The different regions of Cyrannus.

The Cyrannus Galaxy is home to billions of planets and millions of these have the conditions to support life. Many of these planets are members in the huge governments that call Cyrannus its home, such as the current galactic government, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Core WorldsEdit

Acroa SectorEdit



  • Name: Acrocanthaí
  • System: Acroa System
  • Population: 170 million
  • Notable for:- Tropical seas, climate, tourism.
  • Affiliation - Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Acrocanthaí is an important planet located within the Core Worlds of the Cyrannus Galaxy. A tropical planet, it is a major hub of activity.


Acrocanthaí is a large tropical planet that is made up of mostly warm oceans, seas and small islands. It was colonized in the year 982 BTC by Libertus colonists and since then, it has grown into a large and successful colony that is home to quite a variety of different species, especially since the Treaty of Corulus.

Third Battle of Acrocanthaí 02

The many crucial battles in the waterways of Acrocanthaí.

Nowadays, the colony is home to a large population of Libertus, Osteola, Alavar and Adelphi, with many more species also calling the planet home. Because of this, it is considered a cosmopolitan, prosperous planet. Acrocanthaí's primary source of income is tourism. The planet is famous across the galaxy for its crystal blue oceans, friendly inhabitants and beautiful scenery that attracts millions of visitors every year.

Despite being considered a peaceful colony, Acrocanthaí was the subject of a major battle during the Second Galactic War when two Imperial Star Destroyers attacked the planet, the ensuing battle was fierce and an Alliance-class Star Destroyer was destroyed, however the battle was won by the allies, and Acrocanthaí has not been attacked since. However, this all changed in the third year of the Great Cyrannus War, when the United Lanat Empire attacked and conquered it. For nearly a year, the planet suffered under the ULE, until a Republic force under the command of Shaw liberated the planet.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Acrocanthaí joined.


  • Name: Coruindia
  • System: Corua System
  • Population: 2 billion
  • Notable for: Agricultural colony, Core Founder.
  • Affiliation: Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Coruindia is a large agricultural world located in the Acroa Sector. It is located close to the Yioa Trade Route which allowed the colony to grow and become more cosmopolitan as the years go on. The planet is one of the Core Founders and was originally founded over 1500 years ago by Aerilon colonists. The colony is home to mainly Libertus but in recent times it has gained a significant Serindia population.


Coruindia was founded in the year 1,480 BTC by colonists from the colony of Aerilon. In this process, the culture of Coruindia was influenced by the agricultural ways of the farmers that settled there. However during the Inter-Colonial Wars, the planet was invaded by the Capricaerónn Alliance and was conquered soon after. This led to a deep divide between the cosmopolitan Capricaerónn colonists and the native Aerilonian farmers. By the time of the Trucinex War, the conflicts died down, but can be still noticed in some places on the planet, particularly in the small towns and villages.

The planet was largely spared during the Trucinex, Intergalactic and Second Galactic Wars which led to an arrogance that nobody would dare invade the planet. In the year, 0 ATC, President Apollo happily married the senator of Coruindia, Gianne Inviá in the capital city of Corua. Coruindia is now a major member in the new Empire.

Inhabitants and Culture
Corunidia spaceport.

A spaceport located on Coruinida near to the capital city.

The inhabitants of Coruindia are largely (79%) Libertus, most of which live in small farming communities instead of large metropolises, there are however some exceptions such as the capital city of Corua home to over 1.1 million. Despite its reputation as a peaceful, out of the way planet, Coruinidia's major export is that of high technology, and a large part of its population work in this field. The planet has three spaceports, the largest being located near the capital city, which is home to Pan Galactic the largest space travel company in the galaxy.

Calithilaen SectorEdit



  • Name: Apailiana
  • System: Apaila System
  • Population: 980 million
  • Notable for:: Rolling hills, swamps, cities, towns, history, Great Library
  • Affiliation: Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Apailiana is a famous planet located in the Corannus Sector of the Core Worlds. The planet has history strecthing back tens of thousands of years, but much of this has been lost to the folds of time.

Library of Apailiana

The Great Library

Apailiana is believed to have been founded by unknown Libertus from a distant world in the year 62,000 BTC, who set up a great and advanced library detailing galactic history deep within the planet's northern continent, under a mountain. This Great Library became one of the most important structures in the galaxy during the reign of the Pyrínan Republic, who ruled Cyrannus from 43,500 BTC to 13,210 BTC. However, after the Second Nagith Wars, the Library became legend, and eventually myth until it past from all knowledge by the time Apailiana joined the Cyrannus Republic in 9 BTC.

When it joined the Republic, Senator Sola Naberraé, already a famous citizen of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, was elected as its senator, a post that remains to this day. Under Naberrie's help, Apailiana prospered and was spared during the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War, much to the relief of the citizens.

However, during the Great Cyrannus War, a starting find was made on the planet. A team of archeologists digging for fossils, discovered the Great Library of Apailiana, beneath the great mountains near to the capital city. Unsure what to do at first, the archeologists alerted Senator Naberrie, who had just returned from the Senate on Corunnia, after exploring the library herself she called Senators Chuinaylia and Ram'Lendilia of Rambo Nation and Senator Inviá of the URC to discuss the discovery on behalf of the Cyrandia Alliance as a whole. After discussing it, she contacted President Apollo, who sent his advisor Athan Apostila to assess the situation. As he explored the cave, he came across references to great empires and wars that were unknown to the Cyrannus Republic.

Despite Naberrie's abandonment of the Empire during the Dark Times, Apailiana became a key Imperial planet.


The template for Apailiana can be seen here.




Main article: Planet:Cyroenia

Cyroenia is one of the oldest worlds in the galaxy, having been colonized by people from Capricaerón, a nearby planet on the very edges of the Core Worlds. Cyroenia is similar to Capricaerón in many respects, it is a cosmopolitan, liberal and clean world with a large population of off worlders making their home upon it.

However, the one thing that sets Cyroenia apart from Capricaerón is the importance to the Republic's fleets, Cyroenia produced the majority of the ships of the Republic Navy. When the Republic was reorganized into the Empire, Cyroenia became the heart of the new Imperial Navy.

Still, away from the endless hours of construction, the rural areas of the planet remain quiet and peaceful.


Ramaprica, the Capitol Colony of Rambo Nation in the Cyrannus Galaxy

  • Name-Ramaprica
  • System-Ramaprican System
  • Population-1.2 billion
  • Notable for:- Shared colony, capital of the Rambo controlled space in Cyrannus
  • Affiliation - United Republic of Cyrannus, Rambo Nation

Deep Space Colony 04, better known as Ramaprica is the Capitol Colony of Rambo Nation in the Cyrannus Galaxy and the largest and most wealthiest. Ramaprica was founded around 3 BQF and soon expanded and became bigger than the Rambo authorities first expected. As the Second Galactic War improved there Galactic Relations with the URC, the local Ambassador and URC Ambassador made a new lay out for the colonie, and soon became a mixed colonie, where Rambo and Capricyránae lived happily together.

Fall of Ramaprica

The Malevolent destroys Ramaprica.

A lot of houses can be found of the URC and the Rambo, standing next to eachother. The citizens of Ramaprica are friendly and the local Rambo there changed there cloathing, as they feeld more Cyrannus than Quadrantia, so they changed there appearance. Shortly after, skyscraper were build at the colonie and an small airfield for fighters was build. After the Second Galactic War and during the Intergalactic War Ramaprica became the staging ground for Rambo Nation, where ships could re-supply and recieve badly needed repairs. It also became an epic center for the Rambo in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Although it is officialy a Rambo Colonie, both the URC and the Rambo authorities see it as a mixed colonie, and not under full control by both of them.

The Colony is ruled by Ram'Lendilia, the the Lord Ambassador of the Cyrannus System. However, he himself lives in Libertopolos. The colony was later destroyed by General Zillum of the CAS.

Main article: Fiction:Twelve Worlds
File:Capricaerón City.png

The Twelve Colonies were once the most important worlds in the United Republic of Cyrannus, however they were brought to their knees due to the Intergalactic War, the evil Cognatus almost completely destroyed the twelve lovely worlds.

The colonies are the still the centre and heart of Libertus history, culture and understanding. Located in the Calithilaen System, a vast and complex system, comprised of four stars: Heran Alpha, Heran Beta, Heran Gamma, and Heran Delta. The stars come together to form two binary systems, which orbit each other around a central barycenter every 550,000 years. Both of these systems are located approximately .19 light years away.

Cruan SectorEdit

Cybele 1


  • Name-Cybele
  • System-Natalai System
  • Population-1 billion
  • Notable for:-Peace, democracy, monarchy.
  • Affiliation - Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

The planet of Cybele is a peaceful monarchy that was originally established by Virgon colonists in 1,212 BNE. The Virgons, having a strong monarchy brought the system over and established a new ruling family, the Myschalas which remain in power today.


The planet has two main continents that is covered with rolling, grassy plains. An idyllic world, Cybele remains temperate all year, with averages similar to warm temperate oceanic on Earth. The people of Cybele live in harmony with nature and they let wildlife roam freely across the towns and cities in peace. The most common creature is the cute Dvottie, native to Virgons moon of Dvott. They have evolved on Cybele the ability to fly and numerous subspecies have developed, all of which are common pets.

The flora of Cybele reflects on the planets inhabitants, the majority of the planets are soft and comfortable to the touch, and are commonly used as matrices all over Cyrannus.

The gigantic trees of Cybele are galactic famous and attract many visitors a day. During the first year of the Great Cyrannus War, Cybele came under attack from the Cosmic Republic, an ally of the CAS. However, luckily, the Republic was able to drive out the invaders. Cybele is now a world near to the very heart of the Empire.

Culture and Government
Royal Palace.

The Palace blocks the sun.

The people of Cybele are democracy loving, yet they also love Representative monarchies such as Cybele. The majority of the population are Libertus, yet Adelphi are also very common after the migration from their home during the Adelphi War. As said above, the people are peaceloving and are seen as the ideal URC like Capricaerón and Corulus for its love of peace and its hatred of war and violence. This hatred helped it to remain safe during the recent wars.

  • See here for the Template
  • Cybele is a mix between Naboo, Chandrila and Alderaan from Star Wars.
  • Cybele has been attacked during the Great Cyrannus War.


Cyranduas City

  • Name-Cyranduas
  • System-Cyraninama System
  • Population-3.7 billion
  • Notable for:-Importance to the Cyrandia Alliance
  • Affiliation - Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Cyranduas is an important planet to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and often serves as a retreat for both Imperial Mandators and Senators. Even senators from Rambo Nation make frequent visits to the temperate planet.


Cyranduas was founded in the year 108 BTC, by Capricaerónn settlers. The colony was very prosperous and the buildings on the planet reflected those found on Capricaerón. The capital city of this colony is Cyranduas City, a gleaming metropolis of marble and glass that is known across the universe for its beauty.

The planet sports huge scenic mountains, sparkling blue seas and a wide variety of native wildlife. The planet has few cities, but the ones it does have are very large indeed.

The planet is home to approximately 3.7 billion, the majority of the residents are either Libertus or Alavar, who were the first inhabitants of the planet.

During the Great Cyrannus War, Cyranduas was attacked and conquered by the Confederacy of Allied Systems. However, Admiral Adraci arrived at the besieged Cyranduas with his flagship, the Victory-class, Tyrannic. To his total surprise, General Zillum left the system with the majority of the Confederate Fleet, leaving only a small taskforce of Munificent-class Frigates to defend the seemingly important planet.

The Tyrannic quickly destroyed the Confederate Fleet and landed troops on the planet. The troopers, using Panther-class Mechs quickly destroyed the limited Confederate Forces on the planet. The battle was won and Cyranduas was liberated.

Imperial SectorEdit

  • Name: Corulus
  • System: Corulus System
  • Population: 12 billion
  • Notable for:: Forests, urban sprawls.
  • Affiliation: Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Corulus is located within the Corulus System in the Imperial Sector of the Cyrannus Galaxy, it is located within the core near to the capital Orbispira and the Twelve Colonies. It is one of the Core Founders, the eight most important systems in the Cyrannus Republic and later the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The planet itself is temperate with both urban sprawls and thick forests.


Corulus was founded as a colony of Capricaerón during the InterColonial Wars, its culture is influenced from that of Capricaerón and so beings from Corulus are generally cosmopolitan and liberal. The capital city of Curamelle was then founded and remains a major port and tourist destination. The planet was larger spared during the Trucinex War, as the location of the Core Worlds was kept secret for fear of an invasion, however it was discovered by the Imperial Alliance during the Second Galactic War, and was laid to siege.

The battle was fierce and laid much of the capital city in ruins, however with time, the planets economy grew until after the Intergalactic War, when it rivaled the Twelve Colonies themselves. Corulus was host to the famous Treaty of Corulus which expanded the URC greatly and led to the creation a new calendar system based around the date. However, during the Great Cyrannus War, Corulus was invaded and conquered by the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

Later in the war, Corulus was liberated by the Republic and when the conflict ended became one of the key planets of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Spore 2010-11-06 23-00-41


The capital city of Curamalé is located on a river delta within a small valley. The city itself is split into two zones, the modern downtown area, home to many large towers and the government of the planet and the old residential area located on the banks of the river, it was here that both Senator Gira and Coru Antillia was born.

Many important locations are within the downtown area of the city which includes very tall skyscrapers that rival those of Capricaerón, it is also home to the Corulus Senate where representatives from different regions on the planet discuss and debate planetary issues. The city was the location of the Treaty of Corulus.

  • Corulus is based of Corulag, whose name inspired it.
  • The template for Corulus can be found here



Corunnia is the small temperate moon of the capital planet Orbispira, however in the aftermath of the Attack on Orbispira in the opening stages of the Great Cyrannus War, it was decided by the president that a new senate building should be constructed away from the dangers of the big city. Corunnia was chosen due to its location and serene beauty.

Battle of Corunnia 02

Starfighters dogfight near the Senate on Corunnia.

Corunnia was first colonized in the year 1 BTC, and was first used as a retreat for the wealthy citizens of the Core Worlds, the planet is rather small, at the size of a large moon, however it is plentiful with life with many unique species of animals and plants.

The planet does not host many major cities, with the exception of some small villages near the Senate Complex at Euboea, located on an island in the middle of a large tropical sea. The Senate Building itself is located within a mountain, which keeps the senators and representatives cool during the warm summer months. Fountains and pools are common across the complex along with many hanger decks and halls for deliberation.

Battle of Orbispira 06

The united Capricyránae fleet arrives at Corunnia.

The President also holds an office in Corunnia, which he uses when the senate is in session. Both the URC Senate and the Cyrandia Parliament meet at Corunnia, which is often very busy with the arrivals of very famous individuals. The planet came under a devastating Confederate assualt on the planet, which severally damaged the complex.

The Senate complex later became the scene of the declaration of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, becoming the home of the Imperial Senate, though with much less power then its rule during the glory days of the United Republic of Cyrannus. Much later in the Dark Times, the New Cyrannian Republic modelled its senate after the layout of the old Republic senate to the letter.

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Main article: Planet:Orbispira

A beautiful sunset on Orbispira.

Orbispira, also known as the Queen of the Core, Galactic Capital and Republica is the capital of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and hence, the entire galaxy.

Orbispira has been called the most important world in history, and for good reason, the planet is home to over nine trillion sentient beings, from all corners of the cosmos and is considered the most active poltical planet in Cyrannus, despite the fact that the senate now meets on Corunnia. During the Dark Times, Orbispira was made the heart of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Inner RimEdit


The capital city on Carolinii.

  • Name- Carolinii
  • System- Caroline System
  • Population- 292 million
  • Notable for:- Rainforests, homeworld of the Tenerensis
  • Affiliation - Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Carolinii is the warm, tropical homeworld of the Tenerensis and the capital planet of the Inner Rim of Cyrannus.

Carolinii 02

A suburban area near the city.

Carolinii is the homeworld of the Tenerensis, one of the more proficient species within the fold of the United Republic of Cyrannus. The Tenerensis themselves evolved in the many swamps and rainforests on Carolinii and they feel more at home here then on any other planet, this being said, the Tenerensis travelled the stars and colonized many planets long before joining the URC. When they made first contact with the URC, they did not want to join, as the people believed strongly in monarchy. Still, the charisma of President Apollo changed their minds and Carolinii has since grown into the political heart of the Inner Rim of Cyrannus.

The capital of the planet is Carolinii City, which has recently come under the influences of the many different cultures in the URC, with even a Serindia Bank being present, to cater for the growing number of people from the Quadrants who call the planet home. Senator Dua'tess represents the planet and the sector in the Cyrannian Senate, he is a deeply traditional man, who believes that Cyrannus should be made the greatest galaxy by any means.



Cruandai from space.

  • Name- Cruandai
  • System- Cruandai System
  • Population- 16 billion
  • Notable for- Homeworld of Mer Mirea
  • Affiliation - Declared Independent

Cruandai is a peaceful, agricultural planet located near the borders of the Mid Rim. A staunch supporter of the democratic process, the proud people of Cruandai were among the first to endorse the Federation of United Worlds and later, the United Republic of Cyrannus, being represented in the Senate by Senator Mer Mirea, who used her political skills to make Cruandai quite an influential planet. Though the planet was spared during the Intergalactic War, it was attacked twice during the Great Cyrannus War.

The attacks from the Confederacy spurred the Cruandai government to begin construction of huge warships to protect their space and within a year, the initial prototypes of the Cruandai Assault Carrier entered production. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Cruandai became a noticeable thorn in its side, due to its historical loyalty to the Republic. Senator Mirea later abandoned the Imperial Senate in protest and declared that Cruandai was now a neutral planet. How the Empire will react has yet to be seen.


Puria, from space

Puria is a large planet of rather unusual appearence which is notable for being the homeworld of the Ermitant Empire, before it was absorbed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Puria notably has orange skies and red, almost blood-like oceans. By what scientists have discovered so far, this is due to mysterious chemical reactions that have only been detected on Puria so far, making it quite a different world.

Puria has been central to Ermitant history, being where the species evolved, as well as the battlefield for Errr's Robotic Uprising, which resulted in the creation of the first Ermitant spaceships. After being incorporated into the Empire, Puria is now populated by several other Imperial members, and the planet is under control of Mandator Draedarrr.

Mid Rim Edit

New Ramhall

New Ramhall

  • Name- New Ramhall
  • System- Ramhall System
  • Population- 1 billion
  • Notable for:- Purple planet, site of the first battle between the Empire and the Rambo
  • Affiliation - Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

New Ramhall was founded in 03 BQF, shortly after construction started at Ramaprica. Soon filled with skyscrapers, appartments and a saloon the colony grew out to a formidible city on the purple planet. The planet, with a swamp nearby the city was filled with blood sucking bats, though the citizens learned to avoid them at all cost.

When in 0 BQF the Second Galactic War started, soon followed by the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War the colony remained out of harms way, and the colony resumed her prosper. And soon the citizens lived in peace and wealth for a long time, not taking notice of the massive wars around them. However that changed when in 04 AQF Ramaprica was destroyed, making New Ramhall the new capital of the Rambo Cyrannus Sector. At that moment the people realised they were in danger, and as such troopers were stationed at the colony. When in 05 AQF the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Rambo Command dispatched the experienced 425th regiment to New Ramhall, to secure the planet from a possible attack from the Empire. Eventually, an attack did come and after a lenghly battle, the Rambo were forced to evacuate, though with heavy Imperial causalities.

Outer RimEdit


Carindes, from space

Carindes is an Outer Rim world that served as the capital of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, before falling to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Home to wide, tropical oceans and alpine mountain ranges, Carindes is a beautiful world. However, all this changed during the third year of the Great Cyrannus War when the Cyrannian Neraida invaded the planet. Lasting for weeks, the battle brought both factions to their knees, though ultimately the Confederacy was victorious. Though at a terrible cost, the planet's very surface was left scarred.

During the Dark Times, the planet fell under Imperial rule as soon as the Confederacy fell. However, despite Imperial terraforming projects on the planet's surface being a resounding success, the planet was chosen by the Confederacy of Free Planets to reclaim, sparking a large campaign between the Imperials and the Confederates, ultimately ending in the favour of the Empire.

The planet is home to many important figures and structures. For example, the fiendish Supreme Commander Zillum has a summer residence on the planet.


A city on Miragna.

Miragna is a small volcanic world in the Outer Rim that serves as a capital for Cyrannian Radeons. Colonised during the Great Cyrannus War, Miragna's abundant resources and their proximity due to constant volcanic activity has sealed its fate as Agnassana's capital world, from which she has created her massive fleets to reinforce her rule. Since then, this wasteland was covered in mining stations and beautiful cities; its glory magnified as Cyrannian Radeons plundered and conquered more worlds to feed the growing industrial machine. It has survived through a Confederate attack and a Purity Virus outbreak, and while these two forces have scarred the world, Miragna shrugged its wounds and continued to exist. Still, vast parts of this world are still in ruins, repaired by swarms of droids.

Miragna is a wasteland world, with little water and vegetation; however, it became home to a small amount of lifeforms who have adapted to the extreme conditions and temperatures and live thriving on volcanic heat. Lava covers large portions of the planet, home to other extremophile organisms; they have created breathable atmosphere and as such, Miragna is an inhabitable world. On the large plateau on the poles of the planet, where temperature is the most suitable for normal life, large cities were founded, with machines working in the deadly and destructive equatorial regions of the planet to supply the planet with resources.


Nex, seen from orbit.

Nex is the forested and temperate homeworld of the Trucinex. The planet is famous for being home to the final massive battle of the Trucinex War, where the allied forces of the Capricorn Sector Alliance ended the Trucinex threat to galactic peace. Now, the planet resides under Imperial rule under Mandator Nenabie.

The natives, the Trucinex are a species of bipedal dragon like creatures. The Trucinex were successful hunters in prehistoric times and their vast intelligence contributed hugely to their culture when they became sentient and used their power over flight to quickly spread across Nex, becoming a formidable force.

The Trucinex, as a species are quite immune to many diseases, however no immunity presented itself when they were corrupted into mindless monsters known as the Viralnex, by the so called Purity Virus.



  • Name- Nexios
  • System- Aday System
  • Population- 120 million
  • Notable for:- Rambo Nation colony, site of a Trucinex Battle
  • Affiliation - Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Nexios, a former colony of the Trucinex Imperium, though quite small it contains a large docking port for shuttles and has bridges to cross over the various rivers on the hot and temperate planet. Though full of sand and dust, the large Trucinex Tower still stands, even after the Trucinex War.

The climate on the colony is rather harsh, located near a river there was plenty of water, luckily for the citizens who can cool off due to the hot temperatures. During the Trucinex War the colony came under attack by Rambo Nation which took over the colony and claimed it as their own. After the Trucinex Imperium was defeated the Rambo refused giving back the planet, as they claimed the return of Nex was enough. As such Rambo Nation settled down at Nexios, and the planet became the furthes outpost of the Cyrannus Sector. Much at the dismay of the Trucinex, who still have anger over this act they eventually seemed to accept it.

Under Rambo rule there didn't change much to the lay out of the city, only that now Rambo Nation citizens live on it, using the colony as a trade outpost with the various Cyrannus Galaxy inhabitants. In the early months of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Empire conquered the planet.

Battle of Nosiso

The Confederate ground force being churned out by the factories of Nosiso.

  • Name: Nosiso
  • System: Nosis System
  • Population: 19 billion
  • Notable for:: Confederate Stronghold, Battle of Nosiso
  • Affiliation: Confederacy of Free Planets

The planet of Nosiso is a huge rocky desert planet in the Outer Rim of Cyrannus, long known for its dusty red sand and its extreme temperatures. It served as one of the capitals of the Confederacy of Allied Systems and was home to huge factories, which create a large amount of the Confederacies ground forces.

However, after the Second Battle of Nosiso, Nosiso fell under the command of the United Republic of Cyrannus, which later was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The native insectoid population was forced into slavery by the imperalistic regime, though the planet was soon liberated in 03 NE by the Confederacy of Free Planets.


The planet itself has a large diameter and a thick dusty atmosphere, which make it difficult for creatures to live on the surface of the planet. However, the Nosisons evolved to deal with the hostile landscape on the planet, and evolved to adapt to the conditions.

The Nosisan are the insectoid natives of the planet of Nosiso, in the Outer Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Despite their frail look, they have a thick hide, and can shed their skin when they wish, however when they were introduced to the galactic community, they became known for their excellent ship building techniques, which lured the new born Confederacy to the planet, a great alliance was formed that day, and the Nosisons became members of the CAS. They had great influence in the CAS, until it fell under the fold of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Soon after the war ended, a hive of Nosisans left their home planet for the first time in history, led by a new Nosisan Princess. These explorers eventually settled down on the world of Yudumarth in the Quadrant Galaxies. Under the control of this new Princess, the Nosisans on Yudumarth seek to conquer the planet. Meanwhile on Nosiso, after three years of living under the Empire's brutal regime, the Nosisans joined with the local resistance fighter Nak'kak'chish and the leader of the Confederacy of Free Planets, Cassynder, who eventually liberated the planet from the Empire.

The Ancient Structure

Shrine of Selenyia

  • Name-Selenyia Planet
  • System-Uncharted
  • Population- None
  • Notable for:- First battle of the Intergalactic War.
  • Affiliation - Unknown

This unknown planet was discovered around 10 BTC by Rambo Nation and CSA ships, with Captain Rambas II, Rambam and Admiral Cretaceous leading this mission. Located near the outskirts of a small part of unexplored Cyrannus Galaxy, close to the now Cyrannus Sector of Rambo Nation. When the captains and admiral arrived at the planet it sparked a conflict, the Cognatus, whom saw the others as heretics declared war, and as such this planet became one of the reason the Intergalactic War started.

The USS Hood was destroyed during the battle and her remains are still located at the planet. Yet the Unknown Cognati Captain was captured and they learned more about the Cognatus. Later on, during the war Rambo Nation claimed the planet and assigned it to the Cyrannus Sector, under command of Ram'Lendilia. At first the URC were surprised, but Rambo Nation gave them clearance to enter the planet whenever they wanted as they saw it is a joined planet. None the less, Rambo Nation secured the area and kept her location and mysteries a secret from there own people.

However eventually the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus managed to defeat the Rambo forces and conquered the Shrine. Further more one of the Mornûnendur, Ekrillium battled the Selenyia|Selenyia and killed her in combat. Now the Shrine has fallen under the dark influance of the Mornûnendur, changing her warm climat to the harsh darkness of the Mornûnendur.

Unknown RegionsEdit



The Jenassian homeworld of Jenassio.

For the glory of Jenassio!

- Jenassians
  • Name: Jenassio
  • System: Jenassio System
  • Population: 2 Billion
  • Notable For: Homeworld of the Jenassians
  • Affiliation: Jenassian Regency



Such beauty. Such mystery.

- Apaltar

Settled in the later stages of 03 NE, Mou'Cyran is the new capital of the New Republic. Located in the Odysseia Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy, the colony is located close to both Jenassian and Regellian space and is as such under heavy protection. Though the colony is still under construction, it has been designated the new capital once Apollo symbolically began a ceremony marking the planet's colonisation.

Unlike the ecumenopolis of Orbispira, the cities of Mou'Cyran are small with much of the planet consisting of alpine mountain ranges, lush forests and gleaming seas. The planet has a distinctive violet atmosphere due to the presence of a nearby nebula, giving the planet a serene beauty. However, the planet also hides dark secrets, many of which began to come to light once the planet was colonised.

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The juggernaut of imperialist ambition, conqueror of galaxies, the Empire of might, stability and order.
The centre of peace and progress, a bright beacon of hope in the dark, a Republic greater than distance or time.
Factions and Figures
Galactic Chronicles
Each of these conflicts is but one tiny piece of a larger whole, a war endless and inestimably larger.
The galaxy of order and prosperity.
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