subdue the GESS government and replaced it with a less corrupt system, though understood the threat of the Mashriqi. Fjord diplomats were able to persuade India to support a full scale invasion of the Mashriqi Alliance and their client state with Allied support.

The Vermulan Autonomy studied the mysterious crystal found amongst the Manstisorac. Attempts to run it through a mass-spectrometre caused it to release an enormous amount of energy, destroying much of the Vermulan's research base, and opening a rift to a pocket universe. Through this rift came the Great Vampires, an ancient race sealed away millennia ago. The Vermulans attempted to cull this threat, but the Great Vampires extended foricibly converted the surviving research base staff into Vampires, stole several saucers, and fled to the outer worlds of the Autonomy. There they conquered several Vermulan outposts and independent neutral civilisations and began reestablishing the Bloodletter Swarm.

A united invasion force composed of Fjord, Indian, and DSB fleets was gathered to invade the Alliance of the Mashriq. The plan was to quickly cull the Mashriqi fleet, place automated blockades around the bulk of their colonies, and invade and capture the capital world of Arcturus. The Mashriqi, with their unparalleled abilities of surveillance, knew of this plan in advance and deployed its own fleets to counter the invasion. The Allies chose to attack the Mashriqi on three fronts, hoping to stretch the Mashriqi forces thin. Fighting was fierce, and progress was slow. Against the Vermulan's wishes, the Mashriqi withdraw forces from the Magellanic Cloud to fight the invasion.

The DCP and MSP, shoulder to shoulder, fought off incursions by the Vermulan Empire and the Mantisorac Swarm. Seeing the withdrawal of the Mashriqi forces, the Mantisorac's indiscriminate invasions, and the mysterious Bloodletter insurgency, the DCP relaunched its invasion of the Vermulan Autonomy, no longer reconnaissance skirmishes but full-scale assaults on Vermulan colonies. Production centres for the Mechanovirus, which had been deployed against the MSP's colonies, were priority targets. The Vermulans sent in their Magellanic servitors but the DCP had since learned to counter their alien technologies and were able to push on through, establishing a fortified beachhead into Vermulan space.

Year Three: The Vermulan Campaign Edit

Although making significant inroads, the invasion of the Vermulan Autonomy was costing the DCP a great deal in material and personnel. It was decided by the DCP leadership that the main effort should be to capture the capital of the Vermulan's territory, which had been located through stolen documents. This was much the same strategy that was being deployed by the Fjords and their allies against the Mashriqi Alliance, however the DCP made no effort to capture any Vermulan settlements and merely bombarded them from orbit.

The MSP continued to fight side by side with the DCP in the invasion of Vermulan space, though they also had to deal with the continuing incursions from the Mantisorac. The Sovereignty readied efforts to poison the hives as they did to survive their first war with the swarm, but the Mantisorac were providing an important distraction to the Vermulans so the DCP insisted that the Mantisorac be fought by conventional means for the time being. The Vermulans themselves attempted to infect the Mantisorac hives with biological weapons themselves, but found that the Mantisorac had learned from their previous experience and were quarantining any infected hives. The Vermulans had to resort to using the Iq'apt against the swarm.

On the other side of the Vermulan territory, the newly released Vampires had set up their own swarm, small but ready to fight. The Great Vampires were cautious about facing entities as powerful as those clashing in before them, but they saw a takeover of the Vermulan Autonomy as their best chance for survival. They took to devouring entire Vermulan worlds to fuel the conversion of Vermulan warship crews into vampires, which would then conquer worlds for the Vampires. This was highly inefficient, as no Vermulans were willing to accept Vampire slavery and would constantly rise up against the Bloodletters. The Great Vampires accepted that the Vermulans would not become a slave race, and were used merely as vampire soldiers or drained of their blood to fuel the conversion process.

The invasion of the Mashriqi Alliance was a difficult campaign, but proved easier than the allies had anticipated. Planets were barricaded with automated drones, which would prevent any starship takeoff, but had to deal with artillery wars with planetary armies wielding anti-satellite weaponry. Intelligence reports indicated that Mashriqi fleets were disappearing, but the allies could not determine why or how. A portion of these fleets had realised the hopelessness of the war and were fleeing to the extragalactic colonies to survive (which the allies did guess at), but the bulk were being secretly exterminated by the Draconians, which had seen an opportunity to cull Vermulan influence and extend their own dominion over the Mashriq. Vermulan aid to the Mashriqi was also secret destroyed by the Draconians. With this behind-the-scenes aid and a spare DCP fleet sent in, the allies were able to push through to Arcturus and capture the Mashriq capital in a fierce battle with what little Vermulan reinforcements had made it through. An occupational government was established and the Alliance was knocked out of the war.

The Fjord and DSB fleets were able to join back with the invasion of the Vermulans. With this extra reinforcement, the Vermulans began to seriously buckle. The rapidly shrinking Vermulan territory brought more Mantisorac presence on the MSP, though the reinforcements added with this, and also brought the allies into contact with the Bloodletters. The Bloodletter Swarm called for a meeting to organise a truce against the Vermulans, but this proved to be a ruse to infect high ranking allied diplomats. Warfare broke out between the allies and the vampires. Mantisorac soon began fighting the bloodletters themselves, the the Great Vampires used the insects as a new source of life-force to fuel the conversion of opposing ships into vampires.

The MSP warned that the Bloodletters could potentially be a worse threat than the Vermulans, and recommended the threat be culled quickly. The Mantisorac were baited away from the Great Vampires, and a powerful fleet sent to destroy the monsters. The Vermulans took forces off the Mantisorac front, particular the Iq'apt that proved immune to the vampires as well, to fight the Bloodletters. The Vermulans focused on their lost colonies, while the allied forces led by the MSP went to liberated the native Magellanic life now enslaved by the Vampires. The campaign was short and resulted in much loss, but the Great Vampires were ultimately forced to flee the Magellanic Cloud. Military forces were able to focus back on the Vermulan Autonomy. Captured Vermulan vampires were studied, and recaptured vampirised allied personnel were slowly and arduously cured.

The way the vampire conversion affected the Vermulans and overrode the obedience to the Autonomy literally built into Vermulan brains revealed a new possibility in fighting the war. Led by Doctor Oschon of the DSB, a prion disease was developed that would break the Vermulan programming and return proper human thinking to them. Hyperspatial dispersion pods were fired remotely at as many Vermulan worlds as possible, along with DSB written propaganda encouraging mass uprising against the Autonomy. Many of these pods never made it, but a fair chunk of Vermulan space was infected and subsequently seceded to become the Independent Vermulan Republic. This triggered a similar uprising against the Nawohte Viceroyalty, establishing the Nawohte Union. The two new powers joined up with the allied powers against the Autonomy. The Iq'apt Imago then abandoned the Autonomy. This sudden shift in power allowed the allies to conquer the remaining worlds of the Vermulans in the Magellanic.

In the climax of the war, the DCP and its allies managed to push to the last worlds of the Vermulan Autonomy. They discovered there to be three Dyson Spheres align at near perfect 180 degree angles. These were revealed to be generators for a vast superportal to summon and enormous invading force to retake their lost territory and expand well beyond to conquer the allied forces like been originally planned. A cataclysmic battle was fought, with the portal opening and some of the Vermulan reinforcements able to poor in. Ultimately the allies were able to destroy the generators and close the portal. The Vermulan remnants were either destroyed or fled into deep space.

Aftermath Edit

The fleeing Vermulan forces caused the DCP to send out countless hunter drones out in pursuit of them across the Gigaquadrant. The allied fleets scoured the former Vermulan territories in search of survivors, which were humanised and deported to the Independent Republic. Debates waged on which power should annexe the Autonomy's territory, but ultimately the scavenging of their technology left nothing worth annexing. The DCP and MSP turned their attention to the newly democratic Vermulans and Nawohte, wishing to annexe them to keep them from evolving into a new Vermulan Autonomy. The new republics, fearing the surveillance dictatorships, applied for membership of the DSB instead. This was considered an acceptable compromise.

The conflict can be seen in many lights to be a prelude to the Great Xonexian Schism, especially considering the role of the Mashriqi in the conflict. The Mashriqi fighting alongside the Vermulans was the first time a Human nation fought a concerted effort to defeat the DCP, and proved that Humanity could meet Coalition forces equally. The use of the Fjord League to suppress the Mashriq Alliance also was a prelude to the ultimate suppression of the Orion League under the Human Superstate. Finally, it has been suggested that war exhaustion from this conflict contributed to the DCP ultimate defeat at the hands of the Xonexi allies.

The war led to some changes in the politics of the Gigaquadrant. The Vermulan Autonomy was defeated and ceased noticeable activities in this universe. Though the Autonomy had barely acted beforehand, their absence caused a cessation of tensions in many states, particularly those of Humanity. The conflict also led to the release of the Bloodletters which had fled to the Andromeda Galaxy to start anew, adding a new threat in place of the Autonomy. The Alliance of the Mashriq had also been reduced from a intergalactic superpower to a mandate of the DCP, with its extragalactic colonies left scattered and leaderless.

On a more positive note, the war led to increased cooperation between the DCP and the MSP, which had learned to respect one another over the course of the war, though an air of distrust still lingered. The Fjord League established a position as a DCP favoured nation of Humanity, just under the Allied Terran Republic, which the Fjord leadership was wary but ultimately grateful of. The DCP-DSB alliance held true and was reaffirmed, though the DSB would later fail to aid the Coalition in the Xonexi conflict.

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