A small selection of Cyrannian species.

The Cyrannus Galaxy is heavily populated by a multitude of different species. The vast majority of the stars in the galaxy have planets in their orbit, while 23% of these planets are considered habitable for conventional life. 0.1% of these planets eventually develop life, leaving Cyrannus with an estimated thirty million sentient species. The most dominant species in Cyrannus is the Libertus, native to the planet Capricaerón in the Core Worlds. Since becoming space-faring, the Libertus have spread across Cyrannus from the Core to the Unknown Regions and beyond. The Libertus have been recognised by many ancient Oikoumene constructs as the successors of the ancient Oikoumene empire. It has been noticed by many extragalactics that there is a large abundance of saurian lifeforms in the Cyrannus Galaxy, including but not limited to the so-called Capricyránae. The reasons for this abundance is unclear, but many scientists suspect that the ancient Oikoumene seeded primordial worlds with DNA indirectly affecting evolution. As well as saurians, Cyrannus is also filled with humanoids such as the Ortella, Alavar, Tezelteän and the Jenassians who also hold a great deal of influence in Cyrannian affairs. Cyrannus is also home to "truly alien" life, including most notably the Pseudomorphs, a shapeshifting sapient race that have since spread across the universe.


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