In the aftermath of the Adelphi’s migration from Quadrant 82 at the end of the short but devastating Adelphi War, the Adelphi migrated with the help of the URC to the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Alone and unsure what to do, the Adelphi found great friendship with the D'annaío, an aquatic race with routes in the Mortiol Galaxy, where they are related, but in no way friends to the Mortalitas. Over time, the two species grew closer and closer and eventually founded their own nation within the URC, the Delfoí Republic, with its headquarters on the newly colonized planet Delfoí, a watery world of tropical islands.

The Delfoí Republic has a strong military of unique ships, which resemble the old ships the Adelphi once used when they lived in Quadrant 82. The Delfoí dislike violence and yet they want revenge on the Confederacy.


Great Cyrannus WarEdit

The Adelphi and the D'annaio's relationship is legendary, on a par with the relationship between the Serindia and the Libertus. Over time, several years of living, working and learning together, the two great species decided that union was the best option for the Adelphi and the D'annaio. Citizens of both races voted strongly for the creation of a unified republic between the two races, while still being a member of the URC.

A meeting was called on a remote planet in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the temperate utopia, Delfoí, a planet with a deep mythical relationship with the races of the galaxy. Attending the meeting were Senator Fila, of the D'annaió, Prime Minister Linna of the Adelphi and President Apollo, together all three agreed that the Delfoí Republic should be formed. The day became known across the Delfoí Republic as Delfoí Day, and is even celebrated across the galaxy.

Currently, the newly formed nation prepares to defend its borders against the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

Battle of Delfoi

The Battle wages on Delfoí's swampy surface.

The planet of Delfoí is the capital planet of the Delfoí Republic and a major player in the politics and military of the URC, being one of the key providers of ground vehicles and starships in orbit. Spurred on by the improved tactics of previous CAS captains in the Great Cyrannus War, the infamous Admiral Moravilon contacted the CAS Congress in regard to a possible invasion and takeover of the planet, a move that would surely cripple the Republic’s war effort in the Inner Rim, and destroy the moral of the Adelphi, who recently relocated from Quadrant 82 during a Confederate blockade of their planets located there. The Congress gave the invasion the go ahead, and Moravilon began to muster troops and ships under his command ship, the Affluent to prepare for the invasion. At the staging ground over Nosiso, Moravilon gave the order for the fleet to enter lightspeed, and it quickly complied.

The large fleet entered the Delfoí System and quickly made its way toward the planet, however the Republic had great defences built over the planet, including several defence stations armed with Hypervelocity Cannons, capable of destroying a capital ship in a single blast. Moravilon changed his tactics into disabling the Hypervelocity Cannon and the Space Station and then proceeding with the invasion. The Cannon began firing at the CAS fleet, destroying two Munificus-class Frigates in a single blast. However, it was quickly outnumbered by the larger CAS ships, who concentrated their firepower on the station, eventually destroying it, and then continuing to disembark troopers onto the planet’s surface, targeting key areas of the planet, and bombarding others, as retribution for the blockade of Yudumarth.

However, they quickly found resistance from new, never before seen Republic units, armed with new and power weapons, however they were few in number and were eventually destroyed, just as Moravilon himself captured Senator Fila of the URC Senate, and as the CAS gained control over the planet...

D'annaió and the AdelphiEdit



An Adelphi

The Adelphi are a peaceful race of Capricyránae native to Quadrant 82, the home galaxy of Rambo Nation, however as the years went on after the discovery of the Adelphi by Captain Ramcard of the USS Dallas the Adelphi made enemies with the Mortalitas, and a giant war broke out. After a few weeks, the entire Adelphi Fleet was in ruins and the Adelphi themselves were forced to migrate to URC territory. Saddened and alone, the Adelphi found friendship in the D'anniaó and in the traditional D'anniaón way of welcoming humbled guests, they accepted the Adelphi as one of their own.

Nowadays, the Adelphi enjoy their partnership with the D'anniaó and their continued relationships with the rest of the Cyrannus community.



The D'annaío

The D'annaío are a very friendly race of beings that originally came from the Mortiol Galaxy, because they appear to have links with early Mortalitas it is assumed the two shared history in the distant past, and yet today, the two are highly opposed to one another. The D'annaío were first contacted by the URC during the Intergalactic War, were they provided medical assistance to Republic Troopers in many a battle. After the war's stunning conclusion, the D'annaío joined the URC.

The D'annaío were delighted when they met the Adelphi, and the two eventually created the Delfoí Republic to celebrate their alliance. Today the D'annaío are expanding and aiding the Adelphi in the Cyrannus Galaxy.


AR-10 (B) Star CruiserEdit

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AR-10 (B) Star Cruiser

The AR-10 (B) Star Cruiser is one of the main cruiser types in the Delfoí Republic. Each one of these beautiful works of art are a stunningly unique, showing the great love of art and beauty, by both the Adelphi and the D’annaoí. The AR-10 (B) Cruiser is literally full of turrets and shield generators, which make it a perfect capital ship, which is nearly impossible to defeat with a less able ship.

The ship is slower than the AR-10 (C), but because of its extra wings, it holds more weapons, shields and tractor beams.

AR-10 (C) Star CruiserEdit

Delfoi Cruiser 01

AR-10 (C) Star Cruiser

The AR-10 (C) Cruiser (Also known as the Delfoí Cruiser), it is a large Adelphi ship that has its origins in the old cruisers once used by the Federal Republic of the Adelphi, until the fleet of the Adelphi was swiftly destroyed by the Confederacy of Allied Systems, using designs that the Adelphi didn’t have the chance to create, the D’annaoi helped them build up their space fleet.

Unlike the more advanced AR-10 (B) Cruiser, the AR-10 (C) is far more maneuverable, while cutting down on weapons and tractor beams. Still, they are often used as flagships by Delfoí Captains.

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