The Cyrannus Standard Calendar is the standard measurement of time in Cyrannus. It is centered around the orbit of Capricaerón and Picona, which orbit each other around a common barycenter. A year is the same length as a year on Earth; however there are only six months, which are twice as long as those on Earth. The calendar uses the system, New Era which revolves around the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. BNE stands for Before New Era while NE stands for New Era.

History of Cyrannus Edit

OikoumeneSymbol Prehistoric Era (13,000,000,000 BNE - 62,000 BNE) OikoumeneSymbol Edit


Tyrómaironás with the Adjunct during the Apotheosis.

  • 13,000,000,000 BNE
    • The galaxy is believed to have formed 13 billion years ago.
  • 73,343,199 BNE
    • The great rebellion against the Oikoumene is crushed by the Mornûnendur.
    • The conflict between the Primercer and the Tyrómairon takes place.
    • The Primercer is defeated by Tyrómairon.
    • Amemoriam is constructed.
    • Libraé becomes the First Elda of the Oikoumene.
  • 67,004,981 BNE
    • The Mornûnendur are replaced by the more temperate Estëmentári as the Protectors of Life.
    • Tyrómairon and the Mornûnendur vanish from the Oikoumene.
  • 4,000,000 BNE
    • Oikoumene intelligences create the Cyrannian Ringworld.
  • 800,000 BNE
    • A great alien empire develops in Cyrannus. The Great Temoin Empire and Oikoumene AIs eventually wage war, resulting in the utter annihilation of the Temoin. Hyperspace technology is introduced to many cultures.

OldRepublicSymbol First Republic Era (62,000 BNE - 13,210 BNE) PhaedricOrder Edit

  • 62,000 BNE
    • Conkoboli Libertus that have seemingly evolved on another world colonize Apailiana, a key Core World.
  • 52,742 BNE
    • The Sovereignties of the Core is formed after the Orbispiran-Corulusan War.
  • 48,500 BNE
    • Coruaan is colonised by Conkoboli Libertus.
  • 45,489 BNE
    • The Phaedric Empire native to Antemurale invades the galaxy's interior.
    • The First Republic is established by Praesator Apollóe Cyran'nus.

An First Republic fleet protecting Orbispira circa 15,450 BNE/15,447 BTC.

  • 43,890 BNE
    • Modern hyperdrive is invented by Arnarorian scientists.
  • 43,450 BNE
    • Orbispira, the seat of galactic politics for the next fifty millennia becomes an ecumenopolis.
  • 37,280 BNE
    • The Republic Crusades against Mid Rim aliens begins.
  • 37,280 BNE
    • The influence of the Miluiel brings the Crusades to a stop.

The Nagith War rages.

  • 31,070 BNE
    • The Nelchonan becomes spacefaring.
  • 26,000 BNE
  • 25,550 BNE
    • The Neraida Gigamatrix is created by the Nagith and promptly rebels against their creators.
    • The Nagith Empire attacks the Old Republic, the war lasts for decades but the Nagith are defeated.
  • 23,263 BNE
  • 23,262 BNE
    • The Phaedric Empire finally collapses.
  • 20,000 BNE
    • The Bisistar, an unknown reptilian race from a nearby galaxy invade the galaxy at this time. The galaxy is plunged into a dark age, but ultimately the Pyrían are victorious. The Bisistar leave, swearing vengeance.
  • 19,550 BNE
  • 15,250 BNE
  • 13,500 BNE
    • The Nagith once again invade Republic space, the titanic war that follows devastates the galaxy. Eventually, both the Nagith and the Old Republic fall.

CapricornSectorAlliance Galactic Interregnum Era (13210 BNE - 53 BNE) CapricornSectorAlliance Edit

Basileus Cavaneu War

The Basileus War

  • 12,049 BNE
    • The War of Three Holds comes to an end, and the Basileus are unified under the Basileus Imperium.
  • 12030 BNE
  • 11134 BNE
  • 10,988 BNE
    • The Basileus Imperium is rocked when Imperator Ohmonir is assassinated during the Night of Daggers, resulting in the ascendancy of the Justiciars as a powerful political force on Vasuband.
  • 6097 BNE - 6000 BNE
    • The Mid Rim Wars are waged, pitting the Thanatyrannus against a coalition of species led by the Ausare. The conflict ends in a cease fire and the formation of the Federation of United Worlds.
  • 5100 BNE
    • The Thanatyrannus-Adlapuspino War is fought.
  • 4500 BNE
    • The Blusom become spacefaring.
  • 3518 BNE
    • The Ónomi become spacefaring.
  • 3490 BNE
    • The Jurasican Trade Spine, a pivotal Mid Rim trade route is blazed.
  • 3103 BNE

Capricaépolis is established on Capricaerón.

  • 2270 BNE
  • 2084 BNE
    • The Mon Hipaca and the Mon Nahdar become spacefaring.
    • The Unified Capricaerón Government is formed. The Libertus native to the Twelve Worlds become spacefaring.
  • 2015 BNE
    • Taurophon is conquered by the Leonaen Empire.
  • 1994 BNE
  • 1984 BNE
    • The Lacertians become spacefaring.
    • The First Intercolonial War ravages the Twelve Worlds.
  • 1870 BNE
    • The Draken become spacefaring.

The Libertus native to Capricaerón become spacefaring in 2084 BNE.

  • 1615 BNE
    • The Second Intercolonial War begins.
  • 1538 BNE
    • The Twelve Worlds unite as the United Worlds of Calithilaen.
  • 1480 BNE
    • The Capricorn Sector Alliance colonises Coruindia.
    • The Trucinex become spacefaring, forming the infamous Trucinex Imperium.
  • 960 BNE
  • 934 BNE
    • The Dromeourus become spacefaring.
    • The Velociampo become spacefaring.
    • The Jenassians conquer the Rihanaen homeworld of Rihanae, beginning a forty year occupation.
  • 894 BNE
    • The Rihanaen overthrow the Jenassian occupation of their world and establish the Rihanaen Star Empire.
  • 891 BNE
  • 765 BNE
    • Eire is settled by the Capricorn Sector Alliance.
  • 734 BNE
  • 655 BNE
    • Aenaró is born on an unknown world.
  • 543 BNE
    • The Four Years War between the Jenassians and the Rihanaen ends in a decisive Rihanaen victory, with the Star Empire conquering three Jenassian sectors.

The infamous lord Zillum was born in 353 BNE.

  • 353 BNE
    • Zillum, feared and deadly Mortalitas admiral is born on Moreuse.
  • 270 BNE
    • The Kaater become spacefaring.
  • 238 BNE
  • 210 BNE
  • 187 BNE
    • Ryen is born on Mandatine.
  • 154 BNE
  • 130 BNE
  • 108 BNE
    • Cyranduas is colonised by the Capricorn Sector Alliance.

Voro Acetenus, future ruler of the Cognatus Remnant and the Unified Order of Cognalorilos was born in 95 BNE.

  • 84 BNE
    • The Auilámii become spacefaring.

URC Flag Second Republic Era (53 BNE - 0 BNE) CAS Flag Edit

URC Senate

The United Republic of Cyrannus was established in 53 BNE.

  • 47 BNE
    • The New Osteolan movement is formed on Mandatine.
  • 42 BNE

Apollo, the most famous Libertus in history, is born on Capricaerón in 31 BNE.


Aoirtae Valaeris, a pivitol player in galactic history, was born in 11 BNE.

  • 12 BNE
    • Munalur is born on Corament.
    • The Osteolan Civil War comes to an end, resulting in the establishment of the Duchy of Mandatine under Duchess Kyrsá Nimrais.

The Intergalactic War is fought between the Republic and the Cognatus.

Quadrantia Disorder 35

The Great Cyrannus War, the largest conflict in modern galactic history was fought between 03 BNE and 01 BNE.

  • 3 BNE
    • The Great Cyrannus War begins.
    • The Battle of Capricaerón occurs.
    • Zillum is seemingly killed, but later revived by Tyrómairon.
    • Constantipolos is destroyed by the Corruptus.
    • Majestic reveals the existence of Terminus to President Apollo.
  • 2 BNE
    • The Galactic Barrier protects the Cyrandia Cluster against the Annihilation.
    • The Cyrannian Neraida come to the forefront of the war and become a major threat.
    • The Cognatus Remnant joins the conflict.
    • Arasah-Nui is born on Cernnunos.
  • 1 BNE
    • The Bisistar Domain invades the galaxy once more. Their invasion is centred on the Neraida.
    • The New Basileus Empire is formed, and combats the Republic with new found ferocity.
    • The Confederacy is defeated at the Battle of Orbispira.
    • Tyrómairon ends the Great Cyrannus War, dissolving the United Republic of Cyrannus and forming the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

ImperialEmblem Imperial Hegemony Era (01 NE - 05 NE) ImperialEmblem Edit


Tyrómairon forms the Empire in 01 BNE/NE


During an address on Concordia in 03 NE, Apollo officially proclaims the New Cyrannian Republic.


The Mou'Cyran Accords were formed in 04 NE.

NewRepublic Cold War Era (06 NE - 15 NE) ImperialEmblemEdit


Guolivian offers the Republic a place in the Empire; the moment many consider to have started the Cyrannian Cold War.

    • The Vida'Rranlora Archive rebels against the Empire.
    • The Reclamation of Ramaprica begins, spearheaded by the New Republic. The Empire attempts to disrupt terraforming efforts.
    • The Calamity of Usmilia takes place when the Bisistar attack the Bastnliues Republic. The Bastnliues join the Mou'Cyran Accords.
    • Kara Inviá and Laoi Cretacea come of age. Kara joins a mysterious element of Republic Strategic Intelligence, gaining command of the Auethnen Raptor. Kara begins training her powers under Master Ryen. Laoi becomes an intern in the Office of the Chancellor of Rambo Nation.
Battle of Coruanthor 02

The Neraida War, a devastating galactic conflict, was fought in 09 NE.

  • 09 NE
    • The Neraida War begins early in the year, with the Destruction of Ithriebor. Coordinated by Aedanius II of Neraida, the war becomes one of the most devastating in galactic history, lasting for much of the year.
      • The conflict devastates worlds such as Ithriebor, Cernunnos, Coruanthor, Venetia and Narsul, while resulting in the deaths of billions serving to preserve the alliance forged from the Mou'Cyran Accords.
  • 10 NE
    • New Republic senatorial elections take place. The increasingly partisan nature of the Senate between Centrists, Federalists and Reformists becomes clear. In the wake of the Neraida War and increasing tension with the Empire, the platform of the Centrists gains popularity amongst the populace—winning an unofficial majority.
    • President Nexarón Valkistair forms a controversial Senate subcommittee on how to deal with the existential threat posed by the Empire.
    • The Battle of Aldár occurs near the end of the year, resulting in the destruction of Morgandaûr.
  • 13 NE
    • The Quasi War is waged between the Empire and the Republic-backed Dilanian Interstellar Empire. Peace is brokered before it could escalate into a galactic war.
    • The Battle of Alberensis begins, fought between Republic-backed Resistance cells and the Empire. The conflict quickly becomes a quagmire with no end in sight.
Mou'Cyran Cataclysm

The defining event in modern times—the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm occurs in 15 NE.

NewRepublic Second Great War Era (15 NE - Ongoing) ImperialEmblemEdit

SGCW Battle of Cyranduas 02

The Republic fights bitterly to defend Cyranduas in 17 NE.

Future Timelines Edit

Note, these events occur in the future and are not set in stone.

  • 1100 NE - Xeranbha Storm
    • In a possible future timeline, an unknown alien terror known as the Xeranbha ravage the Gigaquadrant.
    • The Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation merge to form the Cyrandia Republic in response.
    • The Xeranbha stop their advance, giving the Empire and the Republic a reprieve.

A Republic/Imperial strikeforce engage the Xeranbha's Purity Aliens.

  • 1250 NE - Future's Beginning
    • Helo Roslia from the year 03 NE travels to the year 1250 NE in an attempt to aid the Republic and the Empire against a resurgent Xeranbha threat.
  • 59000 NE - Libertus leave Cyrannus
    • In another possible future timeline (possibly the same as the one in which the Xeranbha invaded), the Libertus leave Cyrannus in the aftermath of an unknown cataclysm.
  • 95000 NE - The Libertus Return
    • The Libertus battle against, and defeat the "Nameless Fear", Cyrannus becoming the throne of their new Realm.
  • C. 3,000,000,000 NE - Realm of the Libertus dominate
    • The Realm of the Libertus rival the Oikoumene of old. All of it has happened again.


  • The standard months in Cyrannus are as follows: Ianuaria, Martex, Iunius, Novemex, Dekemurios and Neochios.
  • The standard year is twice as long as the Terran calendar.

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