Those in the Core have it easy. Out here, we know prosperity, but we also know hardship. We know how to work to make our stars shine.

- Donaró

The Inner Rim is a galactic region of Cyrannus located between the Core Worlds and the Mid Rim. It is often said of the Inner Rim that it is only when compared to the Core that the region can be considered anything less than the pinnacle of Cyrannian civilisation. Indeed, many of the galaxy's wealthiest and most prosperous worlds are contained within the region, from sprawling ecumenopolis that rival Orbispira, such as Tharasavis, to meticulously cultivated ecological paradises, such as Achiliquin.

Despite heavy influence from the Libertus of the Core, the history of the Inner Rim has largely been defined by the native species within. Broadly speaking, the Osteola of Mandatine have proven to be centrists and compromisers, while the fierce Cavaneu and Tenerensis have secured the pivotal hyperlanes from pirates and vagabonds. Other species, such as the Ermitant of Puria have influenced Gigaquadrantic events in other ways, while the culturally advanced Adlapuspino have manned the region's borders for millennia.

Considered by many to be the economic powerhouse of Cyrannus, blending the power and wealth of the Core with the influx of raw resources from the Mid and Outer Rims, the Inner Rim sees a constant influx of migrants from across the Gigaquadrant, though such migrations have slowed considerably since the establishment of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, which destroyed most of the extragalactic settlement zones formed under the reign of the United Republic. As a region devastated by conflicts ranging from the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War, the vast bulk of the Inner Rim falls under the Empire's sturdy influence, with notable exceptions including the New Republic-aligned eastern sectors, as well as rumoured enclaves of the Confederacy of Free Planets.


In the earliest days of expansion from the Core, the Inner Rim was a region of mystery and intrigue, home to advanced civilisations and boundless wonders. The young First Republic expanded beyond the Core in the earliest centuries of its existence, establishing worlds such as Coravannis, Corament and Tharasavis, while coming into contact with a wide range of species native to the region, such as the peaceful and graceful Ausare of Riijan. With the fall of the Republic, the Inner Rim fell into disunity. In this astropolitical climate, new powers and civilisations, such as the Adlapuspinan Alliance and the Duchy of Mandatine rose, with many joining the newly established Federation of United Worlds. The reign of the Federation brought with it renewed expansion into the northern reaches of the Inner Rim, where the Osteola of Mandatine aided Orbispiran navigators in blazing new routes for the northern branch of the Perliama Hyperlane. Megacorporations, financed by the Transgalactic Bank of Cyrannus, sought to manage colonisation, creating a "bulge" of new colonies in the Lurasura Sector, such as Ord Bilbrin.

The Cognatus invade the Inner Rim during the Intergalactic War.

The Inner Rim, despite its relative security in comparison to the Mid and Outer Rims, has not been spared devastating conflict throughout history. Indeed, in addition to minor conflicts, such as the War of the Star Kin between the Cavaneu and the Tenerensis, the region has often been preyed upon by the powerful Sublime Tyranny of Maastrichtia, which ravaged the western sectors of the Rim throughout recent galactic history. Unified under the United Republic of Cyrannus in 53 BNE, the Inner Rim enjoyed decades of peace, with the Republic stepping in to end conflicts such as the civil war among the Osteolan lords.

However, during the Intergalactic War, the seemingly unstoppable juggernaught of the First Cognatus Empire ravaged dozens of Inner Rim worlds such as Lurasura and Talavar, prior to their final defeat during the Battle of Capricaerón at the end of the conflict. The Republic's inability to aid these worlds during the conflict gave rise to talk of succession on many worlds of the Inner Rim, such as Achiliquin, which joined a new galactic government known as the Confederacy of Allied Systems. During the Great Cyrannus War, the Inner Rim was the site of many of the conflict's largest battles, though by the end of the conflict, it was largely under Republic control.

With the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, almost the entirety of the Inner Rim swore fealty to Tyrómairon. The few worlds that refused were often blockaded or subjugated by the full might of the Imperial Navy. When the New Republic was established in 03 NE, a patchwork of worlds in the Achiliquin Sector joined the new Galactic Senate, though most remained under the firm grip of the Empire. With the breakout of the Second Great Cyrannus War, however, it is only a matter of time when the fires of conflict engulf the region once more.


Though consisting of thousands of small sectors, in modern galactic cartography, the Inner Rim is divided into fifteen oversectors, each governed—in Imperial space, at any rate—by a Mandator. All fifteen sectors are named after the sector capital, as designated by the Federation of United Worlds prior to the establishment of the United Republic. Rimward of the galactic core are the Delfoí and Carolinii sectors in the south eastern corner of the Inner Rim, before moving on to the Perliama Heartlands of the Corament, Rijan and Coravannis Sectors, in addition to the extragalactic colonial sector. The sparsely populated Masolirsa Sector borders the Heartlands and the Adlapuspinan-dominated territory of the Aegyptia and Jakua Sectors. Moving along the Jorba Trade Run as it intersects the Reach hyperlane is the prosperous Tharasavis Sector, which borders Cavaneu territory in the Neudan and Ancaoilion Sectors, both of which were firmly controlled by the Neudani Star Kingdoms prior to the establishment of the Empire. In the northern reaches of the Inner Rim, the Mandatine Sector, formally the Duchy of Mandatine, is fed by the spinward arm of the Perliama Hyperlane, which meets the Republica Hyperlane at Salihnir. Following along the Republica hyperlane as it approaches Coru Secundus are the Lurasura and Achiliquin sectors, both of which are strongly sympathetic to the New Republic.

While the Republic controls the Achiliquin sector, the vast majority of the Inner Rim is governed by the Imperial Grand Mandator Gori-Lin, a native of Vongoliensis in the Lurasura Sector.



Pyramid structures dominate many of the cities on Aegyptiacus.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Aegyptia Sector
  • Terrain: Deserts, arid grasslands, marshes
  • Population: 12 billion
  • Sentient Species: Adlapuspino (78%), Libertus (16%), Other (4%)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Major Exports: Tourism, technology, culture
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs, replicator technology

Aegyptiacus, the homeworld of the Adlapuspino, is one of the key political centres of the Inner Rim, located along the Algonqui Way in the prosperous Aegyptia Sector. The capital of the now-defunct Adlapuspinan Alliance, the planet first came to galactic attention in the dark age prior to the formation of the Federation of United Worlds, when a joint expedition of Libertus and Algonquin explorers came into contact with an Adlapuspinan fleet on high alert after a battle with the Thanatyrannus. A brief skirmish ensued, followed by a conflict which lasted five years between Aegyptiacus and the Core, ultimately ending in a truce. Aegyptiacus became a member of the Federation upon its formation, though remained an unfriendly place for Libertus to settle.

A hot and arid world, most life on Aegyptiacus evolved in the sizable regions of marshland located along small seas which hug the coasts of the seemingly endless deserts. Here, the Adlapuspino constructed many of their most celebrated cities, often defined by an appreciation for pyramid styles which reflected the ambitions of the generally peaceful, though naturally distrusting race. During the astropolitical crisis which preceded the Great Cyrannus War, Aegyptiacus, and much of the Aegyptia Sector, defected from the Republic and joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems. By the time the war ended, the most famous son of Aegyptiacus, General Taros Cassynder rose to command the Confederacy of Free Planets in direct opposition to the Empire, though the planet itself—in addition to the Aegyptia Sector—swore fealty to Tyrómairon. Though the planet's inhabitants generally hold unfavourable views toward the Empire, it has prospered considerably under the direction of Senator Lariat, a fair man who represents the sector and his homeworld in the Imperial Senate.


Inner Rim worlds such as Achiliquin are amongst the most peaceful and prosperous in the galaxy.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Achiliquin Sector
  • Terrain: Alpine mountains, tundra, ice forests
  • Population: 2 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (94%), Other (6%)
  • Government: Democratic council
  • Major Exports: Tourism, culture
  • Major Imports: Raw materials, foodstuffs

Achiliquin is a temperate planet located in the Inner Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy and is known throughout the Cyrandia Cluster for its untouched beauty and enlightened citizenry dedicated to art, culture and understanding. Colonised three hundred years prior to the foundation of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Achiliquin for much of its history was at the core of an independent republic isolated from the political machinations of the Federation of United Worlds giving rise to public opinion on the planet generally swaying toward independence rather than fealty to a central government in the Core Worlds.

The planet joined the United Republic in 38 BNE with the election of a progressive government, bringing the planet fully into the sway of galactic politics. However, a generation later this would have disastrous repercussions for the planet. Upon the onset of the Great Cyrannus War, Achiliquin was one of the worlds which ceded from the Republic to join the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Senator Mioa Buroa of the planet was a notable figure in the early months of the conflict for her attempts to promote peace between the Confederacy and the Republic prior to her assassination by unknown figures seeking to prolong the conflict.

When the war ended with the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Achiliquin became a target for the new Empire which brutally subjugated the peaceful planet as a hotbed of pro-Confederate ideals. After three years of Imperial rule, the planet was willingly ceded to the New Cyrannian Republic, in large part due to the local Mandator's inability to curb pro-Confederate sentiment from spreading across the planet. In the eyes of the native Achilquini, such a concession proved that the Empire would be powerless against the inevitable spread of pro-democratic sentiment across the galaxy. One of the few worlds in the Inner Rim loyal to the Republic, Achiliquin is represented in the New Republic Senate by Amirtae Buroa, the daughter of the late Mioa Buroa and one of the few senators to survive the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm in 15 NE.


The Star Destroyer Vehement patrols the skies over Ancaoilion.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Ancaoilion Sector
  • Terrain: Deserts, prairies
  • Population: 12 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (56%), Basileus (23%), Other (21%)
  • Government: Democratic council, Imperial direct rule
  • Major Exports: Raw materials, culture, tourism
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs, replicator technology

Ancaoilion, located in the Ancaoilion Sector along the northern arm of the Jorba Trade Run, is an influential world in the Inner Rim. A long-time member of the Federation prior to the formation of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Ancaoilion garnered a reputation throughout much of its history as a cosmopolitan heartland of the Inner Rim, known for eagerly accepting refugees and migrants from the outer reaches of the galaxy. As such, while the planet plays host to a democratic council in the Libertus Coru tradition, the planet is a cultural melting pot with Outer Rim architecture dominating many of the planet's cities.

During the Great Cyrannus War, the planet was host to a major confrontation between the Republic and the Confederacy, during one of the final battles during the Confederacy's Inner Rim Retreat campaign. With reports that Zillum had begun to raze Republic worlds as his forces withdrew to the Outer Rim, the Republic deployed a sizeable defence fleet under Commodore Baroshé, which had defeated Confederate Admiral Moracleg in the pivotal Battle of Kalator the previous month. Moracleg managed to break through the blockade and landed ground forces close to the planetary capital.

Guolivian, Paxius and Denaró meet on Ancaoilion during the Cyrannian Cold War.

There, Baroshé detonated three anti-matter explosives, destroying Moracleg's armies while simultaneously awakening the Ryderallo monster, which destroyed a considerable portion of the Republic's forces. When the beast was defeated, Senator Guolivian, a Basileus dissident who had been elected the sector's senator in the Republic Senate, brought the creature back to Orbispira when the battle concluded, leading to the Ryderallo Crisis of 03 NE.

Upon the rise of the Empire, Ancaoilion became one of the most prosperous worlds in the Inner Rim, likely due to Guolivian's critical role in ensuring a handover of power from the institutions of the fallen Republic to a new Empire under Tyrómairon's lordship. From his opulent palace, above which hovered the Star Destroyer Vehement, Senator Guolivian attempted to rally support among his fellow senators for a campaign to preserve the Empire's democratic traditions. When the Imperial Senate was dissolved, leading to Guolivian's exile, the planet was locked down by theVehement, with mandatory curfews imposed on the planet's inhabitants, with the Empire claiming that it had become a hotbed of sympathy for the Cyrandia Resistance.


Suchopolen, the capital city of Carolinii, is notable for its ancient walls.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Carolinii Sector, Tenerensian Directorate
  • Terrain: Swamps
  • Population: 14 billion
  • Sentient Species: Tenerensis (84%), Cavaneu (10%), Other (6%)
  • Government: Meritocratic monarchy
  • Major Exports: Technology, weapons, starships
  • Major Imports: Raw materials

Carolinii is a warm, tropical planet located in the Inner Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy, notable as the homeworld of the saurian Tenerensis. Largely covered in swamps, Carolinii would have been regarded as a backwater were it not for the industrious capabilities of the Tenerensis, who developed their homeworld into one of the Inner Rim's most prosperous worlds, serving as the regional capital within the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The heart of the Tenerensian Directorate since the species became space-faring in 5610 BNE, Carolinii remained independent from any galactic government prior to the Treaty of Corulus in 4 BNE, which led to the world joining the United Republic of Cyrannus.

After the end of the Great Cyrannus War, Carolinii grew into what many in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus considered to be the political heart of the Inner Rim—a title contested by the more pro-Imperial ecumenopolis of Tharasavis, as well as the prosperous Coravannis along the Perliama Run. Indeed, Carolinii would emerge as a forceful proponent of the New Cyrannian Republic during the Cyrannian Cold War, much to the chagrin of the Imperial administration, who feared that the planet's proximity to Republic borders made it a tempting target should war erupt.


Built during the planet's colonisation, the walls of Corament protected the colonists from the endless jungles.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Corament Sector
  • Terrain: Dense rainforest
  • Population: 10 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (89%), Other (11%)
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy
  • Major Exports: Tourism
  • Major Imports: High technology

Corament, located in the sector of the same name in the Southern Inner Rim along the Perliama Hyperlane, is a wild and inhospitable world which was colonised in the distant past by some of the earliest settlers from the Core Worlds. Though the cities of Corament are perfectly arranged similar in many respects to Core World counterparts, beyond the high walls surrounding them lie endless forests filled with dangerous predators and alien flora.

First settled between 13,000 and 12,500 BNE, it has been posited by Coramentan xenoarchaeologist Dané Elenya that the planet's first settlers arrived on Cyroenian colony ships. These wily colonists failed to tame the planet's forests, though managed to band together to establish Morovert, which developed into a massive fortification and later, the planetary capital. Eventually, the planet was unified under a monarch, who imposed a harsh regime in an attempt to tame an equally harsh world. Criminals who violated the law on the planet were abandoned in the dangerous forests, where a tribe of Libertus emerged, proclaiming their mastery over the planet's wildlife. A civil war erupted between the civilised cities and the uncivilised forests, which culminated two hundred years later with the Concordance of Corament, which established a constitutional monarchy and membership in the Federation of United Worlds.

Subsequently, the cities of Corament prospered by the influx of trade from the Perliama Hyperlane, though the forests remained relatively untouched. Morovert expanded to cover much of the planet's smallest continent, housing the Queen's Palace, as well as the governor's office of the Federation, the United Republic and later, the Empire. In the modern astropolitical climate of the galaxy, most Coramentans, such as Dané Elenya and Munalur, express a distinct preference for the New Republic over the Empire.


  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Coravannis Sector
  • Terrain: Forests, cities
  • Population: 230 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (86%), Other (14%)
  • Government: Dictatorship
  • Major Exports: Culture, tourism, high technology
  • Major Imports: Raw materials


Coravannis, located on the Perliama Run close to the border with the southern Core Worlds, is a heavily populated planet in the Inner Rim, with a population of 230 billion. One of the most prosperous worlds in Cyrannus, Coravannis dominates the Perliama Run south of the Core, with ships from its burgeoning shipyards being common sights across the Inner, Mid and Outer Rims. Settled by the First Republic in the fortieth millennium prior to the Second Great Cyrannus War, Coravannis' Libertus-dominated culture allowed it to have a greater voice in the Core than other worlds in the Inner Rim, with the planet's government uncomfortable with nearby Carolinii's place as the Imperial capital of the Rim.

In the centuries prior to the rise of the Empire, Coravannis wholeheartedly embraced the democratic traditions of the Federation and later, the United Republic, though much of the planet remained under the control of an aristocracy headed by the wealthy Vanteer family. The Vanteers were supporters of the Orbispiran galactic government—indeed, more than one scion of the clan rose to the chancellorship of the Federation—and instituted a planetary government which capitalised on the influx of trade from the Core and the outer systems, to the benefit of the planet's growth as an influential player in galactic politics. During the Great Cyrannus War, the planet was loyal to the Republic and managed to remain free from conflict. However, with the rise of the Empire upon the end of the conflict, the planet was placed under an Imperial Mandator, though Peregrina Vanteer retained her seat as the Senator of the Coravannis Sector in the Imperial Senate. When the body was dissolved in 14 NE, she returned to her homeworld in the hopes that it would avoid the sort of Imperial retribution visited upon worlds which refused to accept the dissolution of the Senate.

From space, Coravannis' vast cities dominate much of the planet's surface, though are built in harmony with nature, with vast trees climbing toward the heavens alongside gleaming skyscrapers and monads housing much of the planet's population. Much of the planet's wealth has come from its location along the Perliama Run, though since the formation of the Empire, the Vanteer family has overseen the construction of expansive shipyards in orbit, utilised by the Imperial Navy in the construction of corvettes and frigates.

Notable Coravannisi include Grand Admiral Daeron Siruliulus and the New Republic diplomat Ansin Cyrellon.


The Battle of Delfoí was a pivotal battle of the Great War, fought on the planet's swamps in 02 BNE.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Delfoí Sector
  • Terrain: Oceans, swamps
  • Population: 12 billion
  • Sentient Species: D'annaoí (54%), Adelphi (45%), Other (1%)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Major Exports: High technology, starships, vehicles
  • Major Imports: Raw materials

Delfoí is an ocean world located on the southern fringes of the Inner Rim between Coru Secundus and the Mid Rim. The capital of the short-lived Delfoí Republic between the D'annaoí and Adelphi colonists, the planet has since been subjugated by the Empire in an effort to strip mine the planet of resources.

Located close to the D'annaoi homeworld of Annaío and the Ermitant homeworld Puria, Delfoí was first colonised in the decade prior to the rise of the Empire, with the government of Annaío supporting the initiative with funding from the Republic government. When a large number of Adelphi migrants from the Quadrants arrived in Cyrannus after the end of the Adelphi War, the planet was chosen to become the capital of a new state—the Delfoí Republic, with full representation on Orbispira. The planet's influence in the Inner Rim skyrocketed in subsequent years, with Delfoí becoming critical to the Republic war effort during the Great War. During the conflict, the planet was attacked by Confederate Admiral Moravilon,whose fleet managed to subdue the system, despite the presence of a hypervelocity cannon on the planet's surface.

The planet remained under Confederate control for several months prior to its liberation during the second year of the conflict. Though it housed the capital of the Delfoí Republic for just over another year, it would be subjugated by the Empire when it was formed in 01 NE. Though Senator Filason, who had represented the Delfoí Sector in the Republic Senate, retained his post, he was widely regarded as a New Republic sympathiser and was arrested upon the dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 14 NE, on trumped up charges of treason. Due to the planet's proximity to the New Republic, it is considered to be vulnerable to invasion.


The Imperial Star Destroyer Conquest looms ominously over the Whitestone Tower in Mandatine's capital.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Mandareoz Sector, Duchy of Mandatine
  • Terrain: Deserts
  • Population: 32 billion
  • Sentient Species: Osteola (81%), Other (19%)
  • Government: Duchy
  • Major Exports: Culture, starships
  • Major Imports: Raw materials

Prior to the Osteolan Civil War of the previous century, Mandatine was considered one of the jewels of the Inner Rim, with gleaming spires to rival any found within the Core. Located in the Mandareoz Sector, Mandatine is located along the Perliama Hyperlane, within six parsecs of the Inner Rim's boundary with the Mid Systems, providing it with access to the markets of Salihnir, Talavar and crucially, the extragalactic market of Rambo Nation, the Cyrannian colonies of which are located just beyond the Mid Rim border. During the civil war between the demagogic Osteolan Duke known as the Titian Claw and the New Osteolan alliance, the planet was plunged into warfare, with many of Mandatine's famous cities razed to the ground during the Duke's ego-maniacal quest for control over the interstellar Duchy. When the war finally ended in 12 BNE, with the execution of the Duke by a Republic Tribunal, the planet began a long process of rebuilding.

Mandatine's climate is arid, with much of the planet covered in vast orange deserts, with some notable sand dunes covering tens of kilometres, beneath which are buried ancient Osteolan civilisations long since forgotten amidst the rolling tides of sand. While there is little fresh water on the planet, three large oceans separate the main continents, with Dadoch being the most heavily populated, upon which famous cities such as Nebulon and Unisoan are built. Though the planet was ravaged by the civil war, Osteola on both sides were careful not to disrupt the ecological balance of their world, though in an act of extreme barbarity, the Titian Claw utilised a stolen Republic tractor beam to send a near-world asteroid plummeting into a rebel city, utterly destroying it, its entire population and prompting Republic President Fleur Inviere to directly intervene in the conflict.

Like the Osteola as a collective whole, Mandatine is strongly pro-Republic during the turbulent Second Great Cyrannus War. Within the domed towers of Dadoch, however, the Imperial puppet Duke Uthyval, fears the day when the New Republic and their Free Osteola allies march to take Mandatine from the Empire's stable embrace. On such a day, in Uthyval's mind, Mandatine may yet feel the sting of internecine war, though unknown to the Duke, the people of proud Mandatine long for the return of their beloved White Stone.


The homeworld of the Cavaneu, Neudan is known for its impressive castles.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Neudan Sector
  • Terrain: Craggy mountains, small oceans, temperate forests
  • Population: 12 billion
  • Sentient Species: Cavaneu (80%), Other (20%)
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Major Exports: Weapons, starships
  • Major Imports: Raw materials

The former capital of the Neudani Star Kingdoms and the seat of power for the Cavaneu, Neudan is a world of craggy hills, soaring mountain ranges and impeccably clean cities, fortresses and castles. The largest city on Neudan is Cerul, famed for the ancient Cerulean Throne, which for millennia represented the pride and might of the Cavaneu—those great explorers and knights of the western hyperlanes. Long dominating the Neudan Sector, the homeworld of the Cavaneu has exerted significant influence over the history of the western sectors of the Inner Rim, with trade caravans from Cerul enriching the markets of the nearly ecumenopolis of Tharasavis, located along the Reach hyperlane.

While the Cavaneu have proven politically unified since the earliest days of their space faring civilisations, the history of Neudan is steeped in bloodshed and division. Prior to the rise of the Cerulean Throne, the planet was divided into thousands of petty and great kingdoms, which constantly vied for dominance over the planet's limited resources. It was only through the leadership of the legendary Cavaneu warrior king Hest KaHron that the clans were unified. The planet played a key role during the War of Red Wastes, fought between the Cavaneu and the distant Basileus Imperium.

During a particularly notable campaign, the ingenious Basileus Grand Admiral Runaldilwe finally met her defeat in orbit over Neudan, which began a centuries long period in which the planet enjoyed a period of extensive peace. With the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War, however, the Basileus sought their revenge against the Cavaneu, blockading Neudan with a fleet of Confederate vessels. When the Republic liberated the planet, the people of Neudan erected a stature in honour of Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, which was ultimately torn down by the Empire. The people of Neudan are often characterised as Imperial loyalists, largely ignorant of the Empire's excesses. Indeed, the decline, and ultimately disestablishment, of the Neudani Star Kingdoms has proven to be irksome to many Cavaneu, though most cherish the order and peace brought about by Imperial rule.


The shining golden ecumenopolis on Tharasavis.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Tharasavis Sector
  • Terrain: Encased city
  • Population: 12 trillion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (84%), Cavaneu (4%), Other (12%)
  • Government: Imperial administration
  • Major Exports: Culture, starships
  • Major Imports: Agricultural goods, raw materials

The greatest ecumenopolis of the Inner Rim, Tharasavis is widely considered to be one of the jewels of Cyrannus, a vast golden city encased in protective shielding to protect the world against the system's primary. Stretching deep beneath the planet's surface, the planet was built downward from the surface, though unlike similar worlds such as Orbispira and Tar Kuuraen, consists of only three main levels, which in turn supports a lower population than either world. Nevertheless, positioned on the intersection of the Reach and the Jorba Trade Run, the planet is one of the wealthiest in Cyrannus.

Established during the blazing of the Reach by Libertus and Albersauros explorers from the Core Worlds, the colonies of Tharasavis were all constructed beneath a strong planetary shield to protect its inhabitants against harmful cosmic radiation. However, when the Reach was linked with the Jorba Trade Run, which greatly intensified the development of the planet, the shield was eventually replaced with a dyson shell encumpassing the planet, which took just over a century to construct. Beneath the shell, Tharasavis eventually expanded into an ecumenopolis fed by three dozen agricultural worlds throughout the Tharasavis Sector. Powered by vast sun generators which dominate the Tharasavisi skyline, the planet is one of the most distinct locations in the Cyrannus Galaxy, viewed by its citizens to be the greatest example of a Grand Society, greater than any world found in the Core. While such a claim is a matter of debate, it is inarguable that the citizens of Tharasavis tend to want for nothing. The average inhabitant would, when ranked beside an average member of the galactic community, would be considered upper class. Idealists, scientists, philosophers and artists, not politicians or warriors, have dominated the history of the Golden World, the destiny of which, in the minds of the inhabitants, is to bring such prosperity to the darkness of space.

The government of Tharasavis balked at Orbispiran cartographers when, in 45 BNE, they declared the Tenerensian homeworld of Carolinii to be the Inner Rim's political capital, and with the rise of the Empire, were further consternated when Imperial authorities continued upholding said declaration. Nevertheless, Tharasavis is undoubtedly one of the most pro-Imperial worlds in the galaxy. Murals of Tyrómairon, viewed as an eternal protector and guide of Tharasavisi and galactic civilisation, hang from the Shimmering Spires, while under Imperial Mandator Zelin Rychus, the planet's importance to the galaxy has only increased, with extensive shipyards constructed in orbit, specialising in the mass production of Imperial ASP starfighters.

Culture and Society[]



While many Adlapuspino pledge their loyalty to the Empire, the most famous of their kind, Taros Cassynder serves as Chancellor of the Confederacy of Free Planets.

  • Homeworld: Algonqui
  • Classification: Saurian
  • Distinctions: Elongated snout, sail, powerful tail
  • Spacefaring: 5410 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Distrustful · Loyal · Secretive · Cosmopolitan
  • Notable Individuals: Taros Cassynder, First Chancellor of the Confederacy of Free Planets

The Adlapuspino are a species of saurian native to Aegyptiacus, in the southern Inner Rim. One of the most common species in the Inner Rim, the Adlapuspino are closely related to the Cavaneu and the Tenerensis, with all three races seemingly originating with the Oikoumene, who were known to plant lifeforms across the galaxy to study their evolutionary path. Emerging from the swamps of Aegyptiacus, the Adlapuspino built colossal pyramids on the fringes of the planet's many deserts, with pyramidal designs dominating Adlapuspinan tastes.

When they achieved space flight, the people of Aegyptiacus united under the Adlapuspinan Alliance, a union of the most powerful nationstates which banded together to explore the heavens. Despite a brief conflict with Libertus explorers from the Core, the Adlapuspino have generally been content to remain within their space, giving rise to a popular misconception that they are a devious and untrustworthy species. However, though Adlapuspinan worlds such as Aegyptiacus are fiercely proud of their native culture, in recent centuries, they have welcomed an influx of alien travellers and explorers, seeking to expand on their knowledge of the galaxy by letting it come to them. During the Great Cyrannus War, most Adlapuspino were loyal to the Confederacy of Allied Systems, symbolised by the famous General Taros Cassynder, who went on to lead the Confederacy of Free Planets in open rebellion against the Empire.


A secretive, warlike, though honourable people, the Aphrat have always been alien to the civilised culture of the Inner Rim

  • Homeworld: Aphratos
  • Classification: Reptilian humanoid
  • Distinctions: Bipedal, fast reflexes
  • Spacefaring: 567 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Honourable · Militaristic · Secretive · Law-abiding
  • Notable Individuals: Kyun Emdook, bounty hunter

A reclusive and mysterious species, the Aphrat are native to the harsh world of Aphratos in the Inner Rim's Masolirsa Sector. Abiding by a strict code of honour, most Aphrat view the law of their people in quasi-spiritual terms, believing that there can be no greater shame than to run afoul of Aphratos' strict laws. While they are comparatively raw on the galactic stage, the Aphrat controlled a small empire in the Masolirsa sector with associate membership of the United Republic of Cyrannus, before being subjugated by the Empire in 02 NE.

In the aftermath, while most Aphrats remain in their cradle worlds, growing numbers began exploring the comparatively lawless Outer Rim, acting as harsh lawmen and women on worlds such as Tar Kuuraen. With bounty hunting legalised under the Empire, many have found themselves employed in that particular profession, with individuals such as Kyun Emdook ranking among the most successful in the galaxy. Despite his ruthlessness, Emdook does not kill for glory or cubits, but rather to rid the galaxy of criminals. As such, he rarely accepts contracts from the Syndicate, unless he considers the target worth his time and effort.


Though the Ausare are often characterised as a peaceful and serene race, Aiora Xaeymea is a ruthless leader of the Syndicate and the Cyrannus Galaxy's most powerful crimelord.

  • Homeworld: Riijan
  • Classification: Humanoid
  • Distinctions: Monogendered, blue-purple skin, head tails
  • Spacefaring: 41,554 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Calm · Centrist · Spiritual · Wise
  • Notable Individuals: Aiora Xaeymea, Crime Lord of the Cyrannian Syndicate
Ausare (1).png

The Ausare are a race of humanoids native to the Cyrannus Galaxy, famed for their mono-gendered biology and great physical and intellectual beauty. As one of the most dominant species in the Inner Rim of Cyrannus, the Ausare have been common sights in Cyrannus for many thousands of years, owing partly due to the great longevity of the Ausare, with many individuals living well over one thousand standard years. The Ausare's government, the Poleis has been a client state of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus since the beginning of the Dark Times, though the wisdom and peaceful nature of the Ausare has prompted the Imperial government to restrict control of the Poleis, which maintains a great deal of self-autonomy, functioning as one of the models of peace to which many Cyrannians aspire to achieve. Many Ausare have also defected to the New Cyrannian Republic since the formation of the democratic government in 03 NE.

The distinctive blue skin of the Ausare make them an attractive sight across the galaxy, with the Ausare being well known for their extreme beauty on a level that is equalled only by female Alavar. However, unlike the Alavar, the Ausare are an entirely female race that reproduce in a while vaguely similar to parthenogenesis, though most Ausare are capable of reproducing sexually in a manner identical to most other humanoid species. Another defining characteristic of the Ausare species are their rigid head-tails, which are similar in many ways to the more flexible tails of the Alavar, perhaps indicating a common ancestor between the two species.



Cavaneu, such as Monoud, often pride themselves on their martial prowess.

  • Homeworld: Neudan
  • Classification: Saurian
  • Distinctions: Crocodilian, elongated snout
  • Spacefaring: 11,134 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Wise · Militaristic · Chivalrous · Conservative
  • Notable Individuals: Commodore Monoud, New Republic Navy
Cavaneu (1).png

The Cavaneu are a race of saurians native to the Cyrannian Inner Rim world of Neudan, noted for their militaristic and monarchical society, upon which many Cyrannian societies have been inspired. The interstellar polity of the Cavaneu, the Neudani Star Kingdoms, ruled as one of the Inner Rim's supreme powers for over nine millennia, and was among the first to explore the distant Outer Rim, sparking multiple conflicts with the Basileus Imperium beyond the Thyrethaeri Wormhole. The Cavaneu also fought multiple territorial wars against the Tenerensis and the Mataii, almost exterminating the latter in a conflict which led to their expulsion from the Federation of United Worlds. In the modern age, Cavaneu have become an influential race in galactic governments including the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Old and New Republic.

The Cavaneu are generally accredited with the development of the modern Cyrannian Star Destroyer, with the Cavaneu Neudani-class Star Destroyer, being introduced during the War of Red Wastes over ten millennia prior to the Great Cyrannus War. While Cavaneu prefer space combat, they are proven warriors on the ground, with the battle cries of Neudan's finest echoing in countless battlefields both famous and forgotten.


Though their homeworld lies in servitude to the Empire, D'annaoi such as Vinchauk Il'Chahol overwhelmingly support the Republic.

  • Homeworld: Annaío
  • Classification: Cetacean
  • Distinctions: Aquatic, elaborate head
  • Spacefaring: 5901 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Peaceful · Graceful · Generous · Diplomatic
  • Notable Individuals: Admiral Vinchauk Il'Chahol, New Republic Navy
Vinchauk Il'Chahol.png

The D'annaoí are an aquatic, cetacean race native to the world of Annaío in the Inner Rim, however recent studies have shown that that are in fact closely related to the Mortalitas of distant Moreuse. A peaceful and focused race, the D'annaoi are celebrated diplomats and scholars, seeking to make the galaxy a better place.

Famed across the galaxy for their shipbuilding skills, the D'annaoi are closely allied with the Adelphi and the Mon Nahdar, both of whom share a fondness for organic designs. The D'annaoi are a diverse race and hold many positions in galactic society. However, when the Empire rose, their sheer size meant that they were often placed in occupations of great difficulty, often against their will, prompting many to join the Republic Remnant and later, the New Cyrannian Republic.

While the D'annaoi are native to Annaío, in the Delfoí Sector, the administrative capital of their people is Delfói itself, which also played host to the capital of the shortlived Delfoí Republic, an influential member of the United Republic of Cyrannus during the Great Cyrannus War. After the end of the conflict, the D'annaoi were brutally subjugated by the Empire, with many being forced into slavery, while others fled to the unknown regions beyond Imperial maps, ultimately joining the New Republic upon its formation in 03 NE. With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, D'annaoi officers such as Vinchauk Il'Chahol aspire to liberate their beloved worlds from the Empire's iron claws.


A highly intelligent race, the Dromeourus retained high degrees of independence from each successive galactic government prior to the rise of the Empire.

  • Homeworld: Lurasura
  • Classification: Maniraptoran saurian
  • Distinctions: Feathered head, killing claw, high intelligence
  • Spacefaring: 5901 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Scientific· Independent · Mysterious · Analytical
  • Notable Individuals: General Talin Ver Delané, Cyrandia Resistance
Dromeourus (1).png

Native to Lurasura, in the northern reaches of the Inner Rim, the Dromeourus have long been influential players in the political structure of the region. Highly intelligent, secretive and crafty, the Dromeourus have prized their independence throughout their spacefaring history, and while they were members of the Federation of United Worlds, and later, the United Republic of Cyrannus, they have always stressed that their space lies apart from the rest of the galaxy. The Lurasura System, home to seven temperate planets, gave rise to seven distinct civilisations, of which the Dromeourus and the Velociampo are the most notable. Eventually, all seven united under the Dromeourusi Republic, which enjoyed relative peace for much of its history.

However, during the War of Red Wastes between the Neudani Star Kingdoms and the Basileus Imperium, the Lurasura came under attack by a Basileus armada seeking to establish a foothold in the Inner Rim. The Dromeourus and their star kin were unprepared for the attack, and while they fought bravely against the invasion, it was only through the arrival of the Cavaneu that they were spared subjugation. Such a harrowing experience impacted the Dromeourus more than the seven other species of the system, and thus gave rise to a certain degree of unease around alien life. Such sentiments were worsened during the Intergalactic War, when a Cognatus battlefleet ravaged the Lurasura system, before being repelled by the Republic.

Naturally curious, however, such feelings are often cast aside when working alongside other species. Nevertheless, in galactic politics, while the Dromeourus often explore beyond their own worlds, they greatly value their own independence from the Core Worlds. While they were afforded special status under the Federation and the United Republic, with the rise of the Empire, they were forced into submission alongside the rest of the galaxy, prompting many Dromeourus, most famously in the case of Resistance General Talin Ver Delané to rebel against their Imperial lords.


The Ermitant are a peaceful people with a history of tragedy.

  • Homeworld: Puria
  • Classification: Primatoid
  • Distinctions: Long necks, elongated ears
  • Spacefaring: 618 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Pacifistic · Welcoming · Mercantile
  • Notable Individuals: Errr, creator of the Marinox
Ermitant Image.png

The Ermitant are a race of primatoid creatures hailing from the mysterious world of Puria, where the water is a deep red and the skies are a sickly orange. One of the youngest spacefaring races of the galaxy, they became notable across the Gigaquadrant due to the individual named Errr, who came to contact the famous Grox Empire in an attempt to gain control over his people, eventually culminating into the creation of the once dreaded Marinox, a scourge which once plagued the enemies of the Grox, and the cybernetic beasts known as Errrbots who, in the current day, serve as the police force of the homeworld obedient only to the Galactic Empire.

Despite this, the Ermitant people is characterized across the galaxy as incredibly friendly traders and merchants; many would consider them the most harmless people of Cyrannus, possessing one of its smallest militaries and never having participated in any major conflict out of their own volition. Despite their welcoming demeanor, however, the Ermitant's recent history is marked by great loss of life; many died to the hands of the First Cognatus Empire, and later their people was divided by the birth of the Galactic Empire, with a half accepting it as its new masters and the other pledging itself to the ideals of the Republic. The friendly and liked Ermitant folk are currently fragmented and but a shadow of their former glory.


Common along the hyperlanes are Ónami trading ships.

  • Homeworld: Ónomiani
  • Classification: Amphibians
  • Distinctions: Elongated snout, small eyes
  • Spacefaring: 3518 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Independent · Aloof · Deliberate · Traders
  • Notable Individuals: Kalthran Xerxan, trader
Ónomi (1).png

Native to the swampy Inner Rim world of Ónomiani, the Ónomi are widely known for their affiliations to the great commerce guilds and megacorporations of the galaxy, such as the Transgalactic Bank of Cyrannus. Since becoming spacefaring in the third millennium prior to the establishment of the Empire, the Ónomi have shaped their inhospitable homeworld into one of the galaxy's key financial centres, though most of the commerece actually takes place in orbit, in massive starbases constructed both to protect visitors from Ónomiani's hostile environment, and to prevent outsiders from sullying their beloved world.

Often stereotyped as aloof and concerned only with the acquisition of profit, the Ónomi are actually quite a spiritual race, evolved quite sensitive to the power of Valin'uvalyë. However, due to their relative isolation from the political makeup of the galaxy, they are neither loyal to the Empire or the New Republic and by extension, neither the Phaedric or the Aldárae Orders. Instead, the Ónomi study what they refer to as the "Great Mystery" on their own terms, and are unwilling to share their knowledge with outsiders. Nevertheless, as prolific traders, the Ónomi are highly influential within the economic circles of the Corament and the nearly Extragalactic Colonies sectors.


Osteola, such as Ryen, have proven to be critical players on the galactic stage.

  • Homeworld: Mandatine
  • Classification: Saurian
  • Distinctions: Headcrest, feathered heads
  • Spacefaring: 3103 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Pacifistic · Diplomatic · Affable · Withdrawn
  • Notable Individuals: Ryen, Grandmaster of the Aldárae Order · Commander Donaró, Cyrandia Resistance

The Osteola are a race of saurians native to the Inner Rim world of Mandatine, renowned for their rational thinking and devotion to peace and tradition. An influential species in Cyrannus—perhaps second only to the Libertus of the Core—the Osteola helped shape the politics and culture of not only the Inner Rim, but the galaxy at large, with Osteola such as Ryen, Kyrsá Nimrais and Jekad being well known names in the Cyrandia Cluster. Indeed, the virtues of intellectualism, cordiality, warmth and nonviolence are forever equated in Cyrannus with the proud children of Mandatine.

A people known for their artists, musicians and architects, the Osteola are well regarded across Cyrannus as a race of philosophers and peacemakers for whom intellect and wisdom is prised and ignorance and conformity spurned. Indeed, while the Osteola are often characterised as pacifists unwilling to fight for their beliefs, they instead subscribe to a philosophy defined by peaceful coexistence with other species and rational debate with internal political opponents. Indeed, intellectual pursuits amongst the Osteola is resultant from an education system on the Osteolan homeworlds which actively support creativity through art, music and other cultural endeavours. As such, Osteolan worlds are amongst the most beautiful in Cyrannus, with the plazas and spires of Mandatine rivalling any of the great Libertus Core Worlds.


Sesoka is the most famous son of Carolinii—the leader of the Cyrandia Resistance.

  • Homeworld: Carolinii
  • Classification: Saurian
  • Distinctions: Elongated snout, serpentine body, small sail
  • Spacefaring: 5610 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Proud · Honourable · Militaristic· Loyal
  • Notable Individuals: Sesoka, General of the Cyrandia Resistance

The Tenerensis are a race of saurians native to Carolinii, closely related to the Adlapuspino and the Cavaneu. A proud and militaristic people, the Tenerensis have dominated much of the southern Inner Rim for the past five millennia. Prior to the rise of the Empire, the Tenerensis were the masters of the Tenerensian Directorate, an expansive, though largely benign power, which held sway over worlds as far coreward as Mirianí and as rimward as Aeimehn in the Mid Rim. A longstanding member of the Federation of United Worlds, the Tenerensis secured much political clout in the Core Worlds, leading to their homeworld of Carolinii being considered the political capital of the Inner Rim.

Though closely related with the Cavaneu, in large part due to Oikoumene intervention in their evolutionary history, the Directorate and the Neudani Star Kingdoms fought in a destructive conflict retroactively referred to as the War of the Star Kin, which ended in the formation of an alliance and declaration of friendship between the two people. In later galactic history, the Tenerensis proved loyal members of the United Republic of Cyrannus, with individuals such as General Sesoka refusing to accept the legitimacy of the Empire upon its formation in 01 NE. Nevertheless, Carolinii remains firmly in the Empire's grasp, though few Tenerensis find comfort in Tyrómairon's embrace.


Unlike their Dromeourus kin, the Velociampo, such as Director Ela-Mu-Ní, have risen to great heights in the Empire.

  • Homeworld: Vongoliensis
  • Classification: Saurian
  • Distinctions: Featherless
  • Spacefaring: 934 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Secretive · Deceptive · Peaceful · Enlightened
  • Notable Individuals: Ela-Mu-Ní, Director of Imperial Intelligence

Native to Vongoliensis in the Lurasura System, the Velociampo are a saurian race directly related to the Dromeourus, with whom they share the system. Though less common than the Dromeourus, the Velociampo are widespread in the outer galaxy, lacking the mistrust that their relatives possess of alien life. Instead, the Velociampo are often characterised by their love of politics and the pursuit of power. The halls of Vongoliensis are rife with backstabbing, political manoeuvring and subtle character assassination against rivals, though beyond the corridors of power, the Velociampo enjoy the finer points of art and drama.

Unlike the Dromeourus, who tend to harbour animosity toward the Empire, the Velociampo have proven to be loyal members of the Imperial Order, as well as true believers in the Imperial Dream of Order and Peace. Emblematic of this bond is Ela-Mu-Ní, the Director of Imperial Intelligence, who is considered to be one of the most powerful individuals in the Cyrannus Galaxy. However, despite their cutthroat nature when it comes to politics, the Velociampo are are peaceful species and often turn their snouts up at the excesses of the Imperial military.


Despite their fearsome appearance, Vinquron are generally gregarious.

  • Homeworld: Vinqur
  • Classification: Humanoid
  • Distinctions: Horned heads
  • Spacefaring: 971 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Crafty · Gregarious · Curious · Profit-driven
  • Notable Individuals: Cikan Vitton, Syndicate mercenary

The red-skinned Vinquron are native to the heavily forested world of Vinqur on the northern fringes of the Masolirsa Sector, close to Aphratos. A humanoid species characterised by their long elven ears and their horned heads, the people of Vinqur are often considered frightning in appearance to their fellow humanoids, due to their similarity to the devils from the folklore of species such as the Ortella. Nevertheless, they are generally regarded as a peaceful race, albeit with a disposition toward being crafty and shifty.

Though native to the Inner Rim, most Vinquron in the modern galaxy can instead be found on Outer Rim hubs such as Tar Kuuraen and Loktia, with most young Vinquron aspiring towards careers as swashbuckling explorers, or even pirates. Indeed, many, such as the infamous mercenary Cikan Vitton, are employed with the Cyrannian Syndicate, which often makes use of the natural Vinquron urge to acquire profit to their own ends. Nevertheless, the Vinquron are an honourable race, with a deep mythology centred around the ancient Oikoumene, who constructed thirteen installations on Vinqur's largest continent, to prevent the planet from slamming into a planetary neighbour, which, in the distant path, threatened Vinqur as its orbit failed around the system's primary.


One of the most stable regions of Cyrannus. Under my leadership, the Inner Rim will know great prosperity and peace. Together, our worlds will band together and repel the Republic's corruption.

- Grand Mandator Gori-Lin



  • The Inner Rim, in line with the astrographic nomenclature of Cyrannus, is loosely based on the Inner Rim in Star Wars. However, this page was created largely by retconning the histories of old races such as the Cavaneu and the Tenerensis to fit into a cohesive regional history.

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