The Mid Rim is a sprawling galactic region of the Cyrannus Galaxy located between the prosperous Inner Rim worlds and the expansive Outer Rim. Secluded from the politics of the Core, yet largely isolated from the lawlessness of the Outer systems, the Mid Rim can be characterised as a microcosm of the galaxy as a whole, with a relatively stable interior, and a harsh, unrefined exterior. The Mid Rim is filled with millions of inhabited worlds, many of which are the cradle worlds of some of the Cyrannus Galaxy's most influential species, such as the peaceful Apationagtus of Apheria, and the expansionist Thanatyrannus of Maastrichtia.

In the earliest days of modern galactic exploration and colonisation, the Mid Rim represented the galactic frontier, with the establishment of Core colonies such as Taracondor, Coraaxas and Jurasican inaugurating an era in which a regional culture grew as a confluence of Libertus and native Mid Rimmer customs and traditions. Trade from the Core and Inner Rims led to the development of prosperous worlds such as Melenor and Cruandai, while the serene beauty of worlds such as Bonderae and Elen Thalorae attracted visitors from across the galaxy. However, the territorial ambitions of the Thanatyrannus has darkened an otherwise stable past. Striking from the Maastrichtia Sector, the Sublime Tyranny established a vast imperial regime, hampering Federation efforts to expand into the western sectors of the Mid Rim.

In modern galactic history, characterised in the Mid Rim by the normalisation of relations between the Thanatyrannus and the Core, the region endured the brunt of the Great Cyrannus War, when thousands of Mid Rim worlds defected from the United Republic of Cyrannus to join the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Simultaneously, the northern reaches of the Mid Rim became heavily influenced by Quadrantia culture, with the establishment of the Rambo colonial sector at New Ramhall. When the Empire was formed at the end of the conflict, the Mid Rim was treated relatively well by its new Imperial masters, unified almost absolutely under Tyrómairon's rule. Rewarding the largely loyalist region with improved infrastructure, as well as a surplus of Imperial academies—particularly in the highly developed Taracondor Sector—much to the chagrin of the region's few New Republic sympathisers.


The Fall of the Temoin Empire took place within the Mid Rim.

For millennia, the Mid Rim represented the galactic frontier to the more populous inhabitants in the Core. Prior to the charting of the Outer Rim, the Mid Systems were referred to simply as the "Rim", a vast and untouched region of space home to mysteries and dangers unimaginable. The Great Temoin Empire was the first great civilisation to hold sway over the region, countless millennia before the rise of the Empire. However, having grown corpulent under the strain of their vast empire, the Temoin were destroyed by Oikoumene AI, programmed by their creators to ensure that despotism would not bespoil their mother galaxy. Nevertheless, the Temoin would leave behind hyperspace technology which would be used to inform further research into faster than light travel by brave explorers from the Core.

During the era of the First Republic, the region was a hotbed of conflict between the Republic and various factions, including the ancient Phaedric Empire, as well as civilisations suspicious of the Republic's expansion outward from the Core. During the reign of Praesator Riantontine I, the Republic came under the sway of religious extremists, who targeted independent Mid Rim worlds in a series of bloody Crusades which lasted for centuries. Ultimately, however, the discovery of the Miluiel, and, according to some scholars, the First Aldárae Order, brought about an end to the cult, and its genocidal crusades in the Mid Rim.

After the devastation of the Second Nagith War, and the collapse of the First Republic, the expansionistic Thanatyrannus came to power, forging an empire known as the Sublime Tyranny of Maastrichtia. The Thanatyrannus, prideful though honourable, offered comfortable subjugation to those who bent the knee to the Rex, and abject destruction to those who refused. Their campaigns in this regard would lead to the devastating Mid Rim Wars, fought during the sixty first century prior to the rise of the Empire. Defeated by a coalition of species led by the Ausare of the Inner Rim, and the Libertus Mid Rim stronghold of Coraxaas, the Thanatyrannus would begin to cease their campaigns against defenceless civilisations, and began peaceful relations with the newly established Federation of United Worlds.

The Republic fleet engages the Confederacy during the Battle of Taracondor in 01 BNE.

The Mid Rim became a bastion of power for the United Republic of Cyrannus upon its formation in 53 NE, and upon the opening of the galaxy to extragalactic civilisations after the Trucinex War, it became home to an expansive network of colonial sectors governed by aliens from across the First Gigaquadrant. Though some species, such as the Thanatyrannus derided these newcomers as interlopers, the peaceful Apationagtus, Cargura and Ermitant welcomed them gladly, and began regular trade as equals. The most prosperous of these sectors was controlled by Rambo Nation, from their galactic capital New Ramhall.

The site of countless battles during the Great Cyrannus War, the Mid Rim was hotly contested between the Republic and the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Though the Republic controlled the bulk of the Rim, the Confederacy captured numerous sectors during the early weeks of the war, seeking to cut off Republic reinforcements seeking to defend the outlying systems. By capturing the critical hyperlane known as the Reach, the Confederacy held sway over some of the Mid Rim's most influential worlds, such as Bonderan, Corenor, Taracondor and Elen Thalorae. Other systems defected through political means, with the Sylvamiman orchestrating the secession of the Forenus Sector during the second year of the conflict. The Mid Rim would remain a Confederate stronghold for the duration of the war, though the bulk of their defences were destroyed during the Battle of Taracondor prior to the final battle at Orbispira.

Under the Empire, the entirely of the Mid Rim fell under the crimson Imperial flag. In order to consolidate its power, the Empire conquered the extragalactic territories of the former Republic's allies. Only the Oligarchy of Praetinna was spared, when the Draconis inhabitants, led by Geleriva Delsacrian, agreed to swear fealty to Emperor Tyrómairon. Though mistrusted initially, the Oligarchy proved loyal and influential members of the Empire, becoming key players in Mid Rim politics. Upon the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat, the Rambo would be permitted their old worlds once again, as members of the Empire. In recent years, with the establishment of the New Cyrannian Republic, most worlds in the Mid Rim upheld their loyalty to the Empire, grateful for the establishment of vast Imperial academies, and the improved hyperspatial infrastructure. Nevertheless, upon the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War amidst the fires of the Cataclysm, some have begun to doubt the Empire's commitment to order and security.




The rustic beauty of the Apationagtus homeworld of Apheria is known across the galaxy.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Apherian Oversector
  • Terrain: Dense forests
  • Population: 3.1 billion
  • Sentient Species: Apationagtus (97%), Other (3%)
  • Government: Constituional monarchy
  • Major Exports: Manufactured goods, foodstuffs
  • Major Imports: Starships, raw materials

Apheria, the homeworld of the Apationagtus, is located in the Heartworld region of the Apherian Oversector, located along the Perliama Hyperlane close to the border with the Outer Rim. Though strategically located close to the Rambo Nation colonial sector, and thus benefits from lucrative trade from the Quadrant Galaxies, Apheria has largely enjoyed lasting peace throughout its time on the galactic stage. Perhaps such a fact is unsurprising, for the peaceful Apationagtus evoled within its endless golden woods. Blasted by its system's binary suns, Apheria is generally unsuited to non-reptilian life, though saurian species such as the Libertus and the Cavaneu can generally live there comfortably.

The Apationagtus evolved from tree-dwelling theropods in Apheria's dense equatorial forests and as they developed into a sentient species, they discovered countless Oikoumene relics scattered across their world. The first of these relics, known as the Kirk'ne'son Obelisk, propelled Apationagtusi technology forward over two centuries, illuminating the existence of alien species beyond the celestial halo. The Apationagtus soon made first contact with an Ermitant trader ship plying the Perliama Hyperlane, and became introduced to wider galactic society. Joining the Federation of United Worlds, Apheria benefitted from constant trade with the other worlds of the Mid Rim, becoming something of a power broker in Rim politics. A loyalist world during the Great Cyrannus War, the people of Apheria tended to be among President Apollo's most loyal supporters, and provided him with a vessel known as the Last Hope during his escape from the Empire.

During the Imperial era, Apheria came under the rule of Grand Mandator Aporyan, a fair and benevolent man who made Apheria the de facto capital of the Galactic Empire within the Mid Rim. However, the planet's claim on galactic importance disappeared over night when Aporyan resigned in 13 NE. Though it remained prosperous due to its location along the Perliama, the planet's New Republic sympathies earned the peaceful planet the Empire's baleful glare.


  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Coraaxas Sector
  • Terrain: Plains, forests, mountains
  • Population: 987 million
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (94%), Other (6%)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Major Exports: High-tech goods, starships
  • Major Imports: Raw materials, foodstuffs

Valermorgu Station is one of the Imperial Navy's most prized installations, capable of accommodating multiple Star Destroyers, Battlecruisers and Dreadnoughts.

Referred to as the Defender of the Rim, the ancient world of Coraaxas was once an outlier colony of the First Republic, where it gained a reputation as one of the ancient Republic's most prized fortress worlds against incursions from the Nagith or Phaedric Empires. Though the planet itself has a population below a billion, it has been the seat of military prestige for millennia. During the reign of the Federation of United Worlds, Coraaxas played a similar role in reinforcing Federation borders against the Thanatyrannus. Steeped in the naval tradition of the galaxy, while Coraaxas has never reached the grandeur of Cyroenia or Scorpiae's shipbuilding capabilities, it's naval academies were counted among the best outside the Core.

A key Republic fortress world during the Great Cyrannus War, Coraaxas was attacked twice by the Confederacy of Allied Systems, though the presence of one of the Mid Rim's largest defence fleet, as well as unexpected reinforcements from the anti-Confederate Thanatyrannus, resulted in a decisive Republic victory during the Second Battle of Coraaxas, three weeks before the end of the war. When the Galactic Empire rose to power, Coraaxas was honoured as a bastion of the naval tradition cherished within the new hyperpower. Imperial Mandator Siron Tarkolis presided over a renewal of the planet's military prestige, making it his personal base of operations in policing the systems of the southern Mid Rim.

When Grand Mandator Apoyran resigned as the governor of the Mid Rim, Tarkolis ascended to the role, much to the delight of the native Coraaxans, a people proud of their planet's role in providing peace and stability to the Mid Rim. Such is the attitude of many Coraaxans, that outsiders often remark that unless one has proven themselves in the navy, they are not worth the effort. The planet itself is unremarkable, being relatively small and not housing any large cities other than the Bastion—the planetary capital and home to its prestigious academies. Though the planet is staunchly loyal to the Empire, Coraaxan shipwrights are responsible for the construction of the CC-line of vessels, ranging from blockade runners to diplomatic Consular-class corvettes. Contracts for the creation of such vessels are often outsourced to pro-Republic worlds in Coru Secundus, where they find themselves in the service of the Republic Navy, or, to the considerable chagrin of a typical Coraaxan, the Cyrandia Resistance.


  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Cruandai Sector
  • Terrain: Rolling hills, forests, open seas
  • Population: 3 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (84%), Other (16%)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Major Exports: High-tech goods, foodstuffs
  • Major Imports: Raw materials

Cruandai, seen from orbit.

Cruandai is a peaceful, primarily agricultural world located in the sector of the same name in the northern regions of the Mid Rim. A small, pristine world of rolling hills, verdant forests and open seas, Cruandai is home to a sizable population of three billion, of which the majority are Libertus—descendants of the planet's original Arnoarion colonists. The Cruandain are widely considered to be archetypes of the idealised Libertus, valuing peace, diplomacy and wisdom above all. Indeed, the typical Cruandain is devoted to the wellfare of their world, a common trait exemplified in the planet's cities—built in harmony with nature.

Established in 9,859 BNE by Arnoarion colonists, Cruandai was, for decades, the jewel in the crown of Arnoario's interstellar empire, providing the food which fed worlds from Theaneon to Ancaoilion. As Cruandai developed from a simple agricultural world to one of the powerbrokers of the then-Aethelan Sector, it became to break from Arnoarion principles of planetary sovereignty in favour of the establishment of the Federation of United Worlds in 6,000 BNE—and remaining advocates of democratic galactic governance in the millennia since. On the galactic stage, Cruandai has been a staunch supporter of the democratic process, celebrating the formation of the United Republic of Cyrannus in 53 BNE, as one of the Republic's heartworlds on the fringes of the Outer Rim.

By 25 BNE, Cruandai was selected as the capital of the Aethelan sector, having outpaced Aethalan Prime in political capital on Orbispira, becoming one of the most influential members of the Republic Senate, particularly among the Mid Rim worlds. Represented by Senator Mer Mirea during the Republic's final years, Cruandai was spared conquest during the Intergalactic War, but fell under attack twice during the Great Cyrannus War, during which the planet united in opposition to the Confederacy of Allied Systems. The Confederate attacks spurred the Cruandai government to begin construction of dedicated warships to protect the strategically vital Cruandai Sector, culminating in the production of the Reyn-class assault carrier in the final weeks of 01 BNE. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Cruandai became a noticeable thorn in its side, due to its historical loyalty to the Republic, and Senator Mirea's mistrust for Tyrómairon.

After denouncing the Emperor in 03 NE, and fleeing from Imperial space, Mirea joined the Cyrandia Resistance along with many of her supporters, and later led a Cruandain government-in-exile in the Galactic Senate of the New Republic. The planet itself, however, was brutally subjugated by Imperial forces, which placed the entire planet in a lockdown which continues to endure over a decade after the blockade was originally raised. With the death of Senator Mirea during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, thousands of Cruandain joined the Resistance, with many following her husband Altus Mirea in forming Lusitania Squadron, one of the primary goals of which is the liberation of their mother world from the Empire's grip.


  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Eire Sector
  • Terrain: Agricultural plains
  • Population: 400 million
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (44%), Apationagtus (36%), Other (20%)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Major Exports: Foodstuffs, bulk trade goods
  • Major Imports: Raw materials, luxury goods

Eire, located on the north eastern fringes of the Mid Rim, is a commerce and agricultural world on the Republica Run hyperlane. Colonised in 765 BNE by the Capricorn Sector Alliance, Eire was, at the time, one of the frontier colonies of the Federation of United Worlds, known only as a pitstop for starpilots exploring the untamed sectors along the northern arm of the Perliama Hyperlane. In subsequent decades, the planet developed into a relatively prosperous agricultural world, with much of the planet's expansive plains overtaken by large farms, the productivity of which is the envy of the Eire and Apherian Sectors.

The capital of Dalganon is the only substantial city on the planet, with a population of over 90 million sprawled out over the 250 square kilometer metropolitan area. Unlike the farmland which dominate much of the planet, Dalganon is a microcosm of the Mid and Northern Outer Rims, a place where the wealthy mix with the poor, fueled by both the Republica hyperlane to Coru Secundus, and the nearby Perliama. Indeed, Dalganon, while cosmopolitan, is divided into several distinct districts, each with its own unique architectural style informed by the dominant species in each, with the central Administration District built in the style of the Libertan Core. Within the Administration District, billions of cubits are traded each day, and in stark contrast to the people in the Eirei lowlands, are dressed in the galaxy's latest fashions. It is here on Eire that the powerful Transgalactic Bank of Cyrannus have established a regional headquarters.

Despite the economic power of Dalganon, Eire itself has seldom had an impact on the course of galactic history. However, during the Intergalactic War, the planet came to galactic attention when the First Cognatus Empire, led by Fleetlord Voro Acetenus attacked the Republic fleet defending the planet, and began bombarding Dalganon from orbit. In what became known as the Eire Campaign, Republic Admiral Willelmus Cretacea fought a brutal battle to liberate the planet, ultimately succeeding, despite the devastation wrought on the once peaceful world. In the decades since, the planet began to return to a sense of normalcy, though it did not join the Empire upon its formation in 01 NE. However, upon the proclamation of a New Republic in 03 NE, Eire became one of the few Mid Rim worlds to join the new Senate, where it was represented by the Nelchonan Janmor Taan prior to his death during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm.


  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Coraaxas Sector
  • Terrain: Tundra, alpine forests
  • Population: 24 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (94%), Other (6%)
  • Government: Imperial administration
  • Major Exports: Starships, vehicles, raw materials
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs

An Imperial factory on Jurasican.

Jurasican, located in the Coraaxas Sector at the intersection of the Perliama Hyperlane and the Jurasican Trade Spine, is a prosperous, mineral rich, albeit frigid world, counted among one of the Mid Rim's economic powerhouses. Colonised by Cyroenian spacers during the mid centuries of the First Republic, Jurasican was sold to Cyroenian System Staryards, which used the abundant natural resources of the planet to create shipyards and factories across the planet, under the aegis of the CSS subsidiary—Jurasican Engineering Corporation. Jurasican Engineering officially provided for the military needs of the Republic, though in actuality, it primarily bolstered the military might of Cyroenia itself.

Though Jurasican never reached the shipbuilding heights of Cyroenia or Scorpiae, CSS constructed an impressive network of shipyards in the planet's orbit, primarily to cater for transport ships for the military ground vehicles which Jurasican became famous for. After the fall of the First Republic and the beginning of the Galactic Interregnum, Jurasican saw its prosperity diminish somewhat, making do with occasional contracts for the now-independent and ravenous Core Worlds. With the establishment of the Federation of United Worlds, however, Jurasican Engineering began to take contracts from worlds across the Mid Rim, bolstered with the blazing of the Jurasican Trade Spine in 3490 BNE, which brought worlds such as Docaeran and Forenus into Jurasican's sway.

Jurasican, as with its mother world Cyroenia, became vocal proponents of the United Republic of Cyrannus upon its formation in 53 BNE, advocating for the establishment of the vast galactic military the likes of which had not been seen since the fall of the First Republic. While such concerns were motivated purely by the lucrative business deal it would inevitably bring about by the Cyroenians, the Jurasicans, while sharing a desire for profit, feared that without a strong deterrent in the form of a united Republic starfleet, threats such as the Thanatyrannus would have free reign up and down the Trade Spine. When the Republic Navy was eventually established after the Trucinex War, Jurasican supplied the bulk of its ground vehicles, and continued to do so throughout the Great Cyrannus War, which which the planet was briefly captured by the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

With the rise of the Empire, Jurasican remained loyal to Orbispira, becoming a vital Mid Rim fortress world overseen by Grand Mandator Siron Tarkolis of Coraaxas.


  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Maastrichtian Sector
  • Terrain: Heavily forested, volcanic mountain ranges, lush plains
  • Population: 134 billion
  • Sentient Species: Thanatyrannus (99%), Other (1%)
  • Government: Imperial administration
  • Major Exports: Starships, vehicles, raw materials
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs

Maastrichtia is one of the Mid Rim's most powerful worlds.

Maastricthia, homeworld of the mighty Thanatyrannus, is one of the Mid Rim's most powerful worlds, rich with the legacy of the now-defunct Sublime Tyranny of Maastrichtia—which for millennia was counted among Cyrannus' great powers. A heavily forested world of shallow seas, lush plains and expansive volcanoes, Maastricthia became unified in 10,934 BNE upon the discovery of hyperspace technology left by the ancient Temoin Empire, resulting in a wave of expansion rivalled only by the Libertan period of Great Manifest. The planet itself was spared attack during both the Mid Rim Wars (6097 - 6000 BNE), and the Thanatyrannus-Adlapuspino War (5100 BNE), though due to the Tyranny's mistrust of Core World politics, the planet, or its empire, never joined the galactic government.

During the closing stages of the Great Cyrannus War, Rex Deinorax of Maastrichtia entered secret communication with the future-Emperor Tyrómairon, supporting his new Imperial Order on the condition that Maastrichtia would have an influential say not only in Mid Rim politics, but in galactic politics. Though Deinorax remained sceptical of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the new regime's military might eventually swayed him and Maastricthia toward loyalty.

In 10 NE, the Imperial Navy constructed a massive naval installation on the outskirts of Maastrichtia's capital city, specialising in the construction of ASP starfighters, as well as maintenance of smaller Star Destroyers and frigates. Some commentators in the New Republic noted, however, that the decision was largely unpopular with the native Thanatyrannus—historically devoted to the purity of the mother world. Some have speculated that the Navy was permitted to establish the Naval Installation as a means of banishing thoughts of Thanatyrannusi nationalism, and to remind the people of Maastricthia that the Empire is eternal, and that no other loyalties are tolerable. Subsequently, the appointment of the Libertus Siron Tarkolis to Grand Mandatorship over the Mid Rim, has been perceived as a snub to Deinorax, who was known to covet the position.

New Ramhall[]

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: New Ramhall Sector
  • Terrain: Swamps, cityscape
  • Population: 4 billion
  • Sentient Species: Rambo Serindia (66%), Ortella (31%), Other (3%)
  • Government: Imperial administration
  • Major Exports: Foodstuffs, culture
  • Major Imports: Luxury goods

New Ramhall is a prosperous world located along the Perliama Hyperlane.

New Ramhall, located in the New Ramhall Sector in the northern regions of the Mid Rim, is a temperate, albeit swampy planet known for housing the capital of Rambo Nation within Cyrannus, prior to the dissolution of the Nim-Glaré Concordat in 17 NE, and the subsequent fall of the Nation. Established as the first Rambo colony in the galaxy, large cities soon spread across the planet, bolstered by lucrative trade both from within Cyrannus, and from beyond the nearby wormhole to the Quadrant Galaxies. The prosperity of the planet, even in comparison to her sister worlds elsewhere in the sector, is due in large part to being linked to the Perliama Hyperlane—a testament to the economic links which once existed under the now-defunct Cyrandia Alliance.

Despite Rambo involvement in the Second Galactic War, the Intergalactic War and the First Great Cyrannus War, the planet remained largely peaceful, defended by a large Rambo starfleet and a sizeable contingent of clone troopers. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was established, Rambo Command dispatched the experienced 425th regiment to the planet, to secure it against the inevitable Imperial assault. During the subsequent Battle of New Ramhall, the Imperials defeated Rambo forces stationed on the planet and decimated the Rambo fleet. Unable to provide support to their capital, the other worlds of the Rambo colonial sector soon fell into Imperial hands. With the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat upon the Fall of the Rambo Capital, the planet was handed back to the Rambo, who were nevertheless fully aware that it was the Empire who truly held sway over the planet.

With the death of High King Rambert Ramveral and the subsequent Fall of Rambo Nation in 17 NE, the planet, and its sector, once more fell into Imperial hands. The Rambo Colonial Sector was renamed the New Ramhall Sector, and placed under the rule of an Imperial Mandator with close ties to the Imperial Navy. However, despite enjoying a semblance of peace and prosperity, the planet is strongly sympathetic to the New Republic, and to the Rambo Loyalists, with most citizens eager to restore House Le Rambo to the throne of an independent Rambo Nation.


  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Taracondor Sector
  • Terrain: Plains, mountains, canyons, cities
  • Population: 34 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (75%), Vahaevoran (14%), Other (11%)
  • Government: Imperial administration
  • Major Exports: Weapons
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs, technology

The Republic Fleet combats the Confederacy during the Battle of Taracondor in 1 BNE.

Located at the heart of the sector of the same name, Taracondor is a world of stunning natural beauty marred by its single dominant industy—arms manufacturing. From the earliest years of the First Republic, Taracondor was one of the most industrialised worlds in the galaxy, home to vast factories capable of churning out millions of weapons and combat automatons. Strategically positioned along the Reach hyperlane as it meets the Mhuir Run, Taracondor was first colonised during the initial Blazing of the Reach by Arnoarion explorers, and was soon transformed from a humble garden world into an industrial centre—aided by financial investments both by the First Republic, and the nearby Vahaevoran Consulate on the fringes of the Outer Rim.

Traditionally loyal to the galactic government in the Core Worlds, Taracondor was a staunch supporter of the First Republic for much of its history. Taracondoran arms supplied the Republic with powerful weapons against both the Nagith and the Phaedra, and in return, Republic cubits paid for the livelihoods of the planet's citizenry. While the vast assembly lines of Taracondor produced goods intended for purchase by private interests, the Republic, and later, the Federation of United Worlds remained the top client for Taracondor's manufacturers. Though factories came to dominate much of Taracondor's surface, the planet itself prides itself on maintaining habitability, ensuring that the atmosphere remains free of damaging pollutants.

During the reign of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Taracondor continued to provide weapons for the Republic military, though gained an independent reputation within the halls of the Senate on Orbispira, eager to maintain the planet's contracts with bodies potentially hostile to the Core. Nevertheless, the Taracondor Sector was regarded as one of the most pro-Republic regions in the Mid Rim during the Great Cyrannus War, fighting against multiple Confederate efforts to claim the planet and its vaunted weapons factories. During the final year of the war, Taracondor played a key role in the events which gave rise of the Empire, when it was discovered that a spy on the planet had located the secrets of the Conexus Route—a fabled hyperlane linking the Republic capital on Orbispira to the Confederacy's on distant Carindes. By the time Admiral Deoclet Caesarius arrived with a Republic flotilla to the planet, he found that Zillum had killed the spy and Taracondor's governor, utilising the data to besiege Orbispira. It was on Taracondor that Caesarius would discover Tyrómairon, and bring him to Orbispira, where he declared the rise of the Empire.

Though Taracondor continued to provide arms to the Empire, most of the planet's population are loyal to the ideals of the New Republic, eager for the return of the free market to sell arms. However, given Taracondor's level of fortification by the Empire, as well as its isolation from any Republic-held world, the prospects of liberation are slim.


  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Taracondor Sector
  • Terrain: Mountains, canyons
  • Population: 2 million
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (12%), Other (88%)
  • Government: Imperial military administration
  • Major Exports: Spice
  • Major Imports: Machinery, foodstuffs

The Raptor arrives at the Mines of Vurdon.

Vurdon is a cold and inhospitable world located in the northern fringes of the Taracondor Sector, at the terminus of the relatively newly mapped Corenori Run hyperlane—a tributary of the Reach. Although Vurdon is home to lush forests and pristine cities in the south, it is the northern wastes for which the planet is known and feared across the galaxy. First settled during the middle period of the Federation, wealthy oligarchs native to Tharasavis established opulent cities in the northern hemisphere, with the planet being home to thousands of Tharasavisi nobles seeking a new life on the galactic frontier.

When massive reserves of plasma was discovered in the northern hemisphere, the nobles of the south sought to stimulate the planet's economy by opening its native resources to exploitation by various conglomerates and mining corporations, resulting in the establishment of Vurdoni Mining—a subsidiary of the Transgalactic Bank of Cyrannus, tasked with overseeing the refining the plasma for use in energy weapons across the galaxy. Over the decades, wealth poured forth from Vurdon, benefiting the noble families in the south, their brethren on distant Tharasavis, the coffers of the TGBC, and little else. Indeed, far from the prying eyes of the Republic, the Mines of Vurdon, represented in galactic affairs by the Vurdonian Queen of the South, became infamous across the galaxy for their appalling working conditions, and the corruption of the mine's leaders, many of whom were suspected of owing allegiance to the Cyrannian Syndicate.

With the establishment of the Empire in 01 NE, the Vurdonian Queen swore fealty to Emperor Tyrómairon, in expectation that her rule would continue as it had before. Over the course of the next fifteen years, however, Vurdon was transformed into a prison world, where criminals and political prisoners alike were forced into the dark to work until death. In 07 NE, the Imperial Inquisitor Vandalion brought Aoirtae Valaeris to Vurdon for processing, after capturing her on a mission near the Andustar system in the Outer Rim. There, Aoirtae unleashed the inner power of the light within her, defeating Vandalion and helping a group of the Empire's slaves escape from Vurdon's infamous mines. Nevertheless, the mines remained operational in later years, gaining additional notoriety upon the fall of the Panthrea Slaver Guild when the Empire imprisoned the former High Queen Asenath there.

Culture and Society[]



Rel Vendri is an influential admiral within the New Republic Navy.

  • Homeworld: Duratha
  • Classification: Humanoid
  • Distinctions: Large red eyes, green-blue skin, large cranium
  • Spacefaring: 46,120 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Reserved · Adventurous · Mysterious · Insular
  • Notable Individuals: Rel Vendri, Admiral; New Republic military
Ambula (1).png

Native to urbanised Duratha in the Coraaxas Sector of the Mid Rim, the humanoid Ambula have a long and storied history within the annals of Cyrannian exploration, having played a key role in mapping the Perliama Hyperlane, upon which their homeworld can be found, close to the border of the Inner Rim. Regarded as mysterious and reserved by other species, Ambula are nevertheless among the most peaceful in the galaxy, as well as one of the more cosmopolitan—seldom is an Ambula sighted without an alien companion.

A reptilian humanoid species characterised by large red eyes, blue to green skin, and large brains, Ambula are among the most intelligent species in Cyrannus—a fact exemplified in their thirst for knowledge and lust for adventure. Ambulan explorers have been at the forefront of some of Cyrannus' most celebrated ventures, including the now-fabled Blazing of the Perliama Run during the era of the First Republic, to the opening of Coru Secundus under New Republic Admiral Rel Vendri from 03 NE to 04 NE.

First becoming spacefaring in 46,120 BNE, the Ambula soon established a mercantile republic along the then-unexplored systems of the modern Coraaxas and Corament sectors. Utilising warp technology—the first species in modern galactic history to develop it—Ambula explorers travelled coreward, eventually encountering Orbispiran scouts seeking to expand their influence within the proto-galactic government known as the Core Sovereignties. Ambula would subsequently become a common sight on Orbispira, while Duratha itself became one of the First Republic's outer most worlds upon its formation in 45,489 BNE, serving as a base from which Libertus and Ambula explorers could eventually blaze the southern arm of what would become known as the Perliama Hyperlane. While individual Ambula have rarely made a direct impact on galactic events, they are often found in the background of major galactic societies, including modern organisations such as the Empire or the New Republic. In the tense astropolitical climate which preceded the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Duratha remained loyal to the Empire, in spite of most Ambula remaining sympathetic to the New Republic.


President Apaltar served as the first President of the New Republic of Cyrannus.

  • Homeworld: Apheria
  • Classification: Tyrannosaurid
  • Distinctions: Ornate headcrests, small stature
  • Spacefaring: 4380 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Diplomatic · Can be Aggressive· Loyal · Cosmopolitan
  • Notable Individuals: Apaltar, President of the New Republic

The Apationagtus are a race of saurians native to Apheria, in the Mid Rim's northern reaches, which have made their own unique mark on the progression of galactic events. Upon achieving space faring capabilities in 4380 BNE, in large part due to the discovery of the Oikoumene obelisk abandoned on their homeworld, the Apationagtus became close and willing members of the Federation of United Worlds, enjoying particularly close relations with the Ermitant. In subsequent centuries, the Apationagtus gained a reputation for being supporters of the Federalist school of Cyrannian political thought, advocating for the establishment of a powerful federal republic rather than a loose coalition.

As such, successive Apationagtus governments supported efforts to centralise the Federation and ultimately supported the establishment of the United Republic of Cyrannus in 53 BNE. This loyalty to the democratic traditions of Cyrannus earned many Apationagtus the contempt of the Empire upon its proclamation, and thus many followed Apaltar in his efforts to establish the New Republic. During the Second Great Cyrannus War, the vast majority of Apationagtus were supporters of the Republic over the Empire.


Daera Rosalayne is a leading member of Ethelnór Aldárae.

  • Homeworld: Bonderan
  • Classification: Humanoid
  • Distinctions:
  • Spacefaring:
  • Cultural Characteristics: Spiritual · Open · Liberal
  • Notable Individuals: Daera Rosalayne, Aldárae Master
Daera Rosalayne (1).png

Natives of the arid world of Bonderan, along the Reach hyperlane, the Bonderae are a spiritual and moderate people who are believed to have descended from the same race of humanoids which ultimately gave rise to related species such as the Ortella and the Tezelteän. Strongly attuned to the mystical powers of Valin'uvalyë, early Bonderae worshipped the energy force as the central power of the cosmos, which grants select individuals the ability to peer beyond their terrestrial cradle into their future among the stars. Modern Bonderae such as Daera Rosalayne, through their work with the Aldárae Order, have come to embody such ancient traditions and beliefs.


Arasah Nui is a powerful warrior of the Aldárae Order.

  • Homeworld: Tiaahskk
  • Classification: Humanoid
  • Distinctions: Cranial horns, head trails, bright colours
  • Spacefaring: 1994 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Peaceful · Sociable· Spiritual
  • Notable Individuals: Arasah Nui, Aldárae Tirolenros
Arasah-Nui (1).png

The Cargura are a humanoid species native to the Mid Rim world of Tiaahskk in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Known for their strong spirituality and peaceful nature, the Cargura are a popular race in the galactic community and have often been at the forefront of diplomatic endeavours of many civilisations such as the Federation of United Worlds and even the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Rarely seen outside the company of their own species, many Cargura believe that it is shameful to live without acquaintances, highlighting their nature as a highly social species.

A humanoid species with a distinctive appearance, most Cargura have soft skin varying in colour from blue to red with white pigmentations on various parts of their bodies. Perhaps the most defining physical characteristic of the species are their distinctive head-tails with vary in length from individual to individual. These head-tails are often used for display and grow gradually during adolescence before reaching full length at an adult. Cargura native to Kirioohsk often resemble their more common Cyrannian cousins closely, though many in their number including Zaa Ashara have slightly different physical characteristics due to the divergent path of evolution throughout the centuries.


Alinor Nanuq is perhaps the most notable Thanatyrannus in the galaxy.

  • Homeworld: Maastrichtia
  • Classification: Tyrannosaurid
  • Distinctions: Large heads, small arms
  • Spacefaring: 10934 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Cunning · Imperialistic · Regal
  • Notable Individuals: Alinor Nanuq, Aldárae Master
Thanatyrannus (2).png

The Thanatyrannus is a large saurian species native to the temperate and heavily forested world of Maastrichtia on the very edges of the Mid Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Since advancing into space, the Thanatyrannus have made a name for themselves as an expansionist and imperialistic species, carefully cultivating one of the largest independent empires in the Mid Rim prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. During the Republic Era, the Thanatyrannus maintained their independence from the democratic body and instead continued to operate their own government system under the leadership of a Rex, an absolute monarch who later ceded his control to the Empire in exchange for the position of Grand Mandator.

Despite their imperialist nature, the Thanatyrannus do not tend to needlessly aggressive and have thus far excelled under the Empire. Their government, the Sublime Tyranny of Maastrichtia was a major power in the galaxy prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire, though it retains some autonomy as an Imperial protectorate.


Though they have an unfavourable reputation, the Tra'ssahk can often be seen in the Imperial ranks.

  • Homeworld: Ssahk
  • Classification: Reptilian
  • Distinctions: Bipedal, lizard-like
  • Spacefaring: 1950 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Predatory · Vicious · Warlike
  • Notable Individuals: Garnossk, Bounty Hunter

The Tra'ssahk are a bloodthirsty reptilian race native to the Mid Rim planet of Ssahk. Their great strength and fondness for the hunt of sentient species has gained them notoriety across Cyrannus. While these practices were outlawed by the United Republic of Cyrannus, their warlike and predatory nature has made them quite infamous as bounty hunters.

The Tra’ssahk people are generally a race of subverted morals, believing that to succeed in life they must destroy those deemed to be weak. Because of this, many Tra’ssahk engage in unsavory occupations such as bounty hunters and slavers. However, the race also has some redeeming qualities, foremost among them a sense of relative honor, despite the fact this is mostly reserved for fellow bounty hunters or Tra’ssahk.

They also have a degree of pride in their heritage, seeing an insult against their history or culture as a crime punishable by a swift death. One of the decidedly less civilised aspects of the Tras'ssahk's culture is their tendency to devour their prey. This often extends to cannibalism, its not unusual for newly hatched Tras'sahk to eat their siblings, something encouraged by the parents in order to cull off weak hatchlings.


  • The Mid Rim is one of the least explored areas in Cyrannus history.

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