Cyroenian System Yards, also known as Cyroenian Shipyards or simply the CSY, is the oldest and most respected military starship manufacturing corporation based in the Cyrannus Galaxy, headquartered on Cyroenia.

As one of the founding worlds of the ancient First Republic, the people of Cyroenia sought to distinguish themselves as the foremost manufacturing company in the newly formed government. Over the centuries, Cyroenian System Yards grew from a small number of shipyards and docks into a vast planetary ring encircling the entire planet. Though the company fell from prominence after the Second Nagith War, it experienced a resurgence during the era of the United Republic of Cyrannus, providing the nascent republic Navy with most of the components utilised by its fleets, most prominently vast Star Destroyers, the construction of which marked a new golden age for the company. The formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus prompted the CSY to shift its allegiance, and it was responsible for manufacturing the majority of the Empire's foremost symbols of Imperial might, including the Imperator-class Star Destroyer, the ASP-ln starfighter and the Armoured Assault Transport.

Following the liberation of Cyroenia by the New Republic, the CSY began specialising in the construction of the Republic's roster of Star Destroyers, while the Imperial-aligned subsidiary Cortellier-Ordvestar Engineering continued manufacturing for various Imperial remnants, most prominently the New Empire.



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